they might never happen I'm so sad

How about

- Steve who falls for Tony before Tony can get his head out of gadgets and robots he’s working on for long enough to even notice Steve’s there, existing.

- Steve who feels his breath catch every time he sees Tony, because he’s just so BRILLIANT AND GOOD AND AHHH!!!

- Steve who’s fallen so deep he constantly thinks up excuses to touch Tony so he can once more prove to himself that the man IS real!

- Steve daydreaming about Tony all the time (enough to get hurt while they’re avenging and almost give Tony a heart attack)?

- Steve who’s insecure to that extent he’s convinced Tony could never love him (b/c he’s not smart enough or modern enough or shiny enough lol), so he broods and draws sad lonely eagles.

- Steve who’s a bit jealous of Tony’s armors and can be seen giving them dirty looks sometimes, to some Avengers’ amusement (ok all the Avengers’ amusement, they all notice).

- Steve who’s head over heels in love with Tony and ridiculous about it, that’s all.

anonymous asked:

Just popping in to let you know that equating a man to a penis (or hot dog) is cissexist. I'm glad you have your friends to support you but you might want to think of a different resistance name.


Anon, you clearly are not my friend, and have never spoken to me before in your life. So let me explain you a thing. The hot dog situation is a reference to a very specific incident where I was forced to eat a sad hot dog. A LITERAL HOT DOG. NOT A PENIS. HOT DOGS MEANS HOT DOGS, ACTUAL HOT DOGS