they only poop once a week

Adulting 102

Welcome ya’ll to this weeks Adulting Masterpost! This week has been a mixed bag for me. As in, I have laryngitis but also a new job opportunity, and how I got either is beyond me. 

Shout out this week goes to @marshmallowdoritos and @quyenforthewin! Please go love them. 

1. Cactus decor. Cacti are super easy to maintain (most only need to be watered once a week) and look great anywhere you put them. Buy them from a supermarket that also sells plants as opposed to a nursery because they will be cheaper. 

2. Buy Febreze. Unexpected visitors are lovely, but not when your apartment smells like a baboon’s armpit. Febreze is affordable and lasts a long time, I use it on a weekly basis because I have two cats that love pooping when I have guests.

3. Baking Soda and vinegar are your one-stop cleaning solution for everything. Clogged drains, shower heads, cat pee stains, etc. 

4. Ladies. Have sex while on you’re period. I can’t explain why, but it will be the best sex you ever had. Science side of Tumblr please explain.

5. First floor apartments suck. I lived in a first floor apartment for a year and a half and literally will never live in one again. They’re freezing in the winter and damp in the summer. Don’t waste your time!

6. Can’t pay your electric? I was in serious to debt to my local apartment (after living in a first floor apartment) and told them that I was unable to pay my $850 debt because it was more than my month’s rent. They worked with me and put me on a special program called POP where they paid off my debt for me, so long as I continued my regular monthly payments. There are options, you just need to ask and be persistent

7. Don’t by olive oil. It’s sometimes three times as expensive as other oils like canola or vegetable oil. High quality olive oil can run you up to $25, if you’re buying olive oil for $4 then chances are it’s heavily diluted. 

8. Swiffer. Swiffer mops take up very little space in your closet, and you can buy store brand mop pads for a fraction of the Swiffer brand price. I’m especially partial to Shoprites pads, they smell so damn good.

9. Beaded curtain. Small apartment? Throw a beaded curtain in the hallway to make your apartment seem larger.

10. File your taxes as an Independent. Your parents are receiving a tax break if you’re filing as a dependent under them, but that tax break hurts you. You will end up paying more taxes in the long run, because the government thinks that your parents still support you. File as an independent if you are no longer living with them and supporting yourself, they loose the tax break but you (the starving college student) will not be charged as much by the state.

i know i’ve said this before but I still keep seeing ads for bearded dragons and leopard geckos that say “I want to rehome him because I don’t have time to handle him as much as I should” and like… girl lizard don’t care. Lizard would be chill if you literally ignored them for the rest of their life and just chucked food in their cage. As long as you clean their poops, give them fresh water, and provide a good diet for them, you literally never have to handle them if you don’t want to. They’re not going to get sad because you never get them out. They don’t care.

Felix loves only two things in life 1) hiding in dark crevices and 2) bugs. He would not care if he ever saw me again, as long as there are bugs, he’s warm, and he’s got a place to hide. He is literally almost zero investment of my time. Like I feed him bugs every few days, clean his poops once a week or so (he poops in one spot), change his paper towels if they get messy or wet (they rarely do because he is very neat), and mist his damp hide about once a week. I very rarely even see him. He hates me and that’s ok.

Dami was on strict cage rest for a week because he was pooping weirdly, and he had to get meds once a day as well. I was paranoid that between hooking up with Io and his only interaction with me being me shoving a syringe down his throat he wouldn’t want to hang out with us anymore. 

But his poops are fine again and he’s out of jail, and almost right away he was back to sitting with/on @wraisedbywolves and I, so all is well.

“It started getting really bad in ninth grade. Shaking hands became uncomfortable. I couldn’t touch money. I couldn’t eat with utensils if they had touched the table. Door knobs were the worst. Touching them felt like touching dog poop. It got to the point where I couldn’t even play bassoon, and that’s what I love the most. My bed became my only safe space. I’d stay in bed for a week at a time. I dropped out of school. Once I didn’t leave the house for an entire month. I got committed to a psychiatric hospital three different times, and honestly that was a relief. It was like an escape from existing. But I’m happy with where I am now. I’m on so many medications but I’m doing much better. I’m leaving the house twice a week. I just finished a bassoon lesson. I’m starting an internship soon. And I’m applying to music schools this fall.”


Laundry day

Time to get our clothes cleaned for next week! So thankful that I only have to do laundry once a week now, but I suppose that’s gonna change once Evie gets here, haha! We’re gonna do cloth diapers with her, just like I did with Aaden, so there will be even more laundry loads to do than usual when you got a baby who poops and pukes over everything. Felipe’s brother Mateo has promised to help out as much as he can though, he’s gonna be staying in our guest bedroom for the first month or so, until we get a hang of things. You know, for someone who says he’s never gonna be a dad, he sure is looking forward to all the baby duties, haha! We’re so lucky to have him honestly, he helps out so much with Aaden during the days, he even picks him up from daycare every day. Mateo really loves my little man, and I know he’s gonna love Evie just as much.

Love, Raegan

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do you have any tips for getting a snake? like what are the pros of it and what are the cons? i really want one, but i'd like to know what i'm getting into first. thanks! (also, your snake is absolutely wonderful. thank you for sharing them with us. <3)

Besides the obvious pro that they’re very pretty, exotic, and unique pets–which in turn make you feel cool and niche because you can take aesthetic pics of them (I’m totally dragging myself on this). Here are some pros/cons to having a ball python (I can’t speak for all snakes since I only have a BP and they’re all very different in pros/cons):

- You only need to feed them once a week. They can go longer periods of time without eating and its generally okay (although I wouldn’t practice the latter regularly and there’s a lot more to this piece to research on). Mainly it’s nice if you go on vacation because you don’t have to worry about having a friend/family member check on them every day.

-They only pee/poop every 1-2 weeks. So you don’t have to clean up after them all the time.

-They don’t smell (unless they pee/poop than wow good luck that stuff stinks). But generally they’re pretty odorless, my dad has a sensitive nose (also strongly dislikes the smells of animals) but with Apollo there hasn’t been a single complaint from him.

-They don’t need any affectionate attention like cats/dogs, so you don’t have to feel the need to handle them everyday.

-If you’re looking for a super chill/laid back pet, they’re perfect! Most bp’s are content to sit in your lap and sleep.

-They are your lifelong friend! I think there’s been a BP recorded that’s ~40 years old???

-Their husbandry needs are very specific and is a lot to maintain/learn about in the beginning. Getting humidity levels and hot spots/ambient temps is CRUCIAL to your bp’s health and it’s a lot of research and experimenting to get it right your first time around.

-BP’s are pretty picky eaters, so while it’s okay for them to not eat for a month, it’s also not uncommon for one to go off feed for over 4 months and that can be very stressful for someone who can’t figure out why they won’t eat. (Hint: usually it’s a husbandry problem, health problem, breeding season, or sometimes they just decide not to eat for months on end).

-The BP community, while very informative also has a lot of misinformation that gets thrown around (Example: BHB Reptiles or Snakebytes TV on YouTube). So it takes a lot of research to sift through the myths/outdated knowledge to understand what’s the proper practice and care for BP’s.

-They’re not cheap!!!!!!! Just because they’re less maintenance than a cat/dog, be prepared to shell out at least $500 in husbandry materials, food, vet bills up front (EXCLUDING the price of your BP). I’ve prob spent ~$1k on Apollo just this year and he hasn’t even gone to the vet yet. It’s solely on food and getting all the equipment for his forever tank.

-They’re not affectionate like cats/dogs. There’s a lot of posts out there that anthropomorphize (humanize) them, saying that their snake is sad, happy, enjoys being cuddled, etc and it’s not that they might not completely feel that at all, but their emotional/cognitive capacity isn’t like a cat/dog. So while Apollo does recognize me because of my scent/how often I handle him, I highly doubt he loves me or enjoys cuddling with me. It’s more like he is used to me and tolerates my affection because I’m warm.

-If you even turn around from them for a few minutes, they will escape and squish themselves into the most obscure corners ever and get themselves into trouble. (I’m pretty sure this one is universal across all snakes and I have definitely had my heart attack moment with Apollo on this one already).

-They live a long time!!! Yes, I know I mentioned this as a pro, but it’s also a con if you won’t be able to commit to owning one for at least 20 years. By time I get married and have kids, Apollo will still be around! Not that it’s a bad thing for me cause I’m 110% committed to this, but it’s food for thought. You never know what will happen in the next 25 years of your life and if having a pet BP will interrupt it in the long run.

TLDR; there are more cons than pros to having a BP, solely because you have to do a LOT of research before getting one since their needs are very specific and there’s a lot of misinformation about them online. I’d say if you’re planning on getting a snake purely because they’re really pretty than I’d recommend against getting one.

But if you’re really passionate about them, ready to give a 25+ year commitment to having one, have the financial stability (and responsibility) to own one, and are ready to do your research, than you’re on your way to having a very fulfilling relationship with your future long pup! As always, thank you for all the love and support on this blog ❤️

For all the other snake bloggers out there, please feel free to add onto this list! I’m sure I’ve left out many other points as well.

update -- semi-hiatus.

     hey guys! sorry for my absence the past few days. i kept thinking i’d have time to come online in the evening, only to be pooped as shit once i actually got to that point and passing out. here’s an explanation for why that’s been happening so much!

     so, in addition to my work as a freelance artist, i also work on the executive staff for a multimedia convention. that convention’s on may 6th, which is very soon, obviously, and there’s a ton of work that needs to be done by then. not only that, but i’m also selling my art in our convention’s artist alley on that same day, so that day itself will be hell as will the next few weeks, since i have to work so much both for the con and for art preparation. as it is, i have four prints to finish, four commissions to finish to be able to afford supplies, a lot of business correspondence, and an entire room’s worth of origami decorations to make by hand – not to mention hopefully getting a class finished by july. and speaking of july, i have a much bigger convention i’m selling at then that i have to get ready for, which will also be a chaotic mess. don’t get me wrong, i love my job, i’m just preemptively exhausted, lol.

     anyway, what this means for this blog is: i will still be here! i will also still be working on replies. but until may 6th is over, i’ll be swamped with a thousand things pretty much constantly, so i will not be nearly as active as i should be. so just expect very sporadic activity over here for the next while, although i will still be actually here pretty much constantly because let’s be real, i ain’t gonna be workin’ over my tumblr time altogether and it’s not like i can just “close” the “tab”, what the fuck. 

     sorry about all this, guys! i’m still working on everything, i promise, lol. hit me up if you need anything!! queue will still be filled, as well! thanks for putting up with my shit, lol. 

Getting a Puppy [Joe Sugg]

“We will never ever be getting a dog,” Joe states from besides you.

“Well, not one that big, maybe a Yorkie,” You remark, not making eye contact with him.
Currently you were sitting on a park bench, people watching. It was a weird pastime, but it’s something you two enjoyed together. “You two” being you and your boyfriend Joe of three years.
Your legs are propped up on Joe’s thighs, and both of you are paying attention to the Great Dane that respectfully walks next to his owner a few yards away.
“No, no dogs,” Joe sat forward, causing your feet to go to the ground.
“Aw Joe but why not? They just want a bit of love,” You exclaim, taking your hand in his, leaning your head on his shoulder for emphasis.

“They’re terrifying! It’ll fart on my face and eat my slippers!” Joe’s face twists,

“Please Joe! I know you don’t like dogs, but I can train him/her to not go jump on you and once you see it’s big brown eyes you’ll fall in love and he/she will be a great guardian for me when you’re at conventions and we can name it whateve-“ You are cut off by Joe cupping your face with his hands and kissing you mid sentence.

“That will never-not get old,” He smiles, “but fine. Only if I don’t have to pickup it’s poop.”

“Deal.” You agree, kissing him once more.

- -

“What about a hedgehog? They’re small, not really messy, they don’t smell,” Joe says as you two walk pass several cages. It was a week after the day at the park, and you have dragged him to the pet store to finally get the puppy you so wanted.

“Y/N is making us get a dog. And this dog will compete for my love that I share Alan, which is a horrible way to start World War III,” Joe vlogs himself, then turns the camera to face you.

“Coughdailyvloggercough,” You say without taking you eyes off the cages. You now found yourselves in the hamster section, since the puppies were all the way in the back.

Joe glares at you, then goes onto explaining how much of a struggle it is to be your boyfriend, with you being “such a bully”.

He then places his camera in his pocket once you reach the puppy section.

Brown, black, white, tall, small, hyper, sleepy. There are so many dogs in each glass cage, each displaying their characteristics in different ways.

“Aw look at them,” Joe coos, smiling at a small white bulldog.

“Woah the boy has feelings!” You exclaim, clapping at Joe. He blushes, still scanning the dogs.

This continues for about fifteen more minutes, and you find yourself near a cage of Pomeranians before Joe calls you over.

“Y/N! This one loves me,” He laughs as you see him sitting inside a cage. It’s the type where you can pet the puppies if you ask, and that was exactly what Joe is doing. Sitting inside of it with about seven Yorkies jumping all around him. In his hands, he cradled the smallest.

“Her name is Violet and she has a brother named Doodles and there’s more but I can’t remember their names and they all act like absolute Rodney’s,” Joe spoke very fast and excitedly. You smile, unlatching the gate to sit with the dogs as well.

One with fur sticking everywhere pads up to you, placing a paw on your knee. The collar shows he was Doodles.

“Joe! He’s adorable!” You say, scooping up Doodles.

“You mean she,” Joe responds, his full attention on Violet.

“No, him.” You shove the Yorkie towards Joe.

“I think you’ve both fallen in love with two different puppies,” A worker comments from near a shelf she was restocking.

Joe finally looks up from Violet, seeing the predicament. His eyes immediately turned into puddles,

“Can we get both? Please?” He draws out the ‘e’.

“I don’t know, it’ll fart on my face and eat my slippers…” You tease, then agree to adopt the two dogs.

- - -

Later that day you look up from where you were resting your head on Joe’s chest. 

Violet and Doodles were fast asleep, curled up on the new doggy-bed you bought for them. 

“We’re like parents,” Joe chuckles.

“Don’t get too far ahead of yourself, Suggy,” You laugh.

- -

this is my first imagine and it actually sucks. i’m also very bad at grammar. i am so sorry.

10 things that becoming a mummy has taught me..

1. Tidying and cleaning is a luxury, not a necessity. This also translates into ‘NEVER look under the sofa’ and ‘I’ve only worn these socks once right?’

2. Never ever wake a sleeping baby! So we’ve all heard this one before! But I definitely learnt the hard way that no matter how cute they look sleeping within the first few weeks of bringing them home, waking them up is quite possibly the worst thing you can do. This also means sneezing, coughing and moving are also out of the question whilst baby is asleep- I don’t care if you can’t help it!

3. Leaving the house is a military operation. Nappies? Check. Spare clothes? Check. Hey why can I smell poop?

4. People will always think they know your baby better than you. ‘You should really let him cry it out’ ‘you’re spoiling him’ ‘he can’t be hungry already’.

5. Parents are so competitive
! I never knew how competitive they really are! This normally results in them asking you a question so that they can answer it themselves.. ‘Has your baby rolled yet? Oh mine has!’

6. Life seems somewhat similar to an episode of Takeshi’s Castle. Jumping over toys and other obstacles, dealing with various puddles of liquid, all the while encouraging yourself like a complete idiot.

7. Food doesn’t actually taste too bad cold. Saying that, you can’t really remember the last time you had a hot meal.

8. Things won’t and usually don’t go to plan.

9. There is no ‘right’ way to raise a child. Everyone will have their own ideas and own techniques. That doesn’t make one person better than the other, everyone is different and as long as that child is loved, what does it really matter?

10. Despite all of the above, becoming a parent is the most rewarding and amazing thing that you could ever do. It’s demanding, tiring and sometimes completely out of control, but it’s completely worth it.

Why a Hedgehog might not be the pet for you

Requested by lizardsarestupid

-You need to spend a lot of time socializing them to yourself and other people. This can take months, even years.
-Some never warm up to people
-Be prepared for many quill sticks and blood-drawing punctures during this time.
-They are very nocturnal. They tend to be very grumpy if woken up. This means they really should only be interacted with after 8pm
-They poop like crazy and it smells BAD.
-Since they need a solid wheel, you need to wash it every day since they poop and pee while they run.
-You need to give them frequent foot baths for the above reason. Some hedgies need it daily.
-The cage needs to have a complete change MINIMUM once a week. Ideally more.
-You need to cut their nails. Many don’t like this so again, be prepared to be poked.
-They need it warm. Anything under 70F can cause them to attempt hibernation. If they hibernate they usually die because domestication has eliminated their ability to successfully come out of hibernation.
-They need a 12 hour light cycle.
-The light needs a timer and the heat element needs a thermostat.
-The heat and light source cannot be the same since the heat needs to be on all the time and the light has to be off at night.
-They need a very specific diet. This is pricey.
-They are very picky eaters with even more sensitive stomachs. If anything with their food goes amiss it often causes hunger strikes and/or diarrhea.
-Average lifespan is 3-5yrs
-They are predisposed to mouth/jaw cancers and other terrible diseases.
-Exotic vets can be expensive and hard to find.

If you are 100% confident in your abilities to provide everything listed they can be fun pets, but it’s important to know the “not so fun” parts of owning these guys too!

Remember when Briana was calling that random marketing agency and paying them money to come take her and Freddo’s pictures once a week back in the Summer so the Mail would publish them.

She only cares about “privacy” when it fits her end game. Which is to get verified on instagram and make money off it shitting her pants for poop tea companies.


I now live in Madagascar.

A Day in the Life of a Peace Corps Trainee

About 4 weeks ago, 42 American strangers met in Philadelphia then spent the next 72 hours sleepily-awake, while traveling across the world to this giant African Island in the Indian Ocean. It has been a crazy and exhilarating whirlwind ever since then.

Right now we are in Pre-Service Training. We will be in Mantasoa, at the Peace Corps Training Center, for three months before we begin our 2 years of service at our relative sites. PST is a fast-paced mumbo-jumble of immersion and trainings, but all of the trainees are still close together, so we can escape to America-land and share jokes and stories with each other. I’d say we are “half-integrating” at the moment. We are slowly easing ourselves into life in a whole other world.

Each Peace Corps Trainee is currently living with a host family in one of two villages near the training center. Our days are filled with Malagasy lessons, general Peace Corps lessons, sessions about our specialties: health or agriculture (mine is health), classes about how to not get diarrhea, and well… lots of rice.

My host family has a spacious white house on a hill overlooking a small lake. They have a few animals: chickens, a cow, and a pregnant pig!

I can’t wait to meet the cute little piglets soon! I am going to try to adopt one, or all of them and save them from becoming dinner one day. It will be my own personal “Charlotte’s Web” Pig Protection Project. (This idea might need some revision).

There is a small store attached to the house and many neighbors stop by throughout the day to stock up on little things they might need like phone credit, beans, bread, or candy.

My host mom is a great cook and a really hard worker. She and my host dad spend everyday caring for their animals and crops, managing the store, and keeping the house in order. I also live with a 14 year old host brother, Jimmy, who is very good at speaking English and tutoring me in Malagasy. I have two more wonderful host siblings, José and Charlene, but they currently live in the capital, Antananarivo, where they are studying at a University.

They are all so kind and extremely helpful at exposing me to the Malagasy way of life.

Here is what almost everyday looks like for me:
At around 4 am, through closed wooden shutters, I can hear roosters cock-a-doodle-dooing about, neighbors singing, and the scraping sounds outside of my host family beginning work for the day.

I groggily look up at the ceiling and my mosquito net, say to myself “hmmm, I’m glad no one expects me to go feed a cow” and I fall asleep for two more hours.

I am later awoken by a soft knock on the door and my host brother’s voice “sakofo” (mealtime). After a sweet breakfast of rice, peanut butter, pancakes, coffee, and bananas, skillfully cooked by my host mom over charcoal, I begin my morning routine.

I head back to my room to collect my plastic purple bucket and towel. I leave the towel in the Ladosy which is an outdoor hut where I will take my shower. I cross past the family’s cow, through high grass that is still dewy from the nightly rain, and open a wooden door to another small hut covering a water well.

After pulling up two buckets worth of cold water from at least 20 feet below, I drag my bucket back into the house and into the kitchen to add some rano mafana (hot water) boiled over charcoal by my Neny (host mom).

After adding some chlorine to the water, I put the bucket in the Ladosy while I visit the outhouse: “Kabone.” The Kabone is the poop hole I bet you have been oh-so-curious about. The wooden floor has two slats on either side of the hole that indicate where to put your feet while you squat and release your morning coffee.

I have been using a Kabone for a while now, but I still dread it. I am totally afraid of slipping and falling in. I don’t know why I’m so paranoid, it’s only a stew of everyone’s bubbling poop 12 feet below…

one wrong move…

After surviving the Kabone yet again, and celebrating my regulatory digestion (I was off for the first week), I head to the Ladosy hut to wash myself with lukewarm water from my purple bucket.

Once I am clean, I also must fetch my drinking water from the well. I put it in my filter and then add in some diluted bleach to kill any nasty organisms that the filter didn’t get. I haven’t had diarrhea yet, so I think I’ve gotten the hang of it!

There is so much work that goes into every piece of the morning from brushing my teeth to just taking a “shower.” I find my morning activities quite meditative. It is nice to take so much care for every part of a routine that used to be so simple. Back in the states, everything was handed to me on a marble or porcelain platter with two knobs- hot or cold.

It is definitely nice to have my Neny doing half of my chores for me at the moment. Once I move to my permanent village after training, I will have to heat my own water and breakfast every morning. Whomp wommmmppp.

After my shower, I get dressed, sweep my room, and prepare for 4 hours of Malagasy language lessons. Luckily our small language group meets at my house so I can dawdle until everyone arrives.

By noon class is over, my brain is fried, and Neny is almost done cooking lunch.

The family and I eat a meal of rice with the sides of usually beans and a vegetable salad. I really enjoy the meals at my house.

Malagasy people eat a lot of rice. It is their main dish for every meal -always- but my Neny likes to cook more than just rice. At least while I’m around. So I eat plenty of vegetables. I loooooove vegetables. The meals are always delicious. (But I’m not allowed to talk about this to the other trainees who are only fed rice by their families. They are jealous…and probably irritable because they are only eating rice).

After lunch I rest for a bit, then walk around the neighbourhood on my way to our afternoon training courses at a community center.

Sometimes our classes are just health volunteers, and sometimes the agriculture volunteers are there as well. I really enjoy afternoon classes because all of the other trainees are really cool and we always have a lot of fun together. It’s incredulously comforting to have a support system of people all about the same age, going through similar experiences.

During our break halfway through class, we walk around the village and buy snacks from the many shops that line the main road. The snacks are usually just stale and processed cookies and crackers, but sometimes I buy bananas which are absolutely delicious here.

Once class is over at 5pm, I like to walk around town for a bit with other trainees, chatting and exploring before I head home in a race against the dark.

Generally, Malagasy people do not spend time outside past dark for many reasons, so once night falls the day is typically over. They are the opposite of many Americans. In the states we get chores done at night, but here chores are done with the sun. The Malagasy rise with the dawn and finish their days at sunset.

Dinner is usually over at our house around 8pm and I study for a bit, then take my malaria pills, roll down my mosquito net to encase my bed like the gossamer of a Princess’s elegant chambers, and fall asleep to loud rain pounding on the tin roof.

Right now it is summer and it always rains at night, and sometimes during the days as well. It is so green and gorgeous here! But the roads can get quite muddy and it is hard to get around during a storm.

So there you have it, a day in the life of a Peace Corps Trainee in Madagascar.

I am absolutely loving it so far. I am learning so much and I am constantly surrounded by wonderful company whether it be fellow trainees or my host family. I know I will have to learn to be on my own again soon, but for now, having a nice support system around while adjusting to a life with spotty electricity, rare Internet, no running water, and a new language is beyond helpful.


so we’ve got two new additions to the family today. my mom saw these for sale for 20 dollars each, with their whole tub, heating pads, hides, water dishes, supplements and the food for them. 

the tubs were downright filthy, with dead bugs and poop and stuff in there. we cleaned them all up real good and got them settled in. 

I’m wondering if they look healthy? I’m thinking the one on the right has too skinny of a tail. apparently she fed them 7-10 mealworms once a week. we still have to buy a few things for them because they only had one hide each, so both of them need two more hides. she did have a sort of “humid hide” thing but only one… and both of them are currently shedding, but the one on the right is almost done. 

EDIT: she claims the one on the right is “”“ALBINO”“” and that they are both adults. 

EDIT: also, both are male for sure. I can clearly see the bulges by the vent. they are NOT housed together. both are in separate tubs.

Something I'd like to know

When Nazi official Hermann Goering was captured by Allied Forces at the end of World War II he was found with two suitcases stuffed full of 30,000 paracodin pills and he was taking 40-50 a day.  Political pundit Rush Limbaugh had a similar addiction, only to oxycodin. His addiction was so bad it damaged his hearing and he had to get a cochlear implant. What I have to wonder is HOW DID THESE MEN EVER POOP!??? Gahd dang! When I was taking codeine back when I broke my leg in high school I stopped because it made me sick and gave me migraines. Then I didn’t poop for like a week straight! Then when I did poop it was gigantic eruption all at once in the middle of the night when I was asleep!  XD

peepee-princess  asked:

Hi. I have an obsession with your cats. Can i ask, what is negative on this cat (problems with skin?) thank you so much 🐈 cats for life

Hello and thanks so much for following! 

A few possible negatives:

Sphynx are expensive, the breed has only been around since the 70’s-80’s so there are not a lot of them. Breeders have been good about not inbreeding them so this is kind of a negative and a positive. Who purposefully wants an inbred cat?

Sphynx are loyal and highly intelligent so they like interaction and company. This is not a cat you can leave alone for long periods of time.

To help keep their body temperature up sphynx have a higher metabolism than cats with hair. You have to feed them a high quality food so they don’t have messy poops. They have stinky farts regardless.

Because they do not have hair you must bathe sphynx every 1-2 weeks, clean their ears at least once a week, and clean their claws once a week.

Thanks to careful breeding the only main genetic issue is HCM, which is a thickening of the heart wall. It is something that has no symptoms or warning signs until it is too late. My vet tells me this is not extremely common but because it is the only main issue owners tend to be very afraid. 

The boys say I have to add some positives to end on a good note! 

The boys are warm and soft. They have a baby fine layer of hair so their skin feels microsuede. (There are also sphynx that are more hairless and they are referred to as sticky naked.) Sphynx are very fun and playful, they are often called monkey cats because they like to climb and get into mischief. They love their humans and meet me at the door when I come home. 

Hope that answered your question! I will post more if I think of anything else. 

So as of about three weeks ago, I was having a problem. My rats(mostly my females) have never been the best as using a litter box. They had three on three different levels of the CN and would only use it maybe once per day. But it was never too bad. 

About three weeks ago, they began to use the entire bottom level as a toilet. It would be covered in poop in just one day. The fleece began to smell horrible after only 24 hours. No matter how many times I cleaned it I just could not get them to stop. 

Finally I had had enough and I went to Home Depot and bought their largest size Cement Mixing Tub. It fits perfectly into the bottom level of a CN(very very snug, almost seems like it will not fit). I filled it with litter and it is a total change. I only have to pick up poop once a day and it is only a tiny bit. They are almost exclusively using the bathroom on the bottom level. The pan only costs 13 dollars and I fully recommend this to any whose rats are kicking out litter or having bathroom issues, it really helped me. 

I dont particularly like the way it looks, but it looked worse when the bottom level was totally covered in poop and it was being slung all over the floor. Plus, now it does not have nearly as much of a smell. 

Up to last week I was literally pooping like once or twice a week and I only just learned that’s bad and now I’ve been eating a shitload of prunes and boom here we go.