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Hey Dean have you heard of a woman named Danneel? She's a great roll model and she's beautiful!

I have! Katie says that she’s who fake me is married to! Katie’s told me how awesome she is and how much she looks up to her so she must be pretty awesome. -Dean

Dean says she’s smoking hot. -Katie

Cause she is! -Dean

Say fucking cheese, pal.
We gonna take a selfie.

Happy New Year from the Hong Kong side of earth!
And may I welcome everyone to add yourself into the pic!!
Let’s make one big new year celebration photo here!!!

(Feel free to join this little New year collab lol, all of this is just for fun, since I feel like it is a good start to leave a memory on the start of 2017. Yeah let’s try this out)

In the Land of Fiction, theme songs act as power boosters, massively amplifying a character’s power when played during a fight, with the level of power gained being equal to the awesomeness of the song. You are the LoF’s most famous Songsmith, and have forged theme songs for everyone from Batman to Optimus Prime. But today, you have received a special order: you must forge a song so awesome that it can boost a character’s power far enough to take down One Punch Man himself



Flaminions wish you a very happy and merry holidays from the bottom of their pink heart ♥


Mark Ruffalo is here to protest with Native Americans! He is here to fight with them!

Thank you, Mark, for giving media attention to the Protectors of Sacred lands and water.  Very little main media is covering this historical protest.  The truth must be witnessed and shared.

Why can’t someone awesome like Mark Ruffalo run for president? He actually gives a damn about the planet!


MBTI - Why They Love You

INFP, ISFP: Because you make them feel special, because they can talk to you and know that they won’t be judged

ENFP: Because you bring out the best in them, because they can be their true self with you, they can be both extroverted and fun and introverted and deep with you.

ESFP, ESTP: Because they can be with you, scream with you, laugh with you, party with you, and most important of all, you understand THEY NEED TO SLEEP GOD DAMMIT.

INFJ, ENFJ: Because you know how to be amazing, you are both deep and kind, charismatic and just all around awesome, you must be very great.

ESFJ, ISFJ: Because you’re kind and selfless and know how to put others before yourself.

ISTJ, ENTP: Because you are both smart and kind, and you make them feel in a way they get confused about.

ESTJ, ENTJ: Because you are very smart and are able to challenge them, they’ll never be bored with you and will always compete against you/with you, in a friendly manner.

ISTP, INTJ, INTP: Wait, they love you? Wow, you must be amazing.

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why is jack sparrow playing dumbledore’s evil boyfriend how did he go from killing the kraken to looking like that

“Being able to read people so well must be awesome!!”

It is HELL. Every twitch of a cheek, every sigh, every tapping of a hand I see anger and annoyance. Every side ways glance I see hatred. Every lack of reply screams abandonment at me- it helps nothing that I’m right. It makes it worse. I have it in my head that I can always tell when people are going to abandon me- but I ALWAYS think they’re going to leave. You can never convince me otherwise- I just know what people are like.

It’s hell knowing someone is going to go but not being able to tell anyone else why. “They didn’t reply as fast” “They sighed” to anyone else may seem absurd but I KNOW. I know what someone acts like when they’re about leave me- trust me it’s happened to me enough times. And there’s nothing I can do. I just sit there and wait for the abandonment I saw a long time coming.

random things my fragile bi heart gets really emotional about: axton the commando, and the treatment of his sexuality in the game. just hear me out for a second.

like, for all intents and purposes axton is pretty much the most stereotypical video game character ever— a ruggedly handsome, confident-bordering-on-cocky, square-jawed white guy with a crew cut, a couple carefully placed facial scars, and a military career that’s probably just a bit too illustrious for his age.

but then he’s also canonically bisexual!! and not even on purpose originally, but because of a glitch that made him flirt with everyone instead of just the attractive female character the line was intended for.

and when fans saw this and were like, ‘oh this must mean axton’s supposed to be bi! awesome,’ the writers, instead of 1. freaking out and trying to quash those headcanons or 2. turning the situation into a gross queerbaiting mess (which seem to be the two things that happen most often), were like ‘oh, yeah, looks like axton is bi. let’s add some dialogue to the dlc that confirms this and make it irrefutably canon.’

and that was that. like, there was no uncharacteristically dramatic and emotional coming-out scene. no awkward forced romantic subplot with a male character to ‘prove’ he’s really bi. just a couple stupid and perfectly in-character lines about having dated lots of ‘people’ instead of specifically women and that quip about ‘guns and women… and sometimes dudes.’

and i just want to throw those moments in the face of every writer who’s ever claimed that it would be too hard to make a character bi, or that they can’t do it because it wasn’t the original intent of the character. all it took was two lines of dialogue for the bl2 team to confirm what players had already picked up on. it’s literally that easy and i’m just really tired of excuses for why characters ~can’t~ be bi!!!