they need a fight

I am a queer feminist blogger. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve received rape threats. It takes it’s toll but what these men don’t realise is that it makes me a stronger feminist and a stronger woman. Bring it the fuck on. 🖕🖕🖕🖕

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so for the meme/prompt 3 paragraph thing... I need a version of 2x17 where the "you looked me in the eyes and lied"-argument doesn't end in Malec breaking up, bc CoLS is too fresh on my mind and it's killing me. Please! do it for my mental health and my sanity. Bc in my mind, it's them breaking up and there's no other option. . Thank you!

Don’t worry, I got you.

Alec takes a deep breath. He can feel it shake in his lungs. He tips his head back, letting it rest against the wall. It feels like it’s been hours, but he knows it’s been a handful of minutes. Just some of the longest minutes he’s ever dealt with. He swallows, making sure his voice will hold. “We’re gonna be okay, yeah?”

Magnus sighs. His face softens a bit, from his look of intense concentration, into something that almost, almost looks like a smile. “Yes,” he says quietly (and just that, just that one word, is enough to make Alec feel like his heart has started again). “Just not… yet. Not right away.” He tilts his head. “But we will.”

Alec tries to compose himself, tries to keep his expression under control. He doesn’t have anything else he can say - he’s said it all already. So he just does his best to smile.

And eventually, Magnus smiles back at him.

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namjoon is clearly the worlds biggest babie 😔 😔 😔 hes so cute during vlives and always gets embarrassed when doing aegyo/fanservice on stage & everyone who believes in domjoon can fucking fight me lmao 🗣 🗣 🗣 this is an open invite

yes!! this is exactly what i mean hhsdlafjsls in his vlives he’s always using cute filters n throwing kisses and DONT GET ME STARTED ON FANSIGNS N STAGE PERFORMANCES hhhhhhh when he covers his face i melt :( i mean he’s got a bit of domjoon in him but pls he is a baby boy :((

This is so hard for us emotionally abused. But it is okay to say no. It’s okay to set boundaries. You are not being selfish nor awful!

I asked @thatsthat24 who would most likely wear Heelys, and he says it would be Patton. I drew the aftermath of him trying on Heelys and falling a numerous amount. I started drawing at 1:35 am or something and know it’s 2:57 in the morning. I am tired and I’m going to maybe sleep an question why I was drawing at almost three in the morning.


Am I still thinking about that one AU? Yes, definitely

this guy realllllly does not like being called short.