they probably share a bed in home aw

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You know what I just realised? Will and Elizabeth sleep together in their SHARED bed for the first time. I mean at the time where POTC is supposed to happen only married couples shared a bed and Willabeth weren't married before the whole Davy Jones debakle - and their "wedding night" was on a beach, not their bed! (In regards to POTC3: I don't think they slept when he came home for the first time, they probably spent the 24h together awake.)

I agree with this, so much! Like I firmly believe Lizzie is the kind who would have shoved Will into a cot and proceeded to join him for a nap back when they were in their pirating days, but this would have only ever happened during AWE and they weren’t on speaking terms back then so their first time actually sleeping together would have been on some makeshift sheet on a sandy ass beach…

And yeah, I don’t think sleeping was a priority when he first returned. I always imagined some storytelling and family time w/ Henry and when that little nugget nodded off, they went to toooooown. But yeah, now they’re totally free to sleep in an actual! bed! together! as! a! married! couple! and my Willabeth adoring heart is permanently shook from seeing this actually happen on a huge! fucking! screen!

Right now, I’m still trying to remember every little detail about the reunion kiss and that bedroom scene so I can nail this fic I’m writing because getting those emotions right is just so vital, you know? Anyway, yeah… They cut my heart out.

                          KYLO X READER || You’ve Lost Me

A/N: Well, first and foremost, I literally had a dream quite similar to this last night (of course I added onto it) but man that dream hurt my heart and I thought I’d turn it into a one shot/fic. If anything, this is more Poe x Reader than Kylo x Reader…but, it still kinda surrounds him. It’s kind of modern in a way…so, consider it a modern au. Enjoy the angst and the cuteness, and don’t forget to request! [Gif not mine]

Word Count: 2.8K+

Warning: ANGST

An overbearing pain wrung throughout your body, beads of sweat dripping down your skin as you could feel your veins wanting to pop out of your forehead. “Ben!” You cried out, clutching onto the arm rests, “B-Ben!” You screamed once again, your blurred vision not allowing you to see who had been there with you. “BEN!” Giving a forceful push as you lied there, you felt a hand come into yours. Ben’s hand was unique when it came to being held by your own and you could easily tell it wasn’t him. “Where…where’s Ben?” You whispered, vision slowly becoming clear as the tears drained out, realizing it had been Master Luke.

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Cheat Part 4
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By the way, I had some suggestions for the name y/n to be changed into Taylor, etc. So; if you have any suggestions, inbox me them all and if any stands out in particular then expect it to be in the next part/chapter. Other than that, most people like it kept as y/n.

Sam and I both came home pretty sober (surprisingly). As I stepped into our former, shared room, Sam followed along.

He stroke the door frame. “Aw, after what seems like years, I miss this place.”

I chuckled, I closed the bathroom door and changed into some comfortable pajamas. I removed my make up, and did a facial routine that probably took, a minimum of 15 minutes.

As I exited the bathroom, I see Sam playfully yawn before saying, “Is it Christmas yet?”

I laughed, “Did I take that long?”
He just nodded in playful annoyance.

I sat on my bed, on my phone, scrolling through instagram, and liking the photos that were posted from Jack’s party.

Sam came out of the bathroom in exactly five minutes before pulling up on the bed as well, right next to me.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I asked, as Sam pulled the blanket up to his shoulders.

“Sleeping? What else?” Sam snarled, back.

I rolled my eyes. “Not here!”
I was only responded to by Sam’s eyebrows forming a confused direction. “You’re sleeping on the couch, mister.”

“What, why?” He instantly snapped back, his eyebrows still.

“We’re starting over, remember?” I reminded. “That means separate rooms for now.”

He rolled his eyes, and stood up, grabbing a spare blanket by the chair, and the pillow he was previously resting on. “You’re lucky I love you,” he added sarcastically.

“I know,” I grabbed his hand before he left, gesturing I wanted a final kiss till the morning, and I was exactly granted it.

It wasn’t too long until my eyelids got heavier and heavier as my eyes laid on nothing but the plain, white colored walls and fell into a deep sleep.

I felt my eyelids flick open, as the sunlight hit directly at them. “Ugh,” I groaned to myself, but eventually got through it and lifted myself up.

I went directly to the kitchen, looking at the couch very briefly, to see a half naked Sam.

I was a morning person, on most days. Sam? Was not. It was hard to cope with his crankiness, but I did power through because although some sides of his sleepy self is absolutely irritating, the other, rarer sides were less rude, and actually kind of cute.

I made breakfast for the both of us, and after I pulled up two plates and placed the meals on them, I snuck up to a sleeping Sam.

I bent down at the couch’s level, and see Sam’s beautiful curled eyelashes.

“Sammy, wake up.” I whisper, lightly into his ear. Sam yawned not too long after, and slowly, and slowly opened his eyes, revealing his extremely gorgeous color.

“I’m glad I get to wake up to the sound of your voice, now.” Sam replied, his eyes blinking a few times, to get use to the morning light.

“Come on, let’s eat breakfast, you giant flirt,” I teased and ultimately tugged his hand over to the table.

He sat down, and immediately went for the bacon.

As we sat, discussing the plans for today, we ended up going extremely off topic and just catching up on ourselves whilst cracking a few jokes every now and then.

I finished my plate, and grabbed Sammy’s, as his had been empty for awhile, and we both knew he was probably way too lazy to put into the sink, so I might as well do that for him.

“So, Starbucks?” Sam asked, after getting up and picking up his keys.

“Not in this,” I gestured to my sweats, and baggy shirt.

“Hey,” Sam pulled me by my lower back and hips before I walked over to our/my room. “You look fine. Can we go now?”

I rolled my eyes. “You’re dumb. I know you’re only saying that so we can go right away, and you won’t have to wait for me to change.”

He laughed. “Yeah. That too,”

“Move, Wilk,” I teasingly replied, and lightly push Sam off of me.

It did take a few minutes, but not too long after I had changed into a cute pair of shorts and a wavey shirt that was almost a crop top.

I exited the room after I finished, and walked over to Sam who laid, sprawled on the couch, on his phone to show his boredom. “Now was that so long, Sammy?”

“Yes! It was,” he exaggerated, then checked for keys in his pockets before leaving.

As we ordered for Starbucks, Sam knew my order. A grande cotton candy Frap, with extra whip cream, and no shots of anything. I was impressed, considering it had almost been months since I’ve went to a Starbucks with him.

We went home and continued binging on endless supplies of snacks, whilst watching shows on Netflix and making fun of a bad actor, or make a sarcastic comment every once in awhile.

As I sat, snuggled up into Sam’s chest, to say that Sam’s warmth comforted me more than ever would be an understatement. I missed this more than the world. More than anything I could have ever dreamt of. His arms were protectively at my sides, and his hands resting on my stomach, slightly lifting up my shirt to rub my bare stomach with his thumb a few times. This was what I missed out on for months, and I missed exactly this.

At almost the end of our shows, we both were very much laughing, and chuckling, as the door was knocked on.

“Who’s coming at your house.. At.. 9:12am?” Sam asked, checking his phone for the time, before saying the last part of his sentence.

I just shrugged in response, standing up, and walking over to get it. My best guess was it being one of the guys wanting to hang or something. I mean, it had to be Taylor or one of the Jacks, right?

I opened the door and there stood a girl I had recognized, but not very well. As I opened the door, I heard Sam’s body shoot up from his previous, relaxed sitting position.

Her eyes were a light brown, you could say they were almost a green. Her skin was light, but I could tell she had put on fake tan, and her hair was brown. She was pretty, but honestly, she wasn’t beautiful.

“Is-Is Sam here? Sam Wilkinson?” She asked, her fingers playing around with themselves indicating that she was nervous.

“Um.. Yeah?” I answered slowly. “Sorry, who are you?”

“I’m Candice. Kind of his friend,” she explained, and I nodded slowly. I had sworn I’ve seen her somewhere.

Sam stood up and walked to the door almost instantly. “Candice, can we talk later?”

“Sam. Where have you been? I haven’t seen you in ages?” She asked, in a worried, but happy tone.

I gave Sam a look, as if to say “Who the hell is this?”

He understood. “I’ll text you later, Candice. I can’t talk right now. I’m busy. Talk later, okay?”

“Well at least I know you’re okay.” Candice stated, a little bit more calmly now. She turned over to me as she offered me a smile. “Nice to meet you.. Uh..”

“Y/N,” I finished. “Nice to meet you to, Candice?”

“Yep,” she nodded before leaving. I closed the door slowly before looking at Sam directly.

“Who- who the hell was that?” I asked.

“That was Candice.” Sam answered. Yeah, as if that wasn’t obvious.

“Great, thanks for letting me know,” I rolled my eyes. “I mean it, Sam. Who the hell was that?”

“She’s nobody important.” Sam suggested, then going back to the couch. “Can we please continue on with our day, now?” As he pressed play, making The Office resume.

I grabbed the remote and paused it again. “No, Sam.” I denied. “I fucking need answers,”

Sam became a little wide eyed, because he knew I only cursed when I was really upset. He sighed. “Okay.” He answered, before finally surrendering. “She’s the girl I cheated on you with.”

I felt the tears spring up to my eyes, almost at the speed of light.
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