they purr

one good purr (deserves another)

Excerpt: “Taehyung grins, bracing his arm on the table again and scooting closer. His knee brushes against your thigh under the table, and a ripple of tingles radiates from the spot. A thrum of energy spreads over your back and neck, an awareness prowling beneath your skin, stronger than pre-heat symptoms should be. Maybe it really was a mistake to come visit Taehyung with your heat next week.”  (Fox!Taehyung, Shifter!AU)

Genre: Romance, humor, fluff

Rating: pg17+ (dirty language, discussion of heat/mating, sexy thoughts, etc.)

Pairing: reader/Taehyung, [mentioned Minjoon]

Length: 7.2k

A/N: not associated with my other Taehyung fox fic

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“So what’s your plan for your heat this year?”

It takes a moment for the question to sink in before you scramble for the calendar by your bed. “Oh shit, I completely forgot. Fuck, what day is today? What month?”

Minji laughs and rolls onto her back, digging her toes into the carpet. “March 23rd. I kinda figured you’d forgotten, with midterms around the corner and all, but it’s probably time to start preparing for that too." 

"Damn it.” You stare hopelessly at the calendar on the wall. A week and a half. Barely ten days until your heat, and you hadn’t prepared in the slightest.

Heats are the worst part of being a shifter, in your opinion–humans didn’t realize how lucky they were, not to be trapped in a small room for seven to ten days, out of your mind with the need to fuck, sweaty and dirty and swimming in every hormone-driven fluids that your body could produce. You hate your heats. 

“I’m screwed,” you whine, dropping onto your bed and pressing your face into your pillow in misery. 

“Not yet, but you definitely could be,” Minji snickers, and you hear a rustle of fabric, the soft pad of foostepts, before a heavy weight drops onto your back, pushing a muffled grunt from your lungs. “Seriously, though, are you going to spend it alone again? Or are you finally going to find someone to share it with? At least it falls on spring break, like mine.”

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Ah can you do HC's for cockslut Jimin who's desperate for Jungkook to fuck him and Jungkook being too nice so he does whatever Jimin tells him to do

+ Jimin wakes up cause the dirty dream he had was getting too intense for his poor horny body.

+ Aka: Dreaming Jungkook was fucking him against the sheets and Jimin was in bliss.

+ Jimin gets out of his bed and heads towards his bedroom door ready to head to Jungkook room.

+ Jimin has been good about making dreams into reality.

+ Jimin sneaks into Jungkook’s room before stripping himself. Jimin walks over and climbs on top of Jung kook who is snoring.

+ “Jungkook.” Jimin purrs laying on top of him as he traces the younger boys lip. “Jungkook.”

+ Jungkook groans as he slowly wakes up. “Hyung?” Jungkook hand comes up to meet Jimin’s naked back. Jungkook eyes shot open. “Hyung!?”

+ “Kookie.” Jimin pouts sitting up as he slowly rocks his hips over Jungkook’s crotch. “Jungkook ah, please. Hyung is so horny and misses your thick cool so much I dreamed about it.”

+ “H-Hyung…” “I need you Jung kook ah. If you don’t I might explode.” Jimin bats his lashes as his hands come up to pick his own nipples. “I-I want your cock in me, Please? My mouth, my ass, where ever you want.”

+ “Fuck.” Jungkook moans as his hand go to run over Jimin’s thighs. “Waking me up like this is too much Hyung. Get on your knees.”

+ Jimin ended up on all fours with his face against Jungkooks pillow. Jungkook skip to finger Jimin open as he pulled his cock out of his pajama pants.

+ “Make me your slut Kookie.” Jimin says as he thrusts against Jungkook’s fingers, “Hyung wants your cock so badly.” “Jimin Hyung please, I’m gonna blow if you keep that up.”

+ Jungkook push in and just started fucking Jimin off the bat. Jimin keens as pushes his legs apart a so he could take more of Jungkook s cock.

+ “Fuck, Jungkook’” Jimin moans “just like that! Yes! Right there!”

+ Jungkook groans cause it was so wet. Jungkook used so much lube and Jimin’s cock was already dripping.

+ “More!” Jimin whimpers “Jungkook please! Fuck me harder! Ah! Ah yes!”

+ Jungkook was going as hard as he could and Jimin was a moaning mess the whole time. Jungkook moan cause damn it was hot.

+ Jimin cums but Jungkook kept thrusting till he came.

+ “I love you.” Jimin whispers after cleaning up and cuddling under Jungkook’s covers. Jungkook laughs before kissing Jimin’s forehead.

+ “you love my cock.” “It’s still part of you.” “Not even going to deny it.” “You love my ass.” “I do, and I love you. Guess they do go together.” “Yeah, your cock and my ass do go together.” “You’ll just get yourself horny again Hyung.”

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More headcanons! Dark makes a low pitched rumbling sound in his chest (like half growl half purr) when he's being affectionate Anti is the only person who had ever heard that sound Anti likes to poke people. No reason other than its fun. They both occasionally like to go out together looking like Mark and Jack, just to make the septiplier fangirls flip out. Dark hates Halloween because of trick-or-treaters, but Anti loves it so Dark puts up with it

omg like dark usually ends up making that sound whenever anti’s stroking his hair or scratching at his scruff omg

i also feel like anti goes all out for halloween. with the decorations, lights, pumpkins and carvings, candy, everything. meanwhile dark just sits back and lets him have it because i mean halloween is anti’s holiday after all. he usually watches with an amused smile as anti scares the kids off wielding his knife and the blood on his neck lmao 💛

Thank the Chicken Man (Juice x Reader)

A/N. I love this beautiful bean. This one shot doesn’t mean that requests are open, or that I’m going to be churning things out regularly again (I know I suck I’m so sorry guys I’m just so swamped with school its a mess), but I have been inspired and have a few other things in the works that I’ll keep you posted on. Anyway, you guys know the drill, I don’t own anything except the plot, blah blah blah, including the above gif, as much as I wish I could own this beautiful man and some of his biker brothers. 

Alright guys, enjoy!

Juice rolled down the street, enjoying the purr of his bike beneath him, the wind in his face. He heard Bobby and Tig behind him, but as he sped up they fell behind. They knew the drill anyway. The Chicken Man was nervous about strangers and wouldn’t talk to anyone but Juice. Hearing other bikes would spook him.

Juice rolled up beside the blue van, which was parked rather conspicuously in the middle of a backroad, got off his bike and walked up to the window.

“Juan Carlos.” the Chicken Man nodded, head twitching to look around the lot. “May I assume the stimulants are in your backpack bag?”

“Yes Chicken.” Juice couldn’t hold back his smile. This was his favourite part, the shady deals. There was just something exhilarating about it, and he had to admit he enjoyed when he was able to do something like this the rest of the club couldn’t. “May I assume you have the cash?”

The man looked around nervously, giving another jerky nod. “Yes. Would you mind getting in? Talking this way makes me feel very conspicuous.”

Juice couldn’t hold back a laugh. “Sure thing man.” He opened the door and climbed into the passenger seat. “You’re a lunatic, you know tha–”

He saw something move behind him, a flash of white. “Shit!”

He elbowed the Mayan (not a Mayan, he realized distantly, but a guy from that gang they were patching over), in the face, but hands, too many hands, grabbed him roughly and dragged him back between the seats.

There was shouting behind him, but he was too busy bucking and twisting to hear them properly. His arms were wrenched above his head roughly, pinned in a way he couldn’t shake off, and a gloved hand clamped down over his mouth. He shouted anyway, kicking and bucking and twisting and strongly regretting leaving Bobby and Tig behind.

The man with the hand over his mouth leaned down, and Juice recognized the president of the other MC. “You tell Clay, my bullshit MC’s got some reach eh?”

A fist slammed into his face and his head snapped back, slamming into the floor of the van. Distantly, over the sounds of fists hitting his face, his own grunts of pain, and the blood rushing in his ears, he could hear the Chicken Man.

“I’m sorry Juan Carlos, but I’ve run up a bit of a tab with these Mexican fellows.”

Juice was very tempted to tell the dick what he thought of his apology, and where he could shove it, but he was a little busy. He lost track of how many times he got hit in the face, and then when he was too dazed to fight back anymore they moved down to his ribs. He noticed distantly that one of the guys behind him was tugging at his arms, and when he bucked against them the jackass behind him dislocated his shoulder. He screamed, or at least he let out a strangled groan, and something absolutely disgusting was shoved into his mouth. He was pretty sure it was a sock. If it hadn’t been in his mouth he probably would have thrown up. As it was he was pretty sure he was going to need to wash his mouth out with soap.

He got hit in the face again, and all thoughts of being sick were knocked from his head.

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All 3 first job Adds getting a pet kitten and taking care of it. Fluff please!

Arc Tracer is incredibly attentive to this kitten.  This kitten gets all the advanced drones as toys that Arc can think of. If the kitten wants to bat around one of Arc’s prototypes, it gets to.  It’s a very spoiled kitten.  Arc cuddles it a lot, too, and sleeps with it like a stuffed animal.

Psychic Tracer is less attentive, but still a good cat owner.  He plays with the kitten a lot and tries to keep it away from his protoype Nasod Armor, since the unrefined suit tends to shock people who go near.  At night, kitty sleeps on his head and purrs, which is of course why his hair is so floofy.

Time Tracer tries to be a good cat owner.  He really does.  It’s just that sometimes he gets so caught up in his work that he forgets the cat exists, and he feels terrible afterwards, but the fact remains that kitty’s litter hasn’t been changed and it’s hungry and bored.  The cat learns to be largely independent, but comforts Time Tracer when he’s depressed.

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What if a strain runs into Fushimi and their ability lets the person they've affected hear what the devices around them are saying. (Computers, phones, etc)

Imagine Fushimi gets hit by the Strain power and the first thing he hears is this weird noise almost like a purr. At first he’s not sure where it’s coming from, it sounds like it’s nearby but there’s no sign of a cat or anything else, and the alphabet squad look at him like he’s hearing things when he mentions it. Fushimi finally realizes that the sound is coming from his PDA, he wonders if maybe it got a virus or something and as he’s fiddling with it the PDA gives this pleased little ’…love you…’ Fushimi almost drops the damn thing he’s so startled and vaguely disgusted. None of the alphabet boys claim to have heard that one either and then Doumyouji runs up to give him a report on the pursuit, PDA in hand. Doumyouji’s PDA immediately starts whimpering for Fushimi to save it because Doumyouji uses so much space on dating apps and stupid games and trash apps that would probably have installed trackers in his phone if Fushimi hadn’t coded the software Scepter 4 uses himself. That’s when he starts to realize that he can ‘hear’ anything electronic, like all the alphabet boys PDAs are suddenly clamoring at him. Kamo’s likes to talk about all the cute pictures of Kamo’s daughter and also trade sushi recipes, Akiyama’s and Benzai’s are mercifully silent and well behaved most of the time but every now and again Akiyama’s makes a comment about collars and leashes that makes Fushimi really hope that’s because Akiyama likes animals. Enomoto’s keeps up a steady stream of chatter about the latest anime movie or video game. Hidaka’s is perpetually talking about large breasts and Fushimi himself, Hidaka doesn’t understand why Fushimi keeps glaring at him all of a sudden. Fushimi’s PDA continues to love him though, because Fushimi treats it right and gives it so much attention.

So they all head back to Scepter 4 and the drive is a little rough because the van won’t shut the fuck up about the road conditions. It doesn’t like Doumyouji driving so Fushimi makes them stop and switch to Akiyama, the van likes Akiyama a little too much and that combined with the PDA’s collar comments makes Fushimi kinda side eye Akiyama a little, poor Akiyama has no idea what he did to make Fushimi mad and is very flustered about it. Fushimi also learns that traffic lights are assholes, they keep saying ‘stop’ when the light is green and 'go’ when it’s red and Fushimi almost makes Akiyama get them into accidents a few times by asking why he’s not going already at a red light. Fushimi also ends up with a headache from listening to all the chatter of everything around them, the cars on the road and all the phones everywhere. At one point he catches the sound of a small voice that sounds almost familiar trying to give someone a pep talk about making up with a friend and he looks outside to see Yata wandering along the road nearby talking to Kusanagi on his PDA watch. Fushimi immediately looks away and orders Akiyama to run a red light.

They all get back to headquarters and Fushimi has a splitting headache but he’s determined to finish his reports anyway. The vending machine keeps trying to literally sweet talk him into some nice canned coffee and a candy bar. He stops in his own room for a minute and immediately everything electronic in there starts with the purring, his computer is so happy to see him and even the handheld game system that he hasn’t played in years is making happy puppy sounds. Fushimi can’t handle the weird electronic inanimate object affection and goes back to the office to do some reports, it turns out the computers hate doing paperwork almost as much as the rest of the force does. But then maybe he overhears one computer making sad complaining sounds and saying it feels sick, Fushimi roughly shoves Fuse aside and starts fiddling with the computer, discovering that there was a complicated computer virus infecting it and Fushimi immediately quarantines and destroys it. Everyone’s so impressed by Fushimi’s intuition that he knew the virus was there, Fushimi just clicks his tongue and tries to ignore the profuse expressions of thanks from the computer itself.

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Okay, I've become curious. What other situations does Judar tend to act like a cat? If he purrs in delight in getting his hair combed I wonder what other things can make him act like a cat.

Ah hello! Your other request is rather tricky but it’ll be up soon! I headcanon that judal tends to purr when he is stroked under his chin or when his scalp is massaged , just like a cat. I picture him to be very cat-like in some ways such as when he gets into a fight with his s/ He would Ignore them and then request attention he wants it. I feel like he would also be someone who takes alot of naps , like a cat :3

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Here I Am Again

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Quillys sat under the stars, her legs dangling over the edge of the old bunker in the harbor. The silence that surrounded the docks was comforting for once, not at all stifling or oppressive. For the first time in a long time the woman was able to just be herself with her preferred confessor. Reaching her hands up, Quillys would remove the necklace that kept her Blood Elf form hidden. 

She let the magic wash away and let the cool sea air touch at her skin. A delighted purr passed her lips as she stretched out like a cat. From here she didn’t have to worry about anyone spotting her…anyone passing by at least. So few people knew of this spot that she had little concern for being caught. 

Emerald eyes would turn to the midnight painted heavens, her hand reached up to ghost along the visage of the one sight that brought her any calm at all. 

“Things have settled back down…though now in a boring way. I find myself to be a pawn to two players in the city, funny how they both prefer to keep themselves out of sight…a third has even stepped forward…yet I do not know what to call him. He his by no means my king…but he is much more than an employer.”

Faintly painted rose lips would thin into a line at the thought, something stirred within her that caused a slight pang of frustration to blossom. 

“I wish to find someone with whom I could share in moments like this…yes there are a few who make the list but none of them are truly right and I will not settle for only half right.” 

The information broker would grumble to herself, speaking up to the heavens again about right and wrong, about life and love, but most importantly she just talked. No longer tongue tied about her feelings, she could have easily talked a hole through the expanse of stars. 

For hours Quillys would stay like that, but eventually she managed to pick herself up, necklace back in place. She needed to go home and sleep in a proper bed…tomorrow was going to be a big day..she could feel it. As she stood to leave, Quillys would turn her gaze back up to the sky, speaking sincerely. 

“Thanks for listening.”

Cat Ears - Lofax Neko!AU (Repost)

List: Torture| “F*ck off!” | Y: Neko | @a-slightcatchoflightning

A/N: Neko is an AU where everyone has a cat tail and cat ears that they lose with their virginity.

TW: Rape, revenge, violence

Max was worried when Lofty didn’t come home on time after his shift. He was always home ten or fifteen minutes after work. It had been an hour, and he still wasn’t back. Max had kid himself that his husband was in the pub with Robyn and David, but now, he was worried. He wanted nothing more than to curl up on the sofa with Lofty and scratch that spot behind his cat ears that made him purr.

Max had lost his cat ears and tail when he’d lost his virginity, same as everyone else. He’d lost his to Zoe, so their relationship had come out to other a lot sooner than they’d wanted. Lofty had yet to be comfortable enough with Max to lose his cat ears and tail.

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