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Why exactly does shelley deserve so much attention? No hate I'm just curious

i am so glad you asked, here’s why you should stan shelley hennig:

  • she won miss teen usa at only 17. now i know what you’re thinking - so what? she’s a beauty queen but what does that mean? well for a start shelley was a complete pageant novice yet she won the most prestigious competition for her age group in america. also, the motivation for her entering came from her need to get a scholarship to get into a dance college (which is what she really wanted to do at that age) and nothing to do with her desire to wear a crown - she’s actually made comments since about hating crowns!
  • upon winning miss teen usa, she made it her #1 priority to be a voice to teenagers. part of her role was to travel around the country, and in doing so she made sure to speak to plenty of young teenagers who looked up to her in order to try and be a positive influence in their lives (x)
  • one of the largest issues she addressed was drink driving. in fact, shelley became a massive advocate to stop drink driving and lended her voice to companies such as ‘buzz free prom’ and C.A.D.A in louisiana, dedicated to trying to prevent alcohol and drug abuse. this was a cause particularly close to her heart because at the age of 14 she lost her eldest brother in a drink driving accident (x)
  • she worked with many other non-profit organizations during her time including seeds of peace, D.A.R.E, sparrow clubs and SHiNE
  • miss teen usa didn’t get to her head; she continued on at school, even having two poems published in the ‘young authors book of poetry’ and went on to study at the ‘new york conservatory for dramatic arts’ (which she gained a scholarship for as part of her winnings) where she worked hard at getting into acting. she’s spoken before about how acting was not something that came naturally to her (in fact she’s flat out said she sucked) but she worked hard at it to get where she is today
  • at the age of 20 she booked her first acting role on ‘days of our lives’ all on her own merit where she worked 12 hour days
  • she went on to receive two daytime emmy nominations for outstanding younger actress; i’d just like to stress that in soaps they’re allowed one take for their scene. one take to get it right. these nominations stressed how far shelley had come in her acting career
  • she dealt with a lot of hate for the character she played actually, mostly because her character had been recast and the previous actress was red haired, blue eyed. it’s a lot of pressure to tackle your first acting job when fans of the shows are yelling about how you’re not right for the part
  • i know being like ‘she was a soap star!!’ must seem like a dumb reason on this list, but remember that soaps address a lot of real-life issues and seeing them done well on tv can effect a lot of real life people. shelley’s spoken about how people have told her that they were touched or helped by something she portrayed as her character, and i think it’s pretty important to remember the outreach these shows have (x)
  • shelley was asked to stay on teen wolf as a main. she was only supposed to do two episodes in season 3 but jeff asked her to stay on as malia; i think that speaks volumes about her not only as an actress, but her presence on set
  • she’s literally got on like a house on fire with every single cast she’s been placed with (particularly the secret circle, of whom she’s still good friends with to this day, and teen wolf) that tells you something about how lovely she must be to work with
  • the very first full length film she did (unfriended; i know ouija was released first but unfriended was actually filmed prior to this!) she was cast as the lead and she literally shot the movie in one take. they would sit and do 90 minutes of acting, an entire script run, going through every emotion under the sun - and who suggested they do this? shelley. she’s always ready to push herself and sink her teeth into a challenge. it’s also important to note that while the movie was not critically acclaimed, shelley’s performance was, and she was called the saving grace of the movie by many reviews
  • she’s the first female in the teen wolf cast to win an acting award which is pretty damn cool; she got choice female summer tv star at the teen choice awards
  • when the louisana floods happened, she was a great voice in promoting aid and also put her money towards feeding people in denham springs
  • she made a lot of noise during the election this year also which i’m proud of her for, telling people to vote and being very clear about where her support lay, without outright trying to pressure people into voting hillary
  • she’s beautiful, she’s funny, she’s extremely down to earth, she’s so good at promoting self confidence (i know i personally am very self-conscious about acne, and i’ve seen instagram posts and snapchats from shelley being like ‘i’ve got a zit but i still look flawless screw it’ and that helped me a lot) and she always promotes the message to be yourself
  • she’s a big advocate for girl power! both in how malia is and her relationship with other women
  • she’s always been supportive of LGBTQ; she and phoebe tonkin were both extremely supportive of fans who wanted ‘fayana’ (a ship between their two characters on the secret circle) and still support it to this day. she’s also been vocal about making malia bisexual #givemaliagirlfriend
  • she’s loyal to her roots, and that shows in her love for her family (see her relationship with her niece, especially over this past year, which is adorable!) and her loyalty to shows such as days of our lives where she begun, which she is planning a return to next year. it’s lovely to see how humble she is and how thankful she is to her origins
  • she deals with anxiety, which i don’t think anyone really knows because she never draws attention to it (and hey, is probably partly fuelled by how badly the fandom treats her), but it’s obvious she’s really tried to work on that and has attended far more fan conventions this year to try and give back to her fans
  • overall shelley is incredible. she’s worked so hard to get to where she is, has had great success along the way with even more success to come i’m sure, and has remained so humble. just watch literally any interview where she talks about teen wolf; she’s so thankful and grateful to the show even though she doesn’t get half the credit she deserves. she really gets her head into her characters; 6x01 with the hair flip which was supposed to show malia looking up to lydia and copying her mannerisms is such an example of this. she puts her heart and soul into her work, but never comes across as egotistical. and she’s so damn funny that she needs her own comedy show somewhere! shelley deserves so much more attention and i’m sure one day, with her talent, she’ll get just that