they pee on themselves to keep cool

diversefandom100  asked:

Hey! Who would have fun on zumanjaro and who would pee themselves? Look it up it's so cool!

Mikasa: bored
Reiner: pees himself
Bertholdt: pees himself
Annie: is scared but does it anyway
Eren: puke
Jean: pukes and pees himself
Marco: screams as if he’s dying
Sasha: has the best time in her life
Connie: is scared but also really enjoys it
Historia: wants to go for another round (and another…and another)
Ymir: bored, but does it for Historia
Hanji: has too much for for their own good
Erwin: “gotta keep up with the kids…”
Nanaba: tries to convince Erwin to not ride it (tried once)
Levi: sits down there, waiting for the others

Dex was used to the comments. He knew he was pale. He knew his red hair made him stand out in a crowd, and while he hated the attention it was something he’d learned to deal with. But this? Walking through the aisles of Walgreens with skin redder than his hair, was something else entirely. 

“Do you need any help finding- HOLY FUCK,” the sales assistant nearly toppled a display of nail polish when Dex turned to face him. 

“DEREK!” Yelled the girl at the end of the aisle. She was busy stocking multivitamins, but took a brief second to glare in Derek’s direction. 

“Uh, I’m so sorry for that outburst sir- mister- dude,” he took a deep breathe, running his fingers through his hair… his spectacular hair, “you just scared me.“  

"I’m pretty sure I made a kid pee himself next to the snack aisle, so this is a major improvement,” Dex said. Derek laughed at that, and Dex found himself smiling for the first time that week.

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