they put those vehicles to good use

Modern/Future mages spells in a technological world

Most fiction involving classical magic being alongside modern/future technology normally has the mages using spells that harken back to classical fantasy fiction.  But, lets face it, a person who grew up around technology would shape their magic around interacting with that technology.  (All this assumes that magic isn’t anti-tech, like in the Dresden’verse.)

So, spells in a technological world.

Waterproof: Nothing is more annoying than getting your phone/tablet/whatever wet, ruining it.  A simple water warding spell would do wonders.  (Thinking on this was what started this whole line of thought.)

RinoBox: And why stop at waterproofing, why not add impact resistance and such too.  Could be put on the phone ‘naked’, or on a nominal thing such as those rubber bumper rings to anchor it to the device.

Surgestopper: Cast on an electrical cord, would act as the perfect surge protector with almost instant reaction time.  No more lighting eating your computer.

My Parking Spot: The most basic version would allow a magus to put an illusionary car in a parking spot they saw and wanted.  A more advanced version could seek out a good spot in advance, ‘occupy’ it, while directing the magus to that spot.

GPS: Yeah, ‘navigation’ spells would almost certainly exist, but this one would mimic the functions and interface of mundane GPS devices, especially useful to those who are already familiar with such devices.  Could tap directly into the GPS/data networks, or be purely magical getting the info from supernatural sources.

Wrong Car Officer: Be it making the ultimate getaway vehicle, or simply avoiding traffic tickets, ways to disguise a vehicle (or at least disguise the plates) would be simple.  Could be fun, if law enforcement was at least nominally aware of ‘real’ magic, if law enforcement had ways to deal with that.

Air Outlet:  Nowhere to plug in?  Well, just cast this spell, plug your cord into an invisible outlet, and just the right voltage/amperage is right there.  Probably too much effort to do it 24/7, but could be great for recharching devices, running your fridge during a power outage, jumping off a car without risking a backsurge into your own vehicle…

Papers Please: Cast on a person, the magus can read what’s written on any card and such carried by the target, such as IDs, credit cards, etc.  The knowledge of such abilities could prompt faster development of things like chipped cards or barcodes, which aren’t translated.

Just a few ideas, I am sure many of you could come up with many more.

Vietnam - The Express Paradise

You have heard of DHL, FedEx and/or numerous chains of delivery services in those technologically advanced countries…

Now, get ready for… Vietnamese Express!

Key characteristics of our national but freelance mode of goods transportation

  • We mostly use motorbikes to ship things. I mean small trucks, vans and cars are more than welcome but no one ever does that in real life
  • These shippers deliver anything, from household products to decorations and livestock (perhaps pets such as fish in this case)
  • They do not earn much from their delivery service and besides putting other transporters, vehicles and themselves in danger they bear a more present risk of getting caught by the police or their goods just fall out of their motorbikes. And possibly just get themselves stuck in the tangle of our electric wires.

Vietnamese Shipper is coming to town…

Well at least his loops won’t fall out :)


~baskets deserve love, baskets deserve life~

deekonfleek  asked:

Companions reacting to SS finding a functioning car, restoring it and then asking them if they would like to go on a road trip with them from good old commonwealth to the New Vegas Strip? or just stealing a vertibird. whichever sounds more fun.

I love this I love this I love this I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the idea of a vacation with the Commonwealth family, but we all know the only way they’re all traveling together is if they drive a bus >:3

On a side note, this reaction helped me realize just how much I love companion-companion interaction.

Nick: “I have no idea how you managed to find an intact school bus, and much less of an idea as to how we were able to fix it up. You’re lucky the old Nick had a thing for cars.” Nick puffed proudly on his cigarette, gazing upon his banana-yellow work of art. Sole grinned. “That’s great Nick! Because I thought you could maybe, uh, drive us? After all, you’re the only one here other than me who knows how to drive a car.”

And that’s how Nick ended up as the gang’s designated driver. It’s perfect because as a synth he doesn’t have to eat, sleep, drink, or go to the bathroom! Since the front of the bus became his new place of residence, Nick took to decorating the dash with bobble heads, trinkets, and even a pair of fuzzy dice to hang over the rearview mirror. “It’s what all the cool kids are doing nowadays, right?”

Of course they don’t force Nick to drive the entire time, otherwise he would never be able to have fun; it’s his vacation too after all. Danse is usually the one to relieve him. On his breaks Nick likes to sit on one of the couches in the back and watch the landscape pass him by. The old Nick loved to sit and admire the horizon on long car rides, and the new Nick guesses that’s just another thing they have in common.


On lazy afternoons when Danse takes charge of the driving, Sole joins Nick at the back of the bus and lays their head down in his lap. Typically they doze off after several minutes as Nick gently strokes their hair, careful not to catch the strands with his metallic joints. Altogether the melody of Sole’s breathing combined with the rumbling of the bus’s engine pulls Nick into a trance, filled with daydreams of Sole.

Deacon: “Just like a limousine eh boss?” Deacon was almost tempted to take his sunglasses off for dramatic effect. He inspected the big yellow behemoth inside and out before coming to a conclusion. “Hey, didn’t some limousines have hot tubs at the back? We should totally build one.” Deacon wiggled his eyebrows at Sole who excitedly wiggled theirs back.

After quickly discovering that installing a hot tub was beyond their combined engineering skills (and on-hand water purifiers), Deacon decided to do the next best thing. He ripped out the last several rows of benches at the back of the bus and bolted down couches and chairs in their place. Deacon then added his own personal touch: a gently revolving disco ball suspended from the roof. On the outside of the bus, Deacon was able to convice Sole to let him spray paint, in an obnoxiously loud color, “Dee’s Official Party Wagon!” Actually, Sole only okayed the “Party Wagon” bit; he added “Dee’s Official” in really tiny letters right above it and hopes Sole doesn’t notice.

Whenever Deacon’s not sitting at Hancock’s bar and chatting up the other companions, he’s lounging in a chair at the back of the bus with a book in his hand. He typically has a pen lying nearby and intermittently scribbles in the margins of the novel he’s reading each time an epiphany hits him.


Whenever Deacon reads on the couch, Sole tucks themselves under one of his arms and leans their head against his chest. Deacon will scan the pages of his book and occasionally lean down to kiss the top of Sole’s head. If everyone else has gone to sleep for the night, Deacon will quietly read some of his favorite stories and poems out loud to Sole. It’s much more subdued than his usual bombastic chatter, and Sole loves the way his voice warmly reverberates against their ear.

Danse:”What a phenomenal waste of time. However, I have to admit that I’m somewhat impressed soldier.” Danse really downplayed his excitement. He hoped Sole didn’t notice the twinkle in his eye as he imagined what it would feel like to sit behind the wheel of a real, honest-to-goodness drive-able car; just like in those old world posters, he thought. “So, uh, are you going to show me how to operate this vehicle?”

Danse is usually the one to relieve Nick of his chauffeuring duties, but whenever he settles himself in the tattered leather driver’s seat, everyone knows to start putting away the spillables: any and every bottle, cup, and can. Poor Danse, he loves driving, but there’s definitely a lack of finesse in his use of the breaks.

On the other hand, when Nick is at the helm, Danse will order a beer or two from Codsworth. He drinks enough to let a buzz roll over him as he stares out the window at the world passing by. It’s sort of entertaining, the way his head swims at visions of blurry trees and buildings. He’s never been more relaxed in his life as he is right then: traveling with friends, safe from the world outside, and for a moment Danse feels he’s getting a glimpse of pre-war life, and that makes him smile.


It’s super easy to make Danse laugh when he’s been drinking, so Sole loves sitting with him at the bar on his breaks. They have their favorite ways of making the paladin giggle, including small kisses applied to his neck and gently gliding their fingers up and down his arms. One thing’s for sure, no one had ever seen Danse act like such a little school girl until they took that fateful bus ride with him and Sole.

Hancock: “Well well, wouldja look at that.” Hancock lifted his hand over his eyes like a visor, gazing up at the alarmingly gaudy vehicle. “Never thought I’d see the day when one of these pre-war rust buckets was street worthy again.” Hancock explored the hulking vehicle inside before returning to Sole. “You know what this ride needs? A bar. Yeah, I like the sound of that. The Commonwealth’s very first traveling bar!”

Surprisingly, Hancock did indeed fit a small bar into the bus after ripping out most of the seats in the middle. He enlists the help of Cait and MacCready who were all aboard for a mobile bar, literally. Hancock smiles, extremely proud of his handiwork, and is thoroughly convinced that this bar is the most ingenious thing he’s ever come up with. With a few barstools bolted around the counter, he’s ready to knock back a few with the rest of the crew.

And that’s exactly how he spends the majority of the trip. Luckily for everyone aboard, Hancock is a fun drunk to be around, and the party seems to rock around the clock as long as Codsworth is still tending the bar.


Sole enjoys watching Hancock enjoy himself. The journey between buzzed and giggly to full on table-top dancing is quite the ride, Sole observes. Sooner or later Hancock invites Sole up onto the bar to groove along with him, and Sole happily obliges. They have loads of fun until Danse slams on the breaks and sends them crashing to the floor together. Danse has to go to timeout after that.

Cait: “What’s this then? Are you meanin’ to tell me all of us are gonna be fittin’ into that thing for the next few weeks?” Cait wanted to complain, but then saw the rabid excitement buzzing in Sole’s eyes as they nodded their head furiously. “Ah, I guess we’ll all be gettin’ ta knowin’ one another a little better  then, eh?”

Once Hancock mentions the addition of a bar to the bus, Cait more than happily parts with a third of her stash to stock it with the best drinks the wasteland had to offer. She is also the one to go out and scavenge the barstools since she was familiar with most of the bars in the Commonwealth.

Wow, Cait and Hancock make one hell of a team! Between those two, most of the booze is depleted two days into the road trip. It’s worth it though, to watch them both belt out bar songs at the top of their lungs and laugh at all the lewd jokes they can remember off the top of their heads. Needless to say there is never a dull moment aboard (Dee’s Official) Party Wagon!


Cait pretty much forces Sole to sit with her at the bar once she gets fairly smashed. She’s pretty rough and loves to crush Sole to her side with a hooked elbow and some drunken cheer! Much to Sole’s embarrassment, Cait constantly deals out sloppy kisses all over their cheeks and neck in front of everyone, leaving glossy tracks of saliva all over them.

Curie: “Oh how marvelous Sole! It has been so long since I’ve seen a functioning vehicle! I cannot wait to ride in it!” Curie bounced up and down beside Sole before crushing them in a hug. The last time Curie had been in a vehicle was during her transit as a Miss Nanny bot to Vault 81, before the bombs fell, but now she gets to experience a car ride in her new synth body.

Curie so loved the idea of traveling with everyone. Before the bus, Sole has always taken just one person at a time with them to go on escapades across Commonwealth. To ensure everyone’s safety, Curie outfits the bus with two first aid kits: one at the front and one at the bar. Honestly, the bar first aid kit is probably going to be used at least once during the trip. Additionally Curie decorated the bar with a couple vases of hubflowers, but the poor scientist has to constantly replace them at each stop every time Danse drives.

During the ride Curie will join Dogmeat in sticking her head out of the window, which makes Sole and Nick a little worried sometimes (they make her sit all the way inside when Danse drives). The little scientists just ignores them, absolutely immersed in the sensation of wind rushing over her cheeks and the sun beaming down on her face.


Concerned for Curie as she leans out of the small windows, Sole sits wearily next to her, holding her hand the entire time. Whenever they pass by a tree, even at twenty feet away, Sole instinctually tightens their grip on Curie. Despite worrying over her possible beheading though, Sole has to admit that the beaming smile on Curie’s face is the most adorable thing they’ve ever witnessed.

Piper: “Oh wow Blue! Nick helped you with this?” Sole nodded at the journalist who pensively held her chin between her thumb and forefinger. “You know, we can cover a lot of ground with this thing, which could mean a ton more stories for me!” Piper hopped onto the bus and appreciated all of the work the others had already put into the vehicle; she just had one more little detail to add.

On the smaller portion of the L-shaped bar, Piper set up a typewriter. It became her makeshift office while on the road, and she loves to commemorate all of the gang’s memories to paper. For the majority of rides the crew could find Piper glued to her station. Later she intends to compile all of her entries into a scrapbook.

Whenever her fingers need a break, Piper will head to the lounge at the back of the bus. Deacon gladly offers her a book out of his collection to read which she very gratefully to accepts. Writing’s nice, it’s her passion for goodness sakes, but sometimes she’d just rather be tucking into a good story than weaving one of her own.


During the moments where Cait and Hancock aren’t bringing down the house, Sole will sit behind Piper while she types and play with her hair. Piper loves the tickly feeling that crawls up and down her neck as Sole continuously braids and unbraids her hair. If it’s late and Piper is tired, she sometimes falls asleep in the middle of Sole’s braiding and slowly falls backwards onto them. Sole catches her and chuckles, then settles the both of them into one of the few surviving bus seats for the night.

MacCready: “W-ha-wow! Oh man Sole! This is amazing!” MacCready lit up with a smile at the bulky electric-yellow bus. Giving it a once over and seeing all of the modifications the others had put into it sparked a kid-like giddiness inside of the mercenary. While sitting and admiring the bar, MacCready happened to look up and see a small square door on the ceiling. He pointed a finger straight up, “Hey, Sole, does that go where I think it goes?”

Once MacCready discovered the hatch to the roof, he brings in wood from the scrap pile to construct a sniper’s nest on top of the bus. Sole helps him affix it to the roof, and MacCready couldn’t be happier with the finished product. However, a few patrons of the bar are a little annoyed that he has to use the countertop as a stepping stool to reach the hatch. But, stocked with a full ammo box, a stack of magazines, and a stash of Fancy Lad snack cakes, the mercenary ignores Cait’s angry grumbling and perches himself happily atop his post.

After a few hours in the nest, MacCready will climb back into the bus to grab a drink. For kicks he’ll hop down directly from the hatch and land pretty as you please on one of the empty barstools. It kinda hurts his bottom, but he doesn’t show it; can’t impress people with a grimace on your face. One time though, he wasn’t looking and ended up crashing down into Piper’s lap. Can you say black eye?


With so many people crowded into one vehicle it can get a little noisy. MacCready uses the nest as an excuse to escape the absolute chaos generated by drinking buddies Cait and Hancock. Sole will often join him and bring up a blanket for them both to snuggle in. MacCready will then fish out a comic for the two of them to share, and they take turns reading alternate pages out loud, funny voices definitely included.

Preston: “Oh wow General! Did you ride in these before the war?” Preston gawked at the bright yellow bus. “I did when I was in school, but for now this is probably the only vehicle that can fit all of us at once.” Sole answered. Preston smiled and climbed aboard.

He loves what everyone had done to the place. A lounge, a bar, flowers, bobble heads, fuzzy dice, Piper’s office supplies, and … a disco ball? Everything looks great, but Preston still feels as if something’s missing. All at once it hits him. He tells Sole he’ll be back in a minute, and then returns with a big blue minuteman flag. He and Sole proudly hang it across the back window. Now it’s finished. Now it’s home.

Whenever MacCready doesn’t mind the company or is away from his post, Preston likes reclining in the sniper’s nest. Shielded from the wind, he takes pleasure in feeling of the sun beaming warmly across his face. It prickles a little as he tans, but the sensation is subtle and satisfying. Life has never been better.


On quiet afternoons, Sole lays beside Preston in the nest and tans with him. Their breathing eventually synchronizes, and oftentimes they both fall asleep under the bright blue sky. They both dream happy naptime dreams, fantastical and adventurous, far away from the wasteland, but not far away from each other.

X6-88: “Impressive sir/ma’am. Last week it seemed like you’d never be able to fix this sorry excuse for a vehicle. I’m glad my first impression was wrong.” Even though the comment, like all of X6’s other comments, came off as a backhanded compliment, Sole grinned smugly at the courser. Wordlessly X6 stepped into the bus to survey the interior.

It was acceptable. Not exactly on par with Institute standards, but nice enough for a hodgepodge of Commonwealth ingenuity. Of course, he did have the smallest amount of courtesy not to make that remark directly to Sole. X6 didn’t really see how he could improve the place, so he just gave everything a short nod of approval.

X6 can get a little antsy after sitting for a while on the bus. Cait convinces him to chug down a couple of beers to relax, so he sits at the bar most of the time. Despite how inane he believes Hancock’s and Cait’s behavior to be when they’re drunk, he actually finds their antics both distracting and slightly amusing. It helps to take the edge off.


Sole will join X6’s audience of one from time to time and help him watch whatever the drunken duo decide tonight’s entertainment will be. X6 sits idly on the stool, beer in one hand and Sole’s hand in his other. When things are like this, he can almost understand why pre-war people took vacations.

Dogmeat: Yes! Dogmeat lets his tongue flop around in the wind as the bus chugs its way down the road. He has to admit, sticking his head out of an actual bona-fide vehicle is a lot more fun than careening down a hill in some rusty old shopping cart. Looks like he does get to learn about the simple joys of riding a car after all. He likes that Curie joins him outside the windows, and makes sure to keep an eye out for her head as well as his own.

Codsworth: Codsworth is so proud of his master, and compliments them on a job well done, “Sir/mum, I couldn’t be more proud of you if I tried!”

Now Hancock would tend to the bar himself, but he’d much rather be on the receiving end of bar service. So, he offers the job to Codsworth; he reminds him a lot of Whitechapel Charlie back in Goodneighbor, so the ghoul thinks it’s a fitting choice. Codsworth happily agrees to be of use on the bus, and he does his best to help his travel-mates have a good time, but also limit their alcohol consumption to a safe level.

Strong: Strong can’t really fit inside the bus, and doesn’t really want to either; it reminds him too much of a cage. Instead, Nick and Sole modify an old side car to attach to the side of the bus, and Strong rides in it while they’re on the move. He always carries a board or baseball bat with him so he can smash things as his sidecar zooms by them. WHACK! “HAHA! PUNY DEATHCLAW IS NO MATCH FOR STRONG!” “Nice one Strong!” MacCready will yell at him from his sniper’s nest. Between the two of them, no enemies ever come close to the bus.

Timed Prompt (30 min)

  • Prompt: Jongin works as a police officer, and he misses his husband Kyungsoo who’s been neglecting him lately. So he goes to arrest Kyungsoo while he’s out with his friends.

Jongin walks steadily, eyes locked on his husband as he sits in an arciform booth with his friends. He slips into a table three mere feet away and opens a menu. Stealthily holding up his phone, he uses the reflection to peep the scene behind him.

He isn’t a creep, he swears, although this position would presume otherwise. He’s just in dire need of Kyungsoo. He misses his husband and how they used to hang out, but work gets in the way of their time together. With him being a police officer, he’s called into the office all times of the day and night to work on a case. It’s a demanding job, yet, Kyungsoo has never once complained. He’s been Jongin’s strength since high school, a steady rock by his side.

But, Jongin just wishes he was by his side at the moment.

Now, when Kyungsoo does have time, he spends it with his friends and Jongin doesn’t fault him for it. Being a firm believer of personal space, he knows a healthy relationship requires space from the other. Absence makes the heart grow fonder–or some shit like that, he thinks.

However, as of late, he’s been missing their time together and it shows. Especially when he chooses to follow Kyungsoo to the restaurant which he and his buddies frequent. The sunglasses on his face scream stalker but he doesn’t mind, and he confidently glides a hand through his hair.

He’s still watching in the reflection of his phone but soon realizes this is fairly stupid. Who uses a damn reflection? His lips upturn into a clever smile. Who uses a reflection, when there’s a front camera?  He turns on the camera and spies behind him to see what his husband is doing.

This is also the smarter option as it serves as a precaution, so if someone happens to walk by, he could feign to be taking a selfie- yea but first, let him take one right now- click. He frowns at the photo. He looks absolutely creepy.

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Men still have trouble recognizing that a woman can be complex, can have ambition, good looks, sexuality, erudition, and common sense. A woman can have all those facets, and yet men, in literature and in drama, seem to need to simplify women, to polarize us as either the whore or the angel. That sensibility is prevalent, even to this day.

I had to reconcile the real person and the character of Anne Boleyn as created in the text. For the actor, the text is your bible. You can try to put a spin on the nuances, but in the end our job is to be the vehicle of the text. But I got tired of flying the flag of Showtime in interviews, [justifying the show’s sexuality and inaccuracies] when in the pit of my stomach, I agreed wholly with what the interviewer was saying to me. I lost many hours of sleep, and actually shed tears during my portrayal of her, trying to inject historical truth into the script, trying to do right by this woman that I had read so much about. It was a constant struggle, because the original script had that tendency to polarize women into saint and whore. It wasn’t deliberate, but it was there.

I begged Michael Hirst to do it right in the second [season]. He listened to me because he knew I knew my history. And I remember saying to him: `Throw everything you’ve got at me. Promise me you’ll do that. I can do it. The politics, the religion, the personal stuff, throw everything you’ve got at me. I can take it.’ I wanted to show that she was a human being, a young woman placed in a really difficult and awful situation, manipulated by her father, the king, and circumstances, but that she was also feisty and interesting and had a point of view and tried to use her powers to advance what she believed in. And I wanted people to live with her, to live through her. To see her.

—  Natalie Dormer

The actual committing of fraud is straightforward (check literally any of my other columns for more specific guidance). In general, though, you’re going to want to roam the land using your perch to offer deals on investment vehicles, timeshare properties, timeshare vehicles, or any combination thereof.

Because you have a horse, and presumably the resources and breeding to maintain a horse, people will trust you implicitly and give you all of their money. One problem you might find is people will be somewhat reluctant to put cash into the huge bag you’re carrying, and will instead want to write you checks. That’s still fraud, so you’re still good, but the problem is those are going to need to be cashed, meaning you’ll first need to set up an account at a bank with high doors, or find one with a drive-thru ATM. Plan ahead.

5 Ways To Commit Crimes On Horseback