they probably think theyre on drugs


david bowie fans: 

- gay 
- obsessed with glitter 
- dress like a 70s groupie 
- want to do cocaine

hole fans: 

- fights everyone that says courtney killed kurt 
- a ball of anger 
- smudges their lipstick on purpose 
- sleeps with everyone

nirvana fans: 

- probably depressed 
- buys vintage clothes 
- cries themselves to sleep 
- hates courtney love

amy winehouse fans: 

- cries about their ex 
- wears too much eyeliner 
- sleeps with their best friends crush 
- probably smokes weed

tøp fans: 

- depressed 
- makes weird conspiracies about blurryface 
- really emo
- never stops crying 

lady gaga fans: 

- gay 
- watches rupaul’s drag race 
- "LG5 will be soon”

eminem fans: 

- “i hate women”

sky ferreira fans: 

- have an aesthetic tumblr blog 
- smoke 
- “masochism will be released soon" 
- knows deep down that it wont

lana del rey fans:

- have a daddy kink 
- flirts with their older brothers friends 
- pouts 24/7 
- wants to do acid and fuck everyone 

melanie martinez fans: 

- wears babies clothes 
- bitchy af 
- cries about everything 
- fights anyone that says something bad about mel

the beatles fans: 

- lowkey bitchy 
- cry over paul mccartney 
- listens to vinyl 
 - wish they were alive in the 60s

mcr fans: 

- emo 
- think there will be a mcr reunion 
- have black hair 
- wear 20 wristbands

oasis fans: 

- thinks theyre a roadman 
- wears parka coats 
- uses ‘your mum’ as an insult 
- says 'fight me’ to everyone

the doors fans: 

- write poetry 
- read jack kerouac 
- do drugs
- love boys with beards

marina + the diamonds fans: 

- that FROOT is familiar! 
- electra heart is the best era 
- calls themselves a heartbreaker 
- has never had a bf

halsey fans: 

- vegan 
- wears foundation darker than their face 
- has an aesthetic blog 
- probably sad

miley cyrus fans: 

- smokes weed everyday 
- hannah montana is dead ! 
- literally wont shutup about weed 
- weed weed weed weed

rihanna fans: 

- ready to fight a bitch anytime 
- never stops twerking 
- dont fuck with them 
- wears leather bras

the smiths fans: 

- never leave their room 
- depressed 
- tweets that pic of morrissey holding his tit all day

5sos fans: 

- rats in human form 
- start wars with other fanbases 
- never stop screaming over everything 
-need to shut up

fka twigs fans: 

- probably have a ouija board 
- angelic but deadly 
- always wear black clothes 
- perfect lipstick all the time

drake fans: 

- still not over their ex 
- bitches about their ex’s new gf 
- has fake gucci bags 
- eyeliner so sharp it could kill a bitch

velvet underground fans: 

- only ever wear black 
- smoke cigarettes for the aesthetic 
- love andy warhol 
- probably bisexual

by @francesxox on Twitter.

anonymous asked:

if you are free, do u know a lot about roy harper and hal's relationship? i vaguely know he and dinah tend to look at for roy and i thought it was very sweet.


okay to be FAIR they dont have a LOT of canon interactions but theyre implied to hang out like… behind the scenes. but lets start at the beginning aka roy’s most important comic to this date probably… so “snowbirds don’t fly” (gl vol 3 #85-86), the iconic drug issue

you probably know the story as this is one of dc’s most famous comic, it won several awards yadda yadda, the long story short, roy turns out to be addicted to heroine but its interesting to see how people important to him react to that

ollie FLIPS and kicks roy out because he is really anti-drugs and he had a fucking lousy week tbh but hal BUT HAL

he finds roy going thru withdrawals AND HE!!! HELPS HIM, roy doesnt want to take him to hospital so hal does the smartest thing AND HE BRINGS HIM TO DINAH!!! LISTEN IM DEAD!!!!! he even asks questions, he wants to know how roy started how to help him etc

and look at this page im not crying ur crying

and when roy and ollie meet up again

listen im so Emotional abt hal and dinah being there for roy TOGETHER… and that gets us to 00s justice league but before that a bit of ACTUAL justice

okay so justice league of america vol 2… its a rly good series tbh and it starts off with justice league being rebuilt after it got disbanded, hal recently came back from the dead (long story) and this series rly shows the kind of relationship him and roy have. roy is no longer ollie’s sidekick, he’s all grown up but he recognizes who helped make him the man he is today


ARE YOU CRYING YET!!!! its canonTM that hal was a frequent visitor in arrowcave, fuck he celebrated thanksgiving with ollie and dinah rather than with his actual family, THIS IS WHAT I MEAN WHEN I SAY THAT HAL IS PART OF ARROWFAM but lets keep going

HAL REGRETTING HE WASNT THERE TO SEE ROY GROW (cause he was dead. long story)??? and also in earlier panels hes so!!! fascinated by lian and declares himself an uncle??? FUCK ME UP

DINAH CALLING HAL OUT holy shit theyre such parents tbh??? god i love them i love hal and dinah so much

also resolution to that target practice

kill me i love them so much

and at the end of the first arc in jl vol 2, roy becomes red arrow and those 2 cry??? i shit u not they cry

“family business. family name.” ENOUGH!!!!  E N O U G H…. theres more of that in the series alone and there are some other good interactions im forgetting about BUT THE POINT IS that hal is absolutely part of the family (mia seems to like him a lot, hal saved connors life etc) AND GOOD LORD i love that he loves roy i think he sees a lot of himself in roy and would hate to see roy make the same mistakes??? but he also recognizes that roy is his own person, not ollie’s sidekick or w/e, he respects him a lot and him and dinah just have the best relationship tbh idk i love hal and arrowfam i hAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS OKAY

stereotypical views of the signs based on people i know
  • Aries: literally wants to fight everybody. very protective but sometimes too protective. cocky as hell. gets offended easily and doesnt take jokes very well. they know how to party tho ayy lmao
  • Taurus: very lazy. says "but i'm fat" every time you ask them to do something. the definition of stubborn; if you dont agree then youre wrong. if you ask them what theyre doing theyre probably eating. would probably glue themselves to their bed if they havent tried already.
  • Gemini: very very very hypocritical. probably talks bad about you behind your back. talks about really weird shit dude wtf are you on. funny asf tho.
  • Cancer: very whiny. goofs off a lot. really enjoys music and probably cries to it in their room at 2am. seems very kind but is sort of a bitch.
  • Leo: rude as hell. thinks theyre the queen/king. theyre prettier than you and nothing you can say will change their mind on that. flirting pros 101. usually never shuts the hell up. knows like everybody, they probably friends with beyonce.
  • Virgo: geeky nerd who makes good grades and always knows the answer in class. pretty shy and awkward at first. can get really deep if they trust you like whoa man. very interesting people to talk to. seems innocent but they dirty as hellll oh shiiiit.
  • Libra: very sweet. kind of an emotional mess thats going to breakdown any moment now. usually very happy though and knows just how to make you smile. good at making you feel guilty oh my god why would you ever do that??! cute as can be tho. HYPED ASF
  • Scorpio: probably thinkin bout bendin u over/gettin bent over in the middle of class. hotter than the bottom of their laptop after watching hours of porn. very secretive and mysterious they dont let many people in. usually have a really addictive voice. smile will make you melt.
  • Sagittarius: uses "lol" a lot. extremely goofy and sometimes childish. energetic and seems very friendly. kind of an asshole once you get to know them. likes to do fun and creative things that you wouldnt think of everyday. daredevils. HUGE FLIRTS
  • Capricorn: theyre always right and youre always wrong. they think theyre the shit but i mean they probably are. bad temper. funny and fun to be around if theyre in a good mood but if one thing goes wrong they spawn into satan himself. holds grudges for a while. very smart and good with words.
  • Aquarius: seem like theyre on drugs cause theyre so chill half the time while the other half theyre bouncing off the walls. loves coming up with things and likes telling people about these things. gets bootyhurt a lot. laughs really loud oh m ygod
  • Pisces: quiet at first. very sweet when you are friends. but dont mistake their kindness for weakness cause they can turn on you in a heartbeat lol better watch out. creative and doodles on the desk sometimes. listens to music a lot and has some deep connections with it. daydreams and sleeps a lot.