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Omggg your arts are the best!! Can I request a slight nsfw Poker Pair art? (〃ω〃)

Hi :) Omg I was very happy when I saw this request, not only because it’s my sweet otp, but I’ve actually never drawn something like that, so this really helps me but I then noticed that I have absolutely no idea what would be considered “slight” nsfw and what would be too much xD so I  didn’t make more than a sketch but if you like it, you can request more art, request a specific pose or something (: This really helps me a lot!
I’m really sorry if you think this is bad qwq

Last night you were unhinged. You were like some
                        desperate howling demon. You frightened me.
Do it again. 
I would die for her. I would kill for her. Either way, what bliss.

au feat. stiles and lydia as young gomez and morticia addams 

voice tag! (hopefully this one works???)
abby abby abby abby
voice tag! (hopefully this one works???)

hi guys! so this is my overdue wanna one voice tag LOL i was tagged by @jaehwansspookywife @extraongdinary @emperorhwangs @lovebugi and @minhwangs! my voice actually sounds rly boring and like i’m unamused but that’s not the case asdfghsksksj (i also talk mumbly sometimes so i apologize if what i’m saying sounds like gibberish ahhh)

1. State your name and username
2. Who is your bias in wanna one
3. Who is your bias wrecker
4. How long have you been a fan
5. Favourite song
6. Say all of the members names
7. Fave otp
8. Member you think has the best smile
9. Say Nae Maeum Soge Jeojang~

but i’m going to tag (only if you want to!): @kangdan101 @ongsecngwoo @woojinnies @ongeuigeon @wannabl @minyeodan @2hyeons @cafewoozi @godkangdaniel @kangbaeks and @eon1bugi~

Self Ship Weddings: Shirey

So I decided to do a little wedding posts for my self ships that I haven’t yet (which is all of them lol). But this post will include everything you need to know about the wedding, including links to fics if there is any atm. The first ship to do is Shirey, because that’s my biggest and the first one to get a wedding, obviously. Everything is under a read more since it has lots of pictures and is rather long lol.

Ship: Shiroe and Ashley

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Why am I doing this....

OMG. I can’t believe that last night I slept only 2 hours because I was scrolling entire tumblr for news in jonerys tag. I needed to be at work at 7 am. As can you imagine I feel like shit. PS. I need to be at work till 7 pm. 😑
Obsesja sięgnęła zenitu.
I have to swear in Polish for that. No żesz kurwa mać!!!
Uf that’s better.
I regret nothing. 😲

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🔼 SanNami (Candle meme - //Omg, I had to. XD)

Send “🔼” + a romantic/platonic/etc. pairing, and I’ll make up a scented candle for it. The name, the color, and 3+ scents. 

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NAME: Sun-Kissed
COLOR: A soft, light yellow-orange
SCENTS: Tangerines and Coconuts, with touches of Honey and Lavender

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for the short person A and taller person B, imagine erik or hank as B omg

!!!! tagging @hankmyhusband bc of course

hank + Person A, the shorter one of your OTP, dragging a chair over and standing on it whenever they feel the need to yell at Person B, the much taller person in the relationship. 

“Babe, I don’t understand why you’re getting so mad!” Hank laughs, as he bounces Ellie on his hip. “Ellie wanted to play around in the lab!”

“Hank, go put Ellie in her room, I don’t want to argue in front of her.” You grumble, crossing your arms over your chest. Hank just rolls his eyes with the stupid smirk on his face, obeying you despite the silliness of the situation.

Hank comes back out a minute later, shrugging his lab coat off and setting it on the back of the couch. You can tell he’s trying his best to hide his smile, because he keeps biting his lower lip and scrunching up his nose.

“How many times have I told you to not bring Ellie into your lab?!” You snap, bringing your hands to your hips. “The last time you let her in there she almost drank some chemical!”

“Aw, c’mon, it’s not like she did!” Hank argues back. “She just wants to watch me work! And I do put away all the dangerous stuff, you know!”

“Then why did she tell me that you let her use a fucking scalpel to cut open one of the dead frogs from one of your classes?!” You accuse, pointing a finger to his chest. Hank actually laughs, only making you angrier.

“Hey,” He raises his hands in fake innocence. “At least I was helping her, and she wasn’t doing it herself.”

You can’t even believe that he’s finding this situation funny, so you just huff out in frustration. You stalk past Hank, and go straight to the kitchen table. Hank is already bubbling out a laugh, because he knows what you’re doing.

Due to the height difference between the two of you, you feel like you can only be taken seriously in situations like this if you’re eye to eye with Hank. So, Hank watches you with amusement as you drag a chair in front of him: clambering up onto the chair.

“Do not take Ellie into your lab without telling me first, got it?!” You snap, once you’re eye level with him. “McCoy, I swear to god if you—“

You’re cut off when Hank just leans forward to wrap his arms tightly around you; lurching forward to plant a hard, playful kiss to your lips. You try and push him off, but you just end up nearly toppling off the chair; only for Hank to catch you, and pick you up.

When he pulls back, he’s got a stupid smile on his face, and his glasses are slightly crooked.

“You’re an absolute asshole, Hank.” You tell him, pinching his side.

“Yeah, but I’m your asshole.”


Transparent Beabato por all your transparent BeaBato needs!!!
You can use it but credit me please! And show me, wanna see

Gonna use this on my wallpaper I may show later omg this turned out very g o o d

Maybe I’ll make a WillLion next or whatever

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For sleepover thing! I'm kinda curious so, what do you think about F/uffy? What about Fa/ith in general? (Censoring just in case.)

Omg I never reblog these things because I always figure I won’t get any asks but I have some!! This is exciting, thank you.

I really love Faith/Buffy! I consider it an OTP (which, strictly, doesn’t make sense, I know, but there aren’t enough ship tiers to really satisfy my need to organize them. I have an OTP tag for them, anyway). I’m not going to put this in either tag bc I know this is…something people can disagree about, but I feel like Sp/uffy and F/uffy are very similar ships in some ways. I also like Buffy and Angel, but that’s a very different ship and fulfills different needs. I love Spike and I love him with Buffy, but I feel like in many ways Faith could have filled that same role, and there are so many interesting parallels with Faith and Buffy in the S6 Sp/uffy arc. I think both of them “get” Buffy, which can be distressing to her, and that’s really interesting to me. Both of them also aren’t supposed to love her, so that’s another interesting ship angle (I guess Angel could technically get in on that as well, but since he starts out with a soul that makes things different). 

And I love Faith. I think she’s very flawed, and sometimes her flaws get overlooked, like with every BtVS character, but I do consider her a fave. I’m even hoping to cosplay her soon (although that’s also partly based on it being convenient re: things like hair color and texture, I guess). I also have a gigantic crush on Eliza Dushku and have for as long as I can remember, so I won’t discount the influence that may have on my Faith love, haha. But I think she’s a very complex and interesting character, and one reason S3 is such an excellent season of Buffy (I think quality-wise it’s just behind S5, which I rank as the best, although favorite-wise I think S2 is ahead of it for sheer emotional impact re: Angelus). I sort of wish she’d stuck around and become a lead for at least a season, but I also really enjoyed her stint on Angel (she even managed to slightly redeem the worst parts of S4, which is saying something).

tl;dr: I love Faith and I ship her with Buffy!