they never text me anymore

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I'm afraid that my best friend doesn't really like me anymore. She never replies to my texts even though I know she gets them and whenever we hang out she doesn't really listen to what I have to say and just talks about herself. What do you think.

She probably doesn’t like you anymore. Sometimes people change to the point where a friendship between them no longer makes sense, but it’s rare that people are mature or compassionate enough to talk about that; instead, they’ll let resentments fester to the point where a simple growing apart becomes a much bigger deal about the objective worth (as if there can even be such a thing) about the other person. It’s childish and boring.

You should confront her about her slight, because it’s possible there’s something going on with her that’s causing her anxiety or pain, and if this person is your best friend then you should want to be there for her. And yes, sometimes friendships have rocky stages that require a little work to get past.

But if she’s just uninterested in you, and uninterested in mending the tear, move on. There are people on this Earth who would love to be your friend. Don’t waste your time or energy on someone who doesn’t care. if you feel like it you can put hair dye in her shampoo or hide her homework.

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when a guy from junior high messages you out if the blue on facebook after not speaking for years, asks how you’re doing and before you can even respond he gives you his number and tells you to call him like no thanks bro I’d rather not

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My "friends" only talk to at school. They never text me anymore, and they are always hanging out with each other, without me. I guess you could say I'm more mature than them, and I also like different things than them. I just want some friends who will get dressed up with me and go hang out. Should I ask them? I feel like they would judge and laugh at me for asking. I just want some friends to hang out with :(

Yo if your “friends” laugh at you for having an idea or wanting to do something fun with them… They aren’t worth it bud. Finding new friends who love doing the things you love is hard but you will find people who appreciate you one day. Ask them to hangout more and see if things get better, I hope they do. Maybe if you’re close with one of them, ask them before asking them all if you’re nervous about it! But real friends wouldn’t laugh in your face or make fun of you in a mean way. Hope it works out.

I know I don't usually do this but...

I need advice

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 8 months. He plays saxophone as do I. I am working on a jazz piece and I need some to improvise over parts so I can hear it, not just the chords. Normally I would ask him to do it without hesitation, but I’m not so sure right now. He never texts or calls me anymore, and every time I try to reach him, I feel like he is annoyed by me.

Help please!

Wanting a romantic teen movie guy and thinking romantic teen movie guys exist is something totally different

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my 'best friend' has been with her first boyfriend for a couple of months and now she'll cancel plans to see him, and when she does turn up every other word out of her mouth is his name. she never texts me anymore and when I start a conversation the first thing she'll do is steer it towards talking about her relationship. I'm glad she's happy but I just feel like our friendship is suffering and I don't know how to let her know how I feel without seeming like a major cow. sorry for moaning xxx

ehhhghhh. gross :-( but rest assured this is normal. relationships can be pretty all-encompassing and I’m sure she’s just caught up in a huge whirlwind of euphoria surrounding her boyfriend and probably doesn’t even have it in her mind that she’s neglecting your friendship. I could be wrong but that’s what I think is probably the most likely. It would probably be best to just tell her you miss her and feel like she’s become distant in your friendship. She probs won’t like it but never mind. Hopefully she’ll understand and make an effort to fix it. however if not this will probably all die down in time :^)

this summer should be good im doing yoga & canoeing & makin money & i (mostly) stopped smoking for me but also for bae except bae never texts me anymore so my sober energy is spent tryna be patient & hold out hope but i mean taking care of the body & mind & soul is good & maybe the rest will fall into place? maybe??? i can act like a hippie all i want but i dont have enough chill to go days without a text im just sayin 

ignore this

ive actually reached the point where i just needed to say goodbye to my internet friend as we never talk. I typed out a long message that will either kill or reconnect the friendship. this is it,
idk, im probably just acting stupid. it’s just, ive had so many internet friends and it just always felt like they were some random people. nobody really knew about them, nobody knew their names or where they were from or anything about them. all my friends knew of you, hell, i talked to them about how great you were so much some of my teachers even knew who you were. my parents knew you. my friends would occasionally just ask me “hey how’s kayleigh” or around your birthday “oh my god kayleigh will love your gift Melanie you guys are goals” and now we’re just here. occasionally me texting you about how we never talk anymore, and it’s just sad. you weren’t just “another internet friend”, you were one of my best friends and i was closer to you than some of my real friends at times. im sorry this is long and im annoying. it’s more important for people to focus on your real life than some random internet friend. im sure you have other better internet friends and that’s okay, that’s cool. im glad you have other friends and internet friends and all. this is long and annoying and im sorry and ill go okay bye ily

Deleting contacts

When people say- you never text me anymore, you never make an effort. What the fuck. Where’s your text? Where’s your call? Just because I don’t prove my friendship through a long message doesn’t mean I don’t care. Don’t expect a sorry bud. If you thinking that then maybe let’s keep it as we are- “not friends”

Don’t be a cunt people

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(Goes to last ask lol srry) but she also never makes time for me. I hardly ever see her. She never calls me anymore. And when we text she takes so long to reply. I miss her so much. I feel like I want to move on because I'm so understanding with her and I try to be so nice even though I'm low key dying. And she acts like an ass who has no time for me anymore. Basically she says she wants me but acts the complete opposite. I miss her so much. Pls help.

Yeah, like i said.. I would take some time and figure out whats best for you, dont be the back up plan for her. Actions speak louder than words.

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❌ /text meme/

Send ✘ for a text that should never have been sent

{txt}: Never talk to me anymore. I never want to see you again.

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Okay so there's a guy that I really like but I don't think he likes me because he never texts me back anymore... Should I still text him or should I let it go?

Take it from me. Just let it go. He probably isn’t worth it.

I’m sorry that I don’t want to live in a house where I come home to my mother crying every day. And I don’t want to go live with my dad because he’s the reason for my moms pain and my own. And he won’t love me for me.

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ok does this boy just not answer texts or something like does he do that to you too i gotta know

Long story short we had something like a falling out around the middle of May and we never text or talk anymore, he ignores me in person, I called him (I think two weeks ago maybe?) and left a voicemail and he never called me back, I’ve emailed him and I don’t know if he’s read them, but I think he’s overreacting. He’s been somewhat of a low key fuckboy and it makes me upset and disappointed because that’s not who he is. I know I shouldn’t but I still love him a lot and everyone tells me to move on but you can’t turn it off you know? It takes time. This isn’t even close to the whole story of what once was between us but I don’t think it matters anymore. He doesn’t care about me, and I’m just trying to be happy as can be in this time in my life because I don’t know what else to do.

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Aye since you assumed the anon was me😒 even tho it wasn't. I figured I'd be an annoying child and send you one anyway 😂😂😂 well you hate me and you never text me anymore and yeah that's pretty much it 😂❤️

Nicole I’m texting you right now 😂😘

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I love this girl. She's my first love and likewise with her. She says she's still in love with me, but for many reasons she doesn't feel like a relationship is the best idea between us. I agree, but she never responds to my texts anymore. I've told her this bugs me and she says she'll try but it constantly makes me feel like she doesn't care about me anymore. I can't let go of her yet and move on but I don't want to seem pressuring and rude. When she responds I usually get 1 word answers and 👾

👾 it takes around 20 minutes to respond to a text. I still love her and I feel lost without the conversation.

you need to put your foot down, bug. it’s time for her to decide whether or not you’re a priority. by saying that she doesn’t feel like a relationship is the best idea between you, she may be trying to distance herself and same with the texting. if she can’t get better at communication, it may be time to move on.

- melissa