they meet up for pancakes every morning

The Arrangement (Part 9)

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Summary: You and Dean have an interesting morning, but Sam interrupts. Later, you and Mary have a little heart to heart, and Dean says something surprising.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,400

Warnings (don’t read unless you want some spoilers): mild smutiness / smutty thoughts, language, sexual tension per usual

A/N: Because the response to this fic has been so amazing, and I love you guys, here’s part nine early!! (Also I feel bad because this is MORE buildup to the gala. But I think you’ll like it) Once more, feedback is always welcome!

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Dating Markiplier Would Include

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- Your relationship would be kept a secret for a long time

- Until one day your reflection is seen in a video or someone catches on to how many times Mark keeps looking behind the camera

- You’re then terrified that his fans won’t like or accept you

- But HOLY SHIT they love you so much

- You start recording videos with Mark

- It starts off with a few couple challenge videos

- Until it escalates into so much more

- You’re in pretty much every collab video now

- He doesn’t listen to much music but you manage to convince him to listen to your favourite artist(s)

- Him secretly memorising every line to your favourite song so he can surprise you later

- Chica basically becoming your child

- You’re not too touchy-feely in public

- But he always finds a way to sneak in a quick kiss

- So many romantic dates

- But even more casual dates at home

- Stealing his clothes

- Kissing each other whenever you can

- Whether it’s in your favourite part of town at sunset

- Or even when you’re in bed with the flu

- Mark ending up catching your illness because he kissed you too much

- Dying your hair together

- Having matching hair

- Him having cute pet names for you

- Pretending to freak out every time he posts a selfie

- “Oh my goooood Mark!! I’ve watched all your videos plz follow me back”

- Worrying about his health all the time because he is always sick

- Meeting Momiplier and instantly falling in love with her

- You get jealous whenever someone recognises him on the street

- But him reassuring you that you’re the only fan that matters

- If you’re stressed then he’ll just talk to you about anything. His voice always manages to calm you down

- Having chicken and dumplings for dinner at least twice a week

- Lots!!! Of!!! Cuddles!!!

- Walking Chica with him and holding hands as you walk through the park in the morning

- The man wakes up ridiculously early so he can cram in everyday activities before work

- So you’ll usually wake up to pancakes and coffee every day

- You love to take cute pictures of Mark for his Instagram

- Him forcing you to be in a few

- Mark making heart eyes at you in every single one because he can’t believe you’re next to him

- Tyler and Ethan teasing you both all the time

- Mark just laughing it off because he already knows how whipped he is

- He would be such a gentleman when he wants to be

- Basically just the perfect boyfriend, and no one can convince me otherwise

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anonymous asked:

I guess requests are open now??? What would the RFA member's reaction to MC eating some kind of candy or food that gets them sexually frustrated or amused? (I'm sorry for this gaahh)

Author’s note: Don’t be sorry, I LOVED WRITING THIS!!! ps: this was asked awhile ago


  • “That was soooo much fun!!!!”
  • Yoosung’s college was hosting a carnival and after days of begging him he finally brought you
  • After your fourth time on the Ferris Wheel, you felt your stomach growl
  • Yooosunggg, can we get something to eat?”
  • He peaked his head over the giant teddy bear he won for you
  • “Sure! I think I saw a food stand around here somewhere…”
  • “I want cotton candy.”
  • “O-Okay! But you know that isn’t the best-”
  • “I know,” you glared at him, “it’s ‘not the best food choice for you.’” 
  • I mean, he eats junk food all the time, why he is lecturing you??
  • He sighed, I guess there’s no way of talking her out of it
  • When you finally found a vendor, you rushed up to him and told Yoosung to find the two of you a seat
  • He found a picnic table and set the bear down next to him
  • You bought the sweet treat and sat across from your boyfriend
  • “Do you want some?”
  • Yoosung shook his head, “Nah, I’m good.”
  • “More for me!”
  • You ripped off a piece of the fluffy candy and placed it on your tongue, letting it melt
  • “Mmm, that’s so good.”
  • Yoosung was mesmerized
  • He watched as you continued to eat, taking a piece, placing it on your tongue, and letting it melt
  • Every so often you would let out a satisfied groan
  • I mean, how good IS that cotton candy??
  • Yoosung felt his face heat up as he watched you suck the sticky residue off of your fingers
  • When you finished, you licked your lips, trying to get the last of the stubborn sugar
  • You got up and stretched, “Ready to go?”
  • He continued to stare at you
  • “…Yoosung?”
  • “A-Ah, sorry! Let’s go.”
  • He stood up and gave you an embarrassed smile
  • “What do you want to do next?”
  • You were about to answer, when you noticed something
  • “Yoosung?”
  • “Hmm?”
  • You smirked and walked toward him, stopping right in front of him
  • “Looks like someone got a little… excited,” you whispered.
  • He looked down and gasped
  • Quickly, he grabbed the bear he had won and placed it in front of him
  • He looked back up at you, face BRIGHT red
  • “I-I’m sorry, it’s just-”
  • You put a finger to his lips, “I think I know what I want to ride next.”
  • He almost passed out then and there
  • You reached into his pocket and grabbed his keys
  • He’s basically dead at this point
  • “Let’s go home.”


  • He laughed when he saw you walking back from the buffet table it was “just for cast,” but Zen had smooth talked the director into letting you have some
  • You had a MOUNTAIN of strawberries (with the tops cut off) piled onto a tiny plate and one stuffed in your mouth
  • You set the plate down on the table and sat across from your boyfriend
  • “Why’re yew laughng,” you attempted to speak mid-chew
  • Zen covered his mouth, a smile still evident on his face
  • “You’re just…”
  • You raised an eyebrow, “Just what?”
  • “SO cute!!” he leaned forward and kissed your forehead
  • You swallowed the rest of the strawberry and glared at him
  • “Zen, you know I hate being called that!”
  • He rested his head on his chin, “But its trueeee!!!”
  • Sighing, you looked back down at the plate of strawberries on the table
  • That gives me an idea…
  • You picked up another strawberry and bit off the tip, letting your lips linger around it
  • “Mmm,” you closed your eyes, “this strawberry is amazing!”
  • You leaned forward slightly, pressing your upper body against the table, “You should try it, babe.”
  • Before he could say anything, you gently forced the berry into his mouth
  • He reluctantly bit it, maintaining eye contact with you the entire time
  • You retracted your arm and smiled, “Wasn’t that good?”
  • Zen looked around to make sure no one was staring
  • “MC, what are you doing?”
  • You furrowed your brows and tilted your head, “Me? I’m just trying to share some food with boyfriend, simple as that!!”
  • He gave you a suspicious look and shrugged, “If you insist!!”
  • Zen reached out for another strawberry
  • “Oh no you don’t!!”
  • You smacked his hand away from the plate
  • He cradled his hand and looked up at you
  • “What the hell?”
  • “Only I’m allowed to give you one.”
  • He smirked, “Someone’s feeling a little… controlling.”
  • I’d rather you say I was-“
  • You leaned over the table and got close to his face
  • “-dominating.”
  • Zen gulped, a light blush quickly spreading across his face
  • He clenched his fist, “MC, you know I can’t control the beast when you act like this…”
  • Without moving away from his face, you reached for another strawberry
  • “Open up!”
  • You placed one part of the strawberry in your mouth and closed the gap between your lips and his
  • He took the bait, taking the strawberry out of your mouth and eating it
  • You leaned away and looked at your boyfriend
  • You had to bite your lip to keep from laughing
  • His eyes were filled with pure lust, and his cheeks were flushed
  • “C-Come with me.”
  • He stood up and held out his hand
  • “And bring the strawberries,” he looked down at the table
  • You happily obliged as he lead you to his dressing room
  • Before entering, you stopped and turned to him
  • “Not so cute now, am I?”
  • He stared at you for a second before kissing you, leading you into the room and closing the door behind you


  • POP
  • “That was really nice of Jumin to give us that gift basket!”
  • POP
  • “Uh-huh…”
  • POP
  • “Of course, he doesn’t really like sweets, so I guess it wasn’t really out of the goodness of his heart.”
  • POP
  • “Y-Yeah.”
  • POP
  • “Jaehee, are you okay?”
  • She gave you a silent nod, her eyes never leaving your lips
  • Jaehee watched you put the lollipop into your mouth and pop it back out
  • Your tongue continued swirling around the candy, making little wet sounds as you went on
  • She took a big breath, trying to calm herself
  • Jaehee rubbed her slightly sweaty hands on her pants and stood up
  • “I-I’ll be right back.”
  • You looked at your flustered girlfriend, slightly confused
  • Before she could leave, you grabbed her wrist, pulling her close to you
  • You placed a hand on her forehead
  • “You feel kinda warm, and your cheeks are flushed. Are you sick?”
  • Jaehee bit her lip, “N-no, it’s not that.”
  • When you leaned in closer, your hand brushed her inner thigh
  • Jaehee sucked in a sharp breath and looked away, her glasses slightly fogging up
  • “MC, be careful.”
  • You smirked
  • Now I get it.
  • You turned her face toward you and leaned in
  • “Let’s take a trip back to the bedroom.”
  • Jaehee stared at you before closing the gap, pressing her slips lightly against yours
  • When you pulled back, she smiled
  • Taste just like candy.


  • The RFA was holding their daily meeting, and Jaehee was updating everyone on the current status of the party
  • But Jumin wasn’t listening to A WORD she was saying
  • His attention was focused purely on you
  • He thought back to this morning, when this whole situation began

When you woke up, you heard your alarm clock going off. Confused and still half asleep, you rolled over to look at it.


You shot up, disturbing your sleeping boyfriend.

“MC, stop moving.”

“Jumin it’s almost 8 o’clock… we’re going to be-”

He was out of bed before you could finish.

“Get dressed and grab something you can eat on the go. I won’t have time to make pancakes this morning.”

You nodded, heading to your closet and grabbing the first shirt you could find.

  • He sighed
  • Of course you had to choose a banana…
  • Completely unaware of Jumin’s heavy stare, you continued eating your breakfast, taking dainty little bites every couple of seconds
  • Jumin clenched his jaw, trying to calm himself
  • As you were finishing it up, he watched as you shoved the rest of it into your mouth
  • Shit.
  • He stood up and cleared his throat
  • “MC, I have an idea for a guest that I must discuss with you.”
  • Jaehee sighed, “Can’t it wait until after the meeting?”
  • Jumin glared at his assistant
  • “No.”
  • He quickly left the room, MC on his heels
  • “What’s the name of-”
  • As soon as the door closed, Jumin pushed you against the wall and grabbed your chin
  • Desperately, he pressed his lips to yours
  • After pulling away, he looked into your eyes
  • “I need you. Now.”
  • He dragged you away from the conference room and down the hall
  • When he walked into the office he let go of your wrist
  • “W-what the hell, Jumin?”
  • He locked the door and walked toward you, his eyes never leaving your lips
  • Before you knew it, you were backed up against his desk
  • “Jumin-”
  • In one quick motion he lifted you up and placed you on his desk
  • He began kissing your neck
  • “I love you,” his kissed down your jawline, “so damn much.”
  • Needless to say, the two of you never got back to that meeting


  • “Saeran is gonna be sooo jealous!”
  • You and Seven had decided to take a little detour on your ride home from work by stopping to get some ice cream
  • Of course, you didn’t think about Saeran until AFTER you ordered
  • “Hold this, I have an idea,” you handed Seven your ice cream cone
  • You pulled away from the drive thru, “I’ll just park outside the house and we’ll eat it in the car! That way we’ll finish it before Saeran even knows!
  • Seven smiled, “It’ll be our little secret.”
  • You drove back to your home and pulled into the driveway
  • When you parked the car he handed you back your ice cream
  • “Bon appetite, my sweet,” he winked
  • Quickly, you grabbed your ice cream cone and got to work
  • Seven focused on his cone, basically INHALING it
  • 2 minutes later, he was done
  • “That was amazing,” he said, wiping his fingers
  • He looked back over to you
  • WHAT?? You’ve barely made a dent!!”
  • You shrugged and gave him a look, “I like to actually taste my food before swallowing it.”
  • He sighed as you went back to eating your cold treat
  • Seven watched as you dragged your tongue around the rim of the cone
  • He bit his lip to hold back a moan
  • As you continued to lap away at your ice cream, Seven felt his core heat up
  • He followed each movement of your mouth as you continued to lick, letting imagination take control
  • “Damn,” you sighed, “I don’t think I’ll be able to finish.”
  • You looked over at your husband, “Do you want the rest?”
  • He stared blankly at you, still biting his lip
  • “Seven?”
  • He shook his head, zoning back in, “…Hmm?”
  • You held up your ice cream, “Do you want this??”
  • “Sure.”
  • He reached for the cone and took it too quick, causing some of the ice cream to fall on his pants
  • “Shit, sorry-”
  • “Don’t worry about it,” you interrupted, grabbing a napkin out of the bag
  • You began wiping the melted dessert off of his pants
  • “You don’t have to-aHH!”
  • Seven’s hips thrust forward as you wiped the napkin across his crotch area
  • Smirking, you looked up at him
  • “Hmm, I might need to check if any seeped through to your underwear,” you leaned forward, messing with his zipper
  • “MC,” he hissed under his breath, “don’t be such a tease!”
  • Before you could take it any further, you heard someone clear their throat
  • You leaped back, hitting your head on the car door
  • “SAERAN??”
  • Seven’s twin stood in front of the car with his arms crossed
  • “H-how long have you been standing there?”
  • He remained silent, ignoring his brother’s question
  • After a couple of seconds he sighed
  • “Next time… you better get me some damn ice cream.”
  • With that, turned around and walked back toward the house, leaving Seven and MC both bright red messes
Moving into Stark Tower (Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader)

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Pairing/Characters:Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 457

When your dad, Tony Stark decided to move into Stark Tower with the rest of the Avengers, he invited you too. You missed living with him since you started your degree, but his mansion was too far away to make the journey to university every day. You gladly accepted the offer, since you loved your dad and wanted to spend as much time with him as possible, plus the tower was close to your university.  After finishing up the term, you moved in about a month after your dad.

It was your first morning in Stark Tower, and you were in the kitchen making pancakes. You didn’t usually get a chance to make pancakes since you were extremely busy with your studies, so you were enjoying the process. While you were mixing the batter, you wondered if you were going to meet the Avengers today. None of the Avengers, except for Nat, knew about you.

Today is going to be interesting you thought.

As if on cue, the whole team (except for your dad) walked into the kitchen/dining area.

“Auntie Nat” you cried cheerfully as you ran up to her and hugged her.

“How are you? It’s been so long since I’ve seen you!” she replied enthusiastically.

The rest of the team stared in shock. They had no idea who you were, but Sam and Bucky couldn’t pass up the opportunity to start an argument.

“Are you Bella Hadid?” asked Sam, obviously star struck.

“No, you idiot, that’s Jasmine Tookes!” Bucky screamed in response at his ‘friend’.

Unfortunately for Earth’s mightiest heroes, Tony made them all watch the Victoria’s Secret fashion show on TV a little while ago, so the whole team started guessing. You and Natasha tried desperately hard to hold in your laughter.

“She’s Adriana Lima!” Clint added.

“Good friends of mine, you are mistaken, she is Lady Stella Maxwell” Thor replied.

This was turning into a massive argument, but judging by their facial expressions, it looked more like a war. The team was determined to guess correctly, and they were on the right track. You had walked in the Victoria’s Secret show twice, but when the Avengers saw the show, Tony did not tell them your name. Only Nat knew.

“She’s Irina Shayk” Bruce mumbled quietly.

“Are you Kendall Jenner?” Wanda asked politely.

If it wasn’t for your dad entering the kitchen that second, the Avengers would have named every Victoria’s Secret model in history.

“(Y/N)!” his face lit up as he saw you and said your name. He hugged you even tighter than Nat did and you kissed his cheek.

“Hi, Dad” you giggled.

“Dad?!” Steve asked, bewildered “Tony you have a daughter and you didn’t tell us?”

“Stop overreacting Capsicle”.

I can’t unsee dad!rumlow, guys, because Grillo is ultimate dad who makes pancakes every morning…also come on you know shield has a “bring your kid to work day” lmao rumlow just happens to bring his mini asset who won’t shut up about meeting captain america.

p.s. i decided to draw rumlow with a messed up face because i think it would be hella sweet if bucky is less self conscious about his missing arm when rumlow struts around with ease even with half his face burnt off. :3

InuKag Week 4: “AU”

A/N: The idea came to me while listening to Met at Work…1500 words.

Traveling in a fried-out Kombi

On a hippie trail, head full of zombie

I met a strange lady, she made me nervous

She took me in and gave me breakfast

And she said


The awareness that Inuyasha required water sooner than later buzzed in his ears, annoying and persistent like the gnats that hovered his head.

But he hadn’t a drop of it, and he had traded his last horse for the rifle that burned hot steel against his back. Useless and unprovoked since the second he threw down his saddle for it.

He’d see her again…eventually. The mare was his and always would be, so he needed to find a temporary job, build up his savings again, and buy her back.

Although none of those things would happen first without his finding water.

And seeing as he was shoulders deep under a crushing weight of orange desert sand, head pushed to the side to sizzle under the unpitying sun- he was sooner fated to die of dehydration than apply for any open career positions.

“Oh my God!”

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jumins-princess0  asked:

Quick question sorry if it bothers you but you know that one request you did about the mc being a junior would you be willing to do another one like that on what they would do for dates since the mc is younger than them? Could you possibly include v and saren? Sorry I just really loved what you wrote and if u can't I totally understand. Thanks cutie 😊

heheheeeeEEE you called me cutie c:


  • the!! MOVIES!!
  • Yoosung takes MC to the movies all the time
  • he always treats them to a large popcorn and a large slushie
  • and he takes them to the same movie theater every time
  • cause its the one with the arm rests that he can push up
  • that way him and MC can sit in the back row and cuddle up during the movie
  • and Yoosung knows not to pick a movie that starts after 7 PM because MC’s curfew is 11 on weekends and he needs a little time afterwards to grab some ice cream
  • and when it gets cold outside, hot chocolate~
  • Yoosung is so precious, so pure i


  • as an actor Zen has a lot of early mornings
  • and since MC is a student, literally every morning is early for them
  • so the two end up going on a lot of breakfast dates
  • Zen says he’ll get the check every time but most days MC’s like
  • “hey man, you’re a poor actor and i have an allowance. let me grab breakfast”
  • Zen usually gives in, but some mornings his pride still keeps him from letting MC pay
  • mostly, they end up splitting it
  • also, Zen finds it so adorable that MC orders strawberry pancakes literally every single time
  • they order strawberry pancakes so much that Zen even takes to calling them his little strawberry


  • sorry i know i do this to Jaehee all the time but
  • MC and Jaehee meet up at starbucks all the time
  • MC usually just studies and Jaehee will do some of her own work
  • depending on what they’re doing, MC and Jaehee will hold hands across the table while they drink
  • once Jaehee got to starbucks a little early so she bought MC’s coffee (pumpkin spice latte)
  • and the next time, MC got there a few minutes early so they get Jaehee’s coffee (americano) for her
  • and since then whoever gets to starbucks first gets the other coffee
  • sometimes they end up meeting half an hour before they said they would, just trying to buy the other coffee


  • lets go to THE MALL
  • Jumin will literally text MC like
  • “i’m in your driveway. can i take you to the mall again?”
  • ummm heLL YEA YOU CAN
  • MC doesnt even let Jumin spoil them as much as he wants to, though
  • every time they like something and he offers to get it for them they say something along the lines of
  • “i like coming to the mall with you for your company, Jumin. not your cash”
  • even thought MC wont let Jumin spend any money on them, he still likes taking them to the mall
  • he loves watching how excited they get when they find something really cute
  • they grab a ton of clothes and basically do a lil fashion show for Jumin
  • “Jumin, it’s this outfit so adorable?”
  • “of course. but you look incredible in everything, sweetheart”


  • when Seven is your boyfriend
  • you have to sneak out a lot
  • because the only time Seven isnt working is at night
  • so MC’s high school life is pretty much falling asleep in every class because they spend from 2 AM-4 AM hanging out with Seven
  • around 6 PM MC will usually get a text like
  • “hey, can we go for a drive tonight?”
  • and MC knows that means at 2 AM Seven’s going to park his convertible right outside their house
  • sometimes he’ll just drive with the top down and play some music while MC falls asleep in the passenger seat
  • he doesnt mind at all
  • he just loves being with them like this
  • driving through the crisp night air, Seven feels like him and MC are truly free
  • sometimes he’ll park the car and talk to them for a little
  • sometimes they’ll go to his place and watch a movie
  • it doesnt matter, as long as theyre together


  • V loooooooves dinner dates
  • treating MC to a meal is his favorite way to spend time with them
  • he takes them anywhere from fast food restaurants to expensive fancy places
  • but his favorite place to take MC 
  • is a cute, small diner that’s open 24/7
  • because they make the most fantastic milkshakes V has ever had
  • he and MC split a shake every time they go there together
  • thank god they both have the same favorite flavor: cookies and cream
  • V is just in love with the concept of sharing a meal with MC and hearing them tell him all about their day
  • cause honestly, some crazy shit happens in high school
  • like just the other day MC was ranting to V about this one bitch in their chemistry class and even V got a little pissed hearing about this chick
  • high school is a mess, V


  • Saeran is all about supporting his local music scene
  • he takes MC to local shows all the time
  • he does have rules, though!
  • no shows on school nights (no matter how badly MC wants to go)
  • MC has to wear earplugs (protecting your hearing is IMPORTANT)
  • and NO BARS
  • a concert venue with a small bar is fine,
  • but Saeran never takes MC to places that are more bar than venue
  • he just really hates drunk ass holes and needs to protect MC from them
  • but Saeran also makes a great body guard, for those rare occasions when some drunk shithead is trying to get close to MC
  • MC is so cute at shows, he loves the way they dance and practically scream lyrics instead of really singing
  • its just, an incredible way for him to live life

thanks for reading, i really hope you enjoyed c:

Title: Speed Dating Part 2

Length: 1,617 words

Rating: K+

Warning: like on cuss word, allusions to sex

Pairings: Peter Maximoff x Reader, Cherik


A/N: There will be a part 3 because I’m unable to fit all I want in it right now and I’m tired so yes, part three is coming.

You were laying on Peter’s chest still crying after the fight with your dad. You had never said such awful things to him in your life. You hadn’t meant to say such horrible things but you had and you couldn’t take them back. In a way you were glad you had said them. He had been denying it for so long you knew you had to say them. Peter was calm the whole time as he listened and occasionally reacted to your recount. You eventually played the whole scene in his head with you own telepathic power. At the end Peter looked somewhat scared and also rather proud.

“Damn, babe, you are cold!” he laughed. You weren’t laughing. You were angry with yourself and with your dad. Why couldn’t he just let you be happy?

“Peter it’s not funny!” you shouted suddenly pushing away from him.

“Babe, that’s not what I meant.” He pulled you back into his arms and wrapped you in them leaving gentle kisses on your forehead. “I meant, you said what you needed to say. I know it’s hard to see but you were right.” It didn’t help. You still felt like shit. Peter noticed your look and thought for a moment. “Why don’t we go back to my place for a while?”

“You mean your mom’s house in DC?” you asked knowing that was the only other place he had to go.

“Yeah, she and my little sister on a girl scout retreat thing so we’d have the whole house to ourselves. You need to get out of here for a while anyway. When was the last time you left this state?” Peter asked and you thought it over for a moment.

“When Apocalypse attacked.” You remembered finally. It had been scary seeing your dad getting kidnapped by Magneto. Then your house had blown up and everything had taken a long time to rebuild.

“Then let’s go have a weekend retreat to ourselves. The world won’t end because we took a weekend off.” He said pressing kisses to your forehead and cheek. It would be nice to wake up next to Peter and not worry about class or training.

“You’re right. We should go, while it’s dark that way no one can see us.” Peter got up and packed some clothes in a backpack.

“I have to get mine too.” You didn’t even see him leave the room.

“Already got them.” You looked up noticing he had just come back in the door. Peter shut and locked the door behind him. You nodded to Peter. You both crept quietly through the house making sure not to wake any of the other kids. When you got to the front door you stopped and let out one more silent thought.

I’m sorry Dad.” You thought to yourself. Peter picked you up bridal style and you tucked your head so you wouldn’t get whiplash. Peter took a deep breath and you both took off.

Back in his office Charles felt tears running down his face from your harsh words. He had been sitting there perfectly still in stunned silence for over an hour. The whole scene replayed in his head over and over until he thought he would go mad. He knew he had messed up. That much was clear to him. How had he let himself do that? He put his head in his hands and cried. All the pain and memories had come flooding back. God, why did he do this?

“I keep doing this. I do it every time.” He muttered. He wiped his face with a Kleenex from his desk. That was when he heard it.

“Charles?” a voice said. Charles turned his chair and saw Erik standing there in normal human clothes looking very concerned.

“Hello my friend.” Charles faked a smile. “When did you arrive?” He rubbed his eyes like he was tired.

“A few minutes ago. What happened to you Charles?” he asked wondering what was going on.  Charles laughed wryly in pain.

“I had a fight with my daughter.” He explained wishing Erik would just drop it.

“Charles, I’ve known you long enough to know when something is really wrong. What happened with you and Y/N?” Charles rubbed the bridge of his nose. Erik walked over and sat in the chair in front of his desk looking Charles in the eye. Charles touched his finger to his temple and gave Erik a “May I?” look. Erik nodded and Charles displayed the entire fight in Erik’s mind.

“Charles…” Erik looked shocked as Charles turned his chair towards the window again.

“Do you see? I screwed up so bad my only daughter hates me.” Charles wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

“She’s dating my son. I had no idea.” Erik said in disbelief.

“Neither did I until this morning.” Charles countered. “Apparently, our kids are very good at keeping secrets.”

“No, I had no idea that was how you felt. I knew the kids were dating for a while now.” Erik admitted. Charles wheeled around at him. Erik felt Charles crash into his mind and Erik felt to the floor.

“You knew and you never told me?” Charles’ fury slammed through Erik’s mind.

“Charles, she’s Y/A. She deserves to have fun and see people.” Erik said trying to make Charles stop.

“This coming from the man who’s had four children with three different women and didn’t take care of three of them.” Fury blazed in his eyes and Charles didn’t stop until Erik was writhing on the floor.

“Charles!” Erik screamed. Charles stopped and looked at Erik with horrified eyes.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that. I do this every time.” Charles said as Erik picked himself up. “God, I screwed up.”

“You need to stop the pity party for now Charles. You owe Y/N an apology and you owe Peter one too.” Erik said ignoring the migraine he had just received. Charles was about to agree when he heard a mental apology. ‘I’m sorry Dad.’ Then nothing. He couldn’t feel her mind anymore. Charles’ face fell.

“She’s gone!” he yelled in fear.

“What!?” Erik yelled. Charles scanned the whole mansion unable to locate hers or Peter’s minds.

“They’re gone! Peter and Y/N are gone. They’ve left the mansion. We have to find them!” Charles began wheeling towards the basement heading for Cerebro. Erik stood right in front of him and held his chair in place without touching it.

“Charles, stop. Let her go for tonight.” Erik got down to his eye level.

“You want our children to leave their home in the middle of the night?” Charles asked him.

“Our children are grown with their own lives. She’s just angry right now. Let her chill out for a bit. Contact her in the morning. You need to be off to bed for now.” Erik reasoned. Charles still looked upset but he agreed. “She needs time to think and you need time to cool off.” Erik smiled for a moment and with no warning, Charles chair lifted itself off the ground. Charles looked at Erik in shock.

“What are you doing Erik?” he gripped the sides of his chair in fear.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” Erik smiled his shark like smile. “I’m taking you to bed.”

What was supposed to be a weekend ended up being a week and a half. When you arrived your first night Peter locked up his house and carried you to bed. The next morning you awoke to him making pancakes in his kitchen. When his mom and sister had arrived home a few days later they were more than excited to finally meet you. You liked Peter’s mom. She was really nice and looked really good for her age. You could see why Magneto had fallen for her at one point. After showing you every single embarrassing baby picture of Peter and telling you all the stories she had about him as a baby you were convinced she would be the perfect mother in law. But you knew it had to end eventually. After being away for so long you had started to miss home and Peter needed to be getting back to do training for missions. Raven would be extra hard on him for missing so much training.

“Peter, we need to go back.” You said after the tenth day.

“Back to where? The mansion?” Peter asked sounding surprised.

“Yes, I need to talk to my dad and you need to be doing training. You know Aunt Raven is gonna give you Hell. We have people there we can’t let down. This has been great but my dad has to be going out of his mind by now.” You said sitting down on his couch. Peter didn’t want to admit it but you were right.

“We’ll leave once you get dressed.” He went upstairs to tell him mom.

Fifteen minutes later you had hugged his mom and little sister and were prepared to go home again. You had a feeling this was gonna be bad. Before you left you looked at Peter knowing what you needed to say.

“Promise me something?” you asked as he picked you up in his arms.

“Anything at you want babe.” He said kicking his foot to get himself ready.

“Promise me that no matter what my dad says you won’t break up with me.”

“So long as you don’t break up with me.” He responded and you kissed him.


“I love you.” He said.

“I love you too.” You said and you felt Peter take off. Within what felt like seconds you had arrived back at the mansion.

dinosaur-puke  asked:

My parents forgot my birthday again. Could you make a handymen(including Alex) scenario and what they would do for their s/o's birthday? Thanks! :3

Well, first off, I’m terribly sorry to hear that. Hope this little something cheers you up. Happy Birthday, Sunshine !!  — Admin Vic.

Worick Arcangelo would probably make the biggest fucking deal about it. He’d have known from days and weeks before the actual celebration, has it marked on every calendar and the event even has its own fucking countdown.. He wakes them up that morning with breakfast in bed (which he’d gotten up real early to make…ended up burning the first two batches of pancakes, though), just about the smuggest smile plastered on his face. Wishes them happy birthday every two minutes. He follows it up by dragging shopping for gifts, and usually ends up buying almost everything that catches his or his s/o’s eyes (not that he hasn’t already bought them huge pile at home) and announces very loudly to everyone they meet that it’s his s/o’s birthday and they have to elbow him in the gut for him to shut up. Basically he’ll do anything and everything and spoils his s/o rotten, if not unnecessarily. He’ll even organise a party and shit, invites literally everyone over. And of course, let’s not forget their night-time fun… “You know, [Name], they say the biggest gift one can give another is oneself. So why don’t you have me for tonight?”

One wouldn’t really expect Nicolas Brown to be the type of guy to do something for this s/o’s birthday. I mean, the poor guy can barely remember his own birthday, for fuck’s sake. The day passes excruciatingly slowly for his partner, almost disappointingly even, as the ravenette shows almost no signs of their birthday’s acknowledgement. It’s just like any other day, and by that afternoon, after not having received even a birthday wish, his s/o is irritated to the point of wanting to throw themself into the sun. They’ve been dropping hints about it all day, too! 

But surprisingly, when he finds his s/o sulking alone in a corner, he slides a small, red box over to them. Turns out it contains a necklace (a necklace with the letter ‘N’ on it, to be exact, as he’s a self-centered fuck that wants his s/o reminded of him always…), and he reacts to their surprise with by rolling his eyes and helping them put it on. What? It’s your birthday today, remember? What are you looking so surprised for? When he finds out it’s because they thought he’d forgotten, he shoots them with yet another eye-roll. Of course I hadn’t forgotten, i-diot. I was going to surprise you, but you ended up ruining my plans.

Alex Benedetto seems to have the sweetest way of dealing with things. Not sure if it’s because she’s really into planning out cute little things, or just because she’s a sweetheart in general. It’s lazy day for the both of them, with lots of snuggling in bed until she finally insists they get up (it’ll be past noon by then) and bake a cake together, because ‘homemade cakes are always so much better than store-bought ones’. Things end up a little messy after a flour fight breaks out, so they both end up having to shower. This is where the next surprise lies - Alex had got them a handmade set of soaps (she’s a sucker for everything handmade good shit..). She slips out first, though, and sets about preparing for their actual two-person celebration. Nothing too fancy as the both of them weren’t big fans of crowded parties…just a gigantic teddy and the cakes they’d made that morning, as well as the chocolates she’d made the previous night. 

Oh, and let’s not forget the real present, which had taken her months to make (she plans very far ahead, you see). It’s a book, 150 pages long, handwritten. Each day had it’s own page where she’d write down little notes and reasons as to why she loved them, or just write about them in general (it’s filled with mistakes, though, bc she hadn’t been to school and couldn’t write that well BUT TRIED HER BEST ANYWAYS) and yeah THE BEST, MOST ADORABLE PRESENT EVER HANDS DOWN. And if you were wondering yes, obviously they did the long, sensual frickle frackle that night.

In The Morning, Fill Me With Sweetness (Hurry Before The Kids Wake)

I Have Loved You Since Series: In The Morning, Fill Me With Sweetness (Hurry Before The Kids Wake)



Sometimes, if you woke up at just the right time, you would see the sun slowly rise from behind the green hill through the window. You’d hear the birds chirping and singing its tiny heart out for you while the sprinklers went off, watering the garden and giving off this fresh-cut grass scent. With Harry’s arm draped around your waist, being the big spoon he always was for you, you’d feel his hot breath brush against your skin. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. It would go on for a few minutes before he woke because Noah was crying through the baby monitor or Darcy had come knocking on your door for breakfast. Rarely did the two of you ever have a morning to yourselves but today was good. Today was quiet.

It was nearly half past eight and you knew the kids wouldn’t be up for at least another hour until one came running in, begging for Harry’s Saturday morning pancakes. Noah would be the first to call, and then Darcy. It surprisingly wasn’t anything out of the ordinary when you or Harry woke up to find your daughter sleeping at the end of your bed because she had a nightmare and couldn’t sleep alone in her room. But today, it was just you and him.

You shifted from your side to your back before your head turned to meet Harry’s sleepy eyes and pouty lips. A light snore slipping every now and then but you didn’t mind. Seven years married to him and you didn’t mind one bit because he was everything you loved. He wouldn’t be Harry if he didn’t snore, he wouldn’t be Harry if he didn’t let you be the big spoon every once in a while, and he surely wouldn’t be Harry if he didn’t have flaws. Oh, and he had a lot of them. But through the years, you’ve learned to fall in love with every single one; more and more has come up and more and more are bound to come up but you have never been more ready to love him so endlessly.

His breathing was steady when you caught his nose flaring a tiny bit. Watching him sleep was quite amusing as you always found something you hadn’t noticed before. May it be a new freckle or a growing mustache; you always admired and cherished it.

“Are you watching me sleep again,” he mumbled, eyes still closed, making you giggle lightly.

“You’re very handsome,” you marveled. “I couldn’t help myself.”

You watched his lips pull into a tired smile before his eyes slowly opened and fluttered prettily at you. Still full of slumber, he pushed himself towards you and enveloped your lips. “Good morning,” he rasped.

His voice was always your favorite part in the morning; it was gravelly and still dried from his sleep. He’d mumble a few things here and there, making you laugh because he hadn’t realized he was talking absolute rubbish. And then you’d hear him grumble because you had refused to kiss him due to his morning breath. But in the end, before he got out of bed, you’d kiss him anyway because you loved him.

“Morning,” you breathed, your eyes drifting closed for a few seconds.

“What time is it?”

“A little bit before nine,” you whispered.

His hand remained under the duvet while his thumb drew circles around you navel. He slowly pushed his lips against your ear before peppering the side of your head with kisses, making you laugh and squirm in his arms. “C’mere,” he growled, pulling you closer, hands pressed to his chest.

“You’ve got some peach fuzz, my love,” you giggled, running your finger softly above his lip.

“You like it?” He kissed your finger as you nodded. “I’ve been growing it for 29 years.”

“Wow,” you teased, making him chuckle.

Harry propped himself up on his elbow before a smile pulled onto his face. “Did you hear?” He began. “Darcy wants a dog.”

“A dog?” You repeated, making sure you heard right.

“Yeah,” he nodded. “I asked her I’m going to bring something back from LA, what would you like? And she said, ‘I would like to have a dog.’” Laughter tumbled from both of your lips while Harry finished telling you the sweet story of Darcy wanting to add another member to family. “I told her I’d talk to Mumma about it.”

“Oh, God. I mean,” you swallowed. “Do we have time for a dog? We’ve already got two kids and with work…”

Harry’s eyes softened and he grinned. “We do,” he said so gently. “We have two beautiful kids and surely they’re a handful but, when I look at them, when I look at you, I- I see what we have. A family, a beautiful family. And then there’s this thing… where you’re fresh air. Like I can’t breathe and the only way to breathe is to kiss you.” Your chest untightened and eased to his voice as he went on with the words the fell so naturally from his lips. You could feel your face slowly twitching into a sappy smile and although his brain wasn’t sure where he was going with this, his heart was. “It’s you, it’s always been you,” he promised. Your chest was swelling and with every second of silence, you continued to realize how right this man was. How right it was to marry him and how right it was to love him. “I grew up thinking I could never love like that because everything was so messed up, but here you are,” he wondered.

You gazed at him with nothing but lust in you. The need to pull him in and plant one on him was relentless and everything else around was just background noise.

“I’ve got this extraordinary wife and yet, I want more,” he grinned, watching your eyebrows cock up into place. “I want more of us, I want to have,” he cautioned. “More.”

“Are we still talking about the dog,” you asked in amusement. Harry stayed quiet with his signature smile and suddenly you knew exactly what he was talking about. It didn’t take much of an expert to figure it out but it definitely took some time to realize he wanted another baby. “You’re crazy.”

“Am I?” He laughed.

“Yeah,” you nodded. “Another baby?” You asked, confirming whatever it was that going on in his head.

“Another baby,” he repeated.

“Are you serious,” you giggled. He was extra sappy this morning and you wanted to make sure this was what he really wanted.

“Let’s make more,” he said with no hesitation. He was sure, he was so sure.

“Right now?”

“Right now.” And before you knew it, he had his arm wrapped around your waist and lips pressed to your cheek, peppering every little freckle he saw in sight. The squeals fell instinctively while your bear-husband attacked you from behind, loving you like he did when he very first met you. His lips met yours as he pushed himself up and hovered over you, hair falling into place and dangling above you. The giggles were inevitable as you watched his eyes wonder in lust and love. You swore in that moment they had gone greener than usual. His hand skidded along your side, slowly finding its way to hold your cheek the way you loved before he parted your lips and reached for the hem of your shirt.

But before he could remove it, a knock on the door sounded, making him groan and leave his head buried in your neck. You could hear him cursing under his breath, making you laugh before he pushed himself off of you and landed back on his side of the bed. “Just a second,” you called out, quickly climbing out from under the duvet and shuffling across the room to the door. You tugged on the knob and found your five year old daughter with a pout painted on her face while her teddy bear clung tightly to her chest. “Hey, gorgeous, what’s wrong?”

“My tummy hurts, Mumma,” she squeaked, sniffling a few tears.

“Oh, baby, c’mere,” you hummed, picking her up into your arms. “How much does it hurt?”

“A lot,” she spluttered, resting her head on your shoulder.

“A lot? Did Green Eyes help?”

“A little,” she mumbled, hugging her teddy a little tighter. Green Eyes was the remedy for everything when it came to Darcy. It was a gift from Harry when he went to New York for tour; he came back with it one night and she hasn’t let go of it since. Whether it be a tummy ache, a bruise, or a sad day; her teddy somehow always made things better. Along with some daddy and mumma cuddles but usually Green Eyes did the trick.

“Do you wanna cuddle with Daddy for a little bit while I get some food and Ginger Ale for you,” you suggested, bouncing her gently in attempt to cheer her up a little. She nodded and you made your way back over to your side of the bed, watching Harry sit up and lean against the headboard with furrowed eyebrows. “She’s got a tummy ache and she wants to cuddle,” you sat her down on your spot of the bed before she crawled towards Harry, snuggling herself under his arm and pressing her cheek to his side. “I’m gonna get her some food.” 

You disappeared moments later and left Harry with Darcy, quietly making your way down the hall so you didn’t wake Noah.

“Hey, baby,” he greeted. “You alright?” He drew circles on her arm, trying to sooth her before he heard her whimper.

“My tummy hurts,” she said again.

“How much? On a scale of 1-10, how much does it hurt, baby?” She thought about the pain for a few seconds before one eyebrow poked up and she held up seven fingers to show Harry. “Seven? Oi, that’s barbaric,” Harry bellowed, making Darcy giggle. “And you’re telling me Green Eyes didn’t help at all?” He glanced between the teddy and her.

“He did, a little,” she added. “But I need you and mumma as well.”

Harry chuckled, “Alright. You wanna watch some telly while we wait for Mumma?”

“Okay,” she snuggled under the duvet.


You came back in the room with a plate of buttered toast, Ginger Ale and an unopened box of Pepto-Bismol. “Feeling any better,” you hummed, coming around the bed, taking a seat on the edge. Darcy was nearly on the verge of tears when she saw the pink liquid in your hand.

“What’s that, Mumma?” Her eyes had never been so wide and she had never been so scared of pink. You set aside everything on the nightstand before you crisscrossed your legs on top of the duvet, reaching for the piece of toast.

“It’s just something that’s going to make your tummy feel better, sweetheart,” you explained. “But you have to eat first.” She pushed herself up from Harry’s chest before scooting closer to you, taking the piece of toast from your hand and taking a big bite into it. You brushed your hand over her head, watching her ease to your touch before scarfing down the rest of the bread.

The wails sounded through the halls from Noah’s nursery, quickly reaching your room before you let out a deep sigh as you had hoped Noah would stay sound asleep a little while longer just so you could pay Darcy some attention.

“I’ll get him,” Harry offered, pulling back the duvet and climbing out of bed.

You stayed with Darcy while she finished her second piece of toast, still whining about her tummy ache after. “Do you want to drink the medicine? It will help loads,” you coaxed.

“No, Mumma,” she whimpered.

“C’mon, baby. It won’t taste as bad as you think.” You reached for the box on the table before pulling out the bottle, showing her the tasty cherry at the bottom corner, hoping that would be enough to convince her. “Yeah?” You asked one more time.

She hesitantly nodded as the pain started to heighten in her stomach. She reached from Green Eyes, hugging him tightly against her chest as she watched you pour the creamy medicine into the small cup, given in the package.

“Hey, look who’s decided to join us,” Harry appeared at the door with a smiley, babbly baby and you watched Noah’s eyes brighten as they spotted you on the bed. The one year old clapped his hands together, leaning forward out of Harry’s arms in attempt to crawl towards you before Harry brought his hand to his other side, keeping a steady grip on his son. “Hey, hey, Daddy’s the one who got you out of bed,” Harry grumbled, standing by the edge of the bed. “Show me some love.”

You giggled, holding the cup firmly and making sure you didn’t spill anything on the bed. “Good morning, handsome,” you smiled, waving to him, getting him even more excited. He was in the beginning stages of understanding words and how to react when you said something but anything you said seemed to have thrilled him these days. “Your big sister’s not feeling well,” you pouted, turning back over to a wearied eyed Darcy.

Harry sat back down on his side, leaning against the headboard before sitting Noah on his stomach and letting him bounce on his tiny two feet. You handed Darcy the small cup, giving her a slight smile before she brought it up to her nose, inhaling the dose deeply.

“It’s got a peculiar smell,” her high-pitched voice proclaimed.

“Peculiar smell?” Harry snickered. “Where did you learn that, love?”

“Auntie Gem,” she proudly announced. “She said it when Uncle Niall got back from the park one time.” You laughed at the fact that your five year old daughter had picked up a vocabulary word you hadn’t learned until you were in year 7 before you pressed a kiss to the top of her head and nudged her to drink the dose.

“Go on, sweets,” you reassured. “You’ll feel lots better.”

Her eyes squeezed shut as she choked down the liquid, handing you the cup quickly after she was done. “That was horrible,” she whined, throwing her head on your chest, making you giggle a bit. Your hand brushed the back of her head again as she snuggled up closer to you, keeping you a bit warmer than before.

“You’re alright, my love,” you hummed, holding her close while you shifted to lean beside Harry against the headboard.


“Did they fall asleep again?” You whispered. The room had persisted in silence for the last twenty minutes and the kids hadn’t babbled a word since Harry had switched the channel to something more mature. His eyes fell to the little girl nestled to your side while yours stirred to the baby that laid on Harry’s belly.

“I think so,” he grinned, a yawn escaping his lips. “I’m hungry.”

“Me too,” you mumbled.

“I meant what I said,” he drawled. “We never settled on two, babe.” Your head fell to your side, admiring him in amusement again before you exhaled heavily, preparing yourself on what you were about to say.

“Okay,” you slurred, slumber filling you.


“Okay,” you repeated. “Let’s have another baby.” Your heart overflowed with love when the words you had agreed to since he had first brought it up hours ago slipped out.

“Really?” He exclaimed, jaw dropping. He was careful not to move too much or else he’d wake Noah but he couldn’t help his excitement to a new baby. Life you and him would make and nurture for the rest of your lives. Another child for his big heart and another child to love with everything he has. The two of you hadn’t even made the baby yet but he was already overjoyed with the idea of another little one of him or you running at his feet.

“Really,” you smiled. “Now kiss me, you sap!”

And with that, he leaned down and took in your lips, kissing you like there was never going to be anyone else because truth of the matter was, there never could be anyone else. No one could take your place, no one could be as good as a mum you were, no one else could possibly be his oxygen and life. It was you. It was always you.


And another one for you, my loves! Good way to start off the week, innit? ;)) hope you enjoyed the deciding of Stefan’s arrival! 

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Dersha Fiction: Skylines Interlude

Thank you for all the love and support on Chapter 8! You all make me smile. This isn’t an actual chapter, but I’m calling it an interlude. Just wanted to tie up a few things before posting chapter 9. That chapter will move ahead one month. Enjoy! (click here) for previous chapters.

Waking up to each other the next morning was the highlight of their day. The storm had passed over while they slept and they woke up to the sun beaming through the bay window. Not wanting to leave the bed, the couple stayed cuddled up under the thick comforter. Ahsha was laying on top of Derek still trying to recover from their recent love making session.

“Mmmmm, I could lay here all day,” Derek sighed, his chest heaving in bliss. Even in his 40’s, the man had the sex drive of a man in his 20’s. The man spent hours in the gym so it came as no surprise. His sex game had actually gotten better with age, leaving Ahsha more than satisfied.

“Mmmmhhhm,” she hummed, her eyes still closed. Laying on Derek’s chest felt like one of the safest places in the world. Ahsha was content. Life was beginning to make sense again for the both of them.

“Remember spending every Saturday morning like this? That’s when we could sleep in,” Derek chuckled at the long lost memory.  Somehow the children ended up in their bed every morning. Derek would trade anything in the world to get those times back.

“Yeah, that’s before we had kids barging in the room wanting chocolate pancakes,” Ahsha added, opening one eye to get a peek at Derek. His handsomeness had her throbbing between the legs. He seemed to be aging like fine wine, only making him harder to resist.

With eyes closed, Derek’s mind drifted off to past memories. They had such an amazing bond. A bond he would never have with anyone else. “I postponed the meeting with my lawyer,” he blurted out. “I was supposed to meet with him next week. I figured since we were trying to work things out, I would cancel it.”

Ahsha’s eyes widened. She had forgotten all about the meetings with their lawyers. Her mind was wrapped up in her recent time with Derek. “Oh okay,” came her simple reply. The meeting she was supposed to have with her lawyer was a few more weeks away. Hearing that Derek had canceled his brought her a little joy, though she would not admit it. But Derek caught the small twinkle in her eye as she continued drawing patterns on his chest.

Not wanting to press the issue, Derek changed the subject. “Can I ask you something?”

Eyes open and curious, Ahsha replied, “Yeah.” What could he possibly ask her that he hadn’t asked already? Suddenly, her stomach became a tangle of knots. The tone of his voice called for a serious question. One she wasn’t sure she was ready to answer.

“Did you really cry a lot after we broke up,” Derek quizzed, bending his head to get a better look at her. “Jackson told me that a few weeks ago and it’s been heavy on my mind.” One thing Derek hated the most was to see Ahsha cry. Most of the time she hid her tears from him, but there were a few times he caught her. Ahsha prided herself on being a strong woman that didn’t break. Though Derek loved her strong demeanor, he wanted her to know that it was okay to let him comfort her sometimes.

Ahsha’s body stiffened against Derek’s. He felt it instantly. Reliving those many nights she cried herself to sleep were memories she wanted to keep in the past. Those nights were tough. There were also times that there were tears throughout the day. “Those were really rough nights,” Ahsha muttered under her breath. “I didn’t think the kids saw it.”

“You know they see everything,” Derek said, rubbing her back. “I always wondered if you cried after you left. Hell, I know I did. Seeing you go and taking the kids was the worst day of my life.”

Kyle had already told Ahsha about how upset Derek was when his family left for New York. “I’m sorry,” she apologized, causing Derek’s eyes to spring open.

“Sorry for what? What could you possibly be sorry for, Ahsha” Derek questioned, scooting up so his back was against the headboard.

Ahsha propped herself up on her elbow. “How selfish I was then. Taking the kids away from their father was very selfish of me. Yes, you hurt me but I shouldn’t have done that. We could have worked something out. They needed you…and so did I.”

The more Ahsha opened up to him, the more he could feel that trust building. “You did what was best, Ahsha. I refuse to hold that against you. I-“

“No, Derek. I did what I thought was the best for me and the kids. I don’t regret taking the job because it’s a dream come true. What I do regret is ripping this family apart. I haven’t seen Jackson smile the way he does around you in a while. I could barely get a laugh out of him in New York.”

“Well we don’t have to worry about that anymore. You’re here, the kids are here, and I’m here,” Derek stated, cupping Ahsha’s face as he kissed her lips. “Now let’s get out of this bed before we both starve to death.”

The couple finally untangled themselves from the sheets and made their way to the kitchen. They could barely keep their hands to themselves as they ate breakfast. Between flirty smiles and sweet caresses, they were falling back into old habits.


Later that morning, Derek made his way to the Portrait Gallery where Aundrea had a photoshoot. He had texted her and offered to take her to lunch. Aundrea was desperate to see him and took the offer right away. Little did she know, there would be no lunch. Derek only wanted to know where she was located for the day so he could confront her about the situation with Ahsha and a piece of information he had learned himself. He didn’t normally insert himself into women’s business, but Aundrea had stepped over the line.

“Couldn’t stay away, huh,” Aundrea purred as Derek entered the warehouse. Dressed in nothing but a bikini, Aundrea didn’t even bother covering up as she skipped over to the handsome ex-baller.

“Trust me, I could have stayed away forever. This isn’t a friendly meeting, Aundrea. I came to let you know that Ahsha told me what happened last night,” he began firmly. The smirk on Aundrea’s lips was irritating him. “I’m glad you think it’s funny but it’s not.  That’s her job and you had no business inviting yourself.”

“Come on Derek. You and I both know that it won’t last between you two. She’s going to up and leave like she did before,” Aundrea spat, crossing her arms. What did Derek ever see in her? She was vile, manipulative and plain disrespectful.

“I told you we were over. That meant stay away from me and my family,” he growled. “When I say family, that includes Ahsha. You’re really going out of your way to make yourself look like a nutcase, huh?”

By now the photographers were watching, along with some of the extra people hanging around set. Aundrea wasn’t used to being humiliated.

“You’re really going to act like we had nothing? Was Ahsha there to pick up the pieces? Where was she when I was wiping your tears? Oh yeah, in New York riding a new dick. She wasn’t even thinking about you until she got back,” Aundrea shot back, her eyes holding an evil glare. She was trying her hardest to appear unbothered, but she was embarrassed.

Using their past against him was the only ammunition Aundrea had. “You really don’t get it, do you,” Derek huffed. “I’ve tried to give it to you as simply as I could but you don’t get it. Ahsha is my wife. You pretty much just answered your own question. If I was always ‘crying’ over another woman, what does that tell you? Hmm?”

Derek had officially stumped her. Aundrea didn’t have a reply ready for that question. Instead, she attempted to throw another jab.

“Get what? Get the fact that you were in love with me one minute and now all of a sudden you’re back to loving your wife,” she argued, taking a few steps forward. They were inches apart now.

Derek closed his eyes to gather his thoughts before he spoke too soon. “I’m not in love with you. Period.”

The words came out with a bite. That hit Aundrea like a ton of bricks. It was a punch to the gut. No one had ever turned her down. Having Derek Roman cut her off was the last thing she wanted. “Wha-What? That’s a damn lie.”

Derek wasn’t falling for Aundrea’s act. The actress had finally failed at her own game.

“I’m still in love with you,” Aundrea whined, rubbing Derek’s arm. “There’s no denying that.”

Derek chuckled and moved her hand away. “Oh really? You love me so much that you’re trying to get TMZ to pick up a story on us? Yeah, that’s love right there. You only love the idea of being with me because it gets you attention. I’ve figured you all out.”

Aundrea hung her head, causing her messy bun to fall. Mission failed. The actress couldn’t even argue with him because he was right. Her plan was to get TMZ to cover a story on their relationship in order to earn extra cash and attention. “Um…”

“I don’t even need to hear your explanation. You’ve been trying to play me from the beginning and I almost fell for it. You never know who knows who. You’re busted. Game over. You couldn’t hold a candle to Ahsha so stop trying.” Derek spat, backing away from Aundrea. “Stay away from me and my wife.” The emphasis on wife was the final jab directly to the heart.

The ego of Aundrea Perkins had been deflated. There was no way she could get Derek to hear her out.  Aundrea had taken a major “L”. “Derek, I can explain. Please don’t do this,” she begged, attempting to grab him.

Gently pushing her away, Derek said, “No. We’re done, Aundrea. I don’t want anything to do with you. I’m not your free ride to fame. Find another dick to jump on. Goodbye.”

As he made his way out of the warehouse, he could hear Aundrea calling out his name. Her voice faded as he neared the exit.


At the Farmer’s Market

Sloane and Ahsha hadn’t had time to themselves since Ahsha had returned to California. They decided to spend the day at the Farmer’s Market to catch up on life.

“I never got to ask you how that date went with Derek that night,” Sloane smiled, sorting through some tomatoes. “That was all on your children. I just played the role of a good grandmother.”

A wide smile spread across Ahsha’s face. “You couldn’t tell them no?”

“You didn’t want me to tell them no. Look at how happy you are now. I haven’t seen a smile that wide for ages. I’m assuming you two are on good terms,” Sloane beamed, still laughing at her daughter blushing.

“Yes, I guess that’s what you can call it. We’re taking things slow right now,” Ahsha answered, putting on her sunglasses. The California sun was scorching the day after the storm, putting a glow on their skin. “He’s really trying, ma.”

The mother picked out a few good tomatoes before moving on to the onions. “Oh, I know he is. I gained a lot of respect for Derek when he came to your father and I and told us what happened. He was brave because you know how I can be. I don’t want anyone messing over my baby girl,” Sloane continued, pinching Ahsha’s round cheek. “He admitted he was wrong and told me he would take care of his children. That’s all I could ask for.”

“Yeah, that was very brave of him,” Ahsha agreed, nodding her head.

“Your father wasn’t happy about the way things went down. It took a while for him to look at Derek the same but he came around. Besides, that was your problem to work out with him. It’s none of our business.” she stressed. “Want to grab a bite to eat? My feet are killing me.”

They grabbed lunch from one of the vendors and found some shade to sit under. Ahsha missed spending time with her mother. Anyone that got to spend time with Sloane Davenport would agree that she was a breath of fresh air. “How’s work going,” Sloane asked, biting into her bean burrito.

“Eh, it’s going I guess. We lost out on a major sponsor and I’m trying to find another one… fast,” Ahsha explained. Tony S. decided not to sponsor the Ailey group, even after he seemed very interested. Ahsha blamed not being able to talk with him more due to Aundrea’s antics. They would have to find another one soon or she would be answering to the board.

“I’m sorry to hear that, baby. I know you’ll grab another one. Keep the faith,” her mother soothed.

“I hope so. If I don’t get one, then I’m screwed. It’s part of my job,” Ahsha sighed, moving the food around on her plate. Ever since Derek had left that morning, her mind was heavy with the divorce and where they stood. Between work and her relationship, Ahsha was feeling a little bogged down.

Sloane immediately picked up on something else bothering her daughter. “What else is going on in that pretty little head of yours? It’s not all about work.”

Sitting back in her seat, Ahsha explained, “I’m supposed to be meeting with my divorce lawyer in the next three weeks.”


Ahsha stared at her empty ring finger. Derek had already postponed the meeting with his lawyer. They had grown closer in the last few weeks and Ahsha was slowly opening up a bit more. There was no denying how much happier she appeared to be since they had been working on their relationship. At this point, Ahsha couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. Derek Roman was the love of her life and she wasn’t willing to give up on what they had built. Her decision was made.

“I don’t want the divorce,” Ahsha simply stated, still staring down at her empty finger.

Thanks for reading! I’m not sure if Chapter 9 will be posted this week or not. I graduate on Saturday and I’m not positive I’ll be able to work on it earlier in the week.

Dating the Hip-hop unit

Omg yes thank you heavenly soul

Vernon: Dating Vernon would mean you calling him by both Hansol and Vernon depending on your mood. Him automatically speaking in english out of nowhere. Him being comfortable enough to speak english with you. Meeting his little sister and understanding his love for her head on.

Mingyu: Dating Mingyu would mean him loving the pet dog you guys share more than you, ngl. Also cheesy pick up lines like “Ming-you should kiss me” (I told Jess this omg I love it)

Wonwoo: Dating him would mean hearing hIS DEEP VOICE ALL THE TIME LIKE GOD BLESS WHOEVER GETS TO WAKE UP TO HEAR HIS MORNING VOICE EVERY MORNING. Also, making pancakes with him at midnight sounds like a Wonwoo type of thing. *aka lucky me because he’s my bf*

S.Coups: This guy. This fucking guy. Dating him would be perfect okay like, he already has the dad role with Seventeen I can just imagine him being like that in a relationship like “Here jagiya, let me do this” or “I can take care of it”. He’ll literally baby you so much omg.


Vocal Unit

Performance Unit