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Can I ask for more shotgunning promptis pretty please?? I mean it's so DAMN HOT :D Pd: I fUcKiNg LoVe yOuR aRt HELP YOUR PROMPTIS IS MY LIFE

YES YOU CAN! I’ve always got time for more shotgunning even though this got kinda messy lmao sorry
There’s nothing more important than promptis so I’m really glad you like my art ♥ hope you’ll like this one too! c:


Late last weekend, I was doing the usual Arena stuff and look what kind of team did I run into.. My team was literally eaten to death by this gluttonous Stahl team that was so ridiculously built! Whoever you are.. I totally respect you and feel bad that you got so much Stahls to merge off from (unless you like the potato boy ofc).


“I love this part!”

“You are so dead!”

“Get ready!" - Stahl’s Critical Quote

I need to branch out to other communities to get more recognition for when i start taking comissions….. also simply to help my self confidence. Tumblrs new best stuff first thing is rly bringing my notes down and im losing followers faster than im gaining them a lot of the time now (im also losing a lot of confidence but i try to tell myself that thats just tumblr being annoying and not my art being bad which is definitely a possibility but im trying to ignore it !!!!)


[Another Story - Day 1] Based on afternoon call from ‘Ray’

Hello Mr. Ray I don’t recall you were this smooth previously I just can’t help but draw the conversation //////////////////////// Seems early but I’ve fallen for this guy already :)))) I’m sorry V and Jumin but I’m gonna share my love equally :)))


‘One of the greatest movie stars of all time and an excited bearded man.’

Ok but like, I betcha David has a folder on his phone dedicated to Winona and it’s just full of all the selfies they’ve taken and he prints his favourite ones out to add to the shrine he’s built for her.