they might be very different personality wise

Pentagon’s Hogwarts Houses + Personalities

A/N: An anon asked me to sort Pentagon into Hogwarts Houses and also describe their personalities as help to make them choose a bias. Therefore I took to my trusful potterhead friend @interstxllr for some help. Hope you enjoy!



Okay, so the reason why Jinho was put in Gryffindor is the intense amount of passion that lies in this house. Jinho was a trainee for 8 years before he debuted, but never gave up – which is a confirmation on the fact that he’s extremely passionate. Other than this, Jinho is the oldest member, he’s very calm and has a lot of self-irony (especially about his height). All the members are very fond of him and his talents and he is never looked down on despite that everyone are literally taller than him.

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PASSION. HE HAS THE GRYFFINDOR PASSION. He pours his heart and soul into performance. It is his cause. It’s honestly like that boy was meant to be on stage, or even that the stage was made meant for him. He loves performing so much, especially dancing. He makes choreographies for Pentagon. He’s honestly such a little kid, he’s so lovely and smiley and everyone likes him so much. Hyunggu manages to keep positive even though he is running on one hour of sleep just because he wants to perform well.

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Honestly, he just looks like a Gryffindor. Give him a red and gold scarf and some extra long robes and he’s good to go. He is just an all around good guy who has that drive and passion that Gryffindors need. Wooseok is also very calm and I guess you could say: soft. He’s a very heart warming person who is impossible not to like.

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Hui is kind and thoughtful and always has a bright, positive energy to him. He has a very rounded personality with traits from all houses, but just because he has such a pure soul and wants everyone well, Hufflepuff is the best house for him. Other than this, Hui is extremealy charismatic on stage and has an amazing sense of humour. He’s always around to cheer people on and make them feel well. A very typical optimist honestly.

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Yeo One

This one is a textbook Hufflepuff. Kind, caring, making sure EVERYONE is okay and happy. He is a pure soul, plain and simple. He might have undertones from other houses because he is very cheeky sometimes. Changgu’s eyes shine so bright when he smiles that you get lost in them like the stars in a ngiht sky. He cares so much about the other members and the fans and just cheers everyone up and is positive and present at all times.

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Hongseok very meticulous (precise) and organized. He has the Ravenclaw need for planning and routine. He’s also extremely intellectual, full of knowledge and speaking several languages. Hongseok is the mom of Pentagon and he is apparently the only one who cleans in the dorms. He is also really charming and witty off stage in their backstage videos.

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He is a very honest person which lands him a Ravenclaw. Not to mention that he’s really smart. Pentagon members have stated that he’s one of the most diligent out of all of them, which is very typical Ravenclaw. Moving on, he’s somewhat quiet and shy at times, but can also be very comfortable and even flirty at times. His stage presence is insane where he can end up looking scary as hell, but when he gets off, he becomes a lil cutie again.

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One major Slytherin trait is the ability to manipulate your actions and your persona in order to fit in or get what you want. Hyojung and E’Dawn are like two different people, where Hyojung is a laid back and weird composer who does what he wants and stays true to himself – and E’Dawn on stage is different, where he acts towards getting the reaction he wants. Moving on, he’s a freaking dork, and he’s very well known for screaming in a high pitched voice and having cringey aegyo. Despite this he has the cutest smile and is a very soft and kind person.

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Shinwon was very hard to place into a house and it came down to Slytherin vs. Hufflepuff (they actually share a lot of traits). Shinwon is more of a Slytherin though, as he has more traits like ambition and loyalty vs. Hufflepuff traits. Personality wise, He might be one of the most awkward AND sweetest members. Very much tol noodle and boyfriend material (have you seen him in big coats wow).

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A lot of people would put him into Hufflepuff, but Slytherins have that extreme loyalty to their specific group, just like him. He is the purest cinnamon roll of all Slytherins and very clever and silly. He speaks of China a lot and is very hard working and strong.

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Yuri on Ice characters vs Real Life Top Skaters

So I watched the first two episodes of Yuri!!! on Ice and if we skating fans already speculated on which skater each character was based on, the show kinda disproved us on some points.

So this is a post mostly aimed at the anime fans who will probably be irremediably dragged into the figure skating fandom because of this anime.

Physically, the characters may look like some skaters but personality wise they can differ massively. After two episodes it’s still early to completely know a character, and there’s much more who are coming, but I think we can already draw some parallels between some skaters and the characters.

One big important point though : I was very glad to discover that no character felt like any actual skaters. The writing staff really created original characters and if some skaters might have served as inspiration, it is very obvious that they are, in some ways, their “own person”.

So let’s start with the comparisons et divergences.

1/ Victor Nikiforov.

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Victor was the easiest to spot because there is only one skater who left a very distinctive print in the world of figure skating and is unanimously called “The Legend” whether you like him or not.

Meet Evgeni Plushenko.

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Evgeni Plushenko is a russian figure skater, notorious for landing quad-triple combination jumps, for having a very personnal haircut, fast feet, great showmanship and performances skills and one of the biggest charisma on ice you might ever see. He’s now over 30, and pretty much broken everywhere (especially his back) which forced him to withdraw from the single event of the last Olympic in Sochi. 

He’s incredibly big in Russia. Like he’s a star. He skated too in the background of the russian participant in the Eurovision few years back (and they won that time). Some said the Sochi Olympics were held thanks to him.

On the ice he can (and could) do pretty much everything. His trademark was his Biellman spiral and spin, which inspired a lot of competiting male skaters to do (Hanyu, Kolyada, Martinez, and a gazillion more) the same as it is a rare move from male skaters but very common for female ones.

Simply put, Plushenko is a Legend if not The Legend of male figure skating. Ask any aspiring skaters which their models are and at one point they will all cite Plushenko as one of them.

Some notable program of his : (you can also just type his name on youtube and watch everything)

The Legendary Program aka Sex Bomb (yes)  watch it so you’ll understand the bath scene. It was his exhibition for the 2000-2001 season where he won his first world title.

His LP program during the team event in Sochi Olympics Games 2014

His LP program during the single men even in Torino Olympics Games 2006 where he finally got his gold medal.

And my personal favourite which was when I discovered him : his 2000-2001 LP at the European Championships

Viktor is the most obvious one, but he is also clearly a “fictitious” character because for now, nobody has made and landed perfectly the crazy program that we saw of him and that Yuri replicated.

In terms of personality, Viktor and Evgeni have this very “hard” underneath personality when it comes to skating and they tell it like it is. Plushenko (also called Plushy) also loves Japan and comes every year to do ice shows and never miss a chance to put on a yukata. Plushy was also known for surprising the audience.

Where they differ :

Plushenko didn’t “retire” because he got stuck artistically (like it’s implied with Viktor) but mostly because after such a long career his body is pretty much broken everywhere, especially his back (he has now metal bars in it). And yet he never officially retired and each new season we wonder if he’s going to try to come back. Plushy is also very supportive of young skaters and love the quads escalation that is happening in the men’s field.

He’s also married with a child, which is a big difference with Viktor :p

Personality wise, I think Viktor is much more outgoing than Evgeni and also much more touchy-feely.

I’ll do the two Yuris in another post

Yuri Katsuki

Yuri Plisetski

Capricorn & Aries

Aries might be an asshole to the world but would do anything for their Capricorn. This relationship is like water and electricity, it can be shockingly good or shockingly bad. 

Both of them know exactly what to say to each other to brighten the other one’s day. If not words then actions. You’re wrong if you think this paring would be anything short of laughter and smiles. 

Being so different from each other they both have the ability to teach and learn. Teaching each other to do things in a different way and showing the other new perspectives. Whilst also, learning new lessons and experiencing things they never thought possible. 

They’ll both have very high levels of respect for the other person, as they try and work through differences and accept them. Allowing them to value each others honest and true personalities. 

Bedroom wise: amazing.

Although because of a few differences between the pair there might be a bit of arguing here and there. Both tending to get on each others nerves as things tend to not go in their way. 

Ones adventurous and the other one grounded and stable. If the couple is able to fight through many differences it has a chance to work but other than that these romances tend to last for very long. 

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Hi! I only read the manga, and I always get confused when I see people analysing in detail past!Allen, as I remember seeing him maybe twice in the manga (or not even) Did I miss something? How can I know more about him? Thank you so much!

No, you didn’t miss anything, mostly we’re just specualting. What we know for sure is:

  • Past!Allen and Neah were close, Neah even referred to him as friend
  • After Neah’s failure, Past!Allen offered to protect his memories
  • Past!Allen investigated the “Helix of Life“
  • Cross was asked by Neah to search for his host who is named Allen

And here the rest are speculations:

  • Past!Allen used “watashi“ pronoun and also his speech pattern indicates that he’s a person who likes to keep people at arm’s lenght
  • he is suspected to be the previous Bookman Apprentice who disappeared
  • he either de-aged and forgot everything as Neah suspects or Past!Allen and Present!Allen are two different person (not two different personas sharing a body)
  • if we accept the latter then there might be similarities between Past! and Present!Allen personality wise, just because they speak poilitely they can very well have a defiant nature

People just like to talk about him, because in some way he IS connected both to Present!Allen and Neah, also, Hoshino did a great job building such mystery around him.

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tbh i love that clip of magnus's petty ass, and i love that he's kinda wary and vulnerable when it comes to relationships. there's such a huuuge difference in age, experience, and power between him and alec that it would be easy for their relationship to feel very boring and unequal with him as the perfectly mature wise sage teaching alec all about love. it's so much more interesting and healthy if they both have flaws and insecurities and moments of immaturity and pettiness.

Same, and i think every relationship is new, too. Magnus might have had relationships in the past, but it doesn’t mean falling in love isn’t new every time. Alec is his own person, this is a brand new relationship for both of them, and they’re each going to be learning about each other – all their favorite foods, what makes them tick, the things that make their knees weak. These are things they both have to put work into learning, not just one or the other.

So yeah, I agree, it’s nice to see them both a little unsure about their footing and watch them slowly work it out together. Magnus, I think, has enough experience to know how to open communications where Alec might be hesitant to, but I don’t doubt Alec will put in quite a bit of effort, as well. We’re already seeing it happening when he approaches Magnus on his own to apologize and to talk. And if you don’t realize the significance of this, remember that just days ago Isabelle literally had to blindfold Alec and drag him into a room before he would talk to Jace and even then he stubbornly refused to until Jace spoke up first. So Alec coming to Magnus first all on his own is a pretty huge step for him and I think it says a lot about how important his relationship with Magnus already is to him.

A couple of people have said things like Peridot might feel sad losing sensitivity by going back to her enhancers, but I really think it’d be the opposite? I’m willing to bet Peridot’s enhancers do have pressure sensitivity in her fingers if nowhere else. And she’s so used to them she didn’t know what her hands looked like and they weirded her out in Catch And Release so if there is a difference between her projected hands and her enhancers tactile-wise, then she’d see her enhancers as normal and her projected hands would probably be over-sensitive. 

I’ve been thinking about this because I’m very sensitive to my hands personally- I can’t stand sticky stuff being on them and the way Peridot rubbed her hand in When It Rains after the water (something unfamiliar) touched it is something I do a lot.

Peridot probably works with a lot of fluids and such things- even if gem machinery seems specifically designed to have a minimum of touching/rubbing parts they’ve still got to have some form of lubricant and probably also fuel, and that control liquid seen in the hand ship and escape pod.

The way I imagine her fingers constructed, they’re more or less like a set of styluses, so they’ve got a firm core but a kind of rubbery surface material and much like people chew on pens or stim toys Peridot has discovered that something with just a little bit of give is really great for a chewing stim, but I imagine she can also feel her teeth on the finger rather than just the other way around.

I imagine something would have to crack or break her fingers for it to hurt, but in general she’d almost certainly feel pressure, because her ‘tablet’ screen is clearly a pressure-sensitive interface (in Keeping It Together right when she first shows up, Peridot is able to make lines with her finger that vary in width) and thus it would make sense to include some means of measuring her own pressure. Especially as a technician and engineer, it would also be imperative to her work for her to know how much pressure she’s applying to something, as she was able to crush a robonoid with her boot.

Given that she’s so used to them being around that, as someone who is quite flinchy, especially about being touched from behind, a robonoid was able to crawl up her back and sit on her shoulder and she didn’t so much as twitch, I’m pretty sure Peridot’s enhancers would have some kind of safeguard so she doesn’t walk around stomping on all of the robonoids by accident.

This is really great, thanks for sharing your comments and helping me learn! So what I got is pretty much:

Tavros’s advice is good for Jake, because they can partly sympathize with each other’s situation (especially in terms of interpersonal relationships). Different characters react to different methods of outreach, so what might work for Rose (Vriska personality wise) would fall so very poorly for Jake. 

It might certainly not be the best advice for Tav to give, since a lot of it is based on flattery, and since Tav still feels p much indebted to Vriska. But overall, Tavros really tried to help, and it did do a little good for Jake’s self-esteem, no matter how shaky the foundation was. And Vriska…was being Vriska.

Jake just needs the right balance of ‘you’re so amazing and look how much more amazing you can be!’ and ‘you’re still not that great so you better get to work as hard as you can!’.

Once again, we 100% rely on the best friendleader John Egbert. :^)

Thanks so much for the feedback! I truly appreciate it ^U^

Fanfic Writers vs Ford

Now, there have been ample enough essays about destroying this bogus interpretation of him as an egotistical glory hound who’s actually deliberately out to drive Dipper and Mabel apart so I’m not gonna bother with that but here’s a few sufficiently specific things I’ve noticed, most of these, many of these in regards to depiction of their glass shard beach days. Admittedly most of these were primarily Stan-centric fics where lil’ Fordsie is basically a necessary background set piece, but still. Just putting this out here for “future generations”

Obviously when it comes to stuff like this there will always be subjective lenses and room for interpretation, but there’s a few things that really don’t mesh with what we’ve been shown, at least IMHO.

  • Making him any sort of over-the-top “designated responsible sibling”. This is Ford we’re talking about, he wouldn’t know responsible if it whacked him over the head with an oversized version of its business card, not even as an actual adult. Maybe ppl make him slightly the killjoy for parallelism with Dipper or because they think it would, stereotypically, be his job as the “smart” one? If anything he would have been more restrained/uncertain than bossy, but, look at that shot where he actually snickers, half-supressedly, at Stanley’s caricature of that teacher, or his excitement when they find the boarded-up cave? Peeps, peeps, he was definitely in on a sizeable portion of those shenanigans, (at least when they were little boys) and with both their crazy ideas combined, their exploits must have been epic to behold. You know what he can be like once he gets carried away while doing something he enjoys…  When he was young and reserved around people there would have been only very few people to know that, perhaps only Stan and maybe Shermie, but, he’s actually the bigger adrenaline junkie of the two and kind of already was leaping down the top bunk like it’s nothing, so there’s lost of interesting nuance and contrast to be explored here.
  • On the other extreme there’s making him too confident at least when it comes to his Glass Shard Beach years, to some extent it’s ppl not finding enough material in the flashbacks to get a “feel” for and thus going by how his adult self, but sometimes it’s based on some rationale of, “He was always praised so he was confident, Stanley wasn’t so, self-fulfilling prophecy” - “Self-fulfilling prohecy” is certainly in effect when it comes to Stan’s half of the story, and that’s all terrible and unfair and infuriating, but let’s not overlook… basically everything we’re shown of pre-backupsmore Ford. He wasn’t “praised by everyone”, he was viciously bullied just as much as Stan if not more, and still bears the marks of it. Sure, he had the adults praising him, so he at least had a sense of having something he knows how to do (although his father wasn’t shown to be any less unemotional toward him, he just liked having something to show off and possibly make money off later, so this is a lot more… ambiguous. He’s someone who’s slow to trust because he made the experience that many people just care about what he can do for them, not him as a person. His fallout with Stan and the whole mess with Bill also added to that. Also, having schoolwork be the main thing that got him treated as anything other than an accident of nature obviously might have contributed to how he came to be very fixated on his work, though there’s a bit more complexity to that as well)  Let’s look at how he actually acts in the flashbacks - He actually used to be rather meek, timid and restrained in his youth, especially in the presence of adults, and not one to voice dissatisfaction openly (See that one shot where he’s having a picture taken for winning a prize and Stan just decides to jump into it, he obviously minds but just settles on grinning uncomfortably. Also, how he downplays his interest in the college even though later actions make it clear that he very much wanted to go there.) - he’d let loose somewhat around Stan but more so as a child than as an adolescent, and even so, he was distinctly the more passive half of the duo (Even when they were 17/18, he’d still look to Stan for comfirmation before entering the principal’s room) It’s only when he left to start his acdemic career and eventually made his way to Gravity Falls that he “finally felt at home”, that he actually became a confident person, and with that, someone who’d display both frustration and enthusiasm openly though still not in front of very many people. It’s at this point where he tellingly starts using his handprint as a personal insignia and very much becomes someone who understands, and refuses to hide his own worth and has found their sense of purpose, but at this point it’s something much more “earned at long last”, and much more  humanly imperfect than that, he’s overcome or worked around his insecurities to an extent but the scars are still there, he still got the whole bullying thing present in his mind (and the storyboard version was worse…), he still takes badly to having his interests and indiosyncracies mocked, and obviously all that opened the door for Bill to tell him exactly what he wanted to hear and more/circumvent his better judgement with flattery/ what would soothe those old wounds only to rip them wide open time and time again and give him whole new reasons/ facts to be embarassed like that. Also “aware of his own worth” doesn’t immediately imply “looking down on others”; From what we’ve seen he seems to hold that others should be aware of their worth too, which is why he always telling Dipper to give himself more credit, reassures Mabel after the unicorn thing, and tells Dipdop to give her more credit as she has her own strenghts/ doesn’t need to be babysitted. He may be overlooking other factors but that’s a different story, as is his dislike/ low opinion of his brother. That’s mostly because of their history and stuff that happened between them.
  • If you’re stuck, it might always does some good to do either some thorough rewatching and/or a lil’ research on what growing up with above-average intelligence is actually like. It’s not instant success and certainly not “easy”, and there’s a whole lot of surprisingly specific common things that show up. I especially say this because it’s already done with a lot of characterization wise meat and feeling in canon - Wether it’s from research of personal experience, Alex very obviously knows. (Dipper is another very good, very realistic, if less extreme case, but he’s got a significantly different temperament and slightly more concrete/technical focus. Of course having that variation instead of copypaste stereotypes is in itself something I’m extremely grateful for.)
  • His relationship to his parents is more of a grey zone as we don’t have so much explicit data here and both parents leave a lot of room for varying interpretation, but I really dislike this trope where everything potentially dodgy Ford has ever said gets attributed to him just repeating something he heard someone else say which… if you wanna write developement o reconcilliation, is a copout, of not having him actually hold that opinion and not looking into why he does, wether you see his reasons as justified, legitimate or neither, he probably does have reasons and you’d bee throwing every revelation about his side of the story onto the dump.  What little we do have/ know about his relation to his parents seems to imply that they weren’t close. If he held them in very high esteem, he probably wouldn’t be so thoroughly dissaproving of, in his words, “this mystery shack junk” (as they both had rather similar occupations) - see also that shot where he sits alone at the entrance ceremony for Backupsmore, brooding about what could have been, looking rather out of place among all those hippie-looking people, glaring at a photograph of his folks… and that’s the last he mentions them in his part of the narration, until he invites Stan (and, tellingly, not anyone else) If he’d kept in touch with them very much, Stan’s impersonation gambit wouldn’t have lasted very long, they don’t look that alike and their own mother would certainly recignize who’s who.  Another telling moment/ detail is how he looks rather uncomfortable when the principle guy trashtalks Stanley - and we get an explicit closeup reaction shot to establish that - That doesn’t seem to suggest that he shared that idea/ opinion of Stan as useless and worthless or anything like that - Then, of course, their fallout happened, but, Ford basically has his very own reasons to dilike his brother, which, when you think about it are basically the same character flaws he’s always had that always led people to dismiss him before they got a look at his better qualities beneath. (And Ford’s own limitations make him particularly unlikely to give anyone the benefit of the doubt or go out of his way to reestablish a broken bond) The tragedy here of course is that while Stan doesn’t give much thought to random angry customers, his own brother that he was once close to is kinda inherently in a position where he can’t not care, so he sufferes a lot from their current state of discord
  • Having him get all strict and bossy toward Dipper/ all dismissive at the first sign of dissagreement or dissapointment. One of the most fundamental facts of their relationship, fundamental enough to be among the first thing Alex usually brings up when discussing the altered cast dynamics in late season 2, is that Ford actually respects Dipper and takes him seriously/ aknowledges him as a competent person.  The most he’s ever talked to Dipper in a scolding tone was during the incident with the thought encryption machine (before he realized how bad the poor boy was currently freaking out, that is) He’s usually rather understanding when Dipper screws up, will praise him even if he makes a different choice (as seen in DaMvtF), is usually ready to admit his part instead of letting Dipper beat himself up (whereas he normally calls himself a jerk a few times during any attempt at an apology, and no one else really minds, maybe because they’ve just always known him like that or don’t see him as needing positive reinforcement as much because Dipper’s smart and knows it.) That bit in “Weirdmageddon Part I” where he outright admits he isn’t sure the plan will work is also telling, he’s trying to encourage Dipdop but also doesn’t talk down to him. And, contrary to what much of the fan reaction would have you believe, he doesn’t scold Dipper for wanting to go after mabel first, either - He just says they’ll get her later (complete with a little fist gesture) and mentions that time is of essence, which Dipper might not necessarily have known.
  • For how much fandows normally love and milk the angsty heck out of storylines like that, the fact that Ford has, in Alex words, “a deep sense of panicked guilt” over potentially unleashing Bill doesn’t get adressed/used nearly enough. He’s the type to look at the lrger picture/consequences, so the fact that he was maliciously manipulated by someone who slowly won his trust and pretended to be his friend doesn’t matter as much to him as the extreme looming consequence; He really beats himself up over this,  He’s the type to press on no matter how bad the odds so we don’t see him sulking or dispairing that much but he has, to an extent, dedicated himself to undoing his mistake.
  • Another overlooked but important trait of Ford’s is a certain degree of acceptance. (when I see this represented somehow, I usually know the fic’s gonna be good) This slides from enthusiastic “nightmare fetishist” tendencies to simply adaptability the direr the situations get, and maybe it’s part of what allowed him to survive for thirty years in the other dimension without going too crazy…  He was probably better known with the gnomes than with the town populace and didn’t mind forming a friendship/partnership with an immaterial mind-possessing being that isn’t very humanoid, I guess some part of him might’ve hoped that he himself wouldn’t be judged by something that didn’t have human shape and this made him neglect caution, but you can also see this as Bill exploiting what would generally be a positive trait that he also values in others, like Mabel when he first meets her… and of course it’s part of why he finds her somewhat unique reaction more endearing than anything else. It’s also one of the main reasons Dipper likes him, beyond similar interests and professional admiration. (”He doesn’t make fun of me all the time”)
  • Genius or not, he’s a hard worker. (and proud of it.) Those traits are not, in fact, mutually exclusive. Intelligence might make some things easier but it does not equal instant sucess and dear ol’ Fordsie tends to pick himself correspondingly hard nuts to crack (such as the secrets of the universe, or getting multiple degrees) and doesn’t seem like he would be satisfied with anything else. When he wound up at backupsmore, or realized Bill’s true intentions, or got stranded in the other dimension, or saw all hell break loose despite his efforts to prevent it… he was certainly pissed and resentful at various contributors, he was upset to say the least, he almost downright lost it after the Bill thing (and we can presume from McGucket’s reaction that his first days on the other side of the portal weren’t much more pleasant), but on neither of these instances did he just sit back and sulk, he tried his best against the odds. He might not always suceed at everything but he rarely goes down without a fight, and even when Bill gets him he’s basically defiant to the end, or as close as that as you can get with Bill being Bill. That man in preseverant as fuck. (not unlike his brother actually, but they absolutely don’t see that about each other)
  • A few words on how he actually acts in conflict situations. if it’s a monster related thing, there’s a sliding scale between dissonant serenity/enthusiam, serious in-control stoicism, and hectic paranoid freakout/outright panic based on how bad the problem is, but interpersonal troubles are a whole different story and something where he has a bit of a blind spot, you can expect him to remain task focussed and overlook/miss indications that the other person would like to talk relationships, obviously Stanley’s not someone he’s got much consideration left for but it happens even when it’s someone he cares about (”Maybe I’m making the wrong decision…” “We have a rift to patch!”) That doesn’t mean he doesn’t get it as a concept or doesn’t care (Note his expression when he conclues that Mabel didn’t tell the news well, or how he tries to downplay his interest in the school in that last conversation with Stan) I’ve read one very good fic hit in on the nail when they had the narration remark that people assumed that Stanford was “the twin without a temper” (with details of word choice reflecting his disdain of always being seen as a set and cast into roles), but that he actually just has a long fuse… but when it’s lit, it’s properly lit. It’s worth noting, tho, that he does try to keep the kids out of it - he’s willing to bear a few weeks of coexistence wit Stan to let them have their fun vacation/ shield them from the harsh reality of two bitter old mens’ private strife, and tries to stop himself from arguing in front of them. Those fics where he badmouths Stan to Dipper? He never actually does that. The one time he does say something critical he frames it fairly “softly” (”That’s why I was mad at Stan for using it”), whereas Stan makes no secret out of the fact that he dislikes Ford and feels everyone else should dislike him, too, though to his credit, it takes him barely an episode to soften his stance somewhat. And before you cite the “suffocating” line, he was asking Dipper, about his own life, it’s only the rather “drastic” word choice and intensity in his tone and gestures that reveal that he’s speaking from personal experience… and it’s only after he’s known and confided/trusted in Dipper for weeks that something like this bleeds through. He usually acts somewhat cordial toward Stan (see the Lightbuld conversation), but it’s very clear that underneath that, there’s a wall of Steel (see how quickly he slips into argument mode over the living room thing) He does make an effort to be rational about things but failing that he falls back on the supremely counterproductive tactic of “just defensively/reflexibly insulting the other party right back”,  and of course once he gets going like that he’s stubborn and doesn’t consider questions of tact so he miht occasionally spit out quite the tone-deaf, potentially hurtful things (”Do one worthwhile thing in your life!”), but that’s only when he already sees himself (justifiedly or not) as cornered, disapointed/frustrated or imposed upon; He couldn’t make deliberate eak point jabs if he wanted to, he lacks the perceptiveness (and the malice) for that, so his complaints/cuttin remarks are more likely to be based on the impact the person/thing he’s complaining about would have on him, he kinda just wants it to leave him alone or that’s at least how he’d put it/see it.  This isn’t a justification, per se, just some advice for how to do nuance/internal logic even when he’s being difficult.
  • Also related to the above,  this bit is just my personal headcanon so don’t take this as anything authoritative or prescriptory in many way/ just an interpretation for you to check out consider and accept or dismiss/ a possible tip if you want to write him better and feel you’re completely lost,   but I see him as, in Myers-Briggs terms, an INTP. I might not be fully unbiased in this as I’m one myself, but I’ve seen very few examples that were this dynamic, non-flat and including the parts others might find dodgy or not understand, the weaknesses, struggles and hardships of it. So, uhm, look up the role of inferior Fe there. Some of them extraverted Folks can actually do useful things with this and get lots of friends, but as an inferior, it basically, it gives you subliminal desire for acceptance (a huge thing with Ford - he wants to protect the world and bring knowledge to humanity, he’s heroic AF, but also let his need for meaning and recognition get the better of him when he fell for Bill’s sweet talk), moments of uncharacteristic, childish temper when you’re normally a rational and chill person, especially when stressed (check!), and leads you to express your emotions in blunt, occasionally slightly childlike ways other might find weird (Bristling frustration, insulting-right-back, also that wild enthusiasm/wide grins). Some individuals develop stoic attitudes to ward it off, others integrate and master it well enough, others (like me), find it profoundly annoying and embarassing, Ford, as someone who’s focussed on his streghts and avoided being confronted with his weaknesses and didn’t have his communication skills helped by his cold-ass father and bullying-imposed isolation, doesn’t always have the awareness but, he’s certainly embarassed about falling for Bill’s tricks and regrets how his parting with McGucked went - And look at it. His first reaction, in the ATotS flashback, is disbelief and denial, he blows up at McGucket about how he’ll do it alone, and it first it looks like your basic mad scientist pride… but then we learn of Bill’s involvement and how Ford trusted him/ built the portal on his instructions. Once he’d calmed down and had some time to process the sheer realization that he’d been working toward the doom of everything he cares about all those years, and that one of his closest friends was in fact a malicious manipulator, he immediately goes to confront Bill, dedicates himself to stopping him, and felt regret about what happened to McGucket ever since. A few more interesting tidbits about INTPs: a) Apparently a common question on the inets with regards to that is, “One of these broke up with me what do I do?” This was nothing I ever saw as a pattern in myself until reading that article, but, apparently when they end a relationship, when they rationally (or as close as fallible humans ever get to that, see the whole Fe mess) decide that there’s a good reason for it to stop, that it won’t work out or that it’s just causing one or both participants hardship, it usually stays ended.  b) One of the things we tend to finf scary/ to be the biggest conundrum, is the ultimate subjectivity of all knowledge, the barrier or signal interference between us and reality. At some point, we have to trustinfo we get from others, we have to trust our senses and judgement well knowing that they’re finite. (”Can’t sleep, can’t sleep, TRUST NO ONE!”, “Am I me or am I the shapeshifter?”) In any case, there can be no denying that thirst for knowledge is the strongest drive he has within himself, to the point that it completely overrides all his better judgement at times (the inscription - he was outright desperate over not knowing), even over tiny things like what’s under a Gnome’s hat. And he sure as heck ain’t a sensor, he might be the intuitivest intuitive to ever intue things, possibly the only one among the Pines, I wasn’t sure either way with the younger ones (they’re more well-rounded in their developement) but after certain details in DaMvtF and our general recent insights into what Mabel looks like when she’s in panic mode, I’m pretty sure I concur with obsessedwithwriting’s classification of ESFP (Mabel) and ISTP , respectively.
  • And lastly, I’ve seen so many interpretations of him as this joyless strict person who never laughs, where they had him pretty much reduced to the paranoia and coldness - which he does have but, the fic exagerated it - without bothering with any other aspects of the character. Of course he is not a “fun” person in the same sense that Mabel or Stan are, it does say something about him that he didn’t join in with the others to watch DuckTective after they’d rescued him (unlike Dipper), he’s the type of person for whom their workplace is the primary center of their life (It’s certainly worth contemplating the implications of someone having their laboratory built into their own house, and as we’ve seen in the flashbacks any distinction between “living area” and “lab area” seems to have progressively desintegrated over the course of his stay in Gravity Falls ) and doesn’t go out of his way to socialize much beyond it - but he’s also capable of almost childlike excitement and wonder, generally very enthusiastic about he does (unless the matter is far too gravely serious for that, and sometimes even then) and genuinely loves and enjoys his work (which is probably part of why he’s so devoted to it) , and we’ve seen that he does have hobbies, and can get every bit as single-minded/carried away about them as he does about his work. He’s distinctly not above interrupting his work for some funtimes with his nephew, or getting distracted from an angry rant by the newfound knowledge that he’s got two cute new family members, and quite frequently seen sporting a wide grin. He’s scribbled tacky jokes and games of tic-tac-toes into his journal’s - His life’s work! - and his apocalypse preparations included 60 year’s worth of PEZ. And while he doesn’t go out to seek it much, (though part of it is also not having the skills or the time for it) he does enjoy and value it when it comes his way and did actually form a few personal friendships with the people he works with.  We don’t know as much about his entertainment tastes as we do for the other three, other than that he prefers SciFi/Fantasy stuff, loves thick books and likes it to be somewhat high-concept (He’s probably devoured a sizeable portion of Tolkien’s and Asimov’s works), and, while it’s not his main pursuit/line of work,  even has a bit of an artsy side, being great at drawing and liking pastimes that involve imagination. Actually, being an inventor probably requires a bit of ingenuity, and while most ppl only know it as a stiff, complicated-rule-following exactness demanding thing from school, math from the college level onward is actually seen as requiring a lot of creativity. He’s not this dry, pettifogging sort of person - and I think that different people have different ideas of fun and all have their validity/everyone has their lil guilty pleasures is kind of the point of that episode. (Ford himself also gets a bit of a deserved lecture over the Duck-tective thing, though he probably mostly insulted it out of defensive sentiment. Another funny example is Soos declining …only to dash to his grandma’s backyard for some cardboard Paladin adventures. )
  • About his role in plot… he can certainly kick butt and in a Ford-centric fic containing significant amounts of plot/mystery hunting I’d expect to see that, but in a more “general cast” sort of setting, he’s the guy with the info, occasionally the quest giver on the big plot things, but, mostly the mentor and/or/slash guy with the ressources and info. (which he dispenses very liberally. “Use responsibly”?) He kind of does fill the role of the “king”, big bad’s counterpart, big planner, the Yoda/Dumbledore/Gandalf but he’s a twist on that in that he doesn’t have any leadership or morale upkeep qualities whatsover,  nor is he even very interested in leading he can organize shit but teamwork is something that he’ll well do when necessary (Bill, Dipper, McGucket), but isn’t good at, or at least only to a moderate degree, and he isn’t very involved in the family’s day to day everyday life activities except for a rare outside/out of context perspective input here and there, leaving the leader/planner role to Dipper and sorta being king dipper’s “trusted court mage”. In the end, a researcher’s someone who leaves information behind for others and the future, so he often has an ‘indirect’ role. Heck most of his contributions, ever, were indirect through his writings; If you’re going for Ford on his own/ as the primary figure, think “Lone Wanderer/mysterious stranger” with a dash/twist of gravity falls-y wackyness, or, I guess whatever contrasts and archtypes he had going with whoever he was primarily surrounded with at that stage of his life.

Is it safe to read Otebk as Muslim?? 70% of Kazakhstan’s population is Muslim so it’s very very possible that he is! So far I don’t see any reason not to especially since they don’t mention anything yet about his religion.

I personally think with such a variety of characters from different ethnic backgrounds it’s very possible to have diversity in beliefs as well. JJ is Christan (doing the cross before his performance) and Phichit could be Buddhist (He greets people using the traditional Wai greeting which might have origins in Buddhism)

I personally think it’ll be amazing. Kobu sensei made an amazing diverse and inclusive world so I would like to hope a having a Muslim character wouldn’t be so crazy. I know he’s most likely based off Dennis Ten but for now until I find out other wise I’ll read him as Muslim.