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Good Girl (Smut)


Request: Can you do something like Keep It Down but with Aaliyah being in the room.

Word count: 3,512

I was lying between each of Shawn’s thighs on the couch, my back resting against his broad chest and his arms wrapped tightly around me.

We were cuddled up and tangled together under a warm blanket, watching some random movie on the TV that Aaliyah really wanted us to see with her. Aaliyah was lying under another blanket in the beanbag in front of us, resting her head on the edge of the grey sofa.

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Unpopular fandom opinion that I think you'll agree with based on your fics. Iwaizumi is not always pissed off with Oikawa. Iwaizumi is not abusive towards Oikawa. They have a very close and long lasting friendship. Why would either of them stay together if their friendship was that toxic


I am so, so, so tired of all the joke posts and memes about how Iwaizumi wants to stomp on Oikawa, hit him, yell at him or just generally abuse him in other ways. Yes, okay, maybe a few of these were once “funny” in the very beginning of the fandom but it’s gotten to the point where Iwaizumi is mischaracterized as this brute and Oikawa is mischaracterized as this annoying brat. It’s not just a single joke, or here or there - it almost seems like some people just accept this as how their relationship is supposed to be?

Somehow their relationship (although in canon is described literally as perfect trust) is being portrayed as this disgusting, toxic, abusive relationship and I hate it! If their relationship were really so toxic there would be no reason for them to stay together at all.

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Fic Recs Mega Post

Whenever I write one of these posts I’m struck by the sheer amount of incredible writing talent in this little fandom of ours. It is quite astonishing, and it’s a privilege to get to read all of this wonderful work. Below there’s a small selection of the fantastic stuff I’ve been reading recently, featuring gods, monsters and feral jungle men - and that’s just for starters!

Storms (series) by @lovecrimevariations (KareliaSweet): This frankly astonishing series starts out in barnstorming but fairly innocuous style in Where Are The Storms I Was Promised, in which Will Graham, famous monster hunter, is called to deal with the Wendigo that’s been terrorising an entire town. And then it proceeds, over the course of a further six instalments, to document the beautiful, bloody, often painful course of the relationship between Will and Hannibal, constantly deepening and recontextualising the ‘verse as it goes. Reading this series is almost like watching a really good magic trick – every time you think you’ve got its measure, it pulls something new and surprising out of its hat. And it’s not just flash and sparkle either, the writing is utterly beautiful, the characters are perfectly captured and it is both deeply funny and enormously moving (I was genuinely weepy a number of times throughout). Plus, it also features a majestic, powerful, do-not-under-any-circumstances-fuck-with incarnation of Bedelia, who is worth the price of admission all by herself. Seriously, she was my favourite part of this whole series and I love it beyond any sense or reason. If you have any love of writing whatsoever, read this series, it is a masterclass.

You’ll be in my heart by @starkaryen: Based on the totally beautiful art (here and here) by @camilleflyingrotten, here Will is a scientist on an expedition to find and study gorillas. Instead, he ends up finding Hannibal, a mostly-feral man who lives in the jungle, has an adopted gorilla family, and takes an immediate shine to Will. Who, because this is Will and Hannibal, finds himself taking a shine right back. And all is rosy in Camp Hannigram, until Jack damn Crawford sticks his nose in (like always) and threatens Hannibal’s way of life. As befits the utterly gorgeous artwork, this fic is just lovely from start to finish. It features a particularly adorable version of Hannibal – the scenes in which he indulges his obsession with Will’s safari hat are nothing short of precious – and a charmingly earnest Will. It’s a simple, innocent bit of loveliness, which is rather refreshing in this dark and sophisticated fandom of ours XD.

(Also, if you’d like a little more Tarzan AU, this time with an A/B/O flavour, check out Hannizan by @hotsauce418, which is just pure filth and utterly wonderful with it XD.)

We, the common by @thelongcon23 (thelongcon): A retelling of the show (and beyond) in omegaverse style, this fic alternates masterfully between Hannibal and Will’s POVs as the omega becomes fascinated, obsessed, and ultimately falls in love with the alpha. The result is that while the course of events remains largely the same         (Will still gets framed and gutted, and they still go over the cliff in each other’s arms), others change drastically (the way Will locates Hannibal in Florence, for instance, gets a very clever omegaverse twist). And their relationship after the fall? Well, I can pretty much guarantee you’ve never seen it go down quite like this before. If you’re looking for fluff, I suggest you go elsewhere, but if you’re after passion, intensity, and that terribly Hannigram sense that love and cruelty are not mutually exclusive, this is the fic for you. The writer has a firm grip on the characters’ voices and motivations and is uncompromising and incisive in their betrayal of both. This is not necessarily an easy read (particularly towards the end, when Hannibal gives Will a reckoning of his own) but it is a compelling and fascinating one.

Cookies by @desperatelyseekingcannibals (TigerPrawn): Now, those of you who are after some fluff, here’s some of the best around. Tiger’s non-cannibal AU is an absolute treat, full of emotional idiots, kick-ass women and a totally adorable kid (and I don’t say that lightly cos kid!fic ain’t my thing!). It all starts when Will accompanies his daughter Abigail as she goes door-to-door selling cookies for charity and finds himself face to face with the ever-so-handsome Doctor Lecter. And then somehow, before he knows it, Will is agreeing to a date in exchange for Hannibal buying all of Abby’s stock, and soon finding that he might have stumbled into a real relationship. Not that it’s smooth sailing, of course, this is still Hannigram we’re talking about! It is my deep and ardent belief that Hannibal dreams of being a romcom when it grows up and with this utterly charming, romantic, as-sweet-as-its-name-suggests fic, that dream is made a reality. Anyone who’s ever wanted to see Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter fall in love the old-fashioned way (you know, without all those annoying stints in prison and near-fatal injuries), treat yourself and read this fic. I guarantee it will melt even the most dark and twisted of hearts.

Picture Imperfect by @shiphitsthefan: Will Graham is a very special alpha – unlike many of his sex, he can be trusted not to turn into a hormonal animal around omegas. It’s how he’s made his career as a photographer. That is, right up until he’s in a room with concert harpsichordist Hannibal Lecter and everything goes to hell when they scent each other and can barely keep themselves from ripping their clothes off and bonding right there and then. Seems like they’re true mates and it’s only a matter of time before they give into their urges – so Will, being a decent and respectful alpha, has to get this courtship show on the road before that happens. Well, mostly before that happens. Given the UST inherent to the plot, this is every bit as intensely, stupidly hot as you’d hope, but it’s also a really clever, thoughtful exploration of the omegaverse concept, set in a ‘verse in which omegas are the ruling gender, a nice reversal of the usual a/b/o setup. Plus it has an almost indecently adorable version of Hannigram, in which progressive Will and traditionalist Hannibal attempt to conjoin their lives so that they can get on and shag already! Smart and sexy a/b/o is one of our fandom’s greatest strengths and this is truly just an exemplary version of it.

Space Invader II: A Very Darko Sequel by @devereauxsdisease: A sequel to the utterly wonderful Space Invader (and if you haven’t read it, I’m begging you, go remedy that this instant), this return to Dev’s Spacedogs ‘verse sees Adam and Nigel still ensconced in blissful coupledom. So blissful, in fact, that it’s making Darko wonder if he might want some of that relationship stuff for himself. Cue the appearance of a certain sassy lab tech last seen working for the FBI. That’s right, Beverly Katz is alive, in town and about to rock Darko’s world XD. This is just an utter joy to read, stuffed with Dev’s trademark mix of fantastic dialogue, heartfelt emotion and wickedly dirty jokes. And best of all is her way with the characters, all of whom are wonderfully loveable and who work beautifully together. I spent the whole fic marvelling at the way in which these disparate characters come together and feel like they were always meant to be that way – they make a lovely, entertainingly weird family and are never less than an utter delight to spend time with.

Forgemaster by @llewcie: Valhalla Enchanted by way of the Greek gods now, in this peerless piece of sweetness by the lovely Llew. Char and Ella are the new Dionysus and Aphrodite (in this ‘verse, the gods can retire and be replaced) and live like brother and sister, i.e. bickering, winding each other up, pushing each other’s buttons… They particularly like making bets, which winds up with Ella making Char agree to three dates with Hephaestus, being played in this fic by One Eye. Given that One Eye is unsociable, ragged, and constantly dirty from his forge, Char is less than impressed with his companion and says so… somewhat unfortunately within One Eye’s earshot. So when, despite himself, Char finds himself falling for the blacksmith god’s charms, he’s got a lot of work to do to convince One Eye that he’s worth the trouble! Llew has the charm turned up all the way to eleven in this gorgeously frothy, funny little comedy of errors, with a sweetly vain version of Char melting under the steadily growing appeal of One Eye’s gentle strength. If you need cheering up for any reason, this fic should be your first port of call.

Pure Imagination by @constructfairytales (beforethedawn and Destinyawakened): Stranger Things was one of my favourite shows last year (admittedly it’s no Hannibal, but what is?). It was smart and weird, and as an 80s baby it pressed every last one of my nostalgia buttons, from soundtrack to costume design. So, of course, it was with nothing but delight that I started this crossover AU, in which Will is police chief of the town where young Will Byers goes missing and Hannibal is the psychiatrist he brings in to counsel the traumatised community. And I wasn’t disappointed – this is a fantastic blend of Hannibal’s surreal romanticism with the full-on monstery weirdness of the ST ‘verse, with plenty of unexpectedly but pleasingly fluffy Hannigram at the centre of it. Though it follows the basic plot of ST, having Will and Hannibal involved inevitably shakes things up (Will’s empathy is given a brilliant twist) and predictable this certainly ain’t. Instead it’s fun, thrilling and playful, with at least one story development that genuinely had me on the edge of my seat. And did I mention the Hannigram? Cos, yeah, there’s no slow burn here. Our boys are goners from the second they meet and the intensity of their connection is all kinds of wonderful.

The Estate by @bokuno-jinsei: Amusingly, the tags on this fantastic fic eventually turn into a short plea for Will Graham to stop thinking so much (a plea which anyone who’s written the over-analytical little shit will know is hopeless). Fortunately, Will clearly paid no attention, and so we readers are treated to this charmingly introspective piece of canon divergence. So, Hannibal gets as far as sitting Will at the dinner table in Florence. But, before he can get out his bonesaw, he seemingly has second thoughts and so Will wakes some time later to find himself ensconced in the last place he expected to revisit – Lecter Castle. Where, he finds, Hannibal has decided to change the game between them: if Will agrees to see if they can live together, Hannibal will cease any attempts to change or influence Will. So the pair find themselves as the unlikeliest of roommates as Will wrestles with his demons, his desires and, inevitably, his feelings for Hannibal. Anybody who enjoys intense conversations, brewing sexual tension and Hannibal in waders (yes, really), step this way, you’re in for a treat.  

Inevitable by Vulcanmi: I do adore canon divergence. And I have a weakness for prison fics (love Hannigram falling in love while incarcerated). So this fic is entirely my jam. It picks up in the second half of s3: Hannibal is in jail, Will is “happily” married to Molly, and Jack is still desperate to have his pet empath back on board to deal with the Tooth Fairy. Except in this ‘verse, Will decides not to give into Jack and remains with his family, far away from Baltimore. In order to make it up to his former boss, though, Will writes a letter to a certain inmate, suggesting that he offer his services where Will cannot. Of course, it’s not the last letter Will ends up sending to Hannibal. Not by a long shot. And we all know what happens once Will gives Hannibal an inch… (hey, I didn’t mean that kind of inch, you filthy perverts!). Though it starts out as an angsty exploration of Will’s determination to separate himself from Hannibal, somewhere along the way this fantastic fic transforms into a twisted yet adorable romcom, as our murder muffins confront their feelings and try to figure out whether there’s any version of the world in which they might be together. And, frankly, it’s an utter delight to read. One for those (*raises hand*) who like their hurt/comfort 20% hurt and 80% comfort.

Inside the Imitation by @belladonnaq (Belladonna_Q) with artwork by @reapersun: A confession. I’ve never seen The Thing (because I’m a scaredy-cat who doesn’t watch anything that could remotely be described as scary. “But Vic, isn’t Hannibal scary?” Yeah, yeah, I contain multitudes, now hush mango, I’m working). However, I’ve never let ignorance get between me and my Hannigram and so I jumped headfirst into the The Thing/Hannibal crossover which, fortunately, works utterly brilliantly with absolutely zero knowledge of the film. So, once again Jack Crawford finds reason to call upon the services of Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter. Except this time, it’s not in order to investigate the Minnesota Shrike, but a strange case with its roots in a decades-old tragedy in Alaska. Soon things turn weird and monstery and Will and Hannibal find themselves reluctantly (well, as ever, Will’s reluctant, Hannibal’s thrilled) investigating a burned-out government building with something truly frightening at its core. This is thrilling, clever and wonderfully creepy, a fantastic reframing of canon (especially the Hannigram) and tons of fun throughout. I have to admit, I did not see the twist coming in this fic (though that’s possibly because I’m a dim bulb when it comes to plot) and it was delivered brilliantly, turning everything on its head and upping the stakes for our beloved murder muffins. Oh, and make sure to check out @reapersun’s fabulous artwork that accompanies the fic, it’s staggeringly gorgeous.

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: Volume 2 by @fragile-teacup: A continuation of the marvellous The Spaces Between series, this picks up a little after volume one, with our boys enjoying Argentinian high society. Unfortunately, while the end of the previous instalment hinted at full-blown murder husbandry, it quickly turns out that Will and Hannibal haven’t quite sorted out their feelings to anyone’s satisfaction (you’re shocked, I can tell). Fortunately, we’re pretty much out of slow burn territory here and the idiots manage to get their act (mostly) together just in time for some ghosts to rear their perfectly-coiffed, millionairess heads and throw a spanner in the works. This sequel continues the achingly lovely tone of its predecessor, with romance a-plenty amongst bouts of emotional idiocy and bloodlust. It’s sweet and tender without compromising on the intensity and darkness of our beloved boys and builds their relationship with care and patience, allowing for a believable building of trust and love between them. It is, in other words, a treat to read in every way, so get yourself to ao3 and have at it!

As ever and always, if I’ve miscredited anyone or if there are bad links, please let me know and I’ll correct it ASAP. Happy reading, lovely fannibals!

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sometimes i wonder why the animators gave keith that soft expression in response to lance's "i'm like the cool, ninja sharpshooter." like, they could have gone with a confused, yet slightly amused expression. nope, let's just give keith the fondest look ever. why you gotta do this to me dreamworks.

also take note how it’s only ever keith who can rile lance to a point where he is literally jumping out of his own skin at a single comment. it’s the same when lance pokes at keith tbh… they’re both so riled by each other and know exactly what buttons to push to get a reaction and it’s so funny to me????? they know each other better than they think

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i'm still so thrilled about #gruvia ending in the last chapter of fairy tail, but i can't get enough of that moment. so i have a request. can you like write a drabble about what happened after? 🙏🏻you can take your time if you want, i don't think i'll get over that moment anytime soon 😍and i really like how you make your stories, it feels like it really happened in Fairy Tail or I wish it did happen. 😉😉

With Fairy Tail ending last week, I’ve received many asks and requests to write a follow-up on what happened to Gray and Juvia. This is probably not what you guys had in mind, this was something @chsabina and I talked about and it was almost crack HAHA I tried to change it from crack to a bit closer to canon and make it sweet. I hope it is a nice read!

Made For Each Other

Summary: [Set after 545] He pushed the answer button and put the Lachryma next to his hear. “You know, I’ve been gone for less than a day.”
“Gray-sama! You said Juvia could call you until you tell her you needed to focus on the job.”
“I did say that, but then I thought you would at least wait two days to call.” Gray smiled when he heard her huff in frustration.

*sings to herself: we are canon, we are canon, we are canon*

I Like You Too

Haechan x Reader

Wordcount: 2,065

Requested by anon:

Can i request a scenario where you really like Haechan but doesnt think he likes you back so you always make jokes about how Haechan and Mark would be such a great couple and one day Haechan finally snaps and confesses to you because hes annoyed that you seem to be oblivious that he likes you too? Thank you!

“Awwwww, look at the happy couple!”

“For the last time (y/n), we aren’t a couple!” Haechan shot you a glare.

You walked past Mark and Haechan sitting together in the practice room. One of the many perks of being the cousin of NCT’s manager was getting to go watch NCT practice.  It also meant you had grown close with the members, particularly Haechan.  Being the same age, it was comfortable hanging out with him.  Though, the two of you had a love/hate relationship, as in you loved to hate on each other.

“Come on, the fandom practically demands the two of you be together!” you laughed.

In all honesty though, you made fun of him because you were trying to hide your true feelings.  You liked Haechan.  He was talented, witty, cute…  You even found his sarcasm endearing.  It gave him an edge that the guys at your high school didn’t have.  They were all either too focused on school to care about dating, or overly flirty and would smother you with sweet nothings in an attempt to hook up.  But Haechan challenged you.  His sarcasm kept you on your toes and if you weren’t on your A-game at all times, he would mock you into oblivion.  Being sarcastic yourself, you were more than willing to challenge him back.

Recently, shipping him with Mark was your favourite way to get under his skin.  You weren’t sure why, but it seemed to bother him more than any other joke or insult you had ever thrown his way.

“But Haechan, imagine telling people you’re dating a rapper,” Mark chimed in.  Being shipped with another one of the members wasn’t exactly Mark’s favourite thing, but he was always down to annoy Haechan, even if it meant playing along with your teasing.

“I’d rather date Taeyong hyung, thanks,” Haechan fired back.

“You’re not really my type Haechan.  Besides, I think (y/n) is right.  You and Mark look so happy together,” Taeyong jumped into the conversation.

“I hate all of you,” Haechan said, hands balled into fists.  He stomped out of the practice room, muttering something about needing a drink of water.

Your eyes followed him out of the room, satisfied that you had gotten under his skin.  It was what the two of you did.  He knew you didn’t mean anything by it, and you knew he didn’t really hate you.  Knowing your friendship, he would walk, back in any moment with some savage comeback.  You were already trying to think of your next diss when a tap on the shoulder snapped you out of your thoughts.

“Are you ever gonna tell Donghyuck how you feel?” Mark asked.  He was the only one who knew about your crush.

“I want to, but I also don’t want to mess things up.  I like our relationship how it is now.”

“Yea, because constantly insulting each other is so great,” Mark giggled his famous giggle.  “But, as long as you’re okay with that I guess I can’t say anything.”

“I am okay with it.  Plus, I doubt he likes me anyways.  He’s always flirting with other trainees,” you said, looking down at the floor in disappointment.  You and Haechan were just friends - you had accepted that.


“(Y/n), don’t even think about it,” Haechan said, raising his hand up to signal for you to stop.  You were just about to make a joke about him and Mark sitting to close together.

“But you guys are just so cute together!”

Taeyong had invited you over to the dorm to watch a movie with the guys during some of their rare downtime.  Not surprising at all, you walked in to find Mark and Haechan sitting so close together on the couch that Haechan may as well have been sitting in Mark’s lap.

Haechan scowled at you as he moved over, leaving a space between him and Mark for you to sit.  You looked at the TV screen ready to watch whatever the guys had picked out.  Their pick turned out to be a horror movie.  Of course.  You liked horror, but you were definitely the type to get freaked out and cover your eyes.  As the movie progressed, you went back and forth between clinging to Mark for protection, and burying your face in Haechan’s shoulder in an attempt to hide yourself away from what was on the screen.

“You’re such a wuss, (y/n),” Haechan mocked when the movie ended.

“Says the one who cried,” Taeyong said, giggling at the memory of Haechan tearing up during the movie’s climax.

“Yea Haechan.  Why can’t you be as brave as your boyfriend Mark?”  Of course you had to get a comeback of your own into the conversation.

“Aw, come on (y/n), don’t be so hard on him,” Mark chimed in, probably wanting to spare himself from more of your embarrassing comments.

“It’s true!  Even when I leaned into Haechan for comfort, I could hear him sobbing.  It was so funny!  Then there was you, actually comforting me.  You’re definitely the manly one in this ship,” your disses escalated.

“OH MY GOD.  If Mark’s so great, why don’t you date him?!” 

“He’s more your type than mine,” you continued to joke.

“You just don’t get it!”

“Why are you getting so angry at me?”

“Be-because!” Averting his gaze from yours.

“Because why?” You urged him to explain himself.

“You’re so dumb (y/n)!”

“Excuse me?!”

“You’re so clueless!  I like you okay!  I, Lee Donghyuck, like YOU!  I hate when you joke about me dating Mark.  I’d hate if you joked about me dating anyone, because the only person I really want to date is you!”  Haechan yelled at you before storming off into his room and slamming the door behind him.  You had never seen him that angry before.  Sure, the two of you pushed each other’ s buttons, but the worst it had gotten was just being annoyed.  This was the first time one of you had actually been upset about your teasing, and you weren’t sure why he was so worked up.  You were just kidding.  Surely he knew that, right?  The thought of actually hurting him caused you to tear up.  You had liked him for months, and finally knew that he liked you too.  But you had really messed this one up.

Taeyong came over to put a comforting arm around you and in a gentle voice said, “he’s just over-reacting (y/n).  Why don’t you go in and talk to him after he’s had a few minutes to cool off?”

You nodded your head and sat back down on the couch.  All you could do was wait to go in, apologize, and hope that Haechan forgave you.  You weren’t going to let this turn into something bigger and potentially cause problems for your friendship.  You cared too much about him.

“It’ll be okay (y/n),” Mark said, sitting down beside you.  “He’s hot-headed, but it’ll blow over.  He really does like you.  I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, but I promised him I wouldn’t tell anyone.”

You smiled up at Mark.  It wasn’t his fault that this happened.  If anything, you should have seen the line Haechan had lay out and not crossed it.  You had pushed him too far.  Worry began to set in at the thought of potentially ruining your chances with Haechan over a stupid joke.

A few minutes passed and you decided it was time to go apologize.  You rose from your spot on the couch and made your way over to his room.  You knocked on his door, only to get no response.  You knocked again, even said his name, but still nothing.  Hoping that he had left the door unlocked, you turned the handle hoping he hadn’t locked it.  Luckily, it turned all the way and allowed you to open the door.  Peeking your head around the door, you saw Haechan lying in his bed, face down, arms under his pillow to support his head.

Quietly, you moved to sit down beside him.

“Haechan?” you whispered, gently putting your hand on his back.  Keeping his face down so as to not look at you, he shifted his body to shake your hand off.  Removing one hand from under the pillow, he shook it towards the door, silently telling you to leave.  But you weren’t going to give up that easily.

“Haechan, I’m sorry.  I took the joking too far and crossed a line.  I didn’t know it hurt you so much when I make fun of you and Mark,” you said quietly.  It wasn’t hard for you to sound sincere.  You genuinely felt sorry for making him upset, even if it was an accident.

The two of you remained silent for a few moments, letting your apology sink in.  Not wanting to push him, and with no reponse from Haechan, you stood up to leave the room.

“Wait,” you heard Haechan say from behind you. You turned to find him now sitting up on the edge of the bed.  He pat the spot on his bed to his left, silently asking you to sit back down.  “I should be sorry.  I’m sorry I got so mad at you.”

“You don’t need to apologize.  I should have been able to read you better.  I should have known when to stop,” you said.  You didn’t want him to feel guilty for what had happened.

“It’s my fault too.  I could have told you that it was getting to be too much for me.  I should have told you how I felt about you, but I was scared,” Haechan confessed.

“What were you scared of?”

“Losing you, I guess.”

“Why would you ever be scared of losing me?  We’re best friends.  We’ll always be a part of each other’s lives,” you said, taking his hands in yours, moving closer so your legs were flush against each others.

“That’s the thing.  We’re friends. Just… friends,” he sighed.

“But we don’t have to be “just friends” anymore,” you hinted.

“That’s exactly why I didn’t want to confess.  You don’t feel the same and now you don’t even want to be friends anymore because it’s awkward and I screwed things up,” he rushed his words as he dropped your hands and stood up.  He ran his hands through his hair in frustration.  You reached out to grab one of his hands again, tugging on his arm so he would turn around to face you.

“I mean I like you too, you idiot.  Since we like each other, we can be more than friends.  If you want of course,” you confessed, smiling up at him.  You truly never thought that he would like you back.  It felt surreal to be telling him how you felt, especially since you already knew that he felt the same about you. The two of you actually had a chance of being together.

Still holding your hand, Haechan sat down beside you, on the opposite side he was on before.  He looked at you directly in the eyes, so intensely that you were afraid to blink.  The two of you were always joking around and teasing each other.  It felt strange to be sitting there so seriously.  But at the same time, it was probably the happiest you had felt throughout your time knowing him.

“(Y/n), of course I want us to be more!  I don’t have much dating experience… In fact I don’t have any.  But I promise I’ll try to be the best boyfriend ever,” Haechan beamed at you.

Without hesitation you pulled him in for a hug.

“And I’ll try to be the best girlfriend ever,” you whispered into his ear, causing him to giggle from the sensation.

“But you know this doesn’t mean I’m going to stop teasing you,” Haechan said.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

Releasing each other from the embrace, you both stood up, ready to go out and let the others know that you had resolved everything.

“Should we tell the guys that we’re together now?” you inquired.

“Of course!  I can’t wait to rub it in the hyungs’ faces that I have a girlfriend and they don’t!  Especially Mark hyung!”

And with that, Haechan took your hand in his and led you out of his room, ready to let the world know that finally, the two of you were together.

Another one for the Dream boys~ Hope you guys enjoyed this!!  I’m a few years older than all of the Dream members, so I always feel a bit weird writing for them.  I think it’s just because it’s harder for me to imagine dating them lol.  But nonetheless, I hope this was okay!!  Thanks for reading and don’t be afraid to send in requests :)

Bad things (min yoongi x reader)

Originally posted by yoosungsmyyandere

Warning: cursing, slight smut but still smut

Summary:This is based on the bad things music video/song which was amazing and if you haven’t heard it you should listen to it. cause its pretty cool.

People always asked me why I chose this life. Why did I leave my home town. why I left my life behind to run away with some boy. Its complicated really, only I can understand it. Its like I want to be suffocated in his love and I would do anything for him.

So that’s what  I did we left the town that once sucked us dry, in search for a cure for our tedious lives and find something to strive for. We didn’t live the luxurious life we were hoping to find, jumping from couch to couch from street bench to another before we found an abandoned warehouse. We stole a few things and robbed a few convenient stores, running from the cops while our veins filled with euphoria.

We ran into a few friends on the way some stayed others didn’t make it. Now here we were carelessly laughing in the kitchen while I attempted to make eggs.

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Tina and Newt’s relationship is very playful in the privacy of their own home and around close family. They’ll make smart remarks, say stupid jokes, and do little pranks on each other just to push each other’s buttons. During business meetings or when Newt has to do some interview for his book, Tina is always there for him. Either sitting next to him, or standing by so he doesn’t feel too anxious.

Tina: wow my skin looks good today
Newt: too bad we cant say the same about your cooking
Tina: *smacks Newt as he laughs*


Interviewer: how long have you been married Mr. Scamander?
Newt:…*looks off camera* im sorry, my wife is showing me 4 fingers but i thought it was 6 years.
Tina: *off camera* dated for 2 years, married for 4 years.
Newt: we fought like a married couple the moment we met so its hard to not count those 2 years, but yes, officially married for 4 years.

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The opposing forces, tho! Hahah. Like…do I put it up to spite Jaarvazim or let it down to please Avi? *dilemmaaaa*

Hanin: Hm. The choice is made much simpler when I just stop taking Jarvaazim into consideration.

A/N: Another version of this.  

It was a good thing that you and Niall were both very laid back people. You went with the flow, handled change well as long as one wasn’t without the other for too long of a time, two very chill people in general. Sometimes, it was a pain in the ass. When debating on somewhere to eat or what to do for the day, the “I don’t cares” and “whatever you want to do’s” were a little frustrating. Being easy going came in handy a lot of times, especially in the bedroom.

You were up for anything Niall wanted to do, and Niall would do anything at least once. You’ve done almost everything you could think of without getting too wild and dangerous or pushing each others buttons. Dirty talk was a must, spanking was optional, role-play was a sometimes, slapping was a no, eating ass was a fuck no, anal was… a one time thing. You and Niall agreed to never talk about it again… ever…

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paladinswap! au request ficlet (VLD, Shidge, nsfw-ish)

@katieshirogane bae u know anytime u ask I gotta deliver

Written as part of my 300 Follower Celebration, and based off of katieshirogane’s absolutely intoxicating paladinswap au. For this story, Shiro pilots Blue and is very much Lance + Shiro meeting Slav, and Katie pilots the Red Lion and is a salt pillar.

Warnings: Swearing, poop jokes, way too much salt, sexual innuendo, very mild sexual content/implied content, Shiro is a fuckboi, Pidge is all rage. 

As the Blue Paladin of Voltron, Shiro was supposed to be accepting, and loyal, and adaptable in all circumstances. And he tried to embrace that image, he really did. He *always* had his team’s backs in combat, and he never let a few extra limbs or eye sockets get in the way of flirting with a hot alien. With Hunk’s help, he’d managed to modify the ingredients of the Castle’s engine coolant fluid to safely recreate his favorite facial mask from home.

Yeah, pretty much everyone he met could agree that Shiro was a useful member of Team Voltron and an all-around likeable guy… which is why Katie Holt got under his skin.

It wasn’t his fault the Red Paladin was caustic, socially awkward, and too smart for her own good. It *also* wasn’t his fault that her ass looked so good in those tight black pants she always wore. Sure, *maybe* trying to flirt with her as means of introduction in the middle of the Keith rescue mission wasn’t Shiro’s brightest idea, and *maybe* (accurately) describing Katie’s piloting of the Red Lion as ‘kamikaze’ initially gave her some reasons to be upset with him, but that had been months ago. Water under the bridge, by anyone else’s standard. But for some reason, she just couldn’t seem to let it go, which meant *he* couldn’t let it go either.

Shiro was supposed to be accepting, and loyal, and adaptable. He wanted to carry the mantle of the Blue Paladin with pride. He wanted to embody the goodness of Blue, he really did. But with Katie, all he seemed to be able to do was squabble, and bicker, and tease, and get into nothing contests at every possible opportunity. Which is why he’s so confused now, because, for the life of him, he can’t figure out if he wants to punch Katie in the gut, or slide into her lap.

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[Overwatch] Jesse McCree x Reader - Misunderstood

The night was cold. It was the kind of cold that made you shiver and numbed your fingers within a few minutes. The moon overhead cast a silver glow through the light fog that settled around the base like a bride’s veil. It would disappear later, but for now, it would suffice as the perfect hiding spot for your shivering form.

Tonight had been too much for you.

Jesse had invited you to his room to have a couple of drinks earlier, but a “couple” of drinks soon turned into a mess, leaving the both of you more than a little tipsy.

What had started as playful teasing, violent bouts of laughter, and friendly jabs at each other with Jesse slowly dissolved into something more sultry. The tension between you both had changed from playful to something thick and heavy, settling over the two of you like a comforter. Jesse’s touches started to linger longer on your skin, the whispers dangerously close to your throat.

With a quiet “I love you”, Jesse’s lips had grazed along your jaw.

You froze. The very next thing that came to your mind was run, and run you did.

You sprinted outside the Watchpoint to the cliff overlooking the ocean before sitting down on the edge. The fog clung to your jeans, making them feel cold and heavy. Jesse was still in the base, probably confused as to why you ran away. You couldn’t face him again so soon, but it wasn’t like you could just walk away and pretend it had never happened. You’d have to face this problem at some point - no. Jesse could never be a problem. It was more of… your current situation with him. That was the problem.

You took a deep breath before letting it out with a sigh, pushing back your thoughts with feeling of the the chilly air entering your nose. You balled your hands into fists in a desperate attempt for warmth, but it had no effect. You badly wanted to wrap Jesse’s red serape around your shoulders tighter around you, but the serape belonged to him- and anyway, it wasn’t like you could take it off. You would freeze, even if you were used to the cold. Just half an hour ago, it brought comfort and safety. Now, it felt like a straitjacket. Breathe, you tell yourself. Let your thoughts settle down for a moment. Think.

As much as you didn’t want to think about tonight, you’d have to. It was no use having it sit in the back of your mind for ages.

A minute passes in internal conflict. You’d never would feel the end of your guilt if you left now. Jesse had done nothing wrong besides misinterpret the mood. You, who often prided yourself on the little signs of Jesse’s mood - the telltale tapping of his fingers when he was nervous, when he stuttered when he was flustered - had completely overlooked the way his voice became a husky whisper whenever he spoke to you, and the constant comments of praise and encouragement.

Of course you had taken it as a joke, because that’s all you ever did with each other - poke and push each other’s buttons until something snapped. Your breath hitches when you finally realized. You had taken Jesse’s love as a joke.

Slowly, you stand up with a final decision in mind. You knew what you had to do. You re-enter the base and make your way to Jesse’s room, revealing Jesse slouched over on the crouch, face hidden in his hands. He stiffens up at the sound of your soft footsteps.

“Look, I’m-” Jesse cuts his sentence off with a curse before starting again. “[Name], I didn’t mean to- I fucked up, okay?”

Your heart breaks at the expression Jesse wears. He looks genuinely guilty, almost pleading for your forgiveness. “Jesse,” You begin, voice hushed.

Another step closer makes Jesse shoot up, lips pressed together in uncertainty. “Darlin’, look. I misread the mood. You don’t like me the way I thought you did.” Jesse says, making a move to leave.

You take another two steps forward, blocking Jesse’s way. “Jesse. Listen to me.”

Jesse sidesteps you, but before he was able to leave, you wrapped your arms around him. He’s so warm in your freezing arms, and you can’t help but nuzzle your nose a bit into Jesse’s chest. His body is stiff against yours, not responding to any of your affections. “Jesse, it’s okay,” You whisper. “It really is.”

At this, Jesse finally wraps his arms around you. “I don’t get it,” he mutters, uncertainty laced his voice. “Ya ran out after I did that, and now it’s okay?”

“I was wrong,” You replied sheepishly, gently pushing Jesse off of you. He lets go, but still keeps a tight hold around your arm. “I didn’t realize what you wanted - I was a bit late on noticing.”

“A bit?” Jesse repeats, incredulous.

“Okay, maybe not a bit.” You admit. “I’m sorry, Jesse.”

“[Name], it’s fine, it’s just… Are you sure? Are you sure you’re okay with this?” “Yes, Jesse, I’m positive.” You assure, putting emphasis on the first word.

“You know, I was serious when I said I loved you.” Jesse murmurs.

“I…” You started, but you hesitated before you finished your sentence. Should you say it?

In a split second, you made your decision.

“I love you too, Jesse.”

breathofthezora  asked:

can you write a cute fic of Yuuri being home alone in Viktor's apartment after he moves to Russia and feeling scared and anxious until Viktor comes home to comfort him?

Yuuri woke up in white sheets and purple blankets with a dog on his back and a silver haired man at his side. He’d never get used to that, never being alone, never having to deal with things by himself. Victor was already awake, reading a book and combing through Yuuri’s hair with the hand not holding his book.

“Good morning lyubov moya.”

“Good morning.” Yuuri smiled and yawned already drifting back to sleep.

“Oh no, you need to get up lyubov.”

After Victor dragged him out of bed and a long goodbye, Victor went shopping to get some extra stuff for the both of them, food, dishes, silverwear, laundry stuff. They were still working on moving in, meaning they don’t have a bunch of the essentials. Victor only had what he had before he moved all the way to japan, it wasn’t enough for the both of them and Yurio, who often came to visit when he was tired of Yakov and Lilia.

He really didn’t know what to expect when he was left alone. He took the chance to really look at the apartment, it wasn’t Victor’s old apartment, it was new, one they both picked out. It was a two bedroom, two bath with a big kitchen a balcony and a view of St. Petersburg that took his breath away. It was only a block away from the practice rink and they talk about having parties after practice when the next season starts. Yuuri hasn’t met anyone other than Yurio yet so Victor keeps telling him funny stories of his rink mates and all the things they’ve done. It sounded like they were all a family, all of them looking out for each other, teasing and pushing buttons.

He finally decided to get up from the chair he was sitting in at the diner table and went to the living room with his coffee in hand and Makkachin in tow. The white couch faced the balcony doors so Victor and Yuuri could sit and watch the sunset at night. Yuuri loved watching the lights of cars and busses going by, the lights of building turning off and on. It relaxed him.

As he watched the cars and lights the thought of having to meet Victor’s friends crept into his mind. Thoughts of, ‘What if they didn’t like me? What if Yurio told them about me crying in the bathroom, or other horror stories.’ The thoughts raced and raced around his head. The anxiousness rose in his chest as the thoughts quickened. He put his coffee down on the coffee table and tried to distract himself with his phone, scrolling through instagram but all he could see was blurry images and words. His chest pounded with the deafening beat of his heart. He felt cold and hot all at the same time.

He was having an anxiety attack, ‘all because the thought of someone not liking me.’ He thought to himself. Here he was on a couch in a country so far away from home, crying, the tears dripping on his phone screen. Makkachin whimpered beside him, moving his head to Yuuri’s lap in an attempt to calm him down. The anxious tears now falling on his head as he tossed his phone to the other side of the couch. He was shaking from nerves, crying, his ears were ringing. It was so loud, everything was so loud.

The ringing was so loud that he didn’t hear the keys in the door, the shoes on the tile. None of it. He couldn’t even hear Victor putting the bags on the counter, his footsteps, his…

“Yuuri? Are you okay?” Yuuri turned to face him, forgetting about the tears, the shaking. Victor’s eyes went wide, his feet carried him the rest of the way to Yuuri and his arms encircled themselves around him. “My Yuuri, what happened? Why are you sad my dear?”

He took a big breath still shaking as he leaned into Victor’s chest. “It’s stupid really.”

“Nothing about you is stupid.”

“What if your friends at the rink don’t like me?”

“I take that back, it is stupid.” His arms fell from Yuuri’s shoulders and he leaned back to look at him.


“Why would anyone not like you? You are the sweetest, most talented, most handsome man I know.” He tried to sooth Yuuri.

“That’s what you think of me! Not what others think of me!” Yuuri stood up from the couch and walked to their shared room. Victor and makka followed behind as he opened the door and started to anxiously clean.

“It’s not just what I think, it’s what everyone thinks, why does it matter what others think of you anyway, isn’t my opinion enough?”

“You’re opinion matters, but I don’t want your friends to hate me and you’ll be busy hanging out with them and not have time for me and you’ll want me to move back to Japan and…” he rambled on, putting things in drawers and on shelves. All while Victor stood at the door watching his frantic, anxious fiancé rearranging the pillows on the bed over and over again.

He always did this, cleaned and cleaned till he was so tired he could sleep away the anxiousness. When he was anxious he couldn’t sleep. If he didn’t sleep he couldn’t practice, if he couldn’t practice he can’t compete, or win. So he cleaned.

When Yuuri moved on to the medals hanging on the wall Victor decided to intervene, walking to his fiancé, taking the silver medal out of his hand and sat it on their shared dresser.

“Lyubimyy,” he grabbed Yuuri’s hands and brought them both up to kiss the smooth knuckles, “no one is going to hate you, they might not love you instantly but they will like you. You’ve really already met Georgi and Mila that’s two already out of the way.” Victor comforted Yuuri, rubbing his thumb over his knuckles.

“But Vitya, Yokav and Lilia already sound like they don’t like me, I took you away from the…”

“You did nothing of the sort! I left, you didn’t take me anywhere.” Yuuri took a deep breath and nodded, seeming to calm down a bit.

“You know I could just stay home and watch makka, he doesn’t like being alo,”

“He can come with us, you have nothing to worry about zolotse.” Victor grabs Yuuri’s cheeks and presses their foreheads together. “You are zvesda moya, my zoloste, and most of all lyubov moya, that’s all that matters in the end, you are so important to me and nothing can change that.” Yuuri moved his hand to rest on Victor’s, still on his cheek, and nods.

“Thank you Jinsei saiai no hito.” Victor grinned at the term, slowly pulling back to look at Yuuri. He could see that he was calmed down, his eyes were soft again, cheeks warm. His thumb rubbed soft lines across the soft cheeks, both of them smiling, the love they both felt for each other showing.

Victor let go of Yuuri’s face and grabbed one of his hands, he walked the both of them back to the living room and sat on the couch, pulling Yuuri onto his lap, wrapping his arms around Yuuri’s waist . Yuuri protested, trying to wiggle out of Victors lap. The latter laughed only hugging him tighter to his chest.

“Vitya please let go of me.”


“Why not?”

“Because ya lyublyu tebya.”

“I love you too vitya, but I need to pee.”

THANK YOU FOR SUGGESTING THIS! I’m so sorry it took so long!!! Like you suggested this before Christmas!!!! I’m sorry for any typos! Or any wrong Russian or Japanese!

Pls send me more!!!

I decided to post those together.

I’m trying my best to portray skelebros as in character as possible. I’m failing many times, because sometimes I like them extra mushy and lovey dovey with each other, but I love the fact that they are/can be both jerks XD

Because they’re bros, they got used to each other over the years, and I love that they keep pushing each other’s buttons. I do need to remind myself of what their behaviour often is, but I love doing it every single time, because each time i discover something new, and this something turns into comic idea XD

Expressing emotion in any way that’s real and meaningful is alien to the Joker, but he’s learning those parts of himself, however unconsciously, through Harley. On a physical level, they’re dynamite together. A lot of relationships are defined by that. Two people may be really horrible for each other, but physically, they push each other’s buttons so clearly they can’t get enough of that person.
—  Mark Hamill
We're a secret 10

Summary: After a year in another country, you met someone and instantly fall in love with him, the only thing is he isn’t allowed to have a girlfriend but love is stronger. Although things suddenly take a turn.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Warnings: SO MUCH FLUFF YOUR TEETH MAY ROT !!!! Seriously it’s disgustingly fluffy , some curse words

A/n: this is veeery long… … And its part 10 yay !

You walked down the hallway.

 It was such a huge hotel you swore you would’ve got lost if there weren’t any numbers on the doors. 

You still smiled like an idiot as you made your way to door 027. You couldn’t believe what happened only minutes ago. It made you the happiest, you’ve been for a while and you couldn’t think how this day could get any better.

 It made you immediately forget everything that was holding you back, everything that made him look bad was gone and you had only his smile lingering in your head together with the three words. 

You counted the numbers as you walked, 





There it was and this time you didn’t have to think about going in. This time you were sure and you were confident. 

You showed the security people your VIP card as you tried to calm your grin down so you wouldn’t look like a mad person. 

You finally got it under contro no sign of excitement, no sign of madness stayed behind. Only a soft smile playing on your lips, showing your happiness, but not to much of it. 

The door got opened for you and you thanked the two man next to it as you stepped into the room. You saw a huge crowd of people and instantly began to feel dizzy. You let yourself fall down onto a small couch in the back of the room as you listened to Sebastian’s manager giving a speech to the people.

 He talked to them about how happy he is that everything went out so well and that he can’t wait for the premier. 

You put your one leg over the other and quickly typed a text to your best friend saying that everything went well. You were about to open one of your social media pages but decided against it. You slid your phone into your bag and stood up from the couch . Considering to get a drink from the bar but deciding against that as well.

 You let your eyes drift over the room and the people, your face showing pure concentration. You weren’t sure if you were looking for something in particular but kept it up anyway. You already spotted Sebastian earlier, he was talking to some of his friends and you weren’t sure if you wanted to disturb him. 

You couldn’t help yourself from walking up to him anyways.

You slowly strode towards him with quiet steps, coming to a halt only a few steps behind one of his friends.

  His eyes twitched to you , and a huge smile formed on his lips. You kept your controls though and managed to keep your own small and soft. 

He excused himself and walked over to you. You smiled a bit wider as he came closer. His friends walked away and he gave you a short , slight hug. 

You felt his smile on your neck as he held you tight, making the butterflies go wild. He pulled back and you already wondered if he’d get rid of that smiling face anytime soon or if it would just freeze like this. The thought made you chuckle but he didn’t pay any attention as he began to talk. 

“I’m glad you came" 

“I didn’t want to at first” and there his smile was gone “you can thank my friend for that”.

 He frowned for a moment, thinking about what you said before asking you if he could call her. You dealed her number and gave him your phone. He held it to his ear and waited patiently.

She took the call and the first thing Sebastian heard was “bitch what are you doing ? Shouldn’t you be making out right now?” In a rushed yet concerned voice. 

He held back a laugh as he replied, his gaze never leaving your eyes “well the night is still young” and the other end went death silent. 

Sebastian laughed before continuing. “I wanted to thank you for getting her here.“ 

A laugh could be heard on the other side “ha , yeah that was a shit ton of work, that girl made me drive like a criminal.“ 

“She said she didn’t want to come” he frowned.

“yeah she didn’t , I got her to go like an hour before your thing started… Man that was pressure.“ 

He laughed and you wondered what she talked to him about. You couldn’t hear anything which got you a bit nervous. What if she told him that you were in love with him? You just didn’t want to give that away yet, you weren’t even sure what the thing between Sebastian and you was and clearly didn’t need him to know what you felt… At least not yet. Of course he said he loved you but those words didn’t get through your insecurities.

"Well thanks for getting her here, you made me the happiest person alive” he smiled at you.

 "You are very welcome for kicking her ass.“ He laughed once again and the voice on the other end continued "just… Just don’t hurt her again” his smile faded and he looked to the ground as if he was ashamed

“I won’t” he said serious. 

“Good cause otherwise I’ll kick your ass the next time.” He laughed again, your friend joining in and he said his goodbye and handed you your phone back. 

“What did she say?" 

He looked at you for a second before replying "she wants us to make out” you rolled your eyes and he laughed as he put his hand on your back and lead you to the crowd gently. He lead you to two of the men from the crowd. He introduced them as Chris and Anthony and you introduced yourself as well recognizing them from the meet and greet. 

The four of you made your way over to the couch were you were sitting on earlier. You sat between Sebastian and Chris. You all talked to each other comfortably, as if you had known each other for years. 

You told them about your year in Greece and they talked to you about their career, their relationships and sport. It surprised you that Sebastian told them about the two of you. He didn’t say you were his girlfriend which you were grateful for but he gave a clear hint that something like that could develop. 

Chris and Anthony answered him with huge smiles in which you couldn’t see any hint of disapproval which made you happy. They left both of you alone shortly after and then you just sat there, enjoying Sebastian’s company and watching the people dance to the music. You didn’t have to talk to him, he just needed to be there with you. 

“They like you… Very much” he said, making you snap out of your daze. You smiled at him and looked back at the people. You didn’t answer partly because you didn’t need to ,partly because you didn’t know what to say. But the smile was answer enough for him. 

“Do you want to talk to some other people?” He asked making you look to him the smile still playing on your lips. 

“actually I’d like to be alone with you for a while.” You confessed shyly but he just smiled taking your hand in his and leading you out of the room. 

Both of you walked to the big door his hands never once leaving yours. It was such a sweet and intimate moment but you couldn’t resist. You waved at the women behind the counter, she was just looking at you in shock her mouth hanging open as you winked at her from over your shoulder. 

“What was that ?” He asked startling you a bit “she was being a bitch to me earlier”  you shrugged

“well then…” He smirked turning around still holding your hand and mouthing something to her, you couldn’t tell what it was but then he winked at her as well and turned again opening the door for you.

 The car already stood outside the building and he opened the door once again letting you in first. You sat down and he shortly followed after. “Where does the beautiful woman next to me want to go ?” He asked making you role your eyes with a smile. 

“Well I thought we could get some food?” He told the driver the address of what you thought must be a restaurant and leaned back in his seat.

 You were sitting so close to him that you just let your head fall onto his shoulder. 

He noticed you didn’t put your seatbelt on which is why he did it for you. You smiled, looking straight ahead as you rested your hand on his knee. His hand grabbed yours , he held the top of your fingers from on top of your hand, not wanting to move your hand away.

 The whole ride was filled with comfortable silence, you looked out of the window, your hand on Sebastian’s knee and his on top of it. You felt his eyes on you but it didn’t bother you. You enjoyed the warmth, the touch, the moment.

You arrived at the restaurant after a while and had to leave each others touch, it got you a little desperate but Sebastian’s hand quickly found yours again. 

He was glad there was no one around or in the restaurant giving him the opportunity to be as close to you as he wanted. He turned your hands and entangled your fingers so that your arm was now on his side and his on yours, which had the effect that you had to walk even closer to him. But it didn’t bother you in any way. 

It was a Chinese restaurant, one of your favourite places as well. You ordered your usual food and sat down at a table, Sebastian next to you which you were secretly thankful for. It wasn’t such a tense situation this way although you were sure he just wanted to keep holding your hand. 

Your food arrived and you ate in silence. 

You made your way out of the place after you were done eating and Sebastian paid. 

You went back to the car and he took your hand once again. It was like an addiction already. 

“What do you want to do now ?” It was late already, probably midnight. 

“How about we go back to the hotel?” His smile faded a bit and he frowned “yeah sure” he answered and gave the driver the address. 

Once there you headed in, deeply hoping the woman wasn’t there, and gladly she wasn’t. 

You made your way to the elevator and pushed the button to go up. Your hands lost each other, no warm touch connecting you which made you almost sad.

Once the elevator arrived both of you stepped in “my room is on the fifteenth floor” he stated but you pushed the button to the twentieth, the highest possible. 

He looked at you confused but didn’t say anything as he waited for the elevator to arrive. The end of the music signaled the end of the ride and the doors slid open and both of you stepped out into the cold of the night. 

You were on the rooftop and you walked out to the fence barricade, a small security measure. You touched it with your fingers and finally held onto it, the wind and the cold of the metal sending shivers through you. 

You didn’t say anything as Sebastian draped his leather jacked over your shoulders. He stood next to you and looked at you. You however didn’t look at him, you looked at the stars on the sky and after another second of admiring you he did as you did, taking your hand into his once again. 

A shooting star made its way over the sky and you whispered to him “you have to wish for something” your gaze never once leaving the sky.

He was silent for a second as he stared at the side of your face. 

“I wish… For a kiss” he stammered insecurely. 

You looked at him slowly. You shook your head and he looked down embarrassed. 

“You are not allowed to say it out loud” you whispered. 

He looked back up at you and started to smile. “I got one more shot” he said as he closed his eyes tightly and opened them once again.

 "Do you think it worked ?“ He whispered. 

"I don’t know” you look back ahead and to the skyline of new York. “Maybe you should try again" 

he did as told and when his eyes relaxed themselves from being squished together, just a second before he opened them you slowly pressed your lips on his. 

He kissed you back softly holding you close to him and pulling your face to his, his hands lingering on your cheeks. His lips were warm as the soft kiss depended and he dropped his hands picking you up and carrying you, never once breaking the contact between your lips. 

Your legs were wrapped around his torso and so were your arms around his neck as you kissed him.

He sat you down onto the fence but quickly pulled you back down, breaking the kiss and looking at you sheepishly. 

"I think we should take this to a less dangerous place” he said while scratching his neck.

 You laughed and took his hand in yours, kissing his knuckles before leading him to the elevator and into his room.

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