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Felix Felicis | Jungkook

Pairing: reader x ravenclaw jungkook | Hogwarts AU

Genre: fluff

Summary: Jungkook has a huge crush on you, but is too shy to confess. Luckily for him, his friends make him drink some liquid luck potion that may have been that extra push he needed.

A/N: While I was planning my Slytherin Jimin au instead of doing my dreaded psychology essay lol, this idea came to mind. I couldn’t help but write it out and I hope you like it. This is dedicated to @floriaas b/c we’ve been so soft for bts hogwart AUs and Kookie is her bias <3

Word Count: 4,633

“That is a terrible, horrible, incredibly foolish idea.”

“I know.”

“Let’s do it and see what happens!”

And that’s exactly how Jungkook and Taehyung went against Professor Slughorn’s back in an attempt to make their own liquid luck potion—also known as felix felicitis—for their personal use.

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This Zelena gif is my new favorite to describe my feelings.

When your show could have a hot lesbian power couple but choose to make it subtext. 

When your show could have an amazing storyline but chooses something that lacks actual quality. 

When your show takes the strong lead female character and turns her this weak, fragile, hopeless, love chasing supporting character.

When the show lacks so much continuity you question why you still watch it but figure that it’s some new game to pass time.

fancifultrash  asked:

I'm always weak for Scott and Reyes so you successfully baited me congrats. What about Scott doing something incredibly stupid on Kadara and coming back to the slums with a pissed off and worried Reyes? Cue Scott being super endeared yet annoyed since he's usually the one stressed out over the others stupid ideas.

This was cute. It’s about 1200 words so I’ll put most of it under a read more. Thanks for the prompt!

Reyes hunched forward, his elbows on his knees and his brow creased in concentration. He touched a finger to his earpiece, “I repeat: Aguila 1, do you have eyes on the objective?”

Again, only static answered, punctuated by the stutter of distant gunfire. Reyes willed himself to remain calm but before he could broadcast again, there was crackle of distortion, “Copy, Charlatan. I have eyes on the prize but it’s getting pretty hairy out here. We’re about a click, click and a half east of the base, it’s– it’s an ambush set up but–”

“Aquila, I’m losing you,” Reyes said. More shots. His hands curled into fists as he tried to stuff down the rising swell of panic in his throat. He couldn’t let his scout hear it, “What’s the Pathfinder’s status? Aguila, can you read me?”

“Ryder looks like he’s– and there’s another drop ship arriving, I can see it coming over the–Roekaar, definitely—” the connection was getting worse, Aguila’s voice was barely audible over the static. The Roekaar must have been using jammers, or they were on the other side of the spiny ridge of mountains near the base and the signal was blocked. Either way, Reyes was struggling to get the full picture. What he did know, sounded bad.

He swore under his breath and pinched the bridge of his nose. His mind raced as he tried to pull enough threads together formulate a plan, but there was nothing he could grasp for; he didn’t know exactly where they were, couldn’t pin down Aguila’s transponder location, and didn’t have any patrols in the area east of the rebel base that could immediately assist.

“The turian– down, it looks like– going after her, that dumb son of a bitch is going to–visual confirmation has been lost, I repeat–”

“Stay with him, Aguila. I need eyes on the Pathfinder, don’t let me down,” Reyes urged. His pulse was jumping, his heart hammering at his ribs.

“Negative, Charlatan–too hot, I’m pulling back to point–” the line crackled for a final time, “–see you back in port. Try not to hate me too much.”

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Someone: Ever watch Girl Meets World?

Me: *blinking too fast* Isn’t that,like a Disney show? Like, for kids? Ha! I… don’t watch that! 

*10 minutes later*


HQ Kareshi (Roomshare I’m Home!): Sawamura Daichi

Daichi: Where have you been? Staying out this late…you reek of sake!?

Daichi: Ah oi! *sigh* You’re staggering aren’t you? You got up too quickly?

Daichi: Haven’t you had a bit too much to drink. You’re in such a state how did you get home? Eh? You were with everyone so it was fine? 

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Red Hot

PAIRING- reader x Bucky Barnes 


WARNINGS: SMUT, UNPROTECTED SEX (keep it wrapped guys) and Swearing (are you surprised by now through?)

Request from Anon -Can I request a Bucky Barnes imagine? The reader & Natasha having to go undercover? & the reader has to wear something revealing making Bucky overprotective? Smut or dirty talk? ❤️ (Reader & Bucky date)

So I went in with the intention of writing only light smut (just oral) but then somewhere along there it turned into full on Smut, soooooo what can ya do *shrugs* but its my first Bucky Smut yay! Enjoy x 


Originally posted by acciowintershield

“Ok what about this one?”

You stepped out of your walk in wardrobe pulling at the dress until it was sitting comfortable on your body. Natasha was sitting on your bed an array of dresses sat around her as she looked up from the magazine she was flicking through. She tilted her head as you walked over barefoot to your full-length mirror.

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Random Headcanons of the Week #1

Hello, everyone! 
Since we are greeted by weird and random ideas in our minds at least once a week, we decided to actually put those into headcanons and share them with you every Sunday! 
Please don’t take these too seriously, though.

There is also a small bonus at the end which is totally not a short Reader x McCree scenario. Definitely not. 


The members of Overwatch (before the fall) are on a mission in the Swiss Alps when a terrible blizzard suddenly hits them, forcing the crew to take shelter in an abandoned, dusty hut with no electricity or warm water. Will they manage to survive the night? Who will go out and enjoy the snow despite the circumstances and who is most likely to die of hypothermia?

Find out after the commercial break - just kidding, here you go!

  • Mei is definitely the one to enjoy the situation the most. She has absolutely no problem with those frosty temperatures and you will probably find her outside playing with Snowball. Yes, in the middle of the snowstorm. She’s been in cryostasis for ages; did you really think this would bother her? Also, expect her to sleep in a tank top and shorts that night, covered in a thin blanket; it’ll be more than enough.
    The soul of Satan inside of her keeps her warm and cozy.
  • Angela is pretty cool (haha) about it too. You’ll find her sitting in an old armchair, a blanket wrapped around her shoulders, a cup of hot chocolate in her hand, and an old book in the other one. 
  • Jack, Ana, and Reinhardt took a closer look through the house and soon found a barely functioning cooking plate that didn’t need any electricity and some coffee (that may have been expired already). They are most likely playing cards now, drinking the coffee while it’s still remotely hot and sharing some fun stories.
  • Gabriel is nowhere to be seen; no one notices his absence until weird noises can be heard from the bedroom. Turns out he’s frantically searching through the closets, wrapping every single blanket he can find around his body. He’s now a burrito made out of seven blankets, a shivering burrito that keeps cursing in Spanish under its breath. 
  • Torbjörn is just fine; he’s cuddling with his comfortably warm turret.
  • Winston and Pharah are outside with Mei; thanks to their suits keeping most of the cold outside, they can actually enjoy the snow. Plus, Winston uses a prototype of his shield to protect them from the frosty snowflakes and the sharp wind. 
  • Tracer is suffering quite a lot due to her thin uniform. She blinks around the hut trying to keep her body temperature in a reasonable range.
  • Meanwhile, Genji is spending his time meditating on the roof. It’s beautifully quiet outside except for the sounds of joy that Snowball is producing. He’s a cyborg ninja, he can’t get cold though Angela warned him not to stay outside for too long since the technology in and around his body might take damage.
  • McCree is the one suffering the most. The poor cowboy grew up in the American Southwest; cold temperatures are something he’s never really experienced before. He’s sitting on the sofa in the middle of the living room, rejecting everybody who wants to help him. No, he does not want a blanket, he’s not cold. No, a hot-water bag won’t be necessary either, he’s completely fine.
  • He’s not fine. He’s actually so far from fine. This man is just too stubborn to admit that he’s freezing his ass off even though it’s quite obvious from his constant shivering and his blue lips. To answer the question above, Jesse McCree is most likely to die from hypothermia.

You as Jesse’s s/o are also part of this mission. Having grown up in Siberia, you can’t help but tease your boyfriend about the way he deals with the cold. 

“There are exactly two blankets left, Jesse. Are you sure, are you a hundred percent sure, that you don’t want one?”

You stood in front of McCree with a skeptic look on your face. He was a complete mess: his body was shivering, his teeth kept chattering, his lips and fingers slowly started turning blue. But the day that Jesse McCree would admit that he was cold was yet to come. Therefore it didn’t exactly surprise you when his only response was a grumpy, not very convincing ‘yes’.
You turned around with a long sigh, throwing the blankets over to Gabriel who lunged at them like a ravenous animal. At least that man didn’t bother hiding his problems with the frosty temperatures outside and inside. You couldn’t bear the sight of McCree acting so stubborn and prideful. There would be absolutely no problem with him admitting to his freezing state, everyone was struggling in some way. Well, some more than others. Mei and you, you two were just fine. Speaking of which, you had offered before to spend time with her outside.

“Hey Jesse, I’m gonna go outside and help the others with their little snowman family, will you be okay without-?”
“I’m coming with you”, he interrupted you, determination evident on his face. A violent laugh escaped your lips at his desperate attempt to appear unfazed by the weather. He couldn’t be serious. He’d die out there within the first five minutes, but hey, why not give it a try?

“Alright, come on”, you mumbled with a sly grin on your face, turning to reach for his right hand to help him up from the sofa. As your fingers touched his, your hand shot back in surprise.
“Geez, your hand is so cold! And I thought your other arm was made out of metal”. He had started getting up, but now let himself plop back onto his seat with a pout.
“Aw, Jesse, you know I’m just messing with you! But it’s your own fault if you’re just too damn stubborn to admit that you’re freezing your sweet butt off.”
“I already told you, I am not cold. Not at all!” He didn’t dare to look into your eyes; his face was turned away with a blush. Well, at least his cheeks were still able to produce heat.

“I see. Then I’m gonna check if I can help Gabriel warm up. He sure could use a hug, don’t you think?” With an innocent smile on your lips, you turned away and moved towards the leader of Blackwatch. No, you tried doing that, as a freezing hand suddenly caught your wrist.
“Wait!” You sent your boyfriend an awaiting glance.
“Maybe, just maybe, I am indeed a little cold. And could use a hug more than Reyes…”, he mumbled, his voice barely above a whisper.
“You sure?”

With a defeated sigh, he gave you a nod. You instantly took a blanket from Gabriel (who cursed at you in Spanish), wrapped it around Jesse and yourself, and cuddled against his side.
“See? That wasn’t so difficult now, was it?”, you teased him, he just snorted disapprovingly. However, his features quickly turned cheeky.

“Well sweet pea, there are actually plenty of other ways we could preserve the body heat…” he whispered into your ear before leaning in for a kiss. You were fast enough to shove him away.
“Jesse McCree, we are not alone. There’s like ten other people here. No. Just no!”
He pouted and leaned back into the comfortable backrest.
“Seems like the cuddling’ll have to do. But if I freeze to death, that’s your fault.”
“I think I can actually live with that.” 

lonesomelittleangel  asked:

I heard you took requests so um Could you write a little something where Rhys is Jack's personal assitant and Jack has to take him somewhere or they're somewhere high and thats how Jack finds out Rhys is terrified of heights? (And maybe comforts him)

sorry if i didnt capture the fear of heights v well, the only time i ever felt freaked about being up high was in a ferris wheel at myrtle beach. the carriage would like, swing n shit it was spook af :<

Rhys’ worst nightmare was coming to fruition.

“Th-this,” he swallowed, throat feeling too tight, “did you say this Tuesday?”

Jack lounged on the other side of the elevator, pouting as he tried to figure out how to flip and spin the butterfly knife he’d taken off the most recent corporate stooge that had passed out at their CEO’s mere presence. Unfortunately the whole cool casual knife flipping seemed to be something one had to work at before going professional. Which was a supposition cemented by the fourth small hiss and Jack shaking out his hand where he’d pinched his fingers in the blade.

“I know right those ass nuggets took like a friggin’ billion years but my big throbbing metaphor riddled skyscraper’s finished.” Jack spoke about a Hyperion operated eridium mining town that he’d been bolstering with new add ons and developments until it had become one of the galaxy’s foremost green energy cities. Rhys had the commendations and certificates cross his desk a few times on their way to Jack’s, each confirming that the city’s existence was lowering the entire human population’s carbon footprint on that planet. He and Jack had taken a few trips to it over the years and each time Rhys had been faced with Jack’s smug pride and impatience at the ever taller skeleton of the city’s innermost tower. The sight of it unfinished had been enough to make Rhys’ fingers and toes go numb, just looking up at it from the ground imbuing him with the sense of it looming overhead and bound to topple over and crush him under its weight.

Suffice to say Rhys was desperately hoping the tower’s day of completion and subsequent celebration would never come.

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the garrison | arthur shelby/nurse!reader

@yjrevolution wanted arthur and his nurse and i wanted arthur to be goshdang happy so here is what i made

You double checked the letter one last time, comparing the scrawl on the page to the careful lettering on the side of the building. You knew it was the right place. You’d already checked and double checked, and triple checked. But just one last time.

Pushing through the doors you realised it was even warmer than it was outside, even with the fires pouring out onto the street. The close air of the pub met against your skin and made it prickle. It was louder in here too, another feat, given the banging and ringing from the furnaces. You made your way over to the bar, scowling at men as they knocked shoulders with you.

“Hey! ‘Scuse me?”

“I’ll be with you in a minute”

You sighed, leaning your forearms on the bar, clasping the letter between your hands. The atmosphere in here was making your head spin and you flicked your eyes around.

“Sorry, it’s busy tonight”

“I noticed. I’m looking for someone – Arthur Shelby? He mentioned this place and I-“

“What do you want with Arthur?”

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“I would just like to state for the record that this is not my fault.”

“You said you knew a shortcut to the mansion,” Fenris said in an undertone, burying his face in Hawke’s borrowed scarf with a grunt that Hawke thought was just excessive.

“I did! I do! This just, uh.” Hawke gave a winning smile that Fenris was not looking at, which rather spoiled the effect. “Okay, look. Look. Mistakes were made.”

“Plural.” Green eyes peered at Hawke, but he was too busy staring at the snowflakes gathering on his eyelashes and struggling against the near overpowering urge to kiss them away to take much notice of the smirk curling beneath them. “Implying more than one. What were the others.”

“You want an itemized list? I don’t know, that’d take all night.”

“The night is young,” Fenris huffed, but Hawke could definitely make out a laugh under there, and if Fenris didn’t want to strangle him yet after getting them both lost on Hawke’s first time going home with him, he considered that a win. 

“Well,” Hawke hummed as they started stumbling down yet another poorly lit Lowtown street, “mixed drinks may have been somewhere on that list.”

“Top or bottom.”

Hawke gave this all due conderation. “Switch.”

Fenris sighed and reached out a hand to push him upright where Hawke had been gently leaning in the wrong direction. “No, Hawke. On the list.”

“You make a list of my preferred positions? You do care.”

Fenris sputtered, earning him a laugh. This time, Fenris’s outstretched hand pushed him, and Hawke went stumbling into a drift of snow with a high pitched shriek that had Fenris trying to stifle chuckles into a cough, without much success. “Serah!” Hawke said, drawing himself upright. “That is an attack on my person!”

“I’ll attack a lot more if you don’t find your sense of direction. Now.”

“See,” Hawke said mournfully, “this is why I steal all the blankets. You’re so cold, Fen. I’m freezing.”

“The snow you have literally just tromped through may have something to do with that,” Fenris said in a fondly exasperated tone as he stepped close to share in Hawke’s warmth.

“My children are dying.”

“You don’t have any children.”

“Someday I might,” Hawke grinned, and Fenris sighed again and steered him down an alley he thought may have been vaguely familiar. 

“Not at the rate we’re going,” he muttered, and groaned when Hawke dropped his face into Fenris’s scarf, skin darkening as a flush crept up to the tip of his ears when Garrett whispered a few suggestions into the tip of his ear. “That will not help earn you any children either,” he noted, followed by a burst of laughter when Garrett made good on his plans.

‘’I thought I’d find you here.’’

A/N: This kind of just came to me as I started typing and I hope you like it! If you suffer from anxiety then I hope that this may help in any way, other than that I want you to know that you can always come to me if you need anyone to talk to. Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: Bucky finds you at your not so secret comfort place, making you think that maybe you could have the things that you desired… Angst/Fluff

Warnings: Reader suffers from an anxiety attack 

Word count: 1888

Originally posted by sssmcdlove

The rain fell from the sky, water blanketing over the ground on this calm evening. The only sound to be heard was the occasional honking from New York traffic and the tapping sound of drops hitting the roof. The air was warm, a light breeze flowing through the city on this mid summer day while the last rays of the sun edged their way through the tall buildings. 

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imthehoneyyourethebee  asked:

Pride & Waist? <3

“Darlin’, I don’t think this is a good idea…”

“I think it’s a great idea.” You mused out with a smile, pressing a quick kiss against his lips as your hands descended down Pride’s torso.

He sighed out, feeling you shiver when his breath wafted over your lips. Pride should have been smarter about this. Should have stopped and backed away when you were starting to get handsy. The drinks may have been effecting you more, but Pride certainly hasn’t gotten away scot-free.

He swallowed when your fingers skimmed over his clothed belly before gripping his narrow waist and pulling him closer. A small whimper of surprise came from Pride’s throat at the action; any closer and it’ll be hard to say no. “Y/N, sweetheart-”

“Do you really want me to stop?” You asked with a smirk, nails lightly digging into his waist. Even through his shirt, the sensation made him shiver.

But before you could initiate another kiss, Pride backed away, catching his breath. “No, but nothing’s happenin’ tonight.”

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So. I may or may not have been drinking when this word waterfall and picture mess came out of my fingers/computer (spoiler alert: I was)… but March 1st is the 20 year anniversary of the release of Young Jedi Knights: Lightsabers. And while the YJK books are for younger audiences and today are basically the best kind of cheese, they were a big part of my Star Wars love growing up. Why? Because FUCKIN’ FEELS, Y’ALL. They focused on two (and introduced one) of my favorite Star Wars characters and my OTP to end all my other effin’ OTPs. They also introduced me to what I wanted to be when I grew up: Tenel Ka Djo.

(Do you know how much it annoyed/enraged me when I was younger and I’d see people on message boards and shit not liking Tenel Ka because of the lack of her whole left arm? ASSBAGS.)

SUPER WARNING AND MANY THANKS: @chaosbria was A+ and giving me constructive tips re: this mess the other night and trying to talk me down from 11 slides and being so damn wordy but as I looked over it repeatedly in the past couple days before posting it I didn’t know what I could take out. I just have so many feelings about Tenel Ka, sober and tipsy and drunk and everywhere in between those. Thank you for looking out for me and my insanity, bro.

I Can Protect Myself

“Y/N, you’re late.” Tommy said with a steady voice, looking bored more than anything else as he took a drag of his cigarette.

“I know, I’m sorry.” You say, your eyes barely open as you take your seat at the table. A family meeting at 10 in the morning was one thing, but 10 on a Saturday morning, after you had had a night of heavy drinking wasn’t the best idea. Your head was pounding like crazy as you held something cold to it. Everyone was looking at you, which didn’t help the situation. You opened your eyes to look at them all; the Shelby’s, the closet thing to a family you’ve had since you were little. “Yes, I’m terribly hung over so the faster we can get this over with, the faster I can go back to bed.” You said, sitting back.

“Right…” Tommy began, trying not to be too angry because this meeting was actually about good news. Tommy nodded and everyone’s heads turned to watch a young man walk into the room. You opened one eye to look at him, he seemed uncomfortable, awkward, and out of place. You gave him a once over; from what you could tell he was somewhat of a country boy. He wasn’t terribly hard to look at, you even believed with the right outfit and city air he could be cute, but otherwise you didn’t want anything to do with him, or any guy for that matter. All guys were slime where you were concerned. Although you weren’t sure, you had heard rumors that your boyfriend, James, may have been cheating on you, which may have been the main reason for your heavy drinking and increased attitude. You tried your best to avoid him for a while. You tilt your head back again, closing your eyes as a way to get rid of the pain, but only after rolling them.

“This is Michael Gray.”

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They have an interesting connection. A lot of people say, ‘Oh, it’s a romantic connection.’ But I think right now, it’s a connection where he feels a certain amount of peace with her. He sees that she understands him a little bit and that she is willing to look at him with compassion and maybe hope for the best in him. And I’m certain that there is more than that and there is an attraction between them, but this is a long story and we’re not quite there yet in terms of romance.
—  Michael Narducci on whether Klaus and Cami will ever admit their feelings for each other (x)

((Fatty McBoomBoom’s favorite summer jam))

Crunchy beak sleepy times with Ollie.

UPDATE: Ollie is doing so much better, and came back with a clean bill of health. We determined it to be a small bacterial infection that we guess may have been caused by drinking out of a bowl of water that I didn’t clean yet. (I clean twice a day morning and night, but they have this thing for pooping/bathing in it instantly. Sigh.) Glad he’s doing better!