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Let’s Break Down the Riggins Scene - Meta

OK so the new comic has lead a lot of people going to the conclusion that Riggins is a total and complete fucknugget. Relying on the comics is dangerous - fuck’s sake, just look at their Ken characterisation - but are they bringing in something we need to be aware of?

For reasons which are ficcish and shall at the moment remain tangential I’ve gone back through the Dirk - Riggins scene in Season 1 Episode 3 bit by bit to try and properly evaluate their reactions to one another. This is my interpretation, and I would love anyone else to volunteer their suggestions!

Dirk has literally just had his purpose affirmed and the case put on the rails: Todd has finally accepted that he needs to work with and help Dirk, there’s another clue, Amanda and Farah are working together upstairs. All. Is. Amazing!

Dirk camps his way down the stairwell and we see Riggins. In darkness. The music - a sharp, high-pitched, nails-on-a-chalk-board sound - begins. Riggins says “Hello Project Icarus” unemotionally. This is a solider. An army man. A complete contrast to Dirk’s colourful craziness that we, as the audience, have been enjoying. 

Something is wrong.

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The serie NARUTO is about A BOY who’s dream it to be a hokage. Everything was perfect till the ORIGINALLY END of the Anime. We all loved a clan. We were exerting when the first exams began every girls first crush was sasuke.. We grow up ad see how sasuke hated then began to understand and than adored itachi we hated him at first butwe cried like a river when we knew his story we grew up with Jiraya sensei being the funny guy who was there and believed in Naruto like no one else did we saw them have a bond like father and son we cried crazy when pain and his 6 man killed him we cried when tsunade couldn’t take the pain anymore there where times when we count ourselves in one of them member of akatsuki… We where so proud of Naruto when he tried to bring back sasuke and had every nation against him we where proud everytime Naruto turned a enemy into a friend… We wanted to hug him so bad when he was alone in his room and needed fiends… Even if people (including me) hated her we knew that sakura was one of the strongest in the village she rescued so many lives by her own. We where there when Jiraya teached Naruto the rasengan and we where there when he teached it to Konohamaru. We get so frustrated when asuma sensei died and said he’s finally words, when tsunade saw her first love at the war the way Naruto rescued and opened Gaara’s heart wa so emotional. The biggest reason to cry in a ocean was the uzumaki family reunion when he saw his father and punched him and told him that he was all alone all time, when he saw his mum and Kushina is a damn legend… The time Minato was at the war and said goodbye to him on his birthday was the day I realised how important Naruto was to me, how many things I went through with it, how many times I cried I worried I hated… I WONT ACCEPT THIS ENDING NARUTO ENDED AT THE SASUKE- NARUTO FIGHT… THANK YOU FOR ALL THESE YEARS…


little depression thing i'm sharing

i don’t think i’m probably the only one who does this but if this isn’t something u do this is probably going to seem weird and unhealthy but that’s because it is.

when i’m depressed, my bed turns into a nest of like…100 things that don’t need to be in my bed. notebooks and clothes and drink containers. i’ll literally leave them there for ages because when i’m depressed, i don’t want to leave my bed and so i just bring everything to it and leave it there because i just don’t have the motivation to take care of anything and i honestly just do not care at all. about anything. my back and body have been killing me from just sticking to one side of the bed and sleeping awkwardly and today i finally cleared my bed off and changed my sheets into nice silkier ones and i get to sleep in my full bed tonight rather than just the corner i’ve allowed myself to have.

it’s a small thing but it’s the only bit of motivation to do anything healthy and nice for myself that i’ve had in a while so i wanted 2 share. i’m gonna try to clean my room tomorrow and clear out my clutter. i think i’m ready to stop letting my space go to shit. i still really don’t care that much but i think sometimes self care is doing shit you don’t want to do because you know it’ll be better for you in the end. egh

Society is fucked up

Don’t assume someone is gay based on pictures of two friends enjoying a game together and this brings back Daisy’s quote about how people assumed her and John were together and the guy she was with in NYC; 

“Sadly, people think a guy(girl) and a girl can’t be friends without something romantic going on.” - Daisy Ridley 

stop assuming things without the full story but you don’t really need to know because its none of your business. 

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Beginning of the day. I have no twenties and 2 10s. Two older guys give me a 100(management will not bring us 20s or 10s if we need them)I ask him if he has a smaller bill(he does) and he goes back to rummaging through his wallet, pretending he doesn't, I tell him I saw the $50 in his wallet the first time he pulled out the hundred and every time after. When he gives it to me the other guy says "man if I had that kind of money at my hands I'd probably just take it and leave" looking at my drawer

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This is really random but whatever happened to mort. Adarlan fell and after that was there any mention of him. Maybe I'm just oblivious and it was stated before but like I was just pondering.

Mort should still be there because it was only the glass castle that fell. Aelin went back to the tunnel and the room when she left Adalarn in QoS, but he did not stir. So I guess he just didn’t feel the need to come to life? My guess if there was a need for him he would pop up. I am hoping that Sarah brings him back at the end of the last book, it would be so sentimental.

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When westallen get married Caitlin better not be her maid of honor.

amen to that. they better bring back linda or make kara her maid of honor. 

sidenote: i really love superwest?? i need more scenes with kara and iris. i feel like they be great friends. and she ships westallen after meeting them both just 1 time. so cute. 

Being a Winchester Headcannon

Being a Winchester would involve:

  • Being the middle child
  • But both of your brothers still look out for you
  • Being like a mother to Sam, much like Dean is a dad to Sam
  • Dying at least once, and your brothers bringing you back
  • Dean teaching you how to drive in the Impala when you were 16
  • Not getting any special treatment from your dad because you were a girl
  • Helping Sam with school if he ever needed it
  • Telling off Sam’s bullies
  • Always looking out for your brothers.
  • The three of you being very codependent on each other
  • When you were younger you and Sam would fall sleep on each other in the back of the Impala
  • You still fall asleep in the back of the Impala today, most of the time waking up with one of your brother’s jackets over you
  • Having the same antipossesion tattoo as your brothers
  • Being the only one along with Dean, who can call Sam “Sammy”
  • You and Dean constantly annoying each other
    • Sam being done with your antics
    • Sam being the mature sibling
  • Getting dragged in the middle of your brothers fights
  • Being badass
  • Forehead kisses from your brothers
  • Bearhugs
  • Hair ruffling
  • Bickering
  • Pranks
  • Generally being a step ahead of your brothers
  • When your with just one of them you get mistaken for a couple
  • Making fun of Sam and Dean when they get mistaken for a couple
  • Charlie being your first real girl friend, and you quickly become best friends.
  • Drinks with your brothers
  • Bobby being more like your dad than John
  • Cuddling between your brothers while you watch movies
  • Having to settle their arguments over the appropriate movie food
    • Having to settle their arguments over any food
  • Them coming to you when they have a problem with each other
  • Having some type of alter ego like Demon!Dean and Soulless!Sam
  • Always trusting them
  • Being very close with them
  • Reminding them that you love them and that they’re special when they need reminding (because Chuck knows they need reminding)

Just something to let out of my mind.

This week hasn’t been a great week for me. I got an emotional breakdown in the beginning of the week and had a bad headache that distracts me from working properly. I’ve always been trying to ignore the stress and throw them out of the window, but I guess I finally reached the breaking point where I just need to stop pretending I was okay. Usually, making fancomics are like my runaway ticket to feel good for myself, because I’m doing something I want to do. But, lately it has been hard to even hold my pen tablet at home and draw, I just couldn’t get the right mood that I ended up doing something else instead of starting my planned fancomics. I apologize for that.

Well, I’m okay now. I just hope things would get better at work and I can manage to balance things out. I really want to draw those planned fancomics, I still have the strong desire for it, I just need to bring back my willpower to be able to draw for myself, not for work purposes. 

I have to go to work on the weekend this week, so I need to rest up and prepare myself for tomorrow.  

“Who you want to be, doesn’t always win.”

I wanted to give my opinion of this quote because I see that a lot of people are hating on Kane and saying it’s wasn’t a good quote. I think it was a good quote and something Harper needed to hear.

In the beginning of the episode, Harper gets pulled back by this man, she freaks out and knocks him back. You see her regret while she’s looking at him on the ground, being trampled and pelted with acid rain. She wanted to help him but some people pull her back. While she’s washing off the acid rain, just by looking at her face you can see that she was thinking about him. Maybe she was wondering if she could help him.

When Bellamy and Kane bring him in, Harper thinks, “Oh. I wasn’t a good enough person to help him before, but I have an opportunity to try and be a good person and help him now.” You can see that because she stays with him the rest of the episode and keeps trying to help him.

When he dies, she is obviously distressed, Kane sees that and it’s my belief that he also noticed everything Harper did for the guy. So when Kane tries to comfort her, he says the qoute, “Who you want to be, doesn’t always win.” because he saw that she wanted and tried to be the good guy and help him after she put him into that position.

It’s wasn’t exactly a positive quote, but it told Harper that she can’t save everyone and that’s okay. Being a good guy may not have won this time, but she tried, and that’s what counts.

Amelia!! I can’t believe you brought Cristina into this wtf!! I’m over Amelia, she needs to get hit by a bus. Bring back Cristina. And just because she’s gone through something doesn’t mean she has to be so difficult jeez

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@Nova, Nova do you know any resurrection spells? We'd all love it if you could bring back Mako so Aku can sound the same as the good ol' days

Nova: umm straight resurrections no. Grim isn’t very keen on other people altering the laws of nature. and i don’t have enough cash to pay the fine. I mean i miss mako but this new guy is doing a pretty good job for the giant shoes he needs to fill. 

I caught up with Steven Universe and wow that Room for Ruby episode made me so happy?

Lapis still isn’t okay and everyone accepts that because she had an abusive relationship, they’re patient and loving but still make mistakes sometimes. That’s great writing!

Navy was adorable and fantastic characterisation! I loved her and I loved that she wasn’t what everyone assumed of her- kind of thick.

Eyeball hasn’t been completely forgotten about and there’s still room for her to come back and be a flawed, exceptional character with a dark past like I AM SO READY for her to bring the plot with her, reckon she’s the endgame for the season