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Whatever you do don't think about how Keyleth won't be able to look Vex in the face ever again. Not just bc she looks do much like Vax but bc she killed Valora

I think, tbh, if there’s anyone who refuses to let keyleth avoid her guilt and her grief by avoiding vex it’ll be vex herself. vex has never been one to let keyleth (or anybody, expect perhaps herself) lose themselves to their emotions and I hardly imagine it’ll stop now


The Inn is a short RPG game with elements of mystery and fantasy. The story follows an adventurer travelling across the country and looking for (what else would an adventurer look for?) adventures, when she comes across an inn deep within the forest and decides to rest there. But not everything is as it seems, as the inn hides a dark and sinister secret that might cost our character her life.

Have interesting conversations with NPC-s, uncover ancient mystery, interact with (almost) everything and fight colourful (pun intended*) cast of enemies. Hopefully chuckle at a joke and maybe even be surprised by a twist of events. What more could you ask for? You know you want to give this game a try.

*What pun, you wonder? Play and you will find out.

The Inn is my first game. I made it over the course of the last month, and although I know I have yet much to learn and improve, I like the final result quite a lot :3

If you decide to try it, please let me know how you like it, and specially if you find any bugs, typos, or any other mistakes ^-^

I hope you enjoy your stay at the inn…

~ tumblr is apparently messing up posts with external links, so here is a link to the game page on my blog, which leads you to the actual download link ~

The Inn ✨


It all happened so quickly. One moment, you’re having a friendly conversation with an officer you might have an interest in–the next, you’re running for your life. And running, and running. At some point, Vace forgets what the ground beneath his feet feels like. There was only the sound of blaster fire, of cannons, the screams of TIE fighters. Suddenly, the place became a war zone. this wasn’t something he knew well. The fights–the little skirmishes always ended quickly and were between just a few people, those he was used to. Someone always had a chip on their shoulder in the Outer Rim, he was used to the dangers of criminal activity. This was something bigger than that, however. It wasn’t criminals, it was the Resistance. He wasn’t going to waste time helping to turn the tide of the battle himself. He was no soldier, after all.

It wouldn’t have done him any good anyway. It could have been X-Wing or TIE fire, he didn’t pay attention to what color the brief strikes of plasma were before the flash blinded him and nearly deafened his ears. He had to peel his eyes open to see what was going on, but the sun was so bright. He was out for a bit. At least one person next to him was dead, and as much as he wanted to get up and aimless run off, he couldn’t. Everything felt so heavy that he couldn’t move. There was still a commotion and screaming, so he just closed his eyes, pretending that he was one with the rubble. He had to hope that it would pass.

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After all the backlash you've received for the Bobby Drake situation, how do you plan on approaching future LGBTQ related topics? Do you think you will approach more people who identify with the LGBTQ community in order to further understand the people who you are writing? How did you expect those to who identify within the LGBTQ community to react to the thoroughly invasive, unwarranted "outing" that Jean Grey forced on Bobby Drake?

I used to work at a newspaper and I learned that anything you say about sex and politics, anything, is going to make half the people who read what you’ve written VEHEMENTLY disagree with you. Including that last sentence. Some people go their whole career hiding from this and some people embrace it.

I DO feel really bad that anyone would read biphobia in the work because I have absolutely none in my heart. None. If I could make that part go away I would. Who wants anyone to feel bad about anything? my whole life is dedicated to the opposite.

BUT, and this is the tricky part, I’ve now heard from enough people who label themselves as bisexual who were not at all offended by anything that happened in the issue and even related to it. They were offended that people were offended. Enough people have spoken to me about this for me to know that whatever YOUR feeling is on bisexuality or yourself as bisexual it is completely legit but it is not a complete universal feeling.  Again, a lot of these comments are public so you can see I am not fibbing… but who am I to believe? You or them?

For those looking for representation into their specific worldview, here is the rub, there is no scene in the history of fiction that is universally the definitive statement on anything. It does not exist. It can’t be accomplished.  What I’ve learned is the more specific you are in the story the more universal certain elements of that story will reveal themselves to be.  Even with psychic powers and ice powers and time travel many people identified with the scene.

More people are angry about Jean ‘abusing her powers’ then just about anything else in the scene… at least the people who are confronting me.  When they tell me how angry they are they tell me that somebody in their life did the non-psychic version of that to them.   But I knew that things like this happen.  I have seen it with my own eyes.  So should i NOT write about it?

You point to the people who are upset about the scene but there are also many many many people from many walks of life who have gotten a hold of me using every social media to tell me how much they appreciated it, how much they identified with it and how they too were confronted with their sexuality before they were ready and it was nice to see that represented. To ignore the outpouring of good thoughts and feelings that you can easily see on my twitter feed or here is doing the entire situation a disservice.

the difference in conversation with people who actually read the comic versus the online posts is completely different.  And what a lovely conversation it is. Some liked it, some did not but I see our community as forward thinking and empathetic and the thoughtfulness is beautiful. 99% of the people who read the X-Men are there for the shared experience of being different. And the kissing :)

I know that coming out can be a messy situation. I know that it doesn’t always happen the way you want it to happen. I knew these things to be true. I knew these things to be a reality.  Not for everybody, but for SOME PEOPLE.

Beyond these thoughts I have a lovely conversation here that you might find interesting.  or not.

EDIT- for those who have asked my similar question on both sides of the argument PLEASE consider this your answer too.  thank you :)


You’d been in many confined situations but this was a new low. A broil with mobsters on Tatooine or a tiff with non paying customers visiting the outer rim had been the least of your worries before the First Order had stepped in and forced you into a situation where money cannot buy you a pardon.

You winced as chains cut into your fillayed wrist with every subtle movement. You savoured the taste of every scrap of maggot burrowed bread and drank the murky water you were sure the stormtrooper outside had spat in before serving to you with a clean conscience. You hated the First Order, even more than you hated the rebels for bringing conflict to the outer rim which had been the pinnacle reason for why you were trapped in the dank windowless cell with hygiene standards worse than Jabba The Hutt’s toilet bowl.

Still one curiosity remained. The thought had kept you warm  in the cold nights where the outside temperature would drop to near freezing . A creature in a mask had began to visit you, for the last two weeks simply appearing, rousing you from sleep, almost admiring your ability to rest peacefully. At first you’d been afraid. The ragged breath and the almost motionless way he glided across the floor had in your darkest times made you believe he was death taunting your last days but from the emotion you felt projected from behind the solum mask you knew this creature was flesh and blood.

The door to your cell rattled with the familiar impatience you had come to know from your dark soldier, you could almost taste his rage.

You backed into the corner as he swept in, pulling up the chair in the corner of the room he had left for himself for when he came to visit and the continuous silence began again, a quiet exchange of wonder you had grown used to over the past few weeks. You waited patiently, the rugged breath of your visitor filling the chasm of space between you. Would he speak this time?

“ Erm hello again.” You said, trying to initiate some form of conversation. You had grown tired of his quietude. “ Your visits are becoming more frequent, i’m beginning to think you might enjoy coming to see me?”

The silence continued.

“ We have such interesting conversations don’t we Mr” You jeered, suddenly becoming more serious with realisation “ Are they going to kill me? Are your visits out of pity for my decided fate because I sense you’re not the compassionate type. Please, if you know something about my trial Id appreciate you being honest so I can come to terms with it now before I’m executed.”

When you gained no response something broke inside. A wave of anger propelled towards the mask, frustration overpowering you.


“ Such rage, it’s intoxicating isn’t it?” He finally spoke to your bewildered amazement “ Why do you feel such anger? Im curious to know the root of your hatred.”

“ Well finally we’re getting somewhere.” You said, you chains rattling as you came to sit back down hard on the metal plated floor “ You wanna know why I’m angry Mr Mask? It’s because the rebellion thought they could bring their fight to my town and now i’m paying the price for a crime I didn’t commit. I lived a quiet life, I hadn’t even heard of the war until it arrived on my doorstep. I hate the rebellion, I hate The First Order. My life wasn’t perfect but it was mine until I was thrown in here, what more do you want from me? The rebellions taken anything I had left.”

“ The rebellion has taken as much from me too, my parents being one of them.” The stranger spoke “ I was raised as a child of war, my life surrounded by the hate and anger of the rebellion towards the Empire. The dark side seemed so familiar to me by the time I became a Jedi that I ended up falling into step with forces I had been taught to despise my entire life.”

A sudden realisation dawned on you as you remembered who he was. “ Your Kylo Ren! The General of the First Order.”

“ Yes”  He said

A few moments passed before you took a bold step. “ Take off the mask. Please, I want to know i’m talking to someone not something under all that armour.”

You watched him consider your request for a moment before you heard the release of air and slowly he pulled away the mask, dark thick waves of raven hair whispering about his sharp features, dark eyes boring into yours.

“ Now we can have a real conversation.” You said.

“ What’s your name?” He asked

“ Y/N”

“ And you were apprehended for running an illegal bar, the Fuschia Nebula, in the desert village of Calliope on the outer rim?” He said, reading from a clip board hung on the door.

“ It sounds as rough as you’d expect.” You retorted “

“ I often struggle with understanding the need for companionship, the reasons why people cherish their emotions when living without them is the true meaning of freedom, at least for a Jedi.” said Kylo Ren.

“ Then why are you here?” You asked sullenly “ Other than to experiment with your own repressed emotions. Drink usually does that for you. After years running the Fuschia Nebula you begin to see emotions more objectively than others. My customers come to relieve their often overpowering feelings through mind numbing liquor and good company, I see the same problem with you, your troubled. I reckon your more for conversation than drink, you’ll be wanting to keep your mind sharp to sustain your power am I right?.”

“ You know nothing about me.” Kylo Snapped “ You’re a little young to be running a bar aren’t you?”

“ Well that’s what happens when the Empire slaughters your family and leaves you marooned on some god forsaken rock with nothing more than a smutty backhand business to your name.” you spat, regretting being so harsh. “ I can feel your pain Kylo Ren, empathy is a gift of mine,  talk with me openly at least. When the First Order have no more cell space they’ll probably kill me anyways. Your secrets die with me.”

Kylo Ren looked uncomfortable for a moment before he spoke again. “ I killed my father.” He finally said, his eyes filling with tears “ I wanted to be free of the pain of the dark side. My father was the only tie to the light I had left and I thought killing him would make this agony end but it burns through my veins even now. I’m afraid the power of the dark side is too overwhelming for me to control and eventually I will be consumed by it, just like my grandfather. I want to be overtaken Y/N, I don’t want to live with the things I’ve done .”

For a moment you forgot who he was as he buried his face in his hands, dark hair falling to curtain his expression. You pulled at your chains, coming to sit in front of him so your face was below his, looking up into his watery eyes. Carefully you removed his fingers from over his face so he was looking straight into your eyes as you softly wiped away his tears with your thumb.

“ Theres still time to change.” You said “ There’s still light in you Kylo Ren, I can see it.”

“ It’s too late now.” He spoke softly “ I can’t go back, not after what I did to my father.”

“ You’re wrong.” You replied “ If your parents love you as much as I think they do, even now there’s still time to change. Do the right thing Kylo Ren, let me go.”

Suddenly he shot upwards from his seat, not an emotion furrowing his defined features.  

“ I should have know.” He sneered “ This was all some ploy to get yourself out of chains, well Y/N i’m afraid you’re going to be here for a long time.”

He made his way to the door, rapping hard with his knuckles until the locks turned  and the opening swung outwards.

“ Wait!” You screamed “ Why are you keeping me here! Why? Just kill me. Why keep me locked away here?”

He turned his head for a second, his back still to you sprawled on the ground    “ As a reminder.”

 The door slammed and with it you felt your hope sink to an inescapable depth. You struggled  to the wall where you took a hair pin you’d saved under you bed and marked another groove in the metal, crossing off the day with a fine diagonal line.