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So you want to interact with a fanfiction author

Great! I’m glad you want to reach out and start a conversation with the many creative, giving people who take time out of their busy lives to pen the stories that have captured your imagination. This post is going to cover leaving reviews, giving constructive criticism, and a few do’s and don’t’s.

If you like a fic, leave a review! You can do this a couple different ways.

Reblogging with tags. Every single creative person I know, be they writer or artist or musician, religiously stalks the tags when people reblog their work. Tags are an amazing way to communicate with a creative, especially if you’re shy about sending them a message directly or are afraid your comment will go unnoticed in their inbox.

Don’t know what to say in the tags? Think about the moment you decided you were going to reblog this piece instead of just hitting the “Like” button. Was it a particularly well done piece of dialogue? A description that made you feel like you were a part of the story instead of just reading it? A scenario you’d never considered before but changed the way you thought about [character a, situation b, or fandom c]? There’s a reason you’re taking time to reblog instead of like, so let them know why! Not every reblog needs to be a tag flail.

Alternatively, you can send the author a message. Fanmail if you’re shy and don’t want your adoration made public. Sometimes, if I don’t have time to tag a fic the way I want for whatever reason, I’ll like the piece and then shoot the author a fanmail or an ask telling them what I liked. This is also acceptable. Who doesn’t like getting mail? Crazy people who don’t use social media, that’s who.

Ok, but wait. What if you DON’T like what the author has done with their fic? What then? Yes, there are options.

Option #1: You ignore the fic. You neither like nor reblog the story. You and the author both move on with your lives. You may choose this option at any time. It is not necessary to let the author or anyone else know you have chosen this option.

Option #2: Ask the author why they chose to go that route. Politely. We’ll go over what that means later.

Option #3: Give constructive criticism. Now. Be careful with this one. Creatives are sensitive people. Make sure the author is open to it before you go barrelling into their ask box. If you message me, even on anon, saying, “Hey, I just read your latest fic and I have some concrit I wanted to run by you. Is that ok?” that is perfectly fine. If my answer is yes, go for it. If not, see Option #1.

What is concrit? Glad you asked.

This is concrit: “I totally get the vibe you were going for with that scene, but I was a little confused about the angles of the body parts. I don’t think you meant for them to be doing xyz there. It just took me out of the moment a little.”

This is NOT concrit: “You’re actually not very good at writing smut. You should probably just let [other person] write it and stick to what you’re good at. Which is not smut.”

What’s the difference? In the first one, you acknowledge what you think the author was going for. You explain what has you confused. You explain how you interpreted it. And then you leave a way for the author to contact you to respond to the concrit. You could be right. Maybe the author’s beta was having an off day and missed that awkward elbow maneuver. Maybe they don’t have a beta.  Or maybe it’s you that’s missed something. The second example is rude. This criticism is not designed to help the author. It is designed to tear them down and discourage them.

Some people adore concrit. Some people only want it before they publish a piece. Some don’t want it at all. None of these are wrong.

SIDE NOTE FOR AUTHORS: If you ask for concrit, do not be upset, offended, or throw a tantrum when someone sends you a respectful message. You did not want concrit. You wanted to ask for concrit and revel when no one sent you anything. Those are not the same things. Concrit, when given correctly, is designed to make you, the author, a better writer.

Ok, let’s go back to Option #2 now. Where you liked the piece overall, but the characters are acting a little wonky. Something’s not quite right, you think. You don’t really have any concrit, but you want to say something. Here’s what you can do, especially if the author is posting a work in progress.

Acceptable: “Hey! I just read the latest chapter of [amazing story you’ve been following since day one]. I’m enjoying the story so far, but this last one has me a little confused. Why did [character a] do [this]? I feel they would have done [that]. Am I missing something?”

Not acceptable: “Your latest chapter was a big disappointment. I feel like you just don’t know the characters anymore. There’s no way in hell [characters a and b] would be [doing xyz]. I’m sorry, I’m unfollowing you.”

In the first example, you let the author know you like their work. You are making an attempt to understand their vision. You give them a specific example of what’s bothering you. You acknowledge that there may be things coming that you aren’t aware of yet. In the second, you’re an asshat who is wasting bandwidth. The tone has shifted from commenting on the story to commenting on the author.

And here are a few general DO’s and DON’T’S:

DO tell an author you are excited to read the next chapter.

DON’T send an author a message saying only “update soon” less than five minutes after the new chapter was posted.

DO speculate on what’s going to happen next.

DON’T tell the author how to write their story.

DO ask your author how the writing process is going.

DON’T ask your author why they haven’t updated yet.

DO send your author love.

DON’T send your author anon hate.

THERE ARE NO PROFESSIONAL FANFICTION AUTHORS. (We’re not gonna talk about she-who-must-not-be-named of the fifty shade variety). Every single fic author has a job, family, friends, school, religion, other hobbies, or sleep equally vying for their attention. Respect their time, respect their work, respect them as human beings, and we’ll all get along fine.

Google Salutes the Birth of Hip Hop with Interactive Doodle

Google is celebrating the 44th anniversary of hip-hop today with an interactive doodle on its homepage. Kool Herc’s party at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx 44 years ago is cited as the crystallization of influences that became known as hip-hop. Google’s keyword team spoke with Kevin Burke, Ryan Germick Perla Campos who are behind the doodle. They also worked with hip-hop legends Fab 5 Freddy who was the first host of Yo! MTV Raps and Def Jam logo creator and visual artist Cey Adams. Check out their story behind the doodle,

Keyword: How did you come up with the idea for this Doodle?

Kevin: I’m a huge Hip Hop fan. Growing up outside New Orleans, it was a part of my DNA-performing Hip Hop in my high school band, adding Hip Hop to my college radio station’s rotation, and working on the set of Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson” music video in my first job out of college. Hip Hop has been a constant thread through my life and I wanted to bring my love of it to a Doodle. I developed the concept for interactive turntables, showed it to my manager Ryan (also a fan of Hip Hop), and he lost it. He said, “let’s make it tomorrow!”

OK, so people were into the idea. But Hip Hop is such a big topic. How did you decide what to focus on?

Perla: From the beginning, we were thinking big. I mean, Hip Hop touches so many parts of culture but a lot of people don’t know much about its origins. So, we anchored the Doodle to the birth of Hip Hop, and wanted to celebrate the people who pioneered the movement. We hope to give them the voice and the recognition they deserve, which is what Doodles are all about-shining light on times of history that maybe you didn’t know about. 

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lockedinmybody  asked:

daliaaaaa could you tell me your fave sterek fics please?? :)

How could you ask me this? Do you have any idea how many sterek fics I’ve read over the years? How many I’ve loved?

This is a short list of the very few I could think of off the top of my head. I think I’ll probably make a recs page, because I’ve been meaning to for a long time. I have a recs tag, but that includes different pairings as well.

Sideways and Slantways and Longways and Backways

“I called you a slave-driver!” Stiles cried hysterically. “I called you an ogre! I stole all the blue paperclips!”
Derek raised an eyebrow at him.
“That’s company property!” he shouted, waving his arms madly in distress.
Derek ran a hand over his face. “It’s not theft if the vice president of the company gives you permission.”

(Otherwise known as the Elevator AU)

The Price

Stiles must surrender the most important thing in his life to protect the town… and no one can figure out what it was.

Around The Bend

The first time Derek catches sight of the new yoga instructor, Stiles is in the middle of showing a class how to do downward-facing dog. Derek walks into a wall.

Things don’t exactly improve from there.

Derek can’t stop staring at Stiles, the bendy new yoga instructor at his family’s gym. Stiles thinks Derek’s a repressed homophobe who hates Stiles for making him want the D. They fall in love.

can’t be hateful, gotta be grateful

“Be cool, Dad, we’ve decided to con Grandma.”

(Or, the one where the Stilinski men drag Derek to Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma’s and she gets the right wrong idea.)

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shallura analysis :: 1x10 “collection and extraction”

Previous analysis: episode one, episode two, episode three, episode four, [no episode five], episode six, episode seven, episode eight, episode nine

Behold the most shallura heavy episode in the series, and the one that made most of us start shipping these cuties. Since there’s so much interaction and so much to go over, it kind of goes without saying that this analysis gonna be pretty long - so I’m putting most of it under a read more. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

The team is currently trying to access Sendak’s memories, something that deeply disrupted Shiro’s emotional state in the previous episode - similarly to Allura having to let go of her father - yet was the most dedicated to using Sendak’s memories. Allura mirrors this dedication, while simultaneously continuing the break against her father and what he would have approved of, shown in this exchange with Coran.

Allura: Somewhere inside Sendak’s memories we should be able to find the inside information that gives us the key to take down Zarkon.
Coran: I don’t think your father would approve of searching through an enemy’s memories.
Allura: I know, but we have to do everything we can to defeat Zarkon.

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Pick Me

Request: Can you do a Bucky x Reader X Steve fluff(maybe smut), where the reader needs help with a world history unit about World War Two and they go to them??? And they fight over who’s going to help the reader??

Pairing: Bucky x Reader x Steve

Warnings: none rlly (I’m so fucking sorry, ik you probably wanted smut but the cold hard truth is I fucking suck ass at writing smut and I don’t want to make y’all cringe)

A/N: Hello my name is Victoria Martinez (just call me Tori), I was born on December 25th, 1999 (I’m 17), I love reading and writing, I have a fucked up sense of humor, I attend Primavera online high school bc public school gave me bad anxiety, panic attacks, made my depression worsen and much much more. I only have one friend (I’m a loser, I know), and ye homies. If ya have any questions for me/about me I’ll be happy to answer them. I just want you guys to get to know me better.

Putting down your pen, you release and frustrated sigh. You had to write a 5 paged essay about World War 2 for your World History class that was due at the end of the week (granted that your professor gave you nearly 3 weeks to work on it). You look down at your paper and read over what you had wrote down.


March 8th, 2017

World History

The Second World War

That was it. Your mind went completely blank after that. You looked over your notes once. Then twice. Now nearly six times and still nothing. You tried reading the articles your professor suggested but to no avail.

You pick up your pen again, tapping it on your desk before dropping it and throwing your head back, not forgetting to let out a loud groan. You couldn’t put this aside any longer - you’ve already done that for two weeks.

“What the fuck am I supposed to do?” you mutter into your hands. You didn’t want to look at that god awful paper again. Then, an idea hit you. “Friday, where’s Bucky - or Steve?”

“Mr. Barnes and Mr. Rogers are in the living room.”


You stand up, taking your pen and notebook with you as you rush down the hall. Nearly slipping twice, you make it to the living room and spot the two men sitting on the couch while watching some movie.

You tuck your hair behind your ear and walk around the couch, waving your hand to catch their attention. “Hey guys.”

“Hey Y/N.” Bucky spoke first, throwing a handful of popcorn in his mouth.

“We just started watching this.. Kids cartoon, I think. It’s called Sausage Party. You can join us if you want.” Steve added, glancing over at you.

You laugh. “You’re in for a rude awakening, my friend.” he looks at you with confusion written all over him but you decide to move on. “Um.. I actually came here to ask for your help - or Bucky’s.”

At the mention of his name, he looks over at you.

“What is it?” Steve asked, turning his body towards you as you took a seat on the far end of the couch.

“I have this five paged essay to turn in at the end of the week about World War Two but I dunno I’m just having a hard time doing it.” you sigh. “I mean, I’ve gone over my notes so many times and I’ve read the articles but-”

“The articles are bullshit.” Bucky says. “They always have the wrong information.”

“Which is why I came to you guys for help.” you gesture to them. “Maybe you can put it in a way that I’ll understand? Since, you know, you guys were there and all.”

Steve makes a face. “Sure, I can help you.”

“It’s cool, Steve. I can help her.” Bucky sits up, body now turned towards you.

Steve turns to his friend. “No, it’s fine Buck. I’ve got this.”

“Steve, I can do this. I was there.” he smiled and you knew they were about to start arguing.

“Well so was I.”

“Yeah but,” Bucky scoffs. “I was there.”

Steve frowns, crossing his arms over his chest. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It mean that… Well..” Bucky pauses, trying to word it correctly but Steve interrupts.

“I was in that war, Bucky.” he spoke.

“Yeah but you weren’t there in the beginning, I was.”

Steve huffed. “It’s not my fault that I was a skinny man and no one..” his voice became background noise when Bucky sighed.

“Here we go again.” he rolled his eyes before preparing for the conversation. “No one said it was your fault, Steve.”

“Well obviously you are because-”

“Steve, don’t start.”

Steve pursed his lips like an immature child. “You don’t think I was a good enough soldier.”

“Oh god.” Bucky breathed, closing his eyes for a split second before looking at Steve. “I never said that.”

“You didn’t have to.” he huffed. “I only saved your life, nothing too major.” sarcasm laced his words and you had to slap a hand over your mouth to prevent you from laughing. You’ve never seen Steve get like this before and it was honestly hilarious.

“You wanna go there? Fine, let’s go there.” Bucky sat on the edge of his seat. “You let me fall of the damn train.”

Steve gasped. “I did not!”

“You did!”

“I tried to get you Bucky!”

“Well you didn’t try hard enough and because of that, I fell off the train, lost my arm and was captured by Hydra.” the soldier crossed his arms.

“Don’t blame this all on me!” Steve shouted.

Deciding that you should stop them from arguing, you interrupt.

“Hey uh, I really need help with that five paged essay. Really important.” you say, causing the two to become silent as they glare at one another.

“I’m helping Y/N.” Bucky spoke.

“No, I am.” Steve hissed.

“You weren’t even there for the first part of it, how could you-”

“Oh, I’m sorry that I was too damn skinny to be enlisted, Bucky!”

“Don’t go there!”

“You already did!”

“You think you’re Mr. Perfect? You didn’t even bother looking for me after I fell!” Bucky argued.

“I thought you were dead!”

He scoffed. “Well clearly I’m not.” he gestures to himself.

“Bucky, I’ll help Y/N because unlike you, I was there till the end.” he smiled sweetly.

“You little shit-”

They start bickering back and forth and finally realizing that you would get help from neither of them, you up and leave the living room, bumping into Tony and Sam along the way.

“What are the old men arguing about?” Tony questioned.

You wave your hand. “Something about Steve leaving his condom wrappers out in the open.”

Tony looks at Sam. “I told you Rogers was getting laid!”

Sam rolls his eyes and they continue on their way towards the elevator. You make it to your room and you’re about to shut the door when you hear Bucky’s voice.

“Where’s Y/N?”

There was a pause.

“See, I told you, you were gonna scare her off!”

Me? More like you scared her off!”

“Don’t turn this on me, Bucky! If you-”

And you shut the door.

A/N: I didn’t know how to end this so ye. I hope ya guys like it, it was pretty fun to write. Tell me what at think :)


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Your bunkai is not a bunkai.

You all know I LOVE kata. I love training every single part of karate, but when practicing kata, I feel… at home. So welcome into my house lovely people…


One of the most famous terms connected to kata is bunkai.
But what you mostly see in YouTube video is in fact, not bunkai at all.

Prepare yourself, let’s get into this!

Originally posted by nekosekainightmares

First up: what is kata?

Yeah okay, it’s a ‘predetermined set of movements that teach you fundamentals of the techniques’.

But it’s more.

First and foremost if you ask me:
It is a method to teach you how to use your body.

Every kata is a complete fighting system. NONE of the movements you make in a kata are without meaning. Every move you make has a specific objective and principle. So with every technique, step, resting moment in a kata, you are practicing a self-defense situation AND a karate principle.

Okay now I’m going to introduce the three stages of bunkai kata, and remember them well:

  1. Omote (surface)
  2. Ura (behind)
  3. Henka (changing)


Originally posted by fushy3874

Now a lot of YouTube video’s promise you bunkai, but give you something else:

Kaisetsu  (解説)

Kaisetsu means ‘to give an explanation’. But as we know, a Japanese word has many meanings, so let’s take the karate translation:

‘Endless application’

Application. To apply what you have learned. What you see, is what you get. Does it look like a block with a punch? Hot damn, it might actually be a block and a punch!

It’s an explanation of the kata on a surface level, with the embusen mostly intact.

Which are, most of the video’s on the internet when you search the name of your kata, like Pinan Yondan or Kushanku:

(‘bunkai’ starts at 8 minutes into the video, or check out the first 30 seconds for a gist of it)

Do not be fooled. The video is tagged bunkai, but it is not bunkai. It’s Kaisetsu.

3 Tips to recognize Kaisetsu versus Bunkai

  1. Does the karate-ka follow the techniques of the kata exactly (like punches/blocks, embusen etc.)

  2. Is the karate-ka attacked in an equal karate manner? (like attacked with junzuki or mae geri)

  3. Does it look like the kata in every way?
    Kaisetsu. All the way.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this video, it shows good kaisetsu and it’s performed on a proficient level. But what bothers me is that it’s labeled as bunkai when it’s not.

Let’s talk about bunkai shall we?

Originally posted by heroofomegle

Bunkai (分解)

It means to dissemble a kata completely. It’s a complete breakdown, analysis of the steps, techniques, movements, everything.

Remember the three levels of bunkai kata?

Omote (surface)

Ura (behind)

Henka (changing)

The thing is, kaisetsu and omote bunkai are a bit hard to tell apart.
Omote means surface, and omote bunkai refers to bunkai on a surface level. Kaisetsu is applying the techniques on a surface level. That’s why they get mixed up so easily.

Omote bunkai is different from kaisetsu in a very easy-to-spot way:

The attack.

Bunkai is practical application. Kaisetsu is endless application.
Now I know it sounds similar, but it’s not.

You can think of an endless amount of karate attacks in which you can apply your kata (kaisetsu). But can you incorporate the kata on a choke hold? A knife attack, or a grab on the wrist?

That’s the difference between kaisetsu and omote bunkai. The setting and attack is crucial. It’s very different to start in a fighting position and receive a perfect mae geri than to be caught off guard and you have to apply what you’ve learned when you’re in a choke hold.

Ura bunkai ( 裏分解)

There is no fixed bunkai. Never. There is not ‘one application that fits all’. Karate forms your body and mind into a weapon, make no mistake about that. Which means the possibilities for destruction of your opponent are endless!

Originally posted by scumreject

Catch my drift?

Anyways, ura bunkai is what goes on behind the what-you-see-is-what-you-get part of a kata. I am so amazed that a few years ago kata Naihanchi (Tekki Shodan) actually taught me how to break someone’s neck.
You read that correctly. 

Break. someone’s. neck.
Killing them

Scary stuff. The real deal.

So yeah that lame little ‘gamae’ posture that gives you a breather in the kata? You could also use it to break someone’s neck while you’re at it!
But I could’ve never seen it for myself. Students are blind to ura bunkai, they need guidance. Myself included. A great ambassador of omote- and ura bunkai in my opinion is Ian Abernathy. Practical self-defense using kata.

The video is 3 minutes of pure no nonsense beating the living daylights out of this guy. In a respectful karate manner, using Naihanchi.

Henka waza (変化技)

The last stage is henka waza. It’s the stage after omote and ura. It’s a stage that you can reach when you have a higher DAN degree and have practiced for many years. But you have to search and study actively for it.

It’s when the kata are so ingrained in your body, and you know so many applications (both omote and ura), that you are free of form. Almost like a kata without kata.

変 = Hen = unusual, change, strange
化 = Ka = change,  take the form of
技 = Waza = technique, art

変化 Henka = change;  variation;  alteration;  mutation;  transformation; metamorphosis

It means you can transform the kata, the techniques to your own will and apply them freely in any situation. Free as a bird… of prey.

Originally posted by nidoqueen

That’s it for now! Oof okay this has been lengthy! But in my defense, bunkai is a VERY deep and broad topic so in my opinion, this was short.


Okay that gamae had an application, you mayby could have guessed. But did you know that ‘looking left and right’ in Naihanchi also has a practical meaning?

Enjoy this 8 minute explanation by, once again, Sensei Ian Abernathy!

Thank you for reading, I am open to questions and requests!

History (G.D)

Summary: This is based off the song History by Olivia Holt. Reader realizes she’s still in love with her ex boyfriend Grayson, so she breaks up with her boyfriend. (I’m shit at summaries so sorry guys!) 

Word Count: 1859

Warnings: None.

A/N: I don’t know if any of you guys listen to Olivia Holt, but this is one of my favorite songs by her. I was jamming to it last night & thought it would be a pretty cute imagine idea. If you haven’t heard this song before I recommend listening to it before you read. Also guys feel free to give me feedback! If it’s complete trash please feel free to tell me! But anyways, I hope you guys enjoy!

* Flashbacks are in italics *

( “Y/B/N” is your boyfriend’s name. “Y/EXB/N” is your ex boyfriend’s name. )

Originally posted by dolan-writing

Sorry, I don’t really see this workin’ out
It’s nothin’ you did
I just can’t do this right now
No easy way to say this and I don’t know how
It’s nothin’ ya’ did
But here goes lettin’ you down 

“I don’t think I can do this anymore Y/B/N.” I said to my boyfriend, who I’m about to break up with, and possibly break his heart. 

We’re were standing in the middle of my apartment, having another one of our arguments. Those seem to have been happening a lot lately. I can’t blame him though, because it’s my fault. I’ve been so distant with Y/B/N lately, not answering text, or calls, and I don’t even want to go out most of the time. So I don’t blame him for being upset with me, and after today I don’t blame him for hating me either. 

We’ve been dating for a 6 months now, things between us were going pretty well. Y/B/N was the kind of guy any mother would dream of their daughter dating. He treats me well, my friends like him, my parents like him, so why am I breaking up with him?

“This is about him isn’t it?” “This is about Grayson?” Y/B/N asked searching my face for an answer. I couldn’t look at him. I knew I had hurt him. “Y/N tell me!” Y/B/N yelled, causing a tear to escape down to your cheek. I didn’t know what to say. I cared about Y/B/N I did. I didn’t love him, but I did care about him. But I knew I couldn’t keep dragging him along, while knowing there was no way I could love him the way he wants me to love him when I’m still in love with my ex. I tried the words to speak, but nothing I say could make this sound any better.

“Y/B/N, I’m sorry I-” I began, but he cut me off. “Save it!” was all he said before grabbing his bag and heading out the front door.  

Baby, you’re so perfect
But he’s the perfect one for me
I know that you’re worth it
But somethin’ ‘bout him gets to me
Gets to me, all I need
Plus, we got history

I thought I had moved on when I met Y/EXB/N, I thought I was over him. No matter how hard I tried to force myself to believe that I was over him, deep down I knew I wasn’t. I was still in love with Grayson Dolan. Grayson was perfect for me.

Grayson knew everything about me, he was the only person that really seem to get me. We had so many memories together. Everything reminded me of Grayson.

Every song that came on the radio reminded me of our jam sessions in the car. All the nights I spent tossing and turning in bed, I would think about how Grayson would always take me for a late night drive whenever I was stressed or couldn’t sleep. I thought about all the deep conversations we use to have while we drove around. Talking about everything and anything, and how he would love to keep his hands on my thigh, giving them a gentle squeeze every now and again. 

Every time I ate pancakes it reminded me of how Grayson would always attempt to make his infamous banana pancakes, and how Ethan would always call him out for how disgusting they were.

* Flashback *

“No one wants to eat your shit pancakes!” Ethan shouted rather annoyed at how Grayson always tries to make them every morning.

“My pancakes are not shit Ethan! There good!” shouting back defending his “masterpiece recipe”.

“Y/N, can you please tell your boyfriend how shitty his pancakes are!” Ethan yelled before making gagging sounds being the extra boy that he is.

“You like my pancakes right, babe?” Grayson ask, setting down a stack of banana pancakes in front of me.

“You’re pancakes are pretty shitty babe.” I said, pushing the plate away from me, which made Grayson hang his down and fake cry.

“But I appreciate the effort!” I said kissing his cheek, causing a smile to appear on his face.

* End Of Flashback *

I used to love him, he used to love me
Yeah, we go way, way, way, way back
We love, love, love like that                                                                       Now, I still love him, and he still loves me                                               Yeah, we go way, way, way, way back                                                         We love, love, love like that

I walked into my room, and all the memories came flooding back. This was where he first told me he loved me, and I told him I loved him back. This was where we shared our first few intimate moment.

I remember filming a video with the boys in my room. We did the “My GF Does My Make Up” tag, but in this case it was “My GF Does Mine and My Twin Brother’s Make Up” tag. I let out a laugh remembering how hideous the boys looked. They’re attractive as guys, but they didn’t look so cute as a girl.

I loved Grayson, and Grayson loved me. There was nothing anybody could say to make us think otherwise. I sat on my bed with my legs curled up to my chest. I thought about everything. When we first met, our first date, every argument we had, everything. The timeline of our relationship just kept playing in my head.

I decided to take a shower, and head out to pick up some lunch. I turned on the water, and climbed in letting the warm water hit my body.

I didn’t feel like dressing up, so I put on a pair of leggings, and walked towards my dresser to find a sweater. I opened the top drawer, and a green sweater at the bottom of the pile caught my eye. I pulled out the sweater, immediately recognizing the scent. Gucci cologne with a hint of mint. The scent I’ve always loved. This was Grayson’s favorite sweater, so of course he protested a little when I decided to “burrow” it. He didn’t mind too much, because he always loved when I wore his clothes, especially if he got to take it off of me later. I blushed at the thought of Grayson’s hands on my body. I missed his touch. He knew how to make me feel good. He knew how to love me.

I didn’t know I felt the way I did before
It’s nothin’ I did
Now, I guess I’m sure
It’s like we never really ever closed that door
It’s nothin’ we did
But, now, our hearts want more

I was sitting in the restaurant waiting on my order, so I can go home and finish up some homework. I suddenly remembered that it was Tuesday, which means the boys were posting a video today. Even though me and Grayson broke up, I never stopped watching their videos. I never watched them when Y/EXB/N was around, but I was still subscribed to their channel and I watched and liked every single one.

“Grayson are you single?” Ethan asked, reading off one of the questions. The boys did another Q&A video this week, and it’s probably one of my favorites.

“Yes, I’m single.” Grayson answered, and I let out a breathe I didn’t even know I was holding. I mean of course I would be happy for him if he was in a relationship, but I’m kind of glad he’s not, because maybe that means we can have another chance.

“He’s still in love with Y/N? Aren’t you Gray?” Ethan teased. My eyes went wide, and replayed that part back about 5 times, making sure I heard it correctly. Grayson was still in love with me? After all this time he still loved me?I couldn’t help but smile at the thought.

When we broke up, it was more of a mutual thing. We both know it wouldn’t work out. With me in college, and him being away on tour, there was no way it would work. We would never see each other, and with the time zone difference it was hard for us to keep in touch with each other. When it was morning for him, it was night time for me. Whenever I had free time, he would be busy with rehearsals, a show, or meet and greets. There was no way for us to make it work, so we just decided to end things. Sitting here I realized that I regret agreeing to that, we could’ve found a way. We could’ve made it work. But it’s not to late. He still loves me, and I still love him, we can make it work again. We can be together again, and be happy like before. There wasn’t anything standing between us this time. I needed to get Grayson back.

“Y/N!” I heard the server called my name. I walked over to the counter paid for my order. I grabbed my food, and started heading towards the door. I pulled out my phone, scrolling until I found Grayson’s number. I went to his name and clicked on the message icon, and started typing a message to Grayson.

I was too focused on my phone, that I didn’t watch where I was going, causing me to bump into someone. 

“I’m sor…” I paused when my eyes met a familiar pair of hazel ones. My heart was in my throat, and I wanted to say something, but for some reason nothing was coming out. 

“Y/N? How are you? How ha-” I didn’t let Grayson finish his sentence. I dropped everything that was in my hand, grabbing the sides of his face and crashed my lips onto his. Our lips connected, moving in sync. His lips had the familiar taste of coffee, and mint. A combination I never knew I could miss so much. He pulled away from the kiss and rested his forehead on mine. 

“I missed you so much Y/N!” Grayson said, before placing a kiss on my forehead. He pulled me closer, and wrapped his arms tightly around me. I missed his hugs so much.

“I’m never letting you go again!” “I love you Y/N” Grayson said, not letting me go from his embrace.

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Now, I still love him, and he still loves me
Yeah, we go way, way, way, way back
We love, love, love like that

Thief (Part 4)

Pairings: Bellamy / Reader

Warnings: Violence, Torture, swearing. 

AN: Double update again tonight because I got my butt in gear and managed to edit this post as well. I was going to queue it but then though ‘fuck’ it I love my followers and i’ll post it as well. 

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“What exactly are you hoping to achieve here Bellamy?” you didn’t like having your hands bound behind you back like this especially as it seemed he’d finally learnt to knot the ropes correctly to stop you slipping them. “Lincoln won’t answer your questions and neither shall I”

“And why is that Y/N?”

“Would you talk if this situation was reversed? If it was you in bonds and me wielding the questions would you give up your people?”

He sighed “No I wouldn’t” going over to a stool he pushed it over to you motioning for you to sit. “Finn is probably going to die, you were the one who told us that”

“Finn will die there is no probably. The poison is unstoppable without the antidote”

Bellamy took the stool opposite you leaning his elbows on his knees, staring over at you. “I’m not an idiot Y/N. You walked into our camp only wanting to help Finn a man you met for what 5 minutes?”

“Not for 5 minutes” you cut in “more like weeks. We’ve been meeting for weeks now”


“I found Finn outside the walls only days after escaping. He wants….” You laughed but it was without humour “soon to be ‘wanted’ peace and wouldn’t that just be better for all of us?”

Bellamy honestly seemed shocked at your statement. “You were talking about peace between the two of us. Peace between our people”

“Yes. Is that honestly so hard to believe?”

“Coming from the thief who stole all our ammunition?” he scoffed crossing his arms over his chest “yes I find that very hard to believe”

“Believe what you will Blake, you’re right though I walked in here only wanting to help yet I’m once again tied up with my friend blooded in your ship” you stared straight at him without blinking. “You wonder why we attack you. Yet what reason have you ever given us to trust you?”

Bellamy’s mouth was set in a thin line “and you’ve given us so many of those reasons to trust you as well. Your people drew first blood Y/N”

“First blood? You have no idea what you’ve done Bellamy Blake of the Sky people” you hissed angry now at his seeming self-righteousness.

“What we’ve done?”

“Those ‘flares’ you fired at the Ark to stop your people being sacrificed. They landed on our villages. Whole communities of women and children wiped out while you all were celebrating” Bellamy had paled at your words clearly as unaware as Finn had been at the damage they had wrought. “So tell me, who out of the two of us is the real monster?”

He didn’t get chance to answer because Raven burst into the tent, clearly furious.


“Finn’s losing this fight Bellamy and the other one won’t talk, we’ve tried everything. So it’s her turn”

Bellamy surprised you by standing and placing his body in front of yours. “We aren’t hurting her Raven”

“She’s a grounder Bellamy”

“She’s a grounder who walked in here of her own free well to help us Raven. We are not hurting her”

Raven scowled looking around him to glare at you still sat on the stool Bellamy had given you before.

“She doesn’t look like she’s helping much”

“You’ve tortured my friend and threatened to do the same to me. Not much incentive to help you is it?”

“Finn is going to die” Raven insisted yanking at the sudden hold Bellamy had on her to calm her jerk towards you. “You came here to save him…”

“And I still would”

“What?” she went limp in Bellamy’s hands. “You’ll help him?”

“I said I would. Let Lincoln go and I’ll save Finn”


“No” Bellamy cut her off making Raven stare at him in horror. “Save Finn and you are free to go Y/N, but Lincoln stays here”

“Then you have your answer Raven, it isn’t me you need to be torturing”

“Bellamy” Raven grabbed is hand to pull him out of the tent but he wouldn’t go. Turning back to you instead.

“The last time I left her alone to talk she vanished with the whole stock of camp ammunition”

“I’m tied up remember”

“That didn’t matter last time” he came around you to actually check the ropes around your wrists were still in place.

“You have my word Blake. I won’t move from this spot until someone comes to get me”

He didn’t look like he believed you but Raven grabbed him once more eyes pleading as he relented and allowed her to drag him from the tent.

No sooner had he left than a young girl who looked startlingly similar to him appeared in front of you.

“You’re a grounder. You know Lincoln?”

“I do”

“Can you help him? Please?” begging she crouched beside you “this is all my fault, he got hurt because of me” she grabbed your upper arm “you have to help me save him”

“And how do you expect me to do that?” you asked her curiously. “I’m tied up and in case you hadn’t noticed there’s guards everywhere surrounding Lincoln in a dropship with only one exit”

“Save Finn” excitedly she yanked at the knots of the rope, freeing your hands. “Saving Finn will create a diversion and we can get Lincoln out of here. There’s a hole in the wall you can get out of it leads into the woods around the back of camp”

Rubbing your wrists you got to your feet “you’re either a very foolish or very brave young girl. Standing there telling your enemy that there is a hole in your walls defence”

“And are you going to help me or hurt me?”

“Against all known reason I’m going to help you. I need Lincoln’s medicine pouch, it has the antidote to the poison in it”

“It’s upstairs”

“Figured. Can you get us up there?”

She nodded the two of you slipping out from the back of the tent and heading towards the ship. The girl led you to the far side pointing up. “There’s a lose panel halfway up, opening it will put you on Lincolns level. I’ll meet you there”

You nodded turning to the wall finding an easy hand hold you scaled the ship waiting at the panel until from within you heard a man’s voice.

“Octavia! Bellamy forbid you from being here”

“Well Bellamy isn’t here”

You moved the panel and slipped behind one of the guards while the girl, Octavia apparently, kept the other distracted. You wrapped an arm around his neck and pressed on the pressure point leading him to drop instantly into unconsciousness. At the crash of his body the other one spun looking shocked at you and his now unconscious friend. You waved at him watching as from behind him Octavia lifted and crashed a pipe into his skill dropping him as well.

She raced to Lincoln while you found his medicine roll. “Lincoln where’s the book?” you asked him, speaking English for Octavia’s benefit.

“In that one’s jacket”

Following his nod you found Lincolns note book in the jacket of the boy you’d downed. Quickly finding the right page you pulled the correct antidote out taking it over to Octavia.

“Give this to Finn. Half now and half in another 12 hours. Don’t forget the 2nd dose, the poison won’t realise him without it”

Octavia took the vial. “I won’t forget” she cast one more look at Lincoln. “The hole in the wall is exactly opposite the hole in the ship. Follow the tunnel along and you’ll come out in the woods. You won’t have long”

“We won’t need long” with Octavia’s help you freed Lincolns hands helping him stand. Octavia gave him one last look before heading to the hatch.

“I’ll lock it behind me. Go fast”

“We have to hurry Lincoln. Can you climb?”

“I’ll manage” he gritted his teeth and followed you down the dropship. You found the hole in the wall exactly where Octavia had said it was.

“Go Lincoln” you pushed him in first. “Quickly”


You were halfway gone at Bellamy’s shout. Surprisingly he was alone not surrounded by other delinquents coming to capture and tie you up once more.

“Y/N I can’t let you leave”

You smiled at him. “Are you going to stop me Bellamy?” he plainly looked torn as you came out from the passage standing close to him.

“You know about the passage, about our defences. How am I meant to let you leave?”

“I guess you’ll just have to trust me” acting on pure instinct you reached up pressing your lips against his, Bellamy’s hand went to your hip to steady you as he kissed you back.

Lips tingling you smiled at him once more before stepping back leaving a stunned Bellamy stood there as you vanished into the passage. Lincoln was waiting at the end leaning against the wall.

“Everything alright?”

Touching a finger to your lips you nodded. “Sure. Come on Lincoln we need to get you back to the cave”

Grunting he reached out to lean on you. “Energy’s nearly gone”

Letting him rest on you with your arm around his waist you helped him into the forest and back towards the cave.

Moments In Laser Tag

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(calum thomas hood is a fucking babe. I’d do anything for this boy. number 1 bub of life heyoooo)

Pairing: Calum + Y/N

Rating: if you ever been to a laser tag match, sometimes it gets nasty. it’s like a full on war in there, lol. so be warned. 

Requested: nope.

TW: swearing, friendly taunting, the intensity of a laser tag game. some awkwardness present in here.

Key:  (trying something new, heeeeey)

Y/bf/n - Your best friend’s name
Y/bf/s/n - Your best friend sister’s name


Moment 1: Introduction

When your best friend invited you over to her baby sister’s birthday party at an indoor family fun center, you didn’t think one of options for games was laser tag. It was a bit odd considering the birthday princess was turning 5 and didn’t know anything about this game but if you knew one thing for sure, it’s that you’d have to protect your favorite girl since she’d be an easy target to other players. Speaking of which, as the workers were prepping the safety rules video, another worker and a group of 4 people entered which caused everyone’s eyes to fall onto them.

“Sorry Matt, we have a last minute group who wanted to join in on the fun.”

“No problem, we didn’t start the video yet so you made it just in time.” Hushed whispers from your group of friends and two other guys soon filled the room and you would’ve been one of them if it wasn’t for the little girl grabbing your shorts to get your attention. “Y/n.”

“Yes bubs?” Watching her motion her hand to come down to her height, you bent down and offered her a smile as she leaned in to whisper into your ear. “It’s 5sos! Did they come for my birthday party?” Giggling, you looked her in the eyes and held her shoulders softly. “I don’t know, maybe they did. Maybe they didn’t. You must be happy either way right?” Watching her nod her head happily, the worker called for everyone’s attention so they could finally play the video.


Strapping on your vest and hearing some of your guy friends wanting to team up with what little guys were in for this match, your best friend tied up her baby sister’s hair as you decided to help out with the small girl’s vest. “Y/bf/n, can I be with you guys?”

“Of course silly. Do you think I’d be a nice a sister if I wouldn’t let you? Come on girl, it’s all about you today and you have to be on the winning team!” Watching them talk, you finally strapped her in and stood up, fixing your hair into a ponytail. “Don’t look now Y/n but Calum is so checking you out.” Y/bf/n teased as you laughed quietly. “Shut up hoe, he’s probably looking at you.” Hearing a gasp from both her best friend and her sister, the girl stuck out her hand for a quarter, knowing you had swore. “Oh yeah Ms. Sassy pants? Excuse me, Matt was it? My oh so dear best friend needs you to make sure she put on her vest correctly!”

Opening your mouth in shock from her bold move, the worker trudged his way towards you as your friends laughed at the obvious set up. When you glanced towards Calum’s direction, you had seen him nod his head while he was laughing to himself then after, continuing on his conversation with Michael, Luke, and Ashton. “Really?” You mumbled to your friend as she shrugged her shoulders as Matt gave you the ok that you had your vest on right. “You deserved that one.”


You were prepared for the dark room but what you didn’t expect was the fog. It felt heavy when they allowed your group to go in first and once the game started, you knew you had to suck it up and play. You also knew some of your guy friends on the other team would play dirty so you kept your best friend’s sister near you at all times. No one was going to shoot the birthday girl, definitely not on your watch. With y/bf/n trying to take down the opponent’s bases, she left you in charge of babysitting as it was part of the group’s plan and not even three minutes into the game, you came face to face with 5sos.

“Y/N! 5SOS!” She screamed excitedly as you told her to quiet down. Spotting one of the two boys she saw earlier in the video presentation, she aimed her gun and shot his vest causing his lights to go down for five seconds. “Dude, don’t you dare or I’ll get your friend to come for you as well!” Feeling your shorts getting yanked again, you focused your attention back on the girl as you heard the noise from your vest getting deactivated.

“Needed to do that.” Michael announced as you smiled. “No big deal. Hi, I’m Y/n, this is Y/bf/s/n. She’s a big fan of you guys as am I.” With all four boys properly introducing themselves, y/bf/s/n asked if she could hug them which they happily agreed to. After all that and shooting some of your guy friends, you looked at your favorite band and grinned. “So what brings you boys here? I figured you’d have a private playing session given that your ‘celebrities’.”

“We wanted to join in and see what all the hype was all about before the rest of our party showed up. Get a feel of the game before we dominate and crush our friends.” Ashton answered as you nodded your head, understanding their situation. “Don’t take this the wrong way but you seem awfully calm about meeting us here. I get that everyone’s different but, actually wait, this is a nice change.” Luke spoke as you chuckled softly. “No harm in that but I would’ve been fangirling if it wasn’t for the fact we’re playing laser tag. Also, just because your one of my favorite bands doesn’t mean I’ll go easy on you.” Noticing their face scrunch up in confusion, you aimed at Michael’s vest and deactivated it, also doing the same for Luke and Calum. Y/bf/s/n got Ashton who feigned death dramatically, causing the girls to laugh wholeheartedly. 

“That’s your first warning. And tip number one, in here; don’t hang out together all the time. You become easy targets for the other players.”

“Wow, are you a professional?” Calum questioned as you blushed. Thankfully, since it was dark, they couldn’t see your face turning red. “No, it just makes sense. By the way, Ashton, she’s your favorite.” You spilled as Y/bf/s/n looked up at you in horror like you revealed her deepest, darkest secret. “You promised to never tell anyone that!” In retaliation, he defended her by shooting your vest. “So if I’m her favorite, who’s yours?”

“If you want to know, you have to get me! And remember when I said about not hanging out together because you’re easy targets?” Watching the colors fizzle out on all four of their guns and little patches on their vest, you looked behind them and saw the only guy on your team assisting you. “Thanks, bro!”

“I told you I was a good shot ma!”

“I said to not call me that!” Running away with y/bf/s/n following behind you, you glanced back and saw them split up before catching Calum’s smirk and ‘I’m watching you’ motion. Shaking your head, you began to play again.


Moment 2: Stealth at it’s finest

It was your third gameplay and while it was you and your best friend who decided to keep playing before a break, you were against 5sos once more and two of their friends. Besides you and y/bf/n, your team also consisted of the two same guys from earlier which you remembered their names as Tommy and Ryan. “So, mami-”

“Oh my god Ryan. Shut it. I will go friendly fire on your ass if you don’t stop calling me that so don’t test me.” You grumbled as he raised his arms up in defense. “Fiesty but no, let me continue. We need to devise a plan and we’re outnumbered here. That guy Michael, he’s a good sniper and dodger. The other guy Calum is a heck of an observer along with that other dude, Mitchy. Luke is easier but he’s with Ashton who’ll sometimes back him up. I’m unsure about the Casey fellow.”

“That’s a lot of bro terms Ry.” His friend Tommy spoke as you nodded in agreement. “So what do we do?” Y/bf/n asked as you thought up a plan. They loved to hang out in pairs and sometimes, they come together to come up with a plan if there is a slight chance of losing. Thinking of their weak points, it’d probably be that they used the center of the arena as a meeting point and you came up with an idea. “They don’t ever go in alone and since they’ll be busy looking for us, they’ll forget about bases and bases are the ones where you can rack up the most points. It’s a risk but we have to go by ourselves. Activate a mine if you’re cornered and need help but that’s for emergencies only. Don’t draw more attention to yourself otherwise they will all get you. Since Michael is the sniper, he’d be guarding the center while keeping an eye out for the bases but don’t be fooled. He likes to shoot players more.”

“Damn girl, you’re so badass.” Y/bf/n laughed as you high fived her and joined in on her laughter. “If you’re at one of their two bases, shoot it and leave. Don’t wait around for one of us to come. We’ll get to it on our time.” Hearing the horn, signaling the match begun, Ryan looked at you impressed. “So mami, you taken?” Glancing over at his friend Tommy, he shrugged his shoulder as you aimed at Ryan’s vest and watched his smile turn into a frown. “We probably lost 5 or 10 points but we can get it back if you listen to me. Protect our bases when you can.” Splitting up, you ran behind a wall, almost near the center when you heard someone activate a mine and a girlish yelp. “Sorry Y/n! My bad!” Y/bf/n shouted.


Seeing one of the bases, you saw Tommy shooting up towards its ceiling, making the noise that someone got to it. Watching him duck near another wall and Michael running towards that spot from up above, you aimed and fired at him, making him have to wait 5 seconds which allowed Tommy an escape. Moving to hide behind the wall you were using, you heard Michael yell out a quick ‘fuck’ and some other words you wanted to laugh at. Noticing that Calum came into view, you listened intently, hearing one of your team’s bases get destroyed in the process.

“They’re really good at this. Almost like wannabe ninjas or assassins.” Calum vocalized as you made sure to stay quiet. Even if the music in the room was loud, you didn’t want to put yourself at risk at being caught. “I bet it was that girl you like who came up with it.”

“Could be. Can you believe she’s a first timer as well? She’s fucking good at this shit.”

“This game makes you competitive and even if you suck, you become good if you’re the one getting hit at all the time. It feels like the hunger games where only one can come out as champion.”

“True that but there’s something about y/n and it’s not because she’s kinda hot.” Covering your mouth to stop the giggles, Michael chuckled from the pun and pushed Calum’s shoulder playfully. “Bro, that was lame.” Deciding to focus on the game, you carefully hid behind the wall enough to stay hidden but enough to aim at Calum. Sniping him, you crouched and made sure none of the lights from your vest and gun were seen. “What the hell! Who’s there!?”

“Like they’ll tell you.”

“Still!” Aiming for him once more, you saw that he was getting frustrated and you felt good. You really loved this game! “Come on out or are you too chicke-” Michael ran away to another corner when he heard Luke yelp out in surprise. With only Calum in view and watching y/bf/n shoot either Casey or Mitchy to the left of him, you fired once more at Calum who looked everywhere for the culprit. Finding you, you gunned for the base and destroyed it, running away as he chased after you. “Y/n! Get back here you trouble maker!” As you heard the noise of your vest being disabled, you turned around having Calum bump into you as you both toppled over onto the ground, hidden by one of the statues. With him being on top of you, you blushed as he gazes down at you in shock and admiration. Motioning him to get off, he complied as you crouched face to face. Sitting down was against the rules apparently. “That wasn’t nice of you to keep hitting me.” Watching him raise his eyebrows in a challenging manner, you stuck out your tongue and fixed your ponytail. “I said I wasn’t going to go easy on you.” Gaping at the way you released your hair from its tie and putting it back up, he was in a trance. The way you looked doing something so natural like this caused his stomach to flutter around crazily and he didn’t understand why.

“W-wow. Y-you’re really beautiful.” As the music stopped and the lights turned back on, nothing could save you from showing that you were blushing at his words which caused you to cough uncomfortably and for him to grin. Helping you up and following him outside the arena, you inhaled a fresh breath as you checked the scoreboards. “We won by fifteen points! We survived!” your team cheered as you stared at the man in front of you. “Congrats.” Calum beamed at you, sticking out his hand for a hand shake. Accepting his gesture and looking at him shyly, he held onto your hand a bit longer until Michael patted his back, causing him to drop it. “We’ll get you the next round whenever that is.” Michael insisted, letting his friend know the rest of their friends showed up.

“I guess that’s my cue.”


“Y-you fight good.”

“You did not just pull a Mulan quote on me.” You chortled as he joined in before waving good bye to join his friends. Going back into the room to return the vest, y/bf/ waited for you and linked arms. “He was so flirting with you and I seen everything. Let’s rest before we continue.”


Moment 3: I swear he’s after me!

After a few more rounds and a short food break, they were back to playing laser tag again when the group decided to play free for all. Instead of hosting their own event, they decided to play with others again and Calum almost danced in joy when he saw you again. “You really like her huh?” Ashton inquired. “That obvious?”

“You’ve been ogling her and that guy for the past two minutes.”

“I do not ogle!”

“But you haven’t denied you were keeping an eye on them. Come on Calum, I think you should ask her out. Or at least get a number at the end of this round because it’s getting a little sad to watch. If you haven’t noticed yet, a lot of guys are starting to take a liking towards her. I won’t be surprised if one of our friends ends up liking her as well.”

“Is that supposed to be your idea of a pep talk?”

“Is it working?”

Tommy! That’s so not funny!’ You squeaked out as the boy across of you smirked and winked at you. It had caused Calum to grip his gun a little too tightly and he shook his head, knowing who his first victim was. He did not like this and maybe he’d take Ashton’s advice on what to do. “Good luck.”


While everyone was running amuck, Calum was currently in the center of the arena, staying out of sight until he heard your voice. “I swear to god Tommy! That little boy is after me! He has it out for me and only me! Before I can even aim, he’s already got me and it sucks!” Seeing your chest piece get disconnected, he saw a little boy run past him and decided to avenge you by getting him right back. The boy was so confused but continued moving on as he decided to approach you guys with Tommy disabling him as soon as possible. “Really dude?” Calum groaned as the guy ran away to give you some space. Sensing that you were still feeling awkward about the confrontation from earlier, he leaned against the wall piece and smiled smugly.

“Speaking of which, I hope you’ll be happy to know I got that little boy for you. He’s a quick one.”

“You heard about that?” Observing the way you stroked your arm in hesitation, he shot at the same small boy again as he seen him hiding in a corner, pining after you. “Oh yeah. I really do think he’s after you, Maybe he has a crush and is trying to impress you. It’s a total guy thing.”

“Does that mean you’re doing the same thing as well?” 

“That depends on if it’s working and if you might have a thing with that Tommy guy.” Peering down at your facial expressions, your nose scrunched up in bewilderment as you scoffed. “He has a thing for my best friend and he’s trying to get on my good side.”

“Duly noted. So do I stand a chance with getting a number at the end of this game? It’d break my heart if you said no.” Spotting the twinkle in your eyes, you pretended to think about it and nodded. “Sure thing lover boy.” He rolled his eyes and told you to follow him anyway, excited for the game to end.


Moment 4: You little shit!

In the same round, the game was getting even crazier and when the little boy kept coming for you and you calling him a little punk ass bitch, Calum would diffuse the situation and act as your bodyguard. You didn’t really need help but it was fun getting to know the guy you could only read about online and in the papers. He was super sweet and not to mention very funny. He was quiet and shy a few times but so were you so it wasn’t that much of a big deal. You still couldn’t believe you were hanging out with Calum Hood and it left you feeling giddy most of the time.

Crouching down behind a statue big enough to conceal the both of you, Luke came into your eye sight, alongside with a girl.

“Hey Calum, watch this. You’ll see why they’re my favorite targets.” You whispered as he shook his head in disapproval. “Really? My friends?”

“Just watch. It’s so funny.” Aiming at the girl right at her back, she squealed and turned towards Luke in horror. “What happened to not shooting me!?”

“How can it be me? I was standing beside you! Someone else probably did!”

“Then what happened to protecting me!?”

“I told you I suck at this! I literally have Michael covering us most of the time!” As they started bickering, you fired at her again and done the same thing to Luke which caused him to grumble. “You’re so bad y/n.” Calum murmured as you shushed him. As if on cue, Michael came into view as he crossed his arms. “Come on Hemmings. Defend yourself!”

“Someone has it out for us!” He exclaimed as you told Calum to go at it. Seeing Luke’s face fall even more, you wanted to burst out laughing. This was too hilarious! “See!?”

“It looks like someone has it out for you and just you Luke.” The girl retorted as she was about to walk away causing Calum to act fast and disabling her weapon. “Are you guys serious!?”

“That wasn’t us!” Doing the same thing to both his friends, he saw you giving him the thumbs up and a big smile, watching the scene unfold in front of them. “Okay, who’s there!?” Michael called out with Luke rubbing his head in stress. “You can get both of them but no- STOP IT!” It was Luke’s turn to laugh and Michael was about to growl back at him when you shot his vest making Michael mock him in return. The girl rolled her eyes and walked away, planning to go solo this time. Luke be damned. Pushing Calum to come clean, Michael seen him first and gasped. “You little shit! That wasn’t funny!”

As Luke got his revenge and fired at Calum, he jumped in joy, doing a little victory dance. “I FINALLY DID IT!” Michael waited a few seconds more before he could do the same thing. “That’s what you get Hood!” Leaning against the statue in feigned defeat, he waited for them to leave, signaling her the coast was clear. “You betrayed me and did me wrong. I’m hurt. Did you see the overkill?” He said as you busted out laughing in tears. Holding it in was a bad idea. “I’m sorry but I wanted to see what they’d do. They did not disappoint.”

“You’re lucky I saved you and took the fall!”

“Oh, my hero!” Putting your hand on your heart, he pouted and got vengeance by pointing his gun at you and taking you out for a moment.

“I deserved that one as well.” You giggled as he flicked you off. “I don’t want your number anymore.”

“Suit yourself.” Walking away, you counted to three in your head when you heard him sigh and follow after you. You were so glad you got invited to your best friend’s sister’s party. “I’m kidding. I did not get blasted by my friends just to not get it. I sacrificed my dignity for you.”

“Didn’t ask you to.”

“You pushed me out of hiding!”

“Don’t sass me!”


Final moment: The number

Y/bf/n was waiting for you outside, grinning like a madman when she had told you she had seen everything on the tv. Did you mention that while playing, there were cameras everywhere, tracking your every move? It was for safety reasons but realizing a few people seen you and Calum together, and maybe getting murdered by an 8 year old boy, you felt embarrassed.

“You got 7th place by the way. I was rooting for you to be in the top 5! But that’s expected seeing that all you did was get cozied up with Calum. So hoe, spill the damn tea. My sister has been driving me nuts waiting for you to come play with her again!” About to tell her the situation, Calum walked up to you with Ashton in tow. “I’m finally meeting the legend of this game.” Ashton spoke as you shrugged off his compliments. “Thank you.”

“So, that number?” Calum pressed as he gave you his phone. Inputting your contact information and him doing the same for yours, you switched back and also asked if you could hug him. “We were seriously standing shoulder to shoulder and you’re asking if you want to hug me? That’s backwards.” He teased as Ashton patted your head in mock pity. Pouting at their actions, Calum chuckled and opened up his arms. “Bring it in. I’m just a normal guy after all.”

“Yeah but I don’t hug normal guys and break their personal bubble without permission. I’m like a vampire.” You sassed back, enjoying the short and sweet embrace. Pulling away, y/bf/s/n came and grabbed your hand, wanting her turn to have your attention. “Me time now? It’s my birthday!”

“You planning to play another round?” Calum called out causing you to laugh and smile. “Fuck that, I’m playing mini golf or mini bowling with the birthday princess now! You’re on your own now”

“Why you gotta hurt me like that? Don’t go!” He joked as y/bf/s/n stopped walking and faced him. “No! My turn! It’s not your birthday!” When she yanked you down to her eye level, she grabbed your face and smiled. “You owe me 2 quarters now!” Laughing off the situation, you stood back up and winked at Calum, having the little girl drag you away with your best friend following in tow. “I’m still waiting for the hot new gossip. Should I plan the wedding now?”

“Oh put a cork in it Y/bf/n.”



A/N: ……my comeback is finally here lolol. I know for a fact that there are some errors in here but I couldn’t find them. I’ll probably proof read this again later after I’m done grocery shopping and fix it then but I hope you enjoyed this :) up next comes my first ever; Ashton imagine, wooo! I’m so excited to write that one!

anonymous asked:

Aaaa hi, it says requests are open again! Before I request anything I really wanna say thatI absolutely LOVE your writing. Like it's so lovely and I genuinely enjoy all of your headcanons. Thank you very much ^^ As for the headcanon, this one might be a little weird? Could you please write a headcanon about the RFA finding out that Jumin has PTSD? If not, it's totally okay! Thank you for taking the time to read this. ~Blaine

Blaine. Blaine. *Puts hands on your shoulders* You are amazing for letting me write this out. I hope I can do this prompt a little justice. And if anyone needs this tagged, let me know? I’m not going to bring specifics into it, like how he got it. Not in this hc.

Also, if anyone is confused, I made this post here explaining my personal hc that I thought Jumin may have PTSD. Totally okay if you disagree with that. JUST as a warning, it does talk about abuse in that post, so I heavily suggest not clicking that if it has the potential to upset you.


- She would be one of the first ones to find out. Due to her keeping track of his schedule more often than he did, she would have to remind him of the meetings he had her jot down. No names, no explaination. Just that he had a meeting with someone at one.

- The first time he had her jot it down, she didn’t think to ask much about it. Sometimes he forgot names, and there really was no way of telling how his exact thought process worked.

- But they started becoming frequent. Weekly, even, instead of monthly, and she starting getting concerned when he dodged all questions about it.

- One day she guised her question to be work related. And honestly, in some ways it was. In order to fully make his schedule correctly, she needed names. It wouldn’t be good for him to accidentally schedule two meetings at the same timeslot, mistaking the ‘Meeting @ 1pm’ to be with a different business client.

- And partly…she was worried he might be risking some reputation. She knew he was smart, but with how easily he fell for some of Seven’s antics…

- Finally, though, with enough pestering, she finally got it out of him. He game her a name, explained it was a doctor, and refused to answer any other questions.

- Rarely, very rarely, he used a voice that was much more than his normal 'stern’ tone. She could count on one hand all the times he had used it with her, or even with anyone in general, but when she tried to press futher and he answered with that rare tone, she finally backed down. Swallowed her worries until she got off of work.

- But right after her shift, as she looked up the doctor’s name, finding out he wasn’t just a simple 'doctor’, seeing what he specialized in. She just felt guilt wash over her.

- She refrained from any more questions. Tried to hide her slight annoyance when he cleared his schedule after meeting with the doctor, ignored how tired he sounded. How drained.

- She didn’t know what caused it, and never wanted to try and pry at what did. The least she could do was try to be a bit more understanding, maybe stop fussing about a certain project or two, but… He probably would want her to treat him like usual, right?

- God. She hoped he was doing okay.


- Jaehee accidentally let it slip that Jumin was seeing a doctor. For reasons she was unsure about, since he never said. 

- So of course, of cooourse, Seven wasn’t just going to ignore the chance to snoop around a bit?

- Granted, he was mainly doing it to make sure that Jumin wasn’t hiding that he had cancer, or something life-threatening like that. He knew Jumin had grown up close with V, and privately hoped the man didn’t share his habit of hiding his health.

- Regardless, even with how rich Jumin was, hacking into his bank statements was easy. Trailing cards numbers, amounts, names. Super easy, hardly any effort wasted.

-But he felt his heart slowly inch towards his stomach as he found the doctor’s name. Found what he specialized in, and that Jumin wasn’t actually going to your normal doctor.

- It was hard, admittedly, to not look into the doctor’s files on Jumin. Especially since he was literally a few keys away on possibly finding out why Jumin may have a few quirks. Quirks that the RFA loved him for, but also teased about.

- But if he did, he wouldn’t ever get the guilt to wash away. He’d never be able to look at him, not until he came clean.

- He wanted to know. Wanted to know each reason, wanted to see if his skills could somehow make Jumin feel better, but he only worked with computers. Not people.

- That was the furthest he dug into the issue. If the subject was brought up in the chat, he tried slipping the convo into teasing Yoosung about something, or just…anything distracting.

- Jumin would tell them if it became relevant, he knew that much. Just hopefully he would learn to speak up if he needed help.


- Ultimately, it’s Seven who tells him. Of all the people. He called him during a heated bickering session with Jumin. He wasn’t even aware he was in the chatroom watching them, but when Seven kept trying to find a good way to word something, he cooled off pretty quickly.

- It’s awkward at first, since his main reasoning for calling is to try and get Zen to drop the subject of Jumin’s health, which…Zen is confused as to why being concerned over another members health is a bad thing. So, Seven tried to explain, stumbling a bit over his words.

- After Seven admits he hacked into Jumin’s bank statements and such (Zen immediately getting ready to explain why the fuck that was a stupid thing to do in the first place), Seven explains what kind of doctor Jumin is seeing. And…Zen shuts up. In fact, he’s quiet for a solid minute before asking what he would be seeing him for.

- And once he hears it, he has to ask Seven to repeat it, and then they’re both quiet. Just silently on the phone, wondering what the fuck happened to their cat mom of a friend.

- After they get on the phone, Zen pops back into the chat and ends the argument. In private, he sends a text to Jumin, making some bs excuse about work being difficult. And, awkwardly, tries to suggest having a beer with him. Just to talk. Catch up, talk about life, since Jumin isn’t in the chat often.

- He doesn’t let it get to him when Jumin declines (No free time to even do so), but he feels a bit relieved that Jumin agrees to at least trying to do so sometime.

- They may argue, but if Jumin is dealing with something heavy on his own, then he’s going to at least try to listen. Even if he can’t give the best advice.


- He doesn’t find out until Jumin announces it in the chat one day, claiming to know that Seven must have found out and told everyone, since everyone is treating him vastly different.

- Per Yoosung’s prompting, he explains he doesn’t have anything physical to worry about- No blindness, no cancer, nothing like that. Just a mental issue, something he’s trying to learn more about each session.

- And honestly…Yoosung didn’t know what PTSD was at first. He was confused, and Jumin spelling out the full name didn’t help. Seven eventually had to link him an article in a text, and he felt so sick reading it.

- All the possibilities of Jumin having it…All the implications. They were so horrible! He ended up staying up for a while that night, trying to calm himself down from imagining all the different types of pain his friend could have gone through.

- He never thought Jumin could have something like this. He was born with a silver spoon- Most of his problems were things Yoosung wished he could worry about! Realizing that Jumin possibly hurt some days, more than others, just made him feel an immense guilt for even lightly teasing him at times.

- The next day, exhausted with trying to come up with ways to help out, ways to show he cared, he carefully brought the topic back up in the chat.

- He explained that he knew he was just a kid to Jumin, knew he wasn’t as well put together as he was, but if there was any way he could help, just to let him know. Even if it was just listening to him, Yoosung would do it. He could even call super late at night, since he gamed until four in the morning!

- Jumin was surprisingly a little nice about Yoosung flooding the chat with his worries for him. He explained that, for now, he just wanted everyone to treat him normally, since the chat had developed a weird tension ever since they all found out. But…He was going to take the offers they made, if the need ever arose.

- Even though it was a small thing, the only thing Yoosung could really offer, he was glad it seemed to be helpful.

- In the meantime, he was going to find some cute cat pictures to save for when Jumin was feeling a bit down. It was small, but at least it would show that he cared for him, and he knew Jumin would understand that.

Also from the lists! Prompt:  “This is the tenth time you’ve asked for a refill are you ok” AU

Napkin Dispenser Suprise

She tosses her notepad down, setting her hands on her hips and arching backwards in an attempt to alleviate some of the soreness that’s built up. She really shouldn’t have offered to cover Bonnie’s night shift. She works 8-4 answering phones, weekends at a high end boutique, and picks up every thing she can here at the diner. Her band’s been tossing around the possibility of a tour and Caroline’s determined to do her part to scrape together the money to fund it.

So what if it’s her twelfth working day in a row? Money was money.

Enzo’s cleaning out the bakery case, and if he knows what’s good for him he’d better not be throwing out any slightly old but still perfectly good cupcakes. He sets the chocolate ones aside under her pointed gaze and Caroline nods in satisfaction. “You okay?” he asks, probably in response to the truly gross sounds her spine is making. He was a good friend.

And he needed her to sing tomorrow.

She grabs one of the stools, rationalizing that it’s 11 PM at a place that specializes in breakfast and no one will ever know about her little unscheduled break. The place is mostly empty. There’s a young couple playing footsie a little farther down the counter, an older guy with a laptop and a notebook and a ridiculous number of pens set up in a table in the corner, and then the occupant of the booth in her along the back wall who’d just finished up his ninth cup of coffee.

Seriously. It just wasn’t healthy.

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Friends to Lovers Pt. 7

(A/N) The next part is here! Yay! Confetti! It’s party time!!
Okay, I have no idea what’s wrong with me…I’m tired…can’t wait for my own bed…Puh…! Enjoy!
This one is a little bit shorter, there is a timeskip between this and the next part..sorry….

Warnings: Singing, Emotions, Fighting


If anyone else wants to be tagged, just say so :)

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Originally posted by effindivergenteric

I dreamed a dream in time gone by
When hope was high and live worth living
I dream that love would never die
I dreamed that god would be forgiving
Then I was young and unafraid
And dreams were made and used and wasted
There was no ransom to be paid
No song unsung, no wine untasted

But the tigers come at night
(But the tigers come at night)
With their voice as soft as thunder
As they tear your hope apart
(As they tear your hope apart)
As they turn your dream to shame

And still I dream she’ll come to me
That we’ll live the years together
But there are dreams that cannot be
And there are storms we cannot weather

I had a dream my life would be
So different from this hell I’m living
So different now from what it seemed
Now live has killed the dream I dreamed

By the end of the song the whole room was quiet and I had tears in my eyes, but no one except Xavier noticed that. He looked at me, eyes filled with concern.
The silence in the room was interrupted when a girl started clapping. Soon, the whole room was applauding. Xavier hugged me and wiped away my tears. “You did well.”
Soon silence fell again and some fell asleep.
Xavier and I kept on talking for a while.
“So, I guess your talk with Lucy was successful?” We laid in bed, looking at each other.
“Yup. But more important, why did you cry?” He looked worried, again. “I, uh…just thought about my old faction. Nothing to worry about.” I tried to smile at him and he quietly laughed at my pathetic attempt. You don’t have to tell me, but if you want to, I’ll be here. Good night.” He kissed my cheek and went to sleep.
I stayed awake for a while.

When I woke up the next morning, Eric and Four stood by the stairs, discussing something. The others were still asleep.
I decided to take this opportunity to take a long shower. Getting my towel and a change of clothes from under my bed I walked to the shower area and turned on the water.
“You’re already up.” Four walked over to me. “Yup. Ha to take the chance to shower in private.” He laughed at my comment, shaking his head. “I remember that. You’ll love the showers after initiation. You can even lock the doors!” We kept on laughing, until Eric stepped in.
“Go take your shower, we are going to wake the others soon.” His face was stern again. Typical leader mode.
“Yes sir!” I turned around, beginning to shed my clothes. Four and Eric retreated to the stairs to gi2ve me some privacy.
The shower wasn’t as good as the one at Eric’s place, but it was quite okay.
I just finished putting my clothes on again when Eric woke the others. Four has disappeared to somewhere. “I want to see all of you in five minutes in the training room!” After that, he too, left.
I went back to where Xavier put his clothes on and together with Lucy, we walked to the training room.
Eric was waiting at the knife throwing stand, polishing said knives.
“Today we’ll train throwing knives. I’ll show you and you’ll have all day practising. And if any of you, hit me, don’t think I won’t kill you just because you’re only sixteen.”
He really did show us hoe tor throw it correctly. Once.
He showed us one time how to do it and didn’t even bother helping us during practise. Asshole.

Xavier and I stood beside each other, throwing one knife after the other. It wasn’t going all too bad. Most of the time, I hit the body that was displayed before us, sometimes even the targets that were drawn on it. But most of the time I missed. At least I was strong enough to throw my knife so it could reach the wall. Most of the knifes fell to the floor midway.
“Focus when you throw. And stand a little more sideways.” Four grabbed my hips and positioned me right.
I quietly thanked him and tried again. This time it landed much closer to the target. “Much better.” Four squeezed my shoulder and went on.
“Ahm, Four! I think I, too, need help!” Xavier called out to Four, who just rolled his eyes as a respond. Still, the small smile on his lips betrayed him. “With all due respect Xavier, I don’t think he is gay.” Xavier pouted at my comment and I laughed again.
“Hey! Focus!” Eric stalked towards us. “We’re just having a little fun Eric. Calm down.” I looked at him with raised eyebrows, not understanding what happened to make him this angry.
“Don’t talk to me like that, initiate!” That hurt. “I thought it was (Y/N), but apparently I was wrong.” It only came out as a whisper, but Eric still understood me. He turned around and signed me to follow him. I did, and that was the biggest mistake I ever made.
He walked to one of the mats, stripping off his boots and jacket, he climbed up.
“Come on, initiate. Or are you scared?” He smirked at me. He knew that I would not let him call me that, and he used that to his advantage.
“There is seriously not one day I don’t get involved into a fight.” Xavier, who has followed me chuckled which earned a death stare from Eric. Let’s just say he shut up, immediately.
I climbed onto the mat, waiting for Eric to say something. Instead he lunged at me. I ducked under his right arm and came out behind him.
“I won’t fight you Eric!” I looked him in the eyes after he turned around. “Take all the points you want from me. This is not bravery! This is foolishness! I would never be able to win against you, at least not now. So do whatever you want, but I won’t do this.” I jumped down and walked back to my knives, continuing to practise. All eyes were on me and Eric, waiting what he was going to do next.
“Follow me.” He walked towards the exit. I followed him, not wanting to despise him more than necessary.
We walked for a few minutes, until he stopped and turned around.
“Are you fucking serious?!” He grabbed my wrists and pinned them over my head against the wall. “Just because I knew you in my past, doesn’t mean that you can go around talking like that to me!” His grip on wrists tightened and that hurt, but the words that left his mouth hurt more.
“You knew me? Are you sure? Because I thought I knew you, but I’m not sure anymore.” He let go of my wrists and took a step back. “(Y/N), look, I…” “Save it for someone who still cares Eric! Because I, sure as hell don’t anymore.” I ran down the hallways, just wanting to get away from my so called best friend. After a lot of running, I found myself in the dorm, standing opposite from a mirror.
Tears were streaming down my face and my eyes were red and puffy from all the crying and rubbing.
“Do you want to tell me something?” Four stood on the stairs, looking at me through the mirror.
“If you really want to know, sit down. This is going to be a long talk.”

“My father has never been the nicest guy. He always yelled at my mother and sometimes hit her too. I once tried to interfere, and let’s just say it didn’t end to well. Then, when I was seven years old my mother and my older sister just left overnight and all my fathers anger focused on me. He began hitting me daily, with his belt, a stick or just his hands.
He also knew when anything important happened in school. For example school nurse check-ups and when the school photographer came. A few days before those things happened, he left me alone. Not touching me, but he also never talked to me during that time.
Anyway, Eric was the only one that knew about that. He was my best and only friend, especially after my mother and sister left. He was the only that was there for me. He kept me from doing…things…many times. He saved my life and then he left. He just changed faction, leaving me completely alone. I always thought he really liked me. And I wasn’t really able to hate him after he changed faction. So I went to see him on visiting day. I asked one of his trainers to tell him I was waiting for him, he never came. I sat there till visiting day was over. When I got back, my father was already waiting for me.
After that I really thought that he never liked me. But…after everything that happened when I slept at his place I had hope again. That everything would be the same as it was, even better! And now…he destroyed all that hope with one sentence. Now I finally realised that what you said is true. I’m sorry Four. For lying to you and for not trusting you. Apparently you know my best friend better than I do.”



The song and the video do NOT belong to me.

Pride Is Not the Word I’m Looking For

For @artbylexie who’s got pneumonia! She requested:a Sherlolly case abroad, but it’s Molly who’s been invited, not Sherlock. He doesn’t handle it very well at first, but he’s super proud and supportive of her. 

“Think of it, Molly, an entire week!”

“In the South Downs, yes, it sounds lovely,” Moly agreed.

“Oh hang the location! But a locked door murder, that’s the thrill! Oh I do love my job!” he clasped her face in his hands, kissing her forehead. “Tea please!” and he flopped onto the couch.

She shook her head, reaching for the kettle anyway. “Fine, but you’ll pour out.”

“Of course,” he answered. She’d started requesting something in return when he made his demands of her, usually if he demanded access to the lab, she’d ask he open the door for her, and he did. Or if he asked for tea or hot chocolate, she asked that he be the one to pour it, and he did. Mary Watson said it took a Hooper to teach a Holmes, John said it was that he was finally seeing sense and returning all the thousands of favors he owed Molly. Molly knew deep down Sherlock was a good man, and that he was just plain old finally allowing himself to be that good person.

“Have you packed at all?” Molly asked, carrying the tray into the lounge, setting it on the coffee table.

“I will when I get in, I wanted to rush over to tell you,” he sat up, reaching for the pot of tea. Just then his phone buzzed.

“Might be Lestrade, better get that,” Molly said and picked up Toby, swaying back and forth.

He allowed himself to admire her, just for that moment. She was at ease, cuddling that ridiculously large cat, and looking rather charming, impatiently waiting for him to get off the phone.

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The Price of Apples in Atlanta

Rating: Teen

Pairing: Reylo

Prompt: meeting in prison au

Notes: I’ve once again exercised my utter inability to write drabbles. ;) Thank you @lunaplath​ for requesting this one! I’m sorry it took so long for me to write it for you, but this story grew, changed, and took me for a ride in the best possible way.

A disclaimer: I am not particularly educated on conditions in jail. This is in no way meant to be an accurate portrayal of life in jail, although I do hope that I correctly conveyed the nastiness of criminalizing poverty in the U.S. Rey’s year-long sentence for shoplifting is based on a real case, in which a homeless man named Tom Barrett was sentenced similarly for shoplifting a beer from a convenience store. Here’s a link to an NPR article about it, which I encourage y’all to check out if you’re interested in learning more.



It isn’t technically a crime to be poor in the Great State of Georgia. Except, Rey has been homeless ever since she ran away from her last foster family, and it turns out that six shoplifting charges in four months are enough to piss off the local cops. She goes to jail for stealing two apples, valued at $1.09, plus tax. Rey might be entitled to a public defender, but it still costs fifty dollars to fill out the necessary applications, and she doesn’t have it. So she represents herself and pleads no contest.

Judge Dickinson sentences her to a year of probation. If she had the money to pay for an ankle monitor, Rey could’ve spent those twelve months on the street, free, if tagged and tracked. But she didn’t have chump change for apples, or fifty bucks for a lawyer, and she doesn’t have the money to pay for an ankle bracelet either. So here she is, stranded at Dekalb County Jail. Her home for the next twelve months.

Rey has learned two things from this: red apples aren’t worth doing time, no matter how hungry you are; and, in practice, it’s a crime to be poor in the Great State of Georgia.



Ben has to complete two hundred service hours every year to keep his fellowship. It’s a responsibility he’s used to by now, but the second semester of junior year is kicking his ass. He’s procrastinated himself into a corner, still seventy-one hours short of his requirements with only six weeks left until final exams. He’s sick of volunteering at warming shelters and slinging soup to homeless folks at the Mission. It’s important work, as his mother would say, and Ben agrees, but he’s also exhausted, busy, and worst of all, bored–a combination that sends his mood swinging wildly without fail.

Ben calls his mom, because if there’s any problem she can’t fix, he’s yet to see it.

“I’m behind on my service hours, and if I have to build one more sustainable house I’m gonna lose my shit,” he says. “Please tell me there’s something interesting you can get me plugged into.”

She sighs. “If you’d focused on your hours at the beginning of the semester, you wouldn’t be in this boat right now. What have I told you about using your time wisely?”

Ben grabs his stress ball, considers throwing it, and squeezes it instead. “I know that, Mama, but I called for advice, not a slap on the wrist. Can you help me or not?”

He can feel his mother’s sharp disapproval through the crackling silence. She says, “I can, but I won’t if you keep talking to me like that.”

He throws the stress ball. It knocks Armitage’s ugly, industrial lamp off of his bedside table. The thing must not be as durable as it looks, because its neck snaps from the base.

Ben holds the phone away from his face so he can cuss without his mother hearing. “Goddamn motherfucking piece of shit–”

“Ben? What was that crash?”

He bites his knuckles until the sting of breaking skin grounds him, then pulls the phone closer to say, “Sorry. I knocked over my roommate’s lamp. Not on purpose.”

His mother hums, sounding half sympathetic, half disbelieving. “Tell me the truth: are you taking your meds?”

Here we go again, Ben thinks, but all he says is, “Yes.”

All of them?”

“Yes, all of them,” Ben lies.

“I understand how hard this is, but it’s important that you–”

“That Seroquel knocks me out for twelve hours every night, and I can’t get up the next day,” he says. “I missed three of my morning classes last month because I slept through my alarms. How the fuck am I supposed to ace English 301 and squeeze in seventy service hours if I can’t stay awake?”

“Well it sounds like you need to schedule an appointment with your psychiatrist.”

“I will,” Ben says. “Swear to God. As soon as this semester is over.”

His mother’s voice takes a turn from concerned to suspicious when she asks, “Are you saying that because you’re too busy, or because you’re hoping to sail through your exams on a manic phase again?”

She’s not wrong, but this isn’t an argument that he’s willing to have right now. “I don’t have time for the third degree. Email me some service prospects, or don’t. I’ve gotta go.”

“Don’t be like that,” his mother says. “I have a contact at the Dekalb County Jail who’s been looking for volunteer tutors. I’ll pass your name along to him.”

The anger goes out of him as suddenly as it came. He says, “Thanks, Mama. I’m–I’ll do better.”

“I know,” she says gently. “I know you will, sweetheart.”

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Still Here (PT3)

Sebastian Stan x Reader

🌹Tagged for updates🌹

“Goodbyes are not forever, Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you, Until we meet again.” -Unknown

You looked at him, eyes wide with an unfathomable list of questions piling in your head. He didn’t move a muscle. He stood there stoic like a statue, still with his back turned facing you. You dropped your phone on the floorboard hoping the loud sound hitting the wood would cause him to turn around. Nothing.

For a split second you came to the conclusion that maybe that wasn’t Sebastian, but the feeling in your gut couldn’t shake the idea that is was him. It was most definitely a terrifying feeling. You could barely speak let alone make out a noise. It felt though as if cotton balls were shoved down your throat. Your entire mouth went completely dry. Holstering yourself upward you pull yourself further up in the attic. The flashlight on your phone was still on, so you bent down to pick it up. Turning it over to hit the right settings to turn it off. You look up to see Sebastian standing five paces in front of you.

You were breathing so heavily you could hear it in your ears. You began to feel the wet hot tears fill up your eyes, blinking just so they would fall. You wanted to touch him, to feel the heat of his skin. The urge was killing you to see if he even felt the same. Afraid to talk, not knowing exactly what your first word should be. You dared Sebastian to speak just by using your stare. Though he remained absolutely silent.

“Say something!” You mumbled incoherently through your hand as the stream of tears flowed down faster than your heartbeat.

Sebastian’s eyes took in everything at once. Since he’s been gone every time you blinked you saw those same eyes that you once watched as the life left from them. The same pure, bright sharp blue eyes you missed when the moment a glimpse of the old Sebastian returned.

“We had a lot of great memories in this old house.” His voice was warm and raspier than you remembered. But it had the same lasting effect sending many unwavering chills down your spine.

“That’s why I can’t stay here.” You stopped talking for a moment, shaking your head in disbelief from having a conversation with a dead Sebastian. “I only want to remember what it was like here with you.”

“We were going to get a dog. A Labrador Retriever if I remember correctly. You wanted to name him Jasper, after that guy from the vampire movie your forced me to watched countless times.” Sebastian said, still speaking like this was the norm.

“You came back just to tell me that?” You sighed feeling overwhelmed and slightly light headed.

“Get the dog.” He answered. The only way you could react from that answer was to look at him staring in amazement that he was wasting whatever damn time he had left just to make small talk.

He inched closer slowly moving towards your body. He lifted his hand and traced the back of his index finger against your cheek bone. Catching and wiping away your tears.

Though you couldn’t help but let them fall as they may, because you could feel his touch again. Quickly you reached your hand up to feel his hand. It felt so unbelievably real. You kissed his hand over and over. Kissing inside the palm of his hand, holding it tightly with your own. Resting your lips on the center of his hand, you leaned up for a few seconds letting out the loudest cry.

Sebastian pulled you closer in his arms. Your face pressed against his cool chest. Wrapping your arms tightly around him using every bit of strength you had. He did the same, but a little tighter. Like you would be the one to slip away. His neck was bent downward, with his cheek pressed alongside your head. Sniffling, you kept your arms in place lifting your head brushing the bridges of your noses.

You stood up higher on your toes, parting your lips slowly on Sebastian’s. The feeling felt foreign at first. He reacted instantly, which surprised you. Sebastian’s mouth was warm. The caress of his lips were softer and more delicate than you could say. You excitably opened your mouth as you could taste the familiar savor of honey on his tongue. As he kissed you harder, you were reminded of the thrill it made you feel. Which made it even harder to let go.

Sebastian kept his eyes close. His jaw was clenched and he looked as miserable as you felt. Letting him go you placed both of your hands on the side of his face. Rubbing your fingers through the back of his hair. Pressing foreheads together, nothing could describe or takeaway the feeling of being in close proximity of him.

“I need to know (Y/N). I need to know you will be happy again, that you won’t hold back on any of the things you said you would do.” His voiced trailed off, the idea was unimaginable, yet possible.

You nodded your head promising him all those things and more without saying it and you had a feeling he understood. The words I love you were spoken, though neither one of you said a word. It was a kind of bond that was anxious, fearful and electrifying.

“(Y/N).” Sebastian said.

“I can not say goodbye to you twice Sebastian.” Your voice was in a hoarse whisper, pulling yourself closer to him for as long as you could.

“Then don’t.” You weren’t looking at him but you could tell he smiled, but the tone in his voice wasn’t convincing. You dropped your hands from his face and took one last look at the one thing you could ever really call home. You knew deep down that no matter where you were headed pieces of him would follow.

Closing yours eyes forcibly keeping them shut. Exhaling out, you fluttered your eyes open slowly seeing that Sebastian was finally gone. You stood there for a while looking off where he once was, alone in the attic with an empty heart. Letting go of your temporary forever.

{Part 3 out of 3}

Super Long Kylux Rec List #1 (Completed Works)

A large number of my favorite gleanings from the ever-amazing gift that is the Kylux fandom.  

Most are rated E, although there are some Ms and Ts.  I like long fics…5k is like a nice prologue to me, so these tend toward the lengthier side - but there are some shorter works as well.  I don’t always know which authors are on Tumblr or what name they use here.  If I’ve missed tagging one correctly, please let me know.

WIP Rec list coming next.

My preferred tropes…let me show you them.

They Team Up to Defeat Snoke and/or Rule The Galaxy (or Parts of It)

The House of Paper Bones   by @ofcorsetstrash
Not Rated - 58k
The author has taken the familiar elements of the story that leads up to TFA and thrown them into a Cuisinart, re-assembling them in all sorts of novel and interesting ways.  Part of the enjoyment of reading this is figuring out who is who.

Run Once More by leoandlancer
E - 70,900
Just post-TFA, bitter survivors of the Republic kidnap Hux with the intent to torture and execute him.  Snoke don’t care.  BAMF Ren saves the day.  That’s just the first 2 chapters.

Order in Chaos by @ezlebe
E - 86k
Force-Sensitive!Hux gets matched up as a young man with the volatile Kylo Ren, to aid him in maintaining control of his emotions.  

It All Goes to Hell (They Maybe Defeat Snoke But Rule Nothing) - Some Have MCD

In Our Bedroom After The War by @claricechiarasorcha
M - 8,600
The end of Hux and of Ben Solo’s sanity.  

The Cursed Prince and the Pauper/Soldier Boy by @5ovspades
G - 2,700
An AU told in fairly tale form.  Not a happy ending.  

Legacy (3 part series) by @kat2107
E, E, Not Rated - 46,700
A little something for everyone - S&M, Brendol Hux Sr’s A++ Parenting, Pre and Post-TFA, kids.  There are surprisingly few fics that give Hux a wife (he doesn’t have one here either) or children.  Meet his son, and later, Kylo’s daughter.  Not quite fluffy Space Dads; but there’s hope.  They defect to the Resistance.

Aware of His Own Halo by @badspacebabies
E - 33,400
Defeated Hux slinks off to lick his wounds in the ass-end of the galaxy on a two year drunk.  Ren shows up to (in the author’s words) “just fuck all the shame out of him”.  Ending is open - they may go on to galactic conquest, who knows?

Before TFA, When They Were Young(er)

The Slightest Shift in the Weather by @claricechiarasorcha
E - 21,500
My gateway drug into the Kylux fandom.  Maj. Hux the sniper and Kylo, Knight of Ren meet when they are paired together a mission.  This author really excels at the small observations and insights that really bring the characters to life.  There’s a follow-up story that’s currently a WIP.

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger by @hollyhark
E - 36,100
Maybe not the exact right category for this, but…tragic Hux backstory, mind/memory alteration, so so many feels.  

Origin Stories by @hollyhark
E - 31,200
“Nineteen-year-old Hux goes on a tour of his father’s stormtrooper training facility and meets a strange, hooded financier and his equally strange but far more intriguing apprentice.”  One of those fics where you just want to grab them and say “Pay attention and get out now while you can!!”

Just Chillin’ on The Finalizer (usually pre-TFA)

This is kind of a catch-all category.  Some of these stories have multiple tropes going on and so I stuck them here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ties by Ajaxthegreat
E - 30k
We get to see ResourcefulEngineer!Hux at work with CrazyPowerfulForceUser!Ren on a planetary mission gone wrong, plus dreams of sexy mud (really) and my fave ‘sparring leads to sex’ action.  Pretty ‘Classic Kylux’ that leads to a hint of feels, too.

Be a Body by @cracktheglasses
E - 5,100
Hux just wants down and dirty bathroom sex while high on drugs.  He gets it.

What Can I Do For You by @claricechiarasorcha
E - 44,400
Jealous virgin Ren does not like it when he discovers the ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement Hux has in place.  This author has a number of short(ish) works, all of which I wholeheartedly recommend.  

At the Beginning of the World by @huxcrying
E - 10,100
“Porn With Feelings’ in here.  Also Virgin!Kylo.

Build a War With Your Assistance by grue, @whoresonbob
M - 10k
Post-TFA, they give each other gifts to express their…feelings?  Extremely funny.  Author description “General Hux is full-stop done with everyone/everything and Kylo Ren has the emotional maturity of a psychotic toddler.”.  The follow-up story is a murder mystery containing one of the funniest ideas I’ve encountered in this fandom.  Or maybe my perverse sense of humor just aligns well with the author’s.

I’m a Doctor Today, I’m Curing Viewers by the Thousands by grue, @whoresonbob
M - 5,400
A post-TFA absurdist screwball comedy with gross medical trauma and altered states of consciousness?  SIGN ME UP!   Part 2, Don’t Speak (I Came to Bang) includes tags for ‘nonchalant gore’ and ‘Snoke’s euphemisms for Masturbation’.

The Taste of Copper on Your Tongue by @that-vicious-vixen
E - 7,900
Three connected fics, all are good (don’t miss the last, Yours, B. Hux, a snarky exchange of letters between Hux and Leia).  The story arc: “Kylo Ren confesses his love like he does all things - with a straight face and loads of unnecessary circumstance, as if everything he is, was, and ever will be hinges on one moment”…”General Hux confesses his love just as he does everything else; with efficiency and few words, more “show” than “tell.”  In-between, you get power bottom Hux.

Sex Ed by DaveChicken, @sithofren
E - 2k - NOTE - this is Kyluxma
Hux’s sex techniques need improvement.  Why tell when you can show, with the Force?

Give Me a Shot to Remember by @decotext
Not Rated - 10,700
“You’re starting to suspect that this has all been the world’s longest joke, a lead-up to a great cosmic punchline. A morally ambiguous Sith Lord and sarcastic General walk into a bar…”
Funny and original writing style.  This is part 1 of 2, plus a stand-alone OC story (yes!  it’s good!).

One or Both are Unaware of the Other’s Identity, Allowing for Feels to Develop

Please Write Back by @acroamatica
T - 5,600
Hux gives good advice in his syndicated column (not an AU).

Check the ‘Porn Ships It’ category for a few more like this.

Fake Dating, Bed Sharing, Roommates, and We Just Work Together (Mostly Modern AUs)

Something About Volcanoes by betts, @bettydays
M - 28k
Office equipment sales coworkers Ben and Hux attend Rey’s Hawaiian wedding.

Downbeat by @acroamatica
E - 17,300
Hux the High-Strung Conductor vs Kylo the Intense Piano Virtuoso.  Snoke the shit-stirrer.  Bonus links to gorgeous music.

Stet by @acroamatica
M - 17,000
Hux the pissy editor vs Kylo the writer with writer’s block.  This author has an elegant, sophisticated - almost effortless (seeming) style.

Chaos, Control, and Corgis by RockSaltAndRoll and Shortsighted_Owl
E - 90k
Someone on the spectrum + someone else with BPD mixed with a lot of nosy & involved neighbors = a big payoff when they finally get there.

Parchment and Vellum by @gefionne
E - 32,300
If you like the idea of sexy librarians (who don’t know they’re sexy), here you go.  You also get Kylo the Weapons of the Middle Ages grad student.

From the Landscape: A Sense of Scale by @brawlite
M - 18,900
Not quite roommates, but an intense boarding school friendship that ends abruptly.  They get a second chance years later.  Poetic and beautiful.

The Secret Heart by @slutstiels
E - 48,300
Hux is a closeted actor, Ben an intense one; they’re cast together in career-making roles, but can’t stand working with each other.  Very hot sex, angst, anxiety spirals, etc, ensue.

Porn Ships It

Starfucker Base by @eralkfang and @nightsofllyn
E - 12k
Is Ren’s preferred redheaded twink porn actually made for him as part of a plot by the loathsome Resistance?  Hux can’t have that.  Super hot and also extremely funny.  

Wrong Number by @cosleia
E - 8,500
Lonely Hux misdials a phone sex line and gets Kylo instead.  Modern AU. Sweet & hot.

Cinema Verite by @huxcrying
E - 27,600
Hux finds a beautiful webcam boy and they become close.  He’s never seen Kylo Ren’s face so he has no idea they are one and the same.  Very hot and also FEELS.

Casadega by deadonarrival, @dead-on-arrivals
E - 40,800
Grad student Ben is an escort.  Post-divorce Hux just wants some relief.  Super hot plus feels.

Hotline Bling by @minzimpression
E - 36,900
Hux just needs some wank material and texts his most recent hook-up for a dick pic.  Wrong number!  What he gets instead is a picture of Kylo Ren’s mad dick.  You know this ends up with them getting married, right?

(Somewhat) Hard Kinks and/or ‘Classic’ Kylux Hatesex/Enemies that Leads to Something More Fluffy and Feels-y

Honeycomb by betts, @bettydays
E - 48k
Three tags tell the story: “Hurting Ben Solo for Fun and Pleasure”, “the author had to duct tape the mouth of her conscience shut to write this”, and “there’s no room for guilt when you open your heart to sin”.  10 kinds of wrong but so right.

This is Very Normal by zamwessell
E - 3,400
Not a hard kink, really - but not your usual roleplay/cosplay, either.

Not About Angels by MellyTheHun
E - 258,900 (This is a 4 part series, part 4 a WIP)
There are many tragic Hux backstories; this is pretty much the most tragic.  You also get sexy sparring, lots of Phasma The Awesome Friend, and a fantastic slow burn.  Also has something I really enjoy, where you get everything from two different POVs - the second one after you’ve spent a lot of time with the first and have largely accepted that one’s interpretation of events.

In a Place Where No One Appeared by @gefionne
E - 119,500
Immediately post-TFA, Snoke orders Hux to take Ren to Arkanis for recuperation.  We get tragic Hux backstory and a great slow burn.

Ex Machina by sual
E - 32,700
If there were more of this kind of fic, I’d make ‘Ben Solo Master of Droids’ a trope category b/c what can I say, I like droids and this author provides plenty of “cruel and unusual uses for droids”.   AU where Ben sees his future as Kylo Ren and rejects it - but is still an odd bird.  Surprisingly touching.

Anyone But You by zamwessell
E - 14,900
College AU.  Conservative & closeted Senator’s son Hux hooks up with liberal artist Ben.  LOTS of loud sexual encounters follow.  So much sexier than James Carville & Mary Matalin.  

And There Will Your Heart Be Also by jellyfishsodapop and oorsprong / @gentleman-caller
E - 38k
Kylo Ren is a considerate lover like a boss to blushing virgin Hux.  WHO KNEW.

Aletheia by @badspacebabies and @reserve
E - 40,200
Kylo is not a nice man.  Poor Hux’s brain, having so many memories altered.  NO KYLO!

Arranged Marriage, Fake/“Temporary” Marriage, and Other Forms of Forced Relationship

Husband by @eralkfang
E - 1,700
“Hux and Kylo get smashed when they’re on a random planet, and end up getting married - and having the wedding night to go with it. They wake up the next day, are suitably horrified, and vow to get an annulment asap.  Except they don’t. And they keep having sex. And one night, Hux calls him husband and Kylo comes right there and then.”

In This Life and All Others by @fakeandinspace
E - 47,600
An in-canon-verse AU where things went a different way post-Empire.  “The firstborn child of the Organa family and the firstborn child of a prominent military family, the Huxes, have been promised to each other since before birth, as a means of sealing a peaceful arrangement between the mercenary remains of the Empire’s military and a prominent ruling family of the galaxy” - One party DOES NOT WANT.  At least, at first.  Sweet and patient study of these 2 idiots getting to know each other.

Raise Your Hands With Burning Candles by @everknowing
M - 22k
12 year old Ben Organa is kidnapped by the First Order; his public image is managed by them, including in time a fake relationship with rising star Hux.  The story is told via an effective and clever multimedia approach - blog posts, texts, chat logs.

A Balanced Tribute by @cracktheglasses
E - 5k
Medieval AU; Rey weds Emperor Hux for the good of her land.  It’s a bit crowded in this marriage, though.  I could read 100k more of this tbh.

Ghosts, Witches, Monsters, Eldritch Horrors, Etc.

Honey, It Will Come Back by Flyting, @agoodflyting
T - 4,300
Pet Sematary on The Finalizer.  Very creepy.

Ghosts by Flyting, @agoodflyting
G - 1,800
As the author notes, ‘Obvious Plot Twist is Obvious’ - but wrenching nonetheless.

The Hanged Man by @that-vicious-vixen
E - 13,300
The Hux children meet a monster of a man who seems to have emerged from the forest behind their Savannah, GA home.  The eldest son gets involved despite his better judgement.  One tag: “I’m not super great at keeping things dark so it’s somehow violent and fluffy?”

List #2 
List #3 
List #4
List #5
List #6

Rant of the day: I can’t FUCKING BELIEVE that there is a FUCKING ANTI on the hetalia fandom making a WHOLE FUCKING BLOG to list “bad blogs”

Before starting: in absolute NO CIRCUNSTANCE this is a motive to go there and harass them in ANY WAY.
If you harass someone, no matter the reason, you are a terrible human being and I’m disgusted by you.

*very deep and tired sigh*


SO FUCKING TIRED of dealing with antis bullshit on the Voltron fandom. I am tired of seeing they harass people, I am tired of seing their shit on the tags I like, but, mostly:

They keep claiming over and over again that incest ships (even self-cest), pedophilia ships and abusive/toxic ships means that whoever ship those are inherently endorsing those things in real life and that those shippers are inherently bad people. They say “fiction afects reality” and think that they are the paladins of truth and justice and protectors of children/minors. 

*very deep and annoyed sigh*

First of all, bitch, YES, MOTHERFUCKER, WE KNOW THAT FICTION AFFECT REALITY. That is why people demand representation in media and that is why people demand better media.


They keep claiming “oh, children will see incest/pedophilia/abuse/rape in fandom and they will think that it is ok in real life”


Dear antis,
If YOUR PARENTS failed to educate you that incest/pedophilia/abuse/rape is wrong, that is, honestly, YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM!

This is the internet and I ain’t your mama. I’m not here to shelter people against all and every heavy content. 

I’m on the internet and on fandom since I was 11/12 (I don’t remember when). 
I basically raised myself in fandom and I learned about sex and sexuality in fandom firstly.
My first mlm ship was between a 15 yo and a 30 yo. I shipped it, I liked it AND I, WITH 12/13 YEARS OLD KNEW, WITHOUT A SHITTY ANTI TELLING ME THAT, THAT THAT WASN’T OK IN REAL LIFE!

Antis treat people, especially minors, as if they were stupid. 
They treat fiction as if it was a case of “monkey see, monkey do” when that is hardly the case.

People who were socialized correctly WILL NOT EVER THINK THAT THAT IS OK IN REAL LIFE!

Antis treat people as if it was sinful and heinous to like heavy or more problematic stuff/ships.



Meaning that it is ok to like reading/seeing about those kind of things. IT IS NORMAL! (also, before someone asks: yes, it is also ok not to like it. Both are part of the human nature, and one is not more right or wrong than the other. They are just part of humanity. They just are. Period).


Of course, that there is a huge “but” on that.


As I said, I’m in fandom since I was 11/12.
I’ve seen/read a lot of shit during those 14/13 years that I’m in this internet life.
A lot of shit.
And every single fucking time I seen/read some shit, I WAS THE ONE WHO ACTIVELLY CLICKED ON IT.I CHOOSE TO DO THAT.
I’ll never forget about the time when I was starting on the hetalia fandom and I used to read UsUk stuff (yeah, a long time ago, in a galaxy far away…) that I read some heavy fanfics from the same author, about rape, torture and brainwashing (until this day, I’ll never forget that author’s name and I’ll pronounce it just like Timmy Turner’s dad (from Fairy Godparents) pronounce “Dinkleberg”).
That stuff REALLY messed up with my head for a few weeks.
I had ALREADY read some of their stuff (and I was grossed out about it)

You see, that is how the internet works: ONE CHOOSES TO SEE OR NOT!


One last fallacy that the antis LOVE to say is that “adults can use pedo/abuse/incest shipt to groom young children and abuse them uwu”




Predators had existed since the beginning of humanity. In Rome, for example, there were parties where the guests were offered little children (5 to 12 yo) FOR THEM TO RAPE. 


Again: if antis parents failed to show them that incest/pedophilia/abuse/rape is wrong, it is hardly my or anyone in the internet job to teach that to antis. 

Normal minors, children that already know (because their mamas raised no fools) that incest/pedophilia/abuse/rape is wrong, will see problematic content and either avoid it (and learn how to manage their own internet experience) or will explore it (again: there is nothing wrong in liking heavy content, and people start developing their sexuality and their interests during puberty, between 11 to 19 yo. And NO, SEEING/READING ABOUT PEDOPHILIC SHIPS WON’T MAKE PEOPLE PEDOPHILES. THIS IS NOT “MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO”!!!! THAT JUST MEANS THAT THOSE PEOPLE WILL LIKE THAT KIND OF CONTENT)

Normal people (most of the people except antis) don’t need antis to tell them what is right and what is wrong. 


You know with what kind of media the predators groom children? 
With SFW work!!!!
With PG works!!!!!


Of course, to all rule there is a counter example.
Yes, I’ve already read about cases of people who were in fact groomed and that their abuser used pedo/abuse/incest ships to try to justify it. 
Yes, I’ve already read about “the lolita effect” in Japan about predators using that kind of ships to justify their actions.
1) That is not the rule (Japan has a little more problems with this part, but it is not my place, as a westerner, to lecture them without more information on the topic and on their culture)
2) That is bad usage of media and it could happen with ANY MEDIA.
Again, another anedoct of my life: I’ve met a girl a few years ago (I was 18 and she was 19) who had been groomed when she was 12 with pokemon.
I don’t think so.
(She was all right, by the way. She told her mom who called the cops. I think they arrested the guy. Yikes. At least she got more careful on the internet after that).


Do I like pedo ships? Hell No!
Do I like incest ships? Hell No!
DO I like rape ship? …well, I had to be guilty of something, I guess…
Do I like abuse ships? Hell No!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *screaming to the void with anger*

Originally posted by mariaslittlestuff

Righ, ok. 

If the fandom is so worried about predators and all, what can we effectively do?

I’m glad you asked!

We have to talk about our inner problems (like some fetization of mlm ships that fandons in general still have) AND we have to discuss these subjects between ourselve.
Again, anedocte of my life: I was 15 and I still shipped that 15/30 yo ship (the same ship). I met online other people who shipped it, including a new shipper, younger than us (ages between 16 to 12, the 12 was the new shipper). We talked with the new shipper about how we loved our ship, of course, but how that would be gross in real life. The new shipper was a little dazzled with the fantasie of an older man liking them (just like I had been when I was 12/13) like it happened on the ship. So we the older shippers talked with them about how that doens’t happen in real life like that and how if an older man showed interests on her that would be really messed up. She got a little annoyed with us in the beginning (since she already knew that), but in the end she knew a little bit more about how to spot a predator (since we were talking about what we knew on the subject).
That is just one example of my life, but I think many other people out in the internet have other nice examples.
That is, in my opinion, the most powerful weapon against abuse and predators: information and support. Instead of censoring a “bad ship” and cocooning the new shipper in a bubble of ignorance, we talked about it with her and she learn something important for her life. That is what anyone can do.

If you can, do it. 
If you can call the cops, even better.
That is how we can help.
That is what antis don’t do.
Recently on the Voltron fandom, someone showed screenshots of an anti discord chat where it was posted a link to a rapist blog on tumblr with the caption “PLEASE REPORT THIS FUCKER”. 
The antis mocked that. 
They did nothing.
Then, when the conversation leaked, they acused the person that sent the link of exposing them to troubling content (as if the person had sent the link just to rile them up and not to get help reporting the motherfucker).

If you have the money, of course.
Since I am broke 99% of the time, I can only reblog stuff and pray for the best, but if you have some money and you want to help that is a good oportunity.
There are also other ways to the fandom to help too!
A good example on the Voltron fandom was the Sheith Zine, that donated all the profits to one of those institutions (I can’t remember which now)



Originally posted by usedpimpa

Last note: if you want to talk about it, I’m really more civil than this in one-one conversations. As long as you keep the respect (and sarcasm is still considered a disrespect in this blog), I’ll keep the respect and won’t scream (maybe put stuff in bold for emphasis, but that is it)

The Shinsenlosers - I

Chapter one: A start with broken things

Okita Sougo threw the green-coloured bills on the table in front of the woman. They were in the Snack Smile cabaret, liked for being one of the rare neutral club where you could have fun without being part of the Yakuzas, and without being led to unfortunate accidents. The Shinsengumi took up after the feudal wolves for their name, their ways could be compared to their precursors: they roamed through the streets of Roponggi and Kabuki districts, and kept them relatively calm from other gangs.

Keep reading


You are starting to annoy yourself with the quiet sound of your pencil tapping as you wait for your last class of the day to end. The day has dragged on so long and you are honestly just ready to go home and enjoy some Netflix and snacks. The shrill of the loud bell goes off and you are nearly the first one out the door until your calculus teacher, Mr. Wells, calls your name and tells you to stay behind.

You let out a groan internally and pivot on your heels to walk back to his messy desk. You go to question why he’s keeping you after class when he cuts you off, “You’re a tutor to Parker now, somethings up with that kid and he’s nearly failing my class. You two will have to arrange the place of study on your own and this will continue until he is back to at least an A+.” Mr. Wells doesn’t even look at you the entire time he’s talking. Instead, he’s doing his usual crossword puzzle from a People magazine. You stand with your jaw slightly dropped in protest that he has the nerve to throw this onto you with no warning. When you go to try and finally get a word in he says, “And if you can’t handle this I will find someone else, but that certainly wouldn’t look good on a teacher recommendation to me.”

It has now been two days after that confrontation in Mr. Wells classroom after school and you had managed to get a hold of Peter Parker’s number and set up the first tutoring session of many for today. You were sitting in the library on your phone waiting for Peter and he was already 10 minutes late. You let out a sigh and then turned your head to see Peter and a kid named Ned Leeds from your French class whisper yelling to each other. You tried your best to hear what they were saying because Ned had accidentally said your name a little too loud.

“Dude, This is your chance Peter! You can finally tell her how you feel!”

“Ned you don’t understand, she doesn’t like guys like us. Do you see how the football guys look at her?”

Ned rolls his eyes and pushes Peter towards you. You quickly look back down to your phone and smile, pretending to not hear that the guy you’ve had a crush on since last year likes you.

Peter walks over to the table you’re sitting at and mutters an apology for being late. He acts very shy and you can see a crimson blush on his face. You catch yourself accidentally staring at him a little too long and then clear your throat to ask him if he’s ready to get started.

You have now had eight tutor sessions with Peter and you’ve gotten quite close. You guys now have a routine of alternating studying at each other’s apartments and stocking up on snacks you both like. You have enjoyed each other’s company so much, that you have actually gone to see movies together and go on afternoon walks around Queens.

 Everything has been great but you’ve noticed something about Peter that you’ve never had the courage to speak up about. When you look back at Peter’s work to review, its flawless. The equations are so perfectly executed and you admit it’s out of your knowledge completely. Peter hasn’t needed your help with the assignments at all, even since the first tutoring session.

After Peter has completed another question without even the slightest mistake, he goes back to telling you his story about something funny he did as a child. You aren’t even listening at this point because you are looking at his paper in disbelief. “Y/N? Y/N? Were you even listening?” He asks with a slightly confused tone. You take a deep breath and look down, and then look back at him.

“Peter I need to ask you something.” You say abruptly, and he gives a slight nod for you to continue. “Peter, you don’t need my help. I see your work and its perfect. You are obviously a genius so why would Mr. Wells assign me to tutor you?” He looks taken back by your statement and inhales sharply, getting himself ready to answer the question he hoped he’d never have to hear.

“IhavelikedyouforareallylongtimeandyouarereallyprettyandIknowyoudontdateloserslikemebutIcanthelpitbecauseyouresobeautifulandkindandIcantbelieveimsayingthisrightnow-” You stop his rambling by smiling and putting a finger to his lips. He looks very surprised that you are smiling and then puts himself together to give you an understandable explanation. “You’re really cute and it’s ruining my life because I think about kissing you all the time. I catch myself not even paying attention in class anymore because of it.” He lets out a breath and then looks at you with wide eyes, “I didn’t mean to say that! I mean like- Oh god that sounded bad! Shit, kissing you doesn’t sound bad I meant-” You shush him by placing a gentle kiss to his lips and pulling away before things could develop.

“Peter its okay, I like you too.” You say quietly, blushing and looking down. He stares at your for a second to make sure he’s actually hearing this correctly, “You do? Why haven’t you ever said anything?” You smile and laugh, “I was going to eventually, I was just giving you a chance to speak up. You’re terrible at keeping secrets.”

“You’d be surprised.” He laughs, you just roll your eyes playfully and ignore his comment. He looks at you adoringly before gently taking your jaw into his hands and pressing a kiss to your lips and you can’t help but grin at how perfect everything is right now.

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anonymous asked:

hi <3 please help me get into hotshot! i've been listening to their songs for a while but i realized i don't know a lot about the members... where do i start? :o

I did something like this before but I didn’t do  a really good job so here we go:-)( sorry this was all I could think of at the time  about each member :s)

Sorry this is really long , but I hope it helpes 

We’ll start with the members first :

  • This ray of sunshine and one of the most precious human beings  is Hoshot’s Leader and Dad Junhyuk(choi Junhyuk) ( and yes he refers to himself as dad
  • He was a former SM trainee 
  • His nickname is Choi Giraffe ( if you see hotshot stand together in pictures , you’ll see why that’s his nickname )
  • He calls  his fans loves and write all his fancafe post by hand ;__; and it’s the cutest thing in the world.
  • He also likes to compose his own songs X , X( he made this song for their 1 year anniversary :’)))))

Next is Hotshot’s mom Timoteo ( kim moonkyu)

  • To get this out of the way he was also an SM trainee and he was one of the original members EXO, but he left because of the stress he got from his parents and didn’t want to  wait anymore.
  • Also he knows a ton of people such as Taemin , Kai, Niel , Sehun , kyuhyun  the list goes on. The other members make  jokes about  when ever they go somewhere to perform Timoteo would already know someone there.
  • He is also Hotshot’s main dancer and sub vocal and rapper
  • he was baptized as Timothy,which is where his stage name comes from
  • he’s also a really good dancer some examples : X,X,X

Next is Hotshot adorable krumper Kid monster

  • He’s Hotshot’s main dancer , lead vocal and since I’m a hotshot ™ a rapper
  • He loves doing his joker impersonation and his throat talent 
  • He was a former YG trainee
  • was a part of a krump dance crew ( i forgot the name of it srry :/)
  • his nickname is Kimon (short for kid monster), which is why you’ll see people tag him as that rather than kid monster

Next is Hotshot’s happy virus Sungwoon

  • If i remember correctly his nickname is Real man , why ,I have no idea
  • He auditioned for JYP ( revently found his auditon video here 
  • Says he can impersonate the Korean version of spongebob and squidward  X 
  • He’s their main vocal and he really does have an amazing voice( X)
  • oh and he also was a feature in Chad No future’s MV (i’m not going to link it , i’m doing you a favor)( i never watched the mv but i already know sungwoon was the only good thing about that MV

Next is Hotshot’s adorable awkward rap San ( yoonsan)

  • Well he is Hotshot’s main rapper and literally spits fire (X) (X) (X)
  • need more proof here’s his soundcloud (X) ( might as well just download his mixtape now )
  • he lived in france for about 7/8 years
  • he can impersonate megatron’s voice
  • honestly if you need to know more about him  just remember that he said one of his supporting moments was when he eats cheese
  • oh and he really like cheese burgers :”) (x)

Last but not least is Hotshot adorable maknae in charge of aegyo and imo hotshot’s 2nd selfie prince Hojung 

  • He’s Hotshot’s Lead vocal
  • Honestly he’s an adorable little dork , i mean come on one of his talents is dancing to my name’s  Just tell me
  • he used to be called K.HO
  • he also lived in Thailand
  • plus also there was that one time he had a rap battle against sungwoon  and got the title king of rap(x)


Finally here are some videos to get to know them a bit better (in case you haven’t seen them already)

Here are  some of their pre-debut stuff here 

Vol.1 / Vol.2 /Vol.3 / Vol.4 / Vol.5 (warning might just steal your soul) 

Then here are some interviews you can watch of them  and their 24 hours video:

Also recently Hotshot debuted in the Chinese market so here was the music battle they did against timez (x)

If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing here are some snippets i’ve linked :

  • Watch Out  Chinese performance (X)
  • Manuel of Youth cover (X)
  • Hotshot Vs Timez relay dance battle (SRSLY WATCH THIS ) (X)
  • Hotshot little apple cover (X)

Then to end it all here are some other videos of them (none of these are subbed , but pls still watch them !!!)

Alright I think this is everything , ENJOY GETTING INTO HOTSHOT :D !!