they played this song last night


“This one’s for the dance halls, the dive bars and the 100 kids we used to play for at the Ottobar every other weekend. It’s a tribute to our roots and the history of a band that comes up in a small-town with a die-hard group of friends who all want something greater. It’s an ode to the late nights, filling up the van with half a tank of gas so we could leave for the next show before someone got jumped in the wrong part of town– Getting into Tampa at 3am and crashing on someone’s floor, saying thanks with a 30 of Coors Light and never seeing that face again. This is a dedication to all the places we’ve been that made us who we are today, the sea of sweaty hands that raised us up in low-lit clubs across America on our first tours, and all the people we owe these stories to; Nice to know you, see you ‘round” - Nice2KnoU (2017)

my hobbies include thrift shopping, procrastinating my uni assignments, and referring to as “bangers” songs that 100% do not fall into the category of bangers

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Last Movie I watched: Guardians of the galaxy vol 2

Last Song I listened to:  Jessie J - Flashlight

Last Book I read: I have no idea. Does my microeconomics book matter?

Last thing I ate: waffles

Where would I want to Time Travel to: 2017. 06. 09. my exams will end then

Fictional Character I would hang out with for a day: I have so many, this isn’t fair. Well, i would hang out with matt murdock. Kicking ass in the courtroom by day and then in the streets at night

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be: In my room, with my ps4 playing andromeda lol

Current Fandom Obsession: Mass Effect. I became a mass effect trash and i never want to leave this fandom.

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Last movie I watched: I didn’t watch any movies in far too long and I thiiink that the last time I watched a movie might have been over a month ago, so if I’m not very much mistaken, the last movie I watched was Hamlet with David Tennant. I mean, technically, it’s a play but a recording of a modernised version of the play, so it’s actually like a movie, so I think it counts… xD

Last song I listened to: “I’ll Try” by Jonatha Brooke - it’s a song from Peter Pan 2, I discovered it yesterday night and I kinda like it :) 

Last book I read: “The Book of Tomorrow” by Cecilia Ahern. I have actually read it once before, about 7 years ago but my English wasn’t as advanced back then, so I didn’t understand it as well as I did now. And since the last time I read it was that long ago, I didn’t even remember the plot that well - just the basics of it and a few fragments of the details - so it was just as if I’d read it for the very first time. ;)

Last thing I ate: An apple. Yes.

Fictional Character I would hang out with for a day: Hm, there are many where I could imagine that spending a day with them would be a blast :) But I think I’d have to feed the absolute cliché of my fandom and go with the Doctor because a day with him could be any day and any place that ever was in all of time and space… and I’d like that. Very much ♥

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be?: On a boat trip across lake Wörthersee with my girlfriend :)

Current fandom obsession: Mainly Doctor Who. And anything David Tennant, really. 

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Birthday: August 11th
Gender: Female
Relationship status: You know when people say it’s complicated? It is complicated
Favourite colour: Red
Pets: Five cats
Wake up time: 9 am, always
Love or lust: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Lemonade or iced tea: Lemonade
Cats or dogs: Cats
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Day or night: Night
Text or call: Call
Met a celebrity: Yes
Light or Dark hair: Dark, but I want to dye it so bad
Short or tall: Hmmm… I think I’m just average
ChapStick or lipstick: Lipstick
City or country: I live in a town, but it’s super close to a countryside. I prefer cities, tho.
Last song I listened to: Corpo Sensual by Pabllo Vittar ft. Mateus Carrilho

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‘The old gods are dead’ they tell you.

You smile and nod and wipe out another glass. Your eyes dart to the old man in the corner booth. You never see him come, but you always see him leave. Each night a new young lover on his arm.

You pretend not to see his wife watching with jealousy blazing in her eyes and peacock feathers printed on her dress. Her sharpened nails tap, tap, tapping a beat you can hear over the din.

'If they were still around, where are they?’ They continue with a wild wave of their arm. The man next to them looks up and grins and raises his glass at you in a toast and buys them another round. It’s only after he’s turned away you realize his teeth were too sharp and that the glint in his eye was something more than delight.

On the stage a young man sings. He’s there every night with his golden guitar and his golden skin and his golden hair. He sings of love and loss and boys who fly too high, only to fall. You know the song, he plays it almost every night.

His sister stands in the corner, watching, on edge. You keep half an eye on her. She seems constantly in motion yet when you focus, she is still. Last week she broke a man’s arm. You never saw her move.

'The old gods are dead.’ They say with finality.

You look around the room and meet old and tired eyes in hungry faces.

'Maybe,’ you begin and pause as the room seems to go quiet, holding its breath. 'Maybe you aren’t looking hard enough.’

-gods never die

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He ABSOLUTELY deserves the world and that is SO CUTE AND WHAT A MOMENT! I love that. Steve is awesome.
Harry Styles Will Perform a Second New Song on 'Saturday Night Live'
Love “Sign of the Times,” Harry Styles’ debut solo single? You’ll get to see him perform it on Saturday Night Live in eight days — as well as another new song.

Love “Sign of the Times,” Harry Styles’ debut solo single? You’ll get to see him perform it on Saturday Night Live in eight days — as well as another new song.

Sources tell Billboard that Styles will indeed play a second new song on SNL when he makes his debut on the Apr. 15 episode, which Jimmy Fallon will host. The One Direction member was announced as an SNL performer on Mar. 28, and his first post-1D single, “Sign of the Times,” was unveiled on Friday morning.

No word on the second song’s title, or whether it will be released in its studio version prior to the performance. Last month, Lorde performed two new songs, “Green Light” and “Liability,” on SNL, after releasing “Liability” online days prior to the appearance. The Chainsmokers, who released their album Memories… Do Not Open on Friday, are set to perform on SNL tomorrow night.

“Sign of the Times” was produced by Jeff Bhasker and co-written by Styles; a music video for the song will be released later this month. On Apr. 21, Styles will appear on the BBC’s The Graham Norton Show, for his first solo performance in his native U.K.

seventeen during exam season

s.coups: 137% chill, shows up empty-handed with 8 hours of sleep like “what paper is it today”

jeonghan: 2 words: closet. mugger. freaks out at home but plays it cool during the exam, does really well

joshua: oH. he’s the one who’s prepared for every fucking paper. does his notes consistently, doesn’t even freak out. tops the class.

jun: “wait what there’s an exam today”

hoshi: slams his notes into his face repeatedly screaming “DIFFUSION”, what even is sleep lol

wonwoo: sneaks food into the exam hall. finishes super early and is the annoying one who stresses everyone out

woozi: seems prepared but really got 2 hours of sleep last night and has a random cream puff in his pocket 

dokyeom: memorises everything by turning it into a song so he’s just sitting there singing to himself during the paper

mingyu: does his notes the night before but doesn’t actually read them until 23 minutes before the exam

minghao: doesn’t even need to study. is the first one to flip the page like “listen to the sound of me speeding ahead of the peasants”

seungkwan: paces back and forth before the exam trying to memorise shit. glares at vernon during the paper bc he keeps rapping.

vernon: turns stuff into raps to memorise them, sits there mumbling to himself while seungkwan imagines him dying a slow and painful death

dino: woke up at 4.30am to study but got distracted by his phone and shows up completely unprepared with no will to live

adifawk: Harry Styles album is so damn good, and and Hailey and I were super lucky to go see I’m okay it live last night. Not only did he play my favourite song (Kiwi) twice, was super awesome to his fans, straight up had James Corden and his family there (omg so cute), but then brought out mfing Stevie Nicks and couldn’t keep his shit together. I’m still not over this show because it was bomb, and if you haven’t heard his album I highly recommend it. #harrystylestroubabour


watch my back so i make sure, you’re right behind me as before
yesterday the night before tomorrow, dry my eyes so you won’t know
dry my eyes so i won’t show, i know you’re right behind me
and don’t you let me go, let me go tonight

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Can we get some 'foxes have a vine' action I think that would be hilarious

what do people even do on vine i don’t know i just threw every meme i could think of at this

  • wymack starts a vine account with the thought that six second videos of the foxes’ highlights sounds like a wonderful idea
  • but after spending a couple of hours just trying to get one winning shot online he thinks maybe he shouldn’t be the one to run it
  • he gives the login to dan with strict instructions, though he agrees they can upload things that aren’t just game footage
  • and she runs it sensibly for a few weeks
  • winning shots, good throws in practice, fans in the stadium doing the wave, the band playing their fight song, grinning Foxes shouting “GO FOXES!”
  • but as expected
  • it doesn’t last very long
  • after a tipsy night, dan gives the login information to the other foxes

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Everytime I see "other artists write their own songs too" as if taylor didn't single handedly write most of her discography i lose some of my brain cells


This past weekend, when I was in Nashville, we went to a talkback session with a songwriter named Laura Veltz, who’s written for a bunch of artists, including Little Big Town (We Went To The Beach), Maren Morris (Sugar, Rich, I Could Use A Love Song), and Eli Young Band (Drunk Last Night). At the session, Laura played a few of the songs she’d written, talked about her process, and answered some questions. 

One of the people in the audience asked her if most artists write their own stuff, write with specific cowriters, or just shop the publishers to find songs they like and then cut them. She said that it varies, depending on the artist, but it’s generally a mix. 

She then went on to talk about Taylor, saying that she’s extremely prolific and won’t cut songs she hasn’t written on or written the bulk of, because she has the chops to do that, but that it’s incredibly rare and even the most prolific artists don’t even come close to that. She also referenced Better Man, saying that Taylor can write so much that not only can she only cut songs she writes, she also has enough extra to give away and throw out, and that that’s very special. And this woman has never met her.

So that’s my great Taylor story for the day. Everyone loves and respects her so much in the communities where it matters. 

renaming popular the smiths songs
  • how soon is now?: i'm socially awkward and need a hug
  • cemetary gates: this is a callout post
  • this charming man: gayly pining over rich men gets you nowhere
  • there is a light that never goes out: kill yourself in traffic for the Drama Of It All
  • heaven knows i'm miserable now: too nice to live, too emo to die
  • please please please let me get what i want: nothing good ever happens to me ft. acoustic guitar
  • the boy with the thorn in his side: tsundere
  • what difference does it make?: love makes you blind, prejudice makes you blinder
  • hand in glove: Don't Talk To Me Or My Son Ever Again
  • panic: the arctic monkeys masturbate to this song
  • bigmouth strikes again: if donald trump had a conscience
  • stop me if you think you've heard this one before: alcoholism
  • i know it's over: Why Can't Everyone Be Nicer To Each Other
  • shoplifters of the world unite: play this in court after i'm caught stealing from sephora. it'll work. trust me
  • girlfriend in a coma: i laugh during sad movies to mask my internal pain and childhood trauma
  • last night i dreamt that somebody loved me: are you sure this isn't pink floyd
  • william, it was really nothing: i dislike your life choices and will judge them severely
  • ask: strumming ft. social anxiety and the cold war

Stiles walks into a coffee shop in the new city he moves to after college one night because he can’t sleep. 

Sitting at the front of the shop with an acoustic guitar in hand is Derek Hale. His voice is calming and a little smokey as he sings. When he finishes the song he looks up and sees Stiles. 

Derek’s eyes go a little wide for a millisecond before he smiles. It’s a soft smiles, the kind that Stiles never saw on Derek, the kind that wasn’t burdened.  

“This last one is a cover,” Derek says and he proceeds to play Werewolves of London. 

Stiles snorts before he can stop himself and then goes to buy a coffee. He finds a seat near the back of the shop and drinks it while Derek cleans his stuff up. When he finishes he comes back to Stiles and sits down, a twinkle in his eyes. 

“That last one was for Jackson,” Derek says, voice even and Stiles thinks he’s being serious for a second before he smiles and Stiles laughs, “It’s good to see you Stiles, you in town for a while.”

“I just moved here for work actually,” Stiles says with a smile at the quirk upward in Derek’s lips at that fact, “It’s good to see you too.” And it was true, in fact, if Derek keeps smiling like that and making jokes he might want to see a lot more of him. 

I feel my phone vibrate in my back pocket. “Come over”, the text from you reads. So just like every other Saturday night, I hop into my car and follow the dim street lights to your side of town. As I listen to the radio play, our song comes on. The rain starts to drop down, first as a drizzle, then a downpour. I find myself lost in my thoughts, and lost in the music. I wonder how long this will last. How long until you’ll stop sending those two words, “come over”. How long until those words don’t just disappear, but turn into something even better. I smile as I pull into your driveway, just thinking, waiting. Waiting for “come over” to turn into “come home.
—  home is in your arms // 3.29.17