they need their own tv show

a few things-

1. Queerbaiting is real, and has been happening since the beginning of this show, and I am not surprised by its continuation

2. I am (unfortunately) not surprised that a fanwork (which BBC Sherlock is) made by two middle-aged cis white guys did not speak to the needs of a group of diverse young people with a contemporary vision of what media can and should be

3. There is no reason why we cannot take the work we did and expand it into our own continued readings and writings

4. I have every confidence that in the near future someone from this community will produce an openly queer Holmes and Watson for the ages

5. What is special about Sherlock is the community around it. There are a hundred great TV shows out there, but Sherlock inspires readings and fanworks which are some of the best I have ever come across in my interactions with fandom on both academic and personal levels

6. Authorial intent is bullshit, the author is dead, and a text is what you want it to be. It is ok to be mad with the writers for stringing folks along, but make no mistake, this media belongs to YOU, not them

7. Please don’t delete! This is an opportunity to write the story how you want it to be told! Even if that doesn’t mean making things, it means talking about and interfacing with media in a way that values the things that you value, and changing the conversation changes the future

She got me praying all hours of the night, say she want my heart, She pulling me to the river, drawing me with her siren's call, Done gave her my heart but now she wants my soul, Well I already sold it to the man in red, "Fell in love with your charm," but its a curse; cos am dead, Girl you're not who you say, bad girl they say you are Innocence isn't where am at, wear your crucifix bae Don't make me out all serious bonnie, slave to this bad religion, Unrequited love, praying at my shrine, cos I don't have a heart Like a dead man walking, I lay at your side, Make sure you're alright in my world, atleast that for you girl,

I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul

I’M CRYING OF JOY THAT VIKTUURI IS ACTUALLY A CANON GAY AND MULTIRACIAL COUPLE WITH A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP IN A SPORT ANIME But can we talk about the fact that Viktor, a world champion russian athlete that probably is not just idolized in his own country (RUSSIA A EXTEMELY HOMOPHOBIC COUNTRY) but in the world kissed a japanese man in national chinese (other homophobic country) tv and in a world event don’t giving a fuck to the consequences, dgaf to the opinion not just from all the world but his family and friends in his house and risking all his life and dreams because he’s so in love with Yuuri in this point that he don’t need anything more CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT VIKTOR AND YUURI ARE SO BRAVE TO SHOW THEIR LOVE DESPITE ALL DANGERS THAT THEY MAY FACE FROM NOW ON

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After several years on Tumblr and being a part of three different fandoms I’ve learned that people on Tumblr get shit done and that many fandoms are willing to help each other out. So today I’m asking you all for help to give a great new show with LGBTQ leads a much-needed ratings boost to keep it from getting cancelled!

“Eyewitness” is a crime drama that airs on USA Network on Sunday nights and has at the heart of its plot a very complex and compelling love story between two teenage boys (one accepting of his own sexuality, the other deeply closeted). It’s extremely rare to see so much focus put on building a relationship between two gay teens, and the way it’s being portrayed is raw and honest and real. 

I constantly see posts from people complaining about not having enough LGBTQ representation on television, but here’s a show that is putting a gay teen couple front and center and does not shy away from showing emotional or physical intimacy — and it is failing miserably because of low ratings.

“Eyewitness” is a really great show so I would recommend it to anyone anyway (regardless of the lgbtq aspect). If you like tightly written dramas with interesting and complex characters and good actors then you will love it!

Here is a GREAT POST about why people should watch the show! I would appeciate it so much if you could spare a couple of minutes to read it and consider watching “Eyewitness” this Sunday because apparently (according to the producers) this coming episode is more or less judgment day. There needs to be an increase in ratings NOW!!!

I’ve never before asked other fandoms for this kind of help but I know that so many people would love this show if only they knew about it and would give it a try, and I really believe it deserves to have more viewers and the chance for a second season. 

So tonight I want to ask all of you who read this and who are in the US to please tune in to “Eyewitness” tomorrow night (Sunday Nov. 13th) on USA Network (you can watch the previous episodes on the USA Network app or homepage before). It’s a 10-episode season so it will wrap up around mid-December. If for some reason you can’t watch it live then please TiVo it and watch it the next day. Ask people you know to watch the show.  Get word of mouth going. Let’s show the networks that primetime dramas with lgbtq leads are something people really want to see!

And please reblog this post (even if you yourself are not planning on watching) so that as many people as possible from all parts of Tumblr will see it!


How Supergirl Season 2 Was Made

Deep within the bowels of the CW, four people in suits stand around a cauldron labeled ‘Supergirl Season 2’.

Suit #1: Alright everyone, now this was the easiest brew yet, CBS gave us most of their ingredients, we just need to wrap this up with some personal touches. We’ve already added our own experience with making superhero shows from the Arrowverse, but I was thinking we could do something extra…let’s make Alex Danvers gay. It’s not like she had a love interest for people to get mad at us about, and after her wardrobe in Taxi Brooklyn half the internet is convinced Chyler is gay anyway. Now then…anyone know where we can find some Gay?

Suits #2-4 perk up and all run in opposite directions. Eventually Suit #2 comes back carrying a five gallon bucket full or rainbow liquid.

Suit #2: Hey, a friend gave me this. It’s the left over gay from Rookie Blue. There’s not much since the finale ended with the one lesbian main character having sex with another girl and being about to adopt a child, and none of the lesbians in the show got killed or went evil, but it should work.

Pours the rainbow liquid into the red and blue liquid of the show. Suit #1 looks in at the new mixture, Alex has a light rainbow aura now, but it could be waved off by the straights if they really wanted to. Suit #1 pats Suit #2 on the shoulder.

Suit #1: That’s just the right amount of gay! Good job!

Suit #2 walks off pleased. Moments later a forklift pulls up carrying a 50 gallon drum with a nozzle at the bottom, which Suit #3 aligns with the cauldron.

Suit #1: Uh…what is that?

Suit #3: Oh, this is all the leftover gay from The 100! Given the backlash we got from killing Lexa I thought it only right to apply it to our new show as a sort of apology.

Suit #1: Well that’s a very nice thought but we already added 5 gallons of gay to the season, I think that’s enough…

Suit #3 ignores Suit #1 and opens the nozzle, pouring more rainbow colored liquid directly into the cauldron.

Suit #1: Oh…okay…well alright

Suit #1 looks into the mixture as Suit #3 drives away. Alex is unmistakably, Kristen Stewart, Tegan and Sara levels of gay now, and a new character, Maggie Sawyer, appears to have materialized. Moreover the presence of Katie McGrath is drastically multiplying it, and now there’s a light rainbow coating to Kara, Winn, and Mon-El too.

Suit #1: Oh well, I guess this will just get us a cult following now. Shipping wars are always good. Plus Kara’s got a canon relationship with a guy, and Winn was with this universe’s terrible version of Siobhan Smythe, so it should balance out. We’ll just have to add a few more James/Kara dates. Wait…what’s that sound?

The massive door used for truck deliveries opens and a cement mixer backs up towards the cauldron, it’s spout lowering onto said cauldron.

Suit #1: …What the hell?

Suit #4 hops out beaming.

Suit #4: Well after TNT ended Rizzoli & Isles…

Suit #1: Are you insane? You can’t dump all the leftover gay from Rizzoli & Isles in here! We’re trying to make a superhero show, not the L Word set in the DC universe!

Suit #4: Oh no, this isn’t all of it, this isn’t even half.  Disney bought A LOT of it to spread out among their own stuff, Star Wars, and Marvel, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network both bought a bit, NBC and CBS bought some,and most of what we got the movie people took for the Amazon Island in Wonder Woman and the standalone Harley Quinn movie they’re working on. No, this is just what was left over.

Suit #1 stares in shock as Suit #4 hits a button and a river of rainbow liquid flows out into the cauldron. When it’s all done J'onn is the only one of the main cast NOT coated in gay, the James/Kara relationship has ended by the end of the first episode, and Katie McGrath doesn’t seem to have realized that she wasn’t supposed to have brought the leftover gay from Dracula with her and directed it all solely as Kara. Even Winn and Mon-El are super gay now! And while the prevailing colors of the season are still blue and red, there’s an undeniable rainbow under coat.

Suit #1: … we’re going to get letters about this.

Lets talk about what parallels there are between the Penguin and the Riddler and their TV show counterparts!

Specifically, I want to talk about Oswald and Edward and how they experience love.

I’ll start with Oswald.

The first thing to know about Oswald is, he has a lot of issues with self-confidence, particularly regarding his appearance, and will often sabotage his own attempts at romance because of them. He’s a man who desperately needs to be accepted and loved, but who always, inevitably, either expresses that need in an unhealthy manner or ruins his own chances at a fulfilling relationship.

Those are the hands of a blind lady Oswald was utterly besotted with. Not besotted enough to give up his criminal ways, but besotted nonetheless. This is the first time she has ever touched his face, because Oswald would tell her not to for fear she would think him disgusting.

When she gasps, he interprets that as an expression of disgust and stabs her. Which is followed by this:

“You are…so handsome…”

At one point, Oswald also rescued a slave and allowed her to live at his mansion with him. She loved him for his compassion and kindness and considered him her hero. It brought out a lot of good in him.

And then she found out about his criminal history and tried to flee, which resulted in this:

Rejection isn’t something he takes well. He can be very cruel when he fears or or experiences rejection. This is very much the result of him being bullied and rejected in his childhood.

He also kidnaps his conquests on occasion and projects on them things he values, or things about himself, because if he does that he can indulge in the fantasy they can learn to love him.

I think the TV show has done a decent job of capturing both the desperate and deplorable side of Oswald Cobblepot in love without making it completely unpalatable. He retains elements of how he experiences love in the comics, but he still has a humanity about him that makes you desire his happiness.

(Of course, I will retract the above comment immediately if Isabella isn’t unveiled to have been planted there by someone, because just having a clone of Ed’s ex show up to divide Oswald and Ed without explanation would be terrible, homophobic storytelling.)

To be honest, I think one of the few people Oswald shows a genuine selfless concern and love for in the comics is Edward. He saves Edward’s life and leaves him the Iceberg lounge, and for a man who often associates value with money and possessions, this is a big thing.

Now, Edward. At Edward’s worst, this is what love looks like:

Obsessions (Miss Kringle, anyone?)

Rejection, and him acting like the biggest baby in the world. Yes, that is a panel of him drinking scotch out of a baby bottle. 

Followed swiftly by him realizing he was obsessed, not in love. (Aka, his relationship with Isabella and to a lesser degree, Kristen.)

Edward, unlike Oswald, doesn’t usually seek out love. He seeks out a lot of things associated with love – such as respect and acceptance – but we don’t actually see him pursue a lot of people.

Love was something he was deprived of throughout his childhood, so he has an unhealthy reliance on loving himself. It’s very much a shield against all the insecurities brought on by his mother and fathers abuse and negligence, which, when stripped away, gives us a glimpse of the broken man beneath.

…But he can be rather cute when it comes to crushing on other villains.

Despite his issues, he’s very much a person who’s capable of falling in love and experiencing love. This is especially true during his P.I. run. He can be a little more trusting and naive than Oswald at times, however, and he doesn’t have nearly as much power, so the downside is that his capacity for love and trust opens him up to being used.

And betrayal by the people he trusts…

Is not a pain he handles well.

It can drive him away.

Back into the lap of madness.

Why should you watch the TV show Class? Because it has…

  • A realistic gay relationship
  • Interracial relationships
  • 2 POCs and a character who is from Poland
  • Strong female characters
  • It deals with mental health issues like Depression, PTSD and suicidal thoughts and actions
  • You don’t need to know and/or like the parent series Doctor Who. It stands on it’s own
  • It’s only on it’s first season and consist of 6 episodes, so you catch up pretty quickly
  • Even if the characters are young this is not a kids show at all. So teenagers and adults will like this
  • A brilliant written plot
  • And because of Charlie and Matteusz…

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Watch it now!
The 18 Best TV Shows of 2016
From 'The People v. O. J. Simpson' to 'Stranger Things,' here are this year's small-screen essentials.

11) Outlander

If there’s one thing everyone knows about Outlander, it’s that the sex really, really hot. But the most admirable and unusual thing about the show, which became even more evident in Season 2, is its ability to not only depict sex well, but to tell stories through sex. With Claire and Jamie no longer newlyweds, and both of them going through dramatic changes in their own lives, the role of sex in their relationship changed, with Claire experiencing her first pregnancy and Jamie slowly recovering from rape, an issue explored with a nuance that’s rare in television. The second season wasn’t without issues: its more sprawling cast and emphasis on political intrigue sometimes left our main characters shortchanged, but it remains an ambitious and emotionally unique show that more people need to be watching.



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Is there any way to cross borders between differnt worlds? With MILA you can easily cross the borders between the worlds of adults, teenagers and children. Those contrasting elements have found a common ground.
Feel free to use MILA in the way your Sims need it!
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You get 30 new objects in this set:
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(Jungkook Drabble #2)

a/n: blame the thigh choker and @jungkxook‘s post

W: Smut. Plain and simple smut. Please read with caution.

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Hello, Children! Do you need some inspiration this NaNoWriMo?

Last November, I started doing research on writing the first season of my very own TV show, AND NOW LOOK WHAT I HAVE:

The Devil Looks After His Own, Season One:

1. El Dorado

2. La Lingua Siciliana

3. Colt Automatic

4. Policy

5. Dinaru e Rispettu

6. I Come Here Every Night to Work

7. Hoochie Coochie

8. Arbitration

9. Rompehuelgas

10. The Hangman’s Knot

The Devil Looks After His Own is an anthology mobster drama following the history of organized crime in my hometown of Tampa, going from the 1910s to the 1970s, each season being a new decade.

In season one, after not receiving enough money for a murder-for-hire, young immigrant Angelo Albano goes to work as a professional arsonist for legendary good ol’ boy gambling kingpin, Charlie Wall. When Angelo’s old partner is arrested, Angelo has to keep himself out of trouble while at the same time, establish himself as a respected criminal.

Based on true events!

So, I guess the moral of the story is, I’ve never used November as a time to actually write a fucking novel. Writing something major involves lots of careful thought, painstaking effort, and yes, time. November, for me, is more of a jumping-off point into a new, yearly adventure where I get to explore something entirely new and exciting. I do a lot of research and story planning in November. Writing is a process, and it’s one that should be enjoyed rather than rushed.

  • straight ppl: *aggressively makes movies about heterosexual relationships, sex, etc*
  • straight ppl: *romanticizes falling in love with your friends*
  • straight ppl: *forces religion and heterosexually upon kids, tells kids it's wrong to be anything but straight*
  • straight ppl: *writes books, songs, TV shows etc completely about straight relationships, sometimes adding in an outcast or badly-judged-among-characters lesbian or gay couple*
  • straight ppl: *completely ignores bisexuality, pansexuality, asexuality, transgenders, genderfluid, etc*
  • LGBTQ+ ppl: *kisses in public*
  • LGBTQ+ ppl: ................

Honestly, words can’t describe how happy I am that I found out about Skam a couple of weeks ago. How the show is dealing with Isak and his sexuality is something that we desperately need in today’s media. It’s not super dramatic, friendships aren’t being destroyed because he happens to have a thing with another guy, his best friend accepted it like it was no big deal, his friends have no problem with it and even started talking about pansexuality/bisexuality - when do we ever get this in tv-shows?

These scenes always seem to end up in some huge dramatic way, which for some it might be but for others it isn’t. What do you think it does to someone that’s just coming to terms with their own sexuality and getting ready to come out to friends and/or family when most of these coming-out scenes that we see in today’s media end up in some dramatic way with friendships or families being ripped apart? 

Thanks Skam, for finally showing us a different outcome.

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i'm so glad that isak opened up to eva. i think that the things he talked about - the part about being fake, staying at home watching tv show as life passes you by - i think that it's something that eva also went through. maybe it was kind of a parallel. in s1 jonas kinda accused her of being fake and we've seen her watching dr phil and just chilling on her own. but then she turned things around, started discovering herself and just being real. what do you think about this?

Yes!! I’m also so happy that Isak opened up to Eva. It was such a beautiful and much needed scene between them. It really showed how much they’ve grown!

You can definitely make an argument that the parallel is ‘don’t stay at home and wasting your life away’.. it is what Isak started out talking about… but for me it was more about reading what was being said between the lines and what was implied at the end…

I mean if you focus on the first part, the parallel really it only extends to Eva in the first episode… where she is stuck at home lonely and miserable..

But we find out that her initial “procrastination” and “inactivity” is really about her insecurity, something that Jonas confronts her about in 1.08.

Of course it’s not really about her being fake, or doing things to be cool, but that their relationship has made her feel insecure and desperate. She feels like she sacrificed and lost herself to be with Jonas…

And really I think this is the interesting parallel being made in Isak and Eva’s conversation at the end of S3. Bc at the end of S1 Eva regained her self-worth and realized that she couldn’t compromise HERSELF (for the relationship).

Whereas what Isak learned during S3 was basically the same thing, that “[others] opinions mean more than my own, and that’s not how it should be”…. and Isak’s happy he met Even bc he learned this in large part bc of it!

Eva and Jonas relationship fell apart due to it being unhealthy; Eva feeling suffocated and like Jonas opinions were more important than her own, so she became miserable because of it…

In Isak’s case it wasn’t a relationship that was suffocating him, it was his fear of the opinions of the people around him that ultimately made him miserable.

Basically what I took from their final conversation was how Isak was saying that he was tired of faking it for society, hiding at home, alone and miserable, avoiding living because he’d spent all his time worrying about how other people perceived him.

But he’s done hiding himself away wasting precious time….

Isak wants to be genuine, honest and live his life to the fullest NOW. ❤️

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Hey, Emma, I need advice. It has come to a point where most of what I think about is related to school or schoolwork, and that is mostly what I do or focus on. I probably need some new hobbies or interests, but I'm lost on where to start or how to get new interests, if you understand what I'm saying? It's just all so tiring and I could really need a break from work sometimes.

Hi! I totally get that! Here are a few things you could do to pass some time in a more fun way:

  • create your own art
  • start a blog
  • learn a musical instrument
  • practice doing yoga
  • start a workout routine
  • find a game you like (I love Sims!! So addictive and can totally take your mind of school)
  • watch tv shows (I can list loads with lots of seasons which you can get into!)
  • learn how to use photoshop/illustrator
  • volunteer somewhere
  • practice a language
  • learn to draw
  • join a sports club/team
  • learn how to decorate cakes (fun and tasty!)
  • learn how to meditate
  • listen to podcasts
  • take up photography
  • try journalling
  • start a pinterest
  • read best-selling books
  • learn how to do magic tricks
  • learn how to speak sign language
  • become a mentor
  • research things you’re interested in/watch documentaries
  • have regular plans to see your friends (movie night, games nights, etc!)

Also here is a list of where you can learn some hobbies! Hope that helps :-) x

Neither Wen nor Clark Gregg was willing to confirm or deny that Coulson and May enter into a romance anytime soon, but the last episode left strong hints that something was about to happen. When Coulson was trapped in the other dimension and made invisible, muses Gregg, “He got to be exposed to [May’s] feelings in a way that I think makes him question his own. You throw some LMDs into the mix, it’s going to get a little wacky. But it’s certainly on the table in a new way than it ever has been — them as a romantic item.”
Sometimes it feels as if couples need extra dimensions to get together on the show. Gregg is quick to hop on the notion. “I want to say that love is its own alternate dimension. Once you go in there, you never come back,” he says with a grin.