they put a lot of detail in his eyes

I saw a post a while back that pointed out the way that victor and yuuri’s eyes follow each other during one part of the opening, so during my 28th re-watch of episode 8 I did a lot of pausing to catch a few more shots of this beautiful detail the animators put in…

so first is victor looking fondly to the right…

…because a second later, that’s where yuuri enters…victor continues to watch yuuri, and you can see that yuuri is also watching him…

and then it looks like victor is about to blow him a fuckin kiss asASUFG;; just fuck me up– and they are STILL looking at each other with these adoringly sappy gazes…

yuuri isn’t looking at victor anymore but fam look at VICTORS LOVING EYES AND HIS SMILE AS HE KEEPS W A T C H I N G YUURI– and these frames are also super interesting because the animators were using the same rotoscoping reference for both victor and yuuri, yet they still made certain that in the 1.5 seconds that this specific sequence lasts that victor was looking at yuuri in this exact way because it was important

and enter yurio from the left, victor and yuuri are heading offscreen, yuuri is watching victor again, but I think it’s just so incredible and important that the animators made sure that in these measly 3-4 seconds of the opening sequence, that VICTOR NEVER TOOK HIS EYES OFF YUURI

Work It Out.

Title: Work It Out

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Request:  Could you do a smut imagine based on the song ‘Closer’ by Tegan and Sara, in which Steve and the reader are best friends and tease each other all the time, but won’t admit their feelings for each other and Tony locks them in Steve’s room until they do? It leads to them having sex and when they finally come out, Tony teases them, but the reader punches him, knocking him out. Thanks, and please put in a lot of detail?

Warnings: NSFW, Smut, oral sex, orgasm denial, unprotected sex,

Words: 1477

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AU where both of em are spies’ rival and best at their own work, but soon they start to flirt w/ each other during their job, resulting chasing each other or even teamworking during mission altho they work on opposite sides

Genos design are like agility + air boost, that’s why he have lots of air vents-
Saitama is just a hardcore spy who good at everything uvu rarely show his face because that’s how he can easily disguise, because eyes never lie uvu

I put two because the coloured version didn’t show that much detail I spent time on l o l

anonymous asked:

Yo! Can you do ASL body headcanons? You know like put more details about their body -causeimahoe- , and includes dick Headcanons 🙊🙊>//<

YES but I’m not doing anything about their junks, I’ll leave that to your imagination^^


  • Ace is brown
  • That boy is dark skinned and his skin is just a little bit lighter than Luffy’s
  • freckles are not limited to his cheeks, they’re everywhere, EVERYWHERE, but they’re especially a lot on his shoulders and chest
  • Ace is well inked
  • Ace is fucking shredded


  • Sabo is not exactly pale but yeah light skinned
  • he’s blind on the eye that got burned and the burning scar is not just on his eye but goes down to the left side of his body
  • Sabo is fucking shredded too


  • Luffy has darker skin than Ace and yeah he’s brown too
  • his skin is smooth and soft 
  • well beside the billions of scars and the  tropical jungle of hair that grows in his armpits
  • Luffy is shredded as well, he’s pretty skinny and smol but damn he’s got abs as delicious as his brothers’

5 facts about Seviar

1. His sight at night or in the dark is better than it is during the day. Not to say he cannot see when it’s bright, but he will shade his eyes in direct sunlight.

2. Seviar spends a lot of time listening to the Shadows, their whispers, attempting to understand them in better detail. Whilst attempting to eavesdrop on the nitty-gritty dark’n’dirty about people’s lives through them.

3. He -adores- scars, body modifications, tattoos, anything that would separate someone from the normal.

4. If you put him in a kitchen, he can and will cook you something delicious, though he will need help with the tasting half of the cooking process. Expect spoonfuls. Can’t bake worth a shit though.

5. Most of his life he has struggled with drug addiction, it has only gotten worse though honestly easier to handle in death.

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