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Little Family ~ Archie Andrews

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Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Archie Andrews x reader

Words: 1282

Requested?: Yes

Ok so this is kind of an out there type of ask but I saw an imagine kinda similar ish and it made me think of this, but an Archie imagine where him and the reader out a couple years older and have a baby? Just like lots of fluff and stuff?

Warnings: FLUFF!!!

A/N: I bloody love this request so much it’s unbelievable. And yes, I know that being married at 20 is a bit young but it’s true love y’all.

May 23rd 2021

The morning was like any other. I awoke to the sound of my husband wriggling out of bed and plodding to our daughter’s room. Every morning I still think it’s a dream, me waking up next to my highschool sweetheart Archie Andrews and our gorgeous new baby girl Ida. Yes, we’re young and possibly going to make some mistakes but at least we have each other.

I could hear his sweet voice nursing her from slumber to prepare for our busy day that is Archie’s first day of recording in a studio. We had flown out to LA just after Ida was born so that Archie could finally record his first song for his EP. I was apprehensive but once I saw how happy it made him, I agreed. 

It was hard living away from our families but both were supportive of our relationship and Archie’s talent so we left Riverdale for LA.

“C’mon pretty, let’s go get mommy up for the day. It’s a big day for daddy and everyone in the studio.” He chuckled as he returned to our room and gently sat on the bed. 

My eyes had yet to open and meet the sunlight streaming in through the largest window of our bedroom. Our apartment that was provided by the record company was too good to be true. Big white walls with modern furnishings, a lovely kitchen and three great bedrooms. Our belongings were neatly placed in the wardrobes once we arrived and that’s when it started to become home.

“Babygirl, it’s time to get up.” Archie said quietly as Ida cooed in my ear. Her little noises and cute laughs finally made my eyes open as I turned to face to my loving husband.

“Hello bigshot.” I said in a croaky voice. I scared myself with the sound of my voice and made a funny face which caused Archie to laugh and little Ida to grin.

“Come get up, we’ve got to be at the studio in two hours. I made breakfast last night so we wouldn’t have to worry this morning and all the bags are packed so we can just eat, shower, get dressed and leave.” He smiled kissing my cheek with a gentleness I will never get used to. Then like a lightbulb going off in my mind I recounted the few sentences Archie had uttered to me. He made breakfast.

“Archie, please tell me you didn’t burn the kitchen down making breakfast.” I sighed and he laughed shaking his head. He placed his left hand on my cheek and I felt the cool metal of his wedding band against my warm skin.

“It’s cereal. Honey, when I said made I meant poured two bowls of Cheerios and left a bottle of milk on the middle shelf of the fridge. I have little missy’s breakfast all ready to go as well.” He smiled at our daughter. Even though she’s only 5 months old, she looks more and more like her father everyday. Even though she has my hair, she was lucky enough to inherit Archie’s beautiful eyes.

“Well then, let’s get the Andrews family ready for the day.” I smiled as I took Ida from Archie and hopped out of bed to go to the kitchen. Archie turned on the radio in the kitchen as I put Ida into her highchair. 

Castle on the Hill was blaring throughout the rooms making me have a greater spring in my step. I looked up to see my husband dancing around our kitchen in his grey sweatpants using the milk bottle as a microphone. I laughed loudly almost doubling over. This was a regular occurrence in our household.

“How did I get so lucky?” Archie suddenly said pouring the milk into the bowls. That sentence made me stop in my tracks. 

“Sweetheart, what do you mean?” I questioned walking closer to him. I put both my elbows on the cold marble work surface. I was genuinely confused.

“I’m so blessed that I’ve been given the chance to record for this label and have this apartment and a beautiful daughter and the most amazingly beautiful, caring, loving, kind, sexy, best wife in the whole world. I’m only 20 and I’ve been given this much. I can’t thank you enough babygirl.” Archie said pulling me into a sweet and loving kiss.


We broke away from the kiss quickly to turn and face our daughter, covered in applesauce and milk. No surprises there.

“Well bless you honeybun.” Archie laughed as I did too. I look at the clock on the wall seeing it was 11 am. I quickly kissed him once more and almost fell over my own feet.

“Archie! We only have an hour left!” I shouted as I bolted to Ida to take her to shower and do my makeup simultaneously. I could hear Archie tripping over his own feet and running into the bathroom.

“You, put your war paint on, I’ll clean baby.” He said turning the bath on and taking Ida from me. I quickly applied primer and realised I didn’t have time for foundation so I plastered concealer across my face, powdered like a mad woman and drew my eyebrows on. I swiped mascara over my lashes and applied a quick layer of liquid lipstick.

“Baby is clean and dressed, quick we’ve 20 minutes until we have to leave, that’ll make it 11 30 and that gives us 30 minutes to get there.” Archie panicked pulling on a baseball tee and jeans. I picked out my favourite outfit and put it on quickly before running to Ida’s crib and placing her in car seat.

“We’re leaving in 5 honey!” I shouted running down the hallway to the door. I grabbed my shoes and bag from beside the door and rushed down the stairs that led to the entrance of our house. I placed Ida into the car and strapped her in.

“Go go go baby!” Archie shouted from the door as he locked it and I hopped into the passenger seat. He ran down the stairs and got into the car and began driving.

“Archie, this is really happening. You’re gonna be famous.” I smiled as he took my hand and laced his fingers through mine as he navigated the short drive to the studio.

“Might baby. I might be.” He chuckled lightly a he turned the corner. Just then, the studio came into view. 

He pulled into a parking space and as a family, we went inside. The lovely workers brought us to the studio where Archie’s producer and mixer were with a team of many others. They were all lovely and took a liking to Ida.

“Ok Archie, you ready to start?” James, his producer asked as I sat down with Ida on the couch facing the booth. Archie was smiling brightly inside as he nodded and the music began to play. His voice soothed my ears and made Ida clap her hands loudly making everyone in the room smile.

“Dada!” Ida squealed as Archie stopped singing with surprise and my jaw dropped. The music stopped and everyone turned to face the little girl on my lap.

“Ida! You little smartie!” I screamed hugging her tightly as Archie ran into the mixing room.

“She’s 5 months and talking! Oh god Daddy is so proud of you baby!” Archie smiled kissing her head and hugging me.

“I’ve a lovely little family.” I smiled as everyone “awwed” behind us. Archie laughed and kissed my forehead lightly.

“I love you.” Archie sighed brushing a stray piece of hair away from my face. I smiled widely and chuckled.

“I love you too Andrews.”

#flirting (an Olicity fic)

Here’s a ridiculous little celebrity/social media au one shot. I wrote it this summer and totally forgot about it but I found it today so… here it is! There may be a few more parts to this, idk. We’ll see!


She was standing in the kitchen, just finishing off her (disgusting) protein shake, when an alert lit the face of her phone.

@OliverQueen tweeted a photo.

She chugged the last sip—ugh!—and swiped the screen. A second later a photo of Oliver was staring back at her and she’d be lying if she said her breathe didn’t catch a little at the sight.

Tight t-shirt, crazy blue eyes, just the right amount of scruff… He was gorgeous, always, but especially standing on the deck of a yacht, leaning over the railing just enough to show off his muscular shoulders. The tweet said, “Fav pic from the @MensHealth shoot.” It already had over a thousand likes.

Felicity liked the tweet and threw her glass in the sink, maybe a little rougher than she’d meant to considering the way it rattled around.

It wasn’t that she was jealous. She was happy for Oliver; he worked hard to maintain his physique and anyone who worked that hard for anything deserved praise and a spread in Men’s Health was good for him, but ugh! Over a thousand likes in less than three minutes? Really? How was it possible?

Her phone vibrated and she looked down to see another alert.

@OliverQueen: @FelicitySmoak you should have come with. Missed you on the boat ;)

Felicity sighed and tapped out a return message.

@FelicitySmoak: @OliverQueen motion sickness, photogs and getting hit on 24/7? Yeah what was I thinking passing on that?

As was usual whenever she got into a conversation with Oliver on social media, her phone started blowing up. Likes and follows and retweets. Everyone wanted a piece of Oliver Queen, even if it was just in the form of stalking him on Twitter.

Even she had her claws in him in a way. It wasn’t like he talked to her on Twitter because he missed her sparkling personality. No, she was the Ronald Miller to his Cindy Mancini, using his popularity and social media prowess to Can’t Buy Me Love her way into the hearts of America. Or, at least, into the hearts of his millions of followers.

Her phone vibrated again, but this time it was a text.

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V Headcanons

I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THE REQUEST & ANSWER FOR THIS (but I made it extra long to make up for it)

▪V loves The Beatles, and has every single album both downloaded onto his phone and each of the vinyl albums (they were a gift from Jumin)
▪Like just imagine him in a robe, messy haired and flipping pancakes on a griddle while he listens to “Here Comes the Sun”, “When I’m Sixty-four” and “We Can Work It Out”
▪adores orange juice & eats things like Special K and fruit parfaits for breakfast
▪it’s canon that V likes plants so let me expand on that
▪he probably got sad when he lost his sight because he couldn’t really appreciate their beauty anymore but if he got the surgery he’d have plants EVERYWHERE
▪like, every countertop, his nightstand, his bathroom, living room, and balcony (if he has one) are all covered in plants, plus he’d have some hanging from the ceiling
▪he’s super gentle with them and cares so much for them, so if one starts to wilt it depresses him my poor child
▪has a little bistro chair and two tables on his balcony. He likes to sit there in the mornings while drinking his coffee and listening to the heavy bustle of the city traffic
▪deserves love and happiness
▪hangs all of his photographs on the walls and if there’s not enough room, he’ll just stack some against the walls (semi-canon?)
▪likes flea markets!
▪once he lost his sight completely, he started buying furniture and decorations based on what they feel like
▪if you tell him something is ugly, he’ll just smile and brush your hands over it
▪"close your eyes, MC. Beauty isn’t what something looks like, but what it feels like. I don’t know what you look like, but I imagine you’re very beautiful.“
*ugly sobbing*
▪would never ever complain when you’re with him because he cares for you very much and loves you like he deserves to be loved & cared for

▪V adores pie, especially apple cinnamon pie and peach pie
▪doesn’t keep up with current events or slang so if you reference something, he’s most likely going to be confused
▪it genuinely breaks his heart when he logs onto the chatroom to see Yoosung or the other members dissing him or questioning his decisions
▪it makes him sad because he considers the RFA his family but he believes it’s better this way because this way they don’t have to shoulder the pain he has
▪so on days when it gets really bad, he’ll lay on the couch and put a record of either really soft jazz, Elvis Presley, or classical music on and just pay attention to the music
▪probably super nostalgic and would keep a box or two full of ticket stubs (like the one from the night him and Rika met) plus other little memorabilia.
▪got really into scrapbooking at one time tbh and now likes to make his own photo albums with little scrapbooks inside
▪It’d adore him (expanding on my RFA Gives Elizabeth 3rd a Bath scenerio)
▪He’s pretty neat but imagine scatterbrained and messy V
▪like camera lenses and photographs (some waterlogged and with sun damage) strewn everywhere, empty film cartridges and coffee mugs littering his breakfast bar and coffee table
▪his bed never made and there’s this morning’s toothpaste crusted to the sink bowl and his slippers separated and in different places I live for messy V
▪imagine V genuinely happy and smiling

Feeling Betrayed

Word Count: 1373

Wanna One: Park Jihoon ft. Ong Seongwoo

Author: This is my first serie i’m startiing. I hope it’s good please let me know :3


(Your Insta): ParkJihoon99: Hello :)))     21:34PM

I could feel my phone vibrate on the table, stealing a quick glimpse over to my phone. I saw an Insta message from an unknown person. Quickly opening it and hitting the ‘accept’ button.

You: Hii, how are you?  21:37PM

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One night stand | Dan Howell

A/N : This imagine was inspired by the song Tee Shirt by Birdy. 

“Hi, I’m Dan. Can I buy you a drink ?”

My friends had previously persuaded me to go out and party with them. A fancy club opened somewhere in town. I enjoy staying home or doing funny stuff much more then trying to not being vomited on by drunk people. But here I was, 2 hours of dolling up later. I danced a bit, had a few glasses of whatever that was and maybe even enjoyed being here. My friends were pretty funny when they were drunk to be honest. We were sitting at a huge table and Mel, one of my friends, had paid a round of drinks for all of us. “Y/N” Mel ,who was sitting next to me , whispered in my ear.

“What ?” I asked. She started to giggle before she answered. “This guy over there has been staring at you all night”

She nodded her head towards the dance floor. I followed her gaze and  blushed as I caught a handsome guy staring at me. He quickly looked away and continued talking to his group of friends.

Now it was my time to stare. He was like the hottest guy I’ve ever seen : tall, dark haired, cute smile…the list goes on.

We kept staring at each other for another hour until it was my time to get the drinks. I walked up to the bar to give the bartender my order but as I was about to shout it over the loud music somebody tapped my left shoulder. “Hi, I’m Dan. Can I buy you a drink ?” the handsome guy from the dance floor asked me. I couldn’t help but blush and accept his offer with a nod. My friends could get their drinks themselves anyway. “I’m Y/N” I shouted over the music. We talked and danced for the rest of the night. I had already forgotten the fact that I was here with my friends and not Dan. We got on pretty well. Dan was funny, kind and smart, we also had a lot of things in common. As it got later we both got drunker. I couldn’t even remember how many drinks Dan had already paid for me.

All I knew was that he was breathtaking. At 2am Dan started to make dirty remarks and jokes. At 3 am he had grabbed my bum at least 5 times. At 4am we started making out somewhere sitting on a couch. At 4:30 we were on the way to my flat. At 5am Dan was in his boxers and was about to unclasp my bra…

At was now 10 am and I just woke up. As I remembered the previous night a huge smile appeared on my face. I haven’t felt so alive in ages. Dan was everything I could have ever hoped for, not just his looks and personality were great, no he was also amazing in bed.

I opened my eyes and rolled over, expecting to see Dan sleeping next to me, but to my disappointment he wasn’t there. My heart sunk. ‘This was just a one night stand to him’ I thought and immediately felt stupid because I wanted this to be so much more. God, I have just met this guy and I already had feelings for him. I looked down and saw that the only thing I was wearing was the t-shirt he wore underneath his jumper yesterday. It looked huge on my body, because he was so much taller than me. The t-shirt smelled of him and although there were things I didn’t remember about last night, I definitely still knew how good he smelled. I wasted the rest of the morning imagining the future me and Dan could have had. I’m pathetic I know, but there was just something about him that made me feel alive and complete. I tried to remember as much of last nighht as possible, what he said, how we danced, the way his body felt against mine… It drove me crazy knowing that I would most probably never see him again. All I had left of him was the t-shirt I wore.

I stayed in bed until my stomach growled so loudly that I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I made my way to the kitchen, that was unsurprisingly empty too. I poured myself a bowl of cereal, still just wearing his t-shirt. “I hate parties” I said in a sad voice.

I placed my glass of orange juice on the kitchen table and started eating breakfast. “Now I know how terrible you feel after an one night stand” I whispered to myself. I guess I’ve sunken low.

I was close to tears as I saw a little note lying on the table. It was a white small piece of paper. It said : Sorry, I had to leave. I had an appointment, that I couldn’t miss. This is my number :12345678
Please call me. I need to see you again Y/N.
- Dan

One Year-Part One

Summary: (Y/N) moves to Paris with your family leaving your best friend behind. What happens when you come back?

(Y/L/N)- Your last name
(Y/N)-Your name

Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

If you see this then it’s yours or any character from teen wolf thoughts.

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Show Me I'm Your Everything//Calum Hood AU Shot

A/N: Once again an AU made me lose my shit and I felt the overwhelming need to elaborate just to make me hate myself more. This time is is boxer!Calum and give my drug dealer!Ashton one a read? Please?

It became smutty. And it’s only my second one, so no scathing reviews.

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Sleepy (Phil x Reader)

Character: Phil Lester (AmazingPhil)

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Fandom: Phandom

Title: Sleepy

Summary: Trying to finish an essay for college, Y/N stays up really late. Phil notices and tries to get her to go to sleep already.

College was the worst. I had been struggling with this one subject for two years, no less.

But I had enough; I was determined to pass it this time. I had done the exam, and it turned out pretty well. All that was left to do was this freaking essay.

I spent the whole night doing it, because I always left it all to the very last second and had to send it to the teacher before 8 am. Dan would be proud of my procrastinating skills.

“Y/N?” Phil’s voice called me from the door.

I turned around in my chair and looked at him. He looked back at me through squinted eyelids, his hair messy and his glasses on. He just woke up.

“You’re still up?!” He exclaimed in utter awe.

Phil came into my room and stood behind my chair, looking at the computer screen in front of me.

“I’m almost done” I mumbled as I tried my best to keep my eyes open. My voice sounded really sleepy.

“It’s half past six in the morning” Phil placed his hands on my shoulders, his thumbs rubbing small circles on my skin.

“What?!” I exclaimed, opening my eyes wide. I only had another hour and a half to completely finish it and revise it before I sent it.

I started to frantically type on the keyboard. By that point, I was making things up. Had been for a while now, to be honest.

“You need to rest” Phil said in a serious voice. 

He was a great boyfriend, always looking out for me.

“It won’t take much longer” I assured, hoping for my mental health that I was right.

“Y/N…” He insisted, but I shook my head, not allowing any complaints.

“I need to finish this”

Phil sighed as he left a soft kiss on my cheek.

“Fine, I’m going to have breakfast. And if you’re not done when I get back, you’re going to turn it in even if it’s not finished”

“But Phil…” I whined, taking my eyes off the screen for a moment.

“No buts, you’re exhausted!”

I smiled a little, watching how concerned he was. Phil was so sweet.

He quickly hugged me from behind before he left and I resumed writing the damn essay.

I was close to reaching my limit and falling asleep on my keyboard, but I had finished it and sent it. I was finally free.

“Are you done?” Phil stuck his head at the door once again, not looking as sleepy as before.

“Thankfully” I sighed in relief as I slowly stood up from my chair.

I had been sitting on it for so many hours that I felt a little numb.

I stretched out and yawned loudly, Phil chuckling at the sight.

“Come on, I made you breakfast” Phil took my hand and walked with me to the lounge.

There, Dan was already sitting in the sofa with his laptop in his browsing position, most likely on Tumblr.

“She lives!” Dan jokingly said, watching as Phil sat me in the sofa and let go of my hand.

“Barely” I mumbled as I got comfortable on the cozy seat next to Dan.

“I thought you would never finish, Y/N” My boyfriend said, picking up a bowl from the table.

He gave it to me, and I realized they were my favourite cereals. Lion Cereal, which also reminded me a lot of Phil everytime.

“Aww, thanks, Phil” He plopped down next to me and snaked his arm around my waist, showing me a grin.

I lazily ate a few spoon fulls of my cereal. Even though I loved them, I wasn’t hungry. On my body there was only room to be tired.

“Who’s up to see some Buffy?” Phil suggested, looking at us.

“Why not?” I mumbled, stirring the cereal instead of eating more.

Dan stood up and set the TV for us. He casually plonked down next to me again once he did.

“Aren’t you going to eat it?” He asked me, pointing at the bowl.

“No…” I sounded like a little girl, which made him laugh a little.

Knowing he would want them, I handed it to him. A big smile spread across his face, making me laugh a bit.


“But you should eat something!” Phil nudged me a little, but I just shook my head and snuggled up to him, hiding my face in his stomach.

“What she should do is sleep for a whole week” Dan mumbled with his mouth full of cereal as the Buffy theme song played.

“I’m trying” I answered, my eyes closed as I lifted my head to rest it in Phil’s chest. “But I think I’m actually too tired to fall asleep”

“How is that even possible?” Phil wondered, leaning his cheek in my head.

“I don’t know” I chuckled, not really finding the logic either. “But I’ll just watch Buffy with you”

“I thought you didn’t like Buffy” Dan sounded surprised, but I didn’t bother to look at him. I just idly turned my eyes to the TV, not really watching the show as I couldn’t concentrate on it.

My mind was foggy and exhausted.

“Huh?” It took a few more seconds than usual for my weary mind to understand him. “I do like it, I just don’t like Sarah Michelle Gellar”

Phil giggled, making me look up at him.

“You just don’t like her because I like her so much”

“Maybe…” I shrugged, placing my head back on his shoulder.

“Don’t worry. I like you better, Y/N”

I smiled as I wrapped my arms around his torso and happily squeezed him against me.

“I know, Philly” I mumbled on his pajamas shirt.

“She’s so cute and cuddly when she’s sleepy” Dan joked, pinching my cheek obnoxiously as I groaned in annoyance and swatted him away.

“Leave her alone, Dan” Phil chuckled, shielding me from our friend with his arms.

“Yeah, watch the freaking show and leave me to sleep in peace” I doubted they even understood my lazy voice as I slurred my words. However, they laughed.

Phil started to play with my hair, knowing I absolutely loved it when he did that. I adjusted into a more comfortable position, feeling myself slowly falling asleep on Phil with his cuddles.

The TV sounded distant, along with Dan and Phil’s voices as they whispered a comment about the episode every once in a while.

I was in that strange state where you’re awake and slightly aware of everything happening around you but still too aslept to move.

“Y/N?” Phil’s deep voice softly said over my head. “Are you awake?”

“She doze off” Dan muttered, and I felt him moving beside me.

“I’ll take her to my room” Phil told him, and I heard Dan muttering a low ‘okay’.

Phil gently picked me up and carried me somewhere.

Soon, he lay me down in a soft and heavenly comfortable bed. It smelt like him, so it had to be his bed. He knew I liked it better than my mine, I found it more comfortable. But it was all probably because it was his.

I heard his footsteps growing away from me and the door closing softly.

Lazily, I opened one eye just enough to see I was indeed in Phil’s room, lying in his bed. I rolled over on my stomach and buried my head in his pillow, feeling sleepier every second.

But I didn’t give in to sleep completely until a while later, when I felt Phil climbing into the bed with me and pulling me close to him.

No Secrets - George Weasley Imagine


Hey can you do a George imagine where he tells his muggle fiance that hes a wizard! She’s kinda confused and he always plays tricks on her so she doesnt believe him, than she gets kinda upset (not in like a sad way but more overwhelmed) and it goes from there? Thanks!!

•Warning: Major Character Death Mention! (Spoilers if you haven’t read the last book!)•

~(Y/n)’s POV~

I slowly opened my eyes, feeling something on my neck. I tried to move but a pair of strong arms kept me in place. I moved my head slightly to see George sleepily putting kisses on my neck. I laughed lightly “Morning Beautiful” he said groggily “Good morning Handsome” I smiled turning my body to face him. “Just a few more weeks and you’ll be the future Mrs. Weasley” he smiled just thinking about the subject. Me and George have been happily dating for three years and just a few weeks ago George proposed to me. I was probably the luckiest girl in the world to find such a guy like George. George is very caring and protective of me, he’s my definition of perfect. We first met at a coffee shop, it was very crowded in that small shop. George accidentally spilled all his coffee on me, he kept apologizing as he helped me clean the coffee off my shirt, I thought it was very adorable of him to do that. After that, we started dating and that lead to where we are today, and everyday I am so thankful to have met him.

After dating for a year, he finally told me about his twin brothers death that had occurred a few years back. I was the one who comforted him while he cried about his brother. He told me that he never smiled before he met me and that I lite up his whole world like millions of fireworks in the dark sky. “Let’s go make Breakfast! I’m starving!” George said kissing my neck again. “You say that every morning!” I laughed “So what do you want?” I asked rubbing his cheek with my thumb. “Pancakes?” He asked with puppy dog eyes “Pancakes it is then” I giggled, jumping out of bed. I slipped on my robe than made my way downstairs to the kitchen with George following close behind me. Once I got all the ingredients out I started to put everything in the bowl “Georgie. Can you get me a measuring cup please?” I asked opening a bag of flour. He rummaged through a few cabinets before bringing me a glass measuring cup “My lady” he smirked handing me the cup “Thank you kind sir” I giggled scooping up some flour and adding it to the bowl.

While I was mixing up the bowl I saw George grab some powder from the bag. “George. What are you d-” I didn’t finish my sentence because George threw the powder in my face “George Weasley! Your going to pay for that!” I said angrily. “Oh, I’m so scared!” He laughed, I put my finger into the batter and quickly smeared it on his cheek. I screamed as he chased me around the marble island we had in the middle of the kitchen. Once he caught my waist I cracked an egg on his head “Hey! No fair!” He said grumpily grabbing batter and putting it in my hair. “Were even now” he chuckled kissing my lips softly. I rolled my eyes “Do I have something on my face?” He asked “Yeah. You got some right here. And right here” I giggled putting both hands on his face. “I love you” he whispered with a smug grin on his face “I love you way more” I smirked, putting my hands around his neck and pulling him in for another kiss.

After we both took a shower and ate pancakes, we just chilled at the kitchen table drinking coffee. I was looking out the kitchen window next to the table admiring the sunny sky with very few clouds while George just stared at his coffee. “Um… (Y/n)?” George asked looking up from his mug “Yeah Georgie” I looked away from the window to make eye contact with him “Since were getting married pretty soon. I just wanted to start our new life together with no secrets at all” he stated. I nodded “I know, I was thinking that too. I just want us to be happy and truthful to each other” I gave him a tender smile in which he returned back. “Well I guess I’ll say mines first” he started shifting in his seat “I know this may sound crazy but just work with me okay?” He asked looking deep into my eyes. I nodded, my heart racing rapidly “what if it’s something bad?” I told myself. “I’m… I’m a wizard” he said lowly like a whisper but just loud enough for me to hear. “A wizard?” I said confused, he nodded “is this another prank of yours?” I asked “No! I’m not lying I’m a real wizard” George exclaimed.

“George. Really, there’s no such things as wizards. Your playing around aren’t you?” I said in disbelief “No, I swear this is not a prank. Here I’ll show you” George grasped my hands and pulled me upstairs all the way to our bedroom. “Geor-” I started but he cut me off “hold on” he said quickly going into our walk-in closet. I heard him shift a few things and then a few seconds he came out of the closet. “You wanted to show me a stick?” I asked tilting my head side ways to look at the piece of wood in his hand “it’s not a stick, it’s a wand” he said giving it a little flick “George I’m serious. What is this?” I told him “I’m serious too! I’m not lying. This wand has magic” he exclaimed “Magic? Prove it then” I said crossing my arms not believing a single word. He muttered something under his breath and then the tip of his wand lite brightly. I blinked a few times dumbly “See. I wasn- (Y/n)!” He dropped his wand and ran over to me. I fainted, well I was pretty over whelmed. Well who wouldn’t be, just finding out that your Fiancé is a wizard…. A wizard!

“(Y/n)? Can you hear me?” George asked holding my face in his hands “Y-yeah” I whispered “what happened?” I asked looking at him “I told you I was a wizard and you fainted” he said lowly. I just sat there for a few seconds remember the moment. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” I asked and watched as he sat right in front of me. “Well I liked you a lot ever since we met and I didn’t want to scare you away. You were the only person who can make me smile or be happy after what happened to Fred” he said lowly like a whisper. “So your family are wizards too?” I asked, He nodded “Girls are called witches in the wizarding world” he looked down at his hands. He was very surprised when I jumped on him and wrapped my arms tightly around his neck “I’m glad you told me Georgie. I would never ever, not even in a million years leave you. I love you” I whispered soothingly into his ear. “Thank you for understanding, I was getting a bit scared there. But I love you too, I can’t keep a secret from the person I love the most.” George said calmingly into my ear, kissing me softly on the neck. He pulled back with his pinky high in the air “No secrets?” He asked waiting for me to agree “No secrets” I smiled locking our pinky’s together.


⭐️Today’s Friday! Enjoy yourself this weekend! Take a load off! And have a lovely day!⭐️

“ARRAYED ON THE Ladies Day banquet table were yellow-green avocado pear halves stuffed with crabmeat and mayonnaise, and platters of rare roast beef and cold chicken, and every so often a cut-glass bowl heaped with black caviar. I hadn’t had time to eat any breakfast at the hotel cafeteria that morning, except for a cup of overstewed coffee so bitter it made my nose curl, and I was starving. 

 Before I came to New York I’d never eaten out in a proper restaurant. I don’t count Howard Johnson’s, where I only had french fries and cheeseburgers and vanilla frappes with people like Buddy Willard. I’m not sure why it is, but I love food more than just about anything else. No matter how much I eat, I never put on weight. With one exception I’ve been the same weight for ten years. 

 My favorite dishes are full of butter and cheese and sour cream. In New York we had so many free luncheons with people on the magazine and various visiting celebrities I developed the habit of running my eye down those huge handwritten menus, where a tiny side dish of peas cost fifty or sixty cents, until I’d picked the richest, most expensive dishes and ordered a string of them.

The sight of all the food stacked in those kitchens made me dizzy. It’s not that we hadn’t enough to eat at home, it’s just that my grandmother always cooked economy joints and economy meat loafs and had the habit of saying, the minute you lifted the first forkful to your mouth, “I hope you enjoy that, it cost forty-one cents a pound,” which always made me feel I was somehow eating pennies instead of Sunday roast.

 While we were standing up behind our chairs listening to the welcome speech, I had bowed my head and secretly eyed the position of the bowls of caviar. One bowl was set strategically between me and Doreen’s empty chair. 

 I figured the girl across from me couldn’t reach it because of the mountainous centerpiece of marzipan fruit, and Betsy, on my right, would be too nice to ask me to share it with her if I just kept it out of the way at my elbow by my bread-and-butter plate. Besides, another bowl of caviar sat a little way to the right of the girl next to Betsy, and she could eat that. 

 My grandfather and I had a standing joke. He was the head waiter at a country club near my home town, and every Sunday my grandmother drove in to bring him home for his Monday off. My brother and I alternated going with her, and my grandfather always served Sunday supper to my grandmother and whichever of us was along as if we were regular club guests. He loved introducing me to special tidbits, and by the age of nine I had developed a passionate taste for cold vichyssoise and caviar and anchovy paste. 

 The joke was that at my wedding my grandfather would see I had all the caviar I could eat. It was a joke because I never intended to get married, and even if I did, my grandfather couldn’t have afforded enough caviar unless he robbed the country club kitchen and carried it off in a suitcase. 

 Under cover of the clinking of water goblets and silverware and bone china, I paved my plate with chicken slices. Then I covered the chicken slices with caviar thickly as if I were spreading peanut butter on a piece of bread. Then I picked up the chicken slices in my fingers one by one, rolled them so the caviar wouldn’t ooze off and ate them.

 I’d discovered, after a lot of extreme apprehension about what spoons to use, that if you do something incorrect at table with a certain arrogance, as if you knew perfectly well you were doing it properly, you can get away with it and nobody will think you are bad-mannered or poorly brought up. They will think you are original and very witty.

 I learned this trick the day Jay Cee took me to lunch with a famous poet. He wore a horrible, lumpy, speckled brown tweed jacket and gray pants and a red-and-blue checked open-throated jersey in a very formal restaurant full of fountains and chandeliers, where all the other men were dressed in dark suits and immaculate white shirts. 

 This poet ate his salad with his fingers, leaf by leaf, while talking to me about the antithesis of nature and art. I couldn’t take my eyes off the pale, stubby white fingers traveling back and forth from the poet’s salad bowl to the poet’s mouth with one dripping lettuce leaf after another. Nobody giggled or whispered rude remarks. The poet made eating salad with your fingers seem to be the only natural and sensible thing to do. 

 None of our magazine editors or the Ladies’ Day staff members sat anywhere near me, and Betsy seemed sweet and friendly, she didn’t even seem to like caviar, so I grew more and more confident. When I finished my first plate of cold chicken and caviar, I laid out another. Then I tackled the avocado and crabmeat salad. 

 Avocados are my favorite fruit. Every Sunday my grandfather used to bring me an avocado pear hidden at the bottom of his briefcase under six soiled shirts and the Sunday comics. He taught me how to eat avocados by melting grape jelly and french dressing together in a saucepan and filling the cup of the pear with the garnet sauce. I felt homesick for that sauce. The crabmeat tasted bland in comparison.”

-The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath

The Loft: A Team Villain and Team Cia AU Fic

Chapter 2: Morning Routine

Padding quietly down the hallway, the Twili could not tamp down the impulse to constantly check over his shoulder. Every other step he would peer behind him just to make sure there was no one following. In the dark of the early morning, he stop-and-scurried his way through the living room and to the kitchen beyond.

His red plaid pajama bottoms made the faintest rustling sound on the hardwood floor as he moved. Though the noise was barely a whisper of cloth, it was still so loud to his sensitive ears. Even his breathing came to fast and loudly for his liking. Finally, finally the faint glow of the stove light came into view. As he caught sight of ginger hair and the scent of sage, Zant knew he was safe.

“Hey, bright eyes,” the Gerudo greeted as the smaller man made his way to the tiled island-bar combo.

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Good Morning, Darling

TITLE: Good Morning, Darling


AUTHOR: saint03

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki isn’t a morning person and is a total brat until he has a cup of tea.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I made references to a couple of shows, neither of which I own.

“(Y/N)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” That morning I woke up with my new husband screaming my name in the direction of our living room. I was very startled. Loki and I had bought an apartment a few minutes away from the tower after getting married two weeks ago. It was weird actually living with someone now after having my own room in Avengers’ tower for so long. For one, I was still getting used to a lot of his habits I hadn’t gotten to see when we were dating. Practing magic and literally almost blowing up the apartment, stashing away 75% of our toilet paper for himself, singing karaoke when he was making dinner…

“(Y/N)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he cried out in a pained moan. Oh my gosh, was he hurt? I flopped out of bed and ran to living room to find Loki lying on his stomach on the sofa, his face in the cushions, a blanket wrapped around him, and still in his sleepwear. He lifted his face from the couch cussions “(Y/N)!!!!!!!!!! Would you come out here?!”

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Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, this past couple of weeks have been Netflix and Sleep. I had never tried a smoothie bowl, and recently everyone has been posting about it so I decided to give it a try. Made a Berry Banana smoothie bowl, not going to lie it tastes like heaven. I think this is one of my favorite breakfasts so far.

Runaway Chapter Two

ahhh thank you so much for your enthusiasm(: as promised, heres chapter two and to catch up with the story, chapter one is here (: much love xx -m 

When I woke up a dull light was coming through the black curtains. It took me a moment to remember what happened and I sighed.

I could hear noises coming from downstairs.

I threw off the blanket and slid my feet over the edge of the bed. I stood up and stretched, immediately recoiling from the pain of my sore body. I went to the mirror next to the dresser and looked at myself. Dark shadows were under my eyes, a few bruises across my cheeks. Slowly I lifted my shirt to see bruises making patterns across my ribs. I trailed my fingers across my skin, wincing when they touched a sensitive spot.

Eventually I tugged back down the fabric and padded to the door. I opened it slowly so it wouldn’t make any noise. Stepping out into the hall I tiptoed my way downstairs. By the volume of the noise it sounded like they were in the kitchen.Following the noise i stepped into the room and saw them. I stood against the door frame.

Luke was mixing something in a bowl while Michael was putting toast in a toaster. Ashton was looking for something in the fridge and Calum was at the stove heating water in a kettle.

“Can someone finish mixing this? I’m going to go wake up October.” Luke said before he turned around and saw me. “Oh! Never mind, g’morning.” He smiled.

The other boys turned around to me and smiled.

“We made breakfast so you can sit at the table, it will be ready in a few.” Luke smiled and nodded towards the kitchen table.

I folded my arms across my chest and walked to a wooded chair. Sitting down I crossed my legs criss-cross in the seat.

The tea kettle began to whistle and Calum poured a mug and handed it to me. I smiled and brought the steaming cup to my face. My hands wrapped around it seeking it’s warmth and I took a sip, shivering at the hot liquid traveling down my cold throat.

Within a few minutes pancakes and bacon and toast were set on the table. The boys sat down in the surrounding chairs and began to dig in. I laughed as they shoved food in their face.

“Here”, Luke saved a piece of bacon from Michael and handed it to me.

“Thanks.” I said and the boys froze looking at me strangely.

“What?”I asked curiously.

“Nothing…it’s just that you talked.” Calum said slowly.

“Yea?” I stated confused.

“I mean Luke said you talked but we didn’t believe him….” Michael added.

Luke rolled his eyes. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine.”I smiled.

“How’s your head?” Ashton asked after taking a bite of his toast.


“You weren’t hurt anywhere else were you?” Luke asked concerned.I shook my head no.

We were done eating and they all stood up to clear the plates. I stood up to clear mine but Luke stopped me and took it from me. “I’ve got this.” he said.

After the dishes were cleared Calum, Michael, and Ashton left the room. Luke stayed leaning against the counter.

“Can I ask you something?” he spoke.

“What?” my voice came out thin.

“Why didn’t you want me to call the cops?”

I looked around to see if one of the boys was there and shook my head no.

Luke nodded in understanding and motioned for me to follow him upstairs. We arrived at his room and he shut the door behind us. He sat on the bed and patted the spot next to him for me to sit.

I sat down hesitantly and pulled my knees up to my chin. 

“I can’t make you tell me what your reasons are but if you are hiding from something or someone then stay here so you’re safe. Please." 

My eyes widened.

"You can sleep in the guest room and we can help you out.” Luke continued.

I was angry now. “Sorry, but I’m not a charity case.” I stood up to leave.

“Wait, no please! You’re not a charity case. I just don’t want to see you hurt. You can stay as a friend.” He explained.

“I don’t even know you.” I glared at him.

“Lets change that.” He rubbed the spot next to him again and i returned to my previous position. “Alright so, first, tell me why you didn’t want me to call the police.”

I shook my head no. 

“Okay so that one’s out. old are you?”

“17.” i said dryly. “You?”

“18. What were you doing in the streets all alone that late?”

I shook my head no again. 

“Come on, give me something.”

I just shrugged my shoulders.

“Ugh fine. Tell me about your family.” he suggested.

I paused before shaking my head no again.

“Come on thats an easy one!" 

I still shook my head no.

"I don’t know what else to ask you.” he said defeated.

“Tell me about you.” I said in a mousy voice. 

“Um okay. Well, Im from Sydney. Im in a band with the other guys and that’s why we’re here in London.”

I nodded. “And what were you doing in the streets all alone that late?” I mocked his question.

“Late meeting." 

I nodded. 

"Well this got us nowhere.” he laughed. 

I nodded in agreement. 

“Well, I would still like you to stay with us.” He smiled lightly, and placed his hand softly on my knee. 

I jumped back and scrambled off the bed, pressing my back to the door.

“I’m sorry, i didn’t mean to scare you! I’m sorry!’ Luke placed his hands palm up in front of him apologetically.

"Sorry.” I murmured before taking my seat again.

It got quiet. I sighed. “I’ll stay.” 

Luke’s eyes shot up. “Really?” 

I nodded. 

He smiled. “ can talk to me. I won’t press anymore but i’m here if you ever want to talk.”

He stood up and i followed his movements. ‘Now lets get you settled in shall we?”

That afternoon I was returned my clothes and we went shopping.

The boys had a car take them to the store so they could buy me some toiletries, clothes, and more food.

When we got back to the house, Luke set the bags in his room while the others unloaded the groceries.

I joined Luke upstairs as he was placing a toothbrush and shampoo on the counter. 

‘Hey.” He said as i leaned against the door frame watching him.”So you’ll stay in my room.”

“No, Luke i can sleep on the couch it’s not that big of a deal.”

“October i can stay with one of the lads. You’re staying in my room.”

“No. I’m not stealing your bed.”

“Well I’m not letting you sleep on the couch.”



I didn’t realize how close we were, leaning into the argument, until i could feel his breath on my face. I let the mint breeze fan over my face before i realized what was happening and stepped back. 

“Then we’ll compromise.” I suggested.


That night after dinner we all headed upstairs to go to bed.

“G’night halloween” Calum waved as he walked toward his room.

“What?” I asked confused.

“That’s your new nickname.” Calum joked.

I smirked and rolled my eyes before walking into Luke’s room. 

“Okay so, I have blankets and pillows for a pallet on the floor. Are you sure about this?” He looked worried and anxious.

“Mhmm. You’ll take the bed and i’ll take the floor. It’s only fair." 

"Fine.” he grumbled.

I went to the bathroom to change into a new pair of pajama shorts and one of Luke’s t-shirts before slipping into my blanket bed on the floor. 

Luke turned off the lights and the room was silent. 

I sighed lightly and closed my eyes, trying to sleep, something i had never been good at. Normally i let my thoughts take over and ran my mind rabid.

I turned over trying to get comfortable. 

All too soon though my mind began to wander to the events of the other night. 

I had learned early on in life that to fend off attackers you have to freeze. They won’t want to keep going if you’re not a challenge. And thats when my thoughts spiraled to my childhood. 

I lived with my mom, uncle, and sister in the countryside. I hated my uncle with a passion. My mind ran over all the monstrous events that took place in that house and i felt a tear slowly slide down my cheek. 

I wiped it away quickly and sniffled.

“October, you okay?” Luke’s voice came from the bed behind me.

“Fine.” I choked out.

“Are you crying?"His voice came softer.

I didn’t answer, i was too busy trying to keep it together.

"Please talk to me…” he whispered. 

I wiped the tears away and stood up, sitting on the edge of his bed.

“Why are you crying?" 

"I was just thinking…” I murmured.

“What about..?" 

I shook my head no again. He reached out to touch my shoulder and paused.

"Can i…?” he trailed off. 

I nodded and he placed his hand on my shoulder in a comforting gesture. What should have comforted me only made me cry harder. 

“Shh…come here.” he whispered.

Without thinking i crawled to his side, sitting next to him on the bed.

“We’re you thinking about what happened the other night? It’s okay to cry about that, it was terrifying." 

"I was just thinking about my family thats all…” I wiped another tear away. I immediately regretted saying that.

“Do you miss them?” he asked innocently.

“Theres nothing to miss…” I breathed.

“Oh..” he said, not quite understanding.

I wanted to open up to him but i was so scared. Scared he would judge me, scare he would make me leave. I didn’t know how to open up if i tried.

“Luke…” i whispered.

“Mhmm?” he murmured.

I sighed and decided to go for it. “I’ve lived on the streets for three years now…” i started off.

“Why…?” Luke asked.

“I ran away." 

"You’re a runaway? 

I nodded, tears falling harder at the words i had never said out loud before.

"Okay…” he whispered.

To Hannah Love Grace (13/?)



Hannah POV

I had woken up wearing a dress shirt, a loose tie, and underwear before. Grace and I had many fun, drunken nights where we were too tired to change into pajamas before going to bed. But there was something special about waking up in part of the outfit you were wed in the day before, then looking down at the woman next to you and realizing oh my God, she’s my wife.

It was rather crazy to me. It still seemed unreal. But yet, I had every memory of the night before ingrained into my brain, so it had to have been real.

I pulled my hand out from underneath the covers and my eyes landed upon a gold ring on my fourth finger. I remembered the inscription on the inside and smiled.

On the inside of my ring, the words “…Love Grace” were engraved in the font I’ve always used for MDK. On the inside of Grace’s ring, the words “To Hannah…” were engraved in the font she used for the itsGrace opening. 

Grace had rolled over and was now facing the wall away from me, her back almost completely exposed. Goosebumps covered her skin.

I slowly and gently eased out of the bed, being careful not to let it squeak. I then took my tie off and hung it on the hooks on the closet door, then unbuttoned my shirt. Slowly and carefully, I pulled the shirt onto Grace and buttoned it back up. The sleeves were a little bit too short, and her torso was a tad too long for the shirt, but for the most part she was covered up. She only stirred once, asking me half-awake what I was doing.

“You’re covered in goosebumps. Go back to bed baby,” I had said. She complied, smiling a bit as she nodded off while I finished buttoning the shirt.

That left me to fend against the air conditioner which we had left on high all night by accident, leaving the house much colder than necessary. Not bothering with a shirt, I grabbed Grace’s Camp Takota hoodie and a pair of sweatpants I had left here the other night.

I opened the door slowly and walked out into the living room, where two very happy dogs waited for me. They jumped up off of the floor and ran to me, their claws clattering against the wood. I smiled and pet them for a couple minutes before going to sit down on the couch. 

I noticed something as soon as I sat down. A bottle of red wine with a fancy ribbon around the neck sat on the coffee table on top of a note.

I left a few things for you and Grace today. I say you and Grace because I know you’ll be awake first , Little Hart. First being your favorite red wine and a couple of custom wine glasses with both your logos. There’s some leftoever food from the reception in the fridge. 

By the way, put your pants on Hannah, Jesus. I walk in at five in the morning to drop this stuff off and finally go to bed, walk to Grace’s room to check on you two, and you’re laying on top of the covers without pants on. Manners, Harto.

I love you two dorks. Call me, but not until after like three. We gotta shoot a YDAD. 

I smiled to myself as I read the note, and I could practically see Mamrie’s joking smile and eye roll in the second paragraph of her little letter. I looked at the time on my phone, which read 12 o'clock noon on the dot. 

The wine glasses were lovely. They had my logo with arms and legs added on, and Grace’s logo was directly next to mine, and the arm on her logo was connected to the newly added one on mine.

I gathered the glasses and bottle of wine and set them on the old YDAD countertop to drink later tonight after shooting the YDAD. 

I made a bowl of cereal and sat down on the couch, taking in the reality of my life at that moment.

The word “wife” would never grow old to me.

I ate my breakfast in silence, smiling as Goose and Ducky settled down and fell asleep next to each other. After finishing off the bowl of cereal, I rinsed out the bowl and returned to the couch and picked my laptop up off of the nightstand next to me.

I logged onto Tumblr and I smiled as I saw my activity bar being a straight line across the top of the area. I guess everyone else was just as excited as we were.

I read through some of the messages in the reblogs of last night’s photos. Most of them were asking for more pictures of us together the morning (rather afternoon) after, and asking how the whole night went. They were so sweet and caring, and I’d never be over that.

Morning kiddos. I’m the only one awake right now, so no pictures yet. But definitely some tonight and a new video tomorrow on MyHarto, sound good? Have a lovely day babies.

Within seconds of me posting that, I got about the same response from everyone who saw the post. “Oh my gosh videos and pictures and sHE CALLED US HER BABIES OMFG!”

“Hannah, why did I wake up in your shirt?”

I turned around. Grace was standing behind the couch, looking down at my shirt confusedly.

“When I woke up about a half hour or so ago, you were covered in goosebumps. I put my shirt on you and covered you back up,” I replied, noting that she hadn’t bothered to put any pants on. I grabbed a blanket off of the end of the couch and motioned for her to join me as I set the laptop back on the nightstand.

Grace lie down on the couch, her feet hanging off the edge. I threw the blanket across her as she laid her head down in my lap and looked up at me, hair a mess and eyes still red from sleep.

I brushed some of the tangled mess out of the way so I could see her face. Even after just waking up, she still looked so beautiful to me.

I was met with chocolate brown orbs and a tired half-smile filled with joy I haven’t seen in anyone ever.

“Good morning, Grace Anne Hart,” I said, allowing myself to test the name on my tongue. It rolled off perfectly.

“Good morning, wife,” she said, and we smiled childishly. We were like kids who had just discovered something totally cool. 

“You know what I was thing about….are we Hartsquared now or Hartsquared 2.0? Or are we still Hartbig?” she said after a while. I giggled.

“Let’s consult the experts,” I said, and she nodded, grabbing her phone from where she left it on the coffee table the night before.

I watched as she typed slowly in her tired daze.

So we have a dilemma. Are we Hartsquared, Hartsquared 2.0, or Hartbig still?

Five minutes of a comfortable, happy silence passed, and we decided to take the poll.

“And the jury says…we’re still Hartbig,” she replied, and I smiled.

“And so it’s settled,” I replied. Grace nodded, smiling up at me.

I leaned down and pressed my lips against hers, lingering for a bit longer than I normally did in the mornings. 

When I pulled away slightly, Grace spoke.

“Everyone said that things were going to click at some point, everything would fall into place. And everything is finally in place now,” she said, smiling. I smiled back before kissing her once more.

“Shall we upload something short from webcam?” I asked, and Grace smiled wide. She went on and on last night about how excited she was to sign on as Grace Hart for the first time.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

She sat up, and made sure her legs were covered before I turned on the camera.

I hit record, and she smiled once again.

“Good morning! It is Monday here on itsGrace, so that means it’s a stream of conciousness kinda thing yay!" 

"So, we just woke up. Well, I woke up about an hour ago now. Grace woke up about fifteen minutes ago. And we are sooooo tired,” I said, pointing to the bags under my eyes and my messy hair.

“But no matter! Things are good. Things are very good,” Grace continued, her smile widening as she said the last sentence. “Because I, Grace Helbig, now go by the name of Grace Anne Hart.”

“Now we truly are the Holy Trinity because there’s three Harts. Hart cubed. Can that be a thing?” I said excitedly, and I smiled as I caught Grace staring at me in the corner of my eye.

“Yesterday was one of the best days of my life. And everything just feels right. And I just really wanted to share that with you guys this morning, because you’re important to me,” she said.

“Awww, Grace, you’re showing emotion,” I teased, earning a slap on the arm.

“Shut up, dork. I love you don’t hit me,” she said as I reached to playfully slap her arm back. 

“I love you too,” I said, and I kissed her cheek gently.

“And…if you’re watching this…I love you guys. And I know that it took me about a hundred million years to say this but…I really do. I’m so glad you could join me and Hannah on this journey,” Grace said, her voice softening.

“We’ll see you later. Mwah, mwah, go hug someone and have a wonderful day…and stuff,” I said, shrugging.

Grace looked at me, then at the camera.

A smile crossed her face as she spoke, about to end the video.

“Now I know.”