they needed more cameras for filming this


Fifty years ago today, August 11th 1966, NASA’s Lunar orbiter 1 was on its way to the Moon.

The primary mission of the Lunar orbiter 1 was to photograph the Moon’s surface for potential landing sites for both the Surveyor and Apollo missions. As well as carrying two film cameras, the orbiter also carried instruments for measuring the Moons magnetic and gravitational fields, a meteoroid detector and a radiation dosimeter. 

The orbiter took 229 photos that were all transmitted back to earth, mapping over 5 million square kilometres of the surface. The dosimeters also confirmed that the Apollo spacecraft need to be constructed to shield astronauts from short term exposure and solar particle events.

All five of the Lunar Orbiters were crashed into the Moon to prevent them from being a navigational or communication hazard to the later Apollo missions.

Read More: NASA 1 | NASA 2 | Wikipedia | Photos

20 things I've realised while watching Lotto

1. The video was filmed at Suho, sorry, $uho’s castle.
2. Kai has money but no one cares.
3. D.O can be a possible candidate in the ‘serial killer’ category.
4. Lay needs more lines and camera action.
5. Xiumin also needs more lines and camera action.
6. Sehun body rolled his way out of his contract (SM y'all better get him more lines too).
7. Baekhyun has a thing for people in cages.
8. Suho is made of money.
9. Auto tune? What auto tune?
10. Chanyeol is the good guy.
11. Two wolves appear near the girl and I’m immediately triggered (chOGIWA).
12. Lay’s dance break saved lives (mine included).
13. Chen sipping wine while being held at gun point.
14. The solution to their problems is to smash everything and set stuff on fire.
15. Chanyeol saves the day.
16. Never mind, Chanyeol got caught.
17. Meanwhile, Kai is setting the masked guy on fire (he didn’t wanna give Kai a free ride out of hell)
18. Suho praising the burnt money (in which I could’ve used to buy a house)
19. D.O filming a cock fight (cause he weird af and needs to seek a doctor)
20. Chanyeol got played by the girl (she chogiwa’d her way out of there with that pcy mixtape in her hand)

Feel free to add more.

Things that need to happen

- Dan/Phil and Dodie collab

-Dan could play the piano and sing with Dodie on doddleoddle

-Phil could do a cute challenge or something with Dodie on doddlevloggle

No, think about it. In the one with Phil, you can tell that Dan is filming and you can hear is little laugh and Phil’s lil giggle whenever one of them does something cute.

Dan will keep glancing over at the camera with this nervous lil smile when Phil is filming him singing, then you can see him smile a bit more because behind the camera Phil will give him a thumbs up or something cute like that.


that quest where michaelangelo gives u a camera so u can take pictures of places so he can be Inspired to make stuff

i feel like rebecca would use it to take pictures of rex, and selfies of her with rex and arcade

and pictures of rebecca doing silly things in their travels

and when she comes back because she needs more film, he just finds those pictures and she laughs nervously

“i got carried away…”

madfairyoftheweirwood  asked:

Hi! I just recently got into Visual Kei music and I'm just wondering about Cheki? Why do so many bands in Japan sell them and how much do they usually cost?

Hi there!  Welcome to VK I hope you enjoy your stay in hell.

Cheki are a really easy way for bands to make extra money with little effort.  For example, it doesn’t require the time or money needed to put out new merch, new CDs etc.  They just have to buy a camera and film and take pictures of themselves goofing off before shows (sometimes taking the time to sign them). 

Cheki range in price but I think it’s most common for them to be sold at ¥500.  This is based on a cursory google search but it seems like 1 film sheet costs about ¥50-¥100 each.  So not including the cost of the camera they’re making something like 4 times or more of what they spend on film.

I hope that was helpful!

anonymous asked:

Your Crystal Pepsi review was pretty funny. I've never seen your videos before, but you need a bit better lighting. Try not to film with the lights behind you, rather, film with lights behind the camera, shining onto you. That way your face will be illuminated more and you won't be so silhouette-y.

I fucking told you guys not to laugh!!!  I’m being dead serious in the review!!!!

hey y’all i’m going to reboot my youtube and start to post art videos soon but i’ll also probably try to film a few makeup tutorials! i just need to find out why my camera keeps shutting itself off after filming for only a few minutes , A ,

i also apologize for the gap of time between drawings!! the pain in my thumb and wrist isn’t really going away so even holding a pencil for short amounts of time causes me pain :/ tbh i think work is the reason it’s taking so long to heal…

when i am drawing though, i’m working on a few pieces at a time so i can post doodles and full drawings more frequently and in batches! i’m kinda at a breakthrough point where i’m mainly focused on practice and improving so everything’s kinda experimental right now… bear with me a bit longer, thanks!!

I think I might get my analogue cameras out and experiment with them more and maybe do some expressive arty shit with them bc I need a hobby and I’m interested in that but haven’t got much further than buying film. Idk I might use them in zines or something.