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College Confession #84

I was visiting a friend at another school for the first time. He and I were planning on smoking until we walked into his dorm room and saw a girl on HIS bed in labor. We were both speechless until his roommate came running back from the bathroom with a wet towel and said, “Don’t freak out! Don’t freak out!” The girl turned out to be the roommates sister who lived nearby and was visiting. She went into labor a few weeks early so everyone was thrown off guard.

They eventually took an ambulance to the hospital and once they were gone we saw that she was sitting on my friends bed when her water broke. We ended up cleaning up the mess for a while, then smoked like never before in order to get the image of a total stranger screaming her lungs out out of our heads.

- New York University

@neuromagpie​ and i were talking about chirrut and baze and how they are peak Gay Married In Space, so here’s some headcanons from that conversation:

  • they’ve been married for 30 years. they switch back and forth between delighting in introducing each other as “my husband” and pretending they don’t know each other in order to mess with people
  • they also constantly give each other shit
  • chirrut complains about baze almost shooting him. baze rolls his eyes about chirrut’s praying, especially because it seems to work. 
  • “i keep telling him not to fight 15 people at once. why does he keep winning. is he just doing it to prove me wrong”–baze, probably
  • baze isn’t actually all that interested in fighting. he prefers gardening, but chirrut keeps starting shit, so baze ended up with the World’s Biggest Gun in order to keep him safe (and defend his garden)
  • they clean each other up after fights and then cuddle. chirrut helps baze out of his gun harness–he doesn’t need to see to do it, he’s done it so many times–and leans in, brushes baze’s hair away from his neck and presses his face against it
  • of course, when the empire shows up on jedha, they destroy most growing things, including baze’s garden
  • chirrut finds baze looking out over the smoldering remains. he puts his hand on baze’s shoulder. “i’m gonna punch all of them in the throat,” he says solemnly. baze puts his head in his hands. he loves his husband.

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Hamilton Characters as things i overheard in a Whataburger last night
  • Thomas Jefferson: SHUT uP SANDY
  • James Madison: *Fit of coughing that lasts like, 5 minutes*
  • Lafayette: THEY PUT MUSTARD ON MY BURGER (friend suggests that they scrape the mustard off) YOU CANT JUST,, IT LEAVES RESIDUE, MAN!
  • Peggy Schuyler: : Well... We already went up to complain once, so I guess I'm just not getting my drink. I don't want to make it awkward.
  • Eliza Schuyler: Dude, I'm paying for all of this, so you should go up and get your drink!
  • ...
  • Fine, i'll go with you for moral support.
Fluffy Coffee Shop

Stupid Potter with his stupid complicated drink orders and I never mess them up and he always looks surprised and he never tips and he always holds up the line
He comes by the coffee shop I work in at least once a day, every single day, and always when I’m working.
I mean does the git have my work schedule memorized?
I think I have his work schedule memorized by now.
I started coming into this shop because one day I was walking by and I was so distracted by the pretty blonde that I walked straight into a lamppost. So then I went in, but i still had my football jacket on and how was I supposed to know that he went to our rival school?
So now everyday we argue and all I want to do is reach over that coffee bar and grab him by his collar and kiss that stupid smirk off his face.
I have to figure out who keeps overtipping. It’s getting to be a real issue because I know for a fact that no one orders anything complicated enough to justify tipping a fifty dollar bill. Except Potter maybe. But he doesn’t tip at all.
And no, I don’t know that because I was watching him.
Well maybe I was.
But only to make sure he didn’t steal anything.
And maybe because sometimes, when work is slow, I like to look at him and wonder what it would feel like to run my fingers through that curly hair.
How does one get Harreigh from Harry? I swear this Draco dude is treating me like a teenager who asked him to put “Beyoncé” on their frappuccino. It’s infuriating. Today I’m the only customer and I decide I’ve had enough of this. I tip so much because I know it bothers him when he can’t catch me and I like the furrow that he gets between his eyebrows when he’s confused and get a grip. I slam my cup down on the counter as he walks around it to clean the other side.
“What, exactly, is your issue”
“I’m afraid I couldn’t tell you” his silvery eyes seem to flash with malice.
And just like that any thoughts I had at arguing with him fly out of my head.
“why do you do that?”
“I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean, Potter” he spits out the name like it’s poison in his mouth.
“That!” I point a finger at his chest accusingly, “you look at me with your sexy eyes and your slicked back hair and I just want to fu-”
That’s it. I kiss him with as much purpose as I can muster. And that purpose is shut your pretty mouth and put it on mine. I think he gets the message.
He kisses back, so I would say he does. He was rambling on and on and all I caught was
“You think my eyes are sexy?”
He groans “don’t ruin this”.
“I think you already did when you decided to stop kissing me”
“I decided?” He sounds indignant, and his nose scrunches up in that way that’s been driving me c r a z y and I have to kiss him again. And again. And maybe I close early. And maybe I pull the shades shut. And maybe I make us both a cup of coffee. And maybe my phone alarm wakes us both up in the bedroom of my apartment. And maybe this is a good thing. And all I can think is why didn’t we start this earlier.

Last night I dreamt about the trailer being released but you could see only Even’s face through the whole clip but it didn’t say even once that he was the main and then Julie later would say that that wasn’t the trailer but she wanted to give us something while the hiatus, something to keep us calmed down and that she needed us to do something in order to release the trailer and begin with season 4 and we all were like “listen, I would give my life for that trailer” and then I woke up and got so pissed off because I didn’t get to know what happened at the end I think I’m going crazy bye

[Event Story] Prologue [Phantom Thieves VS Detectives]

START  Case Discovery : Part 1→

(yes i know i’m still in the middle of doing cafe undead but i’m ra*bitsP, and knightsP, and also detectives/mystery aesthetic so just this once i’m going out of order I’ll be alternating between posting Main Story, Cafe UNDEAD, and Phantom Thieves VS Detectives!

The usual Tsukasa trying to keep up with his fellow “Knights” as they prepare for the upcoming DreamFes. It’s always fun to mess around with the youngest one, right?)

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Finn and Rey messing around in storage closets every chance they get– meeting in empty rooms to make out, and Finn has definitely lifted her up to sit on the ship’s laundry console so he can fuck her standing–

BB8 keeping watch at the door and trilling at anyone who tries to come in that the laundry is out of order and full of poison gas: humans keep out.

”Oh my god, should we alert the General!??”

(Negative.)  BB8 bleeps, as a loud moan, followed by banging and grunting, comes from behind the door.  
(The problem is being attended to.)

Later, once they’re on their Space Mission:

Finn and Rey sneaking off while the Millenium Falcon is drifting around in space to have sex anywhere they can find to be alone for a while–

Rey casually strolling into the common area after they’ve been missing for an hour and pretending to take an interest in the chess game Luke and Chewbacca are playing.

Finn comes in a few seconds later, face flushed and fresh, clearing his throat and fixing his clothes.

“Rey, I couldn’t find your lightsaber anywhere, have you…  Oh!! There it is!”  Finn exclaims. “Ha ha… It was out here… this whole time…  shucks, and I thought we looked everywhere…”  

He laughs awkwardly while Luke looks judgementally at Rey, unimpressed.

BB8 rolls over and gives the two of them a “thumbs up” while beeping happily.
(congrats on the sex!)


4x18 “The Monster at the End of This Book"
“You mean my process?

“Creepy visions, violent urges, same old same old”, that’s how Dean described  living with the mark on his arm. Quite afew times over the seasons we also saw how else it affected Dean. Namely with nightmares and the only way we found Dean deal more than once was to drink himself blind in order to not feel anything or numb what the mark made him crave. Similarly Chuck Shurley drank himself to sleep after reciving visions and having messed up dreams.

I have written about it last season already how Dean’s MoC-situation and him connecting with the Book of the Damned could be seen as the equivalent to Sam resonating with the tablets (see here and here), which to me makes sense given you could say those tablets were the “most basic gospel” and the Book of the Damned was the Darkness’ version of the bible almost, which of course was created when a nun recived visions of Darkness and wrote those down like a scribe on her own flesh with her own blood (I still think it is very relevant and interesting that with the Book of the Damned (flesh and blood), the First Blade (bone) and the mark (the Spirit) this build a whole organism).

After re-watching 4x18 “The Monster at the End of this Book”, I came back to these old metas and couldn’t help but wonder if you could consider the one bearing the mark to be the prophet of the Darkness, her mouthpiece, which virtually one could say Chuck was for God.

In any case I did find the ending scene quite interesting in that regard, because the angels made sure that Chuck finished his vision (almost like Calliope protected the authors in 10x05 “Fan Fiction” and only then consumed him) and made come true what needed to be realized. This feels very compatible with how Dean became a prisoner to the Darkness’ urges that amplified his own darkness. The Darkness’ power mixed with his darkness, muddled together and turned Den into a mouthpiece of it and with that one he may still be to this day, as him and Amara/the Darkness are still connected.

Anway, so Zachariah makes sure that Chuck is going nowhere fast, worse makes it known to him that he can’t escape his fate even if he chooses death. Reminds you of someone else who twice would rather die than turn into something he didn’t want to be?

I go back to talk to my coworker because this customer was like “what happened to your hair?”

So I told him what he wanted to hear, that my barber messed up and we couldn’t fix it. Then I got in a run in with a lawn mower. Then he said his hair looked like mine once because he got his stuck in a turbine or some shit like okay.

Then my coworker says “I almost expected him to call you a witch. You should told him you cut your hair like that in order to get comments to see who you would curse next.”

Damn son. They are fucking on to me and it’s probably best I leave 😂😂😂

— ( ♡ ) i think it’s time for me to make such post, since i reached a beautiful number of 500 followers and it’s almost three months since i’m roleplaying mao! during this time i met so many beautiful people and honestly, i think i’m really very happy here. i met old friends, i fixed old friendship and i met many new amazing people that i would like to keep in touch with for a long time! as always, i probably messed up with everything trying to put everyone on this follow forever, but i’m trying my best and even if you’re not here, please, remember that YOU’RE ALL LOVED AND CHERISHED.if not by me right now, then you surely will pretty soon, trust me. anyway, once again, THANK YOU for being here, for coping with me and making my life so much better. you’re all my little stars that i cherish the most ♥ ‘

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Ugin’s Draconian Runes Theory


The runes Ugin used to inscribe the hedron were single-use glyphs, and just having them on the hedrons was enough.

So my theory is that after the first dozen or so Ugin got bored and started inscribing his multiverse fanfiction onto the hedrons, complete with “continued on hedron 843, northwest face” to keep it all in order.

The Eldrazi getting released also probably messed up a few chapters.

On Tarkir, Ugin basically wrote limericks all over the hedron. “There once was this jerk Nicol Bolas…”