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KyoHaba AU where Yahaba and Kyotani are adults and live together, with their big fluffy dog Ken. (I will draw that doggy someday :3 ) This pic shows their morning cuddle in bed, Kyotani then wants to take his dog out but Yahaba is quite horny in morning and doesn´t want to release his baby after he gets some..  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Guys, we’re in dire need of a Hidoku Shinaide raw provider.

If there is someone out there who purchases the Be x Boy magazine and would provide us with HQ Hidoku scans shortly after the releases, please message us.
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harry: [shows up somewhere]

no homo hq: shit shit shit. get over here right now.

someone: me?

no homo hq: yes you, man in khaki cargo shorts. we need to release some pics of louis anywhere but holmes chapel asap.

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companions react to Sole being gravely injured because of them (e.g. taking a fatal bullet?) >;3c

Great idea!

You though it was gonna be all fluffs and rainbows on this blog? HECK NO! Enjoy 3,000 + words of suffering plebs. (Love you ^3^).

Hancock: They knew better, they knew better. Hancock pressed his fists into his forehead. Sole was bleeding out, right there in front of him on some dirty Goodneighbor back alley. The shady chem dealers were already painting the concrete with the inside of their skulls, but so was his Sole. They knew better than to jump in front of him like that. “Gah, why ‘ya gotta go and do stuff like that?” Hancock kneels beside Sole and bends down to rest his forehead on their tummy. They had already stopped breathing; he noticed that whenever his head kept sitting perfectly still on Sole’s armor. The ghoul scrunched up his face and clenched his teeth; it was all he could do without his tear ducts.

He doesn’t cry, and he doesn’t sob or moan. He just sits there for a while, waiting for Sole’s heat to eventually disperse because he knows that when he finally notifies Dr. Amari, that would be the last time he ever got to see Sole. So he lay there, silently staring at Sole’s long vacated expression. He eventually reaches out to grasp one of their hands. They’re starting to feel cold. He lets out a shuddering sigh. It’s time.

Getting up felt awful, like there was a lead ball rolling around in his head. Hancock finally began to break down as he picked Sole up. He had to bite on his bottom lip to keep it from trembling, and almost bit down hard enough to draw blood when a sob worked its way to the surface. When he entered the Memory Den’s basement, Dr. Amari took Sole from his arms. She let him say one last goodbye. Hancock gives Sole one last touch to their hand, “See ya later pal.”

Nick: “I can’t believe you!” Nick scolded Sole. “That was stupid! That was beyond stupid! I can be replaced with parts Sole, you can’t!” Nick crushed Sole to his chest as he made a mad dash to the Old Church. Barreling into Railroad HQ, Nick shoves Drummer Boy out of his way. He needs to see Carrington. “I need some help here dammit!” Nick yelled. “Calm down Mr. Valentine, please! Let me see Charmer.” The doctor swiped all of the equipment off one of the desks sitting around and ordered Nick to put Sole there. Nick forced his hands to release Sole, but he still hovered over Carrington. A small audience had begun to form a little ways from scene. “If I could have some space please, everyone.” Carrington frowns at the gathering agents.

Nick left with the others and marched outside. It was too crowded for him to think down in that awful crypt. That thought would’ve made him vomit if he could.  About a pack of cigarettes later, Drummer Boy came up to fetch him. “Dr. Carrington’s got them stable, but…” The messenger lets the sentence die on his lips. Nick understands well enough. This might be Sole’s last night here in the Commonwealth, in his life.

As he walked back in, Nick saw Sole resting on a secluded mattress in the back of HQ. He took a seat beside their head. “Hey kid.” The silence was killing him. “Did I ever tell you about the time I tracked Ellie while she was on a date? The guy was a real creep, but Ellie had never been more embarrassed to see me in her entire life. Heh.” Nick blinked a few times as if tears were forming in his yellow eyes. “I got another one for ya,” and Nick began telling Sole all of his best detective stories to a sleeping Sole. He stayed with them until he saw the last breath leave their body. Nick squeezed his hands into fists as he closed his eyes. Without another word, he left the building. As he pulled out his last cigarette, he regrets not being able to tell Sole his stories while they were still alive to enjoy them.

MacCready: “No, SOLE!” MacCready tried to stop Sole, but it was too late. They had already pushed their way in front of the aimed gun. “SOLE!” Two shots rang out. One from the bullet that blew through the raider’s head, and one from the bullet that was meant for MacCready, but pierced Sole’s heart instead. MacCready could only watch as Sole slowly sunk to the ground. The mercenary hopped over his cover and ran to Sole, dropping his gun in the process. He fell to his knees and grabbed Sole underneath their upper body and put their head on his lap. Sole was halfway breathing through gurgling blood, and their eyes kept focusing in and out on MacCready’s face.

“Come on Sole, don’t you die on me! I’m supposed to protect you remember? Why would you do something so ridiculously stupid!” MacCready’s body shook, and he glared at Sole through the tears that began to gently splish onto Sole’s cheeks. Sole makes a few sounds as if they want to tell MacCready something, but before they can make it out, their eyes roll into the back of their head. MacCready clenches his teeth and digs his fingers into Sole’s shoulders.

“Sole I swear! You can’t leave me alone here! I-I’m afraid of being alone! I’m afraid of not having you by my side everyday! Without you, I’m just another mercenary living between hits, and I c-can’t do that again. Not after th-this. What we h-had.” He couldn’t continue, his words beginning to devolve into hiccupping sobs. He wasn’t sure how long he stayed, but MacCready held onto Sole until he finished crying every last tear he had stored in his body.

Deacon: Deathclaw, an ambush from behind. Deacon decided that he was definitely not made for close combat. The barrel of his rifle was caught between himself and the beast, and the metal began to buckle towards his face. It can only bend so far. “DEACON!” Sole launches themselves into Deacon as the gun snaps. Deacon falls away, and after landing in the packed dirt, he rolls over. For something so horrific, it’s eerily quiet. Sole’s head hangs low over their chest and their feet dangle as they slump over, suspended from the lizard’s impaling claws. “SOLE!” Deacon screams; he puts a bullet in through the monster’s eye. Sole slides off the blades and onto the ground as the Deathclaw falls backwards.

Deacon stood there, no expression, too shocked. He stumbled forward onto his knees. It takes a minute to begin crawling to his fallen partner. As he hovered over them, their glassy eyes stared vacantly over his head. “Hey Charms. C’mon now, you c-can’t fool me. Charmer? Come on Charms wake up!” He slaps their face a few times. “Charms? Sole?” Deacon heaved as a sudden hurt in his chest stole his breath away. “No. No no no! You can’t do this to me Sole! Wake the hell up!” Deacon slammed his fist into the dirt beside Sole’s head; he’s lost his composure. “Dammit Sole get up! GET UP! Oh my g- Sole!  You cannot be serious. You told me to let you in and I did! You said you would help me, and now you’re gonna fucking LEAVE ME! YOU’RE A FUCKING HYPOCRITE SOLE! DAMMIT! DAMMITDAMMITDAMMIT!”

Deacon screams and falls back, holding his head in his hands, sitting beside a dead Sole. He started to sob, and then he couldn’t stop. He’d held it all in for so long: the UP gang, the murder, Barbara, and now Sole. “AAAAAHHHHHAHAAHAAAA! AHHHHHHHHHGGHHHH! AUGH! Ough! Oh!” When he can’t scream anymore Deacon just wails, and his hiccupping sobs jerked his chest with every breath. “Help me Sole. Please.” His head hurt from the sobbing, and he was so tired. He carefully made his way to lay down beside Sole. As he finally drifted off, he can only think of how he never got to say goodbye.

Danse: It was a suicider. Danse’s power core knew just when to fizzle out, and then he was locked in place as the brute sprinted toward him. He closed his eyes braced himself for a potentially gory death, but the beeping began to fade. When Danse looked up, he saw Sole distracting the suicider away from him. “SOLE!” He cried. “ARE YOU INSANE? RUN!” As if Sole wasn’t already, but the supermutant was too, and he was faster. Danse could only helplessly watch from his suit as Sole disappeared in a flare of blinding light. “SOLE!” The paladin exited his armor as fast as possible and ran to where Sole had poofed away. He discovered their body face-down in a steaming crater. An involuntary sound escaped Danse’s normally cold façade. He scooped up the broken, crumpled Sole.

“Don’t you die on me soldier! We still have work to do!” Danse shook his partner, “Open your eyes, Sole! Now’s not the time to be resting!” Danse refused to believe the futility of his efforts. He placed Sole back down on the ground and began jamming stimpacks into their thigh. After two, he grabs Sole’s shoulders and shakes them again, harder this time. “Sole! Can you hear me?” Danse searches their face for any sort of movement. Nothing… Nothing.

“ARGH!” Danse unravels, and he just didn’t understand why why why Sole did it. He’s so angry. So angry, but he can’t tell Sole. They’ve gone somewhere they can’t hear him anymore. Danse balls his fists into Sole’s jumpsuit and pulls them to him. He wants to cry. He wants to, but nothing came out. He just sat there, holding Sole and breathing heavily as he realizes more and more how divided he is from them. “You were careless.” He whispers into their unhearing ear. “This is not where I needed you soldier. I need you here. Without the brotherhood and without you… where am I supposed to go now?”

Preston: It was supposed to be routine. How many times had he and Sole already fended off raiders from the settlements? They were holing up behind a wall for cover when Sole suddenly hugged Preston’s side. Preston jumped at the embrace. Why, of all places, did Sole decide to bond while under fire behind a flimsy plywood wall, but then he saw it. Their eyes glazed over, and Sole started sinking against him. “General!” Preston quickly hooked his arms under Sole’s shoulders to lift them up. “General, answer me!” Preston felt Sole’s blood seeping into his jacket.

“Oh, no no please no!” Preston held Sole to him as he lowered them both to the ground. “Sole.” He tried one more time, breathing unevenly. They were laying down now, the firefight still blazing above them. Preston looked into Sole’s unresponsive gaze, and he could feel his anchor slipping away. Suddenly he was back in a dark place, without Sole and without a will to live.

Preston just laid there with his General. The settlers had already pushed the raiders back, but no one had discovered the pair behind one of the shacks. Preston couldn’t sleep, and he couldn’t feel. Everything was numb; the only color he had in this life had faded away. Finally, a single tear blinked free from Preston’s eyes, and the minuteman’s lips began to quiver with shaky breaths. He wept softly into his General’s coat and waited for blessed sleep to take him away.

X6-88: X6 slaughtered them. He killed the Gunners, all of them. It was the only thing he could think of to do so that he wouldn’t have to look at Sole’s bullet riddled body. But now, all the Gunners were dead, and Sole was still there, looking up at the sky with white eyes. It was unsettling, and X6 didn’t like it. The courser was still processing the event as he stood over his dead charge. He was supposed to protect them, and now he felt faulty. Sole’s death felt like an error in the code, and for once, X6 envied the Gen 1 synths. They didn’t have to feel the cold misery of failure, of loss.

He doesn’t want to touch them. He’d touched plenty of dead bodies before, disposal, but he couldn’t build up the strength needed to touch Sole. He felt like turning himself into the Synth Retention Center. He felt like sitting beside Sole forever. He felt like following them, even though he knows that’s a stupid and selfish thought.

He decided to ignore his impulses, and left, not looking back once. He lost himself in wandering, and never again activated his courser chip. Let the Institute come find him, he thought, all they’ll find is a defective machine.

Curie: Curie refused to believe it: Her Sole, laying there on the ground with a halo of blood pooling around them. She should have been more vigilant instead of trying to look at some stupid plant. She didn’t even notice the mongrel dog stalking her. All Curie knew was the sudden pressure of Sole leaping into her side and the spray of warm blood across her cheeks. The shock is pervading, and it prevented her from sobbing. Curie could only look on, wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

“Sole.” She put a delicate, shaking hand on the wound. Stimpacks! She remembers. The panic flooded into her body with full force at the recollection. “Sole! Please hold on! I have some stimpacks. Oh no, please do not let it be too late. Oh, oh!” Curie fumbled the syringes out of her knapsack and grasped the medicine with trembling hands. She completely missed Sole on the first try. “No! Zhis stupid human body is too clumsy!” Tears began to flow hysterically onto her cheeks now and made it even harder to apply the needle, but somehow Curie managed to inject Sole. “Sole, please wake up!”

But Sole just continued to lie there, giving the horizon a thousand-yard stare. Cait throws herself on top of Sole desperately. “Please Sole, please! I do not want to experience zhis world wizout you! Oh Sole, I’m so sorry! I’m so so sorry! Oh!” Curie lets the hysteria roll through her in waves until she’s too tired to weep anymore. Curie remembers having to bury her companions in Vault 81, and cannot bear to leave Sole’s body to rot in the sun. Curie spent the next twelve hours digging and digging and digging a grave for her Sole, and the next twelve she spent digging and digging and digging a grave for her grief.

Cait: “Ya better wake yer’ ass up now Sole!” Cait smacked Sole’s face, then smacked it again. “C’mon you brainless idiot, get up! Argh!” Cait threw Sole back against the wall and started pacing hopelessly around the room. Stupid fuckin’ ferals! And she’d been so daft not to realize one was comin’ straight for her. Sole brawled with the glowing one, and it took a good bite out of their neck. So much blood; not even this much covered the mat in the Combat Zone.

“Why’d you go hand to hand with a feral Sole, WHY?” Cait stopped pacing to crunch down over her knees, holding her shins. “I can’t fuckin’ breathe! I can’t breathe Sole and it’s your own damn fault!” Fingers through her hair, Cait was back up to pacing until finally collapsing in front of Sole. The brawler grabbed Sole’s empty face with both hands and searched with all the intensity she could muster to divine some kind of life in those eyes.

When nothing intelligent greeted Cait from within Sole’s depthless cold eyes, she began to dry heave a little. Cait’s jittery hands fished out a jet canister from one of her pockets. She pushed away the thought of how disappointed Sole would be if they could see her now,;one month clean and about to throw it all away. But to hell with it, she thought, it’s not like they’ll ever know. As the jet hit Cait, she felt her emotions evaporate into a blissful numbing sensation; she didn’t even register when her head hit the floor.

Piper: Out of all the things, a wild, irradiated radstag. A radstag! There Sole was, skewered several times over on the front of the dead radstag. Sole just jumped in front of it and lodged a knife between its eyes. It could have been her, but Sole just… “Oh Blue- Blue! Oh no- Oh my-“ Piper dropped to her knees, defeated. The tears came without effort. Piper reached out her tremor-addled hands to Sole’s suspended body. She tried at first to gently pull Sole off, but the horns were too deeply lodged inside Sole’s ribs. It was almost enough to cause Piper to vomit right there.

“Aaargh!” With a pained wail Piper ripped Sole from the radstag’s antlers, and Sole’s body fell lifelessly onto Piper. “AAAA!” Piper screams as Sole lands on her: so much blood. Piper couldn’t assemble the strength to push Sole off of her. She just let her beloved friend’s body hang limply over her as she cried into the night. “Soooooole! Oh Sole!”

Finally Piper calmed down enough to shove Sole off of her, and she stumbled as she stood up. She ran; she ran so far away, lungs burning at the rush of the cold night air. She kept calling Blue’s name, waiting for them to catch up to her and flash her their smile as they sprinted past her. It didn’t happen. It never would. Piper cried more at the thought, and it was harder to see through the tears. She tripped over some steps and just crumpled at the bottom. Sleeping there for the night, bruised and contorted, hurt a lot less than losing Blue.

Codsworth: “Sir/mum?” Codsworth hovered over Sole’s crumpled body. “Please say something, I need to know that you’re alright.” Sole didn’t respond. “S-Sole? Please… please don’t do this. Please.” Codsworth begged, and he wished with all of his circuitry that he could cry. He wished he could have picked Sole up and taken them to get help, but his ridiculous appendages were useless! He felt so useless! Useless! Useless! He’d spent the last two hundred damn bloody years washing a useless car, now he’s too useless to help his one and only family member, and as for the forseeable future it looked like he was going to be useless for the next two-hundred years too! “Sir/mum please! You must get up! Please! I’ve waited for so long to be a family again, you can’t just leave now! I-I can’t, I can’t… I…” Codsworth began to weep as much as his metal and circuits would let him. He turned off his hover function and dropped down on the hard tile beside Sole, rolling over a little to rest against their side. “I’m coming with you sir/mum. Wait for me.” Codsworth powers down one last time.

Dogmeat: Dogmeat watched in horror as his owner was flung through the air. They had thrown themselves on a grenade thrown close to his paws. Dogmeat dashed to where Sole landed, and tried to nuzzle them awake. When Sole did’t budge, Dogmeat began to whimper and paw at their arm. “Arf! Arf!” Dogmeat looksed around desperately and ran off. He came back with a stick and drops it into Sole’s motionless hand. Dogmeant whined again and again until the whines morphed into solemn howls. He kept his vigil for an hour until he finally curled up beside Sole for one final cuddle.


Strong has lost brothers before, but grief to this degree he had never experienced. He made sure to smash those puny humans for what they did to Sole, and when he was finished he left immediately. He didn’t want to remember Sole as a dead thing in the ground. From that day forward he called off his search for the milk of human kindness, and before he left the area, he called out to Sole, “YOU BROKE PROMISE.”

What Happened at BBC HQ Yesterday
  • BBC: [is surveying the tjlc portion of followers daily on tumblr, notices that many have lately taken a liking to "Yuri on Ice" and often comment on how much they enjoy the actual canon engaged gays]
  • BBC: Alright. If that's how they want to play it. Joe- release the trailer.
  • Joe: Which one? Didn't they just say we'd be releasing a trailer in a few days? Shouldn't we wai-
  • BBC: You think this is a joke, Joe? We need to remind them what they're dealing with. You KNOW which one.
  • Joe: What- but. That one was supposed to only be used as a last resort. You know what's going to-
  • BBC: WE SAID DROP THE TRAILER, JOE. DO IT. THE TIME IS NOW. Give them a taste of what we've got. They need to know that we know they know.
  • Joe: They're never going to forgive us.

160108 D&E messages & special video  ‘Winter Love’.


#HAPPYJINDAY - Favorite Album Concept Photos

Happy birthday to the ‘light of my life’, the exceptionally talented Kim Seokjin. More than just a pretty face, you’re a constant inspiration that sometimes all you need is a bit of raw talent and a lot of hard work to succeed in life. I hope that the boys are taking care of you for your birthday, just like you always take care of them.

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I just went through your whole youkai AU tag and I AM SPEECHLESS. your world-building is nothing short of masterful. I am especially excited about the upcoming daisuga! :starry eyes: And I was wondering what are the forms/shapes Suga takes the most, other than the koi fish and his human form? how powerful is he, really? oh! and in that one doodle, did Daichi have his wings somehow 'packed' in his clothes? I'm very much looking forward to more of your awesome art! :D

Suga is really, really, powerful. But his destructive powers show mostly when he’s being vengeful (which doesn’t happen very often since he’s really kind). He can use curses to create tsunamis and earthquakes and is one of the best in divination. Suga delivers important prophecies and has premonitory dreams. He usually uses this butterfly koi fish form or variations of his human form (adult/kid, male/female, long/short hair, etc). And whatever form is needed to make fun of the others eheheh. His ‘original’ form shows when he releases all of his power but he doesn’t want ppl to see that because it looks really ‘monstrous’. 

As for Daichi’s wings, the tengus can materialize or hide their wings completely whenever  they want ^^


Sherlock Holmes and the gang has apparently been able to go back in time, Jim Moriarty returning from the dead, Sherlock convention dates for the US are far out in space; unknown to fangirl-kind, episode release dates are mythological…We don’t need any more MYSTERIES, or do we?

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