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Dear BTS and GOT7,

I was sitting in my room paying no mind, and then it all hit me. Fly? Wings? Turbulence? I SWEAR TO GOD IF BTS AND GOT7 BOTH PLANED TO KILL ME IN ONE SHOT THEY’RE DOING ONE HECK OF A JOB, AND THEY NEED TO STOP IT NOW😭 AND IF THEY COLLAB AT AN AWARD SHOW AGAIN IT’S GAME OVER FOR ME. SO PLEASE DON’T KILL ME! Sincerely, The Girl Who’s Too Done With This Fandom

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A/N: An idea I had about Michonne and Jesus becoming friends. This is a collab fic.

“We need to talk,” said Jesus again as he held his hands up and kept his eyes on Rick Grimes’ face.

He had not expected Rick and his other half to fly from the bed, grab their weapons and not care about their modesty; now, as they stood with Colt and katana aimed in his direction, Jesus questioned his choice of sneaking into their bedroom.

“Rick?” asked Michonne, still not covering her nakedness.

“This is the guy I was tellin’ you about,” he said without taking his eyes off the unwelcome visitor.

Rick stepped closer and Jesus held his hands up higher; Michonne felt a sinking feeling in her stomach as she thought of Carl and Judith. This stranger was in their home while they slept after he was supposed to be under guard; Michonne was not happy.

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t put a bullet in your head right now,” Rick said as he began to search Jesus for weapons; Michonne did not move as she was ready to cut him down.

“I’m just here to talk, Rick,” he said earnestly.

“You broke into our house where our kids are sleeping and you wanna talk?” said Rick, growing impatient as he held the gun to Jesus’ temple. “Fuckin’ talk. Now!”

“I have no weapons, I’m not here to hurt you. You know that, Rick. That’s why you brought me back here, but we do need to have a discussion,” he said.

Rick looked at Michonne and Jesus kept his eyes to the floor. Michonne returned his gaze with a look that communicated the choice was up to Rick.

“I told you that I would come to you so we could talk,” said Rick. “As soon as possible was on my end, not yours. Look, sit your ass down on the step and give us a minute so we can put some damn clothes on.”

Jesus nodded, kept his eyes averted and then stepped out of the bedroom door.

“What the hell?” said Michonne as she let her weapon fall to her side.

“He’s intense,” said Jesus of Rick as he sidled up beside Michonne who was exiting the church.

Rick had informed the community members, and had left to speak to the others who were not in attendance at the town meeting. Michonne and Jesus watched him walk hastily up the sleepy street; she sighed loudly and then looked over at her companion.

“He’s been through a lot,” she admitted while walking down the steps; Jesus nodded.

“We all have,” he offered, not in any way snide.

“True,” replied Michonne. “But we all don’t lead a community. We don’t have other people put their lives in our hands. Rick does. He’s the leader this place needs and that intensity has kept him and his people alive.”

“I believe that,” Jesus said with a slight smile. “But you’re the real leader, am I right?”

Michonne gave him an incredulous look; “How’d you figure that?”

“Well, I know that technically Rick is because everyone looks to him to make the tough calls, but you’re the one who persuades him. I know I don’t know you all, but from the little I’ve seen, he values your opinion more than the others,” Jesus explained.

“I don’t know about all of that,” Michonne said, trying to keep something, anything from the observant stranger.

“Come on,” replied Jesus. “I can tell by the way you are with each other. He’d do anything for you, and I got that just from the way he looks at you.”

Michonne shrugged.

“And that’s why I’m here trying my best to be friendly with you because if I can’t get Rick to listen, all I have to do is convince you and he’s as good as persuaded,” he offered as Michonne shook her head and laughed a little, knowing full well that Jesus was right; she did not know him very well, but she had a feeling they were going to become fast friends.

Some time later…

Michonne needed some air; Rick had awoken from the beating he had taken at the hands of the one they called Negan, and upon waking, told her to take a break. He knew she had sat there beside him the entire time, now, she needed to look after herself a moment. They had all been hurting because of the loss of their dear friend. They could come to terms with a death if it had been from a walker’s bite, but this level of brutality was unlike anything they had ever seen. This was a senseless and callous act.

She stopped a moment in the doorway of the unfamiliar bedroom at the Hilltop Colony before glancing back at Rick and Carl, who was sleeping beside him; Rick looked lost, much like she felt. The melancholy was etched across his tired features as he nodded to her, reassuring her that he just needed a moment to himself, a moment to watch over their son as he slept and that she should get something to eat. She sighed and pushed the ire deeper into her stomach as her heart ached for Rick and their family. Slowly closing the door behind herself, Michonne made her way out into the cool night air.

Finding a seat on the step of the grand house, Michonne rubbed her hands together and stared out into the darkness. A few fires dotted the yard and tricked her into thinking that the world was a beautiful place. She felt a coldness envelop her somewhat, staved off only by thoughts of how much she loved Rick, Carl and Judith and how thankful she was that they had not fallen victim to the Saviors. A sense of guilt washed over her as she realized it was selfish thinking considering they were mourning the death of one of their own. Michonne used the back of her hand to wipe away the tear that had fallen down her cheek.

“Hey,” came a familiar voice from behind her. “How’s he doing?”

She turned to face the person who had spoken; it was Jesus. He slowly took up a seat beside Michonne and glanced sideways at her, taking in her profile. He could tell that she had recently cried.

“He’s…he’s not good,” she admitted.

“Is there anything I can do?” asked the young man.

Michonne just shook her head.

“What about you?” he queried. “How are you holding up?”

She turned to her new friend and shrugged before replying, “I’m not good either.”

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this. @sweettayjax is writing the next installment. Thanks!