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[Josuke] "Holy flip! Jotaro was right! My father WAS ripped as a young adult!" -askthejosukes

“… Haha that ‘Jotaro’ guy seems like someone who knows what they’re talking about, yup!”


So my Pokehunting outing tonight was basically the tropiest accidental date fic you could possibly write centred around Pokémon GO. What was usually a team event wound up being just the two of us. We both showed up in fancy dress because we desperately needed to do laundry and we both forgot to eat ahead of time so we decided to stop at a diner after an hour or so of Pokehunting. I offered her my jacket because it was cold inside – actually I offered her a pink snuggie because that’s all I had on hand, shhhh – and we ended up eating the food under the starry sky and periodically hitting up the nearby pokestop. Could you get more tropey than that?


Only the Cooper kids will remember his

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How would Severus comfort a student who was depressed or was having a tough time with their friends (like he had with lily)?

To be honest, I don’t really see Severus as the “comforting sort.” HIs emotional development was stunted by years of abuse and neglect, so even if he wants to help, he’ll likely end up snapping or saying the wrong thing because he just doesn’t know how to do the soothing friend thing.  Lily knew how to do the soothing friend thing, but he’s utter pants at it.  What Severus WOULD do is that he’d notice these things and arrange somehow for those who could help to intervene.  It may not necessarily be something that he outwardly does to the student (though maybe he might arrange to have the student in detention with a group of other students who he thinks might become good friends), but I do think he’d want to help somehow.

Severus would comfort someone he is close to, such as a close friend or lover, but it would be hard for him to do it without exhausting himself.  Snape doesn’t have many “spoons” to begin with, so it’s not unreasonable for him to do his best to hold onto his sanity points as much as he can.

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I have a question for either SC or DiU Oldseph: Why did you stop Hamon Training? you could've lived foreeeeeeever. Did Suzie Q put you up to it? were you just being lazy? Was the lure of NOT AGING NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?????????

”A-Ahem! Anyway, it’s mostly the first reason. Honest!”

i. I’m sorry I could never captivate your attention.

ii. I’ve never been the girl surrounded by gardens of forget-me-nots with a crown of daisies in her hair.

iii. I’m just a wallflower, hoping to one day blossom into the Belle of the ball. Maybe then you’ll never forget me.

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