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Previously: Season 2 “Teaser” | S2Ep. #1 | S2Ep. #2 | S2Ep. #3 | Today on Husbands of Changsha Seoul: It’s not often that the Zhang/Kim family get a day off together, but when they do, they sometimes fight and start arguments on “who’s fault was it to have children.” Truth is, it’s no one’s. It just happened.
Have a more Yixing centric “episode”, I’m sorry it’s so short though. This lack of Yixing and Exo is just hard, so I can’t come up with anything. Sorry. As always, sorry if I used your video to screencap. Please don’t take this seriously, it’s just a joke that will never ever go away. And parenting is a two person thing and not a “they’re your kids” kind of thing. I just did it like that because true story. OK thank you! Have a great day! Bye!
Things I want to happen in Osomatsu-san season 2

•Karamatsu being treated better
•Ichimatsu being happy more
•Osomatsu being the best big bro
•Karamatsu being treated better
•More Iyami and Chibita screen time
•More Iyami
•Karamatsu being treated better
•Karamatsu being treated better
•Karamatsu being treated b
•More cute brothers bonding moments (especially between Jyushimatsu and Karamatsu)
•More dorkiness and stupidity from these idiots
•Flashbacks to when they were little
•I just want more Osomatsu-san

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Maybe 40/42 with reggie? Those are kinda angsty lol

40. “Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?”

42. “If you don’t want to talk about what happened, then say so. Don’t just lie and say it’s fine.”  (w/ Reggie)

((also just pretend Reggie was at the party bc goddamn he needs more screen time))

Jughead’s party was where everything went wrong. Cheryl had the brilliant idea to play some stupid game and you were roped into it, along with Reggie. It had gotten serious immediately, as multiple secrets were revealed. Betty was not as good as everyone thought, Archie had an affair with a teacher, Veronica’s father. But it had all gone to hell when Cheryl focused on Reggie.

“So Mantle,” she drawled. “Let’s talk about you now.”

“Let’s not,” Reggie shot back.

Cheryl smirked. “So a little birdie told me that-”

“Cheryl, don’t,” Reggie cut her off. Cheryl’s smile grew.

“So I heard that you only asked out your little girlfriend because of a bet.”

The room went quiet as all gazes shifted to you. But you gaze was focused on Reggie.

“Yeah,” Chuck spoke, drawing your attention to him. “It was a football bet. We bet him that he couldn’t get little (Y/N)’s attention by the end of the month and he accepted. He said it would be easy, that she would be easy and he’d would have no trouble getting a little nobody like her to be his.”

The silence in the room was shattered by your laughter. You could feel Betty and Archie’s concerned gaze on you as gasped for air.

“Why am I not surprised?” you finally said. “Of course Mantle the Magnificent would agree to such a childish thing.”

“(Y/N), no, it wasn’t like that,” Reggie protested.

“Oh it wasn’t? Say it Reggie. Say it! Say that Chuck and Cheryl are lying because as far as I’m concerned, they’ve actually been speaking nothing but the truth all night.”

The whole room turned to Reggie, who kept his gaze down and stayed silent.

“You’re a pig Mantle,” you continued. “You’re a good-for-nothing jock who with never be anything more than a mediocre football player. Its done. I’m done.” 

Reggie didn’t look up as you stormed out of the house.

“Well that was intense,” Cheryl remarked. “Anyways…”

Reggie didn’t listen any longer as he grabbed his jacket and left, shoving Chuck on his way out.

Walking into school Monday morning was brutal. Things had changed and friendships had been lost but you, you were just broken. You could see Betty approaching you and you walked quicker.

“Listen (Y/N), about last night,” she began.

“I’m fine,” you muttered.

If you don’t want to talk about what happened, then say so. Don’t just lie and say it’s fine,” you heard Betty’s soft voice say.

“You should get to class Betts,” you said. Betty sighed as she rubbed your arm and walked away.

You gathered all your things and started to walk off when you were dragged into an empty classroom.

“Mantle,” you hissed as you ripped your arm from the boy’s grip.

“Listen, I know you don’t want to see me, but hear me out,” Reggie pleaded. You nodded.

Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?” he asked lowly. You looked up into his eyes, seeing nothing but regret in them as you nodded once more.

“I did,” you whispered. “Just answer one question: did you ask me out on a bet?”

Reggie hesitated before nodding. “Yeah.”

“Goodbye Mantle,” you said as you walked out of the classroom.

“No (Y/N) wait. Please don’t go, I love you.”

“You should’ve thought about that before accepting the bet.”

Reggie couldnt help but kick a chair as you left. He had lost the best thing in his life all because of some stupid bet.

(whoops. so this kinda sucked but enjoy! xx)

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Tara Maclay is awesome.

I was listening to a podcast and they started talking about Buffy and Tillow and I was pretty much happy until the host declared “Willow and Tara were great representation, except I was a little sad that Tara was stupid.”

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OK. OK I stomped all the way home and though everyone is entitled to their opinion, this opinion is wrong.

Listen up, Tara Maclay is not stupid. Tara is actually very smart and no I’m not making this up. Glory, a freaking god, says so herself. She says she’s a little buzzed from “eating the witches brain” and declares “what a mind that girl has”. But don’t take a super villains word for it.

This person did say something right in her podcast, she said Tara is inarticulate. Right. She is inarticulate. So am I. That doesn’t make us unintelligent. Tara has trouble communicating. She also has a stutter. She doesn’t talk a lot and when she does she mumbles (especially in the beginning) and she often has trouble articulating ideas from her head. I don’t stutter but I definitely do do the rest of those. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told to speak up, or that I don’t make sense and I am aware that a lot of people think I am unintelligent because of this.

I’ve seen a lot of people unhappy that Tara wasn’t “well written” or “fleshed out” but I connected with her because she was. She was like me. She had a lot to say but she didn’t know how to say it. She had this whole world inside her head but this really lonely inability to share it. And yeah, you can have a lot of fun on your own making up constellations and seeing the magic in the world but you also do want to not be alone in it sometimes. Tara is a person who just wants to reach out and touch someone but she doesn’t know how.

Until Willow. Until she finds Willow and they touch, both metaphorically and physically in Hush. The world goes quiet and suddenly someone can hear her. Suddenly Willow can hear her and, in a beautiful twist, Willow likes what she hears. And we see this beautiful unfolding of Tara’s personality as she spends more and more time with Willow. Because Willow understands that she needs to listen to her. Throughout the series, Willow doesn’t just understand Tara in ways no one else does (for example Tara’s insect reflection joke) she actively seeks clarification when she doesn’t. In the scene where they look at constellations, Willow is at first perplexed by Tara pointing out the big pineapple, but she doesn’t dismiss it, she pursues it. She asks her what she means and when Tara says she made up names for the constellations, Willow says “teach me.” Tara is not boring, or empty or unintelligent you just have to listen to her and Willow knows that and more she wants to listen to her. She treasures the secret world in Tara’s head. 

And it’s the same with the fans. Didn’t you notice in Hush that Tara not only picked up on the fact that Willow was a witch but she also found out where to find her and how to contact her and actively sought her out to stop what was happening? People were having their hearts ripped out at night but she went out on her own to find Willow to try a spell she thought might stop them. That’s not only resourceful but incredibly brave. A kind of quiet courage and adherence to doing the right thing she shows over and over throughout the series.

Did you notice in the Body, the way she quietly tried to help everyone? The way she used her patience and empathy to act as an anchor to her friends?

Did you notice in Family that Tara figured out on her own that magic wasn’t inherently bad? That she wasn’t inherently bad? That she had the courage to walk away from her family and pursue it anyway because she thought she could do good with it?

Did you notice in The Real Me when she immediately understood that Dawn was feeling left out and othered and not only went to sit with her when the others were investigating the body, but also suggested that they try to make her feel more included?

Did you see her stand up to Glory despite expressing tremendous fear over what Glory does to people in the episode prior?

Did you notice how in Forever she understood why Dawn couldn’t bring her mother back, why they couldn’t interfere with natural death using magic, even though Willow for all her raw talent did not?

Did you miss when she instantly picked up on the fact that Buffy wasn’t Buffy when Faith was in her body? That she instantly picked up on the fact that house in Where the Wild things are wasn’t right?

Not only is she an amazing character, but she is one with an amazing arc. We see her grow in confidence through the episodes she graces us in, through having friendship, through fighting the good fight. And I think a lot of that is that when people started listening to her, she realized how much she had to say. Tara is a character who learned to say no. To say back off. To say I know what’s right and I’m going to stand by it. Buffy and friends give her the confidence to stand up to her father in Family and she stands up for Willow much later in the series when Anya tries to pressure her into using magic. To stands up to Willow when Willow does use magic on her.

And all throughout, Tara is patient and kind and observant. She is a very well rounded and believable character that, yes believe it or not, even has some rough edges to her. She is unyielding in her sense of right and wrong (which isn’t always a bad thing but can make her stubborn) and deeply insecure which does lead her to doubt the people she loves (including Willow) when they really do love her and want to be with her. And her insecurity is something she works on. She is well rounded and unique and we need more characters like her. 

Tara is not a character that is in your face and obvious, she is a character you have to pay attention to and care about to really understand. And I’m sorry if you don’t like that kind of character but in no way is she poorly written. In no way is she bad representation. Could she have gotten more screen time? Hell yes. But don’t sell her short because of that. She is one of my favourite characters of all time and there is a very good reason for that.

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M!A Min has to tell the truth for five asks, no matter what is asked of them.

//Imma do this one cause is short lol and cause yolo, mun needs more time in screen


In case your life needed tiny Lee Aigoo—I mean, Lee Junwoo!

(sorry for low quality~)


Chuck is too handsome for his own good. He’s charming but boiiiii that rotten ass personality needs to go, but at the same time without that, the plot “wouldn’t thickens” or so they saaaaaay. lol so I’d say, keep it for the sake of the plot? Hahahaha

Also, WHERE IN THE WORLD IS MY BOI REGGIE AT, HOW IN THE WORLD IS CHUCK GETTING MORE SCREEN TIME THAN HIM 😂 (tho I know it had something to do with Ross’s schedule, still 💁) I miss you, bro.

Also. It took me 10 episodes to realize FP Jones (Jughead’s dad) is from Scream 😂😂. Plus, Hal (Betty’s dad) was in Scary Movie which is a parody of Scream.


And Jughead said what was on everyone’s mind, “until archie changes his mind and says he wants to be with you”. That’s the one thing we bughead shippers was afraid of, and it came out straight out of Jughead’s mouth. The writers are mind readers I tell ya

This episode was effing deep yo. Like, daaang.

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(( for the character meme, Sasha Kaidonovsky from pacific rim ;) ))

send me a character & I’ll answer the following about them!

i just had to google who the fuck sasha is

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin (i have no idea omg??) | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: B U F F L A D Y
worst quality: the fact that she’s taken lmfao
ship them with: listen man i respect her and her husband but honestly i probably would have liked her more if she turned out to be a butch lesbian bc i’m the most petty person alive on top of being a thirsty lesbian
brotp them with: i don’t remember if she was shown being friends with anyone?? i’m not sure if i can say ;;
needs to stay away from: the… kaijus???
misc. thoughts: sasha should have been in the movie more so i could have remembered who she was djghks

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I would love to see the CSI Barry from 1A. Remember when the letters and numbers appeared on the screen? My favorite all-time scene with CSI Barry was when he compared the criminal's shoe size to Captain Singh and embarrassing himself. I never laughed so hard. LOL!

Listen anon I miss my precious science nerd CSI son ;____;


I hope against hope next season will try to put more focus on that. I will say season 3 is an improvement from season 2. Now they just need to focus a little less on Star Labs and a little more on other things. 

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" Guys, guys, I don’t think you appreciate Stefan’s arms in this episode" -LOL Stefan's arms definitely needed more screen time


Disney Love Songs for FT Ships

Gray and Juvia: True to Your Heart from Mulan

“Baby I knew at once that you were meant for me. Deep in my soul I know that I’m your destiny. Though you’re unsure, why fight the tide? Don’t think so much. Let your heart decide." 

Not so much the movie itself, but this song pretty much describes their relationship at this point. Juvia literally needs to sing this to him. 

Natsu and Lucy: A Whole New World from Aladdin 

"A whole new world. A hundred thousand things to see. I’m like a shooting star. I’ve come so far. I can’t go back to where I used to be.”

I was trying to find something else because I’ve seen this comparison made a few times before, but nothing was more fitting. He did bring her to the guild after all. 

Gajeel and Levy: Can You Feel the Love Tonight from The Lion King

“I can see it happening. (What?) And they don’t have a clue. (Who?) They’ll fall in love and here’s the bottom line, our trio’s down to two. (Oh)”

Can we all just come together and picture Jet and Droy as Timon and Pumba? That’s pretty much my sole explanation for this choice. 

Jellal and Erza: Love Will Find a Way from The Lion King II

“In a perfect world, one we’ve never known, we would never need to face the world alone. They can have the world, we’ll create our own. I may not be brave or strong or smart, but somewhere in my secret heart I know love will find a way. Anywhere I go, I’m home, if you are there beside me.”

Okay. This is my favorite Disney love song of all time, but it’s terribly underrated because sequels generally get no love lol. This is basically the Jerza anthem. I cannot even put into words how beautiful their love is. 

Sting and Yukino: Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (The 1997 film version)

“Am I making believe I see in you a man too perfect to be really true? Do I want you because you’re wonderful, or are you wonderful because I want you? Are you the sweet invention of a lover’s dream, or are you really as wonderful as you seem?”

So, am I the only one watching Yukino slowly fall for Sting 2.0? (The way she looks at him, though) Ugh, these two need more screen time together lol. But I could definitely see her questioning herself like Cinderella in the song (just, you know, not out loud to him. I think poor Yukino would faint)

Rogue and Kagura: So Close from Enchanted 

“So close to reaching that famous happy end. Almost believing this was not pretend. And now you’re beside me, and look how far we’ve come. So far we are so close.”

Alright, I know they haven’t really interacted on screen but hear me out lol. I think that after they met, they would begin to have feelings for each other and immediately start trying to rationalize them away. Frosch (and company) would plot to get them together in some outrageous way leading to a situation that could be described by the lyrics above. (I should just write a fanfic already lol)

Laxus and Mirajane: He’s a Tramp from Lady and the Tramp

“He’s a tramp. He’s a scoundrel. He’s a rounder. He’s a cad. He’s a tramp, but I love him. Yes even I have got it pretty bad." 

What can I say? Mira loves her bad boy. 

Bacchus and Cana: I Won’t Say I’m in Love from Hercules 

If there’s a prize for rotten judgment, I guess I’ve already won that. No man is worth the aggravation. That’s ancient history – been there, done that.“ 

Tbh, I don’t really ship this (I don’t mind it either) but Cana’s the only FT girl I can imagine having enough experience to identify with Meg. 

Elfman and Evergreen: Tale as Old as Time from Beauty and the Beast

Tale as old as time. True as it can be. Barely even friends, then somebody bends unexpectedly.“ 

This was pretty much the progression of their relationship in a nutshell. 

Sigh…finals week literally just ended and already, this is what I’m doing with my time. 

Me the second Christopher shows up in the revival: 

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Unpopular opinion: The glaives needed more screen time lol

Send me UNPOPULAR opinions (or popular, it doesn’t matter) and I’ll rate them like this:        

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree 

No one in their right mind would deny the Glaive needed more screen time. I’m not just talking about extended film scenes or deleted conent I’m saying some actual goddam acknowledgement and content in the main game.

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  • otp: MALEC
  • favourite canon pairing: the only healthy couple magnus and alec obvs
  • worst pairing ever: its a tie between clary/simon and alec/lydia tbh
  • guilty pleasure pairing: clary/jace DON’T HATE ME my 12 year old tmi loving self ships them so hard
  • a pairing you want to see more: malec needs more screen time but maia/simon :) 
  • that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no”: idk if people like them that much but izzy/raphael 
  • favorite non-romantic pair: ALEC AND CLARY BROTP 

send me a fandom!

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GBS anon again! Even though it's not probable, but when Solas says 'that'll give you a few years of relative peace' do you think it actually means a few years? So when DA4 comes along it's been a few years since Trespasser? To me it seems he's literally saying 'I'm gonna tear down the veil in a few years see you then'. I can see them doing a prologue where you gather your new companions then the title screen comes on like they did in DA:I then a black screen with the words; 'A few years later'.

In this instance I will believe Solas lol Yes, I think it will be a couple years. What Solas plans to do will require a lot of power, it seems. Even more than he already has. If he says you have a couple years that means he knows it’ll take time to amass what he needs to take down the Veil. We may get a time skip or we may drop in the middle of Tevinter (most likely with a new protag) I’m betting on the latter since that will be easier for them to implement. I wouldn’t hold out too much hope for getting to control the Inquisitor - it will likely be a cameo appearance like Hawke. Not that I’d have a problem with being wrong XD

Or, who knows, we may start directly after Trespasser before Solas actually gets a chance to do anything and he’s relegated to being a side villain in the background :))