they permed your hair

GOT7 on ASC (170321)
  • Jackson wasn’t there :(
  • Compilatory video of Flight Log era.
  • “It’s your boy mark”
  • “Kraaaah” - Bambam.
  • “This your boy Jinyoung”.
  • Loud Youngjae.
  • Jackson is still sick and on a break.
  • Jinyoung’s jacket looked like it had blood on it.
  • Mark’s outfit with sexy vampire contacts ♥ 
  • Everyone has their own room except for Yugybam who share room on the biggest room, Mark has the second biggest room.
  • GOT6 making noises imitating Ahgase.
  • Jinyoung making a bird pose.
  • “I was talking about ahgase not a pigeon” - Jimin
  • “Wow my life is not easy” - Jimin 
  • “Easy” - Bambam
  • “Yiap” - Yugyeom
  • Yugyeom freestyle to shopping mall
  • GOT5 Hi5 Jinyoung because he’s always ignored at fanmeets.
  • “Wherever pose” - Mark, while taking group photo
  • Jae looking good tho
  • “Earattack” - Bambam, while punching his ear.
  • “You know, it’s not finding Nemo, it’s finding Jinyoung” “bad joke” - Bambam
  • Never ever x2 ver WOW
  • “Oh my goodness” - Mark
  • Personalized krrrrrah by GOT6
  • Yugyeom struggling to say krrrrah
  • What’s the thing you would never ever do again?
  • “The hair in stop stop it” - Bambam. 
  • “I would never perm my hair again” - Mark
  • “I liked your perm hair” - Jimin
  • “WHAT? You should go watch it again” - Mark
  • Never ever sexy ver by Jaebum and Yugyeom I’m dead
  • “We need shampoo, we don’t have shampoo in our bathroom right now” - Mark
  • GOT6 not recognizing their close ups, but being entirely sure of Yugyeom’s
  • GOT6 showing the same talents they did at KBS Cool FM
  • Mark GIF
  • Mark throwing himself onto the floor 
  • Dancing Never Ever with the music of Hard Carry wow
  • Jaebum singing you were beautiful by Day6 and Jae liking it
  • “That’s def soul” - Bambam
  • “My audition is a secret” - Mark
  • Jinyoung reenhancing his audition
  • “Oh wow, you guys are so cool” - Youngjae
  • Cute Shark family dance by Mark, Jinyoung and Bambam + aggresive Jinyoung + Youngjae singing along
  • “So amazing” - Mark
  • Mark being extra
  • GOT6 taking all the presents
  • Jaebum singing sign
  • The fanarts tho
  • Male ahgases 💚
  • Jaebum likes to eat but we already know that
  • Mark’s head and face is small like Jackson always says
  • Jinyoung can’t handle too many hearts and that’s why he flicks our hearts but he’s just savage
  • “He’s playing hard to get” - Mark
  • Youngjae making noises the entire show
  • Youngjae likes his filter because CoCo looks good
  • Yugyeom likes wearing tight pants for no reason
  • No reason *sarcasm*” - Bambam
  • Nice close up to Yugyeom’s legs
  • Bambam likes trendy things we’re not even surprised tho
  • “Jimim don’t do that ever again” - Bambam
  • Youngjae getting embarrased after rapping
  • “IT’S OVER?” - Mark
  • Bambam kept making noises
  • JJP is done with their children
  • “The cat is dabbing man” - Bambam, selecting the selca photo.

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Do you perm your hair/how do your hair like that, cuz im a trans girl, but im black so... I don't really have feminine hair

Originally posted by ektorbiel


Wash your mouth out with soap, my precious twoc anon. 

Who the fuck’s telling you this nonsense? 

Aside from the fact that hair doesn’t define femininity.. 

BLACK GIRL HAIR IS MAGIC. My black heritage didn’t make it’s way to the top of my head, so you have no idea how envious I am of the magic I can’t be a part of. 

Sounds like you need a reminder from Sesame Street, cuz. 

I love you. And your hair.


“In the African-American / white community, we divide ourselves, especially the women…It’s like, natural hair must mean that she’s deep and poetic and in touch with herself, but if you perm your hair or get a weave, you must be shallow, you must want to be white, you must want to be this or that. What someone likes on the outside has nothing to do with them on the inside, especially their hair. If homegirl likes straight hair more than she likes curly hair, why are you mad?”

Everything that happens is from now on. | R.M.

Words: 5114
Warnings: genderbend or female archie, love triangle, childhood, angst


“Just for the record,” she breathes near his ear, five foot on tippy toes as he grips her arm closer. 

“This is a one-off thing, never to be spoken about again.“

"Obviously. I know your shit about Wednesday Addams,” he curls his lips mockingly.

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Spa Day!

The basic guidelines to a (hopefully) fantastic spa day! 

  • Start by knocking out all your chores/everything on your to do list. Spa Day = Relaxing 
  • Once you’ve completed the above the order you choose to complete the following is all up to you…
  • Do your hair - wash and deep condition, perm it, straighten it, get it cut, it’s all up to you 
  • Exfoliate ALL over - face, lips, legs, arm, feet 
  • Shave (if you want to) 
  • Take a bubble bath with some relaxing music 
  • Show your skin some love by moisturizing with your favorite lotion or some baby oil gel (it’s the absolute best!)
  • Give yourself a mani/pedi 
  • Kick back and relax with a book, movie, netflix etc 
Got Ya Hair Done (Rapmonster smut)

A/N: @bloomgemstonia this one is for you

She had been planning to get her hair don’t for about a month now. Sporting corn rows was cute and all but damn did it get old after a month. Re-braiding and adding accessories to the braids was pretty much all she could do and around week four she was looking for new ideas for her hair.

While chilling in the dining room on her laptop she came across some cute hairstyles for black girls, most of them for natural hair. Little did she realize namjoon was floating around her area trying to catch a peek of her new hair style. If there was one thing namjoon loved about his girl, it would be her hair. It always so soft and came with so many different forms. Always new. She would leave it bare, twist it out, braid it down, make these little knots that he found cute some time, or on rare occasions, put in weave. He love when she did weave for many reasons actually, it saved on hair and makeup time when they would go out, It was never boring ,she kept up with it tightly, and she just looked “so sexy with the oddly colored hairstyle” in his words. But he knew it wasn’t something that she did often because it was deemed unprofessional in her workplace. He thought she looked boss in her weave though.

“Hey babe… You changing the hair again?” He draped his hands on her shoulders and looked at the screen on all different types of hair style. Not one of them involving weave. “Yeah, tried of the braids but I don’t even know what I really want at this point” she leans back in the chair and rest her head on namjoons belly. “Try something easy, like weave” He felt her head snap up and look at him knowingly “this child here, you take any opportunity to get me into some weave, you know I can’t got to work like that” Namjoon suck his teeth “man, the hair doesn’t even look unprofessional, you make it look professional. And you look fucking blessed in colored weaved, too” she chuckled at his terminology after remembering how she taught him those terms. “Listen nam, I might have to do it another time. I don’t need any trouble.” Namjoon sighed and nods “I guess, I mean you don’t have too I was just suggesting it.”

However, little did Namjoon know, he actually got his girl thinking about putting in weave. And when it came down to it a week later, she bought some platinum braiding weave and head over to her moms’ house. The finishing product did look blessed as Namjoon predicted all thanks to her moms expertise. She could even wait to see namjoon’s reaction to the silver hair. She was gonna keep it hidden until he got back from working with the boys. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t shoot him a little warning text {hey baby, I got my hair done today} He responded almost immediately {Pics or it didn’t happen} she couldn’t help but chuckle at his foolishness {you’ll see once you get home, k?} you could just hear the groan of anticipation coming from him and deep octaves. Namjoon acts like he doesn’t like surprised but you knew he loved playing the guessing game.

By the near end of the day Namjoon swooped my your home to catch a look of this new hairstyle of yours. He was fully expecting a blow-out or maybe even a perm, Especially when he saw you chilling on the couch with your hair wrapped up tight. “Hey joon” Oh yeah she was gonna drag this out, when Namjoon sat down after greeting her, looking at her with the cheesiest smile, she laughed. “Come on babe, let me see” he whine and she just laughs some more “I swear joon you the only man I know that gets excited over a black girls hair” you said playing with your head wrap. “Duh, you my baby, I gotta be excited” he leans back calming himself down it his usual chill self “well I think your gonna love this” she hinted before untying the headwrap and letting all the shiny, new, and sleek platinum braids fall over her shoulders.

Namjoon was beyond shook. He was dumbfounded sitting there admiring the way the silver hair contoured with her syrup skin. The way her baby hairs laid plastered on her edges and just the overall sexiness of it all “damn babe…. Damn…. How you looking like a whole meal right now?…Good enough to eat” she flipped the braids from her face and smiled bashfully. Namjoon smirked at her shyness and picked up the braids letting them slip from his fingers. “Hey…. You feel like-” she interrupted Namjoon before she could even finish his sentence “-you always trynna sweat out my hair Namjoon. I just got my hair done. Chill” she walks to the bedroom while laughing and Namjoon just followed her with that silly grin of his. “Come on you won’t have to do anything. You won’t even sweat.” She rolls her eyes at his statement and goes to wrap her hair up again. She ignored his thick fingers wrapping around her hips, she ignored the way he presses his chest against her back, she even ignored his pleads but see really couldn’t ignore the wet kisses on her neck, or his cold fingertips on her lower abdominal, or that he pried the head wrap out of her hands.

“You not gonna let it go are you?” She breathed out looking at Namjoon thought the mirror and chuckle when he nods too preoccupied to give a verbal response. She sighed and closed her eyes as joon’s lips played on the skin of her neck and shoulder. She enjoy the affection for a good while before giving in to his plan “Fine you have 20 minutes joon. But I swear you better not get my hair fucked up” namjoons strong ass picks her up in excitement and tosses her to the bed. Joon crawls over her and continues to kiss all over her bronzed skin. She smiled at namjoons eagerness and hugged his shoulders while his hands traveled down to your pajama shorts. Not even wasting time to pull them down he just pushes the fabric and her panties to the side and rubbed his thumb between her folds. Her chest arched into his chest but she liked the game he was playing and followed his lead with her hand rubbing at his hardened member through his sweatpants. This triggered the make up session to get heated and sloppy with his tongue playing with her’s.

After a while of joon spreading her juices over her erected clit and his girl milking his throbbing cock in soft hands they finally finish each other off in about 17 minutes. They rested with each other for a good few moments before (y/n) gets up, wraps her hair and starts getting dress to go out. Of course joon was curious and asked you where you were going to where you answered “well i need food to eat so I’m getting groceries. And..” She pauses and walks over to Namjoon kissing in on the lips “And?” Joon asked holding her hips close to his “and some more condoms so we can really get some work in” she smirks kissing joon again and head out. “Damn…. I love that woman” joon said to himself in satisfaction.


and here the finished product! I didn’t really know how to end it but I am glad I got a chance to show some appreciation to the Black girls out their with weave in their hair. I don’t read or see many scenario where their girl is slaying in some weave so I just thought to add to that small collection. Thank you for reading and BAI FOR NOW


Kick, punch!
Chop, block!
Chop, kick!
Punch, block!
Duck! Jump!
Turn! Pose!
Duck! Turn!
Jump! Pose!
Kick, punch, block!
Chop, kick, block!
Block, turn, kick!
Block, duck, punch!
Duck, duck, turn!
Jump, kick, chop!
Punch, punch, punch!
Step on the gas?
Step on the brakes?
Step on the gas?
Step on the gas!
Step on the brakes!
Step on the brakes!
Step on the gas!
Check and turn the signals to the right!
Now turn to the right!
Check and turn the signals to the left!
Now turn to the left!
Do I know why we stopped the car?
Guess? What?
Do I know why we stopped the car?
Guess? What?
You, forgot, to close, the door.
Check and turn the signals to the right!
Step on the gas, now turn to the right!
Check and turn the signals to the left!
Step on that gas, now turn to the left!
Step on the brakes!
Do I know why we stopped the car again?
In the rain or in the snow,
Got the got the funky flow.
In the rain or in the snow,
Got the got the funky flow.
All you ever need to be is nice and friendly.
All you ever need to be is nice and friendly.
I will try to sell a cap like this.
I will try to sell a cap like this.
The skunk over here will bring you luck,
The pump over here comes with a truck.
In the rain or in the snow,
Got the got the funky flow.
In the rain or in the snow,
Got the funky funky flow.
I have never sold everything, everything.
You have never sold everything, everything.
Money money money, is all you need.
Money money money, is all you need.
Crack crack crack the egg into the bowl.
M.I.X the flour into the bowl.
Crack crack crack the egg into the bowl.
M.I.X the flour into the bowl.
Butter butter butter joins the bowl.
We’re makin’ us a cake that you never seen before.
Heat up the oven, now we’re on a roll.
Cheap cheap cheap’s the name of your soul.
Put the cake in the oven for a while.
Leave it there, come on, clean the pile.
Put the cake in the oven for a while.
Leave it there, come on, clean the pile.
Here, I don’t have a sample.
Cause money and time’s just what we don’t have.
Here, I don’t have a sample.
Cause money and time’s just what we don’t have.
All we gotta do is apply the final touches.
Take out the shrimp, the clam and the perches.
The perch goes here, the clam goes there,
The little tiny shrimps just go everywhere!
Whatever you like’s in the middle, fiddle.
Seafood cake comes just like the riddle.
Kick, Punch, Turn and Chop the door.
Or, I will fall to the floor.
Kick, Punch, Turn and Chop the door.
Or, I will fall to the floor.
Did you check the toilets on the right?
Did you check the toilets on the left?
Did you check the toilets on the right?
Did you check the toilets on the left?
In the rain or in the snow, I got the funky flow, but now I really gotta go.
The toilet over there will bring you luck so give up! I got no time to spare!
You are a chicken, from the kitchen, and you ain’t kidding, although nothing is written.
Crack, break, fix the door, you know, I gotta go, so yes open up ya know!
You are a chicken, from the kitchen, and you ain’t kidding, although nothing is written.
Crack, break, fix the door, you know, I gotta go, so yes open up ya know!
I gotta redeem!
I gotta relieve!
I gotta receive!
I gotta BELIEVE!!
Yo yo everybody. It’s the time you’ve been waiting for, here’s the party!
Sunny’s my life, She’s like a dice, I cannot tell which way she’ll turn till I spice!
But I went through it like that, because I want it like that, no other difference, is the fact!
I gotta redeem!
I gotta relieve!
I gotta receive!
I gotta BELIEVE!!
I gotta redeem!
I gotta relieve!
I gotta receive!
I gotta BELIEVE!!
P to the A to the R to the A, PaRappa’s the name I rap everyday!
Breakin’ out was the name of the game for me, you, you, you, and you!
Kick punch chop, I got the funky flow, M.I.X the flour into the bowl!
I gotta redeem!
I gotta relieve!
I gotta receive!
I gotta BELIEVE!!
I gotta redeem!
I gotta relieve!
I gotta receive!
I gotta BELIEVE!!
Somebody say ho!
Say ho! ho!
Ho Ho
Say ho! ho! ho!
Ho Ho Ho
Now scream!
Everybody say ho!
Say ho! ho!
Ho Ho
Say ho! ho! ho!
Ho Ho Ho
Now screeeeam!
Cut the lettuce!
Heat the grill!
Toast the buns!
Cook the patties!
Serve the drinks!
Melt the cheese!
French the fries!
Sweep the floors!
Cook those burgers!
Turn the patty over!
Watch them fries!
Better execute sooner!
Bring on the ketchup!
Don’t forget the cheese!
Bring on the mustard!
Handle it with ease!
Cook those burgers, turn the patty over!
Cut the lettuce, don’t forget the cheese!
Toast the buns, french the fries!
Bring on the ketchup, sweep the floors!
Love kick.
Love punch.
Love duck.
Love turn.
Love chop.
Love twist.
Love pose.
Love hug.
Smooth kick.
Nice punch.
Sweet chop.
Love fight.
Hold hands.
Face to face.
Get romantic.
Let’s get it on.
Love style.
You and me.
Together forever.
Never to part.
Look up in the sky.
See the stars?
I hold you tight.
Lovers we are.
Smooth like butter.
Caress your lover.
Enjoy the moment.
Won’t last forever.
Love punching.
Soft chopping.
Sweet kicking.
It’s all about the mind.
Tamanegi flava.
Wish I was a playa.
I’m a tax payer.
Need a good lawyer.
Kick, kick, punch, jump, pose.
Smooth chop, love, with a rose.
Duck, twist, twist, turn, punch.
Hug, kiss, love then chop.
Ta, ma, negi sensei
Here, he, comes, so make way!
What’s my name, what’s my name fool?
What’s that sound? Who dat be, huh?
Where I come from, where I come from?
I think I’m big? I think I’m big kid??
Is my desire, to grow back again?
I came to the right place, You’ll make me big.
Pull the lever or whatever, right now, right now!
Better make it quick, hey, hey, look down.
Get you out of this and now push the button.
Come on, come on, you’re big all of a sudden.
What’s going on, what’s going on, you’re really scared.
SOS, SOS, please handle you with care.
You weren’t scared, I must’ve been dreaming.
Better believe it, your mind is like a demon.
You’re the lord everybody knows your name.
You got it all, cash, money and fame.
Now back to business, I want to grow big right?
Let’s not waste no time, here we go, alright?
It’ll never happen again, you promise, you promise.
You’ll do anything, a hug? a kiss??
You don’t know what to do, it’s all because of me.
You enjoy your size, your charm too.
Put you back son, come on you gotta go.
Or you’re gonna miss your favourite TV show.
Do the jump!
Do the flip!
Double Dutch!
Don’t lose the grip!
To the right!
To the left!
Side to side!
I’m the ref!
Jump the ropes now!
Get up high now!
To the limit now! Right now!
Kick, kick, kick, kick!
Slide, slide, slide!
Do it slick, do it, do it slick!
And ride, ride!
Lean it to the left!
Lean it to the right!
Crouch down for speed!
Just obey your needs!
Up the ramps we go! all the way!
Come on now, we ain’t got all day!
On the rails, or just on the trails!
Crave for speed, and let your body go!
The need for speed will keep your body tight!
Remember, never go down without a fight!
Climb the rocks, step by step!
Right, left, right, right, left!
Phew! you’re tried, please take a break!
Come on please, for old times sake?
You gotta do this, every single day!
Tell you the truth, your hair’s turning gray!
Where’s the ropes? Where did you put it?
I thought you had it, I gave it to you!
Oh well then, why don’t you get your skates?
Where’s yours? Can I please wait?
You wanna just forget it? And just take a picture?
You carry a camera, for all your adventures!
Snip snip.
Trim trim.
Cut cut.
Shave shave.
Snip trim cut.
Shave cut snip.
Trim shave dye.
Cut snip trim.
Snip snip snip, snip snip
Cut cut cut, cut cut
Trim trim trim, trim trim
Shave shave shave
Cut the cut, snip the snip
Trim the trim, shave the shave.
Trim the cut, shave the snip.
Cut the snip, shave the trim.
Trim trim cut, cut trim trim
perm perm cut, cut perm perm.
cut cut perm, perm cut cut.
snip snip dye, dye snip snip.
dye dye snip, snip cut cut.
trim trim dye, dye snip snip
With the shampoo, I’ll give it to you all.
Rinse ya good, I made you look tall.
Dry your hair, blow up and down.
Come on son, it’s time to get down.
Keep the line, keep the line moving.
I’m non stop, my body’s just groovin
Cut your hair, flat back and up front.
Give you a perm now, and we’re done!
Cut the lettuce (THROW) toast the buns.
French the fries (THROW) cook the burgers.
Serve the patties (THROW) heat the grill.
Hug kiss, love and chop (HAI!) hold hands and kick!
Bring, on, da, funk (HAI!) don’t for-get punch.
Da Masta, Da Masta, Is original (HAI!) kick punch style is unforgettable!
Pull the lever or whatever, right, (NOW) better make it quick, come on get down
I am the lord, you all know my name? (NOW) I got it all cash money and fame.
Put me back son, come I gotta go (NOW) I’m gonna miss my TV show.
Kick, kick, kick, kick (DO IT!) Slide, slide, slide, slide, slide.
Lean it to the left, lean it to the right (DO IT!) crouch for speed and obey your needs!
Up the ramps we go, all the way (DO IT!) come on now we ain’t got all day!
Trim, trim, cut, trim, trim, (YEAH!) dye, dye, snip, snip, dye.
Trim, dye, snip, cut, (YEAH!) perm, cut, shave, shave, trim.
With the shampoo, I’ll give it to you all (YEAH!) rinse ya good, I made you look tall!.
Slurp it, suck it, I know we all like it.
Smell it, taste it, fruit in a basket.
Mexican, Egyptian, English, Korean.
Anything goes, even Alaskan.
Roll it on my spoon, create my own boom.
I betcha didn’t know; There are no rules.
Pizza, burritos, they all taste good.
As long as they love food, then any thing’s cool.
C. double O. K. I. E. S.
Great tasting sweets, blow to my chest.
Brownies, a pie, a shake, you name it.
Any type of sweets you like, yes I got it.
Noodles are the best no doubt can’t deny, taste better than water, but don’t ask you why.
But then again, many things can be tasty, corn bread, potatoes, rice and even pastries.
Then why do you, love noodles so dearly? It makes no sense. You must’ve sounded real eerie.
You’re welcome brother, for lettin’ you understand that a man must understand to keep his options open.
It’s party time, come on everybody you can do it shake your body.
Come on out on the floor, and rock it till you want some more!
Wave your hands from left to right, feel the rhythm, enjoy the ride.
1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, come on everybody look alive
6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, everybody dance, hard till the end.
He’s back again, the young pup on the block, taking every problem one by one.
Doesn’t cut corners, he never gives up! that’s why he’s always the number one!
To all the brothers, and the sisters.
All the mothers, and the fathers.
We all have problems, no doubt for sure, but tonight,  let’s forget and unite!
People in the front, people in the back, side to side, let’s all get down!
If you gotta problem, whatcha gonna do??
Give it up? or believe in yourself?
If you gotta problem, whatcha gonna do??
Like PaRappa, you gotta believe!
Say Ho
Say Ho Ho
Say Ho Ho Ho
Say Alright!
Say Oh yeah!
Whatcha gonna do??
I gotta believe!!
Say Alright!
Say Oh yeah!
Whatcha gonna do??
I gotta believe!!

Some real shit people who have natural hair don't talk about

• being overly protective of your hair the older you get because you start to realize that everyone just touches it without your consent
• seriously out in public I’ve had total strangers come up to me and, without asking, just start touching it
• “if I had your hair, I’d shave it”
• “you shouldn’t hate your hair, millions of people would kill to have your hair” yeah but growing up people told me it was ugly and frizzy and bred that hatred in me
• everyone suggesting different things you should do with it
• “your hair looks so good straight you should do it like that more often”
• “how much did you pay for that?”
• “whoa tame the beast”
• headaches from all the hair
• panicking when you comb it out because that much hair loss cannot be okay
• the “ugly” girl in the movie goes from having frizzy curly hair to perfect straight silky hair
• “could you straighten your hair before you come in to get your hair done so I can work with it”
• only trusting one hair stylist all your life because one wrong snip and your hair is ruined
• terrible haircuts all throughout your younger years that lead to mocking
• hand cramps when combing it out but not being able to stop because you can’t leave it like that
• people pulling it as hard as they can when you say you’re not tender headed anymore from years of pulling on your scalp while combing again, without consent
• new product suggestions every time you walk out the door
• never feeling as pretty as anyone else because straight silky hair is all you see
• people with perms saying “look my hair looks just like yours now” even though in fifth grade they picked on you for your hair

anonymous asked:

Can I have a triple request of a AMBW story about Jay Park/ Shownu/ Gray being a virgin and ashamed to tell you, but you tell him it's okay because your a virgin too?A simple fluff. I could request them separately, if that's easier. Thank you!

I’m putting them all in here as scenarios because I’m so freaking backed up on requests and I hate to keep people waiting. Also- I hope you enjoy it <3 I tried. 

Jay Park:

He looked at you, pausing from grinding down against you on the bed. He sat up and stare at you biting on his lip and you could see the slight hesitation in his eyes. “Is it me?.. I’m sorry I thought this is what you wanted I can go.” Jay rushed to speak looking around to grab his things because he was embarrassed by you pushing him away and felt a lot of emotions. Afraid you quickly reached for his hand looking up at him with a soft frown.

“This isn’t about that. It’s not you- it’s me please Jay. “ You tried to reason surprised by his laugh.

“Yeah that’s what they all say.” He mumbled moving his hand from your grip, grabbing at his keys from your dresser he walked towards the door and quickly you sat up and shouted.

“I’M A VIRGIN JAY” You looked at him with tears welling in your eyes. Jay spun on his heels slowly, looking at you he froze eyes locked on yours. 

“What.. Did you say?” He asked again as he watched you grabbing his keys tighter. 

“I’m.. A virgin.. I was too scared to tell you because I know you are experienced. You always talk about it in your songs and I didn’t want you leaving me because.. I couldn’t take it.. So.. If you want to go you can..” You looked down bringing your knees to your chest burying your head into them. 

Jay let out a soft chuckle and at the time you thought he was laughing at you so you tried to tighten your arms around yourself as if you would shrink and disappear. Jay came towards you after sitting his keys down, climbing on the bed he sat in front of you maneuvering his way around to grab your chin. Forcing you to look at him and you did so with teary eyes. He leaned forward with a smile kissing over your eyelids before your lips. 

“Let’s wait then.” He stated with a toothy grin causing you to frown.

“W-what.. You’re not leaving?” You asked pathetically with tears bubbling up in your eyes. He fought off another laugh playing in your hair.

“Bunny. I’ve been with you through all of this. Our skin colors, the fact that you think you’re too big when I know you’re just thick unlike most girls I’ve been with. How you worry about tying your hair up at night to keep the perm clean because you think I’ll leave you for looking bald. I love you. Not for the sex. But for you. And I sure as hell won’t leave your side now. You’re golden. My chocolate bunny. And you’re innocent. So lets wait. I couldn’t just take something like that from you. It has to be special and done right. And who knows, it might even happen on our wedding day. I’ll try to be a good boy.” He reassured you before he gave you another kiss pulling you on his lap. “Now let’s go get ice cream so I can see those eyes light up hmm?”


He groaned as you pulled away once again from him. Pacing the room in his over sized with T-shirt that clung to your body. He was growing frustrated it was about the third time today alone you had done this. Every week you pulled something similar to this. Grinding against him and getting him all worked up only to pull away. Playing in his hair he laid back watching you feel his member twitch under the confines under his boxers. It was so distracting watching you, how your ass jiggled as you twisted side to side, or your plump breast with your perky nipples pressing against the fabric. Your chocolate skin glistened with sweat and he growled pushing himself up to grab at your hips pulling you close to him, your center against his face he groaned kissing it gently causing you to squirm becoming flustered as he looked up at you.

“Why do you do this to me? Is this just a contest to see how many days you can make me go crazy over you? I’m head over heels woman stop these games. I know it’s not all you- I’m not saying that but today you started this. You pushed me down.” He reminded you his hands digging into your hips. “Why?” He asked again begging for answers. 

Chewing on your bottom lip you felt your insides burn up. You looked around, heart pounding into your eyes, you felt yourself getting light headed because you over-exaggerated everything. Finally you took a deep breath deciding he was right you needed to tell him. Hands gripping at his shoulders you looked down at him and rushed it all out. “I’vebeendoingthisbecauseI’mavirginandeverytimewestartIwantitbutthenIgetscaredsoIstopI’msorry.” You didn’t know if he heard you because you had been speaking so fast it sounded like a jumbled mess. Shownu paused for a long time before he smiled lifting you up to tackle you against the bed hovering over you cupping your cheeks.

“Don’t ever feel like you can’t come to me about those things. Yes I do get horny but. I can wait for you.” He said lovingly as he pecked your lips repeatedly. It made your heart melt and though you were still scared you wrapped your legs around his waist but he stopped you pulling back. “Nope. I said I’d wait for you, meaning you don’t get to grind against daddy’s dick until you’re taking daddy. Be a good girl and wait for me to take a shower. I need release somehow.” He smiled sweetly climbing off the bed to strip off his shirt. He walked to his calendar hanging up on the walls- one he kept for important dates. Picking up a pen he crossed a x on the date before he walked into his bathroom looking back at a smirking you. “I wouldn’t be so quick to do a victory dance. I marked that spot for a reason. So that I can remember whenever you are ready to loose your virginity that I owe you punishment sweet cheeks.” And with that he shut the door leaving you thrashing around the bed.


You both sat in silence on the opposite ends of the couch, his hands tapping against his thighs before he looked at you and back towards the front of the room. “Did you really have to slap me?” He asked softly tilting his head. 

It had started off simple. You were over watching movies on his couch at his place. But once he left to go get some drinks from the fridge you were quick to turn it from the sappy love story he had chosen wanting to watch something funny or maybe even sports. When he came back and saw what was happening he yelled playfully trying to scold you before he placed down the drinks moving to hover over you and wrap his arms around your lower back picking you up as you slapped his chest and wrapped your legs around his waist you ended up fighting for the remote. 

Needless to say the fighting ended up with him pinning you down kissing you and making you breathless. It carried on and he was having you in his lap grinding against him as his hands held onto your ass cheeks. His tent started to poke through his jogging pants that he wore around the house, you had been pulling at his hair enjoying the feeling until his hand slid under your shirt and instead of saying stop or anything for that matter your fears took over you once again and you slapped him so hard it made a sound and turned his cheek red. Opening your eyes wide upon realizing Gray had let you go stunned and you quickly crawled off of him huddling in the other end of the couch. The announcer screamed “Goal” and that was the only sound heard in the room for a while. You had been nervous and he was still stunned. A bit hurt and he didn’t know how to go about it but neither of you moved. 

“That was for trying to get the remote.” You lied. Ever so slowly Gray turned his head towards you and had it been any other circumstance you probably would have laughed but now you just wished for kingdom come. Blinking forward and swallowing the bile forming in your throat you thought he would look off but he didn’t gaze piercing into your side so much that you were squirming and feeling so guilty you finally turned to face him.

“I’m a virgin Gray! Okay okay! Sorry so sorry that I hit you. It was not intentionally and I didn’t plan it out I was going to say stop but I got really happy and your hand scared me and I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t want to push you away so I never told you because I didn’t want to be treated like a child or have things taken slow. I’m sorry okay? I’m really sorry..” You kept repeating deflating and looking down at your hands. 

After a while of self loathing you felt Gray reach around your neck draping his arm as he pulled you towards him. Ruffling your hair with his hand he sighed leaning back against the couch. “Ahh.. I knew you worried about a lot of things. But I never expected that to be one of them. I’m glad you finally told me. I was fearing the worst. Like maybe you didn’t like me, or you realized being with another race wasn’t something you wanted.” He admitted pecking your forehead laying his head on yours he watched the game. “We can take things slow. You’re still my baby and I’m going to be by your side until you tell me it’s mine to have. Even if it takes forever. I’m willing to wait. As long as you’re willing to accept sometimes I will stop you so that I, myself won’t get too hard and have thing hurting below. Hands are fun but not the best.” He admitted wrinkling his nose causing you to laugh and snuggle up against him, a stupid smile on his face as you both watched the rest of the game.

“I’ll see you again.” (part 19)

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Summary: A Credence Barebone imagine (Credence x Reader)

Note: This is the 19th part to this imagine so make sure you check out the others! I hope you like and reblog it. There also will most likely be a grammar mistake so bare with me. Anyway… I hope you enjoy!

Date published: March 9, 2017

Warnings: mentions of abuse, and WAY too much cuteness to handle

Year: December- 1926

Part: nineteen of ?



You woke up to the faint sound of people talking downstairs. Something that happened in a long time, you missed it. You opened your eyes softly to see Credence. You were both laying on your sides, facing each other. He was just looking you with his tired eyes. You gave him a small smile, closed your eyes and stretched out your limbs. You turned onto your back. “Did you sleep well?” You asked, turning your head to see him. He nodded, turning onto his back as well. You both laid there for a few minutes, waking up. You started to smell an amazing scent coming from downstairs. “Let’s go get some breakfast, huh?” You sat up and climbed out of bed. He followed close behind you.

You went downstairs and walked into the kitchen. “Good morning, sunshine!” Your mother greeted you. “Good morning, Credence. Did you sleep well?” She asked. “Y-Yes. Thank you.” He said quietly, not giving eye contact.
“What are these?” You asked right away. Your eyes lit up at the sight of a big bouquet of flowers on the kitchen counter. “I don’t know who they’re from, your father wouldn’t let me peak in the note.” She said with a disappointed look on her face. “Well, who are there for?” You asked, gently touching the flowers. “It says (Y/N) on the envelope.” She said, holding out the note to you. Your eyes got wide with excitement. You quickly tore through the envelope, impatient to see who it was from.

Dear (Y/N),
I heard that you were going to be in town for the holidays. I know we haven’t seen each other since high school, but I was hoping we could catch up. I’ll be here at 6:00 p.m. to pick you up. Be sure to dress up because we’ll be going to a Christmas party. I hope this isn’t too sudden, I just really wanted to see you.
Love always,

P.S. I hope daisies are still your favorite flower.

“It’s from Will.” You said, a little shocked after reading it. “Will? High school, Will?” You mother asked.
“Yeah.” You said, still staring at the note. “Well? What does he want?” She asked, excitedly.
“He wants to catch up, tonight at 6:00.” You told her. She looked at you with shock. “Are you going to go?”
“I can’t believe he remembered my favorite flower.” You whispered, playing with the petals.
Credence watched you as you stared at the flowers with a smile on your face. He didn’t know your favorite flower were daisies. He would have gotten you some if he knew. Who was this ‘Will’ anyway? You never mentioned him. Why did he make you happy just from a note and some flowers?
All these thoughts flew through his head at once.

You and Credence sat alone in the dining room, eating breakfast after the excitement subsided a bit. You sat next to each other, eating the oatmeal your mother had made. Everyone else had already eaten and left the house, doing their daily things. Credence hadn’t said a word since you noticed the flowers. “Credence?” You asked, quietly. “If you don’t want me to go tonight, I won’t.” You stared at your bowl.
Of course Credence didn’t want you to go. He wanted you to stay here, with him. But this was obviously something that you were very excited about and he couldn’t take that away from you. “No.” He started. “Go, I’ll be fine.” He spoke softly. It was hard for him to get the words out.
You sat there, looking at him for a while. “Are you sure?” You didn’t want to upset him. He slowly nodded. You leaned forward, kissing him on the cheek. “You’re the best.” You told him, picking up your bowl to take back to the kitchen.

The rest of the morning was spent around the house. You and Credence talked with your mother for a while.
“How did you two meet?” Your mother asked, with a sneaky grin. You and Credence were sitting on the small coach you sat on the night before. You felt your cheeks turn red. “Um-well.” You stuttered, looking over at Credence. “One morning I was running late to work, so I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing.” You smiled at the memory. “We collided and the flyers he was handing out went everywhere.” You looked over at Credence beside you. He was smiling at you, remembering the feeling of seeing you for the first time. He remembered it like it was yesterday. You were wearing a dark red coat and a black hat. And of course your perfume. It smelled like flowers and sugar. Every time he smelled it, it reminded him of that first day. You had the most worried look on your face, but you looked so perfect. The way your eyes held so much warmth and kindness, he couldn’t believe it. You had never even talked to him before and you already cared. The way you apologized and helped him pick up the flyers was the kindest thing he had witnessed in a long time.
He was so lost in his thoughts of you, he didn’t realize your mother was talking to him. “Credence?” You said, kind of laughing. “I’m sorry, what?” He said, coming back to reality. “What flyers where you handing out?” Your mother asked. You looked back at him, nervously. You hadn’t gotten too into telling your mom about his past. “U-Um-” He started, looking to your mom then back at you. “My ma’s work.” He trailed off. “What did your mother do?” She stared at him.
“Mom.” You said, looking over at Credence. His hands were deep in his lap and his head was bowed. “Let’s talk about something else.” You said, placing a caring hand on Credence’s knee. The conversation went on to talk about your past. You moved into the kitchen with an old photo album.

“I swear she never tried perming her hair again!” Your mother laughed. “Mom, stop!” You said, you face a bright pink. You tried to close the album, but your mother moved it out of you grasp. You shyly looked over at Credence from across the counter. He was laughing at the picture. Your hair looked like bush on top of your head. You were so embarrassed that he had seen that picture. You hid your face with your hands. Your mom hugged you from the side. “We still love you, honey.” She laughed, looking over at Credence. “Don’t we?” You uncovered your face. He nodded, still smiling. “When Will gets here you will not be showing that to him!” You demanded. “Why do you even have this picture?” Your mother didn’t answer, she just laughed and turned the page. You looked up at Credence. He wasn’t laughing anymore. He stared at the ground. The mention of Will stole his smile.

Later that afternoon you and Credence sat on the living room floor. You were working on puzzle. You sat by the Christmas tree as the fireplace warmed the room. You were so concentrated on the puzzle. Credence was too, but he had to take the opportunity to look at you while you were distracted. The way your hair fell in your face and the way you bit your lip while you tried to fit the pieces together gave him butterflies. You shoveled through the puzzle pieces and Credence’s hand accidentally grazed against yours. “sorry.” He quietly said. You smiled a little and went back to working in the puzzle.

You kept think about him and what he thought about you leaving tonight. “Credence.”  You said quietly. He looked up at you for a second and quickly looked back down, concentrating on the puzzle. He knew what you wanted to talk about and he was nervous.
“What are you thinking about?” You said, looking at him. He shrugged, looking down, playing nervously with a puzzle piece. “If you want me to stay, I’ll stay.” You said. A little while later he said, “You should go.”

When it got later in the evening you started to get ready for the party. You were still reluctant, but you were also excited. You changed into a nice dress for the occasion. It was black, with long sleeves and came off the shoulders. It was simple but Credence couldn’t believe how perfect you looked. He had never seen you like this before.
You were so jumpy as you nervously shuffled from the bathroom to your room, getting ready. You were putting on an earring and walking out the bathroom when your mom came into the the hallway and saw you. “(Y/N)! You look gorgeous!” She exclaimed. You smiled, walking over to the mirror in the hallway. You pulled out red lipstick from your bag and began to put it on lips.
“This will be good for you.” She said, glancing at your old room where Credence was. The door was cracked so she spoke quietly. “What do you mean?” You asked, still applying your lipstick. “It will be nice for you to get away from, you know.” Her voice broke into a whisper. “Mom.” You said, looking over to the cracked door. “I don’t mean it in a rude way, but you haven’t done something for yourself in a long time.” She explained. “I guess you’re right.” You said.
Credence listened from behind the cracked door, tears welling up in his eyes. He turned to see you from the door. You were still putting on your lipstick. It was a beautiful red. He thought to himself, 'She never dresses up like this for you. She never acts this way, this nervous and excited for you. Maybe she’s right, she needs a break from you.’
You went back into the bathroom and finished getting ready.

A little later you were in your room with Credence. You were putting your shoes while Credence sat stiff on the bed. You heard the doorbell ring. Your eyes got wide with excitement. You nervously walked to the door, then you paused. “Credence, are you sure you’re okay with this?” You said, not turning around. You turned your head to see him. He nodded, trying to hide the fact that he was devastated. You smiled at him. “Come on, I want you to meet him.” You said, leaving him alone in the room.

You walked down the stairs to see that your mother had already opened the door and let him in. His back was turned to you and was talking with your mother. You got the bottom of the steps and he turned around. “(Y/N), it’s so good to see you.”
He said sweetly. “It’s good to see you too.” You smiled. You both were staring at each other when you noticed Will’s eyes look at something behind you. You turned and saw Credence standing on the stairs. “Oh, Will. This is Credence.” You said, walking backward, toward Credence. “It’s nice to meet you.” He said. Credence nodded, staring at his feet. “Well, should we go?” He said, smiling at you. “Okay.” You looked back at Credence. “I won’t be gone long, okay?” He nodded, blinking fast. He slowly walked back up the stairs. You turned to your mom with worried eyes. “Honey, go have fun.” She said, sweetly. You walked over to her and whispered, “Take care of him.” You looked deeply into her eyes. “Don’t worry.” She said, touching your arm. You took a deep breath and walked to the door. “You two have fun!” She yelled after you.

You walked to Will’s car. He stopped you, and held your shoulders. “Before we get going I just want to tell you how nice it is to see you.” He said, looking deeply into your eyes. You smiled. “It’s nice to see you too.” You said, caught off guard. He opened the car door and you climbed in.
Credence watched from the upstairs window. The way he looked at you and the way he held your shoulders made jealousy and a million other emotions boil inside of him.

Bitter thoughts surrounded him. Hot tears fell down his cheeks as he laid on his side, curled up on your bed. He felt so lonely. He hadn’t felt lonely in such a long time.
After what felt like forever and after the crying subsided, he got up the courage to go downstairs. Your mom had knocked on the door about an hour ago asking if he wanted any hot cocoa. “No, thank you.” He said quietly, trying to sound like he hadn’t been crying.

He slowly cracked the door, listening to see if anyone was around. He heard faint voices coming from the living room. He walked slowly out into the hallway and down the steps. He creeped to the living room, but froze when he saw Aunt Florence. He hid behind the doorway, listening to the conversation between your aunt and mother. “I think it’s good for her to get out.” He heard your mom say.
“You mean get away from that boy. The way he follows her around, like he’s some lost puppy.” Aunt Florence said, shaking her head.
“Florence.” Your mother said, trying to defend him. “No, Margret, he’s obviously draining (Y/N). She always looks so worn out. How can she just take in that freak and give up any hope of a normal life?”
That word, freak replayed a million times in Credence’s head. Tears burned in his eyes and he felt as though he was losing control.
Aunt Florence noticed the lamp beside her start to shake. She looked around and saw Credence standing in the doorway, head bowed, shoulders hunched. Your mother quickly turned to see what Florence was staring at behind her. Credence looked up at them, tears falling down his cheeks. “Credence.” Your mothers whispered.
He quickly ran out of sight. Your mom went after him, but it was too late. He ran out the door and down the street.

“I had a lot of fun. Thank you, Will.” You said, kindly after he helped you out of the car. “Will I see you again?” He asked. “I don’t know. I won’t be in town long.” You answered. “(Y/N)?” He started. “I’ve really missed you.”
“Will, we haven’t seen each other in well over a year. I can’t just go back into this like it hasn’t been a long time. We broke it off for a reason. I’m glad we are still friends, but I can’t just rush back into this.” You said. “So much has changed since high school. I don’t love you like I did before.” You trailed off. “This wasn’t a date. At least not for me.” You told him. “This was me getting together with an old high school friend going to a party to see other high school friends.” You paused for a minute. “I don’t want to hurt you. I still care about you deeply.”
“It’s him isn’t it?” He cut in. “The guy you brought? Who even is he? He said. "Credence? He’s my- he lives with me.”
“Lives with you?” He asked, confused. “He’s been through more than you can ever imagine. So, stop judging something you don’t even understand.” You said, shortly.
“But you love him.” He wasn’t really asking, because he knew what you were going to say. “I-” You paused, looking up at the house. “Yes. More than anything.”
“More than you ever loved me?” He asked, not looking you in the eye. “Will, that’s not fair.” You said, stepping a little closer. You stood there a while looking at him. “Look, I have to go. I’ve been away from him too long.” You said, backing to the house. “Goodbye, Will.”
“Bye.” He walked back to his car and drove off.

You opened the door. The warmth rushed onto you, welcoming you in. You took off you coat and gloves and hung them up. “I’m back!” You yelled, running up the stairs. You pushed open your door, excited to see Credence, but he wasn’t there. Your mother rushed into the room with a frantic look in her eye. “Mom?” You worriedly said, turning around. “He left.” She said. “What? Why?” You started to feel a knot in your throat. Aunt Florence walked into the room with a bit of guilt across her face. “What did you say to him?” You said, pushing passed her, running down the steps. They both followed behind you. “He wouldn’t just leave like that. What did you say?” You said, anger rising inside of you. You quickly put your coat back on. “Honey.” Your mother said, calmly. “Mom, I’m not just going to leave him out in the cold. I have to find him.” You went out the door into the cold, dark night in search of Credence.

To be continued….


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Blue Kiss

Pairing:  Hoseok x Reader
Summary: A New Year’s kiss with your best friend changes everything. 80′s AU.
Genre: mostly fluff, slight angst 
A/N: Warning, lots of terrible 80′s slang and excessive use of the word ‘like’. Also each month links to an amazing 80s jam!! Enjoy!
Word Count: 20k+

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Natural Hair Tips!

Hey fellow naturals! My hair is healthy, growing, and I’m loving it! I wanted to share my top 10 tips for healthy hair with you guys. I hope these tips help you on your journey to healthy hair. 😀 1. Moisturizing is key! Dry hair breaks off. Moisture keeps your hair elastic and strong. Moisturize your hair often with water based moisturizers, leave in conditioners, and essential oils. 2. Deep condition at least once a week! This ties in with number one. Deep conditioning your hair is an intensive way to replenish vital moisture. 3. Shampoo less. I shampoo once a week with a sulfates free shampoo, but some naturals only shampoo every 2 weeks or once a month. Do whatever works for you. Shampooing your hair too often can result in dry, weak hair and scalp. Co-washing (washing hair with conditioner) is a more gentle and moisturizing alternative. 4. Sleep on a satin/silk pillowcase, or wear a satin bonnet/scarf to bed. Cotton pillowcases cause friction between your head and the pillow which can lead to breakage and frizzy hair. 5. Wear protective styles. I personally don’t wear weaves, extensions, braids, or wigs, but for many naturals those are all great ways to limit manipulation of your hair. Twist outs, braid outs, and buns are also a great way to limit manipulation and styling of your hair. The point is to avoid messing with your hair as much as possible. Over styling can lead to breakage. 6. Limit heat styling. I don’t use blow dryers or curling irons, and I make sure I wait 1-3 months in between using a flat iron on my hair. I straighten my hair maybe 4-5 times a year. Heat styling is not good for your hair when done too often. It leads to dryness, breakage, and a messed up curl pattern. When you do use heat tools, use a heat protection spray and try to have the heat setting as low as possible. 7. Drink lots of water, eat as healthy as possible, exercise regularly, get 8-10 hours of sleep every night, and take vitamins. Healthy hair has more to do with what you put INTO your body that what you apply to the outside. Some good vitamins to promote healthy hair growth are biotin, vitamins C, zinc, iron, niacin, and MSM. Do some research to see what might be best for you. 8. Stop getting perms and relaxers. Anything that can straighten your hair on a chemical level is obviously unhealthy for your hair. 9. Massage your scalp regularly. Doing this with an essential oil like olive, coconut, or jojoba oil is a great way to increase blood flow to the scalp and increase circulation, which in turn may lead to faster growing hair. 10. Most importantly, be patient! African textured hair typically grows the slowest, at a rate of less than 0.9 cm a month. I know that sounds frustrating, but with a healthy diet and a good hair routine, you can see faster growth. Your hair is not going to grow an inch in a week, or probably even in a month. Focus on leading a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your hair, and before you know it, you’ll have the long, strong hair you’ve always wanted!


Define your curls

Dont line your lips to make them look bigger, perm your thin and straight hair so it looks thick and curly, say "nigga" all the time, and then talk about how much you hate black girls. You bitches irritate me 💯
Things to lift to prevent split ends

1. Coconut oil. I slather this stuff on my ends before I wash my hair. My stylist told me that besides heat and chemical services (dying, perms, etc) that washing your hair can damage it. Never apply shampoo all over - only the scalp. When you rinse, the shampoo runs down the hair shaft and cleanses it.

2. Good quality shampoo/conditioner. I love the lush shampoo bars. My fave is the godiva one. They foam up really well, last forever, and your hair feels amazing. After washing, I slather a good conditioner on my ends and use a clip to hold my hair up. I let the conditioner sit on my hair while I complete my shower. Make sure you rinse really well - you don’t want your ends to be oily after it dries.

3. Shine so bright from lush. This stuff is amazing. It’s a balm and a little tin container. Smells like lemons and flowers. Warm some up on your fingers and apply sparingly to the very ends of hair.

Feel free to add on!