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Tag yourself I’m the guy that screams “I SHIP IT”


SANA: You’re gonna need it as a football coach

SANA: Because my team is gonna CRUSH your team!!

SANA: And I don’t think it’s any fun to win against a team with a weak coach

YOUSEF: Huh?! Do you think my 12-player team is gonna lose against your 2-player team?

SANA: I’m not having a football team. I’m having a basketball team.

SANA: And yes, easy. No matter the sport

YOUSEF: Haha, liking the confidence

YOUSEF: Game on



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Here's an idea: Alex wants to wear something special for Thomas, gets Thomas's hopes up for fancy lingerie or something, only to start stripping Alex down and find that Alex's "surprise" is macaroni boxers

“mmm omg bb i got a surprise for u” alex said, and tj looked over excited.

“omg bb what is it???” thomas requested “is it lingerie????”

“lol no go fuck urself its macaroni boxers.” alexander flipped thomas off


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183 for Monty/Jeff if you can

I offically love this fucking ship and thats all because of @allthe13reasonswhyheadcannons

And this prompt works soooooo Well for this ship omg

183: Car Sex looks so much easier in the movies.

“Car Sex looks so much easier in the movies” Monty grumbled as he tried to pull his jeans Off and failing miserably

“Well your the one that fucking started it” Jeff chuckled at his idiot for a boyfriend

“Oh shut up and help me get These fucking jeans Off” Monty said wiggling under Jeff

“It would be my Pleasure” Jeff grinned kissing him softly before yanking Monty’s jeans Off and throwing them into the front of the car.

“I wish I got a bigger car” Monty complained again

“Monty if your just gonna complain the entire time we might as Well just go inside and do it in your bedroom” Jeff said more amused then annoyed

“Thats a much better idea” Monty agreed

“Well let’s go before your parents get home then” Jeff grinned

Monty nodded and opened the car door the two boys fell out of the car and quickly ran into the house, before anyone noticed the two teens in just their underwear darting in from the garage.

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🔼 SanNami (Candle meme - //Omg, I had to. XD)

Send “🔼” + a romantic/platonic/etc. pairing, and I’ll make up a scented candle for it. The name, the color, and 3+ scents. 

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NAME: Sun-Kissed
COLOR: A soft, light yellow-orange
SCENTS: Tangerines and Coconuts, with touches of Honey and Lavender

  • me: *checks otp tag in ao3*
  • me: *sees new fic written for otp*
  • me: OMG
  • me: *immediately checks fic*
  • me: *finds out the fic is not written in english*
  • me: *cries*
Naruto Fleet

Rule: List your top 10 Naruto ships in order and then tag 10 people you’re curious about. 

I was tagged by @ohsotiny, @raendown, @yakashi-lover OMG guys, thank you so much!! I feel popular LOL XD

Uh, well.. Maybe y’all gonna get dissapointed about the pairs I ship? XDD

  1. Hidan&Me (Obvious reasons, bleh)
  2. Kakashi&Tenzou (first otp i’ve ever had in the Naruto fandom!!!)
  3. NaruSasuNaru (I couldn’t help it, the more Nardo chased after Sasuke the more I shipped em. By the time they had the final fight I was crying and chap. 700 fucking KILLED me)
  4. Kakuzu&Hidan (they’re just so HOT together)
  5. Shisui&Itachi (Mostly malignedaffair’s and surfacage’s fault)
  6. Madara&Tobirama (Oh, blessin bickering)
  7. Madara&Kakashi (Mostly Rae’s fault)
  8. Hidan&Kakashi (The Silver Ship💓)
  9. Kakashi&Obito (blackkat’s fault!)
  10. Tenzou&Sai (so crack I only know ONE ff writer T_T)

Okay, hhmm i’m tagging: @lilac-bramble, @decapitation-condensation and @blackkatmagic because I think all of you already did this? 


Let’s just say PowerVocal was very much in the mood for a cozy Im Jaebum sandwich..♥

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for the short person A and taller person B, imagine erik or hank as B omg

!!!! tagging @hankmyhusband bc of course

hank + Person A, the shorter one of your OTP, dragging a chair over and standing on it whenever they feel the need to yell at Person B, the much taller person in the relationship. 

“Babe, I don’t understand why you’re getting so mad!” Hank laughs, as he bounces Ellie on his hip. “Ellie wanted to play around in the lab!”

“Hank, go put Ellie in her room, I don’t want to argue in front of her.” You grumble, crossing your arms over your chest. Hank just rolls his eyes with the stupid smirk on his face, obeying you despite the silliness of the situation.

Hank comes back out a minute later, shrugging his lab coat off and setting it on the back of the couch. You can tell he’s trying his best to hide his smile, because he keeps biting his lower lip and scrunching up his nose.

“How many times have I told you to not bring Ellie into your lab?!” You snap, bringing your hands to your hips. “The last time you let her in there she almost drank some chemical!”

“Aw, c’mon, it’s not like she did!” Hank argues back. “She just wants to watch me work! And I do put away all the dangerous stuff, you know!”

“Then why did she tell me that you let her use a fucking scalpel to cut open one of the dead frogs from one of your classes?!” You accuse, pointing a finger to his chest. Hank actually laughs, only making you angrier.

“Hey,” He raises his hands in fake innocence. “At least I was helping her, and she wasn’t doing it herself.”

You can’t even believe that he’s finding this situation funny, so you just huff out in frustration. You stalk past Hank, and go straight to the kitchen table. Hank is already bubbling out a laugh, because he knows what you’re doing.

Due to the height difference between the two of you, you feel like you can only be taken seriously in situations like this if you’re eye to eye with Hank. So, Hank watches you with amusement as you drag a chair in front of him: clambering up onto the chair.

“Do not take Ellie into your lab without telling me first, got it?!” You snap, once you’re eye level with him. “McCoy, I swear to god if you—“

You’re cut off when Hank just leans forward to wrap his arms tightly around you; lurching forward to plant a hard, playful kiss to your lips. You try and push him off, but you just end up nearly toppling off the chair; only for Hank to catch you, and pick you up.

When he pulls back, he’s got a stupid smile on his face, and his glasses are slightly crooked.

“You’re an absolute asshole, Hank.” You tell him, pinching his side.

“Yeah, but I’m your asshole.”

I almost cry, hojong is so beautiful, they dont have that much interactions on camera, but if you pay attention to the details their relationship has been always a constant thing. Since predebut and when they were sharing room, they are always looking at each other, they try to be always next to each other. (I love them so much), they are always teasing each other but they are always there for each other, when they are sad or need some advice they always look for the other one. They hang out a lot! and hoya is a real gentleman taking care of sungjong’s bag and paying for him. Is like they are a really old couple super comfy around each other, sadly they have this special connection and everyone around them is like third wheel. Then, Sungjong is like i dont like you but deeply i love you so much, and hoya is like a baby around him and adore him a lot.
And let’s be honest, they have a thing for each other bodies like omg, sungjong thinks hoya is the sexiest member and i dont need to clarify how hoya is always talking/looking/staring about/at sungjong’s butt.

Some pics because when they are together is just laugh, being lovely dovey and judgin’ really hard e.e (they both judge everyone)

The way they look at each other and that tension omg, this was my fangilr moment that comes once per year, now i’ll be back to chill and my normal coolness.


Transparent Beabato por all your transparent BeaBato needs!!!
You can use it but credit me please! And show me, wanna see

Gonna use this on my wallpaper I may show later omg this turned out very g o o d

Maybe I’ll make a WillLion next or whatever

i was tagged by @arizonaeliza :’) who neEDs TO POST THE SELFIES U TOOK TODAY BCUZ U R NOT GARBAGE WTF

rules: answer the questions - not restricted to one fandom. tag as many people as you’d like afterwards.

first ever fandom? glee bsahfbahshHAHAHHAHA

first ever ship? brittana

first death that made you cry/upset? i cant remember omg i think it was allison argent

OTP? calzona

NOTP? eh….im not rly the sort who actively hates on any ship maybe ***** but i know my followers love them so im not gonna say it cUZ IM A GOOD PERSON

least favourite fictional character? gah (((miranda bailey)))

5 favourite female fictional characters?

  • callie torres (grey’s anatomy)
  • arizona robbins (grey’s anatomy)
  • alex danvers (supergirl)
  • jemma simmons (agents of shield)
  • cristina yang (grey’s anatomy)

5 favourite male fictional characters?

  • alex karev (grey’s anatomy)
  • asher millstone (htgawm)
  • matt murdock (daredevil)
  • mark sloan but only with callie/az (grey’s anatomy)
  • derek shepherd??? (grey’s anatomy)

5 favourite actors/actresses?

  • sara ramirez
  • jessica capshaw
  • chyler leigh
  • tatiana maslany
  • kate walsh

6 favourite characters who died/left the show?

  • callie torres (grey’s anatomy) #rip #foreverremember #tragicloss #neverreplace #notactuallydeadbuthercharacterfeelsverymuchdead
  • addison montgomery (grey’s anatomy)
  • cristina yang (grey’s anatomy)
  • lexie grey (grey’s anatomy) #RIP #RIPx1000000 #HOPETHOSEWOLVESCHOKEDONHERBONES
  • teddy altman (grey’s anatomy)
  • mark sloan (grey’s anatomy)

3 favourite characters from shows you stopped watching?

  • regina mills (ouat)

  • idk..!!

3 favourite characters from shows that have ended?

  • lily aldrin (himym)
  • robin scherbatsky (himym)
  • amy raudenfeld (faking it)

2 favourite shows you started in the last year?

  • grey’s anatomy
  • I didn’t start any other tv show! 13 reasons why mayb?

favourite tv show: grey’s anatomy

tv show you want to watch: I NEED RECS

im tagging @doctorkepner, @littlegreys, @alexdavnrs, @kimberllyhart, @alexdahvers, @queenssaviour HOPE Y’ALL HAVIN’ A GREAT WEEK

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omg you like uraraka x bakugou too that's amazing. I really hope they actually interact more eventually lol fan art and stuff is awesome but I need more lmao

YESS!!! I ship them so hard actually one of my otps in bnha :’)) i shipped them before they fought in the anime, but after reading the manga and seeing little interactions, my 🗣 brain 🗣 told 🗣 me 🗣 to 🗣 ship 🗣 them 🗣already 🗣