they met yesterday

also yesterday I met the weeknd with my sister and the first thing my sister does is turn to his bodyguard and say OHMY GOD you’re big rob! you used to be the jonas brothers’ security guard! and abel was like I knew someone would recognise him!!!!!!!!!!!

So I met Tarjei yesterday..? 

He’s the sweetest, cutest and most adorable person in the world..? His hugs are so comfortable? I thanked him for what he did with SKAM and how “his” Isak helped me a lot with understanding myslef and admitting issues I wasn’t able to say aloud earlier and he looked at me, smiled and said “you’re not alone”. I can’t believe he “du er ikke alene”-ed me with this wonderful, warm smile.

You met a friend who can grant wishes at the cost of his life span, the greater the wish, the older he becomes. One day a 87 years old man claimed that he is your friend, who was 16 years old when you met him yesterday.

Okay, obviously I’m a Supercorp shipper, but I only just realized that if you don’t ship it, then Kara and Lena’s relationship–and especially Lena herself–just become unbearably tragic. Platonic!Supercorp is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. And it’s honestly painful to watch the writers crafting this.

Supposing a lack of romance, Lena nevertheless clearly adores Kara; but as she says herself in 2x05, Kara is literally her only friend in National City. But forget National City: Kara is literally her only friend, anywhere. It starts in 2x01: Lena is dismissive of Kara until after Kara tries to convince her not to go through with the ceremony. This wouldn’t seem like much to Kara, but she knows everything that’s happening with Corben, etc.; Lena just thinks this girl she only met yesterday not only heard about the attack on her life but then went through the trouble to try to prevent its recurrence. So naturally, otherwise alone as she is, Lena immediately attaches to Kara: she plumps Kara’s ego when she’s self-effacing, and she prompts another reunion with the semi-infamous “I hope this isn’t the last time we talk” line. Lena thinks she might have a friend, and she’s so damn happy about that.

And then 2x03. First, Lena is eager to get down to a first-name basis, eager to dispel the formalities that would indicate a personal distance. And she’s so damn excited to show Kara her new device, so proud of it. But when Kara balks, she has her own reservations off-camera (interesting, isn’t it, how the device has never been mentioned again; obviously, Lena scrapped it when Kara disapproved, because Kara’s opinion means the world, and the galaxy, to Lena), and she doubtlessly was awaiting that interview’s publishing with great trepidation. But then Kara doesn’t do a hatchet job, and Lena is frankly bewildered, and she can’t figure it out, so she calls Kara in. She’s so nervous during that conversation, so terrified that she’s somehow ruined this fledgling friendship, and so utterly relieved when Kara dissuades her fears and then displays solidarity on top of it. It’s adorable, but it’s also sad. Imagine if Kara had not relented! Lena would’ve been devastated.

2x04 is brief but telling: Lena gives Kara unfettered access to her at all times, which–given Kara’s reaction–is an unexpectedly open gesture. And Lena is all too willing to help, but alas, she lays the groundwork for the transactional nature of her and Kara’s relationship. It’s likely because the Luthors were like that: they only offered favors for favors, always expecting payment for kindness or generosity, and so Lena falls into the same pattern of behavior with Kara. Tragically, Kara never corrects this.

2x05 wields the infamous “literally only friend” scene, but Lena’s persistence in just showing up out of the blue demonstrates her investment in this friendship, and the sheer depth of her attachment to Kara–and hints at how severely she’ll be wounded if that link is ever severed, or perceived to be so. She goes to Kara’s work to personally invite her, and gladly invites Mon-El when she assumes that Kara may not come without him. She goes to Kara’s home to collect last episode’s favor, and yes, even platonically, she is jealous of Alex–but because she sees this as an infringement on her friendship’s territory, and she goes cold at the thought that Kara, of course, must have other people in her life (and what an irony she perceives in it being her savior). The potstickers at the gala are indeed suspect, as they’re not exactly finger food, so Lena went out of her way to make Kara as happy and comfortable as possible, to demonstrate just what a good friend she is, and doesn’t Kara want to keep her around? Not to mention, of course, that she orchestrated the entire event to help Supergirl (and Lena must know Kara and Supergirl are the same person, because for someone as lonely as Lena, surely she would’ve identified Kara as “one of her only friends” if only to increase her social circle). She’s pleased and proud that she was helpful; she seeks to make herself indispensable to the hero, and even suggests collaborating again. Always with the “next times”. Lena doesn’t want to be left high and dry. She thinks she needs to ball-and-chain Kara with that favor, always another favor.

In 2x07, Lena does not appear, but Kara’s interaction with Lillian provides a chilling glimpse of the future. Lillian states that Superman made Lex promises he didn’t deign to keep, and however unintentionally, Kara is doing the same with Lena. Through her kindness and her affability and her genuine affection for Lena, Kara is making promises. She’s promising to be there, to make Lena a priority, and Lena’s starting to count on it. You can see it happening. She’s making her world revolve around Kara’s sun, and there will be cataclysmic repercussions if that sun ever goes out, or even flickers.

Which brings us to 2x08. Here, the tragedy of their platonic relationship becomes sharp. Viewed as a romance, this episode is gentler. But as a friendship, it is nearly the beginning of the end. Firstly, Kara keeps up–however unconsciously–the transactional aspect of their relationship; they seek favors from each other, but Kara doesn’t invite her to Thanksgiving, even though she must know that Lena is alone in the city (and that wounds me, so I can only imagine how Lena might have felt about that). Lena reacts instantly to Kara’s suspicions about her mother, showing just how much trust she’s thrown into Kara’s corner. And that, of course, is only further demonstrated when Lena turns her back utterly on Lillian in order to prevent Kara/Supergirl from ever suffering again. Lena doesn’t want to believe her mother’s evil, but she’s not willing to bet against Kara; happily, in this instance, she chose well. But this only serves to show that, if Kara wanted, she could make Lena do anything for her. Kara wouldn’t, but the unbalance in the relationship is there, and it’s stark. Kara’s essentially holding Lena over the edge of a cliff; if her attention ever falters, Lena’s going to fall.

Which brings us to the inescapable conclusion of this platonic interpretation: the writers, so cruelly, are setting Lena up to fall. She will turn evil; that much is apparent. It’s too well-crafted, too subtly nurtured, for them to possibly intend otherwise. They’re making Lena utterly dependent upon Kara for approval and affection, and they’re not having Kara reciprocate with the same fervor; they’re preserving the sense of favors, of only interacting when they need something from each other, of acknowledging friendship but not deepening it.

So Kara, one day, without any ill intention, will fail to respond to Lena, be that in the inability to return a favor or a simple lack of time/attention. But Kara is all that’s holding Lena up; otherwise, Lena is in danger of succumbing to the black loneliness in her chest. It was once held at bay by Lex (and the way she describes her relationship with him is strikingly similar to her new relationship with Kara), and now it’s held at bay by Kara, but one day, it will overwhelm her. One day, she’ll need someone new to trust and adore, and if it’s not someone as blazingly good as Kara Danvers, there will be hell to pay.

That’s why I ship Supercorp. Because their platonic relationship is way too fucking sad.

It’s just so fucking sad.

personal gemini placements call for multiple sides of the situation

gemini sun=multiple identities taking on several roles during the lifetime, the one you met yesterday is not the one you will see today 

gemini moon=multiple forces at work in the subconscious, the emotions are never the same

gemini rising=multiple ways at looking at the world, a child-like wisdom

gemini venus=multiple ways of showing affection, the butterfly that flits from one thing to the next

gemini mercury=multiple minds working in one, never silent & at odds with each other constantly 

gemini mars=multiple warriors ready to use their mercurial wit to fight for what they’re passionate about 

“Gemini’s symbol - the light, changeable breezes of early summer, here today and gone tomorrow” (Isabel Hickey)


I’m currently making a video with Garak and Bashir, as I was rewatching “Past Prologue” for some moments I noticed this and stucked.
Julian, this man is trying to tell you something about bajoran terrorists and danger. STOP LOOKING AT HIM WITH THOSE EYES FULL OF LOVE.

One of the challenges in my life as a busy working single mom is meeting people. I met someone yesterday who is a beautiful example with listening to his intuition and not letting fear control most of his life.

He is touring the United States and we happen to meet for a night. Sharing some of my favorite spots in Arizona is always a joy. However, I appreciate most the lessons learned. He told a story of his travel in Korea where (unwisely) he was hiking a tall mountain during the winter without proper attire and equipment.

Instead of wisely going back to his hotel when his hands began freezing, he continued on alone. While hiking in a more precarious area he was came upon a woman climbing over an icy rock. She slipped and almost fell to her death but for my friend catching her by the shoulder. A man who was also hiking in the same direction that had been scowering at him as they passed each other finally confronted him about his lack of protection for his hands. Although the language difference made communication challenging, the Korean learned he didn’t have gloves. This man had packed up the hill an older pair of gloves and extra food. He proceeded to hike with my friend sharing gloves, food, and even one of his clamps from his own feet.

If my friend had not been there what would have happened to the woman? If the Korean had not been there… My friend would have had serious health challenges at the least. I am amazed and awed at how we help one another when following these prompts.