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vindieselWant to take a moment to acknowledge those who have been our back bone for seventeen years. Those who helped build our foundation. Those who petitioned with me to bring Letty back… the Dotty fans… so proud of all involved. But most proud of you, the fans for maintaining your continual faith.

All love…

Sound Horizon Story Summaries
  • Chronicle: The goddess of history cannot actually control history and would really like it if this cult that followed her would stop bringing about the end times.
  • Thanatos: A little girl thinks thanatos will come kill her if she falls asleep so she daydreams about death to keep herself awake.
  • Lost: An optimist and a cynic observe a bunch of really depressing vignettes.
  • Elysion: People need to stop falling in love and killing people over it. Seriously, this is becoming a problem.
  • Roman: A consciousness that's unaware of its own origins asks two other mysterious consciousnesses to find out how he was born. One or both of them are fucking with him.
  • Moira: A greek guy's life sucks, so he decides to kill the goddess of destiny.
  • Jihad of Iberia: A half-spanish-half-muslim girl alive during the reconquista loses both of her parents. She accidentally brings a demon back to life, they fall in love, and then they kill everyone.
  • Marchen: The spirit of a man who just dies can't remember how it died, but remembers that it wants vengeance. Since he can't remember who to enact vengeance on, he helps a bunch of dead fairy tale characters get vengeance.
  • The Story of Halloween and the Night: A man dies a shitty death and the fact it's halloween doesn't make it any better. Meanwhile, a kid has his first halloween and then dies immediately after.
  • Vanishing Starlight: A man who may or may not be a self insert of the author runs into the author and they shred some sick guitar solos together.
  • Nein: Aforementioned self-insert buys a pair of sunglasses from a mysterious antique shop that turn him into a cat-themed vocaloid, doomed to forever write shitty fanfiction about all of the other Sound Horizon musicals.

What needs to happen in X-Men: Dark Phoenix

A scene that parallels the one in X3, with Charles and Erik confronting an out of control Jean Grey possessed by the Dark Phoenix. But insteading of goading her on, Erik is the one to reach Jean and bring her back…possibly with a speech about ‘Rage and Serenity’.

The Shay Cormac Painting is...FINISHED!!!

Okay so about a month ago I did a public poll here on Tunblr and deviantart on which Assassin’s Creed Character would be awsome as a commission for the AMAZING @shyredd. Now I did came across her work on first hand back last year at Midwest Brony Fest, a brony convention in Kansas City. And turns out she lives not too far from my hometown. So I figured, why not I need more art for my appartment anyways.

 After a surprising conclusion that Shay Patrick Cormac took the win beating Jacob Frye by to points (maybe that will be my next time for another commission). After discussing with @shyredd on some details and great communications over notes, we decided that this would bring all the AC fans great joy to see.

And now now without furthure do, as promised @shyredd and I give you the Shay Cormac painting!!!

And there he is in all of his Shayness!!! By gosh look at the northren lights. And the templar red on the collar.

Sparkle Dang gome Sparkle!

So to all the shay fans, heres the long antisipated painting

My friends help me out:

@babelast @sunsetagain @oreanagalena @dirtyasscreedsecrets @dirtyacjacktheripperconfessions@bunnyyumyum @napoleon-darling @connorkenwayismybae@blindgeishateahouse @romancingthecreed @shay-makes-my-luck @soracormac @shaytham-is-life @rooks-and-blighters or @assassin-tales @afterglowingassassin @kawaiiassassino @kebeo@thatonetenant @assassinscreedconfessions @assassinscreedart @assassinscreed @connorkenway-thebadass



Enjoy my sisters of the Creed! And please go check out @shyredd artwork, and if you want a commission of your favorite assassin, I reconment her! and please spread the love around!

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Hi, I've been diagnosed with ADHD since I was pretty young and I used to be on vyvanse but I used to forget to take it a lot + when I did my brain just felt so weirdly empty/calm and I ended up not taking it anymore bc I was also embarrassed of needing it, and recently I've been having a ton of trouble managing my symptoms again but I'm scared to go back on medication again can you give me advice on how to bring it up with my mom/psychiatrist?

If you want to get back on medication, you don’t have to get back on Vyvanse! There are many other options (both stimulant and non-stimulant medications) that you can try! There’s nothing wrong with you and your psychiatrist jumping around to find the right fit. Let your mom know that you want to try medication again, but that you don’t want to try Vyvanse again.

For stimulants (such as Adderall) there are some with both immediate-release and extended-release options. 

Stimulant Medication Options (* = has immediate and extended release options)

  • Adderall*
  • Dexedrine
  • Focalin*
  • Vyvanse
  • Concerta*
  • Ritalin*
  • Daytrana (medication patch)
  • Vyvanse

Non-Stimulant Medication Options

  • Strattera
  • Kapvay
  • Intuniv

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Do you think the producers, writers and/or actors already know if tbl was renewed for s5? And if so how do u think that affects the rest of s4 (if it picked up a renewal)

While I don’t think they have officially been told yet, I do believe that Bokenkamp has been given strong indications by NBC that TBL will be renewed. This is a story that needs plenty of runway to get to the endgame. And they need to know the when the last season is to write the ending - which IMO, will take a lot of episodes to get there.

They are finally moving in the direction of giving us answers, so 4C should be fulfilling in that sense. Spader said of 4C that they will give us answers but still leave stuff on the shelf (indicating that S5 is coming). They are trying to whet our appetite to bring us a big Season 5 - which could very well be the final season - or maybe not if the scripts draw more fans back in.

There are still a lot of slots on Red’s list that have yet to be filled so I am hoping they recapture the magic that was Season 1 and keep TBL going until at least Season 6 - which I believe was their original plan (Spader signed a 6 year contract).

Thanks for the question #Anon

“Some need to understand how hard it is to actually bring yourself to take a break. Many are hesitate to due to the fear of being replaced and forgotten, the fact no one will care after they come back even though people say they will. I’m one of the people that took a break and had that happen. Those people have insecurities for they already are lingering with it on a daily biases, or don’t have much resources to help them take it off of their mind, anxiety is hell, leads to further depression.”
rivalries are for straights
vintage_gays.jpg (art credit to charlattes on tumblr.)

Bringing back to oldie but still goodie ship of Kunoichi Squared, because these girls are no one’s damsel in distress.

Track list: /1/ Tell Her You Love Her - Echosmith /2/ Marina & The Diamonds Vs. Coldplay Viva La Primadonna - Zach Syrylo /3/ Outside With The Cuties - Frankie Cosmos /4/ When The Day Met The Night - Panic! At The Disco /5/ I Really Like You - Carly Rae Jepsen /6/ Touch - Shura /7/ Marina And The Diamonds & My Chemical Romance The Sharpest Bitch (Mash Up) - angrypenguin /8/ Horizon - Luna Blake /9/ Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko /10/ Beyonce - Crazy In Love (Cover) - Daniela Andrade /11/ Together - Krystal Meyers /12/ Cannibal Queen - Miniature Tigers /13/ Tear In My Heart - Twenty One Pilots

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Do you have any tips for short story writing? I'm currently writing one right now but not sure how to bring my story to a close as well as incorporate enough detail without it being too much. Very appreciative of you and your channel!😊

I do! I searched through my blog for some posts I’ve already made on short stories, so I’m just going to post them here as a comprehensive short story writing thing.


My process for stories looks like this:

First I draft, which is not always linear. Meaning if I’m halfway through and I realize I needed a scene earlier on, I jump back and write it. Mostly I do write in order, though. I also go back and edit a lot as I’m drafting.

Once the first draft is done I attend to any large plot issues I see. The story has probably been edited several times by this point since I edit as a go, but we’ll call it one draft even though it’s more like three. Plot issues sometimes involve adding/removing scenes, but this also involves going back to scenes that are severely under written since I am an underwriter.

Then, I usually do two drafts on the computer looking at line level stuff. Basically just reading through the story and cleaning it up.

After that I start printing hard copies. This is also for line edits. My focus is everything prose here (if I notice more plot/character issues I’ll fix them though). Grammar is usually fine except for the odd typo or comma splice (my first drafts are generally grammatically pretty clean). Mostly I’m focusing on editing for economy, meaning cutting every word that’s not adding something and arranging sentences to be as economical as possible. And, I’m focusing on strengthening the prose which involves: cutting -ing verbs, cutting -ly adverbs, using the strongest possible verb/noun/word, removing cliches and familiar phrases, fixing monotonous sentence rhythm, removing repetitive word choice, fixing repetitive noun + verb constructions, removing ‘to be’ verbs, removing filters, removing passive voice, fixing convoluted phrases, enhancing patterns or making them more subtle if too obvious, cutting weasel words, removing unnecessary telling, varying vocabulary and enhancing diction, adding specific details and removing vague ones. And more! Also on those printed copies I have a strong focus on expanding description beats (or dialogue beats) that were underwritten in the original draft, as well as trying to make every image or analogy original and interesting. Basically, I’m trying to make the prose as clean and interesting as it can be.

I generally do that 5-7 times. Each draft has two parts. First editing on the hard copy, then going back into the document. I usually edit on the hard copy in the evening, and then the next morning go into the document. Each half of the process takes over an hour. Sometimes two for earlier drafts, but the time gets shorter with each one.

Then it gets handed in to my workshop, and it’s generally on draft 7-9.

After the workshop I do all my plot edits first. Then, I go back into the line level, except this time referencing hard copy edits from my prof and peers. I’ll have around 13 hard copies with edits, although some people in my workshop don’t do many line edits so there’re usually only 5ish with a lot written on them.

Post workshop is going to be another 7 or so drafts.

After I get my final grade from my prof I’ll do another few drafts based on her final comments. I think for Melting Point I did like four drafts after getting my final grade, but they were quick drafts with very few line edits. Just adding some new stuff and final polishing.

So in total a short story is looking like 15+ drafts, probably over 20


I think one of the biggest misconceptions from people who don’t write short stories (including myself before I started writing short stories) is that the medium is restricting.

Yes, you have less words to tell a story. But, it’s not restricting. The short story form is so free. There is no one way a short story has to be. There are stories that only capture a single moment in time, there are short stories that span decades. In fact, in the short form, you can do cool, experimental, meta stuff that novels don’t accommodate as well.

It is very hard to get started in short stories when you’re used to writing novels, but I think the best thing to do is read some short stories, and jump into writing one. Once you’ve had more experience writing short stories, it’ll get easier and easier to determine what ideas function well in the short form.

I always like to make it clear that I never wrote short stories until I had to for school. I had a time restraint, and so naturally I had to get the thing done. I had to force myself to keep the ideas small. I’d suggest you impose similar rules on yourself. Refuse to go over a certain word limit, and make yourself contain the idea. Once you’ve done it once, it’ll be easier each time.

There are lots of ways to get started with a story. You can start with a character, determine their goal and subtextual goal, their want and need, and work from there. You can pick a setting that feels vivid to you and drop some characters in. You can start with a concept you want to explore. I like to use photographs as inspiration as a sort of prompt, building a story around the feeling of the image.

With short stories, sometimes it can be fun to just wing it. I am a plotter with novels, but often with short stories I don’t know where it’s going at first. I’ll get an idea for an image and just start writing. It feels like less of a risk because short stories are much easier to revise than novels. A lot of my short stories start with the first line. I write a few pages to feel it out, and the story usually clears up around the 3-7 page mark.

My biggest advice would be to just start. You don’t even have to know where it’s going. The more short stories you write, the easier they’ll be and the more adventurous you’ll realize you can be with the form.


When it comes to short stories, first I would go through this checklist:
1. Is the inciting incident clear and not too late in the story?
2. Is the climax clear and not out of the protagonist’s hands?
3. Are all the events in the story causally related?
4. Are all flashbacks needed, and described rather than explained in an expository way when they necessitate in-depth description?
5. Have you physically described your main character? Other characters?
6. Does your protagonist have an external and subtextual goal?
7. Does your protagonist face internal, interpersonal, and societal conflict?
8. Does the protagonist surprise us? That is, act in a way that reveals new complexities and facets of their personality? They are not one-dimensional.

Once you’ve dealt with all of those, I would recommend printing your story and doing line edits. When I’m revising a short story I print the story every evening, and read it through and make notes all over. A lot of notes. My most common notes are ‘sw’ which means ‘stronger word’ or ‘add one/two sentences/clauses to image’ which is basically just me wanting to carry an image more fully. But, I look for tons of things. Then, the next day I go through and apply all my edits. I repeat that for usually around seven drafts.

But, I would also recommend finding some betas of CPs to make sure you get outside feedback.


1. The economy and the skill of the language is key in a short story. I wouldn’t read a boring novel just because it had gorgeous writing, but I honestly would read a boring short story if the writing was amazing. Stay focused and be as economical as possible.

2. Cut the ‘connective tissue.’ All events need to have clear causal relation, but you can trim all the stuff around the edges.

3. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You don’t get this luxury as much in a novel. A heavily experimental voice or form might not be able to sustain itself for 80 000 words, but it can for 5000. If it benefits the story, don’t be scared to try something like second person or a really unique voice. It could make the story.

4. Every character should have an external goal (what is wanted) and a subtextual goal (why the goal is wanted). This applies to novels as well, but in a short story there isn’t time to ponder the goal, change the goal, discover the goal. Establish the goal and explore it, and make sure it’s clear.

5. Make sure your inciting incident isn’t too late. This has been the downfall of so many short stories in my workshop (including mine). Place it as early as possible.

6. Make sure the ending involves a character’s choice, and is not deus ex machina. This applies to novels, but I think it happens more in short stories. With so little time it’s easy to make the ending a coincidence or something outside the protagonist’s hands. Avoid this at all costs.

7. Compress the timeline as much as possible. Why have events be spaced three months apart if they could happen on the same day? It’ll make the story feel tighter and more cohesive, as well as reduce confusion.

8. Cohesion. Every aspect of the story should feel as if it is a cohesive part of the story.

9. Be careful about withholding information. I made this mistake in my first  story, because I was used to writing novels where the rate of reveal is slower. You’ll run into mad clarity issues if you’re revealing important details late in the story. Be clear as early as possible.

Prompt Day!

Today is a day where I hope to bring you some words written down in a creative order to convey characters and ideas in a manner that will inspire what you kids call FEELS.

Basically I’d like to write some fucking stories, and today’s my day to try and do that. Rather than solicit prompts, however, I’m going to dig back into my Ask Box and pull ones you guys have already sent that my pathetic ass did nothing with.

I’m going to focus primarily on making myself Just Fucking Write, rather than agonize over six million assorted fun and flavourful details that wind up incapacitating me more than anything. As a result, whatever happens today could be painfully short, or just literally painful. BUT I’M GOING TO TRY VERY HARD TO MAKE IT DONE, and if I can manage that, I’ve succeeded.

Today will be a pretty light day in terms of content volume, but hopefully less so in terms of personal accomplishment.

IN OTHER NEWS, in case you missed it this weekend, the votes are in on the Patreon, and next month I’ll be liveblogging Utena, livestreaming Emily Wants to Play (aka MURDERDOLL), and our movie night will be Chicago. The full May schedule will be coming in the next few days!

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you could tell the jimin pepper thing isn't true just by comparing his reaction whenever members bring the joke up to whenever they tease him about his height and pinky..he gets all worked up and annoyed abt these two..but whenever they bring this up hes embarrassed but never bothered

lmao yeah, he gets really bothered when people tease him about things that he has a -complex- about aka things that are true, and this isn’t one of them, he gets shy cause…who wouldn’t… but he’s also like ~whatever dudes~

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Animator: *brings pet birb to studio to show bendy* Bendy: jyflhfhtcmhfyrx OMG LOOK AT THAT BIRD ITS SO CUTE AND COLORFUL *picks it up* Animator: uh bendy you might want to up it on it's stand now before it- Bird: *lands on Bendy's shoulder and takes a shit* Bendy:....I'm going to take your feathers.......Douchebag bird :)

I think ‘douchebag bird’ made me laugh harder than it should’ve. This totally happens. Everyone is so done. Lmao. If someone brings in a peacock someone is gonna have to hold Bendy back because colors. No Bendy you can’t take it’s feathers, it needs those. - Mun Sheebs

She decided to go around and ask the locals about her mission instead.

“Hello!  I need some REALLY good wine to bring back to my boss. Can you help?”

“Well there’s a nectary just outside of town, OR you could dive into the famous tomb nearby and find some ancient wine hidden in-”

“NOPE. Bye!”

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Age: 23… I am an old woman

Birthplace: Englaaaaand

Current time: 21:01

Drink you last had: Water, I am just too hardcore for this world

Easiest person to talk to: Becki, Ruby, Kita

Favourite song: Just kind of listening to all of Ruelle’s songs on repeat at the minute

Grossest Memory: If I say it’ll bring back terrible memories for Becki and I just can’t do that to her

Horror yes or horror no: No… NO… VERY NO

Jealous of people: I try really hard not to have jealousy in my life because it’s toxic as fuck

Killed someone: Of course not… Hums the serial killers theme tune with @canisconstellation

Love at first sight: I think it’s lust at first sight personally

Middle name: Jayne

Number of siblings: One :)

One wish: Timeturners were real and available for me to use so that I can read more and nap more

Person you last called: Kita

Question you’re always asked: “Can you eat eggs?” “Do you eat fish?” “Why are you vegetarian?”

Reason to smile: @introvert-club

Song you last sang: Uhh, it was a Blue October song, I can’t remember which

Time you woke up: 05:45 nnnnngggggghhhhhhh

Underwear colour: Black

Worst Habit: Picking skin/arms/back I’m sexy/anxious and I know it….

X-rays: Just teeth

Favourite food: Chilllllllli con carne

Zodiac: Taurus

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Hey! You know which Crystal Gem can tell Steven direct answers for all of this questions about Rose and The Diamonds, especially Pink Diamond?