they put a lot of detail in his eyes

Anyone Else Notice These Things??

-Watch closely when someone gets in Max’s face/ swings at him (examples: those two times David yelled at him, when Preston yelled at him, when Pikeman swings at him, ect) he flinches. Badly. He just doesn’t give a short jump, he closes his eyes and he backs up.

-He’s kind of immune to pain??? Throughout one single episode, he gets stabbed, punched in the face, slapped multiple times, and he gets tangled up in a bunch of ropes. In another episode, he gets thrown off the Flowerscouts’ “proper walking/ posture” course thing. And he doesn’t really land in the liquid/ acid shit like Space Kid does. He actually gets thrown off. And I know a lot of detail isn’t put in this specific show, but that could’ve really hurt him. But everytime he gets hurt no marks show up on his body (the only reason I’m pointing this out is because when DAVID gets hurt, he gets bandages and scratches/ scars afterwards) and he kinda just walks off all his injuries. (But! In one episode he does get effected by one of Harrison’s magic tricks, and he points out that he doesn’t feel well… Three times??? In that episode.)

-He doesn’t eat a lot. He’s shown drinking coffee in… I’m p sure four different episodes, and he’s shown eating breakfast in one (EDIT: I watched the episode again cuz its one of my favs, but I noticed he doesn’t even eat any. He’s just playing with it with his fork, and he leaves for the shower before he eats). And while everyone else is in line for breakfast (season 1 episode 11) he wants coffee. Hell, even in the theme, he has nothing on his plate while Neil and Nikki have… Food?? On their’s.

-Max has admitted to crying himself to sleep (S1 Ep8)

And before you all come at me, yes. I know. It’s 110% canon that the a majority of the other camper’s lives are pretty fucked up, too. I’m just saying, like?? The other campers sometimes mention their life at home, but every time “home lives” are brought up, to me it feels like Max was scripted (purposely) to not respond.
I dunno.. This has all been on my mind for a while aofbakfjanf

Okay so it’s time for fluffy headcanon about MC and Damien’s happily ever after:
- MC’s handwriting gradually starts to improve because he and Damien write letters to each other constantly. Like every day. He’s not at Damien’s level of penmanship, but he’s getting better. He still seals his letters with the kitten wax seal though.
- They keep up the letter writing even after they move in together. ‘My beloved, could I trouble you to purchase a dozen of the finest eggs when you pay a visit to the grocer after work? I had hoped to make french toast when Amanda graces us with her presence this weekend.’
- They both write letters to Amanda while she’s at college too. She usually sends back a torn piece of notebook paper with ‘ok cool, love ya pops’ written in colorful gel pen and sealed with a sticker (she saves the actual catching up for phone calls and visits, but she thinks the letters are hilarious)
- She usually refers to Damien as her dad’s ‘suitor,’ until they get married and then she starts calling him stuff like ‘esteemed father.’ She also calls him Gomez Addams or Lestat at times.
- Lucien is slow to admit it, but he really warms up to his new family too, especially since his dad is so happy. He and Amanda become good friends and text often, he finds her easy to talk to and she grows fond of her new gloomy bro who’s actually sweeter than he seems.
- After Lucien goes to college and moves out, MC and Damien decide to get a dog. They want a hypoallergenic one though, because of course they want Lucien to be comfortable when he visits. They end up with a tiny fluffy Bichon who they name Queen Victoria. Of course.
- MC and Damien attend pretty much every Victorian themed museum exhibit or event or movie or whatever they can get their hands on. MC has honestly gotten interested in the stuff and lets Damien design him a whole historically accurate outfit too. He doesn’t wear it every day, but it’s kind of fun to put that stuff on for dates and special occasions.
- They avoid scary movies, but every so often there’s a gothic horror movie that’s just SO accurate with the Victorian costumes and has such FANTASTIC attention to detail and…yeah, they’ve got to go see it. Damien holds MC’s hand the whole time and hides his face on his shoulder during the really scary parts (MC lets him know when the scary bit is over and it’s safe to look again.)
- MC is usually pretty adverse to the outdoors, but he really likes working with Damien in the garden. It’s relaxing, and he likes to listen to Damien talk about the flowers and their meanings while they work.
- Damien really helps MC deal with the grief about his late spouse that he just wasn’t able to let go of yet. Damien’s attitude toward death and grieving is really just the thing he needed, and Damien assures him that it’s fine to take all the time he needs. It doesn’t matter that his spouse passed a while ago, that grief is still perfectly valid. Turns out it’s a lot easier to finally work through everything when he’s not trying to put on a brave face all the time for Amanda.
- When they finally get married it’s the most extravagant affair. A very historically accurate recreation of Victorian weddings down to the last detail (except for, of course, no one batting an eye at the two grooms.) MC cries because he’s a big softy. Damien cries too because he never thought he’d find such happiness. Those fancy monogrammed handkerchiefs get a lot of mileage.
- Just Damien and MC being so happy and healthy and in love!!

Samurai Jack Cross Stitch

Here’s how I cross stitched Samurai Jack from a picture.

It’s a promo pic that I really love back from when the original series was broadcast. This was one of a set of three landscapes. I picked my palette using the colours in the pic, and worked out how to stitch it with this printout

I worked out a scale for how many squares on the fabric fit each cm square of the printout. I used a few thread markers on the fabric here and there to help plan it out, but I just stitched the areas going by the grid. I did not put a grid on the fabric. It’s all whole cross stitch, no fractionals, because I knew the detail would be in the outlines.

When all the cross stitch was done, I used lots of backstitch to define detail, and some simple longstitch for the Aku totems. Jacks eyes are entirely white underneath, I used black satin stitch over them to get his pupils where I wanted, and extra backstitch to define his hairline, for instance.

Matchbox for scale

The back (to the past)

Finished in a natty frame

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the new series!

I̸̞͓̬̝͐͆̚͜t̷͚́̿'̷̭̠̈́̍s̶͇̜̦̗̏̆ ̷̣͙̋h̵̟̠͇̪̓̿̈́̾͘ì̷̧̜̓̽̈́s̶͓̪̐͘̕ ̵̨̰̱͖̏̅t̷̩͙̗̗̺̐ȗ̵͓̂̈r̵̪̲͆̀̽̎n̸̻̓̇̄ ̶̩̰̰̬́̅͌n̴͎̓̋̓̍͘o̵̲͚̟̙̳̒̎̀̐ẃ̷̨͙͓̤̓̀̄͠

I went through all the times Dark made an appearance in yesterday’s videos again, including the old ones (don’t blink, don’t move and relax). Here are my thoughts (this turned out way longer than planned, and it’s not even all, yay for way to much theorizing?):

If you’ve found the Exit video, you know that after you go through the door, you see Dark smiling at you and you get put back into prison. Dark made the loop. Like @caustic-synishade​ pointed out here (and Mark “confirmed”): he wants you to get stuck in the game. Now I was thinking, why the prison? Mark even said at the beginning that he’s seen us before, so that would make more sense right? But consider this: the only way you can get Mark killed in the game, without Dark making a clear appearance, is by choosing to split up. That event only occurs when you escape the prison again, Dark wants you to find this other option. This way, you make it easier for him to take over. He doesn’t even have to go through all of the trouble of killing Mark, you took care of that. (More on Dark taking over later)

Originally posted by septicpotato

So, Dark makes a clear appearance when you choose the Horror play in the theatre. There are some (okay, way too many) things that caught my attention regarding his powers. First, Mark disappears. Dark appears on the stage, your vision gets stretched and weird. Next thing you know, you’re somewhere else, with Dark in front of you. This, suddenly appearing somewhere else, happens a lot in the videos with and without Dark. The ones with Dark are more sudden, unlike the other ones, where Mark hugs you, puts his hands before your eyes, etc. I think he also did this during the Exit video, like I pointed out before, when you are suddenly put back in the prison. This makes me think that Dark is capable of some serious telekinesis (I have so much more to say about this! So I’ll probably do a different post on what I think Dark’s powers are, with more detail and research).

His behaviour is also very interesting (during the Horror, Freedom and Left videos)! Like @http-jack​ says in this post (thank you for putting my thoughts together so well!), Dark is serious business. He wears a suit, makes sure he speaks clearly, puts his hands behind his back and has good posture. This guy is bursting of self-confidence and he doesn’t play around. But that doesn’t mean he never loses his temper. Every single time he raises his voice, you can see that he didn’t mean that to happen. He fixes his tie and jacket, sighs and continues his speech. If we say that the options Dark gives you at the end of Horror are the “canon” times he made an appearance, then he’s been around since June 2012. More than enough time to get seriously pissed off.

Originally posted by markfangirl

Not only his behaviour, but also the things he says lead me to believe that Dark is anything but happy with Mark.I’ve been pushed aside. Replaced. Mocked. And then, he had the gall to not invite me to his little adventure with you. No more. Never again. It’s my turn now.
He’s angry with Mark’s arrogance and ignorance towards him. He’s waited long enough, giving Mark the change to do this willingly, but if Mark won’t let him in, he’ll do it himself. He’s jealous of all of the attention Mark’s been getting, while he was humiliated and forgot. He’s desperate to show off how stupid Mark was for ignoring him. “Take your pick, anything of four different choices. More than he could’ve ever given you. (…) If dinner is what you want, then I can provide. And I can take you wherever you’d like to go. (…) I can give you anything! (…) There’s nothing you, or he, can do to stop me!” He shows off how strong he is and how weak Mark is beside him. He straight up says he can give you so much more than Mark, you just have to let him in, it’s as simple as that.

Dark’s loving all the attention he’s finally getting. He’s putting up one hell of a show. He shows off his powers, mocks Mark and he pretends he gives you a choice (with the loop the choice at the end of Horror). Even though Mark puts up a fight, I don’t think Dark ever really leaves or gave any of us a choice:

I’ll talk more about the difference in the speech of Mark and Dark in the Right and Left videos in the powers post, but at the end of both videos, it’s clear Dark is still there. When you “accidentally” kill Mark, it’s clear Dark’s still here and here to stay. “But now we’re going to be together, forever.”
If you actually shoot Dark, he’s not gone. In the Right video, your vision is still somewhat distorted, but the actual Mark is there. Dark never left and he didn’t actually give you a choice, he took control. It’s his turn now.

Now, I was thinking, why is Dark so obsessed with getting a connection between you and him? “I’ve been waiting a long time to get some, personal time between us. (…) So, now that we are here together, we can really get know each other.”
Consider this: he needs us. He can take over Mark, but Mark’s able to push him out. But we’re not. Mark’s there in his physical form, we’re not. He knows that Mark cares a lot about us, so what does he do? Make us suffer. He loves to see Mark suffer (in don’t blink and relax, Mark’s hurt in some way), and he knows he can hurt him by hurting us.

Originally posted by markfangirl

If you read the whole thing, thank you! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. I’ll do way more theorizing on things like: Is Dark there the entire time? What are his powers? What even is he? How far does this rabbit hole even go? Who knows Dark, who knows.

Drunken Confession

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader (Y/N Y/L/N)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1.9k-ish

Summary: The Reader confesses to Dean. 

Warnings: None really. Just a bit of fluff :) 

Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is my entry for  @winchester-writes Rose’s Birthday Drinking Challenge!! My prompt: Republic Tequila - “Y'know know, they’re all ‘Well…you gotta drink too.” it’ll be bolded in the fic. I hope you guys like it!!!

Drunken Confession

I’m not that much of a drinker.

Usually, it was Sam and I that had to drag Dean’s drunken ass back to the Impala after he made a complete idiot out of himself in front of the bar’s waitress.

It was never me.

But tonight was different. Especially when the feelings you’ve been harboring deep inside your core for the green eyed Winchester were finally reaching maximum overload.

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,008

Warnings: fluff, maybe a swear word? but really just entirely fluff

Prompt: AU. Painter reader and Mechanical engineer student Dean Winchester. Reader decides that Dean gets to be her canvas today.

A/N: Betad by @taste-of-dean like two weeks ago, this fic has just been sitting waiting for me to post it but I got sidetracked by phxcon.

Originally posted by deanwinchestar

Y/N was in her favorite button down - the one that was covered in oil and acrylic colors, flicked, smeared and dotted in all different places. It was previously her fathers, though she had stolen it from his closet when she took her first art class her freshman year of high school. Dean always knew what was happening when she wore it.

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anonymous asked:

Can you write an imagine where Harry wants the reader ride his thigh

He can only imagine how wet and needy she is after walking around the house with only a butt plug in her, a skirt and a lacy bra. Before two or three hours ago she visited him in his office to give him the lunch she prepared for him. Her hair was messy as if she had runned her fingers through it a million times and her lips were chappy as if she was biting on them until the taste of blood didn’t fill her mouth.

“Have you touched yourself, princess?” he asked, just to make sure she’s obeying what he said to her in the morning when he put the butt plug in her - no touching or cumming if she doesn’t want to stay like this for the rest of the night.

She shook her haid and tried to crawl in his lap but he slapped her ass and looked her with  warning eyes.

“Do you have much work to do?” she mumbled.

“Yes, baby, tons of it.” he approached the back of her thigh with his cold hand for a moment and smirked when she almost choked on her breath. “C'mon, Y/N, don’t make it harder for both of us. Go to the living room and entertain yourself somehow.”

She let out a sigh, but listened to him and left the office with trembling legs. Now, as it’s been three hours since then, he wonders what she looks like now. Is her hair even messier? Are her nipples hard and her lips even more red?

His thoughs drive him crazy so he stands up and walks out of his office, ready to get his girl the reward she deserves. Finding her spreaded over the couch, he feels like he just received a punch in the gut. Her whole body is shaking with the need to release the tension and her fingers are gripping the pillow under her chest. The skirt is raised to the point that he can see her juices, dripping down her thighs.

“Pet” he calls soflty, not wanting to scare her.

She opens her eyes, looking at him with both plea and desire in them. By the time her lips spread so she can say something, he sits down next to her and tears off her skirt. Harry takes her bra off too and make a gesture for her to stand up.

“Are you gonna?” She tries to ask while leaning on her elbows but the move sends convulsions down her back and she cries out, too tired of all the waiting. “Please” she sounds as if she’s about to fall on her knees and plead him, “please, Harry, make me cum.”

“Sit on m’ thigh, baby” he instructs, starting to feel a little too guilty about the over-stimulating he made her go through. “I wan’ yeh t’ get it just from m’ thigh, okay? I’ll remove the butt plug now and you’re gonna cum, riding me. We’ll see for later.’

She nods, obeying him without a second, and sits on his thigh, waiting for a permission to start rubbing herself on him. When he winks at her and gives her a quick peck on the lips, she knows what’s next. Putting her hands on his chest, she holds tightly on his shirt as he removes the damn thing from her butt.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck” she quakes, arching her back at the feeling.

He watches her like that for a while - loud moans, fists clenched around his shirt and eyes, absorbing every detail of her face. Without thinking a lot, he takes one of her nipples in his mouth and start sucking on it. When she begins to rubs herself against his thigh even faster, he grabs her butt and looks her in the eyes.

“I’ll never get tired of watchin’ yeh cum, pet.”

Don’t Look Back (ACOTAR AU) - Part 15

‘The moonlight casted a grey hue on his skin and he looked ethereal, like he belonged in a different world. She wanted nothing more than to be a part of it.’

tiny bit of fluff woven in amongst the horny teenager sexytimes soooo this part is NSFW

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18Part 19

When Rhys had arrived home that day, the left hand side of his face a smattering of bruises and blood on his shirt, Ines had almost thrown a fit.

Rhys had took it all, he sat down when his mother berated him for getting himself into such a mess, then he was berated for not using his self-defence and martial arts training that all Spera’s went through as a result of his father’s job. She then hugged him and kissed and made him tomato soup.

Mothers, Rhys thought as Ines was tucking him into bed loaded with a bowl of soup and snacks. It was only a couple of bruises. But was Rhys going to deny all this positive attention? Absolutely not.

“Has Cassian been given the same treatment?” asked Rhys, dunking the bread into the soup.

Ines took a deep breath, “Cassian isn’t here.” Rhys looked at her in confusion and it took a few moments for Ines to speak, like she was reluctant to get the truth out. “He left this morning, he wasn’t hungover, he told me that. He just told me that he needed to go somewhere and that he would be back tonight. Then he told me to trust him.”

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Ivar Headcanons- Ivar's Ideal Woman (Viking Age)

@lustrxuss requested headcanons for both Viking Age and Modern Au for Ivar’s ideal woman. Don’t mean to offend anybody with these, they are just how I see our murder baby!


-He would not care too much about looks, but since Viking society puts a lot of stock on healthy children, he would probably lean towards a woman with “child bearing hips”. Someone who he thinks looks sturdy enough to go through potentially complicated births (due to the possibility their children could have his defect)

- As much as I think he wouldn’t care about looks (hair colour, skin colour, eyes colour, general body type, etc) I do think he would be picky. I can see him nitpicking a little on the details because he’s Ivar and he’s a little shit.

-Also, I think he would not want someone with a physical disability like him. He would see that as devastating for any future children (again, Viking society putting all their work on physical strength)

- She would need to want lots of children and not mind being constantly pregnant (hello, breeding kink)

- He would prefer to marry someone who is Viking. I don’t think he would care if she was a commoner or a princess, but I don’t think he would do well with the culture clash if she was of a different religion, especially if she was a Christian.

-He would look for a woman who is smart, but he would still want to feel like he is the more intelligent one.

-She has to be capable in running a home, and potentially helping to run a kingdom. She needs to be practical, logical, and a good leader.

-He wouldn’t want her to be completely docile, but nor would he want her to be a total wild woman. He would look for something in between, someone who could challenge him but who he could still get to “submit” to him on occasion

- He would want someone semi devoted to the gods, as he is very religious himself.

- He would look for a woman who could defend herself to a point. She doesn’t have to be a full shieldmaiden, but he has to know that she can protect his children if he is not there.

- He would want someone who would be compatible with him sexually, someone willing to cater to the dark beast that we all know he will become once he masters his sex issues

- He would look for someone with the potential to truly love him, because we all know he just wants LOVE.


Modern AU coming soon!

anonymous asked:

Aftercare with the boys after some love making? 😏

I’m not gonna lie, but I was so excited to right this and now that I’ve got round to it I kinda forgot where I was going with them. 

What I do know though, is that I may create another part for the older!bros if you guys enjoy this!

which I hope you do because god dang Older!Noct is just stuck in my head and he’s so gorgeous no matter how old he is… 

Gladio is a very very tender man after making love to the one he truly loves and wants to be with. He’s the type to look at you with the most gorgeous gleam in his eyes that make you forget just how much of a powerhouse he is on the battlefield (and sometimes in the throws of passion). He’s caress your cheek so gently because he’s almost afraid that he’d accidentally hurt you, treat you like you were a fragile piece of china.

And he’d caress the ends of your hair before tucking the runaways that have fallen in front of you face behind your ear. He’d be smiling just as tenderly as his touch Of course, you’d smile right back and he’d only cup your cheek  and press a kiss to you forehead, cheeks, nose and lips once you’d snuggled up to him.

There would be very minimal talking and it would depend upon how rough he was. If he was rougher than normal, he’d ask ‘you okay?’ rather casually. But it would break you into laughter or into a wide smile. Mainly because it would show that he wasn’t mad at you. That he still cared.
Apart from that it would just be small things: looking back at the day just gone, maybe making a few plans for the future. After a couple of months there would just be the inclination of starting a family, though nothing would ever be set in stone considering his duty to the crown. But he never said no. He’d say ‘I’d like that’ or ‘sounds like a plan for when you’re ready.’ Because even if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be the one lugging a child in his body. So it would be up to you.

After making love for the first time with him, he would be a little verbal after the act, making sure you were okay, that he wasn’t too tender or too rough. Because it was easy for him to miscalculate how he was in bed, it would have been very impulsive, so he’d need to get a better idea of what you truly liked.

Sometimes, the small talks would lead to another round. Because he would often tease you with chaste and sinful kisses. 

He’d either hum or sing for you (he’s a good singer now) so you could sleep soundly. Because of this, you’d usually fall asleep first. But if he had an excruciatingly long day - both from guarding the prince and trying not to thin about you too much - he’d fall asleep because you would be able to notice his weariness, and you’d hum and sing for him instead. 

On those days, he’d value your chest as his pillow, although you would be cradling his head in such a way that you breasts were his only pillow, and he’d let both your voice and your heart lull him to sleep.

Most of the time though, he’d refuse sleep until you were at peace in your slumber and he’d be holding you to him. Sometimes he’d even slip one of his vest tops on you so wouldn’t wake to a horrible chill at four in the morning.

Originally posted by connorkenvay

Prompto would be a little similar to Gladio, but also entirely different. Sometimes there would be absolutely no talking because you would have fallen asleep, or the only talking shared would be from looking at the pictures he had taken.

But he would also be the master of teasing you. Not in Gladio’s style, but from just saying sweet things like ‘This is my fave photo of you from the day - the lighting captures your perfection so well and it makes you look so radiant’. But one that would always be with you was ‘the dawn makes you look like a goddess bringing in the new day. And the dusk makes you look like the same goddess waving farewell to the day. But the moonlight? That easily transform you into the most beautiful angel.’

“If I really am an angel, I must have done something real bad to be banished down here then.”

“That’s the most comforting thing you’ve ever said.” And, of course, he’d show you his best smile. “Because you loving me so much that you’d get banished to be with me makes my heart sing.”

And it would turn playful, mainly with tickle fights. Which, again, may or may not lead to another, more playful, round. Though they were very rare because most of the time you’d be far to embarrassed to even stay awake. Because you’d be hiding your face in his neck, and the feeling of his pulse on your temple would send you to sleep quicker than any lullaby would.

The after care after making love to you the very first time round would be a very concerned and embarrassed Prompto checking over you repeatedly. Because it was his very first time of having a sexual encounter. And he loved you so much that he just wanted to make sure he did it right to your tastes. But goddamn he needn’t have worried about that. But worry he did and he’d only stop once you pecked his lips. But whether you then treated him to a round is entirely up to you. Because, he wasn’t gonna turn it down.

Originally posted by ffxvsnow

Ignis would most certainly be the type to pillow-talk. Because making love with you would also build a bond of faith and trust between the two of you. And it would be the only time he’d be sober of caffeine for him to not only feel drowsy, but far more relaxed. But maybe that would be because he couldn’t be mum friend to you without feeling absolutely mortified. Mainly after making love you.

It is a well known fact to you that he has perfected the skill of intense love making. He’d take slow to a while new level but it was also known to you that he could be rough. Depending upon a - how long you’d been oh-so-casually teasing him - and b - how long it had been since you two had been able to have time alone.

It was a must-do thing to ask if you were okay after, but he didn’t make it a rarity either. But he would make ask if you wanted anything before going to sleep: a glass of water, a window upon, a blanket and so on. 

Regardless if you wanted anything or not, talking was a must. At first he was against it, but you told him ‘you always take on everyone’s burdens, now let me take on yours. What’s the point of fighting alone if you know you’ll be stronger fighting with another?’ And suddenly it became a thing.

Sometimes the talks would be trivial, sometimes they would be deep. Sometimes they were happy, other times they were just goddamn depressing. But what didn’t change was his actions during these talks.

He would just be holding you to his chest, either talking softly or listening intently, and he’d be looking at you with his piecing green eyes looking at you so gently you could feel his soul embracing yours. At first it was a very strange feeling, but you quickly learned it was because his eyes looked so much brighter without glasses that they just drew you in.

After the first love making ‘session’, he visibly flushed at your staring and he legit pouted when you found it amusing. Of course he played it behind his typical Ignis sarc, but he couldn’t keep it up forever. And he soon just stared right back at you, right into your eyes, and then chuckled when you flushed.

Although he didn’t seem like the Ignis everyone knew and loved, he really was. But he had just adopted a side he would only ever show you on a common basis. And when he unintentionally showed it to you in front of everyone the next day, Noct was the first to say ‘I think he needs a doctor’ and check his temperature. And it was somehow comforting….

Anyway, moving back to the point at hand, it’s also a well known fact that he really doesn’t get that much sleep. So the pillow-talk helps him get sleepier than Noct and having sex you definitely uses all that caffeine. Rest assured that he will be a lot happier the following morning. And he would be looking so radiant that the boys will just know what you had done. And no one really wanted to know apart from Gladio, who always asked the most disturbing questions which would always be accompanied by Noct and Prompto’s gagging noises.

Originally posted by verryfinny

Noctis is another barrel of fish - pun unintended. Now, people like to think that he’d just fall asleep ridiculously quickly. Don’t get me wrong, that is definitely one of the most common occurrences. But he is also the most willingly to have a mess around and stay up until you grew tired: which could be anywhen.

His aftercare definitely depends upon the situation. 

Had a relatively easy day of just driving around the place? He’d fall asleep without even knowing he’d closed his eyes. Most of the time on top of you. 
Just spent all day in a royal tomb over run by daemons? He’d do a little talking. Just a lot of I love yous.

But on days where everything just weighed him down? On days where he just wanted to break down? Aftercare would be full of sentimental value. Although he’d just put forward insecurities and where his heart on his face - sometimes he would actually go into silent breakdown mode - he wouldn’t talk about them in so much detail. Because just thinking about them would hurt. 

But if you were injured slightly? He’d gently tease you after it all. If you had just recovered from a nasty injury? He would be blaming himself and he would literally vow to you that he would never let it happen again. 

If you had scared him on more than one occasion throughout the door - like jumping on his back and yelling ‘IMPERIALS WANT OUR BLOODS TODAY’ - he will be extra silent on you whilst curling up to you.

But each scenario always led to the cutest things. Noct was obsessed with playing with your fingers. He’d hold your hand, fiddle with your fingers, kiss your fingertips and then and he’d weave them with his. If he was cuddling up to you, he’d put your hand on his head and you knew you’d have to play with his hair. If he was the one to hold you, he’d bury his face in your hair, rest his chin on the crown of your head, play with your hair. 
But both circumstances also had him smiling so tenderly at you, had him pecking your lips, the backs and palms of your hand. And he would always fall asleep holding onto your hand.

And the only times he would ask if you were okay with the intercourse, would be during it.

But you can rest assured that he would definitely be extremely smiley the next morning and oh em gee he would be absolutely adorable all day. Well, until some silly sausage would be evil to him. Like you saying he should drive for a couple of days because Iggy had pooped himself out so badly that he was ill.

That’s right. You also wanted people to get used to his driving. Because you found it so entertaining. You strange person.

Opps. I just burned myself. Oh well XD

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gif sources: [x] [x]
requested: low-key upset there’s only going to be one more season of teen wolf 

Dating Scott McCall would include:

  • the first time Scott sees you he is overwhelmed by your beauty and stops whatever he is doing 
  • Stiles notices this and nudges him, smirking and raising his eyebrows
  • the two of you spent months flirting but did not acknowledge your feelings
  • until the pack sits Scott down and tells him you love him and the two of you should stop dancing around one another 
  • so the next day he’s a fumbling awkward mess that has a bouquet of flowers in his hand and is trying to find the words to ask you out 
  • you find his nerves endearing and of course say yes
  • Scott’s puppy eyes being your weakness and of course he knows this 
  • you and Melissa scolding him 
  • and when you’re alone Scott getting all whiny and cuddly complaining that his girlfriend and mom are ganging up on him
  • she honestly just loves you 
  • like she will find you and Scott asleep in his bed cuddling and will take some cute photos of you guys
  • being close with Stiles
  • helping Stiles with research for the pack
  • you and Scott being that cute couple that everyone adores and secretly wants someone to love them like you love each other 
  • but behind doors you and Scott can be kinky little shits
  • Scott loves bending you over his knee and spanking you 
  • dirty talk 
  • teasing you in the middle of class by running his hand up your thigh and putting pressure on your clothed clit which leaves you aroused (which he can smell) and squirming for the rest of the lesson or day 
  • if you had time Scott will drag you into the closest room and fuck you over a desk 
  • Scott’s alpha eyes turn you the fuck on 
  • and once he learns this he will always flash them in the bedroom and command you, “yes Alpha”
  • finding comfort in your scent 
  • Scott can get crazy protective/possessive, especially if you’re being touched or hit on big time by some douche that won’t leave you alone
  • forcing Scott to watch some of your favourite tv shows
  • “oh come on, I’m way more attractive than him” 
  • “of course you are darling”
  • the tendency to tickle one another 
  • piggy back rides from time to time
  • Scott loves seeing you in his lacrosse jersey and after a win (and loss too probably) he will take you home and fuck you in nothing but his jersey 
  • slow sex where you just memorise every detail of each other’s bodies 
  • lots of eye rolling at your boyfriend
  • Scott getting really excited at the smallest of thing and you love the way his eyes light up and he gives you that adorable grin when he does 
  • hickies on his jaw
  • rides on his motorbike 
  • yes that includes motorbike sex
  • Stiles walking in you on 
  • “oh my god! Put a sock on the door or something! My eyes, I think I need to go pour some bleach into my eyes now, bye”
  • Stiles third-wheeling
  • never forgetting you (IM SORRY I HAD TO)
Fix You - Chapter Three

SPN FanFic

~ After being gone for months, Y/N has returned home to the boys with no memory of their life together.~

Reader, Dean, Sam

2,195 Words

Warnings: Angst, more of the same, little more pain, few more tears.

A/N: Huge thank you to @idreamofhazel who allowed me to talk out my issues the other day. This was about to be benched because I wasn’t feeling it. But I think I worked it out. Thanks Lindsee :)

Chapters: One ~ Two ~ Three ~ Four ~

Chapter Three - Coming Back:

“That’s really great news Y/N.” Sam was looking up at you from his chair in the library, a proud smile spread across his face. “And it just, came back to you?”

You nodded excitedly while Dean came around from behind you and made his way to the bar cart. “Yeah, well not everything came back,” he mumbled.

“He’s right,” you conceded, frowning a bit as you watched him pour a glass of whiskey. “It’s mostly kitchen stuff…”

“And you, Sam,” Dean grunted, taking a gulp of his drink. “She remembers your crappy taste in cereal.”

“Huh,” Sam sat back in his seat, thinking over the new information. “And what brought it back?”

“No idea. I was making sandwiches and then I opened the beer…”

Sam leaned forward, “Did you whack it against the table?”

You narrowed yours eyes at him suspiciously, “How did you know?”

He chuckled, running hand through his hair and down his cheek, scratching the scruff that darkened his jaw line. “Because that’s how you always open your beer, Y/N.”

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Couldn’t Ask Part Two (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)


Request Queue 

Free Requests 

Warnings: guns, mentions of death of a loved one/parent (not depicted)

A/N- (Happy Sequel Sunday!! Sorry this is so late! I accentuated Laf’s accent in this, hope ya like it)

Song- Alone Together – Fall Out Boy

Words- 3,493

“Sorry Y/N. I didn’t mean to intrude, but I was really interested in this Indian fabric,” he held up your jeans. Oh God no. “and I just saw…What is this?” He held up several green pieces of paper. “And why is my face on it?” 

You stood frozen to the spot with no idea what to say. Was this something you could lie your way out of? You could try at the very least.

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AU where Rhodey's family adopts tony so tiny bby tony is grows up surrounded by love and papa bear (aka rhodey) is even more protective of his baby brother. anyone who wants to woo tony (t'challa? bucky? steve?) has to go through rhodey first

Ahahahah I’m sorry, I adore this, but I can’t help imagining Captain America–The Captain America–being vetted by completely!overprotective!Rhodey and found lacking. Because Rhodey so would tell a national icon to his face that he’s not good enough to date his baby brother and if he doesn’t clean up his head, Rhodey’s gonna call the police on his sorry ass and get him thrown off the propriety. I just- IMAGINE IT!

Imagine Tony coming downstairs and hastily being led away from the front door by his mother, trying his hardest to look over his shoulder because whom is his brother yelling at? Do they have a stalker? Should he get his (slightly modified) taser? Is Rhodey safe? And his mother smiling indulgently at him, assuring him that it’s nobody of importance, Rhodey can handle it–and if not, she adds with more steel, his father’s watching through the upper window, everything is under control.

And just imagine the family drama that would be Tony’s senior prom. Because Rhodey would absolutely refuse to let anyone take his brother, no matter the gender, age, grades or character, they will not be good enough. Except that Tony is terrified and heartbroken because nobody’s asking him out–everyone knows better than to ask him out without Rhodey’s approval–and he can’t go to prom without a date. 

He even asks two girls out that he thinks are pretty, which takes a lot for him because Tony’s still quite shy, but they both already have dates. Even worse is the one boy Tony tries to ask out, who completely panics and shoots him down immediately, going so far as to flee the classroom (at the start of the class, no less). And Tony is completely discouraged, convinced that there’s something wrong with him. Because he knows that’s not a normal reaction, he’s not that obvious.

And of course then Rhodey would have to deal with his precious baby brother being sad and wondering what’s wrong with him and that is NOT an option, so he probably organises this huge screening event that he puts a lot of effort in, to keep Tony out of the loop, and eventually he organises Tony an (very nervous, scared to even reach for Tony’s hand, never mind cop a feel) acceptable date.

Which Tony promptly rejects because “He wouldn’t even look me in the eyes, Rhodey, it was weird.”

It’s a trial and error effort, but eventually Rhodey finds someone that Tony accepts and Tony is happy and never has to learn the truth. (Years later Tony will find tons of very detailed charts of every single boy and girl in his room. He’ll spend weeks nagging Rhodey, trying to figure out whom he had a crush on and why he was stalking them in such a creepy way.)

Tony may be a genius but he can be very oblivious sometimes.

tom headcanon moments, 2/?

Tom can’t keep secrets obviously and to keep himself from publicly spilling the deets on Marvel movies when he would find out new info he was excited about or get a new script he’d tell just you all about it and be like “oh my god so in the next movie what happens is…” and he’d be all excited explaining things and his hands would be waving all around as he talked and his eyes would light up and you’d have to cut in at some point and put your hand over his mouth and be like “Tom don’t spoil me for every single detail, jeez” and he’d stick his tongue out and lick your palm to make you move your hand and then be like “sorry” with a lil smile and you’d be like “you’re lucky I’m a good secret keeper because I could get you in a lot of trouble”


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Word count: 2.2k

Genre: Angst, Eventual Smut

Warnings: swearing, mentions of sex, loads and loads of angsty shit

A/N: Be Mean by DNCE made me do this, though its didn’t inspire the whole story lol but yes there will be something smutty in the later parts also wow @ the gif,,,,, also i feel like this is kind of a filler chapter lol also feel like i shouldn’t have ended it there but idk i cant continue also this was kinda short iDk SORRY

A lot of people deserve forgiveness, a lot of people deserve to forget but all they receive are reminders after reminders after reminders of the mistakes they’ve committed. 

First, it was a scandalous relationship with a girl. The newspaper article headlines with his secret connection with this nobody, including the explicit (but not too explicit, of course) details of his sadistic and masochistic sexual requests.
If that didn’t cause a whole bunch of ruckus, the next one did. Jeon Jungkook was sitting by his window ledge in his secret hiding place, a “temporal safe haven” as his manager puts it. His doe eyes glossy as the light from outside reflected. Though the ray did reveals his tears, his eyes still seemed dull as compared to before. Like a light, that had inhabit his vision before, had been torn away. It was drooping at the sides, so were the sides of his mouth. You could clearly see the toll that he had taken. Exposing his emotions, clearly plastered on his face, vulnerable as the sound of his empty house started to turn deafening. His pupils following the tiny amounts of snow that descended gracefully from the sky. His palm warm against the cold glass of the window, soon to transfer its heat, turning the heated hand into numbed flesh. 

The crestfallen boy knew he was going to have to face the public soon. He didn’t know what the fans thought, getting mixed responses as he read the tweets. He didn’t know what the conservative public of Korea thought of it, he didn’t know what his parents thought. He also didn’t know what the members thought or what you thought. Jungkook was desperately avoiding thinking about the latter, especially. The thoughts would harass him till he’s ruined.
His ringtone chiming interrupted his thoughts. The ringing got more violent as all the notifications flooded in.
“Jeon Jungkook Nude? BTS’ Golden Maknae Nude Video Leaked.”
#Jungkooknudes trending on twitter.

Moving before his eyes on the screen was two familiar figures. Jungkook’s memory of that special night was slowly tortured and decaying further by every embarrassing moan that blasted out of the speaker of the device. Or by every spank that could be heard in the audio, resounding in the room. Both bodies were moving at the same pace, before his manager pulled the phone away from his face. Now, he was sitting in an office with eight pairs of eyes all on him.
His manager had spoken. But the bunny-tooth boy paid no mind to the stressed man,it was probably something along the lines of,
“Do you know how much trouble we’re in? If you dare pull some more shit like this. You know what’s coming, kid. Watch out, alright?”, the last part had a hint of sympathy and care, not being as harsh as his few previous sentence. His manager knew that this isn’t what Jungkook wanted, he was human too. He obviously didn’t leaked it himself. But, it did put his job and the rest of their jobs at risk of being taken away, he needed the younger boy to know that his actions have consequence and to be careful with what he does.

Jungkook just sat there silently, staring lifelessly at the table. Nobody could really disclose what he’s thinking about, not the boys as they sat in the room with him, not his manager, no one. They all just stared at him as he was to the table. The dispirited boy had his fringe covering a little of his vision as he stared into the matte black that covered the table, still trying his best to avoid the thoughts of you from popping up in his mind.
Nobody had foreseen that the youngest of BTS would’ve been so, well to put it simply, problematic. Nobody thought he would’ve been so sexually promiscuous, everyone speculated that he was the innocent little boy that everyone assumed and portrayed him to be. Some made up rumours that he wanted to get rid of this image, thus causing all this commotion. Others said it was for publicity, quote “These celebrities will do anything to get their face onto the cover of a magazine, be it bad or good news. Absolutely pathetic.

Amidst all the chaos, nobody asked Jungkook how he felt about this whole situation. Of course, he felt pretty damn shitty. After all his privacy was being pried into. That little minute dust of freedom he had, that he had the right to have, was blown away in a violent wind straight from his bare hands. No amount physical work could have snatched it back as it scatters all over the place. It was out there for the world to look at, the uncensored image of his naked body and the girl he loved on display for the whole world to see. His sultry words, that was supposedly only for his lover to hear, was now heard by millions.
Jungkook also felt irritation amongst all his emotions. Why did he have to apologise when he never did anything wrong? What kind of goddamn social contract was it to apologise for his own leaked nudes? It was his privacy being violated here. The person who leaked the nudes and everyone who watched that god-fucking-damned video should be sending their apologies to him instead.
Jungkook also felt a tiny sense of happiness lingering at the back of his mind, however he was confused by this emotion. He almost caused 8 other people to lose their jobs, a girl to lose her dignity and pride and not able to face the public. He allowed the familiar elderly couple to be tortured by the hushed whispers spouting more and more rumours about them and him, especially about their relation and how he was badly brought up and nurtured by the couple. He jeopardised a company’s reputation and his own. How could he have felt happy in a moment like this? 

Next thing Jungkook knew, he was, back in the house, lying in the silence and on the extremely huge and empty kingsized bed. The loose string of the smooth silk bedsheets caught in the crooked cut of his nails on his finger as he thought about some of the people he did owe an apology to. Jungkook knew he had to make some amends. He apologised to the members, all of them forgiving and accepting his apology quite easily. They understood what he did wasn’t on purpose and that they all had their own things to hide. He apologised to his parents, his parents also being very forgiving. He was exceedingly thankful for all grace shown by his members, the company and his parents.

Now, it was time for the harder part. He walked through the dark cold street, step after step to the familiar address. His hands pushed into the pocket of his coat, in great need of warmth. The air conditioner in the house broke before this, he’s been living without heat for about 12 hours. He couldn’t escape the house either as he was suppose to be in hiding. Just his luck, he also forgot to wear gloves tonight.

He knocked against the wooden door, a crack in the door causing a splinter to prick the skin of his knuckle. He knocked again and waited. After 15 minutes, still not a single soul.

“Hey, I know you’re in there.” His voice sounded rough. As he hasn’t spoken much in the past few days, Jungkook was surprised by his own voice.

The door then opened with a creak, his large eyes engulfed into the small lifeless ones that stood before him. Despite being lifeless at first sight, he saw fear and sadness swimming around in them too.

“What do you want?” The soft, but hoarse voice ruptured in the quiet night. The air so chilled that her hot breath condensed in the contrasting temperature. Silence stood all around them for a moment before Jungkook sighed.

“I just wanted to apologise.” He said quietly, almost a whisper. Feeling guilty and for the first time, he felt small in front of the petite woman.

“Sorry doesn’t fucking cut it.” For someone so small, the girl spoke with so much hatred, Jungkook couldn’t believe that much hostility could occupy one being. Booming, so sharp that it cut the silence straight into half. The boy was shocked, expecting an easy and smooth forgiveness. But, his naive mind never ran over the possibilities of what was going to happen. Alas, he was, now, confronted and the infamous feline has really grabbed his tongue, this time. Maybe, even tied it into a knot as it felt like he couldn’t talk.

“I’m a girl. You’ll never understand what it’s like for me. For you, it’s a bump in your life, its a mistake that’ll soon be forgotten by many. For me, however, I’ll live with it forever. Instead of people telling me that it was just a mistake, they blame me for this. My reputation forever tarnished by you. I’ll always just be known as the girl that had that sex scandal with that idol. People at my workplace talk about me, I’ve been forced to resign to protect the company’s reputation. People at the convenient store talk about me, I see the censored thumbnails of that stupid fucking video on the covers of magazines while walking in the goddamn supermarket. People are making violating comments about my body, right in front of me. All thanks to you, the whole world knows what I look like when I’m fucking you, completely naked.” Her voice once again, firm and loud enough for Jungkook to understand the emotions she was projecting, but not loud enough to wake the neighbours. Jisoo wouldn’t risk that, there was enough talk going around town.
Jungkook, then, realised the double standards that was still alive. He’ll be able to move on and build his career again and soon, everyone would forget. But, a female body. The female anatomy wasn’t easily forgotten especially by people who sexualise it so much. Even, Jungkook could still remember what his first love looked like. But, not her face first, if you asked him in this way. He remembered the curves in her body and the way she moulded so perfectly with him. The sole reason why he remember her face was because well she's his first love.

“You said you’d always protect me. Why didn’t you keep your promise?” She whispered, her voice broken. Though, she was quick to compose herself again, blinking the tears away. Refusing for the, though downhearted too, boy to see her so broken. She knew how it’d affect him, because through everything she still does love Jungkook.

“I know, Jisoo. B-but this is different, I-I couldn’t-“ Jungkook stammered, not being able to say what he wanted properly. Shoving his tears to the back of his eye socket, clearing his throat so he could properly discuss this. 

“I think we should breakup. If that wasn’t obvious enough.” Jisoo interrupted coldly. 

“No. Please.” Jungkook whispered as he begged. The only words he could muster up. 

“Please never look for me again.” She said almost reluctantly.

“Jisoo, we can talk it out. Please, just stay.” Jungkook had a tear running down his face at this point. Jisoo wiped at the tear with a small smile, her’s also threatening to fall.

“Goodbye Jungkook.” With a kiss on the cheek, slowly Jungkook felt her hands slip away and she retracted back into the house. 

This love died too early, Jungkook did love her but the unhappy boy’s eyes weren’t as glossy as he thought it would be. He was hurt, he did feel the sour squeezing in his nose and the closing of his throat. Yet, it didn’t hurt as bad as he expected. Above all, his mind, contrarily, hasn’t occupied by Jisoo at all. These few days, it had been set on avoiding thinking about you. Although, the boy was trying to circumvent, eschewing these thoughts seemed to make them worse. Avoidance wasn’t going to make him feel any better, he had to come to grips with it.

Everyone advised him that it was a mistake to leave. But, Jungkook didn’t care. He’s been in their restraints for too long, as much as he liked being restrained. He didn’t like it this way. As the male sat in his gigantic kingsized bed, once again. He thought all was right in the world again, like the stars had aligned in the world, except that it’s not. He felt he was missing something as his eyebrow scrunched together, then your image popped up in his mind. His eyes widened in realisation as his stared into the white ceiling. His raised eyelids start to falter as he thought about what to do. There was a shit load he had to do, he was muddled as to where to start. 

He had to find you. Jungkook stared at the map, the leather seat beneath him getting warm. As he drew on the map, the red ink smudging on the glossy paper, he narrowed down his options to you two’s hometown first. His lean legs reached for the gas pedal, his ink stained hands found the steering wheel and sped down the roads. He went out to venture, close to a pilgrim, on a journey to search for you. Your name is his permanent safe word, you are is his permanent safe house.

BTS Reaction - Their gf travels to dangerous places for work

Anonymous said: Hi!! Can I get a reaction in which BTS’ s/o has to travel to dangerous places for work? (They work in something like political writing, or foreign affairs) thanks so much! :) xx

*Disclaimer: the countries mentioned are ones I got off a list. A random list off the internet. If you are from any of these countries, I am absolutely, positively not saying they are bad, but they may be dangerous to foreigners from countries that may not have a great relationship with the other country.


“Do you really have to go?” 

Namjoon smiled sadly as he wrapped you in his arms, planting a kiss on your forehead before you backed away slightly to look up at him. You were headed to a foreign country for work - you dealt with foreign affairs for the South Korean Embassy and you frequently traveled.

“Yes, it’s for work. I’ll be back soon, I promise.” You said, hugging him one more time before grabbing your suitcase by the handle.

“Please stay safe. Call me anytime and if something happens, I’ll be on the next flight to you. Don’t get yourself into trouble.” Namjoon scolds, and you roll your eyes but give him a smile as you walk away.


You got an email that night, stating that you had a scheduled plane trip to a country outside your home due to your job. It left late the next night, and you cursed your job for doing this so frequently on such short notice.

Taehyung walked in as you were staring at the screen of you laptop and writing down the details of your flight. He looks at your screen, and then shifts his eyes to your face.

Sighing, he puts a hand on your shoulder and asks, “Where to this time?” 

You look up at him and say, “Sudan,” in a quiet voice, clicking out of the browser. “Isn’t there a lot of violence there right now?” Taehyung asks in a small voice.

When you don’t say anything and walk out of the room, he walks in after you, eyes wide with worry. “You have to stay safe, Y/N. I can’t have anything happen to you. You’re going with other people, right? I’ll give you pepper spray and maybe they’ll have-”

“I’ll be fine, Taehyung. I’ve done this hundreds of times.” You say, kissing his cheek.


The day came when you had to leave for your trip to Somalia. You were apart of a group that provided humanitarian relief to countries stricken with food, water and necessity shortages. It was only a two week trip - but Jin was distraught and worried.

“Jin, come on. I’ll be fine and I’ll be doing what I love, which is helping people. This is important to me.” You said, as both you and Jin walked into the airport.

“I know, and I know you know what to do. But I’ll miss you and think about you everyday, just be safe, okay?”


He hated when you had to leave for work. You traveled a ton - and so did he and the boys for tour. The only good thing was, was that usually, the two of you were gone at the same times. But this time, you had a trip scheduled for the week Jimin has off.

“You really have to leave? On my week off?” Jimin pouted, staring down at you with a pitiful look in his eyes. 

“Yes, Jimin. I won’t be gone for very long, and besides, I’ll have internet so we can skype as much as you want,” you laugh, pulling him to you and kissing his cheek.

He sighs and pulls you in for a longer kiss, then pulls away and says, “But you have to stay safe for me, alright?”


He knew you hated leaving, too. But your job was important to you, and even when you did have to travel, you’d only be gone a short time. 

At the airport, he’d pull you to one of the seats and sit with you while you waited for your flight to arrive at the gate. The two of you would just talk quietly and he’d grip your hand, almost as if he was nervous to let you go.

When your plane arrived and it was time to board, Yoongi would help you stand and hold both of your hands before leaning in to kiss you goodbye, and hugging you tightly before letting you go.

“Stay safe for me, alright princess? I don’t want anything happening to you.”


Of course he was concerned about you, but he was more excited to see what you brought back for him. For every country you’d visit, you promised to take a lot of pictures and get him little souvenirs when you could.

“Can’t I come with you this time?” He pleaded as you were packing your suitcase for yet another trip. 

You smiled and shook your head, explaining, “Next time, babe.” Kissing his cheek, you grabbed your suitcase and headed down the stairs before placing the case near the door.

“I’ll take you up on that. That way, you’ll stay safe because I’m around. No one will mess with you then.” He said confidently, then laughing when you poked his cheek on your way back to your bedroom.


Whenever you left, he’d imagine the time where him and the boys were “kidnapped,” on American Hustle Life. It scared him to death, and it scared him to let you travel alone so much.

There wasn’t a trip where Jungkook begged to come with you, but time after time you’d explain that he’d probably be stuck in the hotel room. The countries you went to could be hostile - you never know what kind of situation could arise and you were trained for something like that to happen. Jungkook, was not.

“As long as you bring a snow globe back for me and stay really safe, then you can go,” your boyfriend said, interlocking your fingers together.

“Thanks for your permission,” you laugh, “but I will bring you back a snow globe.”

coffeol  asked:

Can I ask for a fic about 9S and his legs pretty please? :3c Like I always imagined that, in the most ironic twist, 2B gets more distracted by 9S and his (ahem) booty shorts than 9S does with 2B's leotard+ass after a self-destruct sequence lol (forgive me for bein' forward, the world needs more of 9S' legs)


({Distraction; inspired by @digiandromeda })

She’s insisted on not returning to the Bunker and completing several tasks they promised the Resistance that they would complete. It’s mostly random fetch quests, pick up this from someone, go give this to someone, go loot some machines for minuscule parts that need to be in pristine condition, and something involving meat for some reason. It’s beneficial to their relationship with the Resistance, she says. They need to do it in a timely manner, she says.

That’s…not the only reason.

He does most of the talking, far more charming and comfortable with matching the conversational pace of the Resistance androids than she is, so he has to stand in front of her.

He’s shorter than she is — due to her heels, they’re actually the same height — but she stands a little behind him, eyes angled down behind her blindfold so no one can tell that she’s dallying.

He has




They’ve definitely put a lot of detail into his model type, and it shows in this one work of art known as his legs. They’re smooth and taut, poking out from skin-tight shorts that hide underneath his coat.

He’s self destructed and his usual shorts have been blown to shreds, and it’s a distraction to her when he flips around or bends over or trips over landscapes.

It’s…ah…it’s a very nice view when his coat flies up.

She’s been staring for quite some time and has to hold back laughter when he’s clearly oblivious to the reason why her head is aimed down and over to the right a little bit.

He thinks it’s a kink in her neck.

“You wanna go back to the Bunker and rest, 2B?” He asks when they finish yet another mad dash for the Resistance. He seems concerned for her. “You’ve been doing that thing with your neck all day.”

“Not yet,” she replies, flicking her head back up innocently. “We still have a list of tasks to complete.”

“We’ve been at it for hours though…”

“Don’t complain, 9S. These are important.”

He raises his hands defensively. “Hey, hey, not complaining. You just look tired.”



“That looks like the machine we’re supposed to be hunting.” She points down from the rooftop they’re currently standing on.

“Oh, yeah, I think that’s it. What should we do?”

“You jump down and distract it from behind. I’ll go around and take it from the front.”

He obliges, not noticing that she takes an extra second to watch him flip off of the roof.

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Hello, how are you? Pretty please, can you do a blurb about Harry and (Y/N) planning their wedding? Thank you and have a lovely day

A/N:  Sorry this took so long to get posted.  It was swirling around in my brain for a long time.  I sincerely hope that this Harry fluff brings you joy.  I know that cuts in Asks don’t always allow you to read the whole thing on mobile, so I apologize if that’s the case for you.  

Wedding Plans

The parade of dresses is making your head spin.  Not only do you have to decide on a wedding dress from all of the designers who had submitted dresses to your wedding planner, but you have to choose a dress for the wedding brunch, the rehearsal dinner, the engagement party in London, the engagement party in LA, and the dress to change into after the reception.  You are exhausted with all of the choices.  Rodeo Drive was made for rich people who are used to being catered to in this way, but the champagne the clerk keeps refilling for you is giving you a headache.  

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Red Lips and Creamy Thighs (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Summary: Y/N is a carefree flapper in the Roaring 20s and dances regularly at the speakeasy The Bling Pig. Newt is merely passing through the city and eager to leave when suddenly the sight of a young dancer ties him down slightly to New York City.

A/N: Sorry if I did some history errors, I researched the 20s but not in depth. Plus I’m Canadian so I know nothing of American history to begin with 😊

Originally posted by olga-4711

“Y/N! I dare say your lipstick looks mighty fine today.”

“Why thank you Eileen and I see it is certainly not me who did that eyeliner on your eyes, it is too smoothly drawn!”

Y/N chuckled back at her friends while she laid back in her chair and watched herself take a puff of cigarette in the mirror surrounded by golden lights.

She was a flapper and a dancer. Once upon a time, Y/N grew up in a tight household where she was the youngest of five children, and the only girl. All her brothers were either into MACUSA or further magical education once they hit age 18. When it became her turn however, her parents told her she was to go nowhere but into a husband’s arms.

“You are to be married to a nice rich man who will take care of you.”

“But mom I want to study Magizoology!”

“Magizoology? Pff where is a young girl going to end up in a field like that? That is barely a job at the moment, and even less a WOMAN’s job.”

And so she fled, and ended up into the streets where she was fortunate enough that nothing bad has happened to her. Instead she started frequenting jazz clubs and speakeasys and got noticeable attention from young wizards. She started to dance a lot at the Bling Pig and would watch the nightly flapper performances. She soon caught the attention of Gnarlak, the pub owner and earned a spot in the dance team. Five years later and still looking 18, she became lead dancer at the club thanks to her avant-garde choreography.

“Hey Y/N, would you mind showing me the steps again to the foxtrot again?”

“Of course!” Y/N took a last swig of whiskey before hopping up from her chair.

Y/N moved with ease, dance coming naturally to her. She had been able to boost the business at the Blind Pig considerably with her skills in choreography, offering the customers combos never seen before.

“Wow, I still won’t get over how you can think of that!” The young dancer told Y/N.

“Thank you darling, you just have to think :”what has nobody done before?”

“Y/N!” The sly raspy voice of Gnarlak rang from the bottom of the stairs.

“Coming!” Y/N said, running down the stairs which led to the stage on the main floor below the dressing rooms.

“Hope you have something new tonight, the regulars are getting bored.”

“Oh don’t you worry sir, I’ve got something planned.”

“Good. Now get ready, it’s almost 9. Make me some money, girl.”

Y/N rolled her eyes as she clambered up the stairs.

Flappers were very often looked at as whores, who wore makeup and showed nothing but skin. But in reality, they were more than promiscuous jazz dancers. They were feminists. All of Y/N’s fellow dancer friends were women who longed for equality and the disappearance of misogyny. They shortened their dresses, for who were men to say that they couldn’t show their calves on a hot day when they walked around in shorts? They smoke and drank, for who were men to say that they were the only ones who earned a little break? They were loud, confident and sexy, for they were far too far in history to just be wallflowers and do what they’re told in silence.

“Girls!” Y/N gathered up her group of friends. “’Lizabeth, are you drunk again?”


“Whatever, you still dance equally as well luckily for you. Anyway, so goblin-face told us to spice things up for the old customers. Let’s put on our costumes and see what we can do.”

The girls undressed from their daywear and put on their shiny sequined dresses, the sight of fringe shaking around everywhere.

“Hmm.” Y/N looked. The dresses arrived mid-calf, which was already pretty scandalous. She grabbed a pair of scissors and cut through the dress of one of the girls, so the hem arrived mid-thigh.

“Ooh I like it!” Exclaimed one of the girls.

And so the half a dozen girls grabbed scissors and tailored their dresses.

“I like how it looks very much.” Said one, winking and lifting her leg so it rolled up and exposed more thigh.


This was Y/N’s favourite part apart from the show of course. The getting ready and the goofing off with her friends whom she called sisters. They did each other’s makeup, told stories of their mysterious lovers from the night before… Y/N didn’t have any to share but listened. After each “performance”, she would of course asked to dance by a gentleman along with the rest of her friends, but she did not go home with any of them.


“Oh c’mon Newt, it’s time we had a little fun.” Queenie clapped.

“Yeah, a wizard bar? I fancy what that’s like.” Jacob said, already tying up one of his shoes with a pastry in one hand.

“Look Newt, not even I like to indulge, but the Blind Pig is quite some fun.” Tina said.

“It’s dark, and jazzy and great for meeting strangers.” Queenie winked but pouted slightly when she still didn’t see Newt nodding to her idea. “Oh come on we only have one more creature to find! It can wait a night.” And then she whispered, “I bet he’d like the flappers.” closely to Tina’s ear which made her chuckle.

Before he knew it, the quartet were changed into evening wear and out the door. They were soon face to a poster with a red-headed lady and the words “Enchanting, beguiling, alluring” written on the bottom.

Queenie knocked and the poster separated and revealed a dark pub. They walked right in before the singer stopped and announced some dance number.

Soon, the dance floor cleared and a round of applause broke out, especially from male clientele, Newt noticed.

He felt a hand force his shoulder down into a seat and the man sat beside me.

“You look like a lonely fella. You won’t want to miss this then, trust me.”

Newt raised his eyebrows and turned his focus back to the dance floor.

The girls one by one descended the staircase onto the center of the pub, heavy fur coats on. Y/N followed behind without a coat, hidden behind her friends.

“break a leg ladies” she whispered behind them as the music started playing.

It was a slow sultry jazz song that began, sung by the woman-creature. The girls started slowly moving, together forming a big bundle of white fur with their boats.

Newt merely contemplated lightly, not finding a bunch of girls moving suggestively very interesting. Until, she came out.

The music suddenly changed and the ladies shimmied off their coats and kneeled down, revealing Y/N.

They carried on dancing popular dances with a sensual twist. They shimmied, hopped, shook their hips. The whole time, Newt was completely entranced by the lead dancer who seemed to stand out a lot, at least to him. Everything about her was perfectly sculpted; the way her face was designed, her deep red lips he would kill to kiss and bite, her sharp eyes fluttering under a bird’s wing like set of eyelashes, her velvety smooth thighs… he looked at every detail in close, and her entire body as a whole. How it moved, swayed. How her waist would look when she put her hands on her hips. Her red as blood lipstick. Her smooth as cream thighs…

For the first time in his life, Newt felt this weird animalistic desire in him. It resided deep inside his abdomen and all he could think of was her flesh and his lust to feel it.

Queenie sitting beside, looked at him astonished. She didn’t imagine Newt having such thoughts, but she liked this side of her friend and decided to give him a little helping hand. She excused herself from Jacob and wandered to Newt’s table.

“Fancy any of them?” She winked.

Newt blushed a deep red and didn’t respond. His focus remained on Y/N who’s skirt was now clutched in her hands so it revealed her quick feet, and even higher up of her thighs.

“She is lovely. She moves like a bird.” Queenie commented. She turned around and got two drinks and gave them to Newt. “for the nerves.” She said. “You know, when you ask her to dance once the performance was over.”

“I-I’m not going to ask-“

“You should, or someone’ll beat ya to it.” The man beside him suggested. “Suppose Y/N’s the one you’re staring at. The one in the middle with the hella beautiful red lips?”

Newt nodded shyly.

“Yeh after the show men just throw themselves at her. Well at all of them actually, but mostly at her.”

The Magizoologist’s gaze went back on her who was laughing a sexy laugh. He brought his cup to his lips and took a couple gulps.

Too soon to his opinion, the show ended and the singer came back and started singing as people stood up to dance. He saw indeed that men would go towards the fringe-covered girls and buy them drinks. He wasn’t too sure how to feel about this Y/N, for she was gorgeous but he could assume the reputation flappers had. To him, and most foreigners, they looked like young girls dancing and drinking their days away, and seducing their nights away. He pushed that possibility of Y/N out of his mind and could not deny that he was extremely attracted to her nevertheless.

Y/N cheered and down a shot with her friends.

“Amazing tonight ladies.” Her friend said.

“Hear hear!” Another cried out, before being led to the dance floor by a black-haired gentleman.

Y/N watched her friends get picked up by men one-by-one and sighed. There were cons to her life as a flapper, true, but it was way better than being a housemaid. It was fun. Just then she saw a man with honey curly locks looking at her from a table at the far end.

He seemed…different from the usual customers she usually saw. He seemed innocent, and almost kind. He was neatly dressed in a blue coat and a yellow scarf she didn’t recognize.

She decided to go toward him.

Newt was still admiring Y/N when slowly her figure drew bigger and bigger and before he could escape, he realised she was coming right at him.

“Hello sir.” She said, accepting a seat from the three men who stood up for her.

Her voice was fruity and playful, and words seemed to ooze off her tongue slowly. Everything about her screamed sex appeal. But the thing was, she acted in no way suggestively to give off that impression.

“Please, call me Newt.” He said, confidence slowly rising inside him from the influence of alcohol.

“Newt. That’s now a name I hear every day.”

“And yours is?”


Newt watched her say it, in a way a rose would say it was a rose.

They resumed with small talk, a bit of where are you from, and this and that but nothing too in depth. Eventually Newt grew tired of conversing and felt the urge to touch her again. He stood up and offered her his arm and went onto the dance floor.

“I must warn you, I am terrible at dancing.”

“You don’t have to worry about that, Newt, I think it’s cute.” Y/N winked.

Newt soaked in the feeling of the sound of his name in her voice, for this may be the last time he saw this girl. They danced and danced and laughed and drank and laughed some more. Newt’s eyes the entire night were turned in one direction only.

The night closing in and the pub emptying, it was finally time to go. Y/N watched her friends follow their newly acquired men home.

“Well it was pleasure meeting you Y/N. You are a delight.”

“Wait, you’re not asking me back to your room?” Y/N looked at him in stupor. Never once did a man dance with Y/N to not want her in his bed the next day.

Newt misinterpreted this. He sighed to himself.

“Look, I’m sorry. I know you are a beautiful lady and are young and go home with a guy each night but I’m just erm not that kind of guy.” He felt bad for her really, and longed to see her again if it weren’t for this promiscuity.

“I beg your pardon?” Y/N practically shrieked. So he thought she was a whore then? Wouldn’t be the first time. But still, she thought he was different.

“I’m really really sorry, Y/N. I genuinely don’t want take you home with me. I see you’re mad at that-“

“And I see you willfully misunderstand me. Good night.” Y/N stormed off.

How dare he think all she wanted was to sleep with him?

Newt stood aghast. All he was trying to do was help her, why did she get so mad at him? He tried to shrug it off for he probably wouldn’t see her ever again. Yet his body told his mind otherwise, for it yearned for those creamy thighs and red lips.


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