they now have history attached to them

ChoicesHero, an informal review

So, let’s talk about Hero. In my last post I hadn’t finished the chapter cause I had gotten bored, but I will be writing this review as I play and finish it so you’ll get my thoughts right as I have them.

Let’s begin. Warning, long post is long.

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Allen's Personality Theory #1

Okay, so obviously there’s a lot of confusion of who exactly Past!Allen really was, Current!Allen’s Mask of Mana, and all that. I’m going to string together all this very vague and minuscule information with plenty of my own theories to make things flow better.

Let’s start with Red. Red, in a sense, was a blank slate. It has been implied that he had absolutely no memories from before the age of 7 or so. Without memories, you have no personality. Memories make the personality, they shape the person. So Red created a personality that fit his surroundings.

It’s been implied that Red believed that he had been abandoned. I think that’s probably true. During those times, anything imperfect and deformed was usually left to die. And he had a rather horrendous looking arm that obviously drove people to fear him and/or hate him. People hated him for his arm. They called him a monster, a demon. He was an outcast to humanity, something lesser than a human being. So what did he do? He hated humanity right back.

Red was rough, he kept people at a distance. He cursed, and didn’t have proper grammar. He hated people, but he also feared them. He was just a kid, how would he defend himself against adults? He kept his head down, making sure not to antagonize the people who knew about his arm. Hoshino-Sensei has implied that he had been beaten at least once, by one of the clowns called “Cosimo.” This was an obvious reaction to such hateful reactions. He didn’t really understand how people could ever be kind to him. He probably did as much as he could to survive, which at least included stealing things and perhaps harming others. Survival was a priority.

After he met Mana, the clown would’ve probably tried to fix his personality. Taught him how to speak properly, how to hold his tongue and be polite. To care for others. How to treat people. Mana tried to model him after himself, to make him become a better person than who he was. These teachings probably wouldn’t have sunk into until after Mana’s double deaths, during the month right after.

Red probably wouldn’t have accepted the name “Allen” as his own until the latter years of his time with Mana. Then after Mana’s deaths, he contemplated what Mana tried to imprint on him, and decided that to carry on his legacy, he would become the person that Mana would be proud of. He incorporated all of Mana’s teachings and added a few more: his Martyr-complex and selflessness. He probably would have felt very, very guilty about everything he did. He forced himself to never be selfish again, because selfishness was essentially exactly what brought Mana back as an Akuma. He became self-sacrificial because he felt so goddamn guilty for bringing Mana back, so much that he swore to never, ever let anyone around him get hurt. That self-sacrificial attitude only grew until he started jumping in harm’s way for random people, even going so far as to blame himself for things that were not his fault. That guilt never faded away. He wanted to do everything he could to atone for his sin towards Mana.

Cross called it the “Mask of Mana.” He wasn’t really wrong, especially considering the fact that Allen did start “talking like Mana.” To be literal, it was in fact, a “Product of Mana.” Everything stemmed from Mana, from his teachings and his deaths. Everything Allen did was all for Mana. So, now imagine Allen’s reaction at seeing Mana in the Earl suit, imagine his horror at seeing that the one reason he became who he is currently was now his number one enemy. In a literal sense, he could quite possibly lose himself, his identity. Perhaps he could even revert back to his old Red personality. Whatever his reaction might be, I am almost positive that it will not be a good one.

Now, onto our dear Past!Allen.

Theories about Past!Allen having a personality like Red aren’t very plausible to me. Remember, Red was essentially a blank slate, and his personality only developed from the bottom up. However, Past!Allen could have had a similar personality to Red, although the circumstances surrounding him are rather unclear and should at least be similar to Red’s if his attitude turned out like that.

However, let’s not forget that it has been implied that Past!Allen did not possess Innocence before, and that his left hand was not “deformed” at all. So the hatred the majority of humanity had shown Red probably wasn’t shown towards him. So he probably did not turn out like Red.

My theory of Past!Allen’s identity is that he is, in fact, Bookman’s previous apprentice. It just fits the bill so well. Allen’s entire personality is so perfectly constructed, just like Lavi’s. They’re both very well versed in the art of fake smiles. It just feels right. And it would make sense.

Past!Allen, as an apprentice, took a neutral stance. He constructed fake personas then discarded them when he had no more use for them. His ‘real’ personality was simply “Bookman Junior.” One that believed humans to be foolish creatures, only able to create war and only be capable of endless selfishness. Maybe he would be incredibly fascinated with the “Helix of Life,” which was why he knew of it.

The Bookman rule of only taking a neutral stance and having no heart would’ve been more like guidelines to the Bookmen, something that successors could follow to make recording history with no bias much easier. I think the real reason the current Bookman now stresses this rule is solely because of Past!Allen. He let his emotions, his friendship with both Nea and Mana, get in the way, and thus gave up his body, in a sense betraying the Bookman Clan. Previous apprentices would have formed attachments at some point, but would have been still able to sever them and continue on. But not Past!Allen. He became too compromised, too attached to Nea, unable to leave him, and thus resulting in offering up his body as a vessel.

Past!Allen’s personality wouldn’t have been much. He must’ve lived without emotions for so long that only a few key parts really came out. I theorize that loyalty and courage must have been part of that. I mean, to give your own body up as a vessel for your dying friend’s memories, with the possibility of his memories overwriting your own and thus making you disappear? That takes someone either very brave or very stupid, and I don’t think Past!Allen would’ve been the latter. Loyalty, of course, because he was basically doing this all for him. He didn’t have to. He could’ve just watched him die, like he did with so many others before him. But he didn’t. He stayed, because Nea was probably the first ever friend that Past!Allen ever had.

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About Lotor's clone...what if it's Shiro's clone that returns to Voltron in S3? Like Haggar used his severed hand to make a back-up clone because real Shiro is the prince & now he has to come back to the empire to help run things. Like Shiro's got no personal background & is really shady... Maybe, he was initially suppose to help Zarkon track all the Lions, but then he got attached to the team & rebelled against him.

I feel like Shiro is the kind of character that everything we know about them can turn out to be a lie, so It’s kinda hard to theorize about stuff that happened to him and his past.

But hey, he and Keith have history. Keith is kinda his background. And Keith doesn’t seem suspicious of anything. And also I guess Pidge’s family?

Just some stuff about Shiro that stand out to me:

Sendak (real or not real) saying Shiro was part of the Galra Empire, and that Ulaz calls him a “leader”.

That’s kinda weird for someone who was supposed to be just a famous gladiator fighting for the Galra’s entertainment against his will..

And the “you could have been our greatest weapon”

against who? why the greatest weapon?

Is Shiro like a robeast or something?

You do get the impression Shiro used to actually work with the Galra but then rebelled against them.  And when Shiro escapes with the help of Ulaz he was apparently a prisoner again, meaning the rebellion already happened before this. (If that memory is indeed true)

There’s like this theory going around that the Galra used his arm to control him that I really like, and maybe then Shiro somehow broke the spell and rebelled and then they were gonna make him a stronger arm or something before he escaped. 

They probably dun need a whole arm to make a clone, and other Galra have them also… It seem like a voluntary thing they do to become stronger. And I also like what Josh said about it (I think), that it was given to him because he was unable to finish the job and kill people.

Another thing is that you hear the Galra repeat, “find out all that they know” line alot.

So maybe Haggar and the druids have a way to I dunno, extract memories from people? (Like what team Voltron does with Sendak) And if you can do that and also implant fake memories in someone, the possibilities are endless. You can make anyone think they are someone else.

And I think they implied Shiro’s disappearance was related to the lion’s powers, so I dun feel like it’s related to Lotor’s appearance or something.

I said to myself I wasn’t going to watch the season 4 finale, I said I was going to binge watch them all when they came out here and save the graduation episode to watch for the first time on Friday, but I couldn’t help it. I saw the link, and I had to watch it. I’m glad I did, because I may or may not be crying right now, so I’m glad no one can see me.

I didn’t realize how attached to this class I was until now, seeing them all laughing together, no matter what their history was. Every class is special to me, but I remember when I first started watching Next Class I felt like there was this huge something missing when Clare and that group graduated, but this class grew on me over 4 seasons of Next Class, even though some of them have been on the show since season 12. Seeing them graduate felt wrong in some way, like I wasn’t ready to see them go, and the beautiful way the graduation was done just made me even more emotional.

I didn’t think I was as close to this generation as I was, but I found that I was still so emotional over seeing them graduate and spend one last day together, I think they stole a bit of my heart, just like every character on this show does. Seasons 5 and 6 aren’t going to be the same without them, and I think - just like every class - it’s going to take a little bit of time for it to sink in that they’re really gone, but right now I’m kind of just feeling warm and ready. They all made it, even though they went through hell and back, seeing them all happy for once was just really lovely, and I really am going to miss them.

These gnarly purple shells belong to the the Lilac Worm shell, a species of marine sea snail native to Madagascar. The species has been reclassified since this old display label was written and is now known as Petaloconchus lilacinus. Its species name accurately describes its striking colour! Like fellow worm snails, this species have irregular, tubular shells which are attached to a surface giving them the coiled appearance. Almost reminiscent of pasta? (Or perhaps we’re just ready for lunch!)

Semau: The History of the Netjeri/Spirit Necklaces I Make

So I’ve been pondering how to approach the general Kemetic community with this subject for a while now. Instead I’ll just go for it.

Note: I am using netjeri to denote any nonhuman, non-god spirit. The ones I work with specifically for this heka are servants of the Netjeru/the Kemetic Gods.


I make necklaces that have netjeri (spirits) attached to them. I call these necklaces sema necklaces or sema/u for a handful of reasons:

*The necklaces are intended to give a netjeri a physical vessel, body, home, etc, and the heka involved unites the netjeri with a physical object (the necklace).
*The necklaces main purpose is in bringing the Unseen/Duat and the Seen/physical world closer together, like a bridge of sorts. This is another form of uniting.
*The necklaces do this by giving a netjeri a physical vessel and then said physical vessel (and therefore a portion of the netjeri’s essence) is put into the keeping of a human being. There is a uniting element in this sense as well.

Sema is a term used in antiquity dealing with uniting opposing/differing forces (Set & Heru-sa-Aset, the Two Lands, etc) under one purpose/being. So it made sense to me to use this term in connection to what I do.


For me this all began about two years ago, when I heard of a lady in the KO that had done this sort of thing previously. Her necklaces are called “shen” and while similar, they are a bit different.

I really became enamored of the idea of having a spiritual companion you could work with, talk to, etc, that had an anchor in the physical world via jewellery. Unfortunately, the lady had - as far as my research skills could show - completely disappeared from an online presence. I felt disappointed, but gave it up to fate; obviously if I was meant to have one, it was not then. While at the Wep Ronpet Retreat that year I got the chance to meet a few people with shenu and to handle one of them. I was pleasantly surprised at how the netjeri could effect the physical world around them indirectly. So again, I felt that I would simply be patient.

A little over a year ago, I had the opportunity to purchase a Wesir shen (a shen necklace that had a netjeri servant of Wesir attached to it) and I took it. The person told me not to expect too much, as the spirit had wandered away. With some carefully considered offerings and an oath to perform additional offerings should they return, I tempted the netjeri back.

He and I got along wonderfully, until a few weeks later he broke while I was at work. Although I had all the beads I was distraught, but he simply instructed me to write a heka intended to put him back together and do it. So with his, Serqet’s, and an unrelated netjeri’s help, I managed to create a two hour piece of heka to perform. And I put him back together and he was pleased.

To be honest, before he broke I was toying with the idea of creating a heka for the purpose of making new necklaces. He told me I wasn’t ready for it and I let it go at that. After I fixed him, his response was “Now use this to make more like me.”

So I did.

I ended up talking to some people about this and very carefully and openly going “I don’t know if all of this is in my head, but I’m wanting to gift you with this if you want it” to a handful of people. I also ended up showing Hemet (aus) my heka (she being the only person other than I that has seen/heard the heka). I was told by people they could definitely tell something/someone was there, so I ended opening it up as a service to people within the KO after Retreat last year.


Since then, I’ve been wanting to discuss/mention it to the wider Kemetic community as “I do this stuff and can do this stuff for you too”, but I haven’t been sure how to approach the topic.

There will be more posts about the semau coming, but I though a history of them post would be the best way to start.

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Charles/Erik, Erik is bad at email

(I actually had two ideas for this. I might go back and do the other one, too.)


If Charles were to rank methods of communication, face to face contact would absolutely come first and phone calls would be somewhere near the end, above only semaphore and morse code and other outdated forms of communication that he never bothered to learn. The only reason video calls have edged over phone calls in the past few years are because there’s nothing quite like seeing his grandchildren’s faces while they talk from a distance.

Charles hates the phone. He hates speaking to someone without being able to tell if they’re real and what they’re thinking. He could be speaking to a robot, for all he knows, or a shapeshifter. Someone not wholly whom he’s intending to speak to. While that same silence is a boon when he’s watching television or movies–allowing him to get wrapped up in the story without getting distracted by what the actors are thinking the way he does at the theatre–it’s another little nuisance he has to put up with when it comes to business interactions or interpersonal contact, another sign that the world was not designed with telepaths in mind.

He appreciates it, then, that when Erik goes away, he defaults to text-based communication for Charles’ benefit. Back in the early days of their relationship, that meant long letters full of things that he couldn’t bring himself to say aloud, another benefit of text over telephones. Even when they were on opposite sides of public opinion and issues, Charles took comfort in the love letters that Erik still took the time to write him, each word thoughtfully written on the page in Erik’s distinctive hand.

These days, letters have been exchanged for email, and while Charles thinks the skills should be transferable, Erik proves that they absolutely are not. Gone are the days of Erik’s heartfelt missives. Part of that is the new nature of their relationship–Erik’s been living with him, working with him, for thirty years now. There’s less need for love letters when they’re sharing a house and a bed and a psychic landscape. Technology has changed too, though, and they’ve embraced tablets and laptops over pen and paper for most things. Charles welcomes the change–he learned long ago that anything Hank gets this excited about is bound to change his life for the better. Erik embraces technology too, for the most part.

That doesn’t mean he’s actually any good at it.

He’s been gone for a week, first to a rally in Chicago, then to a series of meetings in Washington, and tomorrow he’ll leave to spend a few days with Wanda and her boys, which has Charles deeply jealous and comforting himself with the fact that they’ll be starting at the school in the next year or so and then he’ll get to see them whenever he wants.

That aside, Charles is also a little lonely, a little bored in the evenings. Days like this he used to wait for Erik’s letters, the anticipation filling some of the void his absence left behind. These days, it’s something closer to…exasperation.

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“We may have forgotten so many things, and understood other things wrong, but that doesn’t change what our culture as it is today means to us. Meant to us. Both. My vallaslin isn’t a slave-mark to me - it is a sign of my adulthood, and symbolizes not what or who the ancient June was, but what values are attached to the name now. And that is what I can teach my children - both these histories, and that both of them matter, and that we must try to remember, but also that culture changes - and it will now, Solas made sure of that.

“And will remember. I am a Keeper now, even if for a dead clan. It is my job to remember.”

Something something words??? A fancy-ish reply to a question by zenlord22 on DeviantArt that was supposed to be longer and more color coordinated PFFT. ANYWAY. DIDN’T HAPPEN, WON’T HAPPEN. Oops.

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I was wondering, because you know a lot about vocaloid stuff (I think), do you think you could tell me if Dark Woods Circus is based off of a true story? I heard some people say it's not, but a lot of people say it is so I'm just a little confused... Thanks... I read some stuff about it but I'm still confused.

i do know a lot about Vocaloid! been a fan for 4 years now, so i do have some knowledge!

as for Dark Woods Circus, there have been many people saying either or, but as for what i say, the events of DWC are fictional. i myself have believed that DWC was based off a true story when it had been mentioned (there also had been an original post about that but it had been taken down), but had later realized that it wasn’t.

let’s go over why the events of Dark Woods Circus is entirely fictional and not based off a true story.

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What-If Wednesday

What If…

  • …you had to transplant this character into another role-playing game system? Which system would you choose? What would the character be?
  • …you decided to kill off or shelve a character? How would you go about doing it? If it’s death for them, how would they go out? If it’s just a hiatus, what happens to them during that time-span?
  • …the player of a character close to yours (friend, enemy, lover, relative) had to take a break from writing? How do you handle that stuff for your character?
  • …the race for this character hadn’t been available? What race would they have been and why?
  • …the class for this character hadn’t been available? What class would they be and why?
  • …an item in your character’s house could talk? What would it say about your character?
  • …a dream-catcher captured your character’s nightmares? What would be caught, and how would no longer having them impact your character’s life?
  • …your character could go back in time and change one thing that happened to them without consequences to the time-line? What would they alter, and why?
  • …someone trusted betrayed your character? How would they react? 

Hypothetical Situations

  • Take a pivotal person from your character’s back-story. Now make it like they never existed. What changes?
  • What sort of event or decision could make your character ‘switch sides’?
  • Take a major event in the story of the world your character is in, that they were there for. Now make it like they weren’t there. What changes about your character today as a result?
  • Your character never met the person they’re closest to. What are they like today as a result?
  • Look back at the history of your character. Everyone faces a crossroads in their lives and chooses one path over another. Talk about the event, and what might have happened if they’d chosen a different path.
  • Your character wakes up one morning and finds out that someone has played quite a prank on them! Furniture attached to the ceiling, clothing dyed an odd color, farm animal on their roof, music playing that they can’t turn off, etc. (Name a prank, or let the player pick.) 

Jinx! A curse is upon your character. How do they react, and what do they do? Bonus if you include who jinxed them.

  • For 24 hours, your character is the opposite gender. 
  • For 24 hours, your character is a different race. (If not specified, the player picks.)
  • For 24 hours, any words your character speaks comes out gibberish. 
  • For 24 hours, no matter how honest your character is, everyone believes that everything they say is a lie.
  • For 24 hours, your character has an extreme phobia toward something commonly-encountered.
  • For 24 hours, your character hears voices of people they have wronged.
  • For 24 hours, your character is exceptionally good at a skill they didn’t previously possess.
  • For 24 hours, every person attracted to your character’s gender has an obsessive crush on them.
  • For 24 hours, your character is invisible.

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Sounds like it’s really quick 
Romain didn’t even see it the first time.He didn’t know what I was talking about. So it was quick. Peck on the lips.

Thank you for sending this little tidbit. 

From the information that’s been confirmed we know that the kiss is a FIRST kiss and therefore what we are going to see is a MOMENT and not a confirmation of a ‘new couple’. 

It’s something that transpires between them during a shared experience and not some passionate-true-luv kind of thing.
Spoiler TV says the kiss is not out of the blue but still surprising in a way given the characters involved.

Personally I think it’s going to be related to comfort or gratitude in the moment and the ‘quickness’ of it only reinforces that.
Tobin is an unusual choice given that they literally don’t know each other but I don’t think that anything short of seeing the scene will make this any clearer for us.
I don’t think anyone can CALL this a romantic connection or a relationship anyways because there is absolutely nothing between the two of them yet. 

Carol and Daryl have history, emotional attachments, moments and scenes to build a relationship. 

It might seem like that’s being disregarded at the moment but even that is more than Carol and Tobin have right NOW. 
There is no indication at all (based on filming) that there is a future for whatever happens tonight beyond tonight. 

We need to see before we judge or even speculate too much!
Hang in there peeps 😁