they may have a mentor student relationship
Are Batman and Robin Still DC's Dynamic Duo?
DC has gone astray from the concept of the Dynamic Duo, sending Batman and Robin on their own paths. It's time for the pair to reunite once more.

The article raises some points about that it is strange we hardly see Bruce and Damian as partners nowadays (outside, ironically, Superman books and crossovers with Shadow and Turtles), when some other mentor-student relationships have been reintroduced into DC Universe with Rebirth. It doesn’t mention the official explanation from Detective Comics that Bruce subtly pushed Dick, Jason, and Damian to be his connections in places or groups Batman himself cannot easily go into himself (while keeping Tim by his side to help him expand scope of his mission in Gotham), in preparation for…. something. We also may not get as much Bruce and Damian as partners but we do have them as father and son in Super Sons, Superman and Batman, so maybe Bruce is trying to have more normal-life time with Damian as opposed to superhero time these days?

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I've read quite often that Rey, Finn and Kylo are actually considered as "the trio", apparently JJ said something about that. But generally speaking, I think it is not necessary for the movies to stick to the "2 of the trio are a couple" thing. We're over that..What are your thoughts?

It really depends on what JJ does with Kylo’s character development. When I think of the trio I am thinking about the “Resistance heroes.” Kylo is a lead, but not necessarily a member of that trio. 

After TLJ though, Poe is certainly a lead character. 

It does not have to just be a trio though. I saw four big plot threads in Last Jedi, student-mentor relationships and the conflicts within them. Rey and Luke, Poe and Leia, Kylo and Snoke, and I think also with Finn and DJ (Finn seeing a possible version of himself in the future if he continues running away.) 

Two of the “trio” or foursome may or may not be a couple. I am not counting it out yet. 

You haven’t been rude but I don’t understand what is wrong with explaining your reasons behind asking people to tag their ships? I tag WindScream because one of my followers headcanons that Starscream is gay and not bisexual or pansexual and think that pairing is boring. I like shipping her with Chromia more than I like seeing her with Starscream but I like femdom het couples too.  I tag ‘psychiatric abuse’ every time I reblog cute pictures with Rung and his patients because it upsets people in the fandom. I don’t see the problem because he’s sexy as hell and nice too and there is no way he would abuse his patients but for them I do it. I tag Cygate because people think the couple is pairing a baby with an older guy and has pedo parts to it. I don’t agree at all and I don’t think people should infantilize Tailgate but I still tag it because it upsets them. And then there’s the MegaStar abuse apologism thing fandom argues over and I like all these pairings but I tag them because I don’t want people to get upset and I know to tag the things I like because it makes them upset and this is what I think is the right thing to do. But with the one pairing that upsets me, people don’t care? I don’t mind if people complain about the ships I have. I don’t think that’s fair at all. I don’t think this is an unreasonable thing to ask. It’s not that I think old and unattractive people shouldn’t have sex. I like Rung and I ship him with everyone on the Lost Light and he’s old. I think the Quintessons are very ugly and I’d like to see more consensual tentacle porn with them. If the student wasn’t a student and the teacher wasn’t a teacher, I wouldn’t care at all about this I’d just ignore it. But that is their roles and I can’t even say their names because this ship is a big squick for me. I don’t want to see it at all if I can help p it. I hope people do see your answer and start tagging from now on. I don’t see why people can’t tag it. I don’t think the teacher would find the kid who he taught when the student was a cadet to be someone he’d want to get in bed with either. He still calls the student a kid! This isn’t a sign that the teacher wants to get all nsfw with him. Not if he’s a normal and healthy teacher and doesn’t have a thing for young people. I don’t think good teachers would sit around fantasizing about getting with their students. I don’t ship the teacher with anybody but I don’t see why this would interest him. And I don’t see what would interest the student about the teacher. The teacher spends most of his time being  the designated grumpy old guy who is a teacher. I don’t know how anyone would find that sexy. If the teacher’s helm that is your thing and I hope you enjoy it, but the student looks sexier with other characters like First aid and the other ones I mentioned. And First Aid was attracted to the students body in canon.All the characters I mentioned, Arcee, Prowl, Rodimus have things about them I think they would click over and that would help them improve as people. Or for Prowl I know someone who wrote a really good ship manifesto about them and I would ship that pairing the way they talked about it. I don’t ship the student with these pairings because they are more attractive it because I think it’s better for the student for personality sake not because they’re attractive. I don’t see anything the teacher would give that isn’t already given with the student teacher bond . Sex would just complicate things. I don’t know why anyone wants to see that complicated and I don’t think the student can give the teacher much room for personal growth. It’s a really bland pairing when people aren’t making it dysfunctional. There are other people who are old to choose from and I wouldn’t ship it but I would care enough to ask for it to be tagged. I’m not blaming you for people shipping it or for this existing but your comic did make it more popular. I didn’t have to deal with untaggedheadcanons about them on my dashboard before you made it. I am sorry if I made you angry. I didn’t want to do that but this pairing thing won’t stop and I’m really tired of it. It’s been months and I was hoping this thing would die down by now more than it has. I haven’t asked anyone to stop their shipping. That will never happen as any Megastar shipper can tell the haters, but it isn’t my thing but I really want it tagged and I don’t think that is too much to ask.


You are doing it again.

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So lets talk about this character because this was the most intriguing thing in the OP to me. Near the end of the crazy awesome opening of Getter Ban Ban was saw a brief scene of Ash walking forward, leaving glowing footsteps and this kid right on his heels (literally FOLLOWING in his footsteps), seemingly taking notes (possibly of Ash??)

I instantly think that this character will either take an intrest in Ash at some point and or already DOES have an interest in him and wants to learn more about him, the foot metaphor which is this most obvious theme of the scene seemingly gives the message that this could be the start of a possible mentor/student relationship between these two characters which will grow throughout the rest of XY.

The character himself seems to be of a studious type and I think he’ll have a bit of book smarts but not a lot in the way of actual experience, which Ash could possibly teach him in? The way he jots down in his book while looking towards Ash may signify that he’ll be taking a lot of notes on his actions and (maybe) advice? This could go beyond mentor/student and could result in a possible sucessor to Ash maybe???

This is all conjecture and the final result of this character could be completley different, but either way im very excited to see what this character brings as an individual and to Ash’s character as well.