they probs judging


Aien and Miko Lavellan, dedicated students of archeology
Professor Solas somehow always knows the best places to dig - he says he’s just lucky
Dorian Pavus, anthropology specialist - give him a tooth and he will tell you how many times did that person take a shit in their life. Black sheep of a political family (who cares if he has ten PhDs and biggest book collection in Thedas)
SPOILER ALERT: they become best friends and do pokemon sleepovers


Concept sketches for a animatic kindish something? (Im just gonna do a quick storyboard something with a song under it.) but for the story I also needed to design Dolley, Martha, Monroe and Adams. Im prob gonna change Martha’s design but im set on Dolleys design!
This is what happens when you are like: i know a good story but are too lazy to write it. And also want to have a excuse to draw Dolley.

How to Know if Youre a Kpop Fan

-Dabs alot
-Crys about concerts they cant go to and people they cant see
-Eyeliner and neck veins and thighs
-Screams at new hair styles/dyes
-Probs get judged alot
-Uses idol slang (eg Fighting)
-Gets accused of listening to “Ching Chong” or Japanese music
-May say things like Jisoos Christ

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- Ore Monogatari!!

- Owari no Seraph

- Free! 

- Haikyuu!!

- HunterxHunter

- Any anime in general tbh

- Manga caps

- Photography/aesthetic things

- Studio Ghibli


Okay so I’m probs gonna get so judged for asking this on my own account but I don’t care at this point😂I can’t seem to find this any on the blogs i follow. If you guys know of any good smuts involving Jungkook, Jimin or V that includes preferably a Mommy kink but if not then a daddy kink, could you send them my way? thank you babys ~ your thirsty as hell admin😘🔥

People who get all judgey when you wear the same sports bra twice in a row

I’m just like

from ab style’s 1st photobook, via ifellforyoutao [if you want this photobook ab style will have a stock sale soon!]

Pisces + The Signs
  • Pisces + Aries: "Fuck off"
  • Pisces + Taurus: Cute people who are always laughing
  • Pisces + Gemini: Emotional Dump Friends
  • Pisces + Cancer: Relationship Crisis Buddies
  • Pisces + Leo: "Can you n O T"
  • Pisces + Virgo: People Watching and probs judging
  • Pisces + Libra: Always on the same page
  • Pisces + Scorpio: BEST FRIENDS SQUAD
  • Pisces + Sagittarius: They find the same things attractive maybe.
  • Pisces + Capricorn: Stop
  • Pisces + Aquarius: Inventive/Creative Buddies
  • Pisces + Pisces: Actually has head in clouds

If I ever meet Taylor I’m gonna get my picture put on a blanket, on a mug, on a coaster, on stickers, on canvas, as a poster, as curtains, as a dress, as shoes, as earrings, as a bedspread, as a jumper, as a lil jacket for my dog, as plates, as cutlery, as a keychain, as a magnet, as upholstery for my couch, as a cushion, as carpet, as a rug…. Oh and I might print it out and stick it on my wall or frame it but idk that seems a bit over the top