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Ok ok ok ok, but consider this, joined headcanons for bull and johnny and webgott, with web and johnny as brothers?? (Also u know i adore everything you write so there's that <3)

so sorry idk why i’m just now seeing this
but ilysm and thank you!

  • okay so first things first: game night
  • the first one started off as an awkward let’s all hang out type of double date so they could all hang out as couples™
  • joe and bull push for them to keep doing them once they see how competitive johnny and web really are and it’s hilarious
  • johnny and web catch on and switch teams because they’ve always worked better together than against each other
  • johnny and web carry a lead on wins and they get too cocky so when bull and joe say they should play monopoly this week the brothers figure they have it in the bag
  • they don’t
  • web and johnny are lecturing (mostly to one another) on economic structures and before they know it they’re hemorrhaging money and joe just smiles when web whines “you can’t just raise rent like that!” 
  • joe and bull nearly die of laughter when johnny throws the board across the room only an hour into playing the game
  • next, traditions
  • joe and bull bond over a lot once they’re introduced into web and johnny’s family
  • the affluency of the boston elite hasn’t gone to their parents head as much as it had the rest of their family so the first christmas they all spend together at web and johnny’s house is…interesting to say the least
  • now joe’s not new to traditions, his big family has enough of it’s own, but it’s alway awkward to be a part of someone else’s
  • not to mention the fact that most of web and johnny’s family are about as subtle as bull in a china shop
  • and by the time their aunt crystal insult joe in german, thinking joe wouldn’t understand, he’s at his wits end
  • he tells her, in german, that she’s lucky he loves david so much
  • bull pulls him away before he threatens to fight web and johnny’s sixty year old aunt
  • this is bulls second year here, so he’s accustomed to the snotty relatives and the decent ones
  • he explains as much to joe and assures him that their parents mean the world to web and johnny and the rest of the family doesn’t matter
  • joe calms down and when he manages to catch web’s eye, while he’s talking to their grandma rose who puts joe’s sailor’s mouth to shame, he sees a look of pure and unfiltered love in his eyes
  • joe decides in that moment that he’s going to marry that man
  • and they both give elaborate speeches that have everyone in tears and laughter
  • oh also language!
  • so it’s clear that web and johnny speak like six languages between them
  • but they are absolute shit at spanish
  • which is hilarious because they know french, latin, and italian but for some reason spanish escapes them
  • so bull and joe use it to tease web and johnny when they slipped into another language on accident or when they’re hiding birthday present ideas from them
  • one time when web and johnny weren’t even talking, joe just randomly asks bull, “crees que alguna vez aprenderán español lo suficiente como para entendernos?” 
  • bull looks to see web and johnny watch them with narrow, angry eyes and says, “probablemente, pero sigue siendo divertido”
  • god i need a fic of this bc there’s so much more but i’m going to stop myself
  • who are very very smart but still manage to be fooled by their significant others
  • blessed™

someone: i need 200 dollars to make a fully animated web series that will have an all star voice cast. its totally gonna get done, here is a stick figure drawing i made with my foot as proof that its gonna get done for real. would I ever scam you? i know all about money management. there might be an entire Representation in there as well

yall: omg here is 300k for your show good luck

poor black person: can someone donate ten bux to my paypal so i can buy a burger i havent eaten in two weeks

yall: fuck you. get a job you lazy bitch. you was hungry yesterday too. smells like a scam,

k but what if like ACTUAL spiders are attracted to peter??? like,,,,an actual spider going outta her way to make this cute web message for the boy and hes just so Confused at this little spider making a web message for him that literally writes “I think ur cute” or something

Peter’s homemade suit

Can I just talk about how proud Peter was with his homemade Spider-Man suit? In the beginning of the film, he wasn’t aware that Tony Stark made him a suit so the kid brought his own costume. When he was filming everything he said “Okay, Peter. You got this. You got this.” while looking at the mirror looking nervous but excited at the same time because out of all the people, he was going to help Mr. Stark fight Captain America. 

So when Happy said, “What are you wearing?” Peter was so confused and the camera showed him looking down to his outfit while saying in such an innocent way, “It’s my suit!”

You can tell it in his tone of voice that this was something he was very proud of. He most likely even sewn it himself. It’s something a 15-year-old with not much allowance can come up with. It wasn’t about just looking cool (for a kid), it was something that he would be wearing around comfortably, swinging here and there. I mean, it’s made up of a hoodie, long sleeved shirt, and joggers. Tony may have made fun of it and called it pajamas, but it’s something Peter was happy about because he designed it himself and you can even notice the spider symbol on his hoodie chest was drawn using a sharpie. He didn’t have resources but he improvised.

His homemade web-shooters? According to the Art of the Movie book, his web shooters have two separate cases that contained two chemicals and when he presses the button, it mixes as it moves forward to produce his webbing. That’s pretty darn neat that he came up with it and manufactured it himself. And I absolutely loved the fact that he was making his web fluid during chemistry lab class in secret when his teacher wasn’t looking and that’s just pretty realistic because again, he didn’t have the materials at home. He’s a dumpster diver and I wouldn’t be surprised if his web-shooters initially came from that.

And his mask? It can squint and everything and then I realized, he made it especially like that because his senses are dialed to 11 and he needed to focus because there was just too much input for him. As much as possible, he’d like to prevent sensory overload. I liked the fact Tony took this into consideration as well since the new suit was able to do that too.

Peter’s a resourceful kid and I loved that about him. So when Happy showed him the new and improved suit made by Tony Stark, he was so over the moon and went “Oh my god. I-I… I don’t understand. Is it… is it for me?!” It was just so pure and the innocence around it was amazing.

And honestly? He deserved it. He deserved it so much and I’m so happy for him that he got a multi-million dollar suit and yet he still kept his first suit.

(not so) subtle hints peter drops when he has a crush on you

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  • although we all know peter is a gentleman, he goes out of his way to be the ultra gentleman for you
    • actually running in front of you to grab the door for you
      • pouting when you get there first 
    • making sure to always have a hoodie on hand for you when you’d get cold 
    • always insisting on buying your coffee
      • often bringing you coffee before classes that he just knows you’re way too tired to handle at the early hours of the day 
      • he has your orders memorized for each coffee shop and bakery within queens 
      • always remembering to put a little coffee sleeve on your drink so it doesn’t burn your fingertips 
    • “wow your hair looks great today” 
      • “thanks..didn’t even have time to brush it” 
    • “that shirt looks great, y/n” 
      • “it’s yours” 
    • “your eyes are really pretty wOW” 
    • “y-you have really nice lips, is that a weird thing to say? yeah it probably is, i should stop talking, i’m still talking, ned make me shut uP” 
    • “if my parents were alive i’m sure they’d love you-wait that’s a horrible thing to say” 
      • “pETER” 
  • he absolutely LOVES spending time with you and finding excuses to do so 
      • peter is your go-to man for all school subjects and he knows it
      • so homeboy uses that to his advantage 
      • “hey, y/n, i could totally tutor you” 
        • “peter, you’re literally spider-man, you have other responsibilities” 
        • “but i’d rather help you, best friend duties of course” 
    • exhibit b: mOVIE MarATHONS WEEKLY 
      • ned at first begging peter to come, but peter begging him to make up an excuse as to why he couldn’t go 
      • every week 
      • “peter, why is ned never here anymore???”
      • “uhm…great question?” 
      • he one time actually LOWERED the thermostat so you would be cold and his hopes were you’d cuddle with him 
      • “jesus, your apartment is freezing today” 
      • “darn..cuddle?” 
    • exhibit c: always lab partners 
      • you replaced ned really quick 
      • but ned didn’t mind, he liked playing the wingman so he’d go chill with michelle
        • don’t @ me but i ship that 
      • peter making sure to save you a spot before class and you happily sitting next to him 
      • he’s lowkey making web fluid in between experiments 
      • “hey, pete, can i watch you do that? it’s actually really fascinating” 
      • you totally find it adorable cool how into it peter gets and he thoroughly explains everything 
      • tbh not getting much of the labs done 
    • “hey, y/n, why don’t you go to homecoming with peter?”
      • “he never asked me?”
      • “right, he’s just scared, so i of course am left with all the heavy lifting” 
        • “neD sHUT Up!!” 
    • he loves doing the cliche thing where he physically pushes peter into you often 
    • ned loves to drop not so subtle winks at peter in between conversations amongst the three of you
    • often “whispering” too loudly 
      • “peTER THERE’S Y/N” 
      • “THANKS NED, I GOT  IT” 
    • “please ask her out, this wingman thing is exhausting” 
      • “all you do is embarrass me ??” 
  • eventually catching on and peter is very !!?!?!?!?!?!? 
    • “hey peter, do you like me?”
      • him practically choking on air 
      • “w-what , w-who told you? what????”
    • “it’s fine if you don’t, i mean i like you, but if you don’t it’s totally cool maybe i just misread-” 
      • “waIT YOU LIKE ME?”
        • “what do you mean by ‘misread’???”
      • “peter you’re not that subtle” 
      • “it was ned wasn’t it” 
  • moral of the story: you got peter head over heels and it’s the cutest thing in the whole world 

Does your stomach have a memory? Does each and every delicious food that passes through that cave of consumption echo in its past fondly? What about the bad food, the food that’s left it in disrepair, do they too make an impact on the future of your stomach? Does the stomach feel nostalgic some days, longing for soups in winter when it’s too hot out? O! All the loves and heartbreak, in food form of course, that make the tangled web of your stomach’s heart….if only those walls could talk.

Well, they talk when they’re hungry but you know what we mean.

I got a request to explain how to apply a doodle gif texture, and since I couldn’t find a tutorial, I decided to make one myself! I will be explaining (with lots of pictures) how to apply the hearts gif shown in the banner. I used the hearts gif from this doodle pack.

What you will need: photoshop. I use cc 2015.
Difficulty level: ★★☆☆☆

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I HAVE TNO TEARS LEFT TO SHED, shit I mean….hey! I made part 2! the morning after! :D enjoy. 

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