they never come out good ughhhh

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highschool!au changkyun x reader 


1,433 nymph words

anon wished – 2. We’re going to freeze to death — fluff high school!au with changkyun?

Hello dear, I do hope that you enjoy this for you made me wrack my brain a bit for this one, lol! Please do enjoy and let me know if you like it okay?


#2 We’re going to freeze to death

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finally finished this fanart - I was trying to draw these two since I started watching the show, but the inspiration only came in the last episode… I never thought I would get so attached to the story of two characters, everything is so beautiful and painful, I just need them to be happy foreveeeer

lyrics from clocks - coldplay, one of the first songs that comes into my mind when I think about season 2, and that particular part pretty much sums up fitzsimmons at the moment