they never text me anymore

i think tumblr should work on a way to search your activity.  like there should be a tab that shows only the activity from people you follow, or a search bar where you can type in a url and it will show all your activity from them, so you can always see when your favorite, your tumblr crush, or just anybody you want to keep tabs on has liked, reblogged, replied to, or mentioned you in a post. 

Clinginess Is The Highest Form Of Flattery (Requested)

For some reason Dylan has been ignoring you and you don’t know why. Your friends have been reassuring you everything is fine by saying he might just be planning something special, but you know this doesn’t feel like a good type of ignoring. Every time you call, he doesn’t answer. When you text him, he barely responds. Even face to face he seems disinterested.

“Is everything alright?” You ask him with a worried expression on your face as soon as he comes home for the day.

He kisses you on the cheek and walks past the entrance to sit on the couch. “Yeah, things are great. Why?”

“I feel like there’s something keeping you away from me. You never answer my texts or calls anymore. I thought maybe it’s because you’re busy but you come home and it’s the same way. I just… I don’t know what I did wrong.” You sit down next to him, hoping Dylan will actually communicate with you like old times.

Surprisingly, he does. Dylan responds with, “You didn’t do anything wrong. I’m just sort of independent and you’re not. There’s nothing wrong with that, we just are different in that way.” Leaving you in confusion.

“Wait, who says I’m not independent? And what does that have to do with why you’re so distant lately?”

He sighs before letting out, “I’ve been distancing myself because, well, you’re sort of being clingy. I like that you check up on me but you’re super persistent. It’s cute sometimes though.”

You know he probably doesn’t mean to come off as harsh right now but that still doesn’t stop you from feeling slightly offended. You open your mouth and let out all the bottled up feelings you’ve been holding inside. “It’s "cute”? I’m not trying to be cute, I’m trying to be supportive. I just want to talk to you and make sure you’re having a good day. I don’t get why I’m the only one trying to make this relationship work.“

Dylan places his hands on his temples as if he’s getting a headache. "You’re the only one trying? I come home every day to be with you, we live together, when I’m off we hang out, what more do you want from me?”

“Coming home at 2 or sometimes 3 AM to sleep and then leaving the next morning does not mean you’re home every day, Dylan. If it bothers you so much so have to come here after work then why don’t you just move out? Or live in your trailer since work is all you have time for anyway.” This whole thing has you super annoyed and irritable. Dylan is making you feel unwanted and annoying, so you decide to turn the tables and avoid him for the rest of the night. You get in your car and start driving, uncertain of where you’re heading but knowing anywhere far from home will be good. He doesn’t even text to see if you’re okay or ask where you are, which makes you even more mad. You get back at around 12 and Dylan’s nowhere to be seen. You realize he’s in the shower when you hear the water running, and when you enter your bedroom ready to lay down you see a bunch of blankets and pillows on the floor.

He comes out of the bathroom and is startled by your presence. “You’re back. Where were you?” You want so badly to raise your voice and say something about how he should have used his phone to find that information out but you walk right past him, turn off the light, and jump into bed. You can’t see him from your angle, but it doesn’t sound like he’s moved from in front of the bathroom door.

He starts talking again. “I don’t like coming home so late. It bothers me that I have to spend so much time working away from home, but we knew it would be hard to see each other when we got into this relationship. I’m not saying that’s an excuse for me to completely ignore you when I’m not home, because it’s not. You deserve better than the way I’ve been treating you lately and any other guy would be grateful to have someone who cares about them the way you care about me. I know you’re ignoring me so I’m gonna shut up and go to sleep on the floor now. I Just wanted to say I’m sorry and I love you. Goodnight.”

Dylan’s sincere apology makes up for everything that happened earlier. You never could stay mad at him for long anyway. You think to yourself that at least he’s trying make things better, ignoring him isn’t worth losing him. You let him know you’re not ignoring him anymore when you respond with, “Why not just sleep on the couch? It’s more comfortable.”

He says, “I know, but I still want to be close to you. This is my favorite part of the day, you know? Not when I get to hang with friends or travel or shoot scenes for movies, but when I get to come home and just fall asleep with you.” And your heart melts.

It the little moments like this that are worth the fighting. “I’m sorry, too. I guess I should give you more space. I just worry when you’re gone for so long. Can I come down there?”

“Of course you can.” You get out of your comfortable, safe bed to lay on the rough and cold floor, but you can’t tell the difference once you’re back in Dylan’s arms because everything seems right again.


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They say suicide is selfish.

But my family has always called me selfish so aren’t I just living up to their expectations?

My friends tell me I should do things for myself some times, so isn’t ending this pain, ending this cycle doing something for myself?

So really I’m doing myself and the earth a favor. One less useless, unwanted mouth to feed. There are others who deserve what I have far more then I ever will.

grantaire would listen to angsty tween pop music to get in the mood for painting. in the mood for creativity but feeling uninspired??? early 000s avril lavigne and BAM theres paint everywhere and bossuet is screaming. for every “u never text me anymore” he takes a shot of vodka. for every pointless ‘aaah aaaaahaaaaaaah” he adds another seemingly random colour. masterpieces are created and their names are pretentious shit like “ruminations on youth” and “inception of an innocuous war cry”. he makes millions

More wrong number texts

[Text]: They said they’d be there at 9.

[Text]: Do you need any ice cream?

[Text]: Never text me again

[Text]: (Name) said they didn’t like you anymore. What happened?

[Text]: Did you say 11:30 tomorrow?

[Text]: Did you like the pics I sent? ;)

[Text]: Hey, you never replied to my wedding invitation? Can you come?

[Text]: (Name) blocked your number an hour ago

[Text]: Come after 2 o’clock

[Text]: I’m sorry

[Text]: Have you changed your address?

[Text]: It’s a (boy/girl)!

[Text]: Did you really mean what you said last night?

I’m tired of friendships that I keep afloat. That I have to initiate conversation. So I just let people fade out on their own. I no longer fight to keep people around that do not care about my energy in their life. I hate the “You never hit me anymore” text or call. Don’t use that if you never reached out to me to begin with.

Keep your selfish friendships. I rather be alone.

We all write about you

We write about the boy we used to know. The boy who loved and laughed with us. The boy who was our home. The boy with the heart made of gold.

They write about you as a friend, one of the best they have ever had. I write about you as my friend, my lover, my heartache.

You, were the collapsing of broken star. An explosion of light that I’ll never get to see the rebirth of. You, were the brightest of all in the galaxy but I just wasn’t worthy enough to hang on to you. You, are different now.

There is no more whispered words of the future exchanged in the early hours of the morning under warm sheets. There are no more long baths with water spinning with blue dye and glitter and you lay on my chest and tell me you love me. There are no more arms to welcome me home after the long days at school and there is no boy left in this bed that loves me and tells me he will never leave.

You, are a star. Reborn.
You, are the rebirth of something I was not strong enough to hang onto.
You, are different now. And that boy is gone.
You, are a new star. A new person.
You, shine without me now.

some tumblr kid: forget all the negativity !! dont hold grudges, be the better person and forgive !! open up your heart!!

me, an exo-m stan: cant relate


IM SOOOOOOOO SORRY WE DONT TALK MUCH ANYMORE,,,,, its got nothing to do with you and everything to do with me and how i never text anyone anymore….. all the posts i made about you before still are true today, i still love you more than life itself. youre honestly one of the sweetest and most patient people ive ever met and you live up to your name (that i gave you hehe) and i am so proud of you and what youve done, and how you interact with people more and more… it makes me so happy, even if you dont know im always checking up on you. even if we dont interact as much, youre still my best friend and a Good Boy and i love you with all my souls