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“I can’t breathe in this dress, can we please hurry up.” - Jeongcheol

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- ‘Cheol, are you sure that those shoes still fit you? - the sarcastic question left Jeonghans mouth as he tried to make his tie presentable, while looking at Seungcheol from the mirror.

- Work on your tie, instead of looking at me. You got it all messed up and I’m not going to tie it for you - again

Yes, the shoe might be a bit tight - but nothing the leader can’t survive, right? It’s just a quick performance and a bit of a waiting at the Show. 

That’s what he thought. It was the second hour of them waiting for their turn, and god knows how long it will take them to get on the stage. The shoe was getting more uncomfortable as the seconds ticked away, and Seungcheol felt like when he finally can get the shoe down he has to cut it, and might lose one or two toes. He was glad that he had the chance to sit and didn’t need to sit through the other groups’ performances, plus the banter from the MCs. The rest of the guys looked rather happy and hyped as they couldn’t sit behaved beside him. Jeonghan smiled to himself at the sulky leader, but chose not to tease him now. Instead he placed his hand on his, which rested on his thigh.

The guys were having their make-ups touched up and Seungcheol saw his chance of getting out of those shoes, somewhere backstage where the others can’t see him and tease him afterwards. He quickly slipped back between them, someone checked his microphone and they were ready to go. He was just hoping that he won’t fall on the stage without shoes.

That was that day when S.Coups, leader of Seventeen, performed without a shoe on stage. First and last. At least that’s what the arcticles said about this.. rather interesting incident.

- I told you. - a coy smirk was playing on Jeonghan’s lips as he stepped into the room Seungcheol was held in. He sat down on the white sheets, looking at the ankle in cast. He didn’t say anything, just rolled his eyes - although his smile broke the cold look on his face.

- It doesn’t hurt that much, but at least I’ll get rest. 

- But you promised we’ll go together to Japan for a week! - he hit Seungcheol’s arm teasingly. - Now I have to and break the things to the kids. 

Seungcheol laughed at the drama Jeonghan was faking. He was good at it, even in the hardest times he was able to lift the weight off his shoulder.

- Anyway,  I can’t breathe in this tie, can we please hurry up and go home?”

And this made him laugh even harder. Maybe this wasn’t that bad after all?

- shiho


(Hello all! :) I was working on something else, and then FEH let Inigo dance. We have him as a dancer. I’m so happy!

So, even though I’m an incredibly slow writer, I dropped all my responsibilities to write this and managed to get it done quickly! I hope you enjoy, and if it helps you get a dancer Inigo in Fire Emblem Heroes, please let me know!!

Have a great day, and please enjoy!) 

His reddened kneecaps are pressed against his tiny face while his friends race across the long tendrils of grass, getting lost within bushes, touching wooden swords to one another with blunt clangs. Their voices have long melted away; their sounds are distant traces in the hot breeze.

   This is because he sits back to the oak, watching her instead of playing with them. She only rehearses once a day, after all.

   Nature is pretty, flowing - the most natural grace in the world, he thinks, and as he watches her shimmer under the sun in a pale pink, he wonders if she is nature itself. The embodiment of beauty and elegance itself.

   His mother’s veil pirouettes much like its owner. Her slender arms show no jerk or strain, rather, they move like individual birds, and for a moment, he isn’t sure she is locked to the ground, for her form liquefies as she goes through another turn, wisps of hair brushing her face as she defies Naga a moment with the movements. The sunlight grabs out excitement in her eyes, the petite breaths that power the strokes of her body as it dances onward.

   After a lifetime of mesmerizing footwork and gestures, his heart seems to flush as she stops the performance just as eloquently, resting her soft gaze on him.

   And she smiles.

   "Come dance with me, Inigo. I’ll teach you your first steps.“

   "Can I…? It’s just…” Inigo lets a laugh finish the statement, feeling himself choke up. He’s talking to nobody but himself, and there’s an uneasiness in his stomach mixed with a sick sort of euphoria. His hands tremble as he lifts his dancer ring, and he’s grateful to be in the solitary confines of a temporary room that Kiran has gifted him.

   It feels strange, standing in garb a rich navy blue, preparing to hopefully put on a show Mother herself would be proud of. He’s in the clothing he’s always wanted. He’s wanted here. His dances have been legendary - across Nohr, Ylisse, Ferox, and now Askr. Shouldn’t there be a pride in that? In any of that?

   No. There isn’t.

   His motions, despite his years of practice, still had constraints hers never did. His dances lacked graceful strength that hers never seemed to run out of. That’s what no one could understand. How could he pull off the large scale recitals she was known for? It was an unspeakable secret his lovely mother only knew; he wondered how she managed to keep her calm as well as awe the audience. Maybe for a smaller crowd Inigo had gained the confidence needed to perform, but for an entire kingdom? Inigo stares at the blank canvas the white of his room presents with these thoughts. For a moment, he even considers snuggling into the fresh cotton scent of the bed he sits on, hiding himself in the folds of it instead of performing.

   Even when the world was on the brink of destruction, Olivia never did falter, her secrets in the delicate palms of her hands.
   He can’t breathe. Broken trees look like bodies, sending a shutter up him. There’s too many of those lately. Corpses. The hilt of his sword trembles beneath scrawny fingers, still in disbelief over what he has seen.

   Eventually, he can no longer walk, and he cries. Hot, messy, tears they are, and they make him feel terrible from the very bottom of his heart to the top of it, because he’s not supposed to cry for anyone, and here he is, bawling. He’s sunken down to his knees. The sun has burned into an intense sort of orange, and the sky fittingly stays a gray, almost tinting with maroon.


   He raises his head to see his mother all of a sudden standing over him. She’s still so beautiful, he thinks, despite her age, looking up at her from the ground with a puffy face and swollen eyes. Her hair no longer is gathered in twin braids and a pony tail, but instead it flows free down her back. Her eyes show slight wrinkles at the edges, and she has the trademark wear of war everyone these days carries about them, but the rest of her is as beautiful as he has known for his entire life. So sweet. So gentle. His mother.

   "Give me a smile, sweetheart…” Olivia presses her lips together, slowly beginning to sway. Thin fingertips touch his own balled up hands, caked with dirt. He has no choice but to rise, dropping his blade.

   She’s always been bashful about performing in front of others, just like him, but she has matured. He knows that as his mother, she would always do her best to put aside her worries for his sake.

   Rhythmic pulses of her steps he finds himself breathing to. In. Out. In. Out. Her hands are guiding his own, mother and son rocking to a soothing beat they themselves conjure, and Inigo sees a magic in his mother’s face as it splits into a sunny twinkle of her cheeks.

   Their soft sways go on, until Inigo is so into the precision of each movement, he cannot think of Grima - he can only think of sliding his body in perfect unison with Olivia’s.


   Now he’s walking down a clean white hallway (after being dragged out of his room by Lord Xander) and peering through the lining of windows at the Askrans that have come to see his dancing. There are people of every height and weight, some tall, others small. All of them are grinning broadly in the courtyard, mingling and laughing, much to Inigo’s satisfaction. He attempts a twitch of his lips at this - he knows that his dance will be the closure to their pleasant days.

His anxiety has yet to settle still, and the only comfort he has besides smiling faces, is in knowing he always acts this way before a practice session. That, and he should say Owain, Severa, and Lucina all being present, but no matter who was out there, everyone would be watching him.

   Judging him. And it was his job to make sure he could give at least half the performance his mother could give. He–

   "Inigo, tell me, is Ylisse much different from Askr?“ Alfonse interrupts his worries, stealing Inigo’s attention from the windows. It’s easy to forget the Askran royal stands to the left of him as he walks to stage, acting alongside Xander as an escort.

   "Oh, um, yes,” Inigo smiles, avoiding the scrutinizing stare he feels from Xander to his right. “T-there’s a much larger population here, I suppose.”

   "Is Ylisse similar to Nohr?“ The taller prince in question then speaks, refusing to be ignored.

Inigo knows they’ve spoken about all of this. His origins, his home. And Xander has anything but a bad memory. He shakes his head no in reply, forcing his facials to act relaxed in an attempt to defer Xander’s concern. He wouldn’t deal with his lord pressing him for details on what was wrong. Not now.

   "I believe there are a few more lovely lasses in Ylisse opposed to Nohr.” Inigo chuckles nervously, terribly aware of how offensive his words are.

   Xander narrows his eyes in return, but doesn’t push the matter further.

   Before any more banter can take place, the three men reach the final set of steps before the exit of the hall. Adorning the door to the courtyard is Askr’s emblem - a large golden symbol signifying peace and prosperity, or so Sharena says. Inigo knows the stage will be awaiting him on the other side of it.  

   "Good luck.“ Alfonse smiles good-naturedly, oblivious to the tension in the air.

   Xander frowns. "You shall not need it, but yes, may luck be with you.”

   Inigo gulps down his worry one more time, trying his best to keep his voice smooth. “T-thank you. Both of you.”

   Without waiting for anymore comments, he approaches the door, and his stomach flips.
   He wants to cry, because it’s been so long since he’s seen her, but there’s been enough tears in his life.

   Swallowing them down, he encompasses Olivia in his arms, feeling the warmth of his mother he’s spent most of his life without. To know she has a heartbeat here, that the damnable dragon hasn’t taken over yet, was enough to make Inigo burst out into a real grin for the rest of his days.

   Still with the grace of a bird, she returns his gesture with a smile, a splash of blush crossing her features. She knows Inigo likes moments like these - moments of peace.
   His legs feel feel as they will give out beneath him. The crowd is so large - a pool of eager faces underneath the tall stage, each set of hungry eyes making him feel he could drown in their expectations. A breeze twists through Inigo’s hair, and he wishes it were later in the day so he could melt into the shadows. Suddenly, the bright sky is cut into fragments by a song.

   A shudder runs up his spine. It’s time.

   "I-I never learned the entire dance. You…  d-died before I could. I was hoping to surprise you!“

   His words are exasperated, no matter how hard he tries to lighten his voice. Gods, how he’s gone and embarrassed himself this time! Olivia looks downright confused by the gawky half of the dance he’s tried to create, (probably because it is nothing like her eloquence) and Inigo hates how he’s about to cry again, because honestly, he’s a full grown man now; he’s a full grown man who has seen right down death’s throat for years, and he’s going to bawl over this of all things.

   There were certainly more important issues to cry over, were there not?
   Music fills the very brim of atmosphere now, the instruments he is accompanied by fervent, and he’s spinning, his body turning with a force guided by the cheers of the people before him. A slight sweat whips off his brow on the next pivot, and his heart ticks erratically as he begins to allow the creeping dread of a possible misstep to flood his mind. Breath leaves Inigo’s lips raggedly, but those on the grass below him will never hear.

   Keep yourself focused, goes the mental message through his mind, but not too focused, or you’ll come across stiffer than you already feel.

   "I… it really is beautiful, Inigo,” Olivia finally whispers, “let yourself go. Send energy through the tips of your fingers, and let it all go. I want to see you dance with your entire heart.”

   Shock. That is all Inigo can register at this point. There is nothing else to call it.

   "What? But I–“

   Olivia takes his hands excitedly. The pinks of her eyes are taken over in an impassioned joy, a love for the art of dancing, and any previous shyness Inigo was used to seeing seemed to dissipate in that moment. Flecks of the sun illuminated her face.

   "This is beautiful… it’s different…  it’s both of us.”

   He dances for the both of them. Yes. That’s right.

   Inigo remembers her words, swallowing down apprehension the best he can, and sways just a little harder, putting just a touch more of passion into the swing of his lower body as he attempts another twirl, all the while picturing her. The crowd disappears from his vision. Their cries die in his ears. His hips revolve in a fluid manner, and he takes a breath to fuel his next motions. Inigo’s muscles exert gradual bursts of zeal: he sends pulses of stamina through his arms, then legs, ordering them to layer up movements one after another to keep the performance unconfined - free.

   Then comes an illusion of Olivia alongside him, weaving her body with his. He mirrors her imaginary movements with a contrasting routine of his own, pretending to look directly into her sweet face. This produces a smile - a truly content smile from Inigo, and as his performance continues, his joints begin to loosen, almost becoming the wind itself.

   Almost becoming one with her.

4. teacher/single parent AU

(for the anon who asked for 4 & 28, I’ll get on to 28 another time soon! thank you so much for playing!) 

Abby’s hair is so long that it sits at the small of her back. She used to let Robert braid it, when she was younger, used to praise him for his wonky designs and pretty ribbons and prance around the house like nobility. Apparently the task has become too great for him, these days, because she refuses to let him anywhere near it.

She’s almost thirteen. There’s not much in her life he is allowed near, if he’s honest.

“Aunt Deb said I could go there, before the school dance.” Abby says as they’re idly pushing their trolley around the supermarket. She tries to hoist herself up so he’ll push her along but he shakes it, and she falls, giggling.

“Oh, yeah? Nice you asked me first.”

“Dad, come on,” she groans, and the way her freckly nose wrinkles reminds him so much of her mother. It makes Robert smile. “Like you wanna listen to me talk about shoes.”

“You said I had good fashion sense!”

“On you. But you’re a forty year old bloke - ” 

38,” he hisses, because she knows full well.

“ – and I’m a teenage girl. You do the maths.” 

“The maths is goin’ home without Cookie Crisp, you keep up that attitude.”

“You’re such a - ” she starts to say, but they almost run into someone turning into an aisle. Abby leaps back with a smile. “Oh, hey, Mr. Dingle!”

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Ted and Bernie make such a fun team to watch debate, while also being professional and relatively respectful of their opposing ideas. We need more like them in politics. That debate was lowkey wholesome

Honestly is was very wholesome. I even enjoyed their more heated banter. We really do need more professional politicans like them on the debate stage. I can’t wait for more, and to see how this pans out on the senate stage. 

Just Friends?! - Jack Maynard Imagine

A/N -  Anything with Jack ❤️ something where they are just friends, and they Get drunk and maybe hook up and wake up together the next morning and are both a bit freaked out. Feel free to change the plot, i dont mind

What is it like being friends with 7 guys who liked going on night outs quite a lot? I’ll tell you know.. it was draining. I’m that type of person who doesn’t like saying no. Sometimes i regret it but other times i do actually thank myself for agreeing to go. I get a thrill of doing activities outside my comfort zone it gives me the confidence boost i always needed. Saying yes to the boys always meant there was going to be laughter, jokes and new memories to laugh/talk about in the future. 

I’m currently in my apartment drinking wine with the music channel turned up loud. My hair and make up was already done but trying to pick an outfit was a nightmare. I had tried on several outfits but i couldn’t find one i liked. With the guys texting me saying they were just waiting for their uber i really needed to get a move on. In the end i decided to wear a short pencil shirt with a off the shoulder top and heels. (Heels are essential as im small compared to the others) Downing the rest of my wine i made sure everything was locked and switched off, double checking i had my phone keys and money before locking up and heading outside to wait. 

Ignoring all the hellos and i rushed into the car as it was absolutely freezing.
“It’s so cold, please turn the heating up” I asked the driver chattering my teeth and rubbing my arms to warm back up.
“Demanding” Conor laughed. 
“Maybe if you put more clothes on you would be fine” Jack mumbled.
“Need to look my best to impress dont i” I replied with a smile. “Plus you don’t have any right telling what to wear and how to dress Maynard”  
“oooo, Jack got told” Joe laughed with the other boys laughing along. 
It was only friendly banter with the boys, if you could give it you needed to take it. 

We had now been in the club for about two hours and i can say the boys had all taken a big amount of alcohol. Having this amount of alcohol in you took you to that stage where were everyone confident with what they were talking about and with their actions. We were in the booth downing the shots and pretending to dance like we were pros. “We need more drinks” Josh shouted over the music. “Lets order some” Oli shouted back grabbing Josh and Mikey to get the drinks in. I was in my own little world until Joe starting snapchatting and obviously i wanted to join in. We started singing with the different effects making a fool out of our selves but we didn’t care it was fun. As the night went on me and Jack started to become more closer dancing against each other, taking random photos and videos enjoying each others company and this didn’t go a miss from the boys. Don’t get me wrong Jack is a very attractive lad and we do get protective over each other but we didn’t see each other in “that” way. Just friends having fun on a night out. Nothing wrong with that right?


I always love a good night out but the hangovers in the morning are something i despise. I was awake but i couldn’t open my eyes. They were so heavy. My head was awake but my body wanted to sleep. After a few minutes debating to myself if i should get back to sleep or just wake up, i blinked a few times getting used to the light before i decided to move. I started my morning stretch and i froze mid way. I turned to look and i couldn’t process the thoughts. Why was Y/N in my bed? I instantly checked to see if we were clothed and i had my boxers on and Y/N had a hoodie and underwear on. I sat straight up to see if there were any evidence of something happening and i couldn’t see anything. 
“Jack?” I turned to look at Y/N still in disbelief. She started to open her eyes and she looked as confused as i did. 
“Why am i in your bed? Did anything happen? How did i get here?” Too many questions which i couldn’t answer especially with this hangover.
“I-i dont know, no i dont think anything did and i dont know” I spoke out. I watched as Y/N checked under the covers and sighed with relief when looking back up.
“Dont worry i already checked” I let out a slight laugh. Even though i’m confused out of my mind i didn’t actually mind waking up to Y/N. It was different. 
“My head really hurts” Y/N croaked out. “I know the feeling” 

I pulled out my phone to check snapchat (this was a regular thing i did after a night out because it would give me an idea to what happened) There was pictures of Joe having a drinking competition with Conor and Caspar. Videos of me, Joe and Y/N singing and videos of Mikey and Oli trying to flirt with girls. Nothing on there to tell me if something happened with the girl next to me… well that was until i watched Joe’s story. There it was a photo of me and Y/N kissing. Don’t get me wrong the fans have seen us kiss before but only as a dare. This wasnt a dare. Inside i was kind of freaking out. But freaking out in a good way? I always thought Y/N was different to other girls. She always made me happy no matter what mood i was in.
“Y/N have you seen this?” I showed her the photo of us as she just came out the bathroom gathering her stuff. She started to giggle.
“Aw aren’t we cute!” I started to smile. “We would be” 
“It’s a shame we’re just friends” She said picking up the last of her bits heading out the room. I smile was soon off my face. This feeling in my stomach started to appear and it wasn’t anything to do with the hangover. I sighed to myself.

“Just friends”

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You shouldn't be "in love" with a tattoo. Or anything for that matter unless it's God.


So you don’t love your family? not in love with your significant other? Ridiculous. Considering my tattoo is about God. 

So, with that being said. It is time to learn about different types of love! And you tell me which type of love is for God and which type is for other :)

1. Eros, or sexual passion

The first kind of love was eros, named after the Greek god of fertility, and it represented the idea of sexual passion and desire. But the Greeks didn’t always think of it as something positive, as we tend to do today. In fact, eros was viewed as a dangerous, fiery, and irrational form of love that could take hold of you and possess you—an attitude shared by many later spiritual thinkers, such as the Christian writer C.S. Lewis.

Eros involved a loss of control that frightened the Greeks. Which is odd, because losing control is precisely what many people now seek in a relationship. Don’t we all hope to fall “madly” in love?

2. Philia, or deep friendship

The second variety of love was philia or friendship, which the Greeks valued far more than the base sexuality of eros. Philia concerned the deep comradely friendship that developed between brothers in arms who had fought side by side on the battlefield. It was about showing loyalty to your friends, sacrificing for them, as well as sharing your emotions with them. (Another kind of philia, sometimes called storge, embodied the love between parents and their children.)

We can all ask ourselves how much of this comradely philia we have in our lives. It’s an important question in an age when we attempt to amass “friends” on Facebook or “followers” on Twitter—achievements that would have hardly impressed the Greeks.

3. Ludus, or playful love

This was the Greeks’ idea of playful love, which referred to the affection between children or young lovers. We’ve all had a taste of it in the flirting and teasing in the early stages of a relationship. But we also live out our ludus when we sit around in a bar bantering and laughing with friends, or when we go out dancing.

Dancing with strangers may be the ultimate ludic activity, almost a playful substitute for sex itself. Social norms may frown on this kind of adult frivolity, but a little more ludus might be just what we need to spice up our love lives.

4. Agape, or love for everyone

The fourth love, and perhaps the most radical, was agape or selfless love. This was a love that you extended to all people, whether family members or distant strangers. Agape was later translated into Latin as caritas, which is the origin of our word “charity.”

C.S. Lewis referred to it as “gift love,” the highest form of Christian love. But it also appears in other religious traditions, such as the idea of mettāor “universal loving kindness” in Theravāda Buddhism.

There is growing evidence that agape is in a dangerous decline in many countries. Empathy levels in the U.S. have declined sharply over the past 40 years, with the steepest fall occurring in the past decade. We urgently need to revive our capacity to care about strangers.

5. Pragma, or longstanding love

Another Greek love was the mature love known as pragma. This was the deep understanding that developed between long-married couples.

Pragma was about making compromises to help the relationship work over time, and showing patience and tolerance.

The psychoanalyst Erich Fromm said that we expend too much energy on “falling in love” and need to learn more how to “stand in love.” Pragmais precisely about standing in love—making an effort to give love rather than just receive it. With about a third of first marriages in the U.S. ending through divorce or separation in the first 10 years, the Greeks would surely think we should bring a serious dose of pragma into our relationships.

6. Philautia, or love of the self

The Greek’s sixth variety of love was philautia or self-love. And the clever Greeks realized there were two types. One was an unhealthy variety associated with narcissism, where you became self-obsessed and focused on personal fame and fortune. A healthier version enhanced your wider capacity to love.

The idea was that if you like yourself and feel secure in yourself, you will have plenty of love to give others (as is reflected in the Buddhist-inspired concept of “self-compassion”). Or, as Aristotle put it, “All friendly feelings for others are an extension of a man’s feelings for himself.”



While I had such a good time at Toracon this year, there is something I need to say that is very important that has been being said for years.

Cosplay does not equal consent.

It never does and it never will.

During the 18+ dating game, I unfortunately got assaulted not once, but twice on stage. I was the one asking the questions. When I did not chose option #2, whom was a Ciel Phantomhive cosplayer, we had a little friendly banter, until they forcefully kissed me on stage and even pushed me down to my knees to kiss me more “dramatically”. I felt very uncomfortable and even tried to push them away, but they did not stop.

The second time was with the person I “won”. The team rocket grunt. He was even forceful with his answers, saying he would “force me” to be his. I picked him because I figured it would be fine and that he was just kidding. Then I went to kiss him on the lips, which would have been fine with me and him, but he then forced his tongue into my mouth.

I was NOT okay with this. He then proceeded to follow me around for the rest of the night. I stuck around with his group (because I was alone and needed to make sure other people knew that I was around with him) until I finally told him that I needed to go. He didn’t seem to like that. I was fine with hugging him goodbye, but then after I avoided kissing a second time, he made me kiss him again.

He tried to find me the next day and was even told a Proton cosplayer that he “had gotten with this Team Magma chick”. Not only was this untrue, he also was misgendering me even though I stated that I was male.

It was very very unwanted. I would never have wanted that and it sucks that everyone who saw it happen was cheering during the game.

Luckily, the next day I had people who saw me get kissed by the Ciel and Rocket Grunt come to me saying that I looked very uncomfortable and that they were sorry that happened to me. There’s one person that I need to make a shout out to though.

Proton. Where ever you are; thank you. You and your friends knew how scares I was when I found out he was looking for me and you protected me. Thank you so much. You are a wonderful person and so are your friends. Thank you so very much.

Cosplay will never equal consent and these two people need to learn this. What happened to me was horrible and I hope it never happens to anyone ever again. Cons need to start taking more action on this and prevent this from happening by implementing stricter rules for the dating game, especially the 18+ one. So I’m going to say it one more time.

Cosplay does not equal consent and it never will.

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What should one direction do To boost sales :(

Well, I don’t think they’re doing terribly.  

I’ll reiterate that:

  • they’re a boy band nearing what most consider to be their expiration date
  • they are on their 4th tour in 4 years
  • they are on their 2nd stadium tour in 2 years with dates at inconvenient locations or locations they just visited
  • they started this tour off as WWA 2.0 with almost no songs from the new album and the same basic staging
  • they haven’t exactly inspired confidence during the rest of the tour being less than their best and Zayn being missing
  • ticket prices are kind of outrageous
  • they haven’t promoted the tour properly because Modest has some complex about them being too big to need promotion
  • they are still seen as a pre-teen band and haven’t been allowed to grow their fan base in the adult and general population properly

And yet they are still managing to make their shows look decently full.  Yes, they have the potential to sell more, but they’re still selling more than enough to be considered one of the most popular and profitable musical acts at the moment.

If they want to sell more in the long term, they’ll want to fix all of the things I listed above.  They need to space tours out, make sure to present fresh material and staging every time, work at promoting the tour through radio interviews and contests and billboards etc, stop encouraging child fans through their merchandising and targeted promotion, and reach out to more general fans by getting positive and widespread attention on their music and talent.  

Most of all, they need to return to arenas and play fewer songs.  A large part of their appeal is their stage interactions and banter and as it is, we aren’t getting nearly enough of either in the stadium shows.  Almost none of those things are going to be able to happen during this tour.

What they can do right now is lower ticket prices to a reasonable amount, work on promoting to new fans through interviews, and most of all, be whole and having fun.  They haven’t been their best in a long time. Anyone looking at TMH or the Singapore show this year can see what they should be like.  

They’ve struggled because the tours being constant has overworked them and burned them out to some extent, they haven’t been able to interact freely because of the ban on Harry-Louis interaction, and because it’s doubtful they’re often in the best mood with the shit their team puts them through.  

The Singapore show indicates that they’re not completely burned out and they still have that magic in them and between them.  All they need is for their management team to fix what they’ve messed up, or at least not actively attempt to mess things up more, and they’ll be fine in my opinion.