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Hello! Can I make a request? I saw somebody else do this & i couldn't help requesting it here because I love your writing! RFA + V & Saeran 7 minutes in heaven? Huehuehue 🌚

(●♡∀♡) Ooooh!

This might be a little self indulgent. Also, I’m assuming this is a spin the bottle type game? Or it is now in this hc post.


- His huge ass grin when the bottle landed on you and everyone else’s groans made your face completely red, but you followed him along in the closet anyway.

- I mean…He was a gentlemen, right?

- As soon as the door closed, you were pinned against the wall, blushing furiously as he leaned down to whisper in your ear

- “We don’t have to go too far, princess, but I would love to kiss you.”

- “I- Okay. Yeah, okay.”

- Part of you couldn’t believe he was asking you permission, but it was nice he was willing to at least make sure you were okay with this.

- It was sweet at first- He tipped your chin up, lightly brushed his lips against yours before placing a soft kiss on you. 

- But as you kissed him back, it just got deeper and deeper.

- Soon you had your body flush against him, feeling his half-hard cock against your thigh as you slipped your tongue in between his lips, teasing him with a light nip on his bottom lip

- You even managed to get him to let out a low groan that sent a fast shot of nerves right to your crotch.

- “Whoa whoa whoa, break it up you two.”

- Seven had opened the door while the two of you were, erm, busy. Zen instantly pulled away, a light blush on his cheeks as he cleared his throat.

- You could see Yoosung moping and Jumin looking pissed in the background, Seven just waggling his eyebrows at the two of you.

- Part of you wanted to smack him for being so dumb, but you ended up stepping out and instantly pulling your phone out.

- As the bottle spinned again, you saw Zen pull his own phone out and that blush deepen at the message you had sent him

- Like hell you were going to let just seven minutes be the end of it.


- He was so smug when you were chosen to go in with him. Zen was yelling and trying to make excuses for you to not go in with the ‘trust fund jerk’, but when you told him to hush, you almost made Jumin grin as Zen nearly lost it

- He let you step in first, closing the door behind the two of you. Before you could even have a coherent thought about the situation, he had you pulled to him and his lips greedily on yours.

- When you made a surprised noise, he pulled back a bit.

- “Is this what were supposed to do?”

- “W-Well, yes-”

- “Good, we only have a few minutes.”

- He started kissing you again, nipping your lips and starting to kiss down your neck as his hand slipped under the band of your pants-

- “Jumin!” You scolded him instantly, clutching his forearm as his middle finger slipped in between your legs and started teasing your clit

- “We have a few more minute-”

- You let out a gasp as a shudder ran through your body. How in the hell was he so stoic through all of this?

- You felt his breath against your neck as he attempted to say something else, but the door opened before he could.

- “Bzzt, times- Oooohoho shit.”

- Jumin just reached for the door handle, pulling it closed and holding it as Seven and the others started a fuss

- You ended up laughing, finally finding it in you to pull his hand out of your pants, giving him one last peck on the cheek.


- You nearly joined everyone in a groan when the bottle landed on him as he let out a doofy grin

- But, you smiled as you joined him in the closet. Yes, he was basically a living meme, but he was sweet and cute, too.

- The door closed, and you could hear how nervous he was in the little laugh he let out

- “So, Mc, whatcha going to do now?”

- You rolled your eyes, but pulled him a bit closer to you and planted a kiss on his cheek

- Okay, you missed a bit in the dark and felt your nose hit the frame of his glasses, but you kissed his face and counted that as a win

- He laughed a bit, cupping your face in his hands and managing to meet your lips with his own. Nothing hardcore, just a sweet and gentle kiss.

- “Have I told you how soft you are, mc?”

- “… I would find a better way to word that, Seven.”

- “Softer than our precious Elly~”

- “Seven.”

- You felt his breath against your lips as he chuckled before kissing you again, letting it last a bit longer

- Even though he was such a dork, his kisses were so sweet and careful. 

- You returned his kiss, and soon the two of you were starting a string of soft kisses.

- … Until the door flew open with a stern Zen interrupting the two of you.

- “Alright, alright, it’s been seven minutes!”

_” Oh, you misunderstood the name of the game, Zen. It’s minutes with Seven, so there’s not a time-”

- “Out.”

- The two of you laughed, but you both left the closet. Though, you made sure to grab his hand and make him sit next to you afterwards. 


- As soon as the two of you were shoved in the closet, you could just imagine how stiff she was due to nerves

- (Was she going to kill Seven? Yes. Right when she got out? Yes.)

- She certainly wasn’t going to do anything, but that didn’t mean you weren’t going to

- Carefully, you slipped a hand in hers. When she gave your hand a squeeze back, you slipped your other around her neck, pulling her closer to you and giving her a soft kiss on her lips.

- She froze, but after a few more soft pecks, she started returning them.

- It was awkward, clumsy due to the dark, but after a bit you pulled away and giggled, still holding onto her hand

- “M-Mc, you didn’t have to-”

- “You’re too cute, I wanted you to relax a bit.”

- She clammed up, but you knew she was blushing. 

- The two of you ended up just holding hands for a bit longer, and then Seven slammed open the door with a loud “BZZT!”

- (Seven may or may not have gotten socked right in the gut)


- When the bottle landed on you, Yoosung turned such a bright red. Seven pushed the both of you towards the closet, and once you got in Yoosung was rigid with nerves.

- “Mc, you don’t-”

- “Shh, it’s fine, Yoosung.”

- Your hands found his, and you could nearly feel the heat radiating off his cheeks

- Apparently the both of you moved to kiss at the same time, resulting in the two of you bumping noses. You pulled back and giggled, Yoosung letting out a shy little laugh in return

- You cupped his cheeks, pulling him towards you more carefully now, planting a soft but decent kiss on his lips.

- He clumsily returned it, his hands finding your hips and pulling you a bit closer.

- After a few kisses, he was starting to get the hang of it a bit, but he froze with a small yelp as you nipped at his bottom lip

- (Okay, might have moved a bit too fast there)

- He pulled back a bit, his hands leaving your hips.

- “W-Was that okay?”

- Your hand found his and gave it a squeeze. “Yeah, that was good.”

- “I haven’t really…You know.”

- “That’s okay, I mean we can always practice.”

- When Seven opened the door, you got to see how red Yoosung’s face had gotten from that, and it was hard not to giggle.


- No one really objected when the two of you were going in the closet. Not even Yoosung, but he did look a tad grumpy

- V, however, was blushing like mad. As soon as the door closed, he was going on and on. “Mc, you don’t have to do anything, it’s alright, don’t feel pressured. We can just talk.”

- You ignored his anxious ramblings, slipping to your knees, lifting his shirt up a bit, and placing a kiss right above the waistband of his pants.

- He let out a soft gasp, instantly covering his mouth. You could tell he wanted to say more, to insist that you didn’t have to do a thing, but you’d be damned if you weren’t going to continue.

- A few teasing nips and you unzipped his pants, pulling them down enough to slip his half-hard cock from his boxers. You felt a blush creep up to your cheeks with the realization you were going to finally give this man a blowjob, but you shook it off, giving his cock a few pumps to get it to stand at full attention

- He let out a strangled and low moan, trying his best to keep quiet. You could hear him start to whimper your name, but you didn’t give him a chance to finish before you slipped the head of his cock in your mouth

- You knew you were running short on time, but you were desperate in making this feel amazing for him. When was the last time he was able to fully relax?

- You started pumping your hand along his length as you bobbed your head, sucking on his tip and loving his free hand wrapped desperately in your hair

- You could feel him straining to stop himself from thrusting into your mouth, so you let your hands rest and hold his hips as you finally took him fully in.

- God the sound he made

- It didn’t take long for you to taste a hot and salty liquid in your mouth, his nails digging into your scalp as he struggled to keep his groans quiet enough. When his grip loosened, you teasingly and slowly pulled his cock out of your mouth, loving the little whimper he let out.

- You stood up as he quickly pulled his pants back up, both of you thankful he was able to right before Seven pulled the door open with an annoying sound

- You just smiled and left the closet, V still leaning against the wall with a stunned blush on his cheeks


- As soon as the two of you were in the closet, he had you pinned, your chest flush against the wall.

- “Do you think we could sneak a quickie?” He teased, his hands already fumbling with your pants as he grinded against your ass

- Sure, the two of you may or may not have been seeing each other in secret… And you might have been teasing him through text during Seven’s silly RFA afterparty….

- But you weren’t expecting him to already be raring to go, jfc

- You bit your lip as he tugged your panties down, his lips teasing at your sensitive neck.

- “Try to stay quiet.”

- You didn’t get a chance to respond before he slipped the head of his cock between your wet folds, rubbing it against your clit before finally moving back a tad and pushing inside you

- You started to let out a groan before moving clamping a hand over your mouth

- Saeran wasted no time in trying to get you to come as quickly and as hard as possible. One hand kept your hip in place as the other reached around to rub your clit. The two of you didn’t have long befor-

- “Bzzz-OOOKAY!”

- As quickly as the door had opened, you only caught a glimpse of a surprised Seven before the door was slammed shut.

- Saeran only paused for a moment, a bit surprised at how fast seven minutes had came and gone, but he wasted no time in starting his pace back up

- Guess the two of you had all the time you needed, now.

I might have to pick a different object for Chalo’s “send to target” – one with less of a history of me encouraging him to tell hilarious dog jokes. (I do so love his jokes, though.)

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I didn’t know you snored until a half hour ago but i’m staring at the ceiling fighting the urge to kick you

I’m finally getting back to these bed-sharing prompts! And because writing the last Friends to Lovers with no pining was so fun, here’s another one. ;) (3000 ish words - Rated M, obviously) AO3

“You sure you’re okay with this, Swan?”

“Yeah, no big deal.” Quickly walking past Killian and their one full size bed on her way to the bathroom, she hopes the nonchalance in her voice sounded believable.

It had been a great day. A seriously great day. In what had been an uncharacteristically impulsive decision, Emma had taken Killian up on his offer to come out here with him during Spring Break. She had been just as curious to see the Grand Canyon as to see what it would be like to hang out with her fellow professor outside of the stuffy confines of their day to day life. They’d started out a bit like oil and water when they had first met, his bad boy reputation and constant flirting the exact opposite of her favorite thing. But man, was he persistent. After a few months of sharing an office he’d somehow weaseled his way past a few of her defenses, giving him a well-earned spot on her friend list, a list with very few names. There were other times though, like earlier tonight, with the two of them lying close together beneath a breathtaking blanket of stars, that she wondered if his name was getting closer to finding its way to another list, one she thought she had closed off for new members long ago.

So yeah, she’s perfectly fine sharing a too small bed with Killian Jones, because that isn’t going to be complicated or uncomfortable…not at all. Curse these tiny cabins. As she brushes her teeth she stares at herself in the mirror, taking in the bit of pink on her cheeks from their hours spent hiking in the sun, remembering how they had ached from smiling and laughing at the man on the other side of the bathroom door. God, it really has been a great day. She hopes she doesn’t somehow ruin it by acting weird now. It’s been years since she’s shared a bed with a man for anything other than sex - and sleeping together after that, nope, not on the table. So the idea of just the sleeping is a bit terrifying, even if there isn’t going to be any sex.

There isn’t right?

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Step-bros (Connor M. x Heere!Reader)

a/n: im back bitches— this is unedited and confusing acuz its 2am,,,, credit to @edenleicester for the lovely stepbrothers au!!!!!!

w/c: 1,614

t/w: WeEd and,,,, OooOOH uNdErAgE dRiNkInG,,,OOOooohhOOH >;O

You glared out your window, your earbuds blasting the newest music you were into. You were trying to ignore your brother and new step-brother, as well as your father and Heidi. The boy in the middle of the seat, Evan, was practically radiating anxiety. He would never say it aloud, but you reminded him of Connor Murphy.

You felt a tap on your shoulder and you glanced to your left, seeing your brother Jeremy looking at you and gesturing towards Heidi. He had snuck his arm above Evans’s head to tap you gently.

“What?” You said, pulling your earbuds out of your ears. Heidi laughed.

“I asked, are you excited to start senior year?” She glanced at you in her side mirror.

“No.” You grunted honestly, making Evan glance at you with curiosity, then back at his fidgeting hands. You were the oldest sibling in this now conjoined family, a few months older than Evan and a year ahead of Jeremy. You slouched slightly as you saw Heidi’s face fall at her attempt to make peace with you. You hated this new change in your family. You hated almost all change.

“Alright, kids. We’re here at our new home!” Your dad grinned, parking the car. You opened the door and tried to keep yourself calm, you wanted to yell and cry and try to reason with your dad. You stepped out and scrunched your face up in disgust as you glanced at the new house. Your father and Heidi had gone out of their way to already unpack almost the whole house, except for your rooms.

“Do you like it, (y/n)? Jeremy?” Your dad asked hopefully.

“Yeah, dad, we love it.” You mumbled, not wanting him to feel bad. You started walking into the quite large house, looking around at the way your father and step mother had decorated. You heard footsteps behind you so you turned around to see Heidi smiling sadly.

“Hi, honey.. I know you don’t really like me, but I hope we can be like mother and daughter eventually.” Heidi smiled sadly, like she knew everything about you. Your face fell and you subconsciously tugged down on your sleeves, feeling slightly bad.

“I don’t dislike you, Heidi. I dislike change.” You mumbled, turning around and going up the stairs. Once again you heard footsteps behind you, practically running to keep up with your long strides.

“Can you believe we have to share a room?” Jeremy snorted, following you into your room.

“Yeah, I know. How will you ever have sex with Michael again?” You said dramatically, laughing and bending down to start unpacking a box. Jeremy turned bright red and started to unpack on his side as well.

“No, but really? We couldn’t just get a house so every kid gets their own room?” Jeremy mumbles.

“I’m fine with sharing a room with you. I’d rather share with you than Evan- not because I don’t like the kid or anything, I just don’t want to make him uncomfortable, y'know?” You grunted, making your bed.

“With all your satanic posters and crystals, you make me uncomfortable.” Jeremy joked.

“No, we um, actually really need a curtain to separate the room in two.”

“Most definitely, you nerd.” You agreed, watching him hang up a Pacman poster.

You were sitting on your bed listening to music one day when the curtain between the room was ripped open.

“H-hey, can we have like, three friends over?” Evan giggled, making Jeremy hit his arm and laugh as well.

“Um, sure?” You asked, raising your eyebrows. It was date night for your dad and step-mom, meaning you were in charge.

“O-okay, good! Because they’re already here!” Jeremy laughed, probably high.

“Come chill with us!” Evan and Jeremy had managed to grab your arms and drag you down the stairs and into the gaming room.

“Hi, (y/n)!” Michael laughed, waving at you. The whole room smelt like weed. There were two boys on the couch who you had seen before, but never cared to talk to.

“O-okay! These are my friends Jared,” Evan grinned, pointing to one boy. “And Connor!” He pointed to another boy.

“Sup, hot stuff!” Jared said tipsily, winking at you. He had a beer in front of him, and another one in his hand. Connor was sitting quietly and smoking weed. He waved slightly at you, and you turned pink.

“Hey,” you laughed, sitting down on the couch and grabbing a beer. “Who brought the weed this time, Michael?”

Jared, Connor, and Evan looked a little shocked you didn’t get mad. Michael laughed and blew smoke into the air.

“Actually, Connor brought it!” Michael giggled, leaning into Jeremy.

“Sweet.” You giggled, taking a hit and glancing at Connor. Connor turned a deep red under your gaze and he shifted uncomfortably. You liked the way he would glance at you and turn red all throughout the night. The way he would shift and gently lean on you when he talked to you.

“Oh my god, oh my god! We should play Just Dance!” Jeremy cries, standing up quickly and stumbling towards the Wii. “We only have four controllers, though!” 

“I’ll sit out.” You and Connor both offered at the first time, glancing at each other. You smirked as the other four started to dance drunkenly.

“Hi.” You giggled, scooting closer to Connor. Connor stared at you, furrowing his eyebrows.

“Hi?” He muttered, his face turning a pale pink. You leaned on him slightly, mumbling your next sentence.

“How come we’ve never spoken before?” You smirked at him as Evan turned around and hit Jeremy, both of your younger brothers now staring at you flirting with Connor.

“Holy shit?” Jeremy whispered, glancing at Evan then back at you.

“It worked?!” Evan whisper shouted, jumping happily. Michael and Jared glanced back at you and Connor as Evan and Jeremy pulled them out of the room.

“You were intimidating.” Connor mumbles, taking a sip of his beer.

“And you aren’t?” You joked, tilting your head.

“True. But I mean you are so pretty, it’s almost intimidating.” Connor crossing his arms after he sets the beer down on the coffee table.

“Oh, you’re the hot, brooding type of intimidating, Connor.“ You giggled, mocking him by crossing your arms. He pouts slightly, making you giggle even more.

The four boys were watching you and Connor from the kitchen, drunk amazement on their faces. “They should just date already.” Jared snorts.

“We heard that.” You giggled, glancing behind you and growing a bit tired.

“Oh-oh my god!” Jeremy cried, glancing at a text message. “Mom and dad are going to be home soon!”

Your eyes widened and you launched up from your seat. “How long?” You asked, suddenly wide awake.

“Five minutes!” Jeremy read, glancing up at you then at Michael.

“Super speed mode!” The three of you shouted like dorks, each of you launching into action. You were throwing away beer cans while Michael hid the bongs, throwing the weed at Connor. Jeremy ran into the bathroom and came out with a giant bottle of febreze, practically choking everyone while he sprayed it. Evan and Jared started to sweep and vacuum the floors, picking up all the dropped food. Connor started to do the dishes, cleaning all of the snack bowls and silverware. Everyone moved surprisingly fast for being drunk, high, or both.

“Okay, kiddos! Get your sleeping bags out and pretend to be asleep!” Everyone rolled out their sleeping bags and crawled in, except for you. You sat on the couch and pretended to be exhausted. You had purposely placed a bag of popcorn on the floor, along with a few pieces in between the boys, so it didn’t seem suspicious.

“Hi honey,” Heidi smiled at you, ruffling your hair and speaking softly. “How did everything go?”

“Good,” You smiled up at her and glanced at your father.

“Why does it reek like febreze?” He mumbled, squinting slightly.

“Oh,” You laughed nonchalantly. “The step-bros keeps farting up a storm.”

You were surprised when none of the boys on the floor broke out in laughter, since you did giggle to yourself. Your father and Heidi wished you a goodnight. When they closed their bedroom door, all of the boys sat up in sync.

“Really, (y/n)? We keep farting?” Jeremy mumbled, making Michael and Jared laugh and agree it was true.

“God damn, that was smooth. Lying on the spot like that, that was kinda hot.” Connor flirted, raising his eyebrows at you. He was drunk, and definitely high.

“Connor- please, stop, that’s my sister.” Evan complained, laughing slightly.

“You’re right, Evan, they should save it for the bedroom!” Jared snorts, earning a kick from you.

“Wait, how come I didn’t know about this sleepover until a few hours ago?” You questioned, making all of the boys go quiet.

“Goodnight!” Jeremy laughed, flopping into his sleeping bag. The other boys followed his lead, all except for Connor.

“Night, babe.” Connor smirked, laying down and drifting off the sleep. You shook your head and laughed, blushing slightly.

Daddy Negan {Negan Smut}

Word count: 1.7k
**Rated MA for mature audiences only!**
Notes: In celebration of Negan smut weekend! @negansmutweek
Gifs are not mine.
This MIGHT be a two part thing, if I’m feeling nice, aha~ 
Summary: You accidentally call Negan daddy in front of everyone. 
{Part Two} {Part Three}

You stayed locked up away in your room, hugging against your legs, burying your face into your knees, trying to keep yourself together. The words slipped from your mouth without thinking and in front of so many people, you groaned out, trying to forget this horrible mess. Your chest still heaving from the run up here, the moment those words fell from your lips, you took off, leaving everyone in the room not daring to look back, you couldn’t bare with the judgmental eyes.

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Starkquill promt: Peter convinces Tony that he has to go to his high school reunion to brag to all the ass hats that were mean to him how great his life is now. When they get there they run into Steve who of course is now divorced and wants his high school sweetheart back (even just for the night)

“I changed my mind. I don’t want to go in.”

Peter stopped on the sidewalk and turned to look at his husband. “Tony?”

In the streetlight, Tony’s face was pale. “I don’t think I can do this.”

“Hey. You don’t have to. We can just go back to the hotel and get drunk if you want,” Peter said. He could feel Tony’s hand trembling and felt a flash of guilt. Maybe he’d pushed too hard.

But Tony had come so far. He deserved this moment.

Tony looked at him. “No,” be said after a moment. “We’ve come this far. Let’s go.”

Knowing better than to push, Peter just nodded. As they reached the door, he pulled Tony in close and wrapped an arm around Tony’s shoulders. Tony let out a quivery breath and cuddled closer for a second.

They walked down the long hall and through the doors of the gym. For Peter, it looked like every other high school gym in America, except that the decorations were from the 90’s and the banner said “10 year reunion” in bold red letters. No amount of gimmicky decorations could hide the smell of sweat, though.

“God it hasn’t changed,” Tony said in a wondering voice. “I got my ass kicked over there. And there.” He pointed to two different spots.

“You got your ass kicked a lot.”

Tony giggled nervously. “I was younger than everyone else, remember? Just a dumb kid.”

“You are anything but dumb,” Peter said.

“Well sure I am now. Back then? Not so much.”

“Even then,” Peter told him, warmed by Tony’s small, shy smile. “Hey, I’ll get us some punch. You okay?”

Tony nodded. Peter squeezed his hand and walked away, shimmying a little as “Dancing Queen” started to play. He joined the line at the refreshment table and was a little relieved to see they were offering glasses of champagne. He purchased two and started to look for his husband.

He found Tony after a couple of minutes and made his way through the crowd. Tony was talking to a beefy blond who was dressed in a blue shirt and jeans. The blond was looking at Tony with a besotted look that Peter was familiar with, since he saw it in the mirror every morning.

“ - just so good to see you again. I was really hoping you’d come,” the blond said, touching Tony’s arm.

“It’s nice to see you too, Steve,” Tony said, and Peter realized that this had to be Tony’s old high school boyfriend. The one who had broken Tony’s heart by dumping him the night before prom. The one who was now flirting with him. Tony might’ve been oblivious, or maybe not. He turned quickly to Peter and smiled.

“Hey babe. Thanks.” He took a glass of champagne and smiled wider. “Steve, this is my husband, Peter Stark-Quill. Babe, this is Steve Barnes. Or is it Rogers?”

Steve did a poor job of hiding his shock and dismay. “It’s Rogers. I changed it back after - I, uh, I didn’t realize you were married, Tony.”

“Going on eight years!” Tony beamed. It was a point of pride that he and Peter had outlasted all the naysayers.

“Oh, great.” Steve nodded. “Oh, Clint Barton just walked in. I’ll catch up with you later, Tony.” He disappeared quickly, moving surprisingly fast into the crowd.

Tony burst out laughing. “Okay,” he said, snuggling into Peter. “That was worth this whole miserable trip. He was just about to ask me out and instead I got to rub my sexy husband into his face. Best reunion EVER.”


Never gonna let you go
Giving you my heart and soul

Roses In Thorns (Pt 5)

Being apart of the countries greatest mafia families had its problems; enemies grew from every thorn and you were one of the greatest roses to target.

You didn’t expect the greatest thorn to prick you to be he who was assigned to protect you- Jeon Jeongguk.

Genre: Angst, (the good type), drama, suspense, fluff, future smut in story line.

  • BodyguardJungkook, Mafia

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Originally posted by sugutie


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

“What the fuck is going on?!” You screamed, only to be muffled up by Jeongguk’s hand on your mouth as your eyes raged in confusion and anger. 

You were dragged to sit down, on an unfamiliar green couch against your will. You were in a modest home, it looked too homely to be a place someone would be taken hostage. Oh shit, Jeongguk was going to be your rapist? Is that why he sat you down on this couch, your heart accelerated in fear. A feeling of disgust rose up your throat. 

“I’ll pay you anything Jeongguk, don’t you dare touch me.” You exhaled out as soon as his hand left your mouth.

“I’m not going to do anything to you Y/N.” He said, cupping your chin in his hands as he bore into your tear ridden eyes. 

“Lies.” You spat out. He wanted to hurt you. 

“You keep on lying to me. What’s your next lie about this situation then?” You said exasperated. 

“No more lies. This is where the lies end.” He said, and you wanted to believe him. You wanted to believe that there was a good part of Jeongguk’s soul. No, he was an icy cold monster. 

Jeon Jeongguk couldn’t have a soul.

“Don’t look at me like that.” 

You’re all I have left worth living for, Jeongguk thought bitterly inside. 

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Patater Week Day 7 - Adopting a Pet Together

Kent sighs and readjusts on the couch. For the millionth time. Kent’s basically upside down at this point, head dangling off the edge of the couch towards the floor, and feet braced on the arm of the couch. Jeff just holds his book closer to his face and tries to do his best impression of someone who is completely oblivious.

“Jeeeeeeeeefff,” Kent whines.

Jeff grunts noncommittally and determinedly flips the page.


Nope. He’s not going to do it.

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hey red ! i figured you're probably the best person to ask about this. but how do i add like a sparkles to a graphic on photoshop and where can i find the sparkles to download them ?

i’m sorry this is so late! i was actually out on a mission trip and wasn’t able to get to my laptop until now. anyways, i don’t quite know what you mean by “sparkle” (twinkling sparkles or falling sparkles) but ( here ) is a master post of awesome gif textures and you can use ( this ) one to hopefully make the graphics i think you’re imagining in your head! if anyone does have different sorts of sparkles, please link me. but, for now, under the cut I’ll show you how to quickly make a graphic like this:

regardless if this is the kind of sparkles you need or not, this tutorial will help you add a gif texture onto any sort of graphic! for this tutorial, i am using CS6.

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anonymous asked:

hi!! could I request a chubby mc who is super insecure about her body being nervous and scared about her first time with the rfa members?

٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶ I understand this one all too well! I’m chubby and I was very worried about my ‘first time’, but don’t worry! If they love/appreciate you, your body shape shouldn’t be a worry!

Note: I’m following common insecurity thoughts people have! And since this is more about her being insecure, I’m not focusing on a Nsfw HC aspect. Though if you want that just tell me and I’ll add it in or make a whole new post for it!

-He was so so excited to be with you, but you were still so scared
-Would he still like you even if you weren’t as skinny as the models pasted all over the city?
-It the girls in his class??
-Worse off, would he even want to have sex with you?
-It was so scary. You constantly questioned if you were good enough for anyone, let alone Yoosung.
-He was so sweet and caring, and you felt like he possibly deserved more than you
-After a month of you two dating, one thing led to another and the two of you were having a rather intense make-out session
-He started sliding his hand under your shirt, and you instantly jerked back in full blown panic
-“M-Mc? Are you okay? Am I moving too fast? I’m so sorry!”
-“Uhm, no. No I just…” You took a calming breath. “Do-Do you really want to see my without my clothes?”
-Yoosung swallowed thickly, unsure of what to say. “I do, but only if you’re alright with it. I don’t want to force you into this, Mc…”
-“That’s not it. I mean like…I’m kinda…Fat, Yoosung. I don’t look that good without clothes.”
-He frowned, “You’re not fa-”
-“Yoosung, don’t even try to say that.”
-A bigger frown, and he made you look him in the eye.
-“You are beautiful to me. I don’t care what size you are, mc, okay? I love you. I love you even if you’re not- God, please don’t feel so bad about yourself. I can’t even see anything wrong with you.”
-You scoffed out of reflex, but he ended up pulling you into a hug
-“I love you so much, mc. We don’t have to go any further, not until you’re ready to, but please don’t talk so badly of yourself.”
-You felt stupid for tearing up, but you hugged him back, nodding against his shoulder.
-In the future, the next time you two managed to get that far, you bit your tongue about the negative comments you had about yourself and let yourself believe the praise he was giving you
-It was just going to take time to understand that he really did love every bit of you

-You didn’t feel extremely insecure until you noticed he just wouldn’t sleep with you
-Not the sexual sense- He wouldn’t even lay in the same bed as you
-The first few times you let it slide. I mean, you hardly knew him at that point
-But now you were practically living at his house, barely going back to your own, and each day together was perfect except he wouldn’t share the same bed with you.
-Were you too big for it? Was he just not attracted to you anymore?
-Back then he had made reasonable excuses, but now those same excuses were just repetitive and felt like him copping out from telling you how he did feel about you.
-So today you sat on the couch with him, thinking about this. How he wouldn’t share the bed, how he wouldn’t even cuddle with you.
-This meant sex was a no go as well
-God, he probably didn’t want to do anything with you did he?
-You started tearing up from the sudden rush of weird guilt and anxiety, quickly trying to wipe them away
-“Mc? Dear? What’s wrong?”
-He cupped your face and turned you towards him, frowning with worry as he studied your features
-“Are you in pain?”
-“No, no. I’m fine. It’s fine.” You pushed his hand away, trying to change the subject. “What’s the plan for today?”
-“Figuring out why you’re crying. Obviously you’re not alright.”
-He wasn’t going to let it go, was he? You sighed, still refusing to look at him while you finally let out your worries.
-“You…Don’t want to sleep with me because I’m too big, right? Can’t you just tell me instead of lying?”
-“Don’t be rid-”
-“No, don’t push it away like that!” You covered your face. “Am I really that disgusting? That you can’t even lay in the same bed with me? How is this relationship going to work? What about cuddling, or sex, or anything?”
-He refused to listen to you anymore. He grabbed your chin, forcing you to look at him.
-“I have never, ever, lied to you, Mc. I don’t plan to, either. You are not disgusting, you are beautiful and radiant to me,” He slipped his arms around you, pulling you to his chest. “I didn’t realize this was hurting you so badly. I just wanted you to feel safe. Tonight we’ll sleep in the same bed, alright?”
-He kissed your head as he slowly rubbed your back, trying to calm you down as you starting crying into his chest. “I love you, Mc. I love you.”

-Zen was constantly praising you, calling you his princess and kissing your cheeks
-But that was as far as it ever went
-And to top it off, he did that with some of his fans as well. Well….Not the kissing part, but still.
-Sometimes you tried flirting with him to push things further, or to have the make-out session get a little too heavy, but he’d end it quickly and suggest you go home for the night
-Hell, you hadn’t even been able to stay a full night without him panicking.
-You didn’t know why. He put it under the guise of him wanting to be a gentlemen, or not being able to control himself, but the fact that he was almost as sweet to his fans made you worry
-Especially since most of his fans were far, far, prettier than you. And skinnier. And..Just better than you in general.
-Tonight you had managed to stay pretty late, around eleven, and he hadn’t say anything yet. More than likely he hadn’t noticed, as the too of you loosely cuddled while watching a movie. He seemed pretty engrossed in it.
-Alright. Tonight you were going to stay the night! Or at least try to…
-As the credits rolled, you watched Zen yawn and glance at the clock
-“Whoa! It’s almost midnight!”
-“Yeah,” You hummed, “Do you think I could stay the night tonight? My place is kinda far off…”
-He blushed and looked away, rubbing the back of his neck
-“Uhm….. I mean…I gotta get up early. You’d be able to sleep more at your place.”
-“I don’t mind getting up early.”
-“Mc…I don’t think it’s a good idea, sorry.”
-You crossed your arms and let out an annoyed sigh. “Right, of course.”
-There was an awkward silence before he spoke up a bit, “I’m just busy and-”
-You stood up and grabbed your purse, looking for your jacket. “Yeah, it’s not like you make more time for your fans rather than your girlfriend. But then again, they look way better than me, huh?”
-“Whoa, what?” He quickly jumped up, rushing over to you, “Where did you get that idea?”
-“I-I don’t know! I mean they are! It’s just. Fact, not an idea.” You jerked on your jacket, already feeling gross for being so crabby
-“Hey, hey hey, no, come here, please?” He lightly grabbed your wrists, getting you to stand still for a moment while you looked away. “I didn’t know this made you so upset. Let’s talk about this real quick, okay? Then if you want you can leave. Okay? Please?”
-After a moment, you nodded an agreement, letting him pull you back to the couch.
-“Mc, are you really upset with me for talking to fans?”
-“I mean,” you huffed a bit, trying to think of the right words. “I mean. You don’t…Really treat me any different than them…”
-“I don’t?”
-Aaaaaaaa, you were fucking this up big time. Tears started up out of frustration. “I’m not pretty or skinny like them. Is that why it’s hard to kiss me? Or cuddle? Am I just not-”
-“Whoa whoa, stop right there.” He made you look at him this time. “That’s not the reason at all, okay? I just don’t want to force you into anything. I want you to know I love you for you, and not for uhm,” He blushed a bit, “Things we could uh, do in bed. Okay? I was just taking it slow.”
-“It’s not because of how-”
-He kissed your forehead. “No, and it would never be. I’m just trying to be a gentlemen. It’s been a while and I don’t want to fuck something up with the most beautiful woman in the world.”
-You scoffed, but you let a small smile show through. “You’re not just saying that?”
-“No. Here, forget what I said about not staying over. We’ve been dating for over a month now, right? If you’re okay with it, then we can.”
-You nodded, and he pulled you into a tight hug. “I love you, Mc. Don’t think otherwise, okay?”

-Seven could be…Pretty handsy at times.
-Mainly in a cuddling sense, and while he seemed overall head-over heels with you, you still were scared.
-You guys hadn’t gotten far yet, but the tension was pretty easy to tell that you both wanted to.
-But something was holding him back, and how you felt about yourself was holding you back.
-The two of you were cuddling on his bed, and you were quietly thankful he remembered to washed the sheets free of chip crumbs before you came over. He was cuddling you as the big spoon, sometimes breaking the silence to try and tickle you or just mutter something to you.
-After a while, you rolled over to face him, and the nerd meowed at you. Jesus Christ.
-You laughed at him, and he just held you tighter.
-“Don’t laaaugh, I love cuddling yooou!”
-“Nerd.” you laughed.
-The two of you settled down, him even closing his eyes and relaxing. You really wanted to kiss him, but the two of you were in his bed…
-“Hey, Seven? Can I ask you something?”
-“What’s…Holding us back?”
-He cracked an eye open, frowning a bit. “From what?”
-“From, Uhm… Going all the way.”
-Ack, his face nearly turned completely red. “Uhm, well, I uh-” He stammered a bit, scooting away from you a bit. “S-some things!”
-“L-Like, Uhm. Well…” he trailed off, looking away awkwardly. He didn’t say anything for a bit, so you finally asked what you thought the reason may be
-“Is…Is it because of how I look?”
-“What??” He finally looked at you, surprised. “No, what? Why is that an issue??”
-“I mean,” You gestured down to your body. Before you went on, he pulled you close. He even wrapped his legs around you.
-“No! No, that’s not it, okay? I promise, I’m just… Worried I wont, uhm, be…Good…”
-You nuzzled into him and cuddled with him for a few seconds.
-“Even though I’m bi-”
-“Mc, have you seen my stomach?” He chuckled, kissing your head. “No, I love you. I love how you look! You’re so nice to cuddle and kiss. And you’re super sweet and laugh at my jokes. You’re perfect, Mc.”
-Aaaaaaaa, you couldn’t help it, you started tearing up a bit.
“You’re perfect too, Saeyoung, okay? Don’t stress too much about when we do it.”

I hope this is alright, and sorry but I couldn’t think of a good scenario for Jaehee ATM, nothing story based like the others. I’m 100℅ sure she’d love you not matter what.

Requests are open!

Not So Shy

Hey love :) I hope I can give you an idea for an imagine cause my life has been really shitty for the past days.. You and Buck are a couple and all the other Avengers ship you a lot. Then one time at another one of Tony’s party the guys tease Bucky a bit that he barely has sexual experience and he gets all flustered. Then you take him back to your shared apartment to get him in safety. You cuddle on the couch but then things start to get heated and Bucky isn’t that shy boy anymore? <3

Originally posted by fireeyess

You and Bucky have been dating for 6 months now and you couldn’t be happier; in every aspect of the relationship. You were content with moving slow, not wanting to jeopardize such a great connection with an amazing man.

Everyone in the tower had tried to set you and Bucky up together so many times, you started hoping you’d end up together anyways. You fell for Bucky after the teams 8th attempt.

They paired you two up on an overnight mission but you and Bucky had finished early. Deciding you wanted a tiny break from the teams antics and set ups, you and Bucky relaxed and talked to each other until you passed out on his shoulder at the crack of dawn.

Since then, it’s been smooth sailing. With the exception of the men on the team teasing Bucky about not moving fast enough in the sex life. To be honest, you were okay with not doing anything like that just yet.

When the opportunity presents itself, it’ll happen. You weren’t in any rush and you guessed Bucky wasn’t either.

Tony had decided to throw another party. The team was excited but Bucky knew he was in for another roasting session about how he hasn’t had sex with you yet.

You told Bucky countless times that it was okay and if he wasn’t ready, you can wait. You could tell he was a little reluctant to tell you the entire reason why, but you knew in the end that he was just shy.

You were sitting at a table with the girls, not really up for drinking. You decided to get lemon water and you listened to Wanda and Nat talk about Thor’s muscles.

You sighed, something about the party seeming too exhausting. You turned in your seat, looking around for Bucky. You spotted him near the food table, talking to Sam, Clint, and Tony. Steve walked up and you saw his face turn as red as Bucky’s.

The other men laughed and Bucky looked ashamed and a bit flustered. Your furrowed your eyebrows and made your way over to the men, your heels clicking as you went.

You slid your arm around Bucky’s waist and smiled. “Hey guys.” You said, looking up at Bucky. He smiled tightly at you. “What’s the joke? You guys are laughing pretty hard.” You questioned, hoping it wasn’t something aimed at your precious Bucky.

“Oh, nothing.” Sam said, taking a sip of his drink. Tony and Clint snorted. You sighed. “Bucky, what’d they say to you?” You asked, raising an eyebrow.

The men laughed harder and Steve started to look uncomfortable. “They were just poking fun, Doll. It’s nothing.” Bucky said, sporting a fake smile. “Steve?” You asked, knowing Steve wouldn’t be able to hold it in.

Bucky wasn’t for telling the story the first try. You always had to wiggle it out of him. Steve was a different story. “Uh, they uh, they said Bucky didn’t have any sexual experience and Sam offered to show you a good time.” Steve said lowly.

You gasped and looked at the men, your eyes landing on Sam last. “Our sex life is none of your damn business!” You said, anger boiling up in your stomach.

They all quit laughing and cleared their throats. “After everything Bucky has been through, I do not expect him to be anything more or less than how he is doing in our relationship right now.” You said, breathing heavily.

“Y/N, it’s alright.” Bucky said quietly. He’d never admit it to you, but he felt hurt. You could always tell. His flesh hand was gripping onto your waist with a tight hold. It’s only skin bruising tight when he’s feeling bad and needs you more than anything.

You turned back to the men after giving Bucky a slight glance. “If I hear anything else about our sex life or hear of you guys pestering him, we’ll see if you don’t have your own phallus to use.” You sneered, pulling Bucky away.

Steve snorted and covered his mouth, the others feeling guilty and scared.

You were too riled up to enjoy the party anymore, so you and Bucky walked to the elevator. You sighed, leaning into Bucky. “I’m sorry, Bucky.” You whispered. “It’s fine.” He murmured.

“That’s the thing, it isn’t. I mean, I have no problem with our sex life or lack thereof. I know you’re still new to everything; to life. I want you to feel safe with me.” You said, looking up at him with watery eyes.

Bucky looked down at you and brushed his flesh hand against your cheek. “I do feel safe with you. I just, I didn’t think you were ready for that yet. I wouldn’t mind, I just-I don’t know much.” Bucky said in a mumble.

You saw Bucky start blushing again and you smiled. “I can show you if you’d like when you’re ready for that next step.” You said, blush creeping into your own cheeks.

Bucky was always reluctant to get too heated. You two had make out sessions, but anytime he’d start to get one up, he’d stop and get really flustered. You thought it was cute but you also wanted to help.

He’d say it was fine but when you heard his faint grunts in the restroom not too long after, you knew he wanted to rip your clothes off more than he lead on. Bucky was just too shy.

“Are you sure you want to?” Bucky asked just as the elevator stopped on his floor. You simply laced your hand with Bucky’s and pulled him along to his bedroom.

You were hovering over Bucky, his shirt and your dress and heels lying on the floor. You were kissing along Bucky’s neck, every inch of skin covered in affection. You made sure Bucky wanted this plenty of times and told him he could back out whenever he felt overwhelmed.

Bucky’s pulse quickened when your hand began to travel to his dress pants. “Are you okay?” You asked softly, hearing his breathing speed up. “Y-yes.” Bucky breathed out.

You smirked and unbuckled his pants, looking up at him. Bucky’s eyes were already on your face and he shyly looked away. “We can stop anytime.” You offered, your fingers pulling down the zipper.

Bucky shook his head. “I want to. I want to so bad. I’m just nervous.” Bucky said, looking down at your hand. You could see and feel his hard cock through his pants.

“Just relax, I’ll stop when you want me to.” You said, slipping down his pants. “Don’t stop.” Bucky gently pleaded. You bit your lip and reached your hand to Bucky’s cock, gently rubbing along his long and thick shaft.

Bucky inhaled deeply, his hips rising up in a jolt, causing the pressure from your hand to increase. “You like that?” You whispered, pulling his boxers down. Bucky’s cock sprang free and he growled low in his chest.

“Doll, you don’t have to, uh,” Bucky started and trailed off. You smiled and looked up at him. “Do you want to get straight into fucking my brains out?” You asked, sitting up on your knees. “Mhm.” Bucky said, taking his bottom lip in between his teeth.

You quickly slipped off your panties and hovered above Bucky again, wetting your lips with your tongue. Getting Bucky horny caused your own arousal and you were more than ready for him.

Bucky’s hands rested on your hips and you bent down to capture his lips with yours. You moaned into the kiss and Bucky’s grip tightened. You gently sank your hips down onto Bucky’s, hearing his breathing pick up.

You started to lightly rub your pussy along Bucky’s shaft, letting your wetness coat his thick cock. “O-oh, Y/N, that feels good.” Bucky rasped. “Does it, Sergeant?” You asked, looking into Bucky’s eyes. You thought you had offended him at first, but his eyes looked you up and down. A smirk took place on his lips.

A growl fell from Bucky’s mouth and you gasped as he flipped the two of you over. Bucky was breathing heavily as he stared down at you. “Call me that again.” Bucky rasped, his voice laced with so much lust, it sent a shiver down your spine.

Something in Bucky suddenly changed. Bucky gripped your wrists in his hands and held them above your head on the pillow. “Sergeant.” You moaned out, feeling Bucky’s hard cock rest against your inner thigh.

Bucky growled again and gripped his large cock in his flesh hand, looking down at your soaked pussy. “Is this all for me, kitten?” Bucky asked, a smirk on his face. “Yes, Sergeant”, you whimpered, raising your hips to meet Bucky’s, only to have him hold you down.

“Ah ah ah, you obey me now. Don’t move.” Bucky ordered, leaning down to kiss along your neck. You felt Bucky’s cock start to slide into you, dangerously slow. You controlled your breathing, trying not to raise your hips from anticipation.

Bucky licked down to your breasts, capturing one in his mouth. You moaned as Bucky finally filled you up. “You like that?” Bucky asked as he leaned up to look into your eyes. You whined and nodded your head. “Please, move.” You begged, your pussy throbbing from his cock sitting inside; thick and hard.

Bucky gently pulled his hips back and you closed your eyes, gasping for air. “You look so good, Doll.” Bucky moaned lowly, gaining a little more speed in his thrusts. “Faster, Sergeant.” You pleaded, opening your eyes to watch Bucky’s cock slide in and out of you.

You couldn’t help but let your eyes roll into the back of your head as Bucky slid all the way out just to slam his cock back inside of you. “I want you to be loud, kitten.” Bucky said, letting go of your wrists to hold onto your legs.

Bucky sat up on his knees, pulling your hips along with him. You moaned loudly, feeling his cock twitch inside of you at the new angle. Bucky didn’t hold back now. He was thrusting into you hard and fast, gripping your legs tightly around his waist. “You feel amazing, holy fuck.” Bucky growled, his hips stuttering just a tad.

The sound of skin slapping skin, the feel of Bucky’s thick cock slamming into you at an unbelievable pace, and the sounds coming from Bucky’s mouth had your head spinning. “Sergeant your cock is so big.” You squealed, feeling Bucky hit that spot that raised goosebumps across your body.

Bucky dropped your legs and gripped the back of your head, grabbing a fist full of your hair. You moaned at the slight sting and sudden dominance. He pulled you onto his lap and you swear you could feel him in your stomach. You lazily draped your arms around Bucky’s neck.

You thought Bucky planned to let you ride him, but he had another idea. He carefully brought you both off the bed and slammed you into the wall. He grunted as you moaned, tightening your arms around him. He continued to thrust into you now, digging his fingers into your thighs as he fucked you.

Bucky slowed just a tad as you moaned out, bringing his hand down to your lower abdomen. He thrust in again, gasping when he felt the tip of is cock slide along inside of your pussy. “Do you feel that, Y/N? Mm, I’m so deep.” Bucky rasped, adding a little bit of pressure with his hand.

Your eyes momentarily rolled into the back of your head as Bucky sped up, keeping his hand there to reach his thumb out. Bucky circled your clit fast, bringing you closer to your orgasm. You screamed out, tugging on Bucky’s hair. He groaned and pushed you further into the wall, putting more force into his thrusts.

Bucky sped up and bit down on your neck, sucking on it. “Cum for me, kitten. Cum.” Bucky whispered, his ears filled with your sweet moans. All you needed was one more strong thrust and you were coming undone in Bucky’s hold. Your hips jerked and your moans got higher and more desperate.

You felt Bucky cum inside of you, hot strings of his cum quickly filling you up. Bucky was breathing heavily in your ear, his sweat covered chest rising and falling against yours. “That was so good.” You said with a giggle as you both calmed. “What happened to shy Bucky?” You asked, letting Bucky carry you back to the bed.

Bucky chuckled and looked down at you. “You turned me on and I wanted the whole tower to hear you.” Bucky said with a shrug. You smirked and watched him leave the get a cloth to clean you both up with.

A few minutes passed and you heard commotion outside of your door. Bucky slipped on his boxers and stood by the door, listening closely. You slipped on Bucky’s shirt, walking over to join him. Your pussy throbbed and your thighs shook, reminding you just how good Bucky fucked you.

“Are they done?” “Do you hear them, you dumbass?” “Guys, shut up or so help me God, I wi-” Bucky pulled open the door. Sam, Clint, and Tony all fell onto the floor by his feet. “Get off of me, Big Bird!” Clint yelled. Sam grumbled under his breath. “Enjoy that, fellas?” Bucky asked, a small smirk on his face.

The men all looked up with terrified looks on their faces. Tony was the first to run away, leaving Clint and Sam to explain why they were listening to Bucky fuck you senseless. “Uh, he, we, uh. IT WAS CLINT’S IDEA!” Sam yelled before taking off in a sprint.

Bucky sneered at Clint. Clint’s eyes widened and he bolted down the hallway. Bucky shut the door and you shook your head, a little embarrassed that they all heard you. “Idiots.” You muttered with a giggle.

Bucky smile down at you. “Ready for round 2?” Bucky questioned, gently gripping your neck in his hand. You gasped, feeling him add pressure.

“Yes, Sergeant.”

Note: feel free to talk to me if you need someone! hopefully this lifted your spirits, sweetie! i’m still new to smut, so don’t judge too harshly! thanks for the request! feedback is always welcome. .c

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Request:  Hi! 😊 Can I request a smutty scenario where you and taehyung are having sexy time and you get caught by the other guys. (Lol sorry if it’s weird).😂 Thanks. ❤

Hi! It’s not weird at all! I needed a sexy Tae one 😉. I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for the request!

Pairing: Kim Taehyung X Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count:  814

You were sitting on the couch with your boyfriend, his tongue down your throat as his hand cradled your face, pulling you closer. His arm was resting on the couch behind you, your hand on his chest. “Taehyung,” you breathed, resting your forehead against his. “The boys will be home any minute.” He smirked.

“So? It’s okay, jagi. I’ll be fast.” He informed, moving to your neck. You giggled, pushing him away.

“Tae, I-”

“Jagiya, it’ll be fine. Besides, it’s hotter if we almost get caught.” He mumbled, pulling you onto his lap. You smiled, letting your worries drift away as you continued to kiss the idol. The dull sound of the TV in the background was almost completely drowned out by your brief gasps for air between kisses and soft moans into each other’s mouths. You easily slid his shirt over his head, tossing it over your shoulder. You got off of his lap, slowly pushing your jeans down your legs and kicking them aside.

You straddled him again, grinding on the growing bulge in his gray sweats. He groaned, gripping your hips as you continued to shamelessly roll your hips on his. His head dropped back, your cue to get off again. You danced like you were in your own little world, twisting your hips about. He slowly rolled his head back up, opening his eyes. He shook his head at you as you took the hem off your shirt and slowly started to pull it up until it slipped over your head. You tossed it at him, watching him catch it with a smile on his face. “You’re so hot, babe.” He said, biting his lip. You smiled, giving him a spin to see it all.

Facing away from him, you started to pull down your lace panties, letting them drop to your ankles. Suddenly, you felt Taehyung’s hands on your hips as he pulled you against him. “No more teasing.” He growled in your ear. You smirked, letting him turn you around. He maintained eye contact as he backed up to the couch, sitting down and pulling you back on top of him.

Before putting your weight on him, he tugged his sweats and boxers down, lining himself up with your entrance. As soon as you slid him into you, he growled. Gripping your hips he took charge, pushing you up and pulling you back down.

Suddenly you heard the door of the dorm fling open and the rest of Bangtan were in the dorm. You knew you had approximately 5 seconds to gather your clothes or at least cover yourself up before one of them rounded that corner. Taehyung threw you off of him to the cushion next to him, covering you with a blanket quickly and yanking up his sweats. Yoongi walked around the corner, smirking as he saw Tae standing in the middle of the living room, shirtless, picking up your panties. “Nice, Taehyung.” He smiled, continuing to his room. Tae sighed, hiding them behind his back as Jin and Namjoon appeared.

“Kim Taehyung! You have a room!” Seokjin scolded, shaking his head. Namjoon laughed softly as they both continued on to their rooms as well. Jungkook and Hoseok came around, arguing about something before they both froze in their tracks, eyeing you as you tried your best to hide under the blanket, feeling like your entire face was on fire.

“Go,” Taehyung said sternly, glaring at their lingering eyes.

“Yeah, okay, hyung.” Jungkook smirked, a blush forming on his cheeks. They both disappeared down the hallway and Jimin came around moments later, sighing.

“Tae Tae I-” He paused when he saw the situation. “Oh sorry, Y/n, I didn’t… Tae can I… talk to you.” He said, blushing and doing his best not to look at you. Tae simply nodded, handing you your clothes and kissing your cheek before rushing down the hall with Jimin. You quickly got dressed again and sat on the couch, waiting for them to return.

They both came back laughing, Jimin patting Taehyung’s shoulder. “Good job, Y/n.” Jimin smiled with a thumbs up and a wink before going back down the hallway laughing.

“Taehyung!” You scolded, smacking his arm lightly. He laughed, pulling you into his arms.

“He’s my best friend, jagi. He did say he’ll stay in Yoongi hyung’s room tonight though.” He said, wiggling his eyebrows. You laughed, burying your face in his chest. “Please, Y/n, I don’t wanna finish alone.” He said quietly in your hair, making you giggle more. You finally looked up at him, smiling with a nod. “Really?” He asked excitedly. You nodded again as he took your hand and rushed down the hallway to his room, giggling all the way.

It was definitely a memorable night and you couldn’t thank Jimin enough for his sacrifice, staying in Yoongi’s room for the night.

Headcanon #18 - Dating General Hux Would Include:

Originally posted by domhnall-tonal

❖ He rejects his feelings at first. He declares them unprofessional and tries to stay as far away from you as he can.

❖ The next day he remembers you’re his secretary when he sees you sat there with your paperwork.

❖ He can’t help but steal glances at you, and that’s when he realises, he’s in love with you.

❖ “y/n, you have to work overtime”

❖ Making you work overtime in order to be close to you longer.

❖ Glaring at Ren who seems to want to touch you in some way whenever he’s near you.

❖ Hux gets jealous of your relationship with Mitaka, however he knows you’re just friends.

❖ When he finally admits to you, it’s out of a drunk blur. You have an argument over Ren, and when you begin to scream about how he shouldn’t care, he screams back in your face about how much he loves you.

❖ It turns into a make-out session and it doesn’t go un-noticed when you leave hand in hand giggling and sharing occasionally tonguing.

❖ In the morning Hux groans and growls when he turns around and sees your naked sleeping form.

❖ However when you face him, his anger at himself disappeared and he smiles, holding you close, causing you wake up at his touch.

❖ You stutter and tremble in the arms of your General and try to stand up. “I’m so sorry General.”

❖ “Don’t go…”

❖ When you realise Hux wasn’t going to get mad for what happened, or for that matter when you remembered what he told you last night, you sunk back into his bed, and he held you closer.

❖ He smiled and stroked your hair.

❖ When you decided to get ready for work, everyone smirked as you left together, trying to look professional, buuuut looked so awkward.

❖ You were the ultimate power couple yet so professional at your work.

❖ Within a week you were crowned ‘Mrs Hux’. Yeah okay, pretty fast, but this boy can move fast, and he fell pretty fast for you. And he didn’t want to loose you, ever, and he knew that.

❖ your pregnancy was completely unplanned, and by that I mean, it was from your very first night together.

❖ He was serious about all this, even risked loosing his job a few times for you. And he loves you, he really does.

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hc's of Link getting hyper from a haste potion? Like he just downed a few red bulls?

Link hyped on Haste Potions

  • You want things done fast? Have a Link fucked up on haste potion! He’ll get any menial task completed!
  • Doesn’t mean it’s gonna be pretty though
  • You need about 30 rushrooms for a good hearty meal? Fear not! Link is already half way done, but oh shit- he ate some because his stamina was dropping and didn’t have more stamina potion. Link is now going ludicrous speed that he isn’t paying attention to wear he’s grabbing- OUCH..that fall must of really hurt. It’s okay Link, walk it off.
  • He’s moving so fast that even the bokoblins can’t even spot him! They’re all dead before they can blow the horn
  • But he wasted about 5 swords, 6 spears, and ruined his guardians shields. All because he’s moving too fast and missed all his targets. Be nicer to the ground, Link. Get your shit together.
  • He runs faster than his horses! Who needs them anyways when everyone knows the best shortcut is climbing a mountain!
  • which still takes him 15 fucking minutes, because why not
  • Need to herd in some sheep? Forget the dog, Link will throw them all in the kennel!
  • Need to collect cucco eggs? Well shit, he already did it but accidentally decked one in the face- WATCH OUT FOR THE HORDE OF CUCCOS
  • But the wind down is harsh, bros. So very, very harsh. The moment he’s out of haste potion, he face-plants the ground and sleeps there for good three days.
  • Fear not, some wandering travelers threw a blanket over him. He’ll be fine.