they never spoke again

I went to this gay history thing tonight that discussed the experience of LGBT people in the 1970s. One of the profiles was about a young gay man whose first boyfriend was sent away to conversion therapy. When the boyfriend came back, he was mentally damaged and never spoke again. In the end, the gay man ran away from home, claiming that being “normal” but silent was worse than being different but healthy.

That story really struck me, mainly because I know that many people in the church wouldn’t agree with it. Church leaders up until very recently publicly supported conversion therapy, and electroshock therapy was used at BYU. I think many orthodox Mormons would choose to have a son or daughter who sat in the corner silent their entire lives but who made it to the Celestial Kingdom, versus one who lived a “gay lifestyle.”

It made me sad. And angry. And hurt. I spent 2+ years floating through a haze trying to understand myself, and it wasn’t until I started to “live a gay life” that I was able to feel again. You can’t try and kill part of your personality without the entire thing falling apart.  

I think that God has important work for me to do here on Earth. And I couldn’t do it when I was depressed and wrapped up in bed for 20 hours a day. 

Cristiano wins Portugal’s player of the year at the FPF Quinas de Ouro Awards (20.03.17) 

(src: @FCPortoGlobal on twitter)

PT: ”Falar mais um bocadinho… Bom, como disse anteriormente, 2016 foi um ano de sonho - a nível pessoal, a nível coletivo… Aquilo que conquistei no Real Madrid foi super importante - a Liga dos Campeões. Mas acho que a cereja no topo do bolo foi o Europeu, sem dúvida alguma. Foi a primeira vez na história de Portugal e, de certa forma, é especial. Para mim foi especial porque era o último troféu que me faltava e, por isso, fiquei super contente.

Agradecer, uma vez mais, aos meus companheiros do Real Madrid e, obviamente, aos meus companheiros da Seleção, ao mister, todo o staff que esteve connosco, que nos acompanhou e a todos os portugueses - tenho de frisar uma vez mais, porque acho que eles foram super importantes na nossa conquista do Europeu, porque nos deram confiança e fizeram-nos acreditar que, realmente, as equipas favoritas também podem ganhar, e foi isso que aconteceu. As coisas correram… no principio, lembro-me, foi muito difícil, mas a crença sempre esteve presente: no nosso treinador em primeiro lugar, e em todos nós jogadores. 

Por isso, foi um ano de excelência - a nível pessoal e a nível coletivo - e, como digo, foi um ano de sonho. Por isso, estou muito contente. Obrigado a todos e… [em espanhol] Pasadlo bien!”

ENG: “Talking some more… Well, as I said before, 2016 was a dream year - at a personal and collective levels… What I achieved in Real Madrid was super important - the Champions League. But I think the icing on the cake was the Euro, without any doubt. It was the first time in the history of Portugal and, in a way, it’s special. To me it was special because it was the last trophy that I was missing and, so, I’m super happy. 

Thank you, once again, to my team mates in Real Madrid and, obviously, to my team mates in the National Team, to the mister, to the entire staff that was with us, that accompanied us and to all the portuguese - I’ve got to emphasize this once again, because I think they were super important in our conquest of the Euro, because they gave us confidence and made us believe that, really, the favorite teams can win as well [note: I can’t speak for Cristiano but I think he meant to say the ‘non favorites’ here] and that was what happened. Things were… in the start, I remember, it was really hard, but the belief was always present: in our coach firstly, and in all of us players.

So, it was a year of excellence - at a personal and collective levels - and, as I say, it was a dream year. So, I’m very happy. Thank you to everyone and.. [in spanish] Pasadlo bien!”

Adored by Him

A/N: So this fic is inspired by the song “Adored by Him” by Dodie Clark. Yeah that’s really it… 

Warnings: Swearing but that’s normal.

Word Count: 2, 428

Your POV 

I honestly never expected any of this to happen. When I became friends with Dan, I did think he was handsome and funny. But I didn’t think I would fall for him as fast as I did. I always pushed away the feelings until they asked if I wanted to move in with them. Being around him 24/7 made it harder to conceal it so I just let it happen. No one knew about my feelings, except Phil, who figured out a year ago. I always expected the feelings to just go away but they didn’t.

But then she happened. Allison was Dan’s most recent girlfriend. They’ve been dating for many months now, and he was absolutely smitten (cheeky Dodie reference again) with her. He never spoke about how he felt about her, but I was able to tell. The way he looked at her with adoring eyes, and smile at the mere mention of her name. I don’t blame him though. She was beautiful, with her butterscotch hair and her smile that could shine brighter than the sun, I bet anybody would fall her easily. She was literally perfect, and I was just…well me. It was easy to figure out how she made Dan’s soul practically glow, and it hurt. A lot.  

I won’t hate you but oh it stings,

How does it feel to be adored by him? 

It was hard to hate Allison. She was super nice, and had the same sense of humor as Dan. Plus, she makes him happy. That’s what matters, right?

I was sitting on the couch, watching my favorite movie with Phil. It was raining outside so we decided to dedicate the day to watching a bunch of movies. Phil and I were cuddled up under a blanket, eating popcorn. It was relaxing to say the least. Dan was out at Allison’s house so, of course, Phil questioned me about my feelings.

“Are you ever going to tell him, Y/N?” Phil asked, nudging my arm with his elbow.

I pulled up the blanket to my chest, and sighed heavily. “Philly we’ve talked about this before. I’ll only ruin things so-" 

"You should tell him. It’s best to get it out there.” Phil gave me a sympathetic look. It’s like he knew Dan wouldn’t return the feelings but he didn’t want to keep any secrets. To be honest I’m surprised he didn’t tell Dan by now. 

“Phil, look-”

Phil and I jumped off the couch when we heard a loud bang, and stumbling coming from downstairs. We exchanged confused glances, and hurried to the front door to see Dan, stumbling around the entrance of our flat.

“Hi guys!” Dan said, his speech slurred.

“Dan what the hell happened!?” Phil questioned, running up to his best friend’s side and helping him take his shoes off. 

“Heh, Allison and I got in a fight. Stupid really-” He tripped over his shoes that he just took off and laughed. He looked up into my eyes and smiled. “Don’t worry I’m fine.” Dan pushed Phil’s hand off his shoulder, and walked up the stairs by himself.

“Y/N, do you want to make sure he’s okay?” Phil asked, walking up to my side as we slowly followed Dan up the stairs.


“Just talk to him." 

I let out another sigh, and took another glance at Dan, who stumbled into his bedroom. "Okay. I’m not telling drunk Dan anything though.” I pointed my finger at Phil, and let out a small laugh to lighten the mood. Phil shook his head, smacking my hand away and smiling.

“Just go.” He laughed. 

I walked to the kitchen, and poured a small glass of water for Dan. I ignored the aching pain in my chest, and the tears swelling up in my eyes. I put down the glass for a moment to take a deep breath, and recollect myself. After a few minutes, I made my way towards Dan’s room where I saw him softly crying. My heart broke at the sight. It pained me so much to see another girl make Dan hurt. I hated it. I walked towards Dan’s bed and gave him the glass of water. 

“Here you go, sweetie.” I sat at the end of his bed, waiting for his response. 

“Thank you.” Dan sniffed, taking a sip of the water. 

“You want to talk about what happened?” I moved closer to him. His legs were hanging over the edge of his bed and he was staring at the cup of water in his lap.

“She doesn’t trust me.”  

“What do you mean?” I was right by his side after I finished the question. I tried to make eye contact with him but he was so closed off, I decided to keep a little distance.

“She thinks that I’m cheating on her with you.” He lifted his head slowly and stared into my eyes. My face turned red and I stared at the ground. I felt the butterflies in my stomach go crazy, and I had to take a deep breath again to calm myself down. I looked back into his beautiful, chocolate eyes and stared in silence for a while.  

Pretty girl there’s no need to fret

Because it’s midnight, he’s drunk, and you’re the one in his head.

You don’t even have to try at all. 

“I can’t say I’m in love with her but I feel something…strong towards her you know? I’m not even sure if she feels the same. It’s just- It hurts a lot that she doesn’t even trust me. ” Dan’s eyes got glossy, and he stared down at his cup again. All I did was nod my head. I understood where he was coming from. Someone you may be in love with and they might not even return the feeling. How ironic. 

“I understand, Dan. But you should get some rest, then talk to her in the morning.” I flashed a fake smile at Dan and stood up from his bed. I stood in front of him, and he stared into my eyes like he was searching for something.

“Thank you, Y/N. You’re honestly the best.” Dan put his glass down on his bedside table and got up to give me hug. I accepted it, taking in his warmth for that short moment I had. I sighed when he pulled away and sat in his bed. “You want to…stay with me for a bit?” He asked, not making eye contact. I gave him a weak smile, and nodded, sitting next to him as he got comfortable underneath the blanket.

I lost track of time, waiting for Dan to fall asleep. I stared at his sleeping figure for god knows how long, I felt like a complete creep. He looked so peaceful with his head resting in my lap it was hard not to. I gently stroked his hair as he slowly fell asleep, his arms wrapped around my body as his head rested on my leg. I checked the time on his phone, 1:00 am. I noticed his lock screen, expecting it to be a picture of him and Allison. But instead it was a picture of him, me, and Phil at VidCon on our day off. I smiled at it, but quickly my smile faded when a text from Allison popped up. I decided to ignore it, and finally leave Dan’s side. 

I crept towards the kitchen, hoping not to wake Dan or Phil up. However, to my surprise Phil was standing in the kitchen, drinking some tea while leaning against the counter. 

“So, how did it go?” He asked, staring at me. 

“She doesn’t trust him apparently. Allison thinks he’s cheating on her with…me.” I sighed. All my emotions that I’ve been holding in all night were surfacing, and I wasn’t going to let it happen. “Um, he’s asleep now. He asked me to stay with him for a little while and I lost track of time because he was…uh-" 

"Cuddling with you?” Phil flashed me a smile, but it faded when he looked into my eyes and noticed the tears coming up. He gave me a sympathetic look and walked closer to me. “You should just tell him so he knows. So you don’t have to keep hurting. He will understand, Y/N." 

"I know Phil. It’s just- it hurts seeing them together so much. And of course I want him to be happy! But that selfish part of me wants him to be happy with me. God, it fucking hurts.” I felt a warm streak roll down my cheek, and I quickly wiped it away, looking away from Phil. 

“Y/N.” I knew he was trying to make me look at him, but I hated being this vulnerable. “Y/N.” I gave in and stared into Phil’s icy blue eyes. It was full of sympathy, and I couldn’t take it anymore. 

“Phil, don’t look at me like that please. It’s only making me feel worse.” I felt more tears surfacing and let out a heavy sigh. I heard Phil mumble a small apology and he embraced me in a warm, loving hug. At that point I finally broke. I started sobbing into his shirt, with every sob he would hold me tighter, and tell me everything was going to be okay. He gently ran his hands through my hair. I pulled away from Phil, and sniffed, gently rubbing my nose. 

“Y/N, I know it hurts but-” Phil paused in the middle of his sentence and stared behind me. I looked up to Phil, then turned around to see what he was looking at. There was Dan, his hair curly and disheveled, and his empty glass in his hands.

“What’s wrong?” Dan asked, noticing my red, puffy eyes and the tear stains on Phil’s shirt. He looked into my eyes and I could tell he was concerned.

“N-Nothing.” I lied.

“Obviously there’s something wrong, Y/N, tell me.” Dan walked over to the counter and placed his cup on the surface. I looked up to Phil, and nodded, signaling for him to give us some alone time. When Phil left the room, Dan pulled me into a tight hug, and for the second time that night I broke down. “Want to talk to me about what happened?”

I pulled away from Dan and stared at the floor. “It’s not really about w-what happened. It’s more…what’s happening.” I let out a fake chuckle. Dan shot me a confused look, and backed up to lean against the counter.

“Tell me what’s going on or so help me god Y/N I will-”

“Okay. Um. I guess.”

“Spit it out, please.” Dan tilted his head, giving me a worried look. God I can’t handle this anymore.

“Okay, you don’t even have to respond to this…but I really need it out in the open.” I could feel my heart beating out of my chest, and I took deep unsteady breath. “I just need you to know that…that” I stared into Dan’s eyes and I could feel my heart aching all over again. I felt tears pouring out of my eyes and saw Dan’s tall figure making his way over to comfort me again but I pulled away.

“Please don’t. You’re just going to make this harder.”
“Y/N tell me. Please, you’re making me worried.” I realized that Dan and I were standing really close, closer than we usually are. I looked into his beautiful eyes like it was the last time then stared at the floor.

“I think I’m in love with you.” I mumbled. 

“What? Speak up, love.” Dan said softly. 

“Fuck.” I ran my fingers through my hair and avoided eye contact at all costs. “I think I’m in love with you and it fucking stings so much to see you and Allison together. I mean I don’t blame you, or her. Allison is like the definition of perfect. I mean she makes me look blind with how adventurous she is and you look at her like the world is fucking perfect. It’s so stupid to think that I could compare to her. But god, do I wish it was me in your arms instead of her. Don’t even get me started about how I feel about you because there is too much history to even go over.” I shook my head, staring at the ground, watching my tears hit the white kitchen tiles.

“Y/N, can you look at me please?” Dan was still speaking softly. 

“Dan I told you, you don’t have to even say anything. You could just simply ignore it and leave, I’ll get the point." 

"Look at me, Y/N.” Dan said, more stern but still full of care. I rolled my eyes and stared into his eyes. Even though my vision was blurred I could still see the small glimmer in his eyes. “I’m sorry for-”

“Dan I told you, you don’t have to do this." 

"Y/N, we need to talk about this. We can’t just ignore it.”

“Well I’ve been ignoring it for 3 years now, so I think I’m good. I know the speech you’re about to give me and I just…” I let out a muffled sob into my hand, and looked back up to him. “Please I can’t take this right now." 

"Please let me just-" 

"Dan, I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have said anything. I really need fresh air…I’ll be back in a bit." 

Dan looked over to the clock on the oven, and slowly moved towards the door. "It’s 1:20, Y/N you can’t go outside alone." 

"Well I am, so please move.” Dan was blocking the doorway. I made eye contact with him and got lost in his eyes again. I felt like time slowed down when we stared into each other’s eyes, but I broke the contact because I felt more tears coming. Dan reluctantly walked up to me, opening his arms to give me a hug. But instead, I pulled away from him. 

“I’m so sorry.” I mumbled, and ran down the stairs to the front door, putting on my shoes and coat. 

“Y/N wait-”

I left before I could hear anymore. I let the cold London air enter my lungs, as I tried to relax from what happened, and trying to decide if I should go back and face Dan, or go to a friend’s house. I ultimately decided on staying outside for a while. Sitting on a park bench staring at the trees in the park as I replayed what happened through my head. 

What am I going to do?

A/N: Second part? Or leave it there? YOU DECIDE

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I just reread the original comic and had to ask, the narrator, is he the founder? Did he build Elsewhere, see it grow, survive as it changed his friends, learn from their mistakes (she never spoke again, he learned to watch his words), and still love this place he built? Is the reason Elsewhere considered a prestigious university because of his efforts? And the reason the fair folk abide by the rules, the reason everyone has a chance to win, the reason one third of the students can leave (1/3)

untouched (almost) by Them, another third only brushing past and only the rudest get taken is partly because of the rules that bind them, but also because of this is His territory and he is the Dean. The students have rumours you see, why the wyrm stays at the western corner (not because of fear, oh no, but after a few hundred years, you learn how to strike a Bargain), why Elsewhere is considered a ‘safe place’ is because the Dean loves the this University he built. Has loved it (2/3)            

it for centuries and when you love something so touched by Other, it starts to love you back. The students don’t complain (although they avoid the door down that one hall with a nameplate from a time the Uni stood on flat land. No one can read the name), they are protected. The Gentry don’t complain, if the University is busy loving the Dean, it is too busy to turn its attention to Them. The only way a human can surpass the madness of eternity, to love something that consumes, All. Other. Senses  (3/3)

The original comic was intended more as advice from one student to the next (or as a kind of contraband student guidebook, possibly?) and the fairy hill didn’t crop up until thirtyish years after the University was founded in the late 1800s, but I do love the idea of whoever is in charge at the time of the Change changing with it (this whole ask is in a lot of ways really in sync with the bit I wrote about cornerwitches - if you love the place enough, and everything in it, it will protect you)

Prompts Time!

Oh wow, it’s been AGES since I’ve done this. *taps mic* Is this still on? 

So these prompts come from @iobeyfandoms​, and the link is here. I’m just posting my favorite ones. I’ll put the pairings that some of them make me think of in the tags, but y’all can prompt me anything!

  • I can’t tell whether this is a date because you asked to see a movie but I’m still not sure you’re queer, and I’m toeing the line because maybe you’re just trying to make friends
  • I decided to flip a coin about every decision in my life for a week and that’s how we ended up on a date 
  • We’re both meant to be going on blind dates with other people but we sat down at the wrong table and got our hopes up
  • We had one really bad date and never spoke again and now our friends have set us up on a blind date 
  • We’re going on a blind date - but wait a moment, aren’t you that went down on me in a back alley behind a club year ago? … what do you mean “which one”?
  • You’re my waiter and I’m on a really crappy date with an asshole 
  • we’re both ‘team leaders’ at a summer camp for little people and you may be hot but goddammit my collection of twelve-year-olds are going to beat yours into the dust
  • I used to be the best baker in the neighbourhood but then you showed up at Mrs Appleby’s 80th birthday with a stack of brownies which almost gave me an orgasm my honour is at stake and I’m going all out for the next event
  • a mutual friend invited us to their laser tag party and we’re the last two alive on opposite teams and goddammit if I’m going down you’re going down with me 
  • I fell in love with you three lifetimes ago and I’ve been looking for you ever since but I’ve been starting to give up and my friend’s new crush has your eyes and oh god I’m not going to steal someone’s date just because I’m hoping you’re the person I met in a past life
  • “We’re both baristas and sometimes I have trouble reaching for things and I show up to work one day to find a personalized stool with hearts and my name on it i hATE YOU but also thanks” 
  • “You are very tall and I am very short so you run into me all the time and honestly this is getting ridiculous” 
  • “I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately.” 
  • “I left my phone number on the bathroom stall wall and you text me about your day and your frustrations for a month & it’s really nice and cute but I still don’t know who you are” 
  •  “Someone wrote I’m cute in the bathroom stall and your notes match the handwriting” 
  • a scary-looking person who unintentionally makes kids cry and a daycare volunteer meet at a children-filled park
  • rebellious teenager who’s failing all their classes is assigned a studious tutor
  • “your country’s trying to take over/annex my country and you’re making it difficult to hate you because you’re so nice and attractive stop it”
  • “we’ve been engaged to be married since we were three but this is the first time we’ve met and your portraits really don’t do you justice” 
  • Trapped in a bank during a robbery
  • Somehow, we always end up sitting next to each other during the weekly gatherings to watch [Game of Thrones, SVU, Rupaul’s Drag Race, pick a show] in our dorm’s really good TV room 
  • I took a bunch of free condoms from health services just because i could and they all fell out of my bag at once and now you’re staring at me weirdly 

And that’s a wrap! Feel free to prompt me any time! You don’t need to restrict yourself to these pairings or these prompts if you don’t want to, there’s still soulmate aus, song fics, etc. Enjoy!

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ghost there was this guy who told me that my art style wasn't up to his standards and i successfully told him that i don't do art to impress people especially him and hE NEVER SPOKE ABOUT IT AGAIN OMG I'M KINDA HAPPY THAT I ACTUALLY TOLD HIM THAT also good vibes to everyoneeeee


the sweetest thing that i know (malec)

i couldnt stop thinking of when alec knew he loved magnus and so i wrote this.

rating: teen & up
warnings: none
word count: 776 
ao3 link: here

when he was younger and things were simpler, his mother used to say to him, ‘patience, alexander. you will know love when it comes.’ and for a long time alec thought that he never would know. especially after his mother’s eyes grew colder over the years and she never spoke of love again 

he feels as though he is drowning in his past. the guilt and fear he felt all those years ago resurfaces and pulls him under, back into the darkness he is just beginning to escape. it’s suffocating and terrifying, 

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post/158787563036/filthe-no-one-cares-if-you-dont-like-short-hair Fun fact, this dude I had the complete pleasure of knowing said he would make me grow out my hair to "girl me up". I smoked his weed, had sex with his girlfriend, and never spoke to him again.


fuck what an ass though???

While Ted Bundy was dating Elizabeth Kloepfer, he got in touch with one of his ex girlfriends behind her back.The same girl had rejected him years before after he was deeply in love with her and, according to many psychologists, this rejection is one of the reasons Bundy harboured so much hatred toward women. All his victims resembled her, having long brunette hair parted down the middle. One day, she phoned Bundy and asked him why he had been ignoring her for so long. He replied with “I’m sorry Stephanie, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” and the two of them never spoke again. The killer later admitted that he had only got back in touch with Stephanie Brooks to show her how rejection felt. This type of extreme social manipulation was an early warning sign that Bundy had no empathy and was a true sociopath.

Boyfriend Haechan

Lmao haechan didn’t like you

-when ever asked about you


haechan didnt like your presence
worst thing was

you always had to see him
because mark as your cousin
An your parents wanted you to be a model and dancer

so here you are working hard
When haechan first saw you he knew you were related to mark

i can feel it
So moving on
He had to help you

“i want to kill my self”
“Shut up I’m suffering as much as you are”
You actually had a crush on Winwin
“Isnt he amazing?”

“Y/n you’re an idiot”
You and Haechan grew close
But he still hated you

Y/n-ssi stop thinking about si cheng and focus.
“I can’t i just really like him”

And bam his crush on you was crushed
Haechan actually liked you

Since you both met
But he also hated you

He became cold towards
After your debut
He never spoke to you again
“What’s wrong?”

“None of your business”
So then you visited Mark after promotions
And as soon as Haechan saw

You his ass was out the door lmao
You didn’t cry you just felt hurt

“Hey, Mark..Why does he hate me?”
And mark just laughed

Like thx u idiot for making me feel great

Okay dude chill.
“He actually likes you. Why are you so oblivious?”

Because im related to you

So then you chased haechan

And then you found him talking to Si cheng
“Oh my god Si cheng looks so cute today”

And then you saw haechan and you ran to him

Both Winwin and Haechan looked at you
“Lee Donghyuck”

He had a questionable look

“I..Like you”
And then you felt to your knees
“You do?”

And winwin is just there confused af
He smiled as he said something to Winwin

“Mark told you didn’t he?”

He sighed as he looked at you happy.

You walked towards him as you kissed him Lmao winwin was just standing there awkward

“Hey y/n..Do you think we can do it again?” “You need to explain first” “Mark already did”

“Don’t sass me”

“I will and i can”

I hate you

Then why did you kiss me ?

Because you like me and i like you

He smiled “Go out with me” “Are you deman-”

“Then i guess it’s a yes” “I didn’t-”

Lmao both of you were trouble makers.

No one ever messed with you The dream team actually likes you But

because you were with haechan they barely saw you Jeno was like your brother But when

he saw you were dating haechan His ass was out the door

Lmao not being a victim during yaga time

Haechan actually always takes care of you

Even if he is cold sometimes

But when ever someone hurts you

He makes hell

One time jisung came

“Hyung are you taking Y/n out for ice cream?”


He just laughed nervously

“You see we were playing and she fell”

Haechan drops what he is doing.

“And she is bruised”

Haechan stares at him while

The Coconut head runs to his other hyungs to be saved


And then he sees you on the ground looking at the bruise

“Oh my god- are you okay? Do you need anything? Can i kill Jisung?”

You just laughed at how dramatic he is

“Im okay”

And one time Taeil took you

To the supermarket with him

And Haechan thought you were kidnapped

“Call thE POLICE”

In public he doesn’t hold your hand

He puts his arm around you instead.

He loves doing Aegyo is public

One time you and Haechan wanted a game

And you saw Taeyong walking in

By the way you were both looking at him

He knew what you were planning and he was like

“Fuck this shit im out”

And then Johnny. Johnny is your favorite

Because he is always spoiling both of you

He comes in smiling like “ :D ” and you both

Look at him and go from “ =_=|| to :))))”

Taeil is also good at handling you both

But Haechan still salty about the super market thing


Dont get me started with Mark

He is so over protective

Like he doesn’t like it when youre alone with


He is a third wheel

“We are going to the mall”

“Me and Jaemin are going with you”

“We are?”

“Of course we are”

And then the both of you start making noises.

Haechan is like a fucking Ninja

He can sense when you’re down

Like you could be crying and he burst trough

The door asking a million questions

Overall Haechan gets jealous ALL the time

But he pretends he doesn’t

During Christmas he sang “With out U” in front of everyone at the mall

Which ended up in Both of you being chased by Fangirls.

You really love haechan a lot

And he loves you a lot too

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I am all about the angst, so: Arthur/Elia + 1

“Is that what you’re doing? Trying to make me to hate you?”

arthur dayne was the first boy elia had ever kissed.  he’d been barely a boy then, thirteen, and pimply with an attempt at a beard growing on his chin.  his lips had been a little too wet and his breath had tasted of wine and they’d agreed afterwards that it was for the best they never spoke of it again.  but they’d been fond of one another, and sometimes in the firelight, elia had caught him watching her and wondered–as one can only wonder–if he ever thought about it and wondered too.

“he’s gone,” ashara had wept.  “he went with rhaegar.  i don’t know where he is–what he could be thinking–why he did it?”

she tries to remember that goodhearted boy, the white knight he’d become–fearsome to duel and brave and gallant and all the things knight should be.  he’d been gallant as a boy too, tender when he’d kissed her and honorable when they’d decided that perhaps they would not be each others’ first loves.

she thinks of the reports, that rhaegar and arthur and the rest had gone and had stolen lyanna stark away, a girl who was barely more than a child herself.  of rhaegar, she can sit and seeth, insulted and betrayed, wounded by a man she’d thought cared for her but had remained a mystery throughout their marriage. but arthur–arthur she doesn’t understand, and she thought she had and that is a different sting altogether.

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Dude you is so fuckin hottt in that Krieg costume I would let you destroy me even if it's just emotionally like you calmly sit down with me and say that you aren't interested in destroying anyone's pussy right now and that it would be best if I never spoke to you again, and leave me quietly sobbing on a bench. Just fuck me up

This is the most empowering message I’ve ever received

So Guys I just imagine that Spock actually is fairly good at truth or dare like he’ll actuLly answer the questions he gets asked (as long as they aren’t too personal ya know?) but anyway one day someone (probably Chekov) asks what Spock’s most exciting human kiss was and everyone thinks it’s gonna be something with Jim (like even Jim thinks this he’s going back through all the kisses trying to figure out what Spock will say) and then Spock says, very flatly “when I was 8 Terran years old I kissed T'Pring in the human way. We seperated, I said "it appears that I am gay.”, she slapped me across the face in a manner I believe is called a “bitch slap” and never spoke to me again until the kali'fee. I believe that is my most… exciting kiss ensign Chekov.“ And then Spock gets up and goes back to his work and everyone else is just like WUT WUT WUT and Jim just dies like he falls off his chair from laughing so hard. (And afterwards he vows to give Spock the most exciting, cheesy, romantic kiss of his life)

i need that honey tooth love.
that black cavity love,
no room for blue tongue love.

i’ve had that spit in the mouth type love.
that dentist drill love,
that jaw wired shut type love.

a boy once told me
i tasted like bleeding gums.
so i ripped out my wisdom teeth

and sold them for a nickel.
he said, ‘how could your love
be so cheap?’

so i bit off his finger
and i never spoke again.
now i need that sweet love.

that whipped cream love,
love like spun sugar.
a sweet tooth love.

—  Sweet Tooth (S.L.)

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- Sana Focus

Word Count: 2153

“How many times do I have to tell you to piss off?”
“Yea, go over there, stay away from us.”

Eh. At least they didn’t throw anything yet.

“Hey, do you even have hands? Who wears clothes that are so much bigger than them? Catch!”

A half finished juice box hit your shoulder, splashing you with bits of the apple juice. Sigh, spoke too soon. Again. Some people could never accept your sense of fashion, or your quietness, or your long hair that always hung over your face. Only some. The others, well, they merely looked away from you. Still, that’s better than getting harassed every once in awhile. Wiping off the juice from your hoodie, you turned to walk away from the bullies.

“Hey, where are you going? We’re not done with you yet!”
“Stop.” A voice that sounded strangely familiar cried out.

Turning around to see who it was, you didn’t expect Sana, the school’s most popular and respected girl to be standing between you and them. People started gathering around to see what was going on.

“What do you think you guys are doing?” Sana asked sternly. 
“Nothing… we won’t do it again. We’re sorry.” The bullies bowed a little and ran off in the other direction.

Alright. That almost never happens. As Sana turned to address you, you bowed a little to show your thanks.

“Are you alright?” Sana asked.
“Yes, I’m fine. You really didn’t have to do that. I get those reactions a lot.”
“I really did have to do that. And I’ll continue doing that if I see that happening. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.” Sana replied, giving off a radiant smile.

You nodded appreciatively and Sana left with her friends. From that day on, you couldn’t keep your mind off of Sana. Sure, she was the most popular girl at school and you probably would never have a chance with her, but that didn’t keep you away from her. After learning about her classes, you tried to leave little candies and treats for her. One day, you would leave a biscuit or cookie and another, you might leave bubbletea for her. Soon enough, even if Sana didn’t recognize you, all of her classmates and friends would know who you were. 

“Hey, you’re here again. What’d you bring our Sana this time?” Mina asked as she noticed you coming into her morning class.
“Did you bring us anything?” Momo chimed in, but quickly got pushed away by Mina.
“Don’t mind her, she would eat everything in this classroom if they were all edible.” Mina said.
“Haha, I brought some fruits today. There’s some apple slices, strawberries, blueberries, and even raspberries.”
“Wow, that sounds nice…” Mina commented.
“You should bring us some next time!” Momo complained.
“I’ll try to remember, but I can’t promise anything.” You laughed.
“Oh Momo, you know (Y/N) only has eyes for Sana. Oh, by the way, Sana’s english class has an essay in the library tomorrow so she won’t be in the class. Remember, no foods in the library.” Mina said.
“Thanks for letting me know.”
“If you forget about the no food rule though. You know where to find me.” Momo beamed as she winked at you.

Mina ruffled Momo’s head and gave her a light punch on the arm.  

“Oh, here comes Sana now.” Momo pointed out as she rubbed her arm a little.

Sana made her way into the classroom, with classmates greeting her left and right. When she finally arrived at her desk. She saw your little container of fruits that you had left for her.

“Hey Sana… uh, I brought you fruits today, um, I hope you enjoy them…” You stuttered.
“Thanks.” Sana responded plainly.
“I’ll be going now, see you guys later!” You said as you waved goodbye to Momo and Mina.

They gave you a quick smile but Sana didn’t even raise her eyes to look at you. What am I expecting? I shouldn’t expect anything in return. At least she doesn’t find me annoying and weird like the other people. As you made your way out, you thought you could hear a faint sigh coming from Sana.

Arriving early at the school library, you took out a few interesting reads and planted yourself in a spot where you could see Sana later. Finally, Sana and her class started to make their way into the library where they proceeded to log onto the computers. You quickly grabbed a random book from your pile and used it as a cover. Sana sat down gracefully and quickly typed in her username and password, and as the computer started to boot up, you saw Mark approaching. Mark never harassed you, but he did often make jokes behind your back. In fact, he made jokes about everyone behind their backs. Except for Sana, of course. He pulled up a chair beside Sana and started chatting away with her. You could tell that they were having a good time as you heard Sana’s charming laugh. Then, all of a sudden, Mark had brought his face near Sana’s and you swore you saw him peck Sana on the cheek. Ducking under the cover of your book, you thought to yourself, what did I just see? Mark and Sana? Together? No way. It can’t be. Can it? You peeled your eyes away from their general direction and left the library abruptly.

Unfortunately for you, the stress from seeing Sana and Mark had decreased your immunity to the contagious flu that had been sweeping through the local community. As a result, you decided to request for a week’s rest from school. You tried hard to erase the sight of Mark’s lips on Sana’s cheek, but it continued to haunt you even after you became extremely sick.

Meanwhile, Sana became restless while she continued studying at school. At first, she didn’t mind the fact that no more snacks or beverages were being dropped off at her classes, but she soon discovered that she felt a sense of sadness and boredom without your gifts. Concerned with your sudden disappearance, she asked around in regards to what had happened to you. However, since no one ever really bothered to make friends with you, she got no useful information from anyone. Finally, she had asked one of your teachers about you, and upon learning that you had become ill, she politely asked for your address. While the teacher was baffled at first, she said that she wanted to pass along the notes and homework that you had missed during the week.

Arriving at your doorstep, Sana hesitated before knocking on your door. She didn’t know what to say in front of you, especially after acting so coldly towards you every time she saw you. Finally, she made up her mind and decided to knock on your door. You got up, and staggered your way to the door. Since your head was still a little hazy from the flu, you couldn’t believe your eyes when you saw her standing outside. Running back silently, you made sure that everything was tidy, clean, and nothing embarrassing was out in the open. Wait, why am I fiddling with all of this? She’s not going to come in, and even if she does I’ll just stop her at the door.

“Hey, is anyone home?” Sana asked, knocking on the door once again.
“Yes! Cough cough. Coming.” You hollered as loudly as you could, and ran back to the door.

Cracking the door open, you saw Sana rub her hands together because the weather was so cold.

“Hey (Y/N), I heard that you got sick so I came to see if you’re okay.” Sana beamed.
“Hm? Yea. I’m fine. No need to worry about me. I thought I told you.”
“Oh. Uh, yeah, I know. I just… ahem, needed to give you your notes for the week.”
“Oh, thanks. You can just pass it to me here, you wouldn’t want to get sick from me.”
“Actually, there’s some notes that the teacher added during the lesson, so I should probably copy them down for your copy. It’s pretty chilly out, surely you don’t mind if I come in for a bit?”
“Are you sure? It’s pretty messy, and I am still sick.”
“Mhm, don’t worry about me. Maybe I can cure your sickness.”

Sigh, I caught the flu because of you… if only you could fix this. I’d be so grateful.

“Alright then, you can come in.”

You opened the door fully for Sana as she stepped into your house and took off her sneakers. You led her into the living room where you cleared the table for her.

“You can just work here, I’ll bring you some water and snacks.” You said without emotion.
“What? No, no, I can’t. You’re still sick, I should be the one to bring you things.”
“You did. You brought my notes. You’re the guest here, and I’m the host, now I’ll be right back.”

Sana nodded politely and sat down.

“Hey, speaking of which, I’ve never seen you do your hair like that, or wear sweats and a tank top.” Sana asked curiously.
“Huh? Oh this? I can’t really see with my hair down all the time, so I tie it back at home. That way, it doesn’t get into the food I make, and I won’t walk into a wall in the middle of the night. Actually, I stand corrected, I still walk into walls in the middle of the night.”

Sana laughed sweetly and you could feel that her gaze was still on you.

“So… do you want some oranges?”

Bringing a basket of oranges over to the living room, Sana had started copying notes from her notebook to another notebook.

“Hey Sana, you can just write the notes onto the books, I don’t really mind. You don’t have to copy it word for word.”
“No, it’ll be too jumbled and squished.”

You went silent and started to peel an orange. The room was quiet with the only sound being the ticking of the clock and Sana’s mechanical pencil writing on the notebook.

“So how is your flu? Feeling any better? Are you taking medicine?” Sana asked while scribbling away.
“Uh, I think it’s getting better, I didn’t really have medicine with me since I never get sick, so I didn’t take any.”

Sana suddenly stopped writing and approached you.

“What are you-”
“Hold still.” Sana ordered.

You didn’t move a muscle as Sana reached over and felt your forehead with the back of her hand.

“Your forehead is pretty hot. Don’t you feel dizzy? Isn’t there anyone who can take care of you right now?”
“Oh, my parents are out of town, visiting relatives right now so I guess not. The fever’s really not that bad.” You told Sana, coughing between your words.
“That’s a pretty bad cough too. Would you like me to take care of you? You don’t live too far from me and I can bring you some medicine and prepare towels for that fever.”
“What, no thanks.”
“Why not? You don’t have anyone else, do you? Plus, you wouldn’t want to miss another week of school. And…”
“And… I kind of miss you, not getting your treats and drinks…” Sana admitted, bringing her head down a little.
“Really? I thought you were annoyed by me since you always acted coldly towards me…”
“No, I didn’t know how to react to your actions, no one’s ever done anything like this for me. So I panicked.”
“Well, what about Mark?”
“What about Mark…”
“I saw him… kiss… you.”
“Oh, in the library during my english essay?”
“Yea. Wouldn’t he be concerned if you came to take care of me?”
“Are you kidding me? Mark plays tricks on everyone and well, he did openly state that he’s crushing on me, but I assure you that kiss was all him.”
“You don’t like him back?”
“Hm… when you get better, I want you to go poke his right arm and see how he reacts.”
“Oh, I punched him there. Hard. Anyhow, I’m sorry for acting coldly towards you, I hope you forgive me.”
“I forgive you, Sana.”
“Does that mean I can come over and take care of you now?” Sana chirped.
“Sure… if you really feel that strongly about it…”
“Of course! You always cared for me, it’s time I return the favour.” Sana said as she patted your head.

You smiled as she continued jotting down notes for you. Soon, Sana finished up and got ready to leave.

“I’ll be back again tomorrow, with wet towels and cough medicine. Don’t die on me overnight.” Sana joked.
“I won’t, I won’t.”

She put on her sneakers and waved you goodbye before closing the door. Sigh, what do you know? She’s my weakness and my cure.

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