they move on alone

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I've got a cute three year old tortoiseshell kitty, and pretty soon I'll be moving cross-country via car. Just me and her, alone in a car for three days. I've heard that it's pretty standard to sedate a cat while traveling, but three days seems a bit long to knock her out for, so I'd like to avoid that. I'm not delusional enough to think she's gonna like it, by any stretch of the imagination, but are there ways I could make it less stressful for her? (By the way, this blog is super awesome!!)

I’d agree that sedation isn’t a great idea. I’d suggest getting her used to hanging out in and traveling in the car for fun trips even before you start packing to move (so she doesn’t associate cars with the stress of change). When you’re actually driving you don’t have to keep her kenneled the entire time if she doesn’t prefer it, but make sure she’s in a harness and tethered so she can’t get into the front seat / in the way of the driver, and make sure the power to the window controls is turned off and the doors are always locked. 

Today, I oficially moved out for college. I’m living alone. In my own apartment. I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much this means to me and for how long I’ve wanted this. I can finally practice my craft without having to justify it to anyone, I finally have my own little magical home to fill up with things that inspire me. Oh, and this is only happening because I got into college (did I even tell you guys that?), I’m so excited. I’m going to be studying Biological Sciences aka Biology (yay science witch!!!). Anyway, I just felt like sharing this with all of you, I’m really excited to start this new chapter in my life and to grow and finally be able to freely experiment with my craft. 🌙

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I'm...I'm nervous to move away from my family and friends, I'm afraid of being alone.Do you have any advice?

But… Make sure you can see your friends and family again if possible! You’ll meet new people and you’ll never be fully alone but… Yeah, it does get lonely. =‘D

Updates I guess

I realize it’s, a long time, since I last actually posted anything here about me or what not. So I guess it’s about time I give an update of sorts

Training things

I stopped going to karate, the schedule didn’t fit and it just wasn’t my thing I guess
Judo has been on pause for some time, but I’ll be hopping on that hopefully next week
Picked up boxing this Monday, have had 2 classes of it, and so far it seems pretty darn neat
Also returning to swimming and gym stuffs at some point, maybe

More personal things

I’ll be moving out of my parents’ house for the first time ever, either alone, or along with my sister. Hopefully as fast as possible, and probably before the end of March.
I’ve gotten me some help regarding my mental health. I have a therapist now, and I’m going to see a psychiatrist sometime soon just to find out if things are or aren’t things.
I’ve found me a person to love, and she loves me back, and that’s all kinds of neat. Also just so happens that she is also interested in fighting and trains MMA. It’s a long distance thing and we’ll be meeting for the first time in early June, I’ll be flying over to her place. Tickets are bought and everything else is set too.

So I guess TL;DR: Everything is going much better than before, even though still not going perfectly.

Just because you are lonely does not mean you should invite someone toxic back into your life.

It’s Kevin time *gets hit in the face with a chair*

I miss you. That doesn’t change. It’ll never change. No matter how much I seem to ‘move on’, I will never stop missing you.
—  another-broken-hello
things to remember when you move out

•always have bottled water in your house/apartment
•pay your bills on time
•wash your dishes everyday
•don’t tell anyone you don’t trust you live alone
•call your mom and tell her you love her
•make sure you have extra toilet paper
•remember to close the curtains when changing
•lock all the windows and doors at night/before leaving the house
•double check that the stove is off
•don’t leave lights on too much
•use real plates instead of throwaways
•have flashlights in every room
•fruits and veggies are important
•night lights aren’t just for babies and kids
•electric and water bill are more important than cable
•don’t eat out too much
•do your laundry
•it’s okay to ask for help
•own at least two recipe books
•never lock yourself out
•but don’t hide a spare under a mat/plant
•don’t open the door without knowing who it is
•wash your bed spread a lot
•make sure you always have food in the fridge
•if you feel unsafe call someone
•candy/snacks are not meals

Adulting 103

I apologize for being MIA, I’m on vacation with the future father of my children. I hope ya’ll had a safe and happy holiday season and are looking forward to the new year as much as I am.

This week please send love to: @laurenashley96 and @thedarklordpanda

1. Automatic payments. Don’t enroll in automatic bill payments unless you’re extremely comfortable with the company. This will prevent companies from charing your bank account or credit card extra without your consent. For example, I’m confident that Birchbox won’t overcharge me, but have less faith in Verizon. 

2. First aid kit. Purchasing a first aid kit should be one of the first things you do when moving out. They generally cost around $25 and include items such as cold compresses, burn cream, and more bandaids then you will ever need. I purchased one when I first moved out and it lasted me 2 and ½ years before I needed to replenish it. 

3. Dishwasher wanted. Real talk- having a dishwasher has changed my life. I used to spend forty-five minutes to an hour doing dishes every day, sometimes twice a day. Now I spend fifteen minutes.

4. Pee after sex! Ladies, UTIs are no joke. Get in the habit of peeing or showering after sex to minimize your risk. 50% of women will get them in their lifetime, and the medication will fuck with your birth control. Guys can get UTIs too!

5. Milk. More expensive doesn’t always mean higher quality, but in the case of milk it makes a huge difference. Organic milk lasts significantly longer than any milk you can purchase for under $2. Like, over a week longer.

6. Winter-proof. Is your apartment freezing? Winter-proof your windows! You can buy sheets of “window plastic” to seal off gaps, cracks, etc. These will make a huge difference in your apartment’s temperature.

7. Scented trash bags. Are literally the same price as regular trash bags, but help keep your trash smelling manageable. 

8. Chalkboard paint. This is a wonderful invention that turns your boring walls into one continuous canvas. Get your landlord’s permission and know that you will be required to repaint before moving out.

9. Shopping list. Keep a piece of scrap paper in your kitchen and jot down any items/produce you may run out of during the week. When it’s time to go shopping, you’ll already have most of your list completed.

10. Food hygiene. Rewrap/repackage your deli meats and cheeses a few days after purchasing them. Wrapping paper has a shorter shelf life than the products themselves and will cause them to spoil early.

look, maybe we could start over, maybe
we could love softer, maybe it would hurt
less this time. maybe we could pretend it
never hurt, just like before. i don’t know if
i’m drunk yet or just lonely but i really just
want you back, just want someone to be
here. and yeah, i know it only hurt us both,
i know you don’t want to stay, i know i hate
you and love you, somehow at the same
time. i’m just tired of my bed being empty,
of my heart being tired, of my body wishing
it were something other than a body. i need
something to fill all this goddamn space.
No. We’re not dating. We just know everything about each other. And check to make sure the other is okay. And smile randomly across the room at each other. And have full conversations with just facial expressions. And do everything together. And buy things for each other. And comfort each other. And genuinely believe in each other. But no. We’re not dating.
—  Saying we’re just friends