they only viewed him as the little boy he was and refused to help him when he needed it most


Tony Stark just barely convincing Ross to give him and Natasha a chance to fix things instead of going after his fellow Avengers with “boys and bullets.”

I need to talk about this scene, and how it illustrates why I have genuine BAFFLEMENT that people want to convince me that Tony Stark cares about no one but himself.

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lookie lookie at who wrote something finally lmao 

sorry if this is super confusing and sucks i tried lol also the little line in the middle indicates a POV change :) 

please please please let me know what you think! <3 

You sighed, tossing another baby magazine into the growing pile. All day you’ve been busy planning your older sister’s baby shower, it was now at least 6pm and you were beyond tired. You had to plan the whole thing along with your sister’s best friend, but she wasn’t doing much when it came to planning. She was more involved in deciding what kind of cake to get. Deciding you had enough of looking at baby decorations for the day, you neatly cleaned up the mess you created on the kitchen island and packed it all away in the corner. Since Shawn was going to be home soon you thought getting started on dinner would be a good idea. The poor boy is usually starving by the time he gets home from the studio and can usually eat a horse.

As you began preparing the ingredients for tonight’s dinner you couldn’t help but think about what it would be like if you and Shawn had a baby of your own. Shawn’s always loved kids and so have you so you always assumed you were going to have kids one day but you’ve been married for a few years now and neither of you have brought the topic up. Shawn was always busy though so you never really had time to talk about it. All the planning you’ve been doing for the past few days has made your baby fever go through the roof, all you could think about was a tiny human being that was half you and half Shawn.

Maybe it was time to bring up the topic to Shawn, you wouldn’t say much, you would just casually mention that you want a baby, or that you want a baby in the future. You decided on telling him over dinner even though you were nervous to see how he would react. Would he want a baby now? Maybe he doesn’t even want kids and you were going to be stuck with baby fever for life. You were sure he wanted kids though and you’ve seen the way he acted around his little cousins and your little niece, he absolutely adored them. He would make a great dad.

You heard the door close from your spot on the comfy sectional couch you bought a few months ago meaning Shawn was finally home. It was almost 7pm now and he was at the studio since before you even woke up, he was probably exhausted.

Your suspicions were correct when Shawn entered the living room and collapsed right on top of you, his arms wrapped around your torso and he nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck, letting out the biggest sigh you’ve ever heard.

“Bad day?” you asked, letting your hands run through his messy hair, earning another content sigh.

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Avengers Preference- How The Avengers Feel About You; The Youngest Member Of Their Team

Natasha Romanoff:

At first Natasha would be weary of it. With everything that went on with her in the Red Room she wouldn’t want another teens life to be cut short and turned to assassination. Although after sometime and many training sessions later, she would grow close to you. Natasha took on the ‘motherly’ role when you were around. She was constantly scolding you and kept a close eye on you no matter what. Occasionally her protective side made you annoyed but it was nice to know she cared. Natasha, similar to Steve, also recommended to Shield HQ that you be kept out of missions that put you in a too risky battle state for her liking. Often times during fights where you were sent along, Nat would be finding herself distracted from her fight and glancing over at yours to make sure you were still alive. If anything bad happen to you under her watch she would never forgive herself.

Tony Stark:
You were his little prodigy. Tony saw himself in everything thing you did. He would offer to let you watch over him in the lab when you were forced to stay back and out of the action. Tony would teach you anything and everything you desired. Though he refused to admit it, Tony considered you as his daughter. You had shared experiences, your parents were killed when you were younger leaving you to be an orphan. But when Shield got a hold of your case and discovered your powers, you were immediately recruited and now were apart of The Avengers. Tony was the one to research your file. The moment he caught word that the team was getting a new member he dug every bit of information out on you that he could. He insisted that you studied at the Avengers Tower alongside Peter Parker and hired the best tutors possible to make sure you could reach your full potential. Tony Stark was determined to give you the childhood he never got which was the main reason he fought against allowing you in on missions, but he also understood why you were needed in the fight so in most cases he let you go. Despite this, you were the only person Tony cared about more than his work.

Thor Odinson:
Thor was absolutely amazed by you. He had never met a mortal your age with the powers and abilities you possessed. You taught him human terms and filled him in on all the references he didn’t understand. Being the youngest on the team, there still so much that you had yet to do. The farthest you had gone out of the country was to Russia for a mission with the team. That being said, Thor insisted on taking you to his home realm of Asgard for your birthday and as a reward for all your hard work on the team. Also, Thor was frequently visiting you and asking for advice on Jane. Thor held a whole universe of trust in you and found himself considering you to be one of his closest friends.

Clint Barton:
He avoided you when you first joined the team. In Clint’s opinion you were far too young and innocent to take on the role of an Avenger. He only shared short conversations with you during your training sessions with Steve and Natasha. Hawkeye didn’t take a liking to you until he caught you one early morning sneaking around in the vents listening in on a top secret conversation between Nick Fury and Tony Stark. That was when Clint took advantage of your small form and eager teenage mind and transformed you into his new found pranking partner. The two of you would wake at the crack of dawn and begin your prankster ways. Your main target of choice was Natasha and Tony. It was obvious neither of them would yell too much at you so when you were to get caught, you took the fall. Bucky had been your latest victim of harmful jokes. You and Hawkeye had returned late from a movie and when you found Bucky passed out on the couch with his metal arm dangling dangerously close to the ground, you couldn’t resist. By the time Steve had waltzed into the room, Clint and yourself had managed to stick thirty small magnets of various colors along Bucky’s bionic arm. Hawkeye took the blame for that one even though Steve knew both of you were in on it. Let’s just say Clint had a special place in his heart for you.

Bruce Banner:

Like Clint, he ignored you. Truthfully, Bruce Banner admired your young mind and the brilliance that you held, but he was fearful of bringing a kid your age onto the team. He was well aware that in most cases under his Hulk form he had close to no control over himself so he distanced himself as far from you as possible. The last thing he wanted was to injure you. You tried to coax him and form a friendship but every time you got even the least bit of personal with him like discussing your hometown, he grew silent. All that changed when you took on a fight side by side with the Avengers in Germany. The team had just invaded the main Hydra base of the region. Shots were coming from every which direction and when Bruce, in his Hulk form, saw you from the corner of his eye fighting off a parade of enemies, he couldn’t stand by and pretend you didn’t exist anymore. He wiped out the whole army that had attacked you and brought you safely back to base. Even in his green state of being, Bruce was able to control himself and save your life, and that was all that mattered. After that he hardly ever question you about joining in on missions with the team because he knew if something went wrong either himself or one of the other members of the team would be there to help you out.

Wanda Maximoff:

You quickly became best friends, practically sister. You two bonded over your abilities and coped with your loses. You and Wanda gossiped over juicy new that traveled through the Tower and shared secrets over the boys you took a liking to. Wanda was the only one you let in on regarding the crush you had on a certain spiderboy. She kept quiet on the subject but teased you subtly whenever a chance presented itself. You made her swear not to tell Steve or Tony whom you knew would have a cow, which she didn’t. Wanda encouraged you to fight because she believed in you and the outstanding potential you held. Wanda taught you the language of her home country and often times the two of you would communicate through Sokovian dialect when any of your other team members were around. Wanda was one of the only people on the team who truly understood you and didn’t look down upon you for your age.

Bucky Barnes:
Besides Steve, you were Bucky’s favorite member of the Avengers team. He opened up to you slowly about some of his experiences with Hydra. Like most of the team, Bucky had little to no faith and trust in you when you were first recruited to join the team but over time his perspective altered. Bucky started to view you as less than a child that needed to be watched over and more as a friend, that’s not to say he still didn’t watch over you. Bucky was hesitant and kept himself closed off around most but to you he couldn’t. You reminded James of pre-serum Steve, you were like his little sister and he loved you like family, although he tried not to show it.

Steve Rogers:

In Steve’s eye, you were practically his daughter. From the moment he met you, Steve swore he would do anything and everything to keep you out of harms way. So of course he was upset when he found Fury clearing you for multiple missions. All his attempts to talk you out of the fights failed and much like Steve himself, you refused to back down from a fight. That was one of the main traits of yours that Steve Rogers admired most. There weren’t many things that Tony and Steve agreed on but the importance of your schooling was definitely one of them. Tony hired the most high end tutors because he knew how bright minded you were and the capability you held. Steve on the other hand wanted you to go through schooling incase you ever decided to drop the Avenging and Shield gig and start and family, being the fatherly figure he was. This being said that didn’t mean Captain America didn’t believe in you because he did. He really did. Steve realized after his first mission with you that you would be on of the greatest gains the team has ever come by, but he cared about your safety and well-being more. Nonetheless, Steve always had people checking in on you during the fight and made sure you never strayed too far from him.

pallette 79

(I’ve started a little “series” thing. I’ve got ideas for all of the Potter-Malfoy kids and I’ll be releasing drawings and headcanons of them. I hope you enjoy!! I’d advise that you go look at the other kid’s stuff to avoid confusion)

The next of the Potter-Malfoy kids I’d like to introduce you to is Eltanin

  • It was May of 2006, and Eudora was about 4-5 months along with Alsafi when Harry opened the front door to find a baby snoozing on his doorstep. 
  • The baby looked newly born, with tufts of hair on his head, two patches of which, Harry noticed, were bright white.
  • With the shock of it all, Harry dropped a quite heavy bag he had been planning to bring with him to work
  • It made a loud thunk right next to the baby + harry just winced expecting to hear shrieks of crying
  • but the baby was silent
  • Harry ofc immediately hurried him inside to make sure he was warm and alive with no obvious problems.
  • and that’s when the baby began to wail 
  • It’s crying echoed through the house, loud enough to wake up the whole house. (8 y/o Teddy, 4 y/o twins, 2 y/o Cassiopeia and of course, nearly 26 y/o Draco)
  • Harry wasn’t able to quiet the baby + was v scared that perhaps the baby was in pain or had some sort of medical issue.
  • So, Draco stumbles down stairs + before he sees the baby he’s yawning and asking why Cassiopeia is shrieking that loudly 
  • … and then he freezes. that baby is not Cassiopeia. He’s much smaller, and much darker. 
  • he’s only frozen for a grand total of 2 seconds before he starts to freak out
  • + for just a hot, terrifying second, Draco looks around expecting to find Eudora. But no, this wasn’t their baby, Alsafi. It was too big to be so premature.
  • Harry , still trying to rock the baby attempts to calmly explain that no, he did not steal a baby
  •  In the wee hours of this morning, Draco + Harry are running around trying to figure out what to do.
  • They finally get the baby to quiet down in Draco’s arms, while Harry sits across from him. 
  • Draco’s looking down at the boy and with a jolt, sees that his eyes are open. and he just kind of… gaps down at him. 
  • “…harry… his eyes… one’s- one’s bright blue.” He just whispers distractedly and bit concerned. 
  • He generally wouldn’t be concerned about Heterochromia, but the fact that this boy did not seem to be able to genetically have any shade of blue eyes worried him 
  • perhaps he had been cursed and left to them?
  • Harry comes over too and stares down at the infant. Something is itching at the back of brain
  •  “We have to take him to St. Mungo’s don’t we?” 
  • So they send a fire message to Molly to come watch the kids while before flooing over to St. Mungos.
  • Mediwitches take the boy and inspect him, all while Draco and Harry wait in another room, anxious.
  • They’re eventually told that the boy is a newborn and looks to have “Moderate Sedendum Syndrome” which the muggles call “Type II Waardenburg Syndrome.”
  • The boy is permanently deaf and has pigmentation issues. The only major concern is that they need to watch him for Kidney and Pulmonary Artery Abnormalities, but he should be fine. 
  • The mediwitch also shows them that a boy had been written on on his stomach, leaving a message that his parents did not want him because of his condition (in which, they thought it a curse) and that they left it with Draco and Harry because they’re “collecting kids anyway? What’s one more?”
  • This message later leaves Hermione to make the note that the baby’s parents are probably purebloods, as they didn’t think it could be a mundane defect
  • Harry gently scrubs it off with his own hands, feeling a bit angry and protective over the boy already 
  • Then starts the long and complicated meetings with the Social work department of the Ministry. + the long conversations over whether or not they should keep the boy, especially with a son already on the way.
  • They end up deciding to send him to the “international foster home” I mentioned before bc two newborn babies to take care of in the span of 5 months didn’t seem like something they could realistically handle with all their children.
  • but that night neither of them can sleep, and in their guts it just feels right to take the boy in. because over all the time trying to figure out what to do with him, they had both been thinking about things like names, and what his room would look like and whether Anita would share with him or not. What house he would be in. What kind of magic he would do.
  • So they take him (bc shit, their first children were twins, they could do this) and name him Eltanin (Lucius). and get him fitted for hearing aids (cute little ones with nifflers on them) 
  • They begin to teach the other kids sign language immediately, learning themselves constantly, so that by the time Eltanin is 6 months old, they can start working with him on it. 
  • they also try to anticipate his future life, Hogwarts and beyond that. 
  • they meet with lots of people. deaf wizards and muggles as well as parents of deaf wizards and muggles. speech therapists. doctors. specialists. anyone who can give them a full view. (one of these people happen to be Theodore Nott, who had recently had a son who was born with profound hearing loss)
  • They had a few main questions: Should they encourage him to learn to speak and sign at the same time? Can he even learn to speak with profound hearing loss? Should he get a cochlear implant or not? Should he not go to Hogwarts and instead go to a school for the deaf, where he could feel more culturally intact? 
  • In short, it all boils down to, how much will his deafness affect his life?
  • They decide to go ahead with a witch speech therapist, specifically trained to deal with children with profound hearing loss. 
  • They want him to learn to speak and sign, but were advised not to invest in a cochlear implant, because Eltanin may not want it in the future. He could go to Hogwarts, but should probably have regular contact with other deaf wizards. Which means lots of playdates with Hyacinthus Nott.
  • he’s not a crier, or a complainer, or a tantrum thrower.
  • He’ll cry if he needs something and stops when he gets it. If he falls, he asks for a bandaid and moves on. If he’s upset he hides it.
  • As Eltanin gets older this concerns Harry greatly. He begins to tell Eltanin when he’s 5 that he can come to Harry if he’s upset. That he won’t be mad or judge him if that’s what he’s worried about. That it’s okay to be upset, it’s okay to show that sometimes, even if they aren’t your shining and most proud moments.
  • But Eltanin is happy kid. He’s very bubbly and one that jokes around a lot
  • but he’s also sassy. Like.. too sassy for his own good. He’s a back talker and frequent sarcasm user. (He signs sarcastically, I mean. no one even knows how he manages it) 
  • He insists on continuing the whole “niffler hearing aids” thing for his entire life bc this boy is obsessed with extremely random things
  • He loves nifflers, finds them fascinating. and the Goblin Rebellions? Don’t even get him started. He also likes Korean Wizard rock bands that Harry constantly dad jokes him about
  • Though he and Alsafi are only 7 months apart, they end up going into separate years bc of the August cut off and Eltanin never lets him forget it. “I am your older brother, therefore my clear authority over you dictates that…”
  • He gets to Hogwarts and the hat takes a very long time to decide. Is he a Gryffindor or is he Ravenclaw or …”Slytherin!” 
  • Eltanin was well liked by his housemates, who immediately learned sign language for him. Even the Slytherins who didn’t know Eltanin learned to sign
  • It eventually got to the point of being a tradition in the Slytherin house, which was upheld for many decades past Eltanin being there.
  • (Around 12 Eltanin’s hair turned completely white, which his housemates thought was super cool.)
  • Everything seemed amazing for Eltanin and the other kids but, at this point people started to talk. 
  • Those who went through the war and knew what Draco Malfoy did. Those who were so anti-dark wizard that they couldn’t believe- didn’t believe - that Harry Potter, savior of the wizarding world, could really marry Draco Malfoy of his own free will, in his right mind. and on the other hand, why would Draco Malfoy want to marry and have kids with Harry Potter anyway? Not to mention, they were turning out mostly Slytherin children…
  • It was still only whispers and rumors and conspiracy, still things whispered behind hands and laughed at by most. The kids were teased sometimes, something Teddy always put a stop to.
  • .. until about a year later when Rita Skeeter released a 962 page book. “Draco Malfoy’s Dark Secret” 
  • It outlined (with plenty of extremely convincing evidence) how Draco is continually slipping Harry love potions in order to trap him, and is now taking in children to brainwash and turn into soldiers, “or worse, experiment on”. It painted Harry as a tragic victim and their kids as possibly dangerous.
  • To the general public this accusation seemed extremely far fetched and completely silly. Some saying it “worthy of the Lovegoods” until they read it.
  • When Draco and Harry got a copy in their hands, they were sure that if they hadn’t been them, they would have a hard time not believing this theory, with all the evidence they’d no idea how Rita acquired. 
  • Ron even half believed it. Harry caught him checking a mug of coffee Draco had made for him, and tried to ask Harry if he was sure of what was going on. 
  • Harry had just snatched the drink away and gulped it down, looking Ron straight in the eye and refusing to speak to him for days. 
  • It was the kids who took the brunt of it really. Teddy had graduated and the Slytherins were the only ones who took up for them.
  • It got so bad that Sirius ended up taking refuge, sleeping in turns in her sibling’s beds and studying between breaks in the Slytherin common room. 
  • It began to be a normal sight to see red and gold Sirius sitting in their common room.
  • Rita’s book was even banned in Hogwarts in an attempt to help the kids.
  • Harry and Draco had to keep holed up inside, with Ginny bringing the necessities.
  • It was interestingly Neville who came to the aid of Harry. With the help of Luna and Hannah, he put together a book with interviews, pictures and stories from anyone who knew Harry and Draco well.
  •  Rolf, Hermione, Ron, Dean, Seamus, Pavarti and Padma, all the Weasleys, Dennis Creevey, Eltanin’s speech therapist, Narcissa and Lucius, Andromeda, Hagrid, Professors Mcgonagall, Sprout, Slughorn and Flitwick, Eleanora, various Mediwitches and healers. Mrs Figg, Cho Chang, Viktor Krum, Gabrielle Delacor, and even Blaise, Pansy, Theodore and their spouses showed up to help. 
  • The book was exactly 963 pages and was simply labeled “the Truth About the Potter-Malfoy Family” 
  • It didn’t exactly cause the Potter-Malfoys to be considered a group angels, but it did finally quiet the craziness Rita had started.
  • Eltanin had a relatively normal Hogwarts-career after that fiasco.
  • He’s the only of the kids that didn’t play quidditch, but you bet your ass he was out there with their names on hid forehead whenever they played.
  • Eltanin is a fantastic Potioneer
  • He ended up going by “Malfoy” 
  • + after being told about their parents as students, he and Alsafi jokingly sneered “Potter” “Malfoy” at each other whenever they passed


Daddy’s In Trouble

Author’s Note: This imagine is HEAVILY inspired by the scene shown in the gif above which is from one of my favorite movies ever, The Wolf on Wall Street. My request are open yet nobody sends me request so I guess I will only write when I’m inspired, hopefully, the more I write the more willing you guys will be to send me a request. Anyways I hope you enjoy this imagine!

Warning(s): Slight smut

You lived the good life. The real good life. The life that you fantasized about when you played with your Barbie and Ken dolls when you were younger, it was crazy to say that all of those dreams you had literally came true. You lived in one the most luxurious mansions in LA; 10 Bedrooms, 20 Bathrooms, 3 Kitchens and 40 acres of land were all at your disposal. It was a complete understatement to say that you lived a lavish lifestyle. But no matter how much money you had you refused to let I get to your head, you wanted to remain the same humbled city girl that you were before you met Luke.

You worked as a secretary for  Hemmings Enterprises for 3 years before the CEO, Mr. Luke Robert Hemmings, caught your eyes. You were working late one night, overwhelmed with work due to a printing mishap that happened earlier in the week. You were just finishing up your work and decided to run quickly to your supervisor desk to put down the files you finished working on when suddenly you bumped head first into him. Luke.Mr.Hemmings himself was staring right back at you with his blue crystal eyes and disheveled hair. You had never seen him, not in person at least but the rumors were true he was stunning. You snapped out of your initial shell shock and quickly gathered up the files in sheer panic of upsetting him, he let out a soft chuckle before kneeling down and helping you gather the files. He walked you to your supervisor’s office and out of the building, giving you a ride home to your flat. And the rest was history, Luke would always find a way to see you more and more despite your busy schedules, and when he couldn’t you could always count on some special floral or chocolate package to be placed on your desk with a sweet note from Luke.That was 7 years ago, and know you lived the life you always wanted as Mrs.Hemmings with your amazing husband and newborn daughter Reagan.

You rocked back and forth in your rocking chair, careful not to make any harsh movements to wake Reagan. Your beautiful baby girl rested her softly on your chest with her mouth slightly open, her little chest rising and falling as she slept peacefully in your arms. Once you were sure that she was sleep, you let Reagan rest in her crib and turned on her baby monitor. Putting Reagan to sleep was the only thing keeping you calm at the moment, Reagan innocence allowed you to stay calm no matter how mad you were at Luke. You glanced up at the princess clock hanging above Reagan’s room door, you let out a soft groan and shook your head. “I’ll be home in a little bit I promise, and then I’m all yours” was the last thing Luke said to you before he left early last morning for his business meeting, and here you are staring at the clock that read 12 o'clock the following day with no signs of Luke. Saying you were pissed was a complete understatement, this was the 5th time this month that Luke pulled this bullshit and you were fed up. You hated the fact that he was busy and would stay out all night doing god knows what with god knows who while you were left taking care of your cranky little girl. This was the final straw, somehow someway you were gonna make Luke pay for leaving you like this.

With a sleeping Reagan and a practically empty house, you decided to catch up on your favorite shows. In the middle of your Gossip Girl binge your phone lightly buzzed, you let out a slight groan as you grabbed it from the coffee table and squinted adjusting to the brightness of your phone. Hey, baby I’ll be home in 10 minutes, can’t wait to see my two favorite girls, Luke finally decided to text you but you were not impressed at all. You rolled your eyes and tossed your phone to the side of the couch before getting up and heading upstairs. You refused to make him think you were waiting for him to come home, you decided to head up to Reagan’s room and clean up a bit. You suddenly heard the sounds of your front door opening and Luke taking off his shoes and coat, “Babyyy I’m home”. A part of you was ecstatic that he was finally home, but anger quickly washed over you as you remember the false promises of yesterday. You sat yourself down by Reagan crib on the floor as you tossed her toys into her toy bin. “There you are babe”, Luke smiled as he walked into Reagan’s room “I called you but you didn’t answer me”. “Sorry I was busy”, you smirked at your mimicking tone, you were gonna make this boy pay. You had changed into one of Luke sheer white business shirts before you started Gossip Girl bingeing and you can see that Luke was having a hard time not taking a peek at your body. “Oh,” his voice trailed off, “Well you look amazing babe, you’re sight for sore eyes”. “Oh really?” You questioned him innocently as you unbuttoned three more buttons on the shirt giving Luke a better view of you swollen breast, “funny you say that. I would think you didn’t want to see me since you never want to come home”. You heard Luke curse under his breath as he ran his fingers through his hair, you had him exactly where you wanted him. “Shit baby I’m sorry I know I said I would be home, I just caught up with work and I ended up pulling an all nighter”, Luke continued to ramble on and on trying to explain his disappearance but you didn’t want to hear it. “ You know what baby”, you shook your head cutting him off, “I think we both deserve to relax you know. I have been so stressed and I need to feel loose so you know what I decided to do”. “What..What did you do baby..” “I decided that I need to change up my wardrobe and be more loose, so I threw all… my panties..away”, you practically whispered as you spread your legs giving Luke a view of you wet, glistening pussy. “Jesus fucking Christ”, Luke whimpered as he fell to his knee in shock, you two hadn’t been intimate since Reagan’s birth and he would be lying if he said he didn’t miss that beautiful pussy of yours. “And I also thought, why do I have to wear sweats and pants all around the house my pussy just feels so trapped. So take a good look daddy because you’re about to see a whole lot of this around the house”.You smirked as you saw Luke begin to crawl slowly over to you, completely caught up in a trance and ready to give you all the attention and pleasure you could possibly desire. “But no touching” You placed your high heel softly on his forehead, pushing him down until he lay flat on the carpet. You heard Luke let out small whimpers and groans, “(Y/N)..Baby..I’m sorry please just let me eat your pussy .. I swear I will make it up to you”. He was practically begging for it but all you could do was laugh, “Oh no Daddy, Daddy won’t be getting anything because Daddy’s in Trouble” 

Sound the Alarms: 08

Sound the Alarms: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Ship: Jungkook | Reader ~ Jungkook | Seulgi
Description: You were in love with Jeon Jungkook since you were 14, but made the mistake of introducing him to your best friend at 16. Now you’ve slept with him at 19, and it appears that fate isn’t done screwing you over when it comes to your two best friends.
Warning: Angst, Self-Harm, Mentions fo Suicide, Oral, Intercourse, Slight Dirty Talk, Cumplay, Orgasm Denial, Overstimulation
Word Count: 6,494

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Matty Healy Fic // You Look So Cool //

“Remember to make it quick,” Ross lectured you, his seat making a soft noise as he twisted around so he could see you better. “There’s only one truck out front, so you most likely won’t have to worry about any customers interrupting you. Just get the money and get out.“

You nod, trying to listen to every detail he gave you despite the pounding going on inside your head. You hoped he didn’t notice how bad your hands were shaking as you traced your fingertips along the seam of your bright red pants.

“I will,” you promised, “Can we go?“

“Yeah,” Matty answered.  

Adam gave you both a quick nod before pulling open the door to the van, and Matty fit the black bandana he’d found over his mouth to complete his look.

“You look so cool,” you said to him, quiet enough so only he heard.  Matty had been exceptionally cold to you ever since you volunteered yourself for this heist, but you were hoping that would be enough to chip away at the wall he’d been building up.  

Just when you were about to begin crossing the parking lot leading to the small shop, he gripped onto your hand tightly, causing you to turn and face him before tugging you in for a kiss, his lips felt so soft and warm even through the fabric.

"I love you,” he whispered against your mouth.

“I love you,“ you said back.

Based off from the Robbers Music Video

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Bts reaction {Wanting to break up because of his insecurities} Part 1/2 Hyung Line.

Part 2 (Maknae line)

(Currently taking requests)

Request:  Helloooo! I’m a bit overexcited but I’d love to read a reaction in which the members doubt themselves (about looks or characteristics or smth) and want to break up with their s/o because they feel like they aren’t enough (heavy angst oh boy) but with a happy ending in which their s/o reassures them and they kiss, hug etc… just fluff :) Not sure if you write angst but yeah that’d be great <3

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Speak Softly, Love (3)

Originally posted by luhan-vevo

Part 1 | Part 2


The silence between the three of you was deafening, each second passing made you feel worse, wondering what was going to happen now that you and Sehun were stupidly caught by Junmyeon.

“Sehun, you should know better!” you jump in surprise at the sound of Junmyeon’s angry voice. Sehun first took you by the hand to bring you up to sit next to him.

In all the years that you have known Junmyeon, you had never seen him angry. Not even once. He was always sweet and kind, and displayed nothing but a caring nature towards you and the other boys.

“Are you not going to say anything?” he asks again, raising his voice more than the last time. “How long has this been going on?”

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This crazy thing called love.

Authors Note: Hey!! So, I was watching a romantic movie and it kinda gave me an idea. I kinda got excited and decided to break it into a few parts because I really want to post this right now, but I need sleep so I can’t make it longer/more interesting. Anyway… I hope you guys enjoy this! Xx

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The air swirls past me as the autumn leaves dance along the damp pavement, eventually stumbling off of the curb and continuing their journey across the road. I draw my coat tighter around me as I hurry along the sidewalk, attempting to keep up with the busy rush of everyone else around me.

My heels come to a silence when I stop in front of the coffee shop, The London Gring, Harry standing outside already, two coffees in his hand.

“You’re late,” he embraces me with his typical, somewhat cocky smile, his warm hands handing me my coffee.

I take the coffee, my free hand clasping the napkin under the cup, “Mhm, as always,” I wink, taking a sip of the coffee, just the way I like it. Goodness, how I have needed the sweet taste of coffee on the edge of my lips. I look down at the napkin in my hand and see a number written on it. 

Harry nods his head and hums, “The day you’re not late, will be the day hell freezes over.” 

I roll my eyes at his comment, my eyes focusing on the napkin as I open it.

Grace~ 0209-1212.

I give him a shrug before holding up the napkin, “The day you settle down with one girl will be the day hell freezes over,” my hand waving the napkin teasingly in his face.

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anonymous asked:

Do you do reactions? And if you do, could you pls do an exo reaction to you giving them a boner in public? I LOVE YOUR BLOG 😅😍😍😍😍

Hey Anon,

I’ll give it a go. I hope you enjoy. Also I’m sorry for how long this took to do, hopefully it was worth it.

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Xiumin would have the best poker face out of everyone tbh. You’d been watching movies and hanging out at the dorm with all of the members and had been sitting next to Xiumin, sharing a blanket. Your legs would continuously brush against each other and you’d lean into each other during the movie. All the soft touches affecting both of you. Eventually he’d pull you onto his lap and you’d feel just how affected he was. He’d play if off to the others as the best way to share the blanket and keep the two of you warm while rolling his hips into yours underneath the blanket. It was his way of paying you back for arousing him so easily. His arms would be holding your hips in place so you couldn’t shift out of the way and when you would look at him, pleading him to stop until you were in a more private setting, he’s just raise an eyebrow at you and pretend like nothing was going on.

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Luhan would be another who would tease you, knowing you were as horny as he was. You had been shopping with the boys any they kept getting you to try things on and model for them. You kept catching Luhan’s gaze and knew when he liked what outfit you were in. He’d abruptly suggest going to a movie in the hopes that the others would decline and keep shopping but most of them decided to tag along. When you entered the cinema he dragged you to a different spot and refused to sit with everyone else, once the lights dimmed you worked out why. Hidden from view you’d lower your head down to his lap to help alleviate the strain in his pants while he tried to keep quiet and not draw attention to the two of you.

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Kris would try to play it off as though nothing was going on but he’d be dying to run off with you asap. He’d had to shoot a bedroom scene with you and you could tell from how tense he was that the closeness between the two of you and the constant touching was affecting him. Your palm glanced across his crotch and you heard the quick intake of breath before you asked if he needed a break. He refused, adamant to finish the scene, desperate to maintain a professional work ethic in front of the director and crew. As soon as you finished the scene however, he’d drag you off to his trailer.

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Suho would try to keep his composure and act like nothing was happening but he’d start to fidget and his voice would crack. The group dinner had been going well but there was only so much chit chat you could take. You were getting bored and when you got bored you got playful. Suho felt your fingers trailing up his thigh and glanced at you, trying to tell you to behave with just a look. You ignored him and leant in closer so that you could join the conversation his was having. When you were closer you started to palm him through his pants and he had to cough to suppress a moan. You kept going, eager to see how far he’d let you take this before he stopped you. He was having trouble articulating in the conversation and maintaining eye contact with anyone. When his voice started to crack while talking that was his breaking point. He’d turn to you and tell you to stop or else there would be no fun to be had later.

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Lay would get shy and blush, he’d try to hide from view and ignore the whole situation. You’d fallen asleep with your head in his lap on the flight over to China. Lay, however, had not slept because every time you shifted, your head would nuzzle his lap like it was a pillow. In embarrassment he’d covered both of you in a blanket and he alternated between staring at the ceiling and putting his head in his hands to hide his blush. When you finally woke up you decided to reward him for enduring all of your movement while you were sleeping, plus you were both already covered by the blanket so who would know? And you only had to turn your head…

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Baekhyun would get flustered and really talkative to try and distract himself from what you’d done to him. He’d make 1000 excuses to try and leave to go home, each one sounding more ridiculous than the last. He’d been hosting an awards show with two other MC’s: yourself and another male idol. During the breaks between emceeing you’d all be sat together. Baekhyun, being so used to sitting with his members, would forget and drape his hand over your exposed thigh. As soon as his hand touched you he’d realise what he’d done and quickly apologise. You had told him not to worry about it and to try and make him less embarrassed by his mistake you sporadically gripped his thigh. He’d cough to mask a gasp every time you did this and then he’d start to speak really quickly before finding a reason to run off and check on something. Eventually you grew worried at how often he would run off so you followed him. You cornered him to see if he was ok but he’d keep making excuses about why he needed to leave, it was only when you stepped in front of him to stop him running off and he ran into you that you felt why he was so worked up.

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Chen would be a teasing little shit which surprises no one. He’d be the life of the party, suggesting games, blasting music, dancing and drinking the night away. A game of spin the bottle was getting further and further out of hand as the night progressed and he’d keep pulling you to him, rubbing circles on  your lower back and placing kisses on your neck. Then as soon as you let on that you were enjoying it, he’d run off to do something else. Fighting to get your own back on the tease you’d pull him to the dance floor and grind your hips into his. Out of his depth, he’d try to keep up but you could tell he was getting flustered and you could feel what your dancing was doing to him. Eventually he’d drag you off to the closest bathroom to relieve some stress.

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Chanyeol would get embarrassed and try to awkwardly brush it off. Chanyeol would be mixing in the studio and there wasn’t enough space for everyone so you would sit on his lap whenever one of the guys finished in the recording booth. You kept turning around to chat to everyone and the constant movement in his lap was driving him insane. He’d try to hold you still without making it obvious to everyone that you were giving him a boner but you just kept moving. At one point you went to get up but Chanyeol held you in place, preventing you from moving. He pulled you further into his lap and you realised why you weren’t allowed to get up. He would be fighting his blush and if anyone asked or teased him about how much he was blushing he’d yell at them and tell them they were just jealous that they didn’t have you sitting in their lap.

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D.O. would get embarrassed but he’d try to hide it, and he’d succeed pretty well. It had been a long day at the photo shoot, and D.O. had become more and more frustrated as the hours went by. Having to pose with you draped over him or with you leaning on him, sitting in his lap or sleeping across him were doing his composure no favours. He’d grown tense and quiet as the day went on. Sensing something was amiss you asked what was wrong. He merely glanced down towards his crotch and when your eyes followed you quickly worked out the problem. He would ask you to fetch him an oversized hoodie, like one that Xiumin would wear, and bring it to him. He’d blush while asking this of you but he needed a way out of his predicament and you were the only solution he could think of.

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Tao would whine at you for doing this to him in public. You’d been sightseeing with Tao all day. You’d run off and drag Tao with you only to stop suddenly, causing him to run into you a few times. You’d keep leaning across him to point out something behind him. All of these actions coupled with the cute sundress you were wearing was driving Tao crazy. He’d keep whining at you for being to attractive and he’d be begging to return to the hotel, you’d have no idea why until he eventually pulled you into a hug and pressed himself into you that you realised. He’d beg you to go back to the hotel again and this time you’d concede.

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Kai would be impatient and would want everyone to be gone asap. Dance practice had run long tonight, with everyone learning new dance choreo. You’d been helping teach, filling in the role of the girls that would be partnered with each member. Kai had to stand back and watch you dance with all of his members and he was not enjoying it. He was jealous because you were his dance partner not theirs. When it came time for him to demonstrate the full dance with you he went all out for it, putting in 100%. You could tell the closeness of the dance was taking its toll on him. After the demonstration he told everyone they were free to leave for the night and that practice would resume tomorrow unless they wanted to stay but the look he gave any members who didn’t look like they were leaving suggested they change their minds immediately. When everyone eventually left he’d pin you to the wall and work on relieving his frustrations.

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Sehun would be easily frustrated and you could use that to your advantage. Everyone piled into the van to get back to the dorms after a long day of shooting. To fit, you had to sit on Sehun’s lap. The van was loud with music and people chatting away about the day so no one except you noticed the groan that came from Sehun’s mouth after the van went over a few bumps. You had both hands pressed against the roof of the van to make sure you didn’t hit your head when it went over a bump but this made you push down harder into Sehun’s lap whenever you hit a bump. You could feel him through his jeans and when you glanced at him he had a slight blush on his cheeks and was biting his lip. When you went over a few more bumps you made sure to ground your hips into his. By this stage he’d caught onto what you were doing but he was powerless to do anything about it. He’d be the last out of the van when you got back but he’d proceed to lock you in his room with him to resolve his situation.

Yousana AU: whatever your soulmate writes/draws on their skin appears on your skin too


The first time Sana has heard about it she was 6. At least that’s the first time she remembers hearing of it.

“You need to stop scribbling your To-do list on your hands!”, she had heard her father complain about her Mamma to her Mamma. He was still laughing about it though. “That’s what notebooks are there for.”

Sana was sitting at the dinner table. Her eldest brother sitting across from her, Elias next to her. Their parents on each end of the table.

Sana remembers sitting there, confused of what her dad meant. Why would it bother him if she wrote on her hands? That’s something Sana did sometimes too. When she was drawing pictures she sometimes accidentally drew on herself and sometimes she just tried to see if she could draw flowers on her hands and arms. And other times little drawings just appeared on her skin. She didn’t think much of it because it happened often and the drawings faded and vanished not too long after they appeared. 

At that time at the dinner table, being too preoccupied with fighting over the last slice of dessert with Elias, she didn’t think about it any more.

Not much time passed, in Sana’s first year of school, she heard older girls talking about their soulmates. One time, when waiting for her dad to pick her up from school, she heard two girls of the highest grade in school talk and one of them was complaining and almost crying.

“How am I supposed to find my soulmate? I don’t even understand what he’s writing on the back of his hand all the time. It looks like Russian or something.” She had held her hand up to show it to her friend. But Sana saw the untidy writing too. “I don’t know any Russian people, what if I never find my soulmate?”

That girl was hysterical but Sana didn’t understand why. She was too young to care about soulmates. Neither did she understand the concept of soulmates completely.  So when her dad came to pick her up, Sana instantly asked him.

“Does everyone really have a soulmate? How do you find them? Is Mamma your soulmate? Do you always find your soulmate?”

She was fascinated by her dad’s explanation.
Everyone has a soulmate. Someone they are destined to be with. Their other half. And whatever you write on your skin appears on your soulmate’s skin; whatever they write on their skin appears on your skin.

“Your Mamma and I were friends for some time and I had already fallen in love with her before we realized we were soulmates.” This story makes Sana’s heart grow every time she thinks of it. That was the first time somebody talked to her about soulmates, the first time she really understood why she had random drawings or scribblings on her arms once in a while, the first time many small conversations she overheard made sense.

Still, she was only 6 years old and didn’t realize that her dad didn’t answer all her questions. He had left Sana’s last question unanswered.

It all sounded like a fairy-tale to her. Going about your life and finding random drawings on your skin every once in a while which will tell you who your soulmate is. 

Well, unfortunately this feeling didn’t last forever. 

Until she turned 14 little words or tiny drawings kept appearing on Sana’s skin. But nothing out of the ordinary. Usually just reminders for homework, or other insignificant things that didn’t have a bigger meaning for Sana.

After that, for a very long time Sana didn’t see anything on her skin that she didn’t write or draw. It’s not like she looked for something new every day, that’s not what she did. Not many people do that. Usually, it just happens and you laugh about a bad drawing or the poor handwriting. Many people don’t put much significance on the fact that your soulmate indirectly paints your skin. 

Unfortunately, in contradiction to what Sana believed when she was 6, not everyone finds their soulmate. Many people fall in love with someone whose drawing on their own skin doesn’t end up on their wife or husband’s skin. 
It’s accepted, it’s almost the norm by now. Only a small percentage of people are lucky enough to fall in love with their soulmate. Sana’s parents are one of those lucky couples.

Sana was fine with that. She might not find her soulmate because maybe, she thought, soulmates are over glorified. You probably don’t need to find them to be in a happy relationship. 

So when Sana found herself looking forward to every time her brother brought his friends home, she didn’t care if that one boy with the dark, slightly curly hair who always found a way to spend a few minutes alone with her, just making small-talk, was her soulmate or not. All she cared about was Yousef smiling at her from across the room whenever Sana was in his field of vision. All she cared about was Yousef going out of his way to make Sana feel better whenever he notices something is up. All she cared about were the butterflies she felt when Yousef was near her.

Sitting at a table on the school yard now, talking to Chris, Eva, Vilde and Noora made Sana remember all of this. Vilde talks about the essay she wrote in her exams today and that she wrote about the topic of soulmates and how big the chance is that they meet.

None of the girls at the table have found their soulmate yet. No surprise here that most of them have a rather pessimistic view on finding your one and only soulmate. The older you get, the less you care about that. Because you know how small the chance of you actually meeting them and additionally falling in love with them is. 

“All my soulmate ever writes on his hand are reminders on when to do stuff. But he never writes what he has to remember. Just the time.”, Chris explains and absentmindedly covers her left hand with her right hand. 

“Mine doesn’t write anything at all.”, Sana mentions. She had mentioned it before, when she talked with Chris about this. But all of them discussing this topic is very unusual. It’s not something this group of friends talks much about.

Right when Eva starts talking about very immature drawings that sometimes appear on her left arm, Sana’s phone beeps three times back to back. She unlocks her phone and bites her lip to not grin too much.

She received three texts from Yousef.

“Did your exam go well?”

“Wait, no. It definitely did.”

“But how well? That’s the right question.”

Sana forgets to try to contain her smile while she answers him that it went better than she expected because it was a hard exam.
And she also writes “But aren’t you supposed to be working right now?” and sends the message.
Sana only looks up from her phone when the girls call her name all at the same time.

“Huh?”, is all Sana can ask. Her eyes fall down on her phone once again and she sees Yousef is typing something.

“Sana, is a handsome, tall, dark haired boy you’re in love with texting you right now?” Noora asks which makes all the other girls laugh. Even Sana laughs a little but quickly presses her lips together to make herself stop.

“It definitely is Yousef. Nobody else makes Sana smile this much.” Vilde answers instead of Sana who refused to say something to that.

But now Sana looks up at them again and explains:“ He only asked how my exam went.”, while he should be working, she thinks to herself and smiles a little. Sana’s phone beeps two times in a row but she doesn’t look what the texts are because she knows the girls are waiting for it.

She sees all four of them smiling broadly at her, their smiles almost unnervingly wide. 

“O yeah. He’s only ever asking how your exam went.”, Noora says with an ironic tone.

“Or how your basketball game went.”, Chris adds.

“If he wasn’t there himself.”, Eva mentions with her eyebrows raised. Yousef barely ever misses her Basketball games. It started as him tagging along when Elias came to watch and now Yousef is almost always there, in the audience, clapping and cheering.

“Or how the Russe-van is coming along.”, Vilde adds, “Russe girls rule the world, right?”

Sana can’t help but smile widely because even when the girls just want to tease her in this moment, Sana is aware that Yousef does all that because he cares. She blushes at that thought but tries to shake it off before the girls notice.

Sana acts annoyed and says:“ I’m not telling you anything ever again.” Sometimes she regrets sharing so much with her friends because they find a way to use it to tease her. Since her and Yousef have been getting closer, the girls don’t miss a chance to do exactly that.

“Aww, Sana. Don’t be like that.”, Chris says laughingly and hugs Sana to her side for a few seconds.

“But honestly, who needs a soulmate if they have someone like Yousef already.”, Eva blurts out, not intending to do so. The girls know Sana doesn’t care about that but being reminded is still not pleasant. 

Vilde leans a little forward in her seat and asks: “Sana, are you sure he’s not your soulmate? You two fit perfectly into the description of how soulmates are supposed to be.”

Sana doesn’t realize she does it but she sighs, maybe even a little disappointed. She shakes her head and answers: “There was not an instance that made it seem like it.” Her soulmate hasn’t been very creative on his skin and Sana has not seen anything she wrote on his skin. That could be because what she writes vanishes from the skin of her soulmate not long after she writes something on her own. To be honest, she didn’t look for it either. Maybe, just maybe, she feared to be disappointed.

A few minutes later Eva, Noora and Vilde need to get to their next class but Sana and Chris have the rest of the day off. 

Sana finally gets the chance to look at her phone again and reads the two messages from Yousef.

“I had a five minute break. I’m never on my phone while working, you know that :) ”

“I’ll get off work in half an hour. Wanna meet me here and go eat something together?

Sana looks at the time and calculates that he’ll be done with work in 15 minutes. Just enough time to walk to the kindergarten, the place Yousef means with ‘here’. She texts him back, which he will see when he’s done.

“I’ll be there :)

Chris and Sana end up walking the same way. The kindergarten Yousef works in is on the way to Chris’ house. Sana enjoys just walking around and talking with Chris because even though she is light-hearted and funny most of the time, Chris is one of Sana’s favorite people to talk to. About anything and everything.
When they arrive at the kindergarten Chris and Sana have finished discussing their exams and they hug goodbye. However, when they part from the hug and Chris wants to go past Sana to walk home, she stumbles. Sana quickly holds onto Chris’ arm. She stands up straight again and both girls start laughing because something like this always happens to them. 

Chris, however, stops laughing before Sana which confuses Sana. Chris is staring down and to see what made her stop laughing Sana follows her gaze. Chris is staring at Sana’s hands.

“I thought your soulmate doesn’t ever draw?” Chris asks. The question sounds more excited than anything else. This confuses Sana and she quickly raises her left hand. A little stick figure, a small flower and something that looks like an upside-down V appear and vanish a few seconds later.

Sana doesn’t know how to feel. It’s the first time in forever that this happens but she doesn’t care because she is about to meet Yousef who is perfect for her; it doesn’t matter if it wasn’t him who drew that stupid little stick figure on his hand.

Chris just waits for Sana to say something, which she doesn’t. Sana just shrugs and smiles which Chris takes as a sign to leave then.

“I’m outside :)”, Sana texts Yousef and leans on the wall.
She turns her phone in her hand a few times and gets nervous because she’ll see Yousef in a few minutes. A good type of nervous. She feels more than comfortable with him and hasn’t seen him yesterday so her excitement is even bigger than usual. She might not always show it but she is really glad that Yousef is in her life, and not only as her older brother’s best friend.

Sana’s phone beeps twice. Two messages from Elias.

“I’m getting Pizza for lunch”

“Want your usual pizza? You deserve it after your exam!”

Sana smiles to herself and texts him back.

“Thank you, Elias.”

“But I’m eating lunch with Yousef. See you later :)”

Five minutes later Yousef walks out of the building and his eyes immediately search for Sana and find her. She pushes herself off of the wall and waits for him and smiles at him. He looks a little stressed but once she smiles, he smiles. 


“Hi.”, they greet each other at the same time.

Yousef puts his jacket on, which he was holding in his left hand and his backpack in his right hand. Sana goes to take his backpack to hold until he puts his jacket an.

“Sorry for making you wait.”, Yousef says, looking genuinely sad about it, “But three kids drew on me while I was busy with another kid and when I pulled my hand back two of them got mad. Because drawing on someone doesn’t hurt the person being drawn on. So I had to explain why No means No even if it’s something small like that. And I tried to get the color off my hand.”

Sana stands there, engrossed in his story. She loves how passionate he is about the kids he works with and that he puts so much effort into teaching them even the smallest things. 

“It’s fine, really. I didn’t wait that long anyway.”, Sana says. Yousef who was preoccupied with his backpack he took from Sana again, looks up at her and smiles broadly when he sees her smiling at him. They stand like that for a few seconds. Just smiling and looking each other into the eyes.

Finally, they snap out of their little bubble when Sana asks if he’s ready to go. Yousef nods but first points at his head but says: “There’s a bug on your hood.“ 

Sana just raises her eyebrows and doesn’t get to say anything because Yousef asks: "Should I ..”, and motions to get the bug off of her hood. Sana nods and Yousef comes closer, takes the bug and puts it on one of the bushes close to them. Then he goes to stand in front of Sana again who says Thanks. Yousef just nods and drags his left hand through his hair. Sana’s eyes follow that movement and something catches her eye. Her heart beats even faster for a second. Sana steps closer to him and instinctively takes his left hand in hers and looks at it. 

“Eh.. Sana..”, Yousef says pretty confused with the situation. He doesn’t mind it in the slightest that she’s so close but her staring at his hand is a little weird. 

Sana looks up, into his eyes and tries to catch her breath. Sana sees a little smudged line right in the middle of Yousef’s back of the hand. Exactly where the upside down V appeared on Sana’s hand, on the same spot, not long ago.

“What did the kids draw on your hand?”, Sana asks. She doesn’t even know what kind of answer would make her happy. But she couldn’t stop herself from asking.

Yousef furrows his eyebrows, still confused. “Well, I’m not sure. A stick figure, a flower and a girl tried to write my name but because I don’t like anything drawn on me I pulled my hand away before she could finish the Y.”

Yousef explains oblivious to Sana’s thoughts. Once Sana processes what this means she breaks into a grin and can’t contain it. Yousef, who was too confused to react first, finally understands what Sana could be thinking. Sana drops Yousef’s hand and hastily goes through her bag to get a pen out of it. She really hopes she is right. Otherwise the next thing she is going to do will be awkward as hell.

Now, Yousef understood what Sana is doing and he definitely knows what she was thinking seconds ago. Both of them hold their breath as Sana holds the pen close to the palm of her left hand. Yousef raises his own left hand and turns his hand so that his palm shows upward. 

Sana and Yousef stand very close, not even one step between them. Sana looks one more time into Yousef’s eyes before she draws in the middle of her palm. She closes her eyes for a moment and hopes she was right. She never hoped she was right so much. 

“Sana.”, she hears Yousef and raises her head to look at him. The biggest grin on his face, Yousef is holding his left hand up, sporting the same heart in the middle of his palm as Sana drew on her own palm.

“Aah!”, Sana shrieks without being able to control it and her pen falls out of her hand as she jumps to hug Yousef. She wraps her arms around his neck and he doesn’t hesitate to hug her back, just as closely. 

Sana didn’t care if Yousef wasn’t her soulmate. She loved him anyway. But having the confirmation that he is indeed her soulmate made her happier than she thought she would be about this. Sana can’t stop smiling the whole time they hug and even when they part from the hug and look at each other. Yousef has the same big smile playing on his lips and he takes Sana’s left hand once more and turns her hand to see the heart again. Sana does the same as him; she takes his left hand and turns it to see the heart. It already started to fade but it doesn’t matter.

“We’re soulmates, I guess.”,  Sana finally says.

Yousef laughs at that and nods. 

“But you know, I didn’t need to see this…”, he lifts his hand once more, “… to know that you’re my soulmate!”


Continuation of/ addition to this AU: part 2

Riverdale Imagine: The Game Part 2 (Reggie x Reader)

A/N: Had quite a few requests for Part 2. Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to leave you guys hanging!!

Summary: After the reader discovers that Reggie only asked her out to win a bet, she is heartbroken and angry, promising herself that she would never talk to him again. However, she wasn’t expecting Reggie to try and explain himself the following day at school.

Approx. 1250 words

Part One Here

“Can I kill him now?”

I raised my eyes lazily as Archie stormed into my bedroom, a mixture of anger and concern showing on his face. He had always viewed me as his little sister rather than his twin, perhaps it had something to do with how much taller than me he was, and therefore in his eyes I needed protecting from everything. I smiled weakly, patting the space on the bed next to me to encourage him to join, and shook my head slowly. After he had climbed into bed beside me and put a reassuring arm around my shoulder, just as he had always done when I was upset, I leant into him and sighed.

“To be honest Arch, I think Ronnie has beaten you to it.” I joked.

“I sure do love that girl!” he laughed. Archie and Veronica had been together for a few months now and – although it was weird initially since she is my best friend – I now idolised them as a total power couple, Veronica held all the power of course. “You liked him though, right?” he asked sympathetically.

“Yes” I whispered. “I never thought I would, but I liked him very much. But, now he has shown me his true colours and it turns out that the person I liked never existed. The boy that I liked wasn’t real; he was just a player in a game, trying to win a bet with his friends.” I said bitterly. Archie nodded and rubbed my shoulder comfortingly.

“Well, I have something that might cheer you up…” he began. Just then there was a knock on the door and Veronica peeped into the room, holding a box of cupcakes.

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crave you

summary: highschool au//popular boy jefferson is pining over studious alex super hard and alex doesn’t notice him (yet) (mention of past jeffmads)

words: 1,140

warnings: none! super fluffy

this is totally incomplete but we can change that ;-)

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Reaction to You Getting Sick Because You’re on a Diet. . .


Anonymous said: Hello~~ can you do exo reactions when their s/o getting sick because she is on diet? Thank you so much!!!

Reaction to You Getting Sick Because You’re on a Diet…

A/N thank you so much for requesting sweet Anon!

Kai Eonni ~


Honestly, he wouldn’t say much at first. Suho wouldn’t want to come off as overbearing or getting in your business. He would subtly ask if you were sure you’re finished eating when you say you’re done, but you’ve barely eaten half of the food on your plate. He would progressively get more and more open about his worries when he sees you losing weight – fast. However, when you get sick that’s when he’s done holding his tongue about his thoughts on you dieting. He’d sit you down and express his concerns and opinions about your diet. He’d ask you to please stop hurting yourself like this, there are other ways to lose weight in a healthy and kind way towards your body. Suho might even guilt trip you if it seemed like you weren’t going to change your ways by saying something about how it’s affecting his health by worrying about you this much. He’d do anything to keep you healthy and cared for, even if its slightly manipulative. After the talk, he’d keep an eye on you while eating to make sure you’re eating the amount you both had agreed on.


He’s not having it. You’re important to him, you’re beautiful and to him you’re perfect the way you are. He’d allow you to have a small diet at first, wanting to support you in your decisions even if he may not fully agree with them. However, the moment he sees that you aren’t even eating a third of the food on your plate and you’re losing weight unnaturally fast he’s giving you hell about it. He’ll get into fights with you about how unhealthy this is. However while he’s pissed at you for doing something so stupid, he’d be caring for you like the loving bear he is, supporting you when it’s time to eat, staying at the table and talking casually with you while you finish your food. He’d explain in a mature way the affects dieting like this could have on you, him and your relationship. He’d always remind you to eat when he’s not around and when he gets back he asks what you ate and how much. You got this boy worried, so he’s going to follow up when he’s not around to witness you eating.

(i’mma just put this here cause i can and not cause it has any relevance to what i just wrote // SEXYSOO)


He’d actually be really mature in a situation such as this. He knows how unhealthy this is for you, and so from the beginning he’d be a little hesitant to allow you to diet. Chanyeol also just wouldn’t see why you’d think you need to, you’re perfect?? Once he notices you losing strength, getting too skinny and seeming to be getting more colds than you have before he’s putting his foot down and telling you you need to start eating more. You’re withering away and he’s not about to sit by and let that happen. Then out comes the strict boyfriend; you’re not leaving the table until all your food is gone, he’s calling you whenever he’s not there for breakfast, lunch or dinner and will ask what you’re making yourself to eat and will make you promise him to eat it all. He’d make sure that he tells you everyday how beautiful you are – just the way you are. Even at the most random of moments when ya’ll are just brushing your teeth.


From the beginning he’ll ask you if you’re really sure you want to do the diet. Has he said something that makes you second guess yourself, or have you seen something that makes you want to c xiumin would never keep you from doing something that could potentially make you happy. You getting hurt or sick would be the only reason he would stop you, and in this case, you did get sick, so he’s stepping in now. He’d ask you to stop whatever you’re doing and just mentally take a step back and see what’s happening to you right now. Instead of getting the outcome you wanted, which in the great scheme of things is beauty, you’re getting sick and weak and that’s not good for you. He’d tell you the only thing he wants is for you to be healthy, strong and happy, that way you two can be together for many more years, but if you go and get sick then you guys wont have those many years to look forward to. So please, for him – if not for you, stop hurting yourself like this so you two can spend many more years together side-by-side.


It would take him a while to put two-and-two together. But once he realizes that you’ve gotten sick because of the diet he’s begging you to stop the diet. Now that he knows the cause of you getting sick, he’s panicking and worried whenever he’s not with you. Until you promise that you will no longer continue the diet he’s just not the same sweet Yixing you know. He’s more affectionate, but in a way that seems melancholy and it brings an ache to your heart. He’s more cheerful, but in a way that seems desperate to put a smile on your face. If you are decent person with an actual feeling heart to protect Yixing you would stop your diet and promise him that you are no longer and will never again do the diet. Immediately he’d return to the genuine smiles and loving hugs that you adore. He may be a little dense at times, but he cares for you deeply and the last thing he would ever think about when you’re with him is your outside appearance, he loves you for you and that’s it.


He’d be blunt with you. Like, what’re you doing? If you want to be ‘fit’ then the last thing you should be doing is starving yourself to the point you get unhealthy and sick. You don’t look good when you’re sick and you wont feel good about yourself, so like, why do it? He cares about you, treasures you and wants you to be who you are with him, and because of that he’s going to give you harsh love. When he met you, he fell for who you are, and not who society wants you to be and he doesn’t want you to change. If you’re insecure, he’s gunna make it his mission to boost your self-esteem in a matter of weeks.


He’d respond with understanding, he get it, but wouldn’t in anyway support it, especially if you’re getting sick. He’d be sweet and gentle with trying to get you to eat healthy again, all while boosting your self-esteem in the process. He’d sit with you during meals until your plate is empty, rewarding you with passionate kisses. If he couldn’t be there for meals, then he’d call you and talk to you while you eat, making every meal for you enjoyable so you would no longer dread eating. 

(i mean,,,,,,how could you not want to eat when he makes eating look so seductive,tell me that)


He’d proceed by dealing with this situation in a joking manner. This would be something that Baekhyun doesn’t have much experience with, and therefore is uncomfortable. In response to being uncomfortable he brings out his more childish mannerisms in defense. Though he would try his damn hardest to be as helpful and supportive in anyway he can. He’d be honest with you, telling you he doesn’t like what you’re doing to yourself, but doesn’t know how to help you. Hopefully this would get through to you and you two can work together to help yourself and nurse yourself back to top condition. He’d be the most supportive out of the boys, being honest with how inexperienced he is in this situation, but being so genuine with how he wants help you and be there for you. He’d be so eager to always be there for you, feeling bad that he doesn’t know how to help, and so because of this, he’d jump at the first sight of you needing or you asking for his help.


This would be a process. At first he wouldn’t get involved and let you do what you need to do, but slowly as he starts to see your health decline he’s speaking up a little about what he’s seeing, mentioning how skinny you’ve gotten, how you’re getting sick more often than you have before and how you seem to be getting weaker. This would all be out of concern, however, if you continue to diet, then he’s going to get more aggravated and annoyed, only because you’re not caring for yourself anymore, and that upsets him on so many levels. This would most likely lead to a fight, and eventually turn emotional as his fears and concerns for you surface. He’d ask you to stop doing this to yourself and would come to some sort of compromise with you.


He wouldn’t support the diet in the first place. Health is such a big deal to him and eating a balanced meal as well. So to see you dieting would just confuse him, he already thought you were perfect, so in general he just wouldn’t understand this and would refuse to hear your reasoning, thinking it’s irrational and just plain stupid. He’d throw some remarks at you for doing this to yourself, unsure how to express his concern in any other way. Though eventually he would break and would come to you expressing his concerns in an angry way, but either way, getting his message that he doesn’t want you to do this and is worried for you. He’d try to come to some sort of compromise with you, though that wouldn’t be enough for him, but he’ll have to get what he can take for now.


Again, he would be another that doesn’t have experience in this and therefore feels a little awkward about it. Though he would approach this situation differently from Baekhyun. He’d be blunt about his views and opinions on what you’re doing to yourself, somewhat like Chen, but not as extreme. He’s inexperienced and therefore feels like he shouldn’t say much about, but he cares for you, and therefore speaks up about his worries. He’d be like Kai in the way that he would always make sure that you have eaten or is there with you when you eat. He’d be tough with making sure that you eat, not letting you leave the table and declining hugs, kisses and other forms of affection until you finish your food. Though he doesn’t like to express his emotions much, he can only control his emotions and worries so much when it comes to you.


He’d be another that approaches you in a mature way. You’re sick because of dieting, and he would point that out to you and how it’s the complete opposite of what you wanted from dieting. If you want to lose weight he would be willing to help you in other ways. But he wouldn’t allow you to continue this, and he would be stern about it. He cares about you and because of that he would give you tough love. But he would never forget to remind you how much he loves you for who you are everyday.

Do You Hear the People Sing?

Hi there! Just your friendly neighborhood cat addict coming in to bring you another FFXV headcanon ^^ Today/tonight’s scenario:

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Chocobro Theatre AU!

I’m a total sucker for the performing arts, and have wanted to write this for a while now ^^ Thought this would be better than just the ‘Grease’ headcanons as well ^^’

Hope you all enjoy this :D


- Anguis: Latin for ‘snake’

- The nicknames I mentioned near the end of each profile corresponds to a deity across various types of mythology.

- Cantor: A class in fantasy games which is normally a cross between a priest/dancer and a bard.

- There is a “Notable Roles” section at the end, basically who I think they would’ve played IRL :D

Little Promo!: Spot the reference I made and I’ll write you anything you want ;) 

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Noctis Lucis Caelum

- He was born into a family who was well-known throughout the entire theatre community, a theatrical dynasty if you will. The Caelums were revered for their impeccable acting, a talent which has only seemed to grow stronger every generation.

-  As son of the current “King of the Theatre”, Regis Lucis Caelum, he was already expected from birth to become just as big a star as his father. Since he showed an affinity for the theatre at such a young age, many had already dubbed him as the “Chosen King”. They all believed that he would be the one to usher in a new era in the history of performing arts.

- As a child, Noctis had already been subjected to plenty of formal training: acting, dancing, singing…you name it, he’s most likely taken up at least three classes about each plus their various sub-categories.

-  At the age of eight, he met with a terrible accident. The Insomnia Theater had suffered one of the worst fires in history due to an escapee from the nearby mental asylum (a schizophrenic named Marilith Anguis) . Noctis had one of the beams collapse on him, causing his spine to suffer serious damage.

- After recovering in Tenebrae with family friends (the Nox Fleurets), Noctis has since then refused to perform. Gone was the poster child of the performing arts world. He was now merely a shadow of the young boy “destined” to bring back the theatre to it’s former glory.

- However, thanks to childhood friends and fellow prodigies Gladiolus Amicitia and Ignis Scientia, he was able to gather the strength to perform again. His confidence only grew as soon as Prompto Argentum was introduced into the troupe.

- Thanks to the accident, Noctis couldn’t dance as well as he used to. The pain medication he regularly took also played a part in the decline of his performance levels as well, making him quite sluggish and therefore, only limited to a certain number of performances a week (preferably at night, as he tends to doze off more in the daytime).

- Even with these handicaps, his acting and singing have only gotten better over the years. He really gets into the character he’s playing, no matter who it is. It’s almost natural for him, as if he were donning a second skin. His voice makes the audience feel exactly what they’re meant to feel at that particular moment in time, and very strongly. His talent, plus his strange work schedule, have earned him the title “Prince of the Night”.

- But despite all the praise and accolades, Noctis honestly hates the attention and the pressure put on him to succeed. He also isn’t too fond of the fact that the other theatre families are pushing him to marry Lunafreya so young, all so that he may sire the ultimate diva child. There are times when he just disappears, sometimes for weeks on end. Surprisingly, the other three are also nowhere to be found during these times as well.

- During these disappearances, there is always a band composed of four masked young men calling themselves “The Brotherhood” who come into town, their performances unique in the way that they seem to combine their original music with little theatrical skits. Though all of them are quite skilled, no one has ever really heard of them before. They seem familiar, especially their lead singer/actor called ‘Somnus’, but no one can quite put their finger on exactly what makes them so…

Notable Roles: Marius in ‘Les Miserables’ | Kurt von Trapp in ‘Sound of Music’ | Danny Zuko in ‘Grease’ | Melchior Gabor in ‘Spring Awakening’ | Link Larkin in ‘Hairspray’ | Tony in ‘West Side Story’

Prompto Argentum

- He was adopted at a young age by one of the couples working as stagehands at the Insomnia Theater. Rumors are flying around that he is actually the son of someone from the rival Gralea Company at the Niflheim Theater, however.

- His parents, busy as they were with their work, mostly left the blond to his own devices. During those times, he would sneak over to the theater and watch the many performances being held there (courtesy of a spare backstage pass his parents provided him with). He fell in love with the world of performing arts at first sight, and usually spent his free time practicing the songs and dances he secretly recorded from the shadows of the theater. He practically knows all the performances by heart.

- At the age of eight, he lost his parents to the fire that nearly took Noctis’ life. He soon became foster son to the head of lighting and sound, Cor Leonis. He quickly picked up the tricks of the trade from him, and eventually came to work part-time at the theater when he turned fifteen. His artistic sense quickly elevated him to head of stage design and promotions. The entire troupe immediately fell in love with the cheerful boy.

- When he turned sixteen, there was an incident where both the main and understudy for the role of Boq in “Wicked” couldn’t perform that night. Cindy, who had accidentally seen Prompto during one of his “practice sessions” while she was checking on the mechanics of the stage, immediately volunteered him for the role. Needless to say, he did an excellent job and became one of the lead actors of the troupe from then on.

- He and Noctis met and became friends during the theater’s production of “Spring Awakening”, being the Moritz to Noct’s Melchior. The pair hit it off instantly, and their onstage chemistry was pretty much explosive. He’d been paired with Noctis ever since, and eventually got to know Ignis and Gladiolus during a production of “Hamilton”. The four had become inseparable ever since.

- This boy was born to hand jive! For someone who was mostly self-taught, he has the moves and skills of a professional. He is one of the most skilled singers and dancers in the company, his energy and the way he lights up the stage when he performs earning him the moniker “Cantor of Summer”. (Of course, his confidence needs a little work…)

- When he’s not performing, he helps out around the various departments. Need to have a costume fixed? Sure, he’ll take it to Iris right away! Vyv wants someone to help him make the posters and flyers for the next show? Roger that! Cindy needs help with fixing some of the mechanical props? Be there in a flash! ;)

- Even as a permanent member of the acting cast with firsthand knowledge of how everything is going to go down, he still tends to record videos of every single practice session. He has them for his private viewing (and practicing!) pleasure at home, studying everyone (especially himself) extra carefully so he knows not to bump into anyone, to adjust his movements during a certain scene for maximum impact, etc. This guy is constantly called a perfectionist by the other performers. However, Prompto confided to Noctis one day that it was mostly because he just didn’t want to get in everyone’s way.

- Whenever Noctis disappears, Prompto seems to vanish along with him. Whenever “The Brotherhood” come into town, fans of the blond find themselves immediately drawn to the group’s sunny lead guitarist/dancer ‘Frey’. Maybe it’s because the boundless energy reminds them of their favorite stage actor? Who knows…

Notable Roles: Moritz Stiefel in ‘Spring Awakening’ | Mark Cohen in ‘Rent’ | Boq in ‘Wicked’ | Alexander Hamilton in ‘Hamilton’ | Nino Quincampoix in ‘Amelie’ | Dimitri in ‘Anastasia’

Gladiolus Amicitia

- Like Noctis, he was born into a family well-known throughout the entire theatre community. Unlike the Lucis Caelums, however, the Amicitias were known for their prowess in dancing. Their choreography is said to be second to none, an entirely different art form within itself.

- From a young age, Gladio had already been trained in the various forms of dance: from ballet and contemporary to ballroom dancing and even hip hop, the eldest Amicitia son has pretty much studied and mastered almost every dance style there is to know, including his family’s signature style (a combination of street, interpretative and Latin).

- He has been training with Noctis and Ignis ever since they could all walk, the three forming the ‘Holy Trinity’ of the Insomnia Theater. He didn’t get along with them as well as he does now, however. When Noctis came back from Tenebrae a changed child, he was quite harsh on him the first couple of months and the two would get into constant arguments over practice (or the lack thereof). With Ignis, he thought the bespectacled boy was being too easy on their friend.

- Gladio’s good opinion of both Noctis and Ignis was cemented, however, when he caught the two doing their best to teach Iris how to perform a particularly hard bit of choreography she had been trying to master for around a month. He had since reconciled with the two and took it upon himself to teach them everything he knows, acting as both their brother and teacher up until present.

- When Prompto first joined with the troupe, he immediately found himself amused by the jumpy then-stagehand. Seeing the blond perform on stage lit a competitive fire in his heart, and he challenged the teen to a dance-off the following day. Both of them were completely exhausted and couldn’t make it to rehearsal after that, but their friendship was cemented from then on, only growing stronger after working together on ‘Hamilton’.

- He’s also the troupe’s self-appointed protector alongside his father, making sure the other members of the company don’t get into any trouble (mostly Noctis and Prompto). The scars he gained on his face and body could attest to that: the first (a vertical scar on his face) due to a drunken brawl during one after-party, and the others (the other one on his face + the one on his chest) from when one of his former mentors, Gilgamesh Benkei, was about to lash out at Clarus over a heated debate about ballroom dancing.

- This man seems to be blessed by the gods of dance themselves! Not only is he a prodigy when it comes to dancing, but his choreography is also considered some of the finest in the business, second only to his father Clarus. His work, whether on-stage or on paper, is said to have a distinct sense of gracefulness and quiet strength. Because of this, he is known by the title “Dancing Duelist” among his peers. Noctis and the others poke fun at him for his nickname though, joking that he should be called the “Dancing Noodle-ist” instead due to the large man’s obsession with Cup Noodles.

- When not in the theater, working out or messing around with his friends/Iris, Gladiolus can be found in one of two places. In the morning to late afternoon, he will most likely at the local community center, where he usually holds an amateur dance class for kids. If it’s evening though, he normally can be found having a drink and catching up with former mentors Cor Leonis and Gilgamesh.

- He is nowhere to be found during Noctis’ disappearing acts, seemingly vanishing into thin air along with him. When “The Brotherhood” makes their appearance at around that time, fans of Gladio’s work gravitate towards ‘Kratos’, the group’s (mostly) shirtless drummer/lead dancer with a crow tattoo. Wonder why…

Notable Roles: Friedrich von Trapp in ‘Sound of Music’ | Radames in ‘Aida’ | Chris in ‘Miss Saigon’ | Rocky Horror in ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ | John Laurens in ‘Hamilton’ | The Baker in ‘Into the Woods’

Ignis Scientia

- Like Noctis and Gladiolus, Ignis was born into a theatrical dynasty of his own. The Scientias were renowned for their exceptional voice quality, able to perfectly sing almost any song that could be performed in the world of the theatre.

- Ignis was considered a prodigy in his family at a very young age, his voice being described as that of an angel’s. He was allowed to meet and learn from the biggest names in Broadway and opera, causing his growth as a performer to be exponential. By the age of nine, he was already considered one of the best singers of his generation.

- This did not change as he grew older, as he did all he could to make sure his voice was always at peak condition. In his pursuit for perfection, he also met with and trained under many of the big names in both the live and animated movie industries in order to further develop his acting skills and delivery. The extensive training, together with his own natural talent, allowed him to portray almost any role required of him. (Yes, even a woman at one point…But that story is for another time.)

- He was paired with the young Caelum since childhood, the two showing exceptional amounts of talent that could take the entire theatre world by storm. In line with this, the two had basically the same education in the ways of the theatre. They were practically considered inseparable, further affirmed as the two grew older. Though sometimes, the young Scientia felt more like a caretaker to Noctis… (The mom and dad jokes the other troupe members made when Gladio befriended them didn’t help matters any either)

-  Ignis, while he admired Prompto’s skills as a performer, was very wary of the blond at first, not very fond of the way he would constantly pull Noctis away from practice to go to the arcade. His opinion of the teen was changed, however, the night Gladio got his first scar. He saw how Prompto was ready to take the blow meant for Noctis despite the fact that his legs were shaking like crazy, and instantly knew how much he cared for his brother.

- This man is a jack of all trades, able to do pretty much anything and everything that is requested of him in any performance. You want him to act like a seventy-year old revolutionary? Sure, no problem. Put on an impromptu performance of “Nessun Dorma”? Just give him a few seconds to vocalize. Do back-up dancing for five performances straight? A quick warm up, and he’s ready to go. He has a variety of nicknames in the troupe because of his versatility. Among them are “Mr. Perfect”, “The Fiery Bard” and “Liquid Fire”, the last two in relation to his talent and his passion whenever he get up on stage.

- Ignis is not just a reliable performer. He’s generally reliable overall in all matters of the theater, from maintenance of props and costumes to management of the troupe’s finances. The thing they ask him to do the most, however, is to cook for them in between performances. The members of the troupe jokingly claim that his cooking is the reason why they do so well, as they can somehow “obtain bits of his talent from each bite”.

- When he’s not practicing or taking care of the troupe (his best friends in particular), Ignis likes to create his own plays (as if he weren’t amazing enough ffs). So far, he has written around ten of them, each with their own sets of musical scores and choreography. Some of them have even been performed in the theater, the most notable being “Izunia” (about a healer hailed as the savior of the people only to be betrayed by the gods and everyone he loves). He’s currently working on his magnum opus called "XV”, a three-act play about a prince and his three ‘brothers’ on a journey to bring back light to the world.

- Whenever Noctis disappears, Ignis also does so without a hint as to his whereabouts. With “The Brotherhood” in town during those times, fans of Ignis always find themselves drawn to the band’s bass player/singer “Apollo”, his calm yet fiery aura reminding them of their angel of music. Can’t imagine why though…

Notable Roles: Enjolras in ‘Les Miserables’ | The Phantom in ‘Phantom of the Opera’ | Frank N. Furter in ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ | Aaron Burr in ‘Hamilton’ | Munkustrap in ‘Cats’ | Billy Flynn in ‘Chicago’

He Was Okay...

Tyler had been traveling, visiting family and just having a relatively nice vacation. He hadn’t realized how long it had been since he had been stress free until he had left L.A. Although he knew he’d see Ethan in a few days because he’d be coming for Indy Popcon, it felt like it had been forever since he had last seen the blue boy.

Coincidentally, Tyler heard his phone ring upon thinking about Ethan. He checked the Caller ID to see it was ‘Baby Boy Blue’ calling. Immediately, Tyler unlocked the phone.



 “Hey! What’s up, I was just thinking abo–”

 “Tyler! Th-there’s books flying a-and Mark got trapped underneath a-and Kathryn. Oh god. Oh god where’s Kathryn!” Ethan shouted over the phone.

 “Ethan, Ethan. Slow down,” Tyler replied, worried about Ethan’s shouting, “what’s wrong? What’s going on?”

 “Tyler there’s an earthquake and e-e-everything’s shaking and I c-can’t. AMY WHERE’S KATHRYN?!” Ethan shouted in the background, “WHERE’S MARK?!”

 “Ethan, babe, slow down. there’s an earthquake? What?”

Tyler’s mother entered the room and beckoned him to follow her into the living room where the news channel was on. Following her awhile listening to Ethan’s distressed panicking over the phone and what was on the TV made Tyler’s heart drop.

An intense earthquake had spread along most of the southwest coast. A few have been confirmed injured although the earthquake supposedly isn’t strong enough to cause any damage.

 “Tyler… i’m scared,” Ethan whispered, the rumbling in the background suddenly stopping,” I don’t want to die, Ty. I’m not ready. I’m not ready to die.”

 “Hey, hey. You won’t. Eth, you’ll be fine. It’ll be fine. Just take a deep breath with me. Take a deep brea–”

 “Do you know how many people die in earthquakes?” Ethan asked, “I don’t know for sure but all I know is that I don’t want to. I don’t want the earth to swallow me up. I don’t want to.”

Now he could clearly hear the utter terror in Ethan’s voice. The little whimper Ethan would make every time before he’d begin to cry. It tore at Tyler’s heart strings. It made Tyler want to just teleport and be there to hold him so that he would’t cry.

 “Ethan, you won’t. The news says that it’s a small earthquake and that everything will be alright. Just keep everyone together. Get down and be careful for any debris.” Tyler replied, hoping to calm the other boy down.

 “Please stay on the phone. D-don’t leave me like the rest of them. Please don’t leave me,” Ethan whispered choking back tears. At this, Tyler furrowed his brow.

 “Wait what? What do you mean ‘like the rest of them’?”

 “Amy went to help Mark b-because the book case f-fell and I don’t know where Kathryn is or Chica o-or Mark and. Ty, I’m so scared.”

Tyler shushed Ethan, whispering soothing words into the phone as he left his family in the living room and stood in the hallway where he could speak privately.

 “It’s okay, baby, it’s okay. I’m here. I won’t leave you. I’d never leave you. Just remember, in a few days we’ll see each other and I’ll be with you,” Tyler whispered, “I want you to hug yourself alright? Curl into a ball and just hug yourself.”

A shuffling from the other side of the phone indicated Ethan was following his instructions.

 “Now just think that i’m hugging you. I’m right there with you. Here my voice? It’s like i’m there, don’t worry, Eth.”

Ethan murmured in agreement and seemed to take deep, shuttering breaths.

 “You are my sunshine… My only sunshine…”

 “You make me happy… when skies are gray…

 “You are my sunshine…

 “My only sunshine…

 “So please… don’t take my sunshine awa–

A crash on Ethan’s end of the phone rang into Tyler’s ears. Tyler called out for him but got no reply. When Tyler began to panic, the call ended and Tyler felt his eyes brim with tears. He tried calling Mark and Amy but nobody answered.

His four friends were radio silent for an entire week. Not a single YouTube video was posted on Mark or Ethan’s channels. Fans began to become worried sending hashtags and SOS messages. It wasn’t until Tyler figured he should get a plane ticket that someone finally uploaded a video.

It was Mark. He looked completely wrecked. His face covered in soot and eyes drooping from exhaustion that he weakly did his intro.

 “As… many of you know by now, there was an earthquake and L.A. and many other cities were hit pretty badly. I’m fine, we’re fine it’s just…” Mark paused for a second before he keeled over, his face out of view as he suddenly sobbed, then he rose his head and his eyes were stinging from tears, “we’re not sure where Ethan is, Kathryn got hurt, I got hurt and it’s just–.

Tyler’s heart dropped and he felt the light in him starting to become dull.

 “M-my leg’s pretty fucked up. Kathryn got a concussion and Tyler’s out East so he’s– he’s fine.” Mark looked extremely weak and it made Tyler suddenly become angry.

 “WHY AREN’T YOU LOOKING FOR ETHAN?!” Tyler shouted at the computer screen, knowing damn well Mark couldn’t hear him because it was just a YouTube video and not a Skype call. Tyler tossed his computer off his desk and held his head in his hands, his mind swirling and heart aching.

 Tyler reached for his phone and tried dialing somebody. Anybody. He dialed Ethan’s number on instinct.

One ring…

Two rings…

A third…


 “Ethan? Oh thank God you’re alrig–”

 “haha, i’m not at the phone right now. Please leave a message and i’ll get back to you.” His voicemail spoke followed by a beep.

Tyler’s heart sank even lower. He didn’t leave his room for the rest of the day. He refused to eat. He laid in bed and cried into his pillow, praying and praying to whichever God would listen that Ethan would be alright. His eyes were puffy from his tears and his head hurt like a bitch. He decided to rest, hoping that he’d wake up and it was all some crazy dream.

That wasn’t the case. Immediately after waking up, Tyler checked the comments to see hundreds of hashtags and apologies and concerned messages from fans. Most of them were for Mark and the team. He only saw a few that were concerned about Ethan or Amy or Kathryn specifically. He chuckled at seeing some for Chica.

Tyler’s heart fell deeper and deeper into his devoid state of mind when he heard his phone ring, clattered somewhere on the floor. Upon reaching it, he saw Mark was calling. His heart grew furious and he answered suddenly unsure of what to say.

 “Tyler? Tyler if this is you I need to tell you–

 “Tell me what? Huh? I called hundreds of times Mark. HUNDREDS. And you couldn’t bother answering. I had to find out through your fucking YouTube video. Where’s Amy? Where’s Kathryn? Chica?” Tyler spat out, “Where’s Ethan?” the last bit was whispered, suddenly afraid of getting an answer. “Mark I have been worried sick and I don’t know what the situation is back there but you guys weren’t the only ones hit. And Ethan had called m in the middle of everything and he was scared out of his mind and then the call ended and I don’t know what happe–”

 “They found Ethan… Tyler…” Mark croaked out. They? Who was they? If someone found Ethan then–

Tyler’s heart sank even further.


 “They found Ethan. about a mile from the house. He was buried underneath shit ton of rubble.

 “a-and is he,” he couldn’t bring himself to say it, “…dead?”

There was a beat of silence and a huff of breath from Mark’s end of the line.

 “No.” Tyler’s heart began to lift itself. “He’s alive. He asked to see you, Tyler. He’s going to see you. We all are.

Tyler’s sudden despair began to fade away the longer he spoke with Mark. The entire story, the entire detailed explanation that was the hell they had been through. And Tyler had hope. and happiness. He was so happy they were all okay. He was happy Ethan was okay…

He was okay…

[I am so so sorry, this came out much sadder than I meant it to. If I should rewrite it please say so. Also, if anybody wants to see Mark/Amy/Ethan’s perspective of his one-shot I can totes do that too.]

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Headcanons for when the Drv3 boys have to take care of one of those realistic toy babies for a school project. The toy baby cries,needs to be fed,need to be burped, and is basically just like a real baby.

This is such a pure request.

I’m curious to know however, is this a thing that actually happens in schools in (presumably) the US? I believe if they tried to implement this where I’m from, you’d end up with a lot of mistreated robot babies. ro-babies? 

As always, please do not hesitate to ask if you would like something changed!

- Mod Korekiyo

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The Draw

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Hi! Can I ask for a BTS fic with JungKook when he joins a dance academy and the reader is already one of their top dancers and he starts to fall for her? They end up being asked to do a partner dance for a competition and before they perform it on stage JungKook confesses? Thank you so much! I LOVE your blog❤️💕🌸

Genre: Dance Prodigy!Jungkook, Fluffy Angst

Word Count: 1,662

A/N: I always say this but ion really know what I’m doing lmao, I hope it was what you were expecting anon! By the way the song I had in mind while writing this was “A Change of Heart” by The 1975, Enjoy. Your name: submit What is this?

Jungkook was hailed as a prodigy his entire life. He had a good voice, he was a good dancer, charismatic and charming. He could be the perfect star. So, it came as no surprise that he’d want to pursue the arts. He had no problem getting accepted into a prestigious dance academy, and just like that he was closer to achieving his dreams.

On the first day there, the newcomers had to show what they were made of. He didn’t fail to impress all but one. He was good for a new comer, but the mysterious girl didn’t seem impressed. Her expression impossible to read, nevertheless, she shot Jungkook a smile. Soon after, formal introductions were made. From the beginners to the intermediates, to the top dancers; here he found out her name and who she was.

“(Y/n), leader of the advanced dancers. Welcome to Joffrey Academy of Dance”

After introductions and a quick rundown  of the curriculum, everyone was sent to their respective teachers and groups. It came as a pleasant surprise for Jungkook to see (y/n) in his group, she would be assisting his teacher certain days and he wasn’t complaining. She always kept a stern look on her face, professional, calm and collected. When she danced her mien changed, she conveyed the mood of the dance through her varying expressions. She made everything look effortless and perfect. She oozed confidence, and Jungkook couldn’t get her off his mind. Just everything about her screamed flawless.

He tried his best, he gave his all, but she never seemed fazed or impressed which only frustrated him more and more. Everyone could see how good he was, why couldn’t she even give him another smile? Had she done it to be polite? Why was he stressing about her anyway? There were plenty of other girls that’d bend to his will, he didn’t need (y/n). So, why was she on his mind? Jungkook was determined to get her attention, at least once. He started practicing any chance he got. Soon whenever he was needed he could be found in whatever practice room was free.

Be it fate or be it some divine sign, one day while looking for a place to practice he found her in one of the rooms. He stood in the doorway hidden from view, and just watched her. The finesse in everything she did made her look like an angel, so effortless that she made it look like magic. She was almost too good to be real. He tried to take a closer look, only to stumble into the room. She looked at him, but said nothing. Jungkook’s cheeks flushed red as he looked at her. He got up as quickly as possible.

“Sorry, I was looking for somewhere to practice.” He hoped she wouldn’t notice that he’d been watching her.

“You can practice here, I was about to leave anyway.”  Her voice was a sweet melody to Jungkook. He felt both relief and embarrassment, he didn’t mean to just kick her out in middle of her practice.

“You don’t have to leave, I can just find somewhere else to practice, I mean it’s not-“

“You need to practice more than I do. By the way you should go over the moves from Monday’s lesson, you’re still a little stiff.” She cut him off, but as soon as she finished talking she packed up her things and left. Leaving Jungkook alone.

“Still a little stiff,” He muttered “I’m not fucking stiff.”

He went over the moves anyway. Maybe (y/n) was a little right. Just a little. He went over the whole lesson plus everything he’d learned as many times as he could in that afternoon. He couldn’t get the image of her out of his head, her voice, just everything about her. Jungkook wondered how she could dance so rigorously without even breaking a sweat. On his way back to his dorm, he thought about how good his name would sound if she said it. He could guess it was such a sweet sound. Maybe if he ran into her more, she’d eventually say his name.

The weeks went by, and Jungkook had yet to impress (y/n). He was still invisible to her. Until, dance season was nearing. Tensions were at an all time high, everyone was feeling the stress of the competition on landing good parts. It was no struggle for (y/n) to get something good, but he could tell she too was stressing out about everything. Nothing had been announced yet, but everyone knew it’d be a showcase of the new talents as well as a farewell to those who will be leaving. The weeks leading up to it were hectic, everyone rushed to practice rooms after lessons, which meant more awkward encounters with (y/n). She offered to help him with whatever he was struggling with, but Jungkook’s pride made him deny the help every time.

One Monday, four weeks before the showcase, Jungkook’s teacher began assigning dances to the class. Some were group dances, other solos. One was a couples dance. Jungkook desperately hoped he’d get either a solo or a group dance, he couldn’t do a couples dance. There was no way. But the universe is cold and unforgiving, and he wound up getting the couples dance; with none other than (y/n). How ironic. He pleaded with his teacher to make a change, he couldn’t do it, especially not with her. However, his teacher refused, “You can’t? If you can’t then you can finish this semester and not come back the next.  That’s up to you, though.” Basically, a friendly ‘no pressure’ which just had him fuming. From here until the showcase he’d be seeing (y/n) every day, for hours on end. He had to put whatever was happening inside his head aside and focus. This was be all end all of his place in the academy. The first day of their practice was ultimately the most awkward. His movements were still stiff and awkward, he was overthinking his movements; which only made things harder for himself. Soon, (y/n) noticed why he was dancing like his limbs were made of stone.

“You need to stop thinking about it so much, Jungkook. Just listen to the music and lose yourself in it. Your movements will flow better, just don’t think” Just don’t think, easier said than done. He tried, he really did, but he was still intimidated by her. She could feel him tense up whenever they touched, she stopped the music.

“What’s wrong with you today? You dance great every other day! Why are you so tense now? Have you never danced with a girl? You can’t keep dancing like this, it can end you.” She ask, half mad half disappointed.

“So what if I’ve never danced with a girl! It’s not like I’ll always dance with a partner!” If she wanted to make him mad, she was succeeding. He couldn’t believe that she’d even be mad, it wasn’t easy and she treated it like it was the simplest thing.

“You know, maybe we should call it off for today. I’ll make arrangements tomorrow to get you a dance that’s more up to your skill. I can tell this isn’t for you.”

‘This isn’t for you’? Really? Was she really doubting his skills? That was it, they were getting this dance done by the end of the day. She was gathering her things and getting ready to leave when Jungkook turned the music back on. This caught (y/n) by surprise, what was he playing at now. She looked at him, he stared back expectantly. She made his way over to him, and they began the routine again. This time, it went over perfect. By the end of it, (y/n) was impressed by the change of character.

“What changed, shy boy? If you can keep this up everyday, we’ll make a good impression on everyone. Maybe you’ll move to the next course sooner.” (Y/n)’s tone was different, she sounded pleased.

“Yeah, maybe.” Jungkook said, quietly.

The weeks flew by in a daze. Practice with (y/n) had gotten progressively better after the first day. It wasn’t as weird as he’d been expecting. They grew close in the few weeks leading up to the showcase, and soon, it was already the night they’d been preparing for. (Y/n) didn’t seem stressed at all, Jungkook on the other hand was really feeling the pressure. Before he knew it they had to begin preparing for their performance. She noticed him standing there all tensed up, with a look on his face like he’d just seen a ghost.

“You okay there? We’ll do fine, yeah?” Her voice was warm and reassuring, but he couldn’t shake off the nervousness. An impulse of stupidity came over him, and his mouth moved faster than his mind.

“(Y/n), I really, really like you. I hadn’t told you because I was kind of intimidated, but I really do like you. I think you’re beautiful and fun and smart. I’ve thought so ever since I saw you and-“

In that moment, everything was too real for (y/n). This explained his shyness to touch her, the loving gazes he gave her when they danced. Every unscripted touch and look suddenly made sense. Her heart felt like it was going to beat out of her chest.

“I like you too, shy boy. But we’ve got something to do.”

Without any words, they made their way to the stage. It was the perfect stage, every move was hit perfectly, every look they gave each other only further solidified the mood they’d set. It was electric, and everyone felt it. By the end of it, they’d captivated the audience. They received a standing ovation from the crowd. As soon as they made it backstage, Jungkook pulled her into him by the waist and kissed her softly. (Y/n) put her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

Maybe couple’s dances were Jungkook’s thing.