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Song or Quote : Love is unselfishly choosing for another’s highest good.
Who: Peter Parker

Peter sulked behind Tony who led them to an old diner that miraculously was still standing after everything the city had been through. He was dreading what was going to be said to him once they finally sat down. Peter had messed up, bad. Tony ordered a black coffee and a cherry turnover while Peter just stuck to a chocolate milk. He didn’t even want anything but Tony insisted he get something. The silence was painful and seemed like it was never going to end. 

After some time of watching Tony eat his turnover, Peter finally decided to break the painful quiet. “Look, Mr. Stark, I just, I need, I want to apologize for not being on my A game tonight.” 

Tony chewed for a minute, staring at the teenager before swallowing and deciding to respond back. “Mind telling me why I almost got my head ripped off and your body almost getting torn in half? This isn’t some game, kid. It’s real life and real life means real danger and real danger means broken bones and dead bodies. When I bring you along to these kinds of things, I bring you because I need you. Just because I’m Iron-man doesn’t mean I can do everything which is something you will never hear me say again.” 

Peter bit his lip, shaking his head. Trying to find the words to justify why his mind was not where it was supposed to be. Stuttering and tripping over his words, he bowed his head and mumbled, “I’m sorry, Mr. Stark. I, it’s, I, my-”

“-just stop.” Tony sighed, running a hand over his face, he inhaled deeply. This was a kid sitting in front of him, just a kid. A kid that was fortunate to have these abilities and unfortunate at the same time because he was stuck with them. Looking at Peter, he asked calmly, “Where was your mind at, kid? Why weren’t you focused?”

Peter refused to meet Tony’s gaze, he didn’t want to admit why he had been spacing out. Because, he knew that lives were at stake but the guilt of cancelling his date with [Y/N] for the fourth time in a row was eating away at him. He desperately tried to keep his crime fighting life as Spider-Man and [Y/N] separate. He didn’t want to put that burden on her, constantly being worried whether or not he was going to make it home or not. It wasn’t fair to cause stress when he could just avoid it and keep his Spider-Man life private. 

Sipping on his coffee, Tony sternly spoke. “If we’re going to be working together, we’ve got to be honest with one another.”

Again Peter didn’t respond, he just didn’t know how. 

“What was so damn important in that brain of yours that made you forget about your life for one split second?”

Peter toyed with his hands, shrugging his shoulders, getting frustrated with himself. “I don’t know, Mr. Stark. I just, I spaced. I know this is important and that I should always stay focused but, I just, I-”

“-Peter, listen to me, and you listen good. I see potential in you, please for the love of god don’t make me regret my decision.”

Peter frowned, looking down in his lap, he toyed with his fingers again. “I’m seeing this girl, [Y/N], Mr. Stark. I have been for awhile now and I kept it a secret because I don’t know, I want to keep my personal life for just me. And I don’t want to drag her into this life because well, she doesn’t need to be apart of it.” Looking up at Tony, Peter sighed. “I’m still a kid and I want to do kid things like go to school, see her in the hall and think to myself, ‘wow, she’s so beautiful,’ and then meet up with her at the lockers and talk about how her day has been going. Go on dates, have awkward moments on those said dates, struggle to find the words to say when I find out that I love her.” Peter ran both hands through his hair, “Tonight was the fourth night in a row that I’ve cancelled on her and I’m just afraid that she’ll leave me and I don’t want that because when I’m with her, I feel good. I feel great, actually. I feel normal, I feel like just a normal kid and it’s an escape from this double life I’m living-which don’t get me wrong, Mr. Stark, this life is nice too because I feel like I’m making a difference in this world but sometimes I just need a getaway and [Y/N] is my getaway. Wait…what are you doing?” 

Tony mumbled under his breath, “I may have bit off more than I can chew.” His focus was completely focused on his watch, his fingers were hovering over a holographic keyboard as he toyed with it. In seconds [Y/N] social media profile was hovering in the air, “Is this? This is the girl you’re seeing?” Tony seemed impressed, “She’s cute.” He looked up in time to find Peter’s horrified stare, ignoring it, he skimmed through her pictures and interests. “Very cute, aw, well isn’t this sweet. Is that the Statue of Liberty? It is, isn’t it. Hm, let’s see ‘Peter took me to see Lady Liberty today!’ Oh come on, man. You took her to see the Statue of Liberty for a date?” 

Still stunned that Tony had [Y/N]’s social in his hands, he swallowed. “Uh, yeah, she, uh, she’s always wanted to go and I thought, you know, I should, wait why are we talking about this right now?” He wanted to get off the topic of [Y/N]. There was a reason why he kept her from Tony despite knowing that he could easily get onto it. 

Waving his hand over the floating images, they vanished. Toying with the keyboard some more, another image popped up over his wrist. Swiping the images, he nodded in approval. “She’s a smart girl. All A’s and lookie here, she’s in three AP classes. How old are you again? How does she have the time for this and you? These are some impressive scores, probably the highest in your grade I take it. Let’s just see, oh look, she does with you being right behind her.” Waving his hand again to make them disappear, Tony leaned forward. “Okay, look, I get why you’re head over heels, puppy dog in love with her. She’s a cute, smart, very smart girl.” 

“Did you? Did you just hack into my school’s grading system to look at her grades?”

Waggling his finger, Tony narrowed his eyes. “Ah, no changing the subject and really? You have to ask? I’m Tony Stark, I could get into this rinky dink diner’s security system and shut it down.” Clearing his throat, “Listen to me, kid. Love is unselfishly choosing for another’s highest good. You put your life at risk tonight because you were too busy worrying about her. But you know what, I get that, I get you want to protect her from this double life thing your living. I get it. But what you don’t understand is that keeping her from this, is only making it worse for you and her.” 

"I can’t just tell her I’m Spider-Man! She’ll freak out and if she freaks out, I’ll freak out. Her and Aunt May are very similar in their freaking out episodes. I have to keep it a secret.”

“You know, I’ve heard girls date men that resemble and remind them of their fathers but I’ve never heard boys dating girls that remind them of their really attractive aunts.” 

Peter narrowed his eyes, “I never said [Y/N] reminds me of Aunt May, I just said they freak out the same. But yes to some degree, I guess you could say they have similar qualities-but that’s besides the point! I am not telling her I’m Spider-Man.” 

Tony rolled his eyes, sighing dramatically. “When you have someone that means this much to you, you want to protect them and only them. I’ve been there, kid. You want to make the world a better place for them but the thing is, is when you step foot into that suit. It’s not just about them, it’s about everyone. You have a responsibility to save as many people as you can. And when you’re all in love and what not, you lose sight of that responsibility. Prime example was tonight when we almost died.” 

“So I just what? Break up with her and suffer? Because I don’t think I can do that, Mr. Stark. If anything, it’ll make my concentration worse.”

“I’m not saying that. What I am saying is you have a responsibility to save as many lives as you can without losing your own. You’re young, you’ll find other [Y/N]’s, if not better ones.”

Peter squinted his eyes, shaking his head. “No, I won’t. There’s no one like [Y/N]. No one.” 

Tony half nodded, understanding the firm point the teenager had. Sighing, he rubbed his forehead, “This job isn’t easy and you’ve got a long way to go before these instincts start to feel like second nature.” Glancing out the window, his eyes caught sight of a familiar face among a crowd of kids about to step foot into the diner. “Word of advice, Parker? You should tell her what you’ve been up to. Because one thing I will say is that despite my distaste for love, that kind of girl is not the kind of girl you let slip away from your fingers over something so irritatingly silly as not telling her who you are and what you do.” Throwing down some money, he stood up and winked at Peter before saying, “Because a few years from now, I may scout her to work for me and that’d be so unbelievably awkward to work with her after you were an idiot in not telling her.” 

“Wait, where are you going?”

“Out the door to my lavish expensive penthouse where I can take a wonderful lavender bath.”


Peter spun around, frozen in place to find [Y/N] standing behind him. Struggling to stand up, his knees banged the underside of the table before scrambling out of the booth. [Y/N]?! What, what are you doing here?” 

Raising a brow, she eyed Tony suspiciously, “I could ask you the same thing…”

Tony smiled, “You must be [Y/N], Peter has told me so much about you. Sorry about having him cancel on your date but I really needed to finish up some finishing details on his entry for the September Foundation.”

“At a run down diner?” She asked, not really believing in his lie.

“You know what, you, my sweet girl, are a lot smarter than I had been told.” Moving around her, he headed for the door. “Peter will telling you everything you need to know.” Winking before leaving the door, he chuckled to himself as he left Peter looking frantic and nervous. 

[Y/N] crossed her arms, “Peter, what is going on? I thought you said Aunt May wouldn’t let you go out tonight. And why the hell was Tony Stark in this diner with you? And, the September Foundation? What is he talking about?”

Sighing, he reached for her hand, “We need to have a long talk about all of those questions but not here.” 

Summer Boy || Jeon Jungkook (M) pt.03


Jungkook x reader

Genre: Smut plot!

Word Count: 7,380

~ I know I am an awful human, sorry I took so long to update this. Hope you all enjoy anyway! ♡ 

not edited

    “Was he big?”

I brushed through my tangled hair, my comb getting caught in the knots. I watched Bitsy through the mirror of my vanity. She was sitting crossed legged on my bed, eyes wide with curiosity.

  “Let the poor girl breathe Bitsy,” Coco said stepping out of the bathroom. She had a towel over her head, drying off her wet hair.

   “I can’t! I knew they were fucking but no one believed me.” I tried to hold in my laugh but I couldn’t once Coco started laughing. I couldn’t keep the secret from them forever; especially, not after I came home with melted ice cream and visible hickeys. Bitsy shouted in victory after my confession and would not stop asking me questions about it all. “Did he last long?”

Coco threw one of my bed pillows at her face, shutting her up. We were all getting ready to go next door. Like Jungkook had said, Jimin and Hobi had come by the house, shortly after me, to invite us over. Convincing us mainly because they swore Jin was the best cook and we simply could not live life without tasting his food.

   “Okay, I have this one? What do you think?” Mina walked in, holding up a blouse she brought from her room. We all turned to look at it, it was a mixture of light blues and rosy pinks. 

   “Isn’t it too thin? Your nips are gonna show through.” I asked looking over at Bitsy. We were trying to find her something to wear because she wanted to look good since it was obvious to everyone that the invitation was for her and Jimin.

    “You say it like it’s a bad thing (Y/n).” Bitsy joked, extending her hands out for Mina to toss her the shirt.

We all started getting ready once we had our clothes sorted out. We took turns and fought over hair products. It wasn’t anything big to which he had to get all dressed up but they had caught us off guard yesterday; looking tired from the road and dressed like street walkers. I took the chance to do some light makeup, not wanting to make it too obvious that I was wearing any. Only wearing some basic black denim jeans, a white v neck, and my thin green bomber jacket. There was music blasting throughout the whole house as we finished up getting ready.  Almost two hours later, everyone was done and ready to go.

   “Should we go in through the front or back door?” Emi asked and she slipped on her shoes. We all stood in the hall giving glances at each other.

   “Well, their living room is in the front of the house. I guess we should go through there.” I said adjusting my thin jacket and checked myself in the mirror one more time.

   “Oh? So you’ve been in the house already (Y/n)?” Emi gasped playfully. I chose to ignore the comment, cursing myself for letting that slip. They had told us to come by around 7 and we showed up just twenty minutes after.


    “Hey, girls! Come on in.” Hobi smiled brightly as he stood back, letting us through the front door. As I walked in, the first thing I smelled was food. My stomach growled instantly, making me remember, that I hadn’t eaten since the morning. Hoseok heard the obnoxious noise and laughed, patting my shoulder as he passed me. “The food should be ready soon.”

Jimin, Taehyung, Hobi and Yoongi were in the living room; keeping us company. While Jin and Namjoon were in the kitchen setting everything up for dinner. I seamlessly tried to spot Jungkook from my spot on the couch. I could not see him or hear him in the kitchen with the others. 

    “He’s still getting dressed.” I turned my head to Yoongi, who was sitting closest to me. He was scrolling through his phone like he had been doing the whole ten minutes. I stared at him, wondering if I should respond. My cheeks were heating up, slightly embarrassed that I made it obvious. Before I could think to play it cool, the door beside the couch opened and out walk Jungkook. He stepped out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. His entire upper half exposed and dripping in warm water from his shower. We all turned to look at him as he acted surprised to see us here ‘so soon’. 

    “My bad. I just took a quick shower.” He said deciding to not look in my direction. The rest of the girls were very obviously starstruck by his body form but that wasn’t his intention. He was very proudly showing off the bites and scratches I had left on his chest to both of our friends. My face deeply flushed from embarrassment and anger. He was such a little twat. Everyone turn to look at me, with mouths slightly hung open. I bit my lip and looked down at my phone, praying for the food to be ready soon. “Food smells good,” Jungkook said, strolling off happily into his room.

Before anyone could think to question me about anything; Jin came into the room to invite us all to the table. Everyone took their seats, leaving the seat across from me empty, where Jungkook would sit once he was dressed. We began to eat quietly without him, making small talk amongst ourselves. Jin, being the cook, sat that the head of the table and watched all of us serve the food he had prepared. He seemed very excited and confident for us to taste his food for the first time, he made sure that we tried a little bit of everything. It was delicious obviously, I expected nothing but the best from Jin since walking in through the front door and smelling the food. Jin began telling us about his culinary classes and how he had begun cooking from his mother. In the middle of his story, Jungkook walked out of his room dressed in a plain white t-shirt and black jeans basically, looking fine as hell. Everyone, including me, had stopped listening to Jin for a second just to watch his casually sit down in front of me.

    “So there I was, waiting for the man to give me my order of chicken wings,” Namjoon said with his mouth full. He was trying to speak and chew at the same time without making a mess. “The guy finally comes out with my order and hands it to me. Do you know what he said to me?”

     “My god, Namjoon it was three years ago!” Yoongi groaned shaking his head. Namjoon shushed him and continued dramatically with his story.

    “Both of our hands on the bucket of chicken, eyes locked and he said; ‘Arigatō’ !?” He yelled, tossing his hands in the air before pouting his lips. Jin rolled his eyes and Yoongi shook his head once more.

    “It’s true! I was there and saw the whole thing!” Hobi yelled from across the table, backing up Namjoon’s story.

    “I mean, we don't’ even look Japanese!” I could hear Bitsy giggling next to me and I quickly elbowed her. I know she was only laughing because Namjoon was such a passionate speaker with a lot of hand movements but still.

     “Well, that was ignorant,” Mina said patting Namjoon’s back since he had gotten himself all worked up with the story telling.

    “Some people just think they know it all.” I shrugged after swallowing my food. A quiet chuckle was heard throughout the table. It was uncalled for and everyone glanced at Jungkook; who had not said a word the entire time. “What?” I asked him directly.

I was legitimately confused on why he was laughing as we all seemed to be. He looked up me, making eye contact for the first time throughout the night. Immediately I recognized the look in his eyes, that cocky, arrogant look he wore when he used his smart mouth.

    “Nothing,” He smirked looking down at his food. He paused as if he was debating on if he should say what was on his mind. “It’s just funny hearing that from you.”

Everyone stopped moving, stopped chewing, probably stopped breathing, and I was pissed. Joking or not he should know that saying in front of everyone else would not be a smart move. We weren’t in a bedroom behind closed doors, this wasn’t cute and I wasn’t having it.

    “What is that supposed to mean?” I said putting my fork down on the plate. I didn’t take my eyes off of him but he ate normally.

    “Exactly what it sounds like (Y/n).” He shrugged looking down at his phone.
I decided for the sake of Jin and his hard work that went into making this dinner, I would bite my tongue and let Jungkook’s comment slide. After the awkwardness had passed, Coco had started talking about some random thing. Though I could not get over Jungkook’s unusually behavior. While eating I felt my phone vibrated in my pocket, I would have ignored it but for some reason, I didn’t. I pulled it out of my pocket, keeping it low on my lap so no one would notice. A message from an unsaved number that I didn’t recognize.

Play along with the argument so we can get out of here.

I looked up to his Jungkook’s eyes on me. He nodded his head gently, confirming that this was him texting me. How he got my number out of nowhere, I have no idea but his plan was clear.

You storm out and go home alone. I’ll go lock myself in my room after you leave.

    “So I then realized that I had left my bag on the bus,” Jimin said making everyone laugh. I left my phone on my lap just in case Jungkook needed to tell me anything else.

     “He was running around saying, ‘Lost my bag! Lost my bag!’.” Yoongi laughed; clapping his hands hysterically.

    “We kept losing things on that trip, now that I think about it,” Namjoon said taking a sip of his water.

    “I know. We even lost Taehyung!” Hobi yelled, standing up at the table dramatically.

    “Hey! I chose to be lost.” Taehyung explained. “It’s a beautiful thing being lost in a foreign country.”

Then they began to argue with Taehyung about his crazy sense of adventure. How many times he had gone off on his own without telling anyone anything. Most of us were finished eating by this time and some of us were even going for a second plate. I decided to grab just a bit more for the sake of staying at the table longer. Jungkook was eating rather slow, he still had a plate full and Yoongi next to him seemed to notice. Yoongi leaned in whispering something under his breath but Jungkook only nodded in response.

“The point of the story is: When someone tells you to ‘get lost’; you might actually want to try it because it’s wonderful.” Taehyung finally said, stopping everyone from arguing. The boys agreed to disagree and called it a day for that conversation. But I had something else in mind.

    “It’s surprising that Jungkook didn’t lose anything.” Everyone turned to look at me. “I mean, being the youngest, I could imagine you guys had to baby him the entire trip.” Taehyung and Jimin both began to laugh, looking over to Jungkook for a response.

     “I’m not a baby (Y/n). You of all people should know that.” He challenged, placing his hands down from the plate. I took my elbows off the table and shrugged.

    “I don’t know. From what I’ve seen there some parts of you that still need growing.” I heard Hobi choke on his drink at my words. That could have been a low blow from my side but it was the only response I could think of. Jungkook laughed looking away from me, obviously stung by my comment. He caught sight of everyone staring at him and he ran his tongue over his teeth.

     “I sure didn’t hear this complaining last night.” I wanted to laugh at everyone’s reaction, it was priceless, but I needed to maintain the image of us actually fighting.

     “Well, you probably couldn’t hear me from all the noise you were making.” Even Yoongi, who wasn’t easily entertained had to bite his lip to keep him from laughing.

    “Okay, okay,” Namjoon said before Jungkook could respond. “That’s enough you two.” While Namjoon was giving his reasons for not going back and forth, my phone lit up from a text.

Chill, will ya? You’re roasting me.

“We should all keep personal matters off the table. We all just came to have a good time, right?” Jungkook completely ignored Namjoo’s words of wisdom and continued with the plan.

    “It would be easier to do that if (Y/n) wasn’t such a drama queen about everything.” Jungkook really just wanted to get off the topic of sex. That was such a random insult but I had to go along with it.

    “Oh! I’m the drama queen?” I said sitting up in my chair. “Jungkook you are literally a 6-year-old in a 19-year-old’s body.”

    “Well, I rather be that, than be a priss who thinks she better than everyone around her.” Ouch. Okay, I had that one coming, I guess.

    “Don’t call me a priss because I know my worth and it’s not anything you can afford!” We might have been fake fighting but my voice was driven by actually rage and adrenaline rush.

    “Trust me (Y/n), it’s not a price difficult to get for free.” Even I was taken back by the comment.  His own tone was very believable if I hadn’t known any different. I heard a few gasps around the table but I didn’t see who because my eyes were locked on him.

    “Are you implying that I’m easy?” I was actually shaking from anger. The heat of arguing was taking over my body and there was no way anyone would think this was fake.
“You know what!?” I finally said, tossing the napkin I just used to whip my mouth with. “I’m going home.”

    “No, come on (Y/n). He didn’t mean it like that.” Namjoon said looking over to Jungkook for him to apologize. He continued to stuff his mouth with food as I scooted my chair and stood up looking at him.  He looked up at me, meeting my eyes and chewed his food waiting for me to leave. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my jacket from the back of the chair.

   “We should go too…” Emi said looking at the other girls. They all nodded and Bitsy gave Jimin an apologetic look.

    “No,” I said placing my hand on her shoulder. “ I want to be alone.”
I thanked Jin for having me and for the food before I made my way out the door. I stepped outside, the temperature had gotten cooler and the jacket felt just right around me. My phone vibrated in my pocket and I unlocked it to look at the text.

Keep your window unlocked, and I’ll be there in 15 minutes.

A stupid smirk tugged at my lips, and I bit my thumb to hide it before I ran back home. I opened the front door and quickly kicked my shoes off and pushed them aside. I walked to my room and into the bathroom, where I grabbed the flower-scented lotion, Coco left in there and applied it to the exposed parts of my skin. I cleaned up some of my runny makeup and added lip balm to my tinted lips. I brushed my teeth once again like I had before leaving. Finished up by ruffling my hair in the mirror for some volume and pushed up my breasts in my bra, also for some volume. Once I thought I looked okay, I walked out to realize my room was a fucking mess from all of us getting ready in here. I threw some makeup products into random drawers and the scattered clothes on my bed into the bin in the corner. I made sure the window was unlocked and cracked it open just a bit for some fresh air. I could see Jungkook’s room with its light on but I could not see any sign of him. I took that as a chance to keep fixing things up before he came at my window.
I light one of my scented candles to freshen up the room a bit before I turned to my drawer. I peeked under my shirt and took a look at the bra I had on, wondering if I should change out of it. I dug through the drawer and came across one of my favorite pair of panties. They were a light color of gray with a darker shade laced around it, that would match perfectly with the dark bra I had on already.

     “Are those for me baby?” Startled I snapped my head towards the window, where Jungkook stood outside of and looked in. I placed my underwear back in the drawer and shut it while he pushed the window up wide. I watched as he pushed himself up and climbed through it effortlessly. I sucked in some air as his biceps flexed with strength and felt myself grow eager already to have those arms around me. Jungkook pushed his hair aside and stood tall with a smirk on his face. He walked closer, giving me no time to react to his hold. His hands grabbed my waist and he pulled me close. I could smell his hair from its wash earlier in the night. “Getting ready for me, huh?” He smiled and bit his lip at me. He brushed his nose against my cheek, surely smelling the lotion I applied.

   “Just wanted to make a good impression, is all,” I whispered before pressing my lips against his. I hooked my arm around his neck as he pressed me into his body. His hand moved down to cup my ass from my core.

    “Fuck… you’re so hot when you’re angry.” He groaned pulling away for a moment. His eyes were black and lips blushed red, he looked so fuckable.
I pulled him back down by his collar, tasting his lips on my tongue. I led him backward to the bed, stumbling on his own feet he fell back onto it. I took the moment to peel my top off and unbutton my jeans. Jungkook’s eyes locked on my chest as he dragged me onto his thighs. With my legs on either side of him; he pulled my waist close to his, and ran his hands tenderly over my skin. He gripped my waist tightly, pushing me down beside him flat on my back. I yelped a small breath at the fall and he was quick to began to remove my jeans. They were tight and he had to slowly pull them off. Taking them off my foot he let his hands caress back up my leg; along with his eyes eating up my figure.  
I sat up and met him with my mouth, pulling him to hover over me. He kissed down my lips to the hot spots of my neck. My hands were tightly holding and pulling on the thin material of his shirt. The skin underneath was shaped by muscle but also soft and tempting. I had him remove his shirt, showing to me his body that shivered under my hands.

   “Fuck me Jungkook.” I groaned softly taking him by surprise. I didn’t admit that the fake arguing we did had me wet the whole dinner. Watching how his lips talked back to me when he had been eating me out with that same mouth only hours before. It was frustrating in an insanely hot annoying kind of way.
He was sucking on the skin of my covered breasts, while his hand cupped my heat through my soaked panties. My belly was tensed but he mouth eased me into his hand; soon my hips following their urge for him. My body seemed much more lust driven than usual. I wanted him already and couldn’t find it in me to wait. He reached back up to my lips; his lips were wet by saliva while I ran my tongue over his mouth. My hand fell down to his torso, hooking my fingers under the waistband of his jeans and boxers. I pulled his hips closer to mine, the rough material of his jeans brushed against my laced underwear. He groaned a chuckle,  glancing my way under his dark lashes. 

    “All right then…” Jungkook leaned up and began to unbuckle his belt. He started me straight in the eyes, the look making the blood in my body rush. I squirmed in his gaze and he noticed, his eyes trailed down to my thighs that were shut tightly and trembled on the bed. “Come here, kitten.”

The name made violent goosebumps form all around my body. He hooked his arm around my waist and pulled me off the bed slightly; with the other hand he yanked off my panties. I had my hands on his shoulders with nowhere else to hold him from. He rolled his hard crotch onto my folds teasingly. My bra pressed against his chest, our hips grinding into the mattress. I struggled to keep my eyes shut at the pressure he was rubbing into my naked clit. I was feeling him under his boxers, feeling how my drenched pussy slid on his cock.

    “You want it, right?” Jungkook asked while he nibbled on my neck. I whimpered and gave a weak nod, letting my head hang back, with my eyes shut. He suddenly bit down on my neck hard and dropped me back onto the bed. I looked up at him as I had lost contact with his crotch. “Answer me.”

    “Y-yes.” I gulped a dry lump in my throat, thirsting for more. His voice was controlling and relentless when he spoke. Jungkook seemed pleased with my answer and moved to pushed down the remainder of his clothes. His erection slapped against his lower abdomen; my clit throbbed at the sight of it. He didn’t hesitate to grab his length in his fist, tugged at it as he spoke.

    “Get on all fours.” I let go of him all at once to do as he said. “And take that bra off too.”

Tossing the bra to the floor, I positioned myself as he told me. On my hands and knees facing away from Jungkook and my body on display for him. His hands gently touched the side of my thigh, moving up and following the curves of my ass to the dip of my back. It was a simple touch that drove me insane, it was hungry but still without rush. He added a bit of pressure to my lower back, making me arch it down to raise my bottom to where he wanted it. I could feel my folds spread open, soaked and hot, the more I leaned down. Jungkook groaned to himself as he kept running his hands over my ass.

    “What was it you said at dinner?” He teased. He moved onto his knees and was right behind me now. I could feel him there as he fondled my ass cheeks. “Remind me, will you (Y/n)?”

    “Jungkook please-” I shut my mouth by his hand coming down on one of my cheeks; not hard but enough to cut me off and listen to him.

    “No.” He rubbed my skin under his palm as if to apologize. “That pretty mouth should watch what comes out of it.” His other hand ran down my inner thigh, so closer to my core he could surely feel the heat radiating from it. The taunting action made me throw my ass back, hoping to get him to touch me. All I earned was another smack to the same cheek. “You listening, (Y/n)?”

    “Yes! Yes, I’m sorry.” He couldn’t even keep his serious voice on, he chuckled at my anguished body. His cold hands suddenly touched my burning core, causing me to squeal at the feeling. He had two fingers from the dripping point of my entrance to my swollen clit, adding hard pressure the entire way down.

    “All that fighting must have turned you on, huh?” I bit on my lip after taking in a shaky breath, he slipped two of his fingers inside of me. “You’re practically dripping already.”

Just as quick as they went in, he pulled them out and replaced them with something much better and bigger. He was leaned over my back, holding my hips steady, as I struggled to keep myself up. Jungkook eased in, taking time in stretching me out with each thrust, before picking up a pace. There was always a bit quick pause when he was all the way in, feeling my walls wrapped around him perfectly. He was lighting my insides on fire, with the way his cock pulsed already so hard in me. Small moans were trapped in my mouth and I grabbed onto to anything near me.

Covered in my arousal, Jungkook’s hunger took over and he slammed his hips into me. A yelp left my mouth while his hands gripped my waist tightly. He pulled me back onto his cock with each thrust making it that much harder. My heart began to pound like his hips into me. My eyes shut, imagining how good he must look fucking me from behind  Mouth shut tight and eyes blown into darkness in a lust driven state, and every muscle in his body working and sweating. His fingers were digging into my skin while my nails were on the brink of tearing the pillow. I wanted to turn, to look at his face plastered with pleasure but I could barely support it myself.

     “Oh fuck! Jungkook…” He was hitting spots so deep within me that I couldn’t even see right. I could feel myself drip onto my thigh every time he pulled out. Jungkook grunted and slowed his pace when I moved down from my hands to my forearms. My walls throbbed around him and I leaned my head against my supporting pillow. Jungkook shoved himself inside me roughly, leaning in close to me. His hand cupped my jaw and brought my face upwards,

    “Head up, baby girl.” He held onto my jaw and left sloppy kisses along my cheek. I whined as he continued to deeply thrust, my legs were weak and shaking to give out any moment. Jungkook held my waist once again and leaned his arm against the headboard.

    “There! Fuck, right there.” He was pushing himself from a higher angle, hitting my g spot repeatedly. The bed was making a loud thumping sound against the wall, and his skin was slapping on my mine. His hips pounding into me without rest, his cock was fucking my walls raw. My abdomen was contracting from the please that tingled through my blood rushing veins. My soft moans turned into harsh cries and I gripped his arm around my waist. I just wanted to keep his hands on me as he drove me into pleasure and beyond bliss. My climax was starting to build in the deepest parts of me while he started to slow back down. His breath was at its extreme, slowly guiding his cock in and out of me, trying to maintain himself from coming anytime soon.

    “Fuck…” He both groaned and cursed as he pulled himself completely out of me. I sighed and whined for the loss of connection. I was going to recover enough for me to ask if he was alright but he didn’t give me a chance.
He grabbed my arm and hip to push over onto my back; finally letting my body resting in the comfort of the mattress. I could look at him now, he was hot and bothered as I imagined. His hair was sticking to his forehead from the sweat and parts of his skin were flushed pink. Jungkook was regaining his strength, leaning down to kiss me on the lips. Even out of breath I managed to kiss him back, his hand cupped my breast and tugged lightly at my harden nipple. He moved his head down, taking it into his mouth and swirling his tongue around it. I ran my hand through his locks of hair, pushing them away from his forehead but still holding him close. I hummed at the sensation of his teeth softly grazing at the sensitive skin. My body squirming under his weight and at the empty feeling in my insides. He ran his hand down my side and looked up at me from underneath his lashes. A look like that could kill.

Jungkook removed himself from my chest, the air hitting my wet skin made my nipple ache from its harden form. He bit his lip down at me as I raised my knee to his waist, hoping to bring his attention back to my needy core. He grabbed the back of my knee in each hand, dragging me down closer to him, my ass his thighs and he began to scoot off the bed. I tried not to giggle as he brought me to the edge of the bed and kneeled down onto the floor. I leaned up on my elbows to get a better view of him, he watched me but his eyes were glued to my folds as soon as he spread my legs.

    “So pink and tight…” He used his thumb to spread my lips wide, scraping past my clit and making me jump. His eyes flickered up to me and a smirk appeared on his lips as he dampened them with his tongue. He leaned in closer, blowing cool air at the heated area and watched me squirm under him. Jungkook chuckled lowly under his breath, thumbing my clit and watching the effect it had on me. There was barely any pressure but the light touch was sending small shocks through my lower half. My hips pushed into the mattress and locked still to keep from moving. It was a small heating sensation when he quickened his pace, I leaned my head back and shut my eyes to take in the sensitivity.

My mouth shot open when he let go of my folds and ran his tongue over them, so close but not closer enough to where I wanted to feel him the most. My thighs shook as he dug his tongue at my clit harshly; he was flicking at it with the tip of his tongue before wrapping his mouth around it. My hips bucked into his pretty face and the slurping sounds he was ringing in my ears. He was holding onto my ankle, that hung off the bed; while my other foot was digging into his shoulder.

    “Ah! Fuck…”  I watched how it tongue stuck out of his pink lips, how he moved his jaw to create an amazing speed. He ran his mouth lower and began to lap at the juices that flowed from my entrance. I shut my mouth and whimpered, he placed his hand on my thigh moved closer.

    “So good…” Jungkook hummed. Bring his hands up to my tight entrance, he pushed one in and continued to suck at my skin. I had to sit up; I had to take in such a perfect view. I pushed his hair out of the way, gripping it tightly at the top of his head. He rubbed his mouth into my heat while that single finger gave me something to clenched around. He groaned at my grasping walls, knowing very well that I could take much more. Without warning, Jungkook pushed in two other fingers, stretching me out far more so suddenly. I pulled at his hair as he ruthlessly pumped them in; giving no time to adjust to the change. My chest was rising excessively while my stomach tensed and twitched every time his fingers disappeared in me. He sucked and pulled at my clit, completely determined to push me over the edge. His longest finger kept brushing against my sweet stop and the next time going in, I rolled my hips and he hit it dead on.
I pushed his face into my pussy when he tried to lift his head up to look at me. I could feel him smirk on me but I felt too good to care. I couldn’t keep my body still from all of the hot blood running through my body. My hips were bucking at the perfect pace to feel him the best, we created this rhythm that was driving me to my climax. The heat was building up in my core, making my breath shorten, and muscles tense.

    “That’s it, baby.” My nails dug into his scalp and I trembled over him. A loud, breathless scream left my mouth as the pleasure convulsed through my body. Falling back onto the mattress, my leg locked over his head while he kept pumping his fingers through my orgasm.

    “Jungkook…” My legs quivered as I moved them away from him, but he was running his tongue over me. I barely had any strength to move away from him. I tried to push his head away as the over-stimulation was starting to hurt. Cries left my mouth and my body was twitching as I yanked at his hair.

He came up with a big smile plastered on his face. He crawled up to kiss me before I had the chance to scold him on his overplay. Is lips tasted like a sweet combination of the both of us, that I couldn't’ help but enjoy his mouth on mine.

    “I could eat you out all night.” All was forgiven since his words had made me blushed; he smiled wide and child-like at my embarrassment. I shied away from his face as he kissed my cheek and stroked my back. He grabbed a hold of me and pushed me up the bed once more. “Lay on your side.”

Jungkook laid right behind me as if we were going to spoon for the night. I turned my head to meet his and he leaned in to lock his lips with mine. His cock was resting behind my thighs and he ran his hand up to lift my leg up. I kept it up, bent at the knee as he took a hold of his cock and ran it between my soaked folds. His hot breath tickled my neck as he groaned, I reached down and ran my hand over his drenched cock, guiding him to my wet cunt.
My head rested over his shoulder, his mouth was brushing against my cheek. The head of his dick pushed through my entrance, slowly feeling the stretched all the way into my stomach. He wrapped his arm around my waist, shoving his chest into my back and ass against his crotch. His grip was strong as he began to push in and out of me; I held onto his arm and leaned my head back. The position was amazing it made my back arch like a cat, and I couldn’t stop, my spot he was hitting it. He was thrusting hard and slow, deep thrusts that scratched at my next orgasm. His cock was painfully hard, I could feel it twitch every time my walls pulsed around it.

    “Fuck baby…” Jungkook choked on his grunt. His hand ran over my skin, making it way up to my breasts that were bouncing to his hips. “You’re so goddamn tight.”

My breathing was heavy and so was his against my ear. I reached up to grab his face wanting to look at him. I sometimes forgot just how handsome he was, with his bottom lip between his teeth, revealing the tiny mole he had there. His perfect brows and eyes were creased in concentration and pure bliss. I cupped his cheek and his eyes opened at my touch. It was a strange moment where we stared into each others eyes, something we hadn’t really done before. There were lust and desire but I was afraid to see anything else but that. I was afraid to feel anything else.

    “Make me come, please.” He leaned in and kissed my lips. His lips felt hot and soft, it was barely a kiss with all the tongue and groaning involved. “Are you close?”

    “Too close.” He laughed breathlessly. He jerked his hips into me faster; a constant scream fell from my mouth and caused me to scratched at his arm. His hot cock created a burning feeling in my center that was spreading through my veins. I felt my head grow lighter with every thrust he gave. I felt the need to stay close to him and hold on or I would fade away. His balls were slapping against his own skin and the sound echoed in my head. His hand left my breast and ran down to my throbbing clit. The second his cold fingers made contact with it I began to cry, with the added pleasure was just overwhelmingly painful. His name was leaving my mouth like broken ballad and my name never sounded so good in anyone’s mouth.

His hips were hitting hard against my ass and words began to choke in my mouth. I was no longer able to produce words but merely sounds of satisfaction. He rubbed my clit back and forth as fast as his wrist would let him, making my legs squirm and shut around his hand. He grunted as it made my pussy tighter on his dick and he begged me to keep my legs like that. His fingers rubbed my skin to the bone as he desperately fucked me. His mouth was struggling to kiss my neck but still managed to leave love bites on it.
I felt myself coming with a pathetic scream of his name. My mind was blank like a white room and I could only hear the irregular rhythmic beating of my heart. Feeling my chest jerk and legs shake to my curled toes while he took me through it. My legs were clamped shut and I felt my entire cunt pulse as he quickly pulled out. He groaned loudly, I could only hear him pumping his wet cock behind me. I had just enough strength to turn and watch his beautiful face contour when he came all over my ass. The sight of his abs tensing up and his dick dripping from in his come and mine made me moan loudly. He pumped himself slowly, milking every last drop he had to offer while his other hand was still between my legs.

   “Holy fuck…” Jungkook sighed, not daring to move an inch until he recollected himself. A smile spread across my lips at how good he looked after coming. I turned away from him so that he wouldn’t see and pulled the nearest pillow for me to cuddle with.

After a moment or two, I saw Jungkook arm reach up to grab a towel that was hanging over the headboard. He asked if he could his use it and I just hummed to grant him permission since I was too comfortable to care. Seconds later I felt the fluffy towel wipe over my butt, taking off any residue of him.

   “Have I told you how great of an ass you have (Y/n)?” I turned over to look at him and found him kneeling over my ass with a smile on his face. I tried not to smile back but it came out as a smug either way.

   “Shut up.” I giggled playfully. He tossed the dirty towel into the corner for me to pick up later and he moved over me to the edge of the bed. I watched grab his boxers and sliding them on.

    “I’m sorry.” My eyes switched to him as he just sat facing away from. He sounded a bit upset and embarrassed from what I could tell.

    “For what?” I asked confused. I turned up to get a better look at him since he turned to look my way.

   “What I said to you at dinner; I didn’t mean any of that.” His apology was sincere. It made my heart ache and made it hard to believe this was the same guy who just fucked me into the mattress.

    “Jungkook I know that.” I smiled and shrugged. It was obvious, though cocky, Jungkook wasn’t the type of guy to disrespect and contempt women. He knew I hadn’t taken any of it to offense but his conscious couldn’t drop it without my reassurance.

    “Mind If I use your bathroom?” He asked after nodding and standing up. He signaled to the door by my bed, while he adjusted his junk in his underwear. I simply nodded and sat up to walk over to my drawer to find new underwear for myself.

    “Oh wait.” I suddenly said, making Jungkook turn back from the door to look at me. “I forgot that bathroom doesn’t work. You can use the one across the hall.”

I said leaning across the dresser, reaching down to slip on my girl boxers. He shook his head and walked out of the room to the other bathroom. I quickly moved to grab his clothes off the floor and loosely fold them into a pile outside of the door. I shut the door to my room quietly and clicked the lock; before putting on a gray tank top and walking over to my bathroom.
I turned on the lights and stepped in front of the mirror; moving my hair to the side to look at the marks bruising my skin. I grabbed a scrunchy and threw my hair into a messy bun to keep it from sticking to my sweaty neck. The past events played through my head over and over again, not knowing what I got from dreaming about them. What I won from questioning myself on what this was leading to. I liked Jungkook; I liked him too much for my own good. For the moment the attraction was all physical and that’s how I wanted it to stay. I just hoped he wanted the same. I heard my door knob jiggle as he tried to get into the room.

I know he could hear me step to the door because he let go of the knob once I stood in front of it. I leaned my shoulder against the white door and laid my head against it.

    “Oh come on, (Y/n).” Jungkook chuckled. I heard a thud against the door, which could have been his hand resting against the other side.“ I mean, I know you like it rough but isn’t this a little mean?”

I smiled at hearing his laugh, knowing he didn’t mind my rejection all that much. I didn’t want to make him feel bad since it wasn’t anything personal; just a matter of safe precaution from my part. He waited for a moment seeing if I would say anything in response. “I’ve never met a girl who doesn’t like to spooning after sex…”

  “I prefer just the forking.” He laughed again, sweetly, but I could hear a bit of disappointment in his voice. There was a small sigh leaving his lips before a much louder thump hit the door, which could only be his back. “Hey…”

   “Yeah?” He mumbled faintly, a bit of hope lingered in his voice.

   “How did you get my phone number?” I asked with full interest for the mystery.

   “I’ll tell you if you let me in.” He promised. I could hear the smile in his words, just imagining his bunny teeth showing through his rosy lips. I chose not to respond when he already knew the answer. There was a bit of guilt that I tried to chew off my lip during the silence between the door. “Have a good night, (Y/n).”

    “Night, Jungkook.”

Prologue [Beyond the Sunrise, LMMxReader]

Summary:  Mixed up orders leads to a new and unexpected person in your life.

Word Count: 2,159

Warnings: None (a slow burn, but are you guys really surprised?)

Authors notes:  We are SO excited to share this with you guys, this universe is something we had so much fun creating and we hope you enjoy it as much as us! ❤ 

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The neon lights and upbeat sixties doo-wop songs were the furthest things Lin wanted in his presence that night. Still, the Salt and Pepper Diner was the only place with decent food open this late into the night.

There was the added benefit that it was always empty when he found himself in. No soul in their right mind purposefully wandered into this place at three in the morning on a school day.

Except for him, of course.

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So this is my @voltronsecretvalentine present for @sunprintedbedsheets !!! They love the Coffee Shop Au and Klance and well, I think I went a little overboard here. ^^; (its my first time doing one of these) I hope you love this hun!!

Summary: It was a case of falling for a grumpy customer who happened to be really cute, and his lack of self-control.

Word Count: 6970 (guys idk what happened)

On Ao3

Lance leaned against the counter and groaned. Boredom was his unwanted friend today. Mid-day shifts were always slow, and if Lance wanted anything out of the shift at this point, it was a rush. Even a 5-person rush would be better than standing here at a register staring at an empty café.

He let out another sigh, puffing out his cheeks in a pout. If he looked on the bright side of this, his paycheck was going to be bigger than his last one. This pay period he picked up three extra shifts. Plus, he was working a double today because his coworker, Brian, was sick. He could only hope Blue was alright by herself. His cat always got antsy when he didn’t come home at the normal time. She was clingy like that.

The door chimed and Lance immediately stood up straight and flashed his best smile.

“Hi, welcome to Juniberry Café!” he greeted.

The customer was pulling down his scarf, freeing his mouth so he could speak. Lance kept his smile in place, but in the back of his head he was freaking out. Okay, so the guy was like really cute? Could you blame him? The customer came up to the counter and eyed the menu. He had dark gray eyes and a mop of hair that…was that a mullet? How was this guy pulling off a mullet? It’s the 21st century, dude, not the 80s. Yet that didn’t really detract from how attractive this guy was. How was this even fair?

“Could I get a double shot espresso?” he asked.

Lance keyed it into the register and grabbed a cup, slipping a sleeve on it. “Sure, what’s your name, pretty boy?”

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BTS Reaction To: Their S/O punching her ex

Thank you to anon for the request! (i’m so sorry this happened to you love, i hope you’re okay and i’m so glad that you enjoy my blog <3)

***I do not own any of the gifs***


Jin would be shocked to see you hitting your ex when they started to get too close. He’d be really upset to see your ex doing so and would want to make sure you weren’t hurt, but he’d also be pretty amazed at your ability to fight your ex off like that. I feel like he’d go around for a while after and tell everyone how strong you were and that they shouldn’t ever mess with you “or else.”

“Yeah, you see my jagi? Don’t you ever upset her, she’ll fuck you up.”


Yoongi would already be fuming when he saw your ex getting touchy with you. He’d be furious that one, your ex was trying to touch you, and two, that you had to get physical in order to defend yourself. You’d honestly probably have to hold him back from going to hunt down your ex and give them a piece of his mind, but once he’d calmed down, he’d focus all his attention on making sure you were okay.


Hoseok would be so upset that you had to get physical with your ex and could have risked hurting yourself in the process. He’d probably forget about what your ex was even doing to you because he’d be so focused on making sure you were alright. In the heat of the moment, he’d probably scold you for punching your ex because you could have gotten hurt. However, he’d get gentle after a moment and tell you that he was just worried about you. I imagine him forcing you to sit while he examined your hands for wounds and he’d kiss your fingers to make you feel better.


Similar to Yoongi, I think Namjoon would be absolutely furious to see your ex trying to get close to you. He’d be saying that you ought to go after them and give them a piece of your mind and it’d probably take a bit for him to calm down. However, when he did, I imagine him just getting really gentle with you and speaking soothingly about how you don’t deserve to ever be treated that way while hugging you tightly. 


Jimin would be similar to Hoseok, he’d put all his focus on making sure you weren’t hurt he after saw what happened. He’d tell you just to forget about your ex, that they were just an asshole trying to wind you up, and that you ought to just focus on taking care of your own health. I imagine him giving you soft kisses on your cheeks, moving slowly down your arms and to your hands.

“Don’t worry jagi, I’ll kiss it all better.”


Taehyung would be so shocked to see you swing your fists at your ex when they started to get touchy around you. I imagine him just staring with wide eyes and his mouth agape after you’d fought them off, telling them to get lost. He’d make sure your hands were okay, but afterward, he’d probably hound you with questions on how you were able to do it.

“Jagi…where did you learn to punch like that? Can you teach me?”


Jungkook would be impressed with your strength when he saw you punch your ex as they got a bit too close to you. He’d be concerned at first about your hands and would want to make sure you were okay. However, once he confirmed that you weren’t hurt he’d probably encourage you to go after your ex and rip their head off. 

***Feel free to send me any requests!***

College Confession #84

I was visiting a friend at another school for the first time. He and I were planning on smoking until we walked into his dorm room and saw a girl on HIS bed in labor. We were both speechless until his roommate came running back from the bathroom with a wet towel and said, “Don’t freak out! Don’t freak out!” The girl turned out to be the roommates sister who lived nearby and was visiting. She went into labor a few weeks early so everyone was thrown off guard.

They eventually took an ambulance to the hospital and once they were gone we saw that she was sitting on my friends bed when her water broke. We ended up cleaning up the mess for a while, then smoked like never before in order to get the image of a total stranger screaming her lungs out out of our heads.

- New York University

anonymous asked:

Sorry if you've already answered this but do you have any tips and such when it comes to remembering vocabulary? I always have trouble with it even with anki and such

This is the second time I’m typing this out, I’m done with myself and especially this site. I hope I’ll never accidentally close a tab again. Anyway, I hope this is not too late!

So, when it comes to vocabulary the one thing that I’ve always been told (From teachers and adults even.) is to use a notebook, like this:

For the love of God, do not use these in order to remember vocabulary or memorizing them either. My language teachers would kill me if they knew my true feelings towards these notebooks…

However, I do recommend using this kind of layout/notebook for writing down the words you’ve already learned, to freshen up your vocabulary in the future, see your progress in learning them but also just to have your own little dictionary! This is mine: (Please ignore my horrible spelling in English, I’m a mess. Also, if you want to know how I manage this booklet, I’ll make a separate post for that!)

The reason why I do not recommend using these for memorization is because you’ll learn the vocab in the order you wrote them down in. As for instance flashcards, you do – hopefully – shuffle them once in a while. 

Next! Are methods I do recommend for remembering vocabulary:

☛ My favorite method of all time: flashcards. Was trying to find out if they’re an invention sent from the heavens above, my conclusion: Yes, they indeed are. Let me tell you why. First, you won’t learn your vocab in an order, how I mentioned earlier. They come in all different sizes, colors, and forms…even as applications. You get to shuffle them around and that way create your own small trick to learn them. Also: you learn fast! And the knowledge sticks like a barcode sticker. 

The thing with physical stickers is that you’ll use them up like this and they take up a lot of space on your desk. So that’s why I rather do prefer applications for this. 

☛ There are many other methods to learn vocabulary fast! You can use post-its, write down the words and stick them all over the place. That way where ever you go you’ll be reminded of the vocabulary and learn them in no time without even realizing. 

☛ Another great tip is translating your everyday convos into your target language. That’s one thing I do a lot, catch me drifting off and thinking to myself: “Can I say this in Korean, though?”. You’ll soon notice how wide or how limited your vocabulary is or if you have to learn or freshen up on a grammar point. 

☛ Also, make it a fucking habit of looking up words. Sometimes you’ll find a translation you can remember more easily than the one in the book. Or the translation in the book is way too off/not explaining enough. Thank me later.

Now that we’ve cleared all of this. Go out there and learn your damn vocabulary, take your time and do not pressure yourself! It’ll all be worth it if you recognize vocabulary in speech or text, trust me.

If there are more open questions, feel free to ask!

Catch Me (Day 3)

Summary: In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,967

@avengerstories thank you for not getting sick of me asking you to edit things for me

Day 2

Originally posted by amjeth

The bright sun streams through a small crack in the curtains early in the morning, unceremoniously waking you up. You roll over in bed in an attempt to hide from the rude awakening but it is no use. Once you have been woken up, there’s no going back to sleep.

You open your eyes and find yourself face-to-face with your laptop, which kept you up until well past four in the morning. At the time, binge watching your favorite show on Netflix had felt like a wonderful idea. Now, due to the exhaustion that clings desperately to your bones, you realize that staying up so late probably wasn’t such a great plan after all.

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anonymous asked:

Lately there has been a certain trend of "early access" games being launched and sold before they were done. In some cases such as Space Engineers, this "early Access" title remains after four years of use. Is it really early access anymore? Similarly there are "Pre-alpha" games being released that are completely playable. Weren't alpha games completely unplayable and mainly used to test mechanics ten or twenty years ago? What are your thoughts on early access / pre-alpha games?

So… first off, a game that reaches alpha state is basically design and content complete. That means that all of the content and game systems are there and playable (even if it is buggy) from start to finish. When you reach Alpha, you lock content and code so that nothing new will be checked into the depot and work only on fixing bugs. When you reach Beta, the low-priority bugs get pushed back and you’re only fixing the really important cert-blocking bugs. Marketing has really messed these terms up in the public view; they tend to treat a “beta test” as more of a pre-alpha situation where balance changes and new features can still be done. In actual development, we’re not allowed to do that once we reach Alpha status.

Now… regarding my thoughts on “Early Access”, I feel that it’s been somewhat corrupted because of marketing. Many games in “Early Access” are actually nothing of the sort - they’re pretty much finished and ready for prime time, but use Early Access in order to raise funds or just get players to be more kind when it comes to bugs and such. I’m not a fan of early access at all - devs like this that release there foster an unrealistic player expectation of what an actual in-development game is like. This skewed expectation hurts those devs who actually are still in development and actually need Early Access for funding to finish their projects, which is what Early Access supposed to be for. In this way, it’s a lot like how Kickstarter titles and other crowdfunded games have trouble with the truth - several titles have used crowdfunding primarily to gauge public interest in a product that’s already receiving funds from a publisher, rather than as an actual fundraising means. The problem is that there’s really no easy way to stop this from happening short of auditing each project as it comes. That’s not really feasible for the platform if one hopes for it to continue to grow.

In general, what it means for me is that I personally avoid early access games altogether, just like I avoid crowdfunding games whose devs I don’t know personally. That hasn’t been terribly difficult for me; I’ve got plenty of other titles to play in the meantime. But I don’t begrudge people who really want a game of a particular style or type that’s in an underserved market so much that they’d be willing to pay money early, just like I don’t begrudge people for crowdfunding projects they hope to see made. It’s their disposable income and their choices, they can spend it however they like. I like it when people who want a game get what they want. It’s always a value judgement on the part of the funder in both cases - you can either decide that it’s worthwhile to pay the money for what they offer, or that it isn’t. Regardless of the outcome, it’s not a decision I’m comfortable making for somebody else.

Got a burning question you want answered?

Imagine seeing Castiel (your boyfriend) kissing Meg

word count: 767

Request by: anon - Hi, ummm so I just started watching SPN and I’m on season 5 and I was wondering if you could do a oneshot where maybe the reader and Cas are together but Crowley is holding her and so they go on a rescue mission and maybe she sees cas and meg kiss.. angsty but ending with fluff? I’m sorry if it doesn’t make since.

A/N: I’m super sorry if this is bad because I suck at writing Cas x readers.

You yanked your arms forward frantically as they pulled against the chains tying you to the wall causing red marks to slowly appear on your wrist. You let out a slight hiss in pain as you realised your wrists were now bleeding due to how hard you were tugging on the metal chains.

Despite the pain, you continued to thrash around desperate to escape but froze when you heard the slight click of the door being unlocked and saw the handle dip. Your head shot up to the door as it slowly opened causing your heart rate to increase drastically.

Relief flooded your body as the figures entered your dimly lit cell revealing the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean. You almost began to cry at the thought of being free from your cramped cell and being able to see Cas, your boyfriend, again.

“It’s okay Y/N, you’re safe now,” You heard Sam whisper trying to calm you down as Dean untied you.

“W-Where’s Cas?” You managed to stutter out.

“It’s okay, he’s here,” Dean reassured you as you were helped to your feet by the brothers, “Do you think you can walk?”

“Y-yeah, let’s go,” You replied, determined to see your boyfriend again after being apart for so long.

Sam handed you a demon knife as you all quickly rushed out of the room not wanting to be there for long in case the demon who held you there returned.

You clutched the knife tightly in your hand as the three of you ran down the winding corridors, all seemed to be going well until you turned a corner and your heart sank.

You saw Castiel locking lips with Meg and tears instantly filled your eyes pouring down onto your cheeks. In that moment of time, all trust and love you had ever had for Castiel, your boyfriend, was gone.

As Castiel pulled away from Meg, he saw you in the corner of his eye.

“Y/N,” Castiel whispered out sadly that he had been caught doing such a thing.

“Take me home,” was all you said in reply.

“Y/N please,” Castiel desperately reached out to grab you but you stepped away shrugging off his arms.

“Cas, I said, take me home.” You replied but this time with more anger in your voice.

Sam and Dean just watched in shock as you were all instantly flown back home by Cas.

The second you were back in the bunker; you began to storm off into the bedroom (Castiel quickly running behind you in order to keep up with your long angry strides).

“Y/N wait,” He choked out as he once again tried to pull you into his arms. Did he not understand that I didn’t want to be with him anymore?

“No Cas! What the hell was that? I trusted you. I would expect it from someone like Meg, but you, really? You were my boyfriend!” you turned around shouting at him, emphasizing the word ‘were’ to show to him how much he had messed up.

You spun around to continue walking towards your bedroom, all you wanted in this moment was to fall asleep and forget what had happened but Castiel had other plans. You were stopped in your tracks due to Castiel flying in front of you and once again resting his arms on your shoulders to keep you from storming off again, this time though you didn’t bother to shrug him off.

“Y/N please, just let me explain,” Castiel begged looking deeply into your eyes causing you to sigh and nod, giving him a second chance.

“Father forgive me, Y/N, I am so sorry, I… I didn’t understand what I was doing but I understand now that it’s wrong. Y/N.. I love you.” Your body was filled with shock as you looked up at Castiel. That was the first time either of you had said the ‘love’ word. You looked deeply into his blue eyes for a moment and knew that he was telling the truth.

You released a sigh before replying, “I love you too Castiel,” and he immediately pulled you into his chest and placed a light kiss on top of your head knowing that you were his again.

“But if you ever do something like that again,” you pulled away from his hug to look at him and make sure he was listening to you, “I have an angel blade,” you warned causing him to slightly chuckle.

“If I ever hurt you again, I’ll let you kill me,” he replied before locking his lips with yours causing you to smile into the kiss.

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‘Training’ (Hawkeye X Reader)

Characters: Clint Barton X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Fighting


Request: Hello love! I just found your blog today and I’m already in love with it. And can I a Hawkeye x reader fluff where they’re both Archers and they love to prank the others? THANKS!

Originally posted by thefirstgingerdoctor

You had known Clint for years. When you were both in the circus together, you were a duo together, shooting arrows together, and performing archery tricks together, like shooting fruits off each other’s body, and other challenges.

You trusted each other greatly through your training. You knew his weaknesses, and he knew yours. While his specialty was accuracy, yours was speed, and agility. This meant you were often the thing to avoid as he took shots, including him trying to hit targets on you while you performed tricks on poles and doing flips, and trying not to hit you.

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To Date #1

This HC/series is a MASSIVE SHOUT OUT to everyone here who has helped me reach over 100 followers! I never thought I would get 1 follower let alone 100- so thank you so much. I apologise for the lateness of my thank you but I’m afraid my cheating mini series took much longer than I anticipated!

This is dedicated to the beautiful @zahnbuerste who was one of the very first people to ever converse with me over Tumblr and is just the dearest person- truly nice to the core. Thanks for all your kind words and inspiration and I hope you enjoy these

The RFA & CO try to plan the very best date for MC… and of course… because they’re RFA & CO…. everything goes to hell.

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anonymous asked:

Any ideas for grimoire like I want to keep a written one but what can i do if I forgot to add something in between?

Here’s the thing baby cakes! Your grimoire doesn’t necessarily have to be this perfectly organized and ordered how-to manual, you can make it however you want! There’s no way you could do it wrong or mess it up, and once I realized that, it was a LOT easier to get started! I really suggest watching these videos by my favorite witchy YouTuber for some insight and ideas for your grimoire!

Thanks for asking and let me know how it goes!! 💕


Pairing: Park Jinyoung x Reader
Rating: PG-13
Synopsis: Disgustingly doting girlfriend thinks about her precise, strictly regimented boyfriend.
Author’s note: Hey there! I was in my Jinyoung feelings the other day and really needed to vomit this thing out. Hopefully you guys like it! Also, here’s the credit for the gif I used.

A boyfriend as predictable as this should’ve been boring…

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Regrets - KBTBB (Part 1)

“Excuse me?”

The question slipped out from my lips rather bluntly with an unmistakable hiss of frustration; my own words leaving me breathless - an instant rise of adrenaline fueled panic pumping throughout my body like wildfire uncomfortably as it took everything I had in me to stay standing; to stay look at the man who I legally called my husband.

Eisuke’s unusually dull eyes were focused on me; trained as if so to speak on my figure outlining every inch I had to offer in a wary yet sentimental kind of way I couldn’t begin to describe. I’d only ever once before seen him with eyes and an expression this fragile, this honest, this insanely volatile -  a strange cocktail mix of emotions which he tried to mask and disguise both on the morning of our wedding and unsuccessfully now.

His hands were clenched into fists at his sides; the desk he stood before was all he had to help him keep upright. He used every ounce of control he had left in him not to march across the room, not to reach out for me, not to pull me in close. That was his customary way of showing that he cared - a display of dominance and protection to which he knew I would be weak. It was a good thing though - this abrupt distance between us; seeing as he’d just spilt a secret, a lie; about an affair that he shouldn’t have.

“Mitsuki…”, he mumbled shutting his eyes; his voice hushed and pleaded as his head dropped. My name rolled off his tongue like a curse of wicked black magic and I felt sick at the very sound of something I’d grown fond of hearing.

Shaking my head and brushing some hair from my eyes; a childish attempt at trying to keep myself from crying, I took a half step back - knowing it was best for me to leave the office, the penthouse - our home. It was late; after 10 with the hazy Tokyo glaze of downtown filtering into the room and still somehow in the darkness I could see a fear in his eyes; regret, self disappointment. It was near enough to make me want to run to him; to want to hold him, to want to tell him without qualm reassuringly that everything was going to be okay but honestly, now… in a fucked up mess of ambiguity and uncertainty I wasn’t sure where I stood - where we stood, where our relationship stood or what it even meant because of what he had confessed.

A shallow breath hitched to knot in my throat and chest. Another half step taken back and Eisuke reached a hand out; licking his lips once over as his gaze fixated back onto me.

“…Mitsuki.. please..”

I shut my eyes to buy myself time; just enough to get my emotions somewhat in order - I had to keep a poker face, a cold heart, a voice vile with hate. Jaw tight, teeth clenched and eyes swelling with tears that shouldn’t have been there I uttered the first word that came to mind.


Eisuke’s stance stiffened; his eyes widening as a whimper, so soft it was barely audible escaped him; piercing me right through the heart. “Please… I… It was a mistake. I wasn’t thinking. I swear…”

“A MISTAKE?”, I spat out, an anger within me rising; my blood boiling, cheeks red, each breath hot, a light coat of sweat across my forearms and neck, “YOU WEREN’T THINKING?”, I continued surprising myself at the confident I suddenly had; “YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS ICHINOMIYA!”

The volume of my voice continuously, continuously rising. I was ready to snap, I was ready to let loose. I was ready to give up control. That’s when it happened; that’s when he paced forward, that’s when he took my hand and brought it too his chest and it took everything in me to ignore the plea in his voice of fear and concern.

“Mitsu, I can explain..”

Shaking my head again; shaking my wrist from his grip; dropping my head, biting down on my bottom lip and wanting to burst into tears I decided I couldn’t give up - couldn’t give in.

“Just stop it!”

I didn’t want to hear him say my name anymore. Not like he use to when we were in love. Not now that all I could play back and hear in my mind was the tenderness in his voice, the passion in his voice, the lust in his voice which was reserved for her name - not mine – for Jessica.

“I need to go”, I choked out in a whisper; turning on my heels and opening the office door I’d rested my back against. That she had rested her back against. Naked. Unashamed. Betrayed. Playing with my wrist watch and taking in a deep, steady breath this time it was Eisuke’s turn to shake his head; to buy himself some time - to try come up with a quick fix and mend things like he thought he could always do.

“No.”, he barked as an order, “You can’t leave. You can’t… you can’t leave.”

Within seconds rage had taken over him entirely; I could hear the sound of photo frames smashing against book shelves and vases tossed into walls across the room; the contents of his desk swiped irritably across the floor. Turning to look over one shoulder, I held my breath, watching his actions and waiting for some kind of response.

“DON’T YOU DARE LEAVE ME”, he snarled with anger, his fist slamming down against the desk top which caused the whole room to shake, “You’re not allowed to leave me.”

Pursing my lips together and sighing quietly, I wiped some tears which had escaped from the corners of my eyes quickly and straightened my posture as the room fell into complete silence.

“I’m not..”, I stammered, swallowing any fear which wanted to overcome me, “…you’ve left me Eisuke, and this… this isn’t the first time.”

Holding myself together as I walked out to the elevator and took it down to the ground floor, my heart began to sink; knees started to become weak, face hot and flushed. The moment I reached the lobby and darted through the entrance onto the streets outside, I had to stop and force myself to take a breath - the truth, the betrayal, his honesty haunting my consciousness. Resting up against a pillar and trying to get a grip of myself, I let a sob escape me before I waved my hand out with a snap of my fingers to catch a cab - I had to leave, I had to go, I had to be anywhere but here.

Climbing into the back of a cab that pulled over, I gave the driver the first address I could think of so that we could be on the go. Pulling my phone from my jacket pocket, I wasn’t at all surprised to see a multitude of missed calls from Eisuke already as I ignored them and dialled the one person I knew right now could make things better - could make me forget about all this.

“…mhmm.. hello?”

His voice sounded dishevelled and unkempt.

“Soryu…”, I whimpered into the phone and in the drivers rear-view mirror could see familiar cars and security flooding the streets. “I’m sorry if I woke you, I just… I.. Eisuke and I…”

I couldn’t hide the tears as I began to cry; sobbing uncontrollably.

“Mitsuki? Geez what’s happened? Where are you? Are you okay?”

I could hear a bout of shuffling around as it came to my attention that he was organizing himself to come to me. His voice had lost the trace of drowsiness it originally had; now it was pure filled with confusion. He wasn’t quiet for long enough to get an answer before a new round of questions were shot straight at me.

“Are you still at Eisuke’s? Why are you crying sweetie? Do I have to kill someone?”

Chuckling in between sobs I rested my head against the inside of the cab window and sighed.

“I just left…”, I explained wiping away more tears, “I’m headed for Genkishu.”

“The sushi restaurant?”

“It’s the only place that I can think of which he won’t look at for me Soryu.”

“Alright.. stay there once you get there and don’t move. I’m coming to get you.”

Ending the call and turning my phone off; I opened up the back cover and pulled the sim-card and battery out, winding the cab window down and tossing them both out onto the road we were on. A deep exhale leaving me as the cool wind of outside brushed across my face. Twirling the ends of my hair nervously, I wondered how long it would take - for him to find me, for him to play the guilt trip; if he had even raced outside into the street behind me. I wanted to look back but at the same time I didn’t.

Right now- after that confession, I didn’t want to know if he did or didn’t care.

Slumping into the backseat, I rested my head against the window again and waited quietly as the waterworks as if timed perfectly, kicked in.

“Are you okay Ms?”, the driver asked in what seemed like an attempt to determine my sanity as well as offer concern.

“Yes..”, I forced with a smile plastered across my face. My eyes dropped to my hands in my lap and further down to the floor and my feet, “My husband’s been having an affair with his ex-girlfriend.”

The words came out easier than I thought they would and the driver, bless him, began to try and reassure me that everything was going to be okay. “A man would have to be stupid to mess things up with a girl like you.”

Yet between all his reassurance and compliments, between his attempt to raise my confidence and spirit; all I could do was replay over and over in my mind the conversation exchanged between myself and Eisuke.

“You brought her into our home?”, I asked quietly after noticing more lipstick on his neck.

“Yes.” His voice didn’t waver.

“You let her get comfortable in our room”, I continued - a flurry of insecurities fluttering like butterflies.


“I… you… mhmm..”, I paused, trying to think of the perfect wording for possibly more than just a one word response from him, “You… you slept with her?”

He kept quiet. He stayed hushed. He reserved the control he had on himself not to fight back, not to raise his voice, not to yell, not to pick at me for my insecurities of our relationship or not to have a go at me for inquiring and questioning his faithfulness.


“At any point… any… did you think of me?”

Another choke got caught up in my throat. His eyes darkened as he forced out an answer; a defeated confession that I wasn’t, at all….. ready for.










talesofakat  asked:

cAN you guys do a "in kihyun head" reaction too? I loved the hoseok one! <3

YES! Here you go~~

In the mind of Kihyun when he sees his crush

  • i swear if hoseok bothers me about cooking ramyeon tonight again
  • i’ll cook him instead
  • little shit
  • you know what
  • i ain’t even gonna cook tonight
  • they can order food
  • i need to relax too, once in a while
  • oh? Y/N?
  • /waves at you/
  • god, she’s flawless
  • oh she’s coming over
  • i swear if i blush or mess up-
  • Hey Y.N~ how are you?
  • she has her hair up today
  • she looks so bright and cute
  • i’m so love sick over her what is this
  • since when am i like this
  • i can’t help it though
  • she’s the most beautiful person i have ever met
  • inside and outside
  • she’s so flawless to me
  • i really need to take her out someday
  • before i lose my chance
  • Y/N, what are you doing tomorrow?
  • please don’t be busy
  • i have a day off tomorrow
  • it would be perfect to go out
  • ..
  • OML
  • YASS
  • Wanna go out for coffee and food tomorrow? My treat.
  • come on
  • please
  • please
  • pl-
  • I’M IN
  • i’m so excited now

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Authority Issues pt. 3

Professor Barnes x reader

Notes (over-all story): smut, fluff, student-teacher relations.

Tags: @science-of-deduction-sh @potterhead7656 @anitavalija



As far as Mondays go, this one lasted longer than any other dragging, dull Monday you’d ever faced. Your ego was boosted enough throughout the day though, as a lot of the male students walking by cat-called you and whistled in the process.

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Your Monthly Subscription to Satan’s Waterfall Pt. 2 (Lafayette x Reader)

Word count: 975 (noticeably shorter that pt. 1)

Request/Summary: Part 1

AU: Modern

Warnings: Cussing, Laf being adorable, Philip being adorable, the story kind of got away from me on this one (sorry)

A/N- He uses some hella fluffy french at the beginning and I’m still trying to decide if I want to make you put it in google translate yourself or not. Also (I love that word, don’t I) if celebratorily is not a word, it should be.

Je t'aime, je t'aime vraiment. Je t'aime (Y/N). Je t'ai aimée depuis longtemps, chaton. J'aime vos yeux et votre rire et votre éternuement et votre sourire et votre voix et je t'aime. J'aurais voulu avoir le courage de vous le dire en anglais, mais je ne le fais pas.” Lafayette mumbled against your ear, the french words getting a smile to tug at your lips. You didn’t understand what he was saying but you loved the way it sounded. His arm was around you, pulling you close to him as the cold wind nipped at both your noses. Your head was resting on his shoulder and your eyes were closed as you listened to his words.

“What does that mean?” You giggled.

“Hello love birds.” Laurens interrupted before he could answer. You sat up and opened your eyes, still leaning against the Marquis.

“We are not in love, John.” Lafayette said, rolling his eyes.

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Bad Timing

Request: Hi! Your blog is awesome! Can you do a one shot where Damon fucks the reader during a family dinner? Thanks! & Dominant Damon one shot? :)

Character: Damon Salvatore x Reader

Warning: Smut (M), Dominance 

Word Count: 2049

For the first time in a long time, all of my siblings were back home for the weekend. It was my Dad’s birthday and he invited our whole family home for a special dinner. At this point, I’d been dating Damon for about a year and a half and he’d still never met my parents. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to bring Damon along and introduce him to the family. He was hesitant at first, seeming as I descend from a long line of vampire hunters… Although I was hesitant as well, seeming as I hadn’t even told my family that my bloodsucking boyfriend turned me into a bloodsucker myself. I wasn’t planning on telling them but we’d all been trained to seek out vampires in even the most difficult of circumstances, so they were bound to find out anyway.

Damon and I knocked on the front door of my childhood home, waiting for someone to answer. We stood restlessly on the straw doormat that read ‘Home is for living’, I shook my head and laughed to myself. Damon turned to me, confused. “What’s so funny?”, he furrowed his eyebrows at me and then down at the mat. “Home is for living pretty much refers to being alive… It’s basically a no vampires allowed sign” I laughed a little harder knowing how ironic that was. I explained it to Damon and he laughed along with me and before we knew it, my Dad was standing at the door looking as confused as ever.

“Dad!” I jumped into his arms after he took one step outside, allowing me to actually touch him without the vampire proof barrier getting in the way. He pulled away from our hug and brought his attention to Damon, “and who might you be?”, he said in a stern tone. Damon smiled and reached his hand out to my dad’s, initiating a handshake, “Damon Salvatore, pleasure to meet you Mr (Y/L/N)” he added. My dad’s face was blank for a few seconds until he realised that Damon was my boyfriend, he shook Damon’s hand again (with a smile this time) and invited us both inside.

My mom approached me while I was setting up the table in the dining room. She cupped my face with one hand and looked into my eyes with a bright grin, “I’m so glad you’ve finally found someone special, sweetheart” she admitted. I nestled my face into her hand, resting it there as I embraced this rare moment with my mom who I hadn’t seen in over 3 years. “He really is something special”, I smiled, “I’m so in love with him” I continued. My mom moved in closer to hug me tight, shedding a few tears of joy behind my back.

“Everyone to the dining room!”, I heard my Dad call from the living room. My siblings and Damon took their time making their way over, I guess they bonded well over murderous video games. We all sat down at the table and my parents brought out the spread of food, it felt so good to have everyone I love together in one room for the first time.

I had just started to dig in to my plate of food when I felt Damon’s warm hand slide across my thigh and make it’s way up to my centre. I nudged him off of me and glared over to him, “Seriously? Right now?” I whispered so quietly that only his vampire hearing would have picked it up. He winked at me and placed his hand back on my thigh, squeezing it repeatedly, making me jump a little. “You alright, pumpkin?”, my Dad asked from the head of the table as he gobbled down a hunk of steak. “Just fine”, I replied with a forced smile.

I almost became oblivious to Damon’s grip until I felt it relocate to my centre once again. His touch made me wet between my thighs, I let out a quiet sigh. Two of Damon’s lanky fingers stroked my folds through my panties, feeling how wet I had become. He slid his hand under my panties and slowly rubbed my throbbing core, “Damon”, I sighed under my breath as I glared at him once again. The atmosphere at the table had changed, I felt like everyone knew what was happening below the table. They were all suspiciously quiet; exchanging looks amongst each other.

My mom cleared her throat before standing in her place, “Now that you’re all here, I’d like to share some exciting news”, she started. Damon fastened his pace as he rubbed my clit in circular motions underneath my panties, I closed my eyes and held my breath. When I opened them again, I head my mom say the words “We’re proud to announce that we’ve been personally invited by Mayor Lockwood to Mystic Falls to be rid of the vampire population”. Damon’s fingers stopped all together and I let out my breath, we immediately turned to each other in shock.

“I knew it!”, Mom shouted, pointing towards Damon and I. We’d been caught out. “I knew from the second you arrived here sweetheart”, my mom explained, “I thought to myself, why would she knock on the front door when she has a key?”, she added. I laughed awkwardly, not knowing how to deal with the situation. “Are you going to hurt us?”, I asked innocently. “Of course not, pumpkin. We just wanted to know that you were safe and knew how to take care of yourself, that’s all” my Dad inputted. I was surprised to hear this coming from my vampire hunting parents, but they seemed more understanding than I expected. Damon held my hand on top of the table and I smiled, he smiled back and kissed my cheek.

I excused us from the table, insisting I needed to give Damon a tour of the house as they ate. I guided him up to my old room, laughing along with him at my embarrassing pre pubescent life. “The fact that I’m still hopelessly in love with you after seeing this says a lot about my love for you”, he chuckled and I slapped his bicep playfully. Just before I could pull away from my slap, Damon gripped my wrist tight. I glared at him and laughed awkwardly, “Let go, you idiot”. He stared down at me and licked his lips, I felt my knees becoming weak.

He forcefully pushed my body onto my old bed and propped himself on top of me. “My family is downstairs, Damon”, I glared at him and scrunched my eyebrows together. “But you’re so fucking sexy right now”, he whispered, “I need to have you, baby girl”, he continued. My cheeks blushed and I became flustered instantly, his voice was so seductive that I couldn’t resist even if I wanted to.

I lifted my head to bring our lips together and grabbed a handful of his hair but he pushed me back down and grabbed hold of both of my arms. He pulled my hands above my head and held them in place with his left hand. “You do as I say, and only as I say”, he whispered through his parted lips that hovered close to my ear. I nodded and took everything that came my way.

Damon lifted my dress and pulled it up over my head, followed by my bra. He made his way down my chest and tenderly sucked on my nipples before making his way further down my stomach and trailing wet kisses to the top of my panties. I moaned and he smirked up at me. He nipped at my inner thighs and kissed my folds through the thin layer of fabric. “Please, Damon”, I whined. “Shh, baby. Be patient”, he whispered to me.

He spread my legs and ripped off my panties and I winced at the pain. Damon slowly slid a finger into my entrance and began pumping in and out as he simultaneously licked circles around my clit, causing me to moan. I felt Damon smirk against my folds and add another finger into me. He pumped faster and used his thumb to rub my clit, along with his tongue.

I felt my walls begin to clench and my knees becoming weak, “Damon!”, I screamed in pleasure just before he stopped all contact and pulled his fingers out of me. I whined, angry that he didn’t let me reach my orgasm. “Enough whining”, he snapped. He sat up and stood on the floor, unzipping his pants to expose his enormous hard on. “On your knees, Princess” he demanded and I followed willingly, balancing on my knees in front of his erection. “Beg for me”, he demanded once again and I obliged.

“Please, let me suck your cock”, I pleaded with an innocent voice, knowing how much it was turning him on. “Louder” he said sternly, I didn’t want to say it any louder seeming as my family were still downstairs at the dinner table. I paused to think and he tugged on my hair a little harder than usual, “I said, louder” he repeated, I didn’t oblige. I shook my head and looked up at him with puppy dog eyes, begging him with my eyes not to make me say it any louder.

He wasn’t having that. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and motioned me towards his throbbing hard on, I opened my mouth and took it all in. I sucked hard, nipping the tip a little every once and a while to stir him up, he chuckled and pushed my mouth further onto him. As I took his full size in, I gagged, this seemed to please him so I didn’t mind.

I saw his eyes close and his lips part as be began to twitch inside my mouth, I pulled away just as he came, leaving my floor a mess. “Fuck, Damon!”, I said in frustration, knowing that was going to leave a stain in my carpet. “You’ve been a bad girl. Not following orders? Raising your voice at me? We’re going to have to fix that”, he said seriously but with a smirk. Damon grabbed me by my sides and picked me up, holding my bare ass as he brought me over to the bed, slapping it hard before he laid me down.

He held my hands above my head once again, torturing me with slow open mouthed kisses up my body before he met my lips for a kiss. Without warning, he slammed into me with force and I gasped at the sudden invasion. His thrusts were deep, allowing me to feel his whole length every time. He pushed hard and fast, gaining speed at a pace that humans only dream of. He leant down to fuck me with his tongue and I bit his lip as he pulled away. He positioned his head to the side of mine, groaning directly in my ear at his pleasure.

He grabbed hold of my right leg, holding it for support as he thrusted, while also gaining more entrance into me. I could feel his whole length fill me, I screamed his name with a mix of pleasure and pain before I dug my nails into his shoulders. He winced and then looked down at me with a smirk. His thrusts became disoriented and I felt him twitch inside of me, he was close and so was I. My walls began to clench and I felt a sensation building between my thighs, it was only a matter of seconds before both Damon and I had came together and rode out our orgasms.

Damon’s head dropped to the crook of my neck, he kissed it tenderly and I felt his incoherent breaths hot on my skin. He was still lying flat on top of me so I pushed him off and began freshening up, “You just had to have me now, didn’t you?, I said as I raised my eyebrows. “Yeah, it was something about the fact that you probably fingered yourself so hard in this very bed”, he said as he tapped the bed and wiggled his eyebrows. I laughed it off and rolled my eyes, knowing exactly how true it was.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm so sorry for asking such a basic thing, but... could I ask how you make gifs? The whole process, starting from downloading the episode, torrenting or whatever, etc... I can't even do that much so no matter how many tutorials I read or watch, I can't even open it in Photoshop or download it correctly. >.< Thank you!

Hiya!! No no don’t be sorry!! It took me a while to figure it out too when I first got started so I’m happy to help you! I will mention that I have a pc, not a mac, so I can only show you what I have. Also I’m super sorry for this late reply!

Tutorial: How To Make A Gif (Extremely Detailed Version)

Difficulty: Easy
Time Allocation: ~1 hour
No Prior Understanding Required

What You Will Need:

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