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MAIA your tags in my gifset, OMG....... i need it, Magnus lifting Alec up against the counter, kissing him, and all of that in 1080 pls.... i'm dead.

ravagerjae said: I saw your tags about Magnus picking Alec up and sitting him on the counter and my mind instantly was like “What about Magnus picking him and pushing him against the wall” and I just dshudfkjkj I need this. All of this. And Alec would be so pleasantly surprised because holy shit no one has ever done this to him before and I’m screaming now

I WOULD LOVE THIS cuz yeah alec hasn’t ever been touched like that by anyone in his life. like, for alec usually if he’s being thrown or manhandled, it’d be training or sparring or roughhousing with his siblings at most.

but with magnus it’d be different, to have someone be rough with him solely out of desire and i feel like it’d blow alec’s mind a little because magnus just wants him so much in that way he’s always dreamed of but has never had until now and magnus always loves so intensely on top of that. no one has ever wanted alec so wholly before, both his heart and his body, until magnus.

also there’s magnus who i feel like is a lot like alec in that they both really need someone to be their match; magnus has always picked partners who challenge him, so i’ve always imagined alec’s supernatural strength would be perfect. like, of course they’ll be soft and gentle, too, but despite how graceful magnus is he isn’t actually delicate? so i don’t think he’d want to be handled like glass, either. plus i’ve always felt like the demon half of him really enjoys the rougher side of things and i like the idea of alec being sort of a safe partner for him to let it loose with because alec is a shadowhunter and not easily hurt. (and with alec it would be vice versa because magnus is such a powerful warlock.)

anyway, i imagine a moment where magnus’s magic sparks a bit wild when things get hot and heavy, and you see magnus kind of freeze, but alec is just like wow that much huh?, and it’s okay, alec isn’t afraid of him, and basically please just magnus and alec being comfortable with each other, with their own strengths and expressing that together physically, that’s all i want i’m so emotional.


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Top 5 Ships You’ll Go Down With No Matter What.

I was tagged by @iammultitudes and I must admit that I have several(and I mean a fuck ton) of OTPs so this was a little difficult to categorize. But I’m doing it in order from abso-fav to okay-fav.

1. Harrymort/Tomarry.

Generally, I consider Tom Riddle and Voldemort to be two different people, but we need to realize that even when he made his first Horcrux, Tom called himself Voldemort. So in a way, all the Horcruxes are Tom Riddle and Voldemort. It’s a tricky mess, but I don’t mind using it to my benefit.

I can see the connection between Tom/Harry/Voldemort. One wrong move in Harry’s childhood could have created a second Tom Riddle. Easy. Despite their difficult pasts, I think that these two pairings can be very in depth and powerful and two people who could probably understand each other better than anyone else, would be good together. They have similarities, but can still remain as their own persons.

I like the closeness.

2. Johnlock.

A lot of people want to believe that Sherlock is either Asexual, or because ‘women aren’t his area’ he’s Homosexual. Or even Sherlock isn’t the kind of person who cares about gender if he hates chauvinists and supremacists, so he’s Pansexual. All are completely possible. Sherlock is Sherlock and I personally don’t think he cares for gender. Sex is sex. It doesn’t alarm him.

John has only ever stated that he ‘isn’t gay’. That leaves every other sexual orientation. I know that as a Pansexual, I wouldn’t want people to think I’m only interested in women because it removes every other gender as a option and if people in my city think I’m only into women, I’ve lost my chances with several thousand people. I think John could easily be any sexuality, just like Sherlock.

Besides those points, they’re just so good together! John barely has friends and Sherlock had never had someone to understand him fully and accept him. John stayed. How many people had Sherlock gone through before John? How many times did he stand outside 221 B waiting for a flatmate? We don’t know, but the Headcanons it brings up are enough to keep us enthralled.

Their friendship is cute and I love that it actually seems real. There is Chemistry between them. The ‘broken’ little army doctor with an adrenaline addiction and the danger living detective who is friendless and addicted to cocaine. They compliment each other. They giggle at crime scene for God’s sake!

As an OTP I don’t need them to be having hot and wild sex (though if they did it would be lovely!0 I just want them to be happy. They could stay friends, become slovers, enter a romance without sexual interest, whatever. Just. Be. Happy.

3. Hannigram.

This pairing is seriously fucked up and beautiful.

They’re both just so lonely. Both have these amazing minds and skills and no one else truly appreciates them. Both want someone to see them in their entirety and someone who wants to keep looking even knowing what they know.

It’s a twisted, obsessive and possessive love bordering on psychopathic. 

Cannibalism and murdering aside, much of the show is about talking and emotions. There is depth to every character especially Will and Hannibal.

These two make Romeo and Juliet look healthy. But it’s okay. They mutually agreed to ignore the annoying parts of one another to continue enjoying what they liked most! This isn’t some sick Stockholm Syndrome. Hannibal is just as enamored with Will as Will is with him. They’ve got each other. Will lured Hannibal in and Hannibal hunted Will down.

Drama, betrayal, fun, and sarcasm at its finest. Such detailed relationships are always fun to delve into. And as a person who ships a mass murderer and the kid he tried to murder who is at least 50 years younger than him, I don’t care about ‘he tried to kill him’ shit. So much more to a character than being a killer or a victim 

Sometimes, we hurt the ones who love us most and love the ones who hurt us most.

This holds very true for Hannigram.

4. Shizaya

I swear to God, the first time I watched Durarara, I thought they were flirting! Harsh words, insults, knives and soda machines being thrown between them and all that shit. I thought it was some kind of foreplay!

And then apparently they really hate each other and I was just.. ‘nope, nope, nope, nope, NOPE!’.

I can totally ship this!

I ship it!

5. NaruSasu/SasuNaru.

I have a lot of gay OTPs but I don’t necessarily care the gender of the two so long as they are together and happy.

I hated that Sasuke ended up with Sakura! She still knows next to nothing about him! Karin knew more about him and then ended up with a kid! I don’t even hate that he had a kid with Karin! He’s obviously attracted to the Uzumaki attitude.

Naruto understood Sauske on a level that no one else ever will. Naruto and Sasuke had this sort of relationship that was hard to explain to others. They fought and whined, and were so competitive, but they enjoyed each other’s presence.

Naruto was supportive. Naruto was determined to save Sasuke(even if he didn’t understand that Sasuke didn’t need saving). Naruto stuck by Sasuke till the end, even when Sasuke attacked him. Even when he insulted him. 

Sakura will never have that kind of closeness with Sasuke.

I just really like how well they go together.


Gaara/Sakura, Itachi/Naruto, Kakashi/Naruto, Zaro/Kaname, Ulquiorra/Orihime, Ichigo/Ulquiorra, Ichigo/Sosuke, Spacedogs, Johniarty, Snarry, Blarry, Harry/Luna, and many more.

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A Reminder for the Hetalians

There’s a lot of international tension on the news this month, and I was going through the tags and there were people making jokes about it, such as “OMG MY OTP SHOULD TEAM UP AND FIGHT ISIS!!!”

This is a reminder that these “jokes” are what give us a bad reputation, and they’re a problem that’s been needing amending. Although I admit that it’s gotten better, there’s still a few people who aren’t fully understanding.

This is reality, not fiction. People are suffering and dying and when we make jokes about them we end up disrespecting. It’s been pretty well established that we as a fandom should stay away from sensitive topics. Explore culture and language, not politics. You can see Himaruya’s work to see what has been done and is more acceptable: The creation of carbonara, the development of Iceland, Nordic cell phones, and historical context but only covering events that are from the far colonial past or out of peace.

Please be careful, and use your best judgement, so we can have a more welcoming and fun fandom.