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No matter how many friends you have, sometimes all you need is some time for yourself to put things into perspective.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #12 // a.s 

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I'm coming back into the WC fandom after a long absence (the last book I read was Sunrise and it was a struggle. I hated the writing) and reading the wiki and some blogs, apparently a lot of THINGS have happened with the Erins and I'm just D: Besides Harry Potter ( Cursed Child era when JK started taking it off the rails) I think this is the only fandom I've seen where we all like the basic concepts, but we hate the canon so we make headcanons/OC's. It's funny to me for some reason (1/2)

“(2/2) It’s like the Erin’s have messed things up so much by keeping this thing going so long and making all these weird plots try to connect and using the same tropes over and over that we basically just read the new books to keep up what’s going on, critique them and then go “Screw this, we don’t need them” and proceed to fix the bad writing and do our own stuff.”

you know i think the reason why so many people like warrior cats is because its so formulaic. like it gives us this basic layout - clan + naming structure + wc cat code, which enables kids to create their own fan universes. like wc is such an open ended world that is p rare compared to other series. like there is literally nothing saying that more clans don’t exist somewhere, or that this rogue can come in and take over etc. there is SO much room for fan interpretation and fan theories which is why i think WC is so successful 

 i have yet to see another series that is as fan-friendly for headcanons + fan worldbuilding as warriors 

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Except you aren't reading, so you obviously wouldn't know if it was or wasn't cleverly told. It also seems like you forget Hydra Cap is the villain here.

Except Nick Spencer isn’t exactly a new comics writer? It’s.. Entirely possible that I know what one is in for, with his stories? He has exactly one style, and comparing it to a one trick pony would be an insult, because a self respecting trick pony needs to know that the audience cares. I don’t expect you to follow me on an equine psychology metaphor, so let’s just say instead that Nick Spencer’s writing is the kind of pony you put a quarter in. Woohoo, hang the fuck on, buckaroo, because you won’t BELIEVE who is the VILLAIN in HIS OWN GODDAMN BOOK!!! *CLICK!*

To sum up, this is not a case of an otherwise brilliant writer making a truly heartbreaking narrative choice. (*takes a moment to sideeye Chelsea Cain* girl, you cut me deep.)

Moving on,

Jesus fucking Christ riding shotgun in a shitty lowrider trapped on a speedbump, the shithead writer himself says that Cap is supposed to be the sarcastic tildes ~victim~ in this story - subject to forces far beyond his control, and here’s your dumb ass in my inbox saying he’s the villain, because apparently oh holy shit! The good guy is actually the BAD GUY!! - is your ideal of a compelling narrative. You do you, champ. I, and everyone else in the room with a little empathy and common fucking decency, literally do not care which one it is actually is, because both options are a tonedeaf tire fire of creatively bankrupt comics-as-clickbait that only appeal to white supremacist bullshit garbage people.

I am glad that we agree that the art is uninspired. It’s good to have common ground!

To sum up, your opinion has been assessed, found to be lacking in intellectual rigor, and having shown my advanced age with that lowrider joke, I am going to give you a heartfelt salute🖕and tell you to give me a miss with your inclination to defend nasty things.

MCAT prep sites, friends, etc: you need AT LEAST 6-8 months to prep for your MCAT!

me, starting to study for it two months before I plan to write it: 

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Omg I'm sorry I meant 5, not 4 ^^" so uh again, 5 with OiSuga please?

#5. “Is that a threat?”

Suga’s apartment is clean, unlike Oikawa’s. Oikawa isn’t a messy person, per say, he just… he hoards a lot. There’s a lot of clutter around, knick knacks he doesn’t need, books scattered on every surface. The place itself is pretty clean, he just has a lot of stuff

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hey i need your help. i'm writing a book about a boy whose brain has been rewired so he has the ability to control things such as the darkness and storms. he's staying with someone who is his arch nemesis, but i want them to fall in love. how can i do this?

Okay, this ones got me excited because I love superhuman stories,and I love superhero/villain dynamics. It’s my weakness. I also actually have some prompts stored away for this kinda thing, so I may post one later.

Okay. So just because someone’s a villain, doesn’t always mean they have to be a jerk. Especially if they have certain feelings for someone. People are multidimensional. There is more then one side to everyone. The best way to have someone fall for someone unexpected, is to show them the other sides of that person. The sides they never could have imagined are there. So I suggest you give your characters and situations in which they have are allowed to explore each other’s personalities, and allow them to find things they genuinely like about the other.


Summary: Y/N is a hunter.  She’s hunted with the guys before and whenever she needs help, she knows they’ll come to her rescue.

Word Count: 353


“Hey Sam,” I said with a smile when he answered.  I flopped on the awful motel bed.

“Y/N.”  I could hear the smile in his voice.  “What’s up?”

“Vamps,” I said.  “Huge nest.  I’ve counted a dozen so far.”


I furrowed my eyebrows when he cut off suddenly.


“Hi, I’m writing a phone book, can I have your number?”

I groaned when I recognized the voice.

Dean loved to flirt.  Yes, he was gorgeous and yes, I would totally hit that.  But I don’t think that would work out well.  Either someone would catch feelings or someone wouldn’t.  It sucks either way.

So, I’ve decided to somewhat avoid him.  I call Sam if I need help.  I make sure to get a separate room if we work a case together.

Oh and I also got a new phone recently and I didn’t give my number to Dean.


“Did you get a new phone?”


“Girl, you remind me of a box of chocolates.”

I rolled my eyes.  Here’s what I’m talking about.  Flirty.  All the time.


“Cause I want to take your top off.”

I pulled the phone away so I could laugh.  I couldn’t let him know I found that funny.

“Dean.  The case.”

“What is it?”  He was all business now.

“Nest of vamps in Minneapolis, MN.”

“We’ll be there in the morning,” he said.  “Don’t do anything stupid until then.”

“Dean,” I sighed.

He was also protective of me.  Over-protective.  Every single time we talk, he always ends with that.  ‘Don’t do anything stupid.’  He acts like I’m not an experienced hunter.

I’ve been hunting since I was a preteen.  I’d gotten pretty good over the years.  The first time I met the guys, I was saving their lives.  Twice in one day actually.  I could take care of myself.

He hung up and I threw my phone to the other side of the bed.

He drives me crazy.

I decided to wash some clothes.  I was seeing him tomorrow.  I didn’t want to be wearing week old clothes.

And I should probably shower too.

One Word Tag

Thank you so much @fureiaa for the tag! 💕 I really enjoyed reading through your answers, but for real: how do you contain them to one word? I’ve already failed.

Where is your phone? Dying (next to me on the table; it needs to be charged).

Your hair? Tied up.

Your dad? Cool af.

Your other half? Hiding (in a cherry blossom tree eating dango).

Your favorite food? Sushi.

Your dream last night? Weird af.

Your favorite drink? Water.

Fear? Not living to my full potential. 

Favorite shoes? Honestly? My pyjama slippers.

Favorite way to relax? Read a good book. 

Your mood? Restless.

I love? The cinema.

Where were you last night? Up my ass (in work and stress).

Something that you aren’t? Too extroverted (mentally fatigue quite quickly).

Muffins? Sign me up.

Wish list item? One of them: to write with the emotional depth of Hanya Yanagihara’s prose.

Where you grew up? Australia.

Last thing you did?

What are you wearing? Pyjamas and a pink fluffy robe.

Something you hate? Fcking pettiness and unhealthy rivalry, especially the kind patriarchy spawns in females.

Your pets? Cry (for I have none).

Life? No complaints, man. 

Regrets? Not booking a ticket to see my best friend during my break.

Missing someone? My best friend. And her dog. Seriously. Cutest scamp in the world.

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Some Sheithy music fluff where Keith can sing...

The spacious room in the Castle where the Paladins typically lounged about was quiet and empty, save for the Red Paladin that occupied one of the benches in the pit, a stack of sci-fi comics seated next to him.  Pidge had picked up a whole two crates of them on their last trip to the Space Mall from the Area 51 store.  She had insisted to the clerk that they did not need another Kalternecker.

Keith couldn’t remember the last time he’d even picked up a comic book, but he was done training for the day, and they all had some down time before their next mission.  Struggling to get comfortable, the Red Paladin piled his jacket into a makeshift pillow before stretching himself out on the bench.  He had headphones on, the music blasting at a nearly harmful decibel to his ears, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

I get tired of sleeping alone in my bed
I really need you now
I’ve been trying to get back the days that we had
But see, I don’t know how

He hadn’t noticed that his casual humming had steadily turned into quiet yet audible singing as he flipped to the next page, nor did he hear the loud hiss of the doors as they slid open.  Behind him, the Black Paladin strode into the room, stopping shortly after being met with a soft singing voice he’d never heard before.  He spotted his friend lounging on the bench, headphones on with a comic in his hands.

Shiro remained where he was, not wanting to disturb Keith who seemed to be wrapped up in his own world - a rare moment of peace.  Instead, he simply listened, pleasantly surprised at how well he sang and how easily it seemed to come to him; he hadn’t known that about Keith.

“It’s 6 in the morning, I’m still awake
My sleepless heart is torn up, babe
A love song’s on the radio,
But these words I hear they’re not for me, no”

A feeling of melancholy settled inside of Shiro’s chest, and he wasn’t sure why.  The lyrics were meant to be sad, sure, but it was more than that.  Maybe it was the way he sang it - gentle and sincere, straight from his heart because he thought no one was around.  Like the words rang with some truth.  Feeling slightly guilty now, like he had intruded upon a private moment, he withdrew from the room.  Keith’s voice carried itself through the threshold before the doors slid shut:

“I’m tryna keep up, tryna move on
Beyond this pain before I break”

Later that night, Shiro’s first attempts at sleep were fruitless.  He stared up at the ceiling, hearing Keith’s voice croon across his mind until it finally lulled him to slumber.  He didn’t have any nightmares that night.

Taking prompts if ya like mah style~

(Song is 6 AM by Fitz and the Tantrums, if ya’ll were curious)

other ya characters: this guy…he’s so dark and mysterious, the way he just hurts everyone around him…including me. i’ve cried so much since i’ve met him, but no no he’s just misunderstood, you don’t understand him! and sure i’ve only known him for 2 days and he has a million secrets, but i’d forfeit my life for his

inej ghafa: kaz is a literal piece of crap. he treats everyone badly, and though he’s never treated me horribly, i still won’t give in unless he shows me he can be more than all of this. until then i’ll be out saving the world because my goals are obviously more important than a relationship

She didn’t have to speak to say that she had lost someone she loved.

You could see it in her dark circles, chapped lips, and messy hair.

You could see it in the way she stopped trying to take care of herself, and how she took on bad habits.

When she rolls around in her bed, sleepless, she makes sure to stay on her side of the bed

In case, he ever comes back.

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #32 // @loveactivist
The best notes written in manuscripts by medieval monks

Colophon: a statement at the end of a book containing the scribe or owner’s name, date of completion, or bitching about how hard it is to write a book in the dark ages

  • Oh, my hand
  • The parchment is very hairy
  • Thank God it will soon be dark
  • St. Patrick of Armagh, deliver me from writing
  • Now I’ve written the whole thing; for Christ’s sake give me a drink
  • Oh d fuckin abbot
  • Massive hangover
  • Whoever translated these Gospels did a very poor job
  • Cursed be the pesty cat that urinated over this book during the night
  • If someone else would like such a handsome book, come and look me up in Paris, across from the Notre Dame cathedral
  • I shall remember, O Christ, that I am writing of Thee, because I am wrecked today
  • Do not reproach me concerning the letters, the ink is bad and the parchment scanty and the day is dark
  • 11 golden letters, 8 shilling each; 700 letters with double shafts, 7 shilling for each hundred; and 35 quires of text, each 16 leaves, at 3 shilling each. For such an amount I won’t write again
  • Here ends the second part of the title work of Brother Thomas Aquinas of the Dominican Order; very long, very verbose; and very tedious for the scribe; thank God, thank God, and again thank God
  • If anyone take away this book, let him die the death, let him be fried in a pan; let the falling sickness and fever seize him; let him be broken on the wheel, and hanged. Amen
100 ways to say “I love you”:
1. You are beautiful.
2. I love your smile.
3. Here, let me get that for you.
4. I love seeing you wake up in the morning.
5. You are amazing.
6. I love (this) about you:
7. Stay safe. Text me when you get there.
8. I love when you do (this):
9. I think you’re beautiful when:
10. You’re too good for me.
11. I don’t deserve you.
12. I care about you.
13. Don’t put yourself down like that.
14. I adore you.
15. I can’t stop thinking about you.
16. Seeing you makes me smile.
17. I need you by my side.
18. I’m thankful for you.
19. You make me a better person.
20. You complete me.
21. Have a good day at work!
22. You’re the light of my life.
23. Seeing you makes my day.
24. I get butterflies every time we talk.
25. I’m so lucky to have you; I don’t know how I got so lucky.
26. You set my heart on fire.
27. I’ll walk you home.
28. I love to make you happy.
29. You’re my soulmate.
30. You’re my best friend.
31. I can’t wait to see you (again).
32. You mean the world to me.
33. You’re my rock.
34. I value you.
35. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
36. I love being around you.
37. Pull over and let me drive some.
38. Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.
39. I want you.
40. You complete me.
41. You’re my happiness.
42. Do you need anything?
43. I want to hold your hand and never let go.
44. You’re the only one for me.
45. You are my heaven on earth.
46. Every time I look at you I fall in love all over again.
47. Drive safe.
48. I don’t know what I’d do without you.
49. Forever isn’t too long, because I know I’ll be with you.
50. I’d rather argue with you than kiss someone else.
51. You look great today.
52. I love that _______ on you.
53. You look cute when you push your glasses up.
54. I’ll always be here; I’m here for you.
55. My heart hurts when you’re not around.
56. I can’t think of what my life would be like without you.
57. We’re perfect for each other.
58. I cherish you; you’re more important than anything else in my life.
59. I will love you until I die, and even after.
60. You’re mine.
61. I support you.
62. I’m addicted to you.
63. You’re perfect in my eyes.
64. Take this; it’ll help you feel better.
65. I can’t wait to see you.
66. You’re the only one for me.
67. I’m crazy about you.
68. I had an amazing time with you.
69. I feel so lucky to have you.
70. I’ll never let you go; I’ll never want to.
71. I hope this moment never ends.
72. You leave me breathless.
73. I’d do anything for you.
74. Seeing you happy makes me happy.
75. I’m sorry for hurting your feelings.
76. You always find a way to make me smile.
77. I can’t put what I feel for you into words; it’s too great.
78. I still get jealous even though I know you’re mine.
79. I’m listening to you.
80. I made this for you, I know it’s your favorite.
81. I’m excited and nervous for tonight with you.
82. I got you your favorite candy.
83. I’ll always care about you.
84. I made you breakfast.
85. I can never stay mad at you.
86. I love your eyes; they’re gorgeous.
87. I love that outfit on you.
88. You look so cute.
89. You’re the highlight of my day.
90. How’d you sleep?
91. Your smile makes my heart go crazy.
92. I hate seeing you cry.
93. It’s my job to make you happy.
94. I want to spend more time with you.
95. I’ll fix it.
96. I hate when we argue.
97. You’re the only person I want to live my life with.
98. You drive me crazy (in a good way).
99. I’m proud of you.
100. I trust you, I always will.

- L.L.
—  via @thoughtlessinspirationss on tumblr

‘Isn’t it lonely without him?’

'It’s like the stars forgot to come out one night and instead I was left in the dark, wondering what I could do to make them come back.’

—  j.f // but they were too far away to listen to my tears • excerpts of stories I will never write

When I lost you,

Parts of me wanted to never see you again. I wanted to wipe all the memories that I had of you. I didn’t want to be haunted by your ghost.

But, the other parts of me hoped that you would come back. That you would walk through the front door and come lay in bed with me.

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #26 // @loveactivist
So now that you’re gone, what do I do? I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t do anything except think of you. I am so in love with you and I am not okay. The only time I’m ever actually okay is when I’m drunk or high, but even then I’m still calling out for you..
—  You’re my midnight thoughts.