they play with remote controlled vehicles


For the most part, when people talk about self-driving cars, they talk about how they’ll play out in cities. Honda is taking a different tack, by injecting some wanderlust into the conversation.

“Honda. Great Journey” is the result of London design studio Map’s work. It’s a gorgeously crafted brand campaign that stars seven physical prototypes, each the size of a remote-controlled car and photographed in vivid, diorama-like landscapes. Stitched together, the images depict the travels of autonomous vehicles as they retrace the world’s longest route of human migration from Nairobi, Kenya to Manaus, Brazil.

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The hotly anticipated Arkham Knight is out now, and players once again have the chance to don the cape and cowl to take down Gotham City’s vile villains. The final game of the series is the first on the new gen of console hardware, and it definitely shows: Gotham is five times bigger than Arkham City, and the Dark Knight never looks better. By far the hugest addition is the Batmobile, which fundamentally changes the way we play. Not only can we race through the streets in high-speed chases, but also transform it into a tank at the pull of a trigger to battle a seemingly endless supply of drones. Bruce could summon the vehicle in a moment’s notice or control it remotely to aid him in combat and solve puzzles. The Bat’s always been a little scary, and a new move, called the “Fear Takedown,” really reinforces that. Performing silent takedowns fills his fear-meter, and, once charged, the Caped Crusader can sneak behind a few enemies and eliminate them in rapid succession as they scream in terror before quickly being silenced. What’s better than beating the crap out of criminals? Doing it with a friend! Certain parts of the game see Batman teaming up with Catwoman, Nightwing, and Robin, a neat way to show off their unique moves. Most impressive are the tag-team-takedowns, in which a “Dynamic Duo” takes out a foe with a spectacularly painful-looking finisher. For the first time, if Batman sees something useful lying around, he is using that shit. Surrounded by thugs standing under a light? Why not bring that light down on their heads? Someone drops a taser? A no-brainer! A baseball BAT lying around? Well, hit a home run! Who needs a utility belt when there’s useful stuff everywhere? Many of these new features showcase how Batman has gotten better at hitting things harder, but he’s the World’s Greatest Detective for a reason, and you’ll actually have to use your brain to solve some mysteries. Knight holds your hand a lot less, forcing you to use logic and deduction to hunt clues and crack crimes. And if all else fails, try shooting with the tank. Usually, violence is the answer.

Five Cool New Things Batman Can Do in Arkham Knight, by Aaron Morales.