they might be giants

Hey all!

We are very excited to let you know that Hank Green has written and recorded a song with Danny Weinkauf (musician, composer, and bassist for They Might Be Giants).

The song is called “The Kidney That Lived In Four People” (about a true story!) and will be released on Danny’s forthcoming debut children’s album No School Today as a bonus track. The album, out April 29th, is “packed with 16 catchy and memorable tunes that cover topics from marsupials to archaeology, spelling bees, voting rights, the four food groups, and even a song about Ben Folds!” It will be available for purchase on both iTunes and Amazon.

As an enormous TMBG fan myself, I can only imagine how exciting and mind-blowing this experience must have been for Hank.

Snippets of the album’s songs and more information can be found at And if you have no idea who Danny Weinkauf or They Might Be Giants are, PLEASE educate yourself!