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The moment you realize...

…the only way Megneto could have told Stryker so much about Charles’ school is if he knew everything about it. However, even after years of being evil, he never dared to attack the school and force the young mutants into his command. He never, not even once, took real action until he ordered Mystique to go in and get Rogue to leave. That means that the events in First Class must have happened in the original time line, too, and so, there’s no doubt that Erik still truly cares about Charles.

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  • MC: *walks into the kitchen* Is something burning?
  • Saeyoung: *leaning seductively against the counter* Just my desire for you.
  • MC: Saeyoung, the toaster is on fire.

Let me get this straight….

The creator of my favorite childhood show The Powerpuff Girls

The creator of my obsession from 8th grade through college Danny Phantom

And the creators of two of my current obsessions Gravity Falls and Steven Universe


Literally, creators the 4 shows I have ever considered a number 1 favorite of mine are all going to be in the same room together and I cannot handle this.

my least favorite thing is where I don’t intentionally procrastinate and instead just suddenly find out that I totally didn’t do the thing and it is now too late

I hate that thing

Imagine Stephen mumbling “I’m bored” to himself, and then immediately his eyes go wide and he whispers “Don’t you dare,” but before he even finishes the Cloak grabs whatever Stephen is holding and flies off, forcing Stephen to chase it around the room.
Christine pops in for a surprise visit, sees Stephen chasing a cloak and yelling at it like it’s a disobedient dog, then backpedals the heck out of there.

Making myself cry

I can’t be the only one who thinks “Your father would’ve been proud of you, Jyn” is the best RebelCaptain quote right? The fact that out of everything he could’ve told her before they both died, that’s the thing he chose to say. As they were waiting for their death on the beach, Cassian decided to tell her about the thing that mattered to her the most. Her father. He made sure that she knew that before she died. So Jyn became one with the Force feeling content because she knew her father was proud of her. Cassian helped making that happen.

Okay but Mulder and Scully definitely had the odd ‘are we in an exclusive monogamous relationship’ conversation because everyone in a new relationship has it. Because it’s them, it’s weird and awkward and Mulder thinks Scully’s joking. She starts wondering about it only when she notices how Mulder attracts the wandering eyes of the FBI female pool. She doesn’t know why she never noticed. Or maybe she never cared before. It bothers her now, not so much the looks but because she wants to know what Mulder exactly believe they are. Partners with occasional benefits? Lovers in an 'open-relationship’? She tests the waters one slow and boring Tuesday morning with “so I heard Jess from accounts got a pair of tickets for the Knicks game for you two” and leaves it hanging in the air. Mulder keeps his eyes on the computer screen and shrugs, whatever that body movement means. Scully tries to deflate the weirdness of her statement by adding “well you can go you know. I don’t care” as she toys with the corner of their expenses report. She mentally hits herself as she listens to the words come out of her mouth ('why the hell would he think I care?!’ STUPID). He slowly lifts his head so it peaks just above the monitor. His features display shock. “Scully. As I live and breathe. You’re *jealous*”. She feels trapped. 'Shit’ she thinks almost too loudly. She attempts to deny any feelings of such, stuttering most of the time. She sighs and admits defeat. “Scully, do you want to see my phone bill? It’s like I’ve had one single human contact for the past 7 years and that number is yours. I typed it so many times that digits have faded on the keypad. Okay?”. He almost sounds hurt. She wants to smile and exhale loudly with relief but instead tells him “are you telling me you don’t know about speed dial?”. He threatens to accept those Knicks seats for Friday night but she knows he’ll be at her door with beers and a movie they’ll never finish.

I still don’t think the “I love you” scene was as terrible as people are saying.

Yes, it would’ve been a lovely moment for a johnlock confession. And yes I agree that Molly’s character is severely underwritten and peripheral and should be expanded on so much more than she has been.

But that scene is still powerful, guys.

He needs to save Molly by getting her to say I love you. She does love him so it would seem so simple.

But he’s a right prick. He always has been to her. Since we first saw him downright ignore her flirtations and tell her to leave the man she was with to “save herself the heartbreaks”, to the “horrible things” said at Christmas. Sherlock has been cruel to Molly. She has been the joke. The “heterobait” almost, with the cliche nerd girl falls for popular boy trope. The little girl who loves the man incapable of returning the sentiment.

But she has depth that we keep overlooking. She can read Sherlock like a book. She knows him well. She is more observant than John has been. She noticed when Sherlock’s demeanour changed around John. And she supported him and his decisions to save his friends no matter how callused he was towards her (if you believe that she was involved in Reichenbach, that is).

In season 3 we saw her grow up. We saw her literally slap some sense into Sherlock multiple times. Molly is the one who pulls him together after he tries self destructing. Molly is the one who brings him back from the brink of death. Molly is literally the person talking sense to Sherlock in his own mind. Not Mycroft. Mycroft berates him for being stupid. Not Moriarty. Moriarty taunts him for abandoning those around him. Molly tells him how to pull through.

And Sherlock loves her for it. More than he realised. Sherlock’s never talked about love in a positive way but here he realised it is not a flaw or a defect. It is the thing that pulls us back to life. That’s why it’s so hard for him to say it to her. She told him to say it like he meant it. And. He. Did.

Does he love her the same way that she downright adores him? Sexually? Romantically? No, probably not. But there is more to love and more to relationships and more to humans than sex and romance. And while relationships may not be Sherlock’s “area”, emotions, and LOVE is.

“We can’t make her tell us.”

“Nobody could find him.”

Okay. Okay, I had a rant written out, but then I decided to take some time and word it better so it actually makes sense. As we learned, Redbeard is not a dog, but a boy. Victor, actually, but that’s not… too important here.

What I have a problem with is the whole plot around him.

When a child goes missing, you move heaven, hell, and everything inbetween to find them. Parents and legal guardians (unless neglecting/nonexistent) will not have any other priority but to find that child. Searches. Posters. Questions. Interrogations. News stories. Vigils. Whatever.

When a child goes missing, people freak out, because that is a violation of something so much more innocent than an adult, something pure and young and everyone immediately feels protective.

When a child goes missing, those close to it will do everything in their power to find it.

So that raises my first question - what about Victor’s parents?

What about the police?

Do you really think that with Victor being Sherlock’s best friend, and that with him and even his parents knowing that Eurus was behind it, there would not have been any police involved? 

The area would have been swarming with officers following Victor’s disappearance, either contacted by Victor’s parents, or by Sherlock’s. There would have been dozens of people looking for the boy. There would have been DOGS.


There would have been rescue teams and neighbourhood search teams and parents and friends and whoever else might be concerned about a missing child looking EVERYWHERE.


The well can’t have been that far away from the estate, and if John could see the moon, it was UNDER THE OPEN SKY. And honestly, a well would have been one of the first places for people to look when a child suddenly goes missing, because gravity is a thing, and shit happens.

Even if - and I am not sure he was, but even IF Victor was unconscious and could not call out for help from down there (it really wasn’t that far, as we’ve seen with John), someone would have found him, I’m sure of it.

Also, as adorable as the Holmes parents are, I am counting this as massive failure on their part. “Oh yes, a boy is missing and our daughter hid him, but we can’t make her tell us, so… sorry?”

Punish her. Bribe her. Ask her. Do whatever. She’s your daugher, you’re her parents, “we can’t make her do anything” is no excuse for letting her get away with something like this, ESPECIALLY IF YOU KNEW. YOU KNEW she had something to do with Victor’s disappearance. You knew, Sherlock knew, Mycroft knew, she never denied it as far as we know, she even gave you hints where he was.

And you’re telling me that, even years later, they never even found his body, just because of some twisted children’s rhyme and a code hidden in it? It’s not like you had to break into Baskerville and she was giving you the acess code. It’s not like you needed a treasure map and a shovel. It’s not like it was some sort of high-security facility that really needed a hint for you to think of it. It was… just a well.

And nobody could find a scared little boy when they KNEW who had something to do with his disappearance, when they had an area where they could search (because how far can a five year old girl really carry a boy? And if she lured him somewhere, it still would have been within a searchable area of the estate?), and when the life of the child was obviously in danger?

Nobody ever even found the bones?

His family never received any sort of closure for it? 

I’m not okay with this.