they probably think im a weird too

small description of each mbti type:

istj: prefers their cat over u, secretly really romantic but wont admit it, finds moustaches/beards aesthetically pleasing

isfj: secretly a wine mom, likes to bake, lawful good

infj: probably still emo, cute but kinda avoidant, great clothing style

intj: dark and mysterious, kinda hot, always helps others

istp: loves road trips, cute and dorky, likes netflix and pranks

isfp: really weird, artistic, everyone thinks they’re adorable

infp: emo as hell, cares a lot, very deep and complex 

intp: sarcastic motherfuckers, kinda shy but probably wont admit it, awkward and cute

estp: everyone wants to have sex with them, u either love them or hate them, acts very confident

esfp: genuinely loves everyone and everything, charming, intelligent but doesn’t show it

enfp: overdramatic, too many puns, very lovable

entp: meme lord, genuinely doesn’t like people, will fight u

estj: dad friend, drinks a lot of coffee, looks angry

esfj: will bake u cookies, mom friend, too sweet

enfj: weird but charming, knows a lot more than it seems, falls in love too easily

entj: thinks they’re awesome(and they’re right), has great hair, funny sometimes

Every Time You Call

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written by: Mel | @caramelkru

prompt: ‘modern day fic where bellarke decide to send nudes to each other even though they’re just friends? ’ for anonymous

word count: 1406

[10.42pm] bellamy?

[10.45pm] Clarke

[10.45pm] ok good. just making sure u’re holding ur phone

[10.46pm] … What??

[10.47pm] Clarke sent an image

[10.49pm] Uh

[10.49pm] That is

[10.50pm] stop typing n backspacing n typing again u can ditch the awkward idk-whats-goin-on spiel i just needed to vent

[10.51pm] With a picture of your boobs?????

[10.51pm] … Those are YOUR boobs, right?

[10.53pm] yes very much mine

[10.54pm] i’m making up for all the unsolicited dick pics out there in the world

[10.54pm] By sending an unsolicited boob pic?

[10.54pm] boob pics are always solicited

[10.55pm] Fair point

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What is the garlic bread au???

i think of this goddamn au everytime i even SEE garlic bread smh.

Basically it started with me and sven joking about what if Lance had a nightmare about never being able to eat garlic bread again and woke up in a cold sweat and calls Keith at like, 4 am before hanging up and calling Hunk for more sympathy and leaves Keith filled with rage and hunger for garlic bread for hours and he loses sleep over it.
The most memorable things about this au though, is that somehow we got to where Pidge eats garlic bread with peanut butter on top and threatens to eat it in front of people to get what she wants (((the threat doesnt phase Keith because lbr he probably eats weird food combos too))) ((Shiro and Matt are unfazed due to exposure of Keith and Pidges Nasty eating habits)).

anyways thats the garlic bread au and why every time i see garlic bread i think of peanut butter and pidge.

There’s occasional mention of the Kira task force in the lowlightprimed tag.
Is that case going on as well?
In LLPs world, is there a Kira that’s killing people?
What stage is Kira in?
Why didn’t he just kill B?

Edit: wow I can’t believe there’s a Kira out there… Kiraing… Right now… What a douchebag.

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someone's probably asked you this before, but do you see lin as more of your idol or your boss or both? (ps im love you)

neither really?? Hes a celebrity that i look up to, not like ~my idol~ i think it weirds ppl out to be put on that sorta pedestal like theyve never done anything wrong

i also never work with him directly for teerico its just his company so i wouldnt call him my boss either (ps im love you too)

College!AU Hongbin

find leo (here), ravi (here) & hakyeon (here

  • major: art history 
  • minor: painting 
  • sports: basketball team 
  • clubs: sculpting club, gardening club 
  • always running into class late with his hair a mess and his glasses on crooked and sketches falling out of his bag but it’s ok because somehow he manages to make the whole look very cute 
  • takes meticulous notes and carries around a huge binder with post-its of all colors and shapes sticking out of it and people are always like ?? how do you manage to find anything in that monster and hongbin just laughs nervously like haHah i ,,, uh,,, have a system hehe
  • loves loves lOVES all the classes he’s taking about art in different parts of the world especially middle eastern art and mediterranean, gets so inspired and enthusiastic talking about the art that sometimes he starts skipping or stuttering over his words and he gets embarrassed because oh no,,, he rambled again
  • prehistoric art is the only class he sometimes manages to fall asleep in but then he keeps himself awake by sketching random students or objects in his drawing pad 
  • joined sculpting club and not painting club because he thought it’d be nice to learn about another kind of art and he likes working with his hands (plus he looks adorable wearing the apron and getting little chunks of clay on his cheeks and it’s just so damn cute and aesthetic gdi hongbin)
  • his first sculpting project was a mug for his mom (: she loved it even though it was slightly misshapen 
  • the only person on the basketball team with an art major and the other dudes tease him for it but then his friend ravi from the soccer team is just like ??? bro art is savage??? and super hard??? so what if you’re not like a chem major or whatever - art is just as important??? bro it’s so cool don’t let it get you down man you’re so talented??? the bromance is strong
  • but anyway you meet hongbin in a painting class that you’re just taking as an elective and you notice he’s so excited like he keeps toying with the brushes before the teacher even starts talking and it’s like really cute,, 
  • and for a couple of weeks you just admire him from afar because like you never have the courage to really ask him anything but then one day 
  • you guys are working on doing like watercolor paintings and you notice that hongbin has a mug with him with some coffee and then he has a cup of water he’s putting the paint into and you’re like oh ok but then …. he reaches for the mug with paint in it and is like bringing it up to his lips and you’re like WA IT 
  • and you like run over and put your hand on his and you’re like !!!!! stop!!!! that’s not something you should drink!!!!
  • and hongbin looks at you with wide eyes like ???? it’s coffee though and you’re shaking your head like no!! it’s paint look!! and he does and his surprised face gets even more shocked and he’s like oh MY g  od i almost drank paint holy moly 
  • and you’re like please be careful,,, paint is probably not good for you and hongbin’s like you’re right i need to be more aware and he chuckles and smiles and oh god you feel your heartbeat get louder because he looks so angelic when he’s laughing and you’re just like u H well ill go back to,,, my painting 
  • and hongbin’s like oh yeah haha sorry but thank you for essentially saving my life haha and he scratches his neck and you’re like oh no it’s nothing haha and you two are just in this awkward flusteredness until the teacher says times up and you’re like well i??? will see you next week
  • and hongbin bows like yeah!!! see you
  • and tbh neither you or hongbin can stop thinking about the other person that whole week
  • like even during basketball practice he’s standing there looking at the hoop and he’s like ,,,,that person was so nice and really pretty and ,,,,,do you think maybe i could keep talking to them/???? no….no…they probably think im a fool for almost drinking paint water…and he probably accidentally gets hit with the ball for daydreaming rofl
  • but basically the next week comes around and you’re like setting up your easel and trying not to think about how cute hongbin’s gonna look when he shows up to class
  • and when he does he’s as Cute as expected and you’re like frick but then suddenly you see him like casually moving his own easel closer to yours and he’s like !! hey,,,,do you remember me?? you saved me from drinking paint water haha
  • and you’re like of course!!! what’s up?? and he’s like oh i was just wondering you know how the teacher was like we need to paint portraits and you’re like mhmm and he’s like weLL is it cool if i paint…you???? iTS Fine if YOU Wanna SaY no Hah ,,, aa,,,,
  • and you start blushing because omg,,no no it’s fine,,,but ??? why me??? and you’re kind of like im not that interesting and hongbin’s like no!!! no you really are and id be honored to paint you and you’re like honored????? and he’s like oops is that too weird to say,,,
  • and god you two are just awkward and blushy but also giggly 
  • and like as you begin to paint you and hongbin talk and everytime you laugh you notice how his eyes curve up and how pretty his mouth looks and you’re like oh god he’s painting me but he’s the real art here
  • and hongbin is probably thinking like im painting them but they’re already art 
  • so cheesy it hurts but moving on
  • and you guys just like get to know each other better and end up laughing at jokes you make or sarcastic comments about how hard painting is and how shit college is and you know everything else
  • and like painting class slowly becomes your favorite because hongbins there and sometimes he comes in with fresh fruit he got from the campus garden because he tells you he’s part of gardening club and you’re like omg how could he get more,,,,,,adorable
  • and you stop hongbin from drinking paint water again,,,,and then again because he really seems to be bad at coordinating his materials like he shows you his backpack once and it’s a mess of notes, drawings, pencils, and snack wrappers and you’re like omg hongbin
  • and before you know it the paintings of portraits are due and you come in excited because hongbin hasn’t let you see the one he’s done of you until now and like when he shows it to you he gets super shy and hides his head in his hands and he’s like im sorry if it’s bad,,,it’s bad isn’t it???
  • and you’re like left in shock because it looks like a photograph and you’re like hongbin,,,,,,,,,how are you so talented it’s so beautiful i wish i could keep it too bad you have to hand it in
  • and hongbin gets all red in the face and ears like it’s not tHAT good and you like hold his face in your hands and you’re like lee hongbin you are an ARTIST it’s so amazing you made me look better than i do 
  • and he smiles because god he’s so relieved you like it but he’s also biting his lip like ,,,, no,,,, i think the real you,,,is much more beautiful,,,,
  • and you’re like beautiful?? in your head and you kind of don’t know what to say and it’s just so soft between you two 
  • and afterclass hongbin finally f I N A  L  L y asks you if you wanna go get something to eat with him sometime and you’re like i would love that!! 
  • and it’s your first date and hongbin comes to pick you up outside your dorm with his hair actually combed and all the paint washed from his fingertips and he compliments your outfit and shakely offers his hand for you to hold and it’s just so pure
  • he takes you to this little italian styled restaurant with murals of the street of italy painted on the walls and like plants and vegetables and spices hanging from everywhere and it’s small but cozy and the food is great and hongbin asks nervously if he can take a photo of you he brought along like a little polaroid camera and you’re like ,,, if you want,,,,
  • and he does and when the photo comes out he’s like you look so cute!! and you’re like t,,thank you!! and you’re like hey if you get a photo of me let me get one of you and you snap one of him being all shy and it’s cute you guys have like matching photos of each other
  • and when hongbin is walking you back to the dorm he pulls something out of his pocket and it’s a folded up piece of paper and when you unfold it it’s like a rough, quick sketch of you and he’s like ,,, i did this in class once when you were just painting,,, i thought you’d like to have it and you’re like omf hongbin
  • and somehow it gives you this spike of courage to lean up and kiss him and hongbin’s eyes go wide but so does his mouth he smiles so much when you pull back and he’s like wow and you’re like ,,,,,,wow is right
  • and ITS SO CUTE like you guys go out on cute dates to cafes or to bookstores to look at the art books or to museums and hongbin is so knowledgable and you learn so much
  • and sometimes you come with him to gardening club and you guys tend to flowers together
  • or sometimes you guys just sit around on the quad while hongbin rests his head in your lap
  • fINALLY you make him sit down and organize his binder and he’s like it’s going to get messy in a week again and you like kiss his nose like that’s fine we can do another organize-hongbins-notes date i dont mind and he’s like i love you so much damn 
  • one day you find out that hongbin actually has a pet bunny in his dorm that he shares with some dude named gongchan and you’re like no way we can’t have animals on campus??? and hongbin’s like i know,,, but gongchan saw him in a store window and now we kind of own him and he’s cute his names thumper and you’re like omg like the disney character and hongbin’s like listen gongchan is corny and you’re like i think it’s you, lee hongbin, who is corny
  • but yes you spend like hours in his dorm playing with the bunny while hongbin gets stuff ready for his art classes or just watches you with this serene smile
  • you and hongbin also both embarrassingly love doing karaoke dates especially when he gets a little tipsy and starts bawling out park hyoshin songs and you’re like Yes  BA by sIN G and he’s just getting way too into it
  • he keeps getting paint on his clothes and so you’re always coming over to make him do laundry and he’s like but the paint stains won’t come out and you’re like with a little scrubbing they will trust me 
  • hongbin bringing you fresh flowers from the campus garden in secret (-: 
  • tbh his best friend ravi made hongbin put a flower emoji next to your name in his phone because he spilled to you that when you’re not around hongbin calls you his rose and you’re like oH and hongbin like slide under the table like f UCK rAVI SH  U S H
  • it’s actually super cute like on the day after his finals were all over and you know he had been stressing about one of his art history finals you like asked gongchan to leave the dorm and you wanted to surprise hongbin with a cake and congratulations for getting through the tests when you walked in on him and he was like
  • laying on his bed without a shirt like on his stomach and like the light from the windows was making patterns on his spine 
  • and he was sleeping just looking serene like ART and you almost dropped the cake from blushing and like you wanted to leave but you put the cake in the kitchen and turned around aND hONG BIN was  TH ERE and youre Like O H my god
  • and he’s like rubbing his eyes sleepily like ,,, you’re here??? and you’re like y,,,eah i wanted to say goodjob on the finals and he steps closer and he’s still not wearing a shirt and god he looks like a greek god sculpture 
  • and suddenly he just takes your wrists in his and pulls you into his arms to hug you and he’s still drowsy with sleep but he’s like nuzzling into your neck like ,,,, stay with me
  • and slowly you like make way back to his bed and you’re losing clothes the whole way there and well
  • hongbin is just a very gentle person and loving and his lips feel as soft as petals against your skin
  • and it’s super romantic after you’re just laying there in a dizzy happiness and he’s like ,,,, oh god we just and you’re like y e a h,,,, and he just hides his face in a pillow 
  • soooooOOOOooo cute
  • you specifically buy him a mug that says “NOT PAINT WATER” on it so you know he’s safe when you’re not around
  • painter hongbin giving you shy kisses on the forehead because he can’t hold your face to kiss you because he’s holding a brush in one hand and the other hand is covered in paint
  • on your birthday he surprises you by giving you the original portrait painting he did of you in the class you two met in and you almost cry and he just gets frazzled like no,, nO this supposed to be romantic and you’re like hongbin
  • and he’s like yes
  • and you like jump into his arms and he’s like OOOhhhh ok you like it good!!!! 

I found out that “Bambi Lesbian” is a term used to describe lesbians who prefer cuddly physical affection rather than sexual. So of course this needs to exist?  (ps its transparent)

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OK I HAVE TO SAY you're such a smol how do u do it? honestly you're actually adorable & i want to be your friend but like you'd probably think i'm an egg and. ok im going to go now and stop being weird ily

HI i am smol thanks to my dad’s side of the family and I guess being adorable is just an added bonus LOL.

Man, no stress. I am an egg too. We can be egg friends together okay ily.

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i am very scared, confused, and curious as to what this 'Hadaka Shitsuji' is, if my wapanese is correct the title means 'Naked Butler', but the screenshots didn't look that bad (not the google one anyway) you sure you don't wanna explain it? (like the way you did with sweet pool)


Hadaka Shitsuji (Naked Butler) is a BL game made in 2011 by the studio Mada Koubou. What a lot of people don’t realize is that Mada Koubou isn’t actually a company- it’s just one guy. The only other people involved in the production of this game are the voice actors (including the great Kazuhiko Inoue whom you’ll recognize as the voice of Kakashi from Naruto or Miyagi from Junjou Romantica). All the other voice actors are either haven’t been in anything else or are using aliases (and for good fucking reason!). Also according to a very reliable source, the creator’s own mother and brother were involved in the making of this shitfest. :I It’s just a very bizarre thing that shouldn’t exist if there is really a God.

The game itself stars Tomoaki Maeda- a college student living in a shitty little apartment and paying his way through life working part-time at a restaurant. He’s not exactly a nice character and does a lot of complaining, but don’t worry- he gets a lot fucking worse later. One day, out of the blue, an ad comes in the mail about a full-time job that pays a butt-load of money per day and all you have to do is sit and do nothing. Doubtful of the ad’s legitimacy, Tomoaki steels himself and goes to the address on the ad anyway.

When Tomoaki gets there, he’s greeted with the sight of a huge mansion and a young man dressed in a snappy suit welcoming him in the front yard.

The young man introduces himself as Sakuma (voiced by Kazuhiko Inoue)- the head butler of the estate. He explains that the master of the manor is away and the ad Tomoaki received was an application to watch over the mansion for a month until the master returns. Tomoaki is still very skeptical, but follows Sakuma inside anyway.

Upon entering the mansion, Tomoaki is given the run-down of the entire place by an elderly gentleman named Mizoguchi.

It’s Mizoguchi’s job to tell Tomoaki everything he needs to know as well do everything he says. He’s basically exposition the character and he explains further about the master being away and Tomoaki taking over for 30 days. Basically, he tells Tomoaki that he has free access to everything and anyone in the manor. He can eat, do, steal, etc. anything he wants. Of course, this also means that all the servants in the house must obey every order he gives- no matter what. His word is absolute and for someone like Tomoaki…. power is a horrible thing to give. :/

Sakuma gives Tomoaki the grand tour of the mansion and introduces all the other butlers in the house. First, we have Arisato.

Arisato is the youngest and while he may look about 12- don’t worry, he’s totally legal. He’s a little clumsy and still learning about what it takes to be a great butler like Sakuma, but he’s real cute so you’ll have to excuse him.

Next is Toudou. Toudou is the bara character who looks big and tough on the outside, but is actually just a big teddy bear who gets flustered easily and is really quick to apologize.

Sakuma leads Tomoaki out into the garden and introduces him to the gardener, Ichinose (bless you Ichinose im so sorry about what happens to you </3). Ichinose is shy, timid, and connects more with plants than he does with people. Tomoaki thinks he’s creepy and weird right off the bat but he’s actually a big sweetie uNLIKE YOU TOMOAKI GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Back inside, Sakuma leads Tomoaki to the kitchen and introduces him to the head chef, Komine. Komine is fun-loving and bouncy as heck. Also probably has ADD or some kind of head trauma. Also he has a kansai accent, which is actually really effing adorable okay (ugh komine im so sorry about you too fUCK)

There ain’t much of an overarching “story” per se- things just kind of happen depending on which butler Tomoaki talks to regularly. And you’ll have to forgive me since I haven’t even played the whole game and the routes I have played I must’ve done over a year ago. :/

Basically, the idea is that Tomoaki is an evil douchebag to these poor boys. Over time, he becomes physically, emotionally, mentally, and sexually abusive towards all of them and the good endings are the ones where Tomoaki makes them submit entirely to his will until they are broken of mind, body, and spirit. D: Playing the game makes you feel like you’re in the head of a fucking serial rapist who’s only interest is making innocent people suffer because he fucking can. So if you like rape, bondage, physical abuse, cum eating, bukkake, water sports, cum inflation, cross-dressing, food play, voyeurism, beastiality, gang rape, torture porn, sado-masochism, people as public toilets, penis nipples, and all that fucking ahegao, you are in for a treat. Me, on the other hand…Fuck you Tomoaki. :I

Also I’d like to mention that the voice actor of Ichinose and the voice actor of Tomoaki are actually best friends. Because that’s not fucking weird.

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yes! please recommend some

I feel like I can only rec taekook fics cause they’re the only pairing that I read tons of fanfics of……. I AM A TRASH YES I ADMIT AND I THINK I NEED HELP

These are from my browser’s bookmarks so I’m sure these aren’t everything, haha! Maybe I’d make a page for my fanfic addiction…..??? ALSO, I barely read fantasy!au and angst so these are probably mostly fluff and smut lol. (I’m a sucker for romance I obviously don’t experience myself.)

***bold ones contain smut, be warned!***

  • can you be (mine?) — Taehyung likes Iced Caramel Macchiatos, the Arts, and a man that vaguely resembles the Adonis statue.(i saw you at starbucks once and immediately started crushing on you and oh shit did you just talk to me? fuck im so weird you’re probably weirded out im so dead kill me now au)
  • come on, lattice bond — lab!au
  • cut out all the ropes (let me fall) —  Being Korea’s most successful model has been working pretty well for Taehyung. That is, until Jeon Jeongguk appears.
  • cuz in a sky full of stars (i think i saw you) — taehyung always has bad ideas. and jeongguk thinks this might be the best. fake dating!au
  • Date Me —  Taehyung flirts with the cute high school boy and relishes in the flustered reaction he gets for almost an entire year. But when the following year comes along, he finds himself choking on his own words.
  • Don’t Let Your Love Go To Waste —  Taehyung and Jungkook meet on Omegle.
  • Hit and Run —  Jimin and Jungkook have been the top hitmen duo in Seoul since the day they picked up their first revolvers and shot a man without a second look back. But when they cross paths with a skilled hacker by the name of Kim Taehyung, things start to change up a little.
  • I feel safe in the 5 a.m. light (love in my arms and the sun in my eyes) — And Taehyung thinks he’s never loved anyone more in his life than the boy above him who’s a little bit rough and sometimes a bit insensitive and maybe a little bit mean, but he’s also so soft and so gentle, and he treats Taehyung like he’s something so precious to him.
  • Kiss Me Hard Before You Go — fake dating!au where jeongguk and taehyung pulled the biggest prank on their friends. guess the joke’s on them! 
  • law & order —  innocent jeongguk gets distracted by cute tae in the office he’s currently working at
  • maybe we’re all just fools —  Jeongguk likes to run. He’s never wanted anyone to run with him before.
  • Pucker Up —  Admit One: Kissing Booth Ticket
  • Riptide — fwb!au + college!au + fake dating!au combo
  • Serve & Protect — After a grueling two years of police university training, Kim Taehyung is excited to join the ranks of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s new recruits. But getting partnered up with senior police officer, Jeon Jungkook, just might be his biggest challenge yet.
  • Will you be my Forever? —  From the moment Jungkook turned 18, he had been excited to see the numbers appear on his wrist. soulmate!au.
  • you can leave a toothbrush (at my place) — fwb!au


Got7 Reaction To You Walking Around The House in Your Underwear

“Could u do a bigbang,got7 or bts reaction to u just casually walking around the house in just a bra and panties? Idk why i keep thinking of that happening maybe im weird XD btw i love ur blog ^^”

Awww thank you so much sweetie! I decided to do GOT7 for this one :)

P.S: If you think you’re weird for this then what even would describe me 😂


Jackson: “Nice view… Should I just join you? *takes off shirt*

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JB: “Y/n, you better put some clothes on while I’m being calm and civil or you’re gonna regret it later when I’ll lose control and slam you against the wall”

Originally posted by morkeutuan

Mark: *just stares at you, totally taken aback… And probably kinda turned on too*

(ok real quick, you can’t tell me Mark didn’t look like he said “ah shit” right after he fUCKING LICKED HIS LIPS LIKE OMFG… And it’s kinda why I chose this gif tbvh 😂😂😂)

Originally posted by markjin

Junior: “It’s not like it’s the first time I’ve seen you in your underwear, but I sure as hell hope you didn’t leave your clothes on the ground” *like a mom boss*

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Yugyeom: “Do you always do that or did you want me do something to you?” *keeps teasing you about it but is internally dying*

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Bambam: This gif explains everything tbh 

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Jim, toby, and claire, moonwalk along with a variety of weird dance moves into the heroes forge for a day of training, how do arrrgh, blinky, and draal react?

anon, i only do reader/canon/etc requests……..but this is too fucking cute so IM GIVING YOU A PASS


Arrrgh joins in, asking Toby to help him get it right. He thinks it’s fun, to be honest!

Blinky probably just tells them to knock it off and get back to ‘work’. Either that, or, when no one’s looking, he joins you guys with very outdated dance moves.

Draal thinks Jim is threatening him, and then proceeds to fling his ass into the sun. Or he just pushes him over because he wants to fuck with him.

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Gimme more filipino lance aus

YAAAA!!!!!! honestly im cryin filipino lance is everything i need in life tbh

  • he totally grew up listening to his mom watching teleseryes and probably had crushes on both judy ann santos and piolo pascual
    • he totally didn’t cry when maya and ser chief from ‘be careful with my heart’ got married
    • he tries to reenact a dramatic love scene with keith but keith just does not understand
  • he fuckin g probably knows all the words to the chorus of showtime and wowowee gOD
    • lance is the youngest of his siblings so he’s always wanted to be a kuya to someone :’)))
    • he also calls them bunso but pidge gets really defensive because they think lance is insulting him or something
  • every time he fights with keith he mutters bastos and keith always thinks he’s calling him “bastard” so they keep fighting for an extra 30 minutes (huge groan from the entire voltron team)
  • can cook up a kickass meal of the following, thanks to his nanay and tatay, not limited to but including:
    • adobo
    • filipino style curry (where u mix coconut milk into curry)
    • nilaga
    • afritada
    • pancit
  • he probably talks with hunk about how much he misses spam bc i headcanon hunk as hawaiian and im so glad hawaiians love spam just as much as we do
  • probably thinks about the song “this guy’s in love with you pare” by parokya ni edgar whenever he thinks about keith
    • harana is like his fav song and he’s always humming the song and keith always listens in and he’s always charmed
  • won’t admit it but is kinda lowkey scared of rivers because of stories his lolo used to tell him of mermaids who would snatch ur body if you would go too far deep into the water
  • and he probably has a really weird relationship with religion bc filipinos are catholic as fuck but he’s not really feelin it (he just goes to church every sunday to appease his parents tho

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10, 14, 146 from the ask meme and a reminder that you're nothing short of amazing

!!!!!!!!!! you’re so sweet thank you YOU’RE AMAZING!!!

10. Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?
mmm probably my friend Monika, we were talking abt life and shit :D

14. Do you believe in luck and miracles?
I do believe in miracles, not so much luck, but like, if you do a good thing, good things will happen to you too eventually. w luck you dont’ really work for the good things you get, ya know?

146. Was today a good day?
it is!!! I literally woke up an hour ago ((like 12:30)) and now im watching adventure time, waiting for a weird paranormal show to come on ((i love taht shit)) AND i think imma finish the bee today so i can start on another pattern soon! :D

dreamhouse777 replied to your post “being completely honest i have seen about 20 posts yapping about the…”

like i can just imagine some chump on tumblr being like “uh idk why nobody is talking about this but the mcelroy boys are extremely problematic and trash? they’re friends with the guy who wrote hamilton??? tbh if you like mcelroy brothers youre trash too” and the fallout would be twice as hard because people have made them out to be these perfect bastions of goodness when in reality they’re just decent guys who are probably unaware of the weird niche things tumblr hates

yeah u right that this is something that’s super easy to see happening lmao

still though! i think that some people are jumping on the anti-mcelroy train for no reason other than that they’re popular and maybe overexposed rn, if im being honest

anything that gets popular enough develops a vocal hatedom

I decided today was the day to finally cave and start listening to the Adventure Zone at work. This is my first real exposure to the McElroys, fyi.

I made it seven minutes into the pilot before I had to pause to compose myself.

Should come with a warning – will laugh too hard to get any work done while listening

wearing a packer is really different than a binder. to me it feels much more foreign and risky. i want to wear mine way more than i actually do because im constantly worried if it looks fake or too big or in a weird position that i don’t notice because im going places.

but then I have to think that probably no one would notice it at all unless maybe it fell out of my pants but just the chance of that happening is so frustrating. it’s a reminder it’s fake and a reminder that it’s not physically me. it’s really hard to separate the physical and the mental parts of myself sometimes.

i’ve had way more bottom dysphoria lately and making any sex or almost sex things awful. then i end up splitting on people way worse than usual.

hoping to get better underwear for my packer and get more used to wearing it. i think it’ll be easier if those things work out.

Best Day of Your Life

superavengelocker : Hi! Sorry to add to your probably long queue of requests but I was wondering if you could write one where you are a new YouTuber and it’s not going too well. You’re not gaining a lot of subscribers blah blah. Then you get a random message from danisnotonfire saying he loves your YouTube channel and would like to do a video with you? 🙏 sorry I always feel rude requesting. Love your blog btw. Especially the teacher one xx

You should never feel rude sending a request! I really appreciate each one I get and feel terrible about the ones I haven’t been able to do yet. Thank-you so much for reading my writing and I’m sorry this isn’t so good.. I’ve writing it while baby sitting a 5yr old. Please let me know what you think and I hope you have a wonderful day/night xxoo

You never expected to become a famous youtuber, but a few more views and subscribers couldn’t hurt?
You had started making videos for your channel 4 months ago and did your best to upload at least twice a week, and with all the editing you didn’t have much spare time on your hands.

Why didn’t you just give up? Because you still had the 86 subscribers who you appreciate more than anything else you had achieved in your life, and when you considered stopping, they would beg you to continue and upload more.

You set up your camera and began the intro for your video, you were mid sentence when your computer chimed, letting you know the you had received a new message in your inbox. You groaned at the fact that you hadn’t muted it as you pressed stop on the camera. You waked over, taken a seat before clicking on your inbox.

Your heart beat sped up and eyes went wide as you saw who the message was from… Danisnotonfire.
You clicked on his name with a shaky hand and watched as the message loaded.


Hello Y/n, How are you?

I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your channel! You videos are so well edited and always so captivating. It’s unfortunate that you don’t have more viewers, you really do deserve it.

Oh, I should probably say that I’m also a youtuber. I’m not sure if you are aware of my channel or if you’re a subscriber yourself. Anyway, the purpose of this message was to let you know that I love your channel and to see if you were interested in doing a collaboration? It would mean a lot to me and I think we would work well together.. as in like.. making a good video..

Im going to shut up now before I say something too weird, but please message me back and let me know if you are interested.

- Dan Howell

How do you breath again? Thee Dan Howell wanted to make a video with you?! You couldn’t help but giggle a bit at the awkwardness of the message and that he thinks that you might not know who he is.

You spent the next 15 minute trying to think of a reply… Of course you wanted to make a video with him but how do you say it without seeming desperate? After deleting at least 10 replies, you settled on the most simple.


Hi Dan! I’m great thanks, how are you?

Thank-you so much for watching my videos! I cannot explain how happy that makes me. And of course I know of the internet cult leader, and yes I am subscribed :)

I would absolutely love to do a video with you, that would be a wonderful experience. If you are still interested, let me know when and where (If you would like to, we could film it at my place).


Dan had replied almost instantly, and you both arranged to film at your apartment the very next day and you both decided on what you were going to do for the video.

Sleep seemed impossible that night as you thought over the day. You still couldn’t believe that danisnotonfire, Dan Howell, Had messaged you. Not only that, but he would be in the same room as you tomorrow.. your room!


You woke up early, excitement tingling through your body as you planned out the day in your head. You cleaned the house, making sure it was presentable for your special guest. You showered, changed and got ready, and apparently just in time as there was a knock at the front door.


You jogged to the door, making sure you looked okay before slowly opening it.
Standing there was the man himself, dressed in all black and body towering over your own.

“Hi” He greets with a smile on his face.

“Hey, uh. Come on in” You say as you hold the door right open and welcome him.

You both end up talking for an hour over coffee before heading to your room to film. The talk made everything less awkward as you found out more about each other and common interests and opinions.

You both sat on the edge of your bed as Dan set up his camera and began to film.

“Hey internet..”


You had both finished filming and spent the afternoon together laughing, teasing and editing the videos.

“Are you ready?” Dan questioned as both of you hovered your fingers over the upload buttons, ready to do it at the same time.

“Ready” you replied with a smile. You both clicked on the button and shut your computers.

“So y/n… I was wondering if you wanted to go get dinner or something tonight? I’ve just… Had a really good day and don’t want it to end yet…” Dan questioned, making your cheeks blush like crazy.

“Of course… I would love that” you reply with a smile on your face.

You both organised where you would go and packed all your stuff away. You couldn’t help but check the comments and views of the new videos before you left.

Your eyes widened and a gasp left your lips as you saw how many new subscribers you had. From 86 subscribers to
190,046. You a tear running down your cheek as you became over whelmed. You did the only thing you could think of, jumping up and running to Dan, instantly wrapping your arms around him.

He let out a content laugh as he loved seeing how happy you currently were.

“Thank-you Dan. This is all thanks to you” you whisper.

“It’s not a problem y/n, now how about we go get that dinner” he replies, wiping the tear from your cheek and taking your hand as he leads you out of the apartment.

Now this was the best day of your life.

anonymous asked:

ive been masturbating for like, a good three years now ( obviously not FOR three yea- I'm sure you get the point ;) ) and I'm certain that I'm orgasming because my clit is too sensitive to touch afterward - but its so weak ! like I'm not expecting it to be earth shattering, but I thought it would be more satisfying than it is - literally itching a bothersome itch is more pleasurable lol ! and yes ive used a vibrator but that produces the same reaction - I don't know if im doing something wrong

Ok, but just to clarify: You haven’t been masturbating for three years straight, right? 


And I know what you’re talking about. You’re not doing anything wrong. I think this is like a weird phase that can happen. I, too, went through a lackluster orgasm phase in life. I think it comes and goes. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you’re probably young, right? High school at oldest? 

I say that because I had short, fast orgasms then, too. I think my shortest ones were in middle school. And I honestly wasn’t even thinking about sex sex then. I didn’t have a real boyfriend until my senior year of high school. Like relationships were not anything I ever thought about in a serious way. [And when they were, I was honestly into the chase/the lead up to being in a relationship with someone. And when that part was over, I would become very bored very quickly.]

But in high school, I think, I noticed that sex became more of a thing that actually happened, and my body was more mature. So I think orgasms got better then. But they’re not ever like you see in the movies or in porn or in books.

Side note: Be carful not to base your expectations of sex and orgasms on what you see in the moves, or porn, or in books—it’s not like that in the real world. So you could be thinking that your orgasms are lame because they’re not like what you’ve seen. Nothing is ever as good as what we see in media.

Honestly, I think orgasms get better with age. I’ve heard people say that my whole life. I’ve always heard that in your 30s is when people with vulvas and vaginas have their best orgasms. And as I get closer to that, I think it’s true. It’s also about partners and stuff, but self orgasms are honestly better then they were when I was younger. So I wouldn’t swear it. You’re orgasms will get better, and also the body goes through phases. And stress and life stuff can absolutely effect the intensity and length of our orgasms. 

I doubt you’re doing anything wrong. It’s just a phase, or unrealistic expectations. I hope this helps!!