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Hi, I wanted to make this ask for months, but was afraid to, but now I feel like I can do this. Is it easy to learn German, I stared the basics not too long ago and the gendered nouns are a huge pain imo. Any tips to remember which form of 'the' to use?

hi! first of all, you don’t need to be afraid, to ask anything – i’m glad you have the courage to now. this is going to be under a read more, because i think it will be a long post, i’ll give you all my knowledge about my language. i’m so happy you’re learning german!!

so, for any german learners, this is for you: tips from a native speaker!

                                                                                                  … as written by mod elise

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Hey have you got any fics where it's basically Cinderella? I was reading one but I lost it and I'm so frustrated. Thank you!

yeah here’s our cinderella tag (if you can’t find your fic, send an ask to @twficfinder w/ a summery of what you read and they should be able to help)

Have Courage, Be Kind… and Get Revenge by rosepetals42 (1/1 | 10,633 | PG13)

“I am going to that ball,” he announces. This is perfect. This is the greatest thing to ever happen to him.

“What?” Scott says. “Wait, really?”

“Obviously!” Stiles replies. He can totally do this. He just needs some clothes that aren’t… basically rags. Pockets! He’ll need lots of pockets. And-

“This is awesome!” Scott interrupts his thought process. “I think you could totally win over the prince if you wanted! You’re like the most handsome guy I know!”

“Agreed,” Stiles says. Then Scott’s words actually catch up with him. “Wait, no. I’m not going for the prince. Why would I care about the prince?”

Or, A Cinderella AU– sorta. There is more theft than usual.

Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts by GravityDidIt (2/? | 9,274 | NC17)

Derek is sent to help negotiate a peace treaty with the Argent family. However court intrigue, power plays and a group of pranksters and the already difficult to deal with nobles of Orlais makes this a nearly impossible task.

Whatever You Wish For, You Keep by badcaseofcasey (1/1 | 8,902 | G)

Sterek Cinderella AU - When Scott holds a ball to meet his future wife, Stiles is distracted by a handsome stranger. After Scott’s mystery girl runs out on him, both he and Stiles embark on their journeys to find their one true love.

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes by ScalePhoenix14825 (1/1 | 12,194 | G)

If Stiles said he hated his life, it would be a complete lie. He loathed his life. He wanted nothing more than to go back in time and warn his dad, beg him not to go in to work that day. But here he was, cooking and cleaning like he was some kind of slave. 

Baby Boy -Jaebum- *smut*

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Title: Baby Boy
Pairing: Jaebum + Reader

Plot: Jaebum just looks too good whilst sleeping.
Warning: Fem!Dom, sex obviously, bondage, pet names (baby girl, baby boy) , oral, blah blah.
A/N: This is my first sex smut I;m sorry if it’s bad oh my. Also, I’m sorry it’s so late but my family had a lot of problems in the last month, and I had no time to write. However, I have 2 chapters of Dangerous and the Yugyeom crush scenario ready to go up to say sorry.
Requested by: Anon 

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Okay I’m going to be completely honest right now I see Rick as a role model. The man has such intelligence and such gaul, but at the same time is relatable, at least for me, because he has difficulty dealing with his family. The reason I see him as a role model is because he’s not afraid to be blunt. Occasionally, I can be blunt (without really knowing I am), but sometimes my anxiety makes it hard for me to say things that I feel need to be said. I wish I had Rick’s courage to speak my mind and do all the crazy things I have ever wanted to do.

Hi! Regarding Pevensies and Hogwarts Houses - I think it’s funny how with Peter and Lucy people are generally just deciding between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff but with Susan and Edmund a case can be made for all houses XD.

I would personally go with Gryffindor for both Peter and Lucy. While they definitely have many Hufflepuff traits, I would say that they both value courage above all else.

Susan - I am inclined towards Slytherin. Yes, she was kind, gentle, motherly and mostly non-violent but she also wanted to carve her own path and she could be clever and slightly manipulative when she needed to be. I keep thinking about how she acts in “Horse and His Boy” - how she falls prey for Prince Rabadash’s sweet words and the promises of riches and queenship of a large country. She didn’t want to settle down with just anyone, she wanted to have influence. (good for Susan! she is my favorite!)

Edmund is a Hufflepuff for me, though I can see the argument for Ravenclaw . I would argue against Slytherin - yes he wanted to be THE KING - but that was a long time ago and he was a child. I would actually say that since his betrayal he actually values loyalty very high, he is very careful about judging others fairly and seems to be very content as one of four rulers. In HaHB he watches out for Susan and wants to give Rabadash a second chance. Yes, he can be snarky and sassy but that’s not mutually exclusive with Hufflepuff traits XP. Cause we huff and we puff!

Sorry this got much longer than I intended it, hope you don’t mind…

EXO’s Reaction: Meeting You for the First Time

Suho: *eating when he notices you in the same outside restaurant* “Hm?” *mentally debating whether or not to walk up to you when he realizes his mouth is stuffed and he must be looking like a complete idiot right about now but still manages to work up enough courage to talk to you after he’s finished his food*

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❝                 What is COURAGE? What defines a courageous act? It is said that the brave and cowardly person are both fearful. However, it is the brave one who faces his fear and does what needs to be done. We will be faced with many things that SCARE US throughout our lives. How can we become the kind of people that face our fear and do it anyway? Human growth takes place when we take small steps. Each time we face our fears we become more of the courageous person that we would LIKE TO BE.          ❞ 

penned by Hobbit

                                       ( ART CRED / EDIT BY ME )
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It’s Not Yours

Minato x MC

You had danced around this all day. You knew you’d have to break the news to Minato eventually, and no matter how much you’d rehearsed exactly what you were going to say to him, his unpredictability was what made you even more anxious. There was no way of telling whether he’d be heartbroken, filled with rage, or whether he was going to leave you or not when he found out about the baby you were carrying.

“Minato, I really need to talk to you.” you finally plucked up the courage to blurt the words out and switched the TV off, casting the remote to a vacant space on the sofa. This was it. There was no way you were going to back out now.

“What’s up, pommy?“ he asked, scooting up closer to you and wrapping an arm around you. God, you wished he hadn’t done that, but at the same time, you didn’t want to shake free from his hold. You let out a sigh and tapped your feet along the floor a few times as you thought about how to get onto the topic of pregnancy.  "Well, it’s…ummm..Minato, I-I’m pregnant.”

Minato’s face instantly lit up, but your eyes were welling up with tears. The hardest part of this was yet to follow.  "That’s great news! Christ, I’m gonna be a dad, _____?  We’re gonna be parents!” he leaned forward to kiss you, but you turned your face away from him. Tears flowed down your cheeks with no intention of stopping, and Minato’s brows furrowed in confusion.

“It’s not yours…” you bit down on your lip, crying even more when you saw how rapidly the smile dropped from his face. This was the part you’d been dreading.

“What are you…I-Is this some kind of sick joke?” Minato pulled away from you completely, and if you were being honest, you were surprised he was still even sitting next to you. You could see the mixture of emotions building up within him, but you weren’t quite sure which one he was going to unleash first.

“I’m serious.” your voice cracked and you brought your hands up to your face to cover your lips and cheeks. Salty tears were already beginning to flow and your hands were acting like a dam.

“…No…I don’t believe this.” Minato got up to his feet, and you were truly convinced that he was about to leave, but he was nowhere near done with you yet. He threw his hands up in the air, not knowing whether to throw something across the room or punch a wall instead.

“Minato, sit back do-“ you started to say.  "Whose is it, ______?!” he finally erupted, and you couldn’t even say, you were startled. You’d been expecting this, and you were surprised that this wasn’t his initial reaction. He stared you down when you didn’t reply, crouching down to your level and getting right up close to you.

“ name.” his glare was intense. “I’ll go find him right now and make sure he isn’t walking anywhere tomorrow.” his tone was lower this time, sinister enough to make your blood run cold. You gulped and managed to compose yourself for a moment. You were still anxious about the fact that he hadn’t completely lost it with you yet, but you knew that it would soon follow.

“Remember a few weeks ago, we had that huge fight? Well, he was the only person I felt safe with going to for comfort, and I was so pissed off, Minato, and it was just careless, meaningless, angry sex-“

“It’s fucking Kido isn’t’ it!? I’ll deal with you later. I swear to god, I’m gonna put him in the ground right now-“ Minato was already heading for the door, but you cut him off with a loud cry and a strong shake of the head. You knew this was going to ruin everything between them both, and this was probably going to be the end of you and Minato.

“No, Minato…It’s Shusei’s.”

scary talks + braia

After their date, Bryson knew that Maia and him had to talk. It wasn’t the same and it was scary. He didn’t know if it had to do with how fast their relationship had grew or simply him needing to regroup and to figure things out before committing to a person the way he needed to do with Maia. She’d been hurt before and he knew that when she was with someone, she gave them her all. Bryson didn’t feel as if he was giving her enough which was terrible in his opinion but at the same time, he didn’t know where to go from there, what to do or if he was that ready. Whatever decision that they would take, they’d have to do it together.

So on Saturday, after lunch time, Bryson grew soe courage and made his way to her bedroom, biting down on his bottom lip as he thought of how to start this conversation. Was she expecting it? Was she thinking everything was okay? He kenw that somethig was different and a couple of days ago, he’d come looking for her at night and she wasn’t in the house, which mad ehim wonder if their distance had anything to do with it. Taking a dep breath, Bryson knocked on the door gently. “Maia…it’s me.” He called out gently.


You all inspired me and gave me the courage to show off my babs.

Real name: Tāo Huang! Stage name:
Times were rough during his birth. His nation was going through a famine. He was raised in a secluded shrine in the mountains. He was left there as an infant due to his parents lacking the needs to take care of him. He was placed under the care of the high priest. He was a rebellious child, always causing trouble. During summers he would accompany the other priests to a trip to the nearby village. That’s when he saw the robots for the first time. He was enchanted by them. As a young man, he got into a fight with the high priest and stormed out into a near by village. He never got a chance to tell the priest how sorry he was and how much he loved him. The shrine was burned to ground due to the Omnic Crisis. He was only saved by the kindness of one malfunctioning robot. He went from village to village trying to help others escaped. During one particular battle, he found Overwatch. He begged. Nearly grasped the leg of an agent. He implored them to take him and teach him. And they did.
He is a flirty and a very flamboyant man who loves robots. Maybe a bit too much. He spends time repairing damaged robots or going out in the front lines with his trusty G.R.A.C.E. (Good robots annihilate conflicting enemies) who is a huge ass robot he controls. He has no preference for a romantic partner but will shamelessly flirt with anyone. He hides his regrets and fears under a thick layer of smiles and winks. He is pro-omnic and thinks every robot is worth something.

She doesn’t remember much about her earlier life and she doesn’t want to. She grew up in a very abusive household. That’s all she can remember. She works for Talon as their Lab chief and top surgeon. She is the one who amputates off limbs and replaces them with better, faster, and strong robotic limbs. She did Widowmaker’s legs. She tests the experiments on herself rather than a lab rat. Due to that, she experiences heavy headaches and burns herself out faster. She has negative feelings towards the human race in general and prefer to keep to herself. She is a workaholic. “Work first, feelings later” is her motto. Her round glasses always slide off her face.
Turning Pages - Chapter 13
The Doctor finally talks to Clara and tells her about his demons.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Yes, two chapters in the same day!
But I know that this one is not one of my best, but this story needs to go on. Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy it. Please, send me your thoughts. There will be probably just one more chapter to the end.

My very special thanks to @misswinterseat, not only for her help but for her patience with me in this one!

“I’m sorry,” his voice finally comes out in a whisper. “About everything.” She shifts next to him and, though her eyes are still stubbornly avoiding him, he feels like she is an inch closer and that gives him the courage to go on. “I want to talk with you.”

Pain seems to be his worst enemy as a new wave runs through his leg making him search his pockets in vain for his pills. He’s probably forgotten them at home. His discomfort doesn’t go unnoticed by her and she finally looks at him with concerned eyes.

“You’re in pain. You should go home,” her voice is quiet and her tone is plain but her beautiful eyes betray the emotions that run through her.

“Believe me,” he adjusts his grip on his cane, putting more weight on his good leg. “My injuries are not what pain me the most right now.”

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Ship Request:My name is Sophia. I'm short, brown hair & eyes. I love cars, traveling, working out, & adventures. I'm pretty outgoing & chill but I will NEVER let someone underestimate me or threaten me. I'm not afraid of making an example. Male plz💚

I ship you with Sam Winchester. Sam & Sophia? I mean come on!

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The two of meet on a hiking trail, after weeks of passing one another, you going up and Sam coming down the trail,  Sam finally got the courage to talk to you. Immediately, the two of you hit it off. Sam thought you were fun, adventurous, laid back and extremely cute. He especially loved your height! Loved pulling you into his arms, the feeling that he could protect you, not that you needed it. You were a tough girl , it drove Sam mad. He secretly loved watching you stand up for yourself, loved how you didn’t care who the person was, you weren’t afraid to make an example out of the person. And when you did, he’d stand there smiling proudly, arms across his chest, beaming down at you. And when you’d look to him, his hazel eyes marveled at the sheer beauty that risen from you, he’d smirk at the person who underestimated you, before slipping his arm around your shoulders, kissing the up of your head, laughing softly, he’d say, “You’re the best, babe.”

Hope you enjoyed this! It was my first ever ship request~ Thanks!

He was definitely going to blame it on that movie. He had been totally set on waiting to tell her! But the second he turned We Bought A Zoo on, he was doomed.

“Twenty seconds of courage.” He whispered, pushing open the window. He leapt out, turning into a small bat and flitted across the dorms.

Nineteen. Eighteen. Seventeen.

He flew in her window, relieved to find it open. His heart thudding in his throat, he crossed the room to Lorelai and just looked at her.

Fourteen. Thirteen. Twelve.

He swallowed nervously and pressed his lips against hers, wrapping his arms around her.

Ten. Nine. Eight.

He pulled back and let out a breath.“I need to talk to you. ”

            knuckles halted just before connecting with wood. she hadn’t seen him in years. not since she’d been transferred, recruited by — well, that was top secret. she’d come back to central city, originally, to surprise barry, spend a few days, and head back. but she’d had to fall off the grid after the explosion. and what it did to her.  she’d needed a year to get the courage to tell anyone anything. and that happened to be barry. at near-midnight. she exhaled and brought fingers to knock on the wood of his door.      ❛   barry ? are you home ? it’s sophie thomas.   ❜

for @offershope

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Hi I'm bisexual and nobody really knows, especially no one from the church. I don't really know how to deal with that. I've been trying to deny it but I just can't anymore. There is no way I would ever leave the church. Do you have any advice?

Hi friend!

I’m currently in a cabin so I’m gonna keep this brief and add on to it when I get home tomorrow.

First off, I’m really proud of you for having the courage to seek help. It can be a scary time and I’ll be here to help as much as I can.

My first piece of advise is to take a deep breath. You’re not going to gain all of the answers you need all at once. It’s gonna take time to figure everything out and trying to rush or force an answer is gonna drive you nuts.

As far as no church friends knowing, that’s totally alright. It took me over a year after I realized I wasn’t straight to tell a church friend I’m bisexual. And I didn’t even tell them directly (I posted about it on tumblr and then it came up in conversation later).

Some people feel empowered by coming out publicly, some people won’t feel safe doing so. Whether you’re out to just a few people or everyone or none at all is totally up to you. I’ve only come out to close friends.

As far as dealing with it, that’s something that we all learn to do by (in my opinion) fumbling around, trying different things until we find what works for us. Again, the answers won’t come right away so don’t stress about how long it takes. The Lord works in mysterious ways, everything happens according to God’s time tables not ours, and all that.

Maybe you’ll date strictly the opposite gender and just appreciate the same gender.
Maybe you’ll dabble with both.

I’m probably harping a bit on the “don’t stress” bit, but it’s because i spent a long time stressed out and hating myself until one day I was halfway to my science class and I looked up, straightened my posture, and said to myself “It’s alright that I’m also attracted to guys. God still loves me.”

There’s nothing wrong with you. God loves you and he never stopped loving you. Stay close to him and you’ll be just fine