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Astrology fun facts

I will for some but HOPEFULLY I don’t have to put a ‘normally’, ‘usually’, etc. in front of everything. Also if you like this & idk if I should do more tell me because it’s fun. 💫

-Uranus in the 1st usually makes one tall.

- Sagittarius rising people always have something cute & dorky to them, even those who normally are/seem the complete opposite.

- Cancer is the coldest sign.

- Geminis (moons too) are usually bookworms.

- Scorpio venusians tend to fall for those they can’t reach (e.g. already married, celebrities, already dead, …)

- females with (esp hard) sun/saturn aspect are much more likely to be attracted to those a lot older (NOT an indicator for daddy kink!).

- Pisceans usually have something ethereal to them.

- Aquarius & Sagittarius won’t listen when you tell them not to do something.

- Water venusians & mercurians are likely more poetic.

- Venus in the 9th makes you popular.

- A lot of Virgo & 6th house placements make it more likely for you to have good eating habits & to work out (aka do what’s good for your health).

- Capricorn have to prove themselves to the world/public, whether consciously or subconsciously.

- Libras are social butterflies.

- Sun in the 2nd makes for a good singer.

- Pisces & Sagittarius folks often have something puppy-like to them.

- Leo friends are great both for introverts & extroverts as long as you don’t hold them from having fun.

- The last signs (Pisces, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Capricorn too but not as much) are usually very tolerant & non-judgmental.

- Air signs gossip the most (esp Gemini + Libra).

- Sister-sign sun/moon combos (eg Pisces sun-Virgo moon) can be hard but great if learned to deal with.

- Your draconic chart (+ with it its placements) most likely won’t be apparent & fitting to others.

- The first signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer) are more naïve than the rest.

- A mercury retrograde in your chart makes you witty.

- Gemini, Virgo & Scorpio (esp moon) are best at hiding emotions.


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i don’t think any of them act differently off camera except for jimin and hoseok 

listen no shade to air signs but a lot of them do wear a “mask” in public. i’m not gonna go so far to say they’re two faced or liars. they just know how to portray certain image, so much that very few people know the real them. and with millions of eyes on them, i wouldn’t be surprised that jihope do this  

i think this is especially true in jimin’s case, with both his sun and moon being air signs. many libras are essentially like mirrors. they return the same energy they get from someone. if someone is nice to them, they’re nice back. if someone flirts with them they flirt back. they say “yes” to everything. they hate conflict and often go along with things or ideas that they dont agree with just to avoid confrontation. few people get to know their real thoughts and feelings, and because of this they’re stereotyped as shallow and fake (which is an exaggeration but sometimes not far from the truth). with jimin, he’s just too pure. if he could reach into the galaxy and give every human a piece of the stars, he would. he has a “i’ll smile as long as it makes you guys happy” mindset, which could lead to him living through a persona in front of his fans. i think theres a lot to him that we don’t know.

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now with hoseok, i think it has to do with his sun sign and the stage image that’s been assigned to him. he’s known as the sunshine of the group but his chart indicates a lot of inner turmoil. he has a lot of harsh pluto aspects. pluto is a mysterious dark planet, and when it forms aspects with other planets it essentially cloaks it. notably his sun square pluto. many people with this aspect supress and hide a lot of their personality, either from childhood trauma or an intense need for privacy. much of who they truly are remains unknown to even their closest friends. they have a lot of inner tension and self criticism. even his members and himself have admitted he’s quite different off stage. 

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I never wanted much. All I wanted was for them to sell enough albums, enough to be stable to stay together. All I wanted was just to enter the top 100 on music charts. All I wanted was the nu'boys just to be happy, the most important thing.

Like alot of immature kpop group stans, most loves do not care about vanity or which BG is on top. We just want our members we love to so much to finally furfill their dream after so many years of hardship.

As a long term love, who about 2 years ago become dead set on making Nu'ests dream happen, and dedicated so much time to updating this blog to attract new fans and not seeing great results….. I never in my wildest dreams thought we’d top music charts. Thank you new and old loves for working so hard, and thank you to Nu'est for giving me so much love Its too much to even handle.

I am so happy for NU'EST W❤

(Next step is for us to make their dream of 5 years come true, no.1 on melon and their First win, let’s work hard for them!)


MAIN GOAL: Have fun and enjoy the comeback of course!!! ^_^ But at the same time, I would just like to list down some of the goals we can help Bangtan achieve on this comeback. As always I really encourage helping out if you have the means and time to do so. Even the smallest, simplest effort counts! But at the same time, it’s understandable if real life responsibilities are really demanding. Please always prioritize school or work or family first. I believe we all try to help in our own ways.


1. All Kill in the charts (meaning the title track gets the #1 spot on all the major KOREAN streaming apps)
3. At least 15 Million (FIFTEEN) youtube views on the MV in 24 hours
4. Win a music show trophy 3 consecutive times on one show.
5. Awards\Daesang at Year End Award Shows
6. Record breaking physical album sales

To say that the current competition on Korean Music Charts is VERY competitive is honestly a HUGE understatement. It’s really really super competitive, to help Bangtan chart well it’s really gonna take maximum effort. Like it’s honestly something not to be taken lightly so we really need all the help we can get. So, major key to help achieving the goals set are streaming the songs and buying the digital copies.

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Patient Confidentiality - (H/M)

A/N; Our third spooky smutty installment for our Halloween Smut festa, that was extremely delayed lol 
Hopefully the wait was worth it~

Genre; Hella smut 

Length; 11,000+ words aka long af just like Xiumin’s d i c c

Kink(s); exhibitionism/public stuff, impact play, Daddy kink, a tad bit of blood play, etc

AU(s); Vampire!Au

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    You pulled your sweater closer to your body to fight off the shivers that wracked your being. Mornings like these you often wished you were home, cuddled up to your cat reading through your grandmother’s old diaries. They were soft leather-bound books filled to the brim with your grandmother’s thoughts and spells. You were sure your beloved “Ma’s” soul was strung to those diaries, somehow. The pages lifted before your hand could move them. More often than not they would caress your palm as they turned, like small kisses. You should have bought one with you; it would have helped to pass the time.

    The automatic A/C unit made the ICU cold during the early morning. Your only company were the nurses making super early rounds and the humming of machines that wafted out of patient rooms. Lights more often than not were off as patients slept, sometimes you could catch the sound of a prayer.
    Hospitals were a sensitive subject for you, you adored your work as a nurse, being surrounded by the flow of so much energy invigorated you. Still, there were the times when death’s icy cold fingers would rub down your spine teasingly as it went to claim one of the patients. You frowned at the thought of death. How many times had you felt that tickle across the nape of your neck or felt the air go still?

    You eyed the clock wearily as the hand struck 7:00 AM. You rolled your neck searching for the source of its stiffness. You’d been sitting for too long. You rose from your chair at the nurse’s station and proceeded to walk the floor. The fluorescent lights that lined the hall buzzed, echoing in your ear, a reminder of the emptiness.
    The whiteness of the walls was blinding- making your eyes ache. A small pain started behind your eyes as you continued peaking your head in and out of patient rooms, checking charts and doing vitals.  Most of the time patients responded well unless they were having an “altered mental state” moment.  Even then, most of them were polite, just a bit stubborn about remaining still and receiving medication.

    You sighed as you came upon room 722. You loved your job. Honestly, it fulfilled you in ways hard to describe in words, but sometimes, you struggled. This particular patient was cantankerous, jaded as if he’d lived a thousand lifetimes even though he was only 28. You had to psyche yourself to see him every time you came to his room. The sliding doors opened to reveal him sitting in the recliner. The clunky dialyzer buzzed, signaling its completion of therapy. You masked up and threw on a  sanitation gown and gloves.

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anonymous asked:

Remember when suga said he would probably like his s/o if they met once a month, is he that type of person really?

this is what anon is referring to:

when i first read that, i was surprised too. min yoongi, with all his romantic placements, said that? then i remembered his venus square uranus, and the way it’s described fits his mindset exactly: 

“the energy of venus-uranus in hard aspect is embodied in the expression, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’. when close to a loved one, they can eventually feel smothered or antsy if the relationship becomes too predictable. when apart, they feel more free to love. this aspect is common in the charts of people who maintain long-distance”

but hey, who wouldn’t want late night facetimes with boyfriend!yoongi?

With All My Heart - Part 2

Word Count: 2225

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Slight panic attack

A/N: Again, there will be no tags for this series other than my Jensen tags which are closed. All new fics and only new fics will be reblogged over on my writing blog @torn-and-frayed-writes for easier access. Please do not ask to be tagged. 

Thanks to @impalaimagining for beta-ing this for me super fast at 1:30am! 

With All My Heart Masterlist

Running out on Jensen was one of the dumbest things you’d done in your life. You didn’t quite know why you did it and you’d spent almost every waking moment over the last week curled up on your couch trying to figure it out. He’d been nothing but kind to you, staying with you, driving you home, offering to get your car. You’d stared at his number in your phone a few times, debating whether or not you should call and apologize, but you’d chickened out every single time.

“Well, don’t you look like shit?” You drew your eyes up from your coffee cup and glared at Emma, your best friend who had agreed to meet you for coffee before your doctor’s appointment. You’d asked her to meet you at a smaller, hole in the wall coffee shop for fear of running into Jensen at Starbucks again, although you didn’t exactly tell her that.

“Fuck you too, Emz.” She laughed and sat down across from you, taking a sip of her coffee before looking you over one more time.

“You really do look like hell. Are you feeling any better?”

“Yeah, kinda.” You shrugged. “I have that appointment in like an hour and then I guess I need to go beg Don for my job back.”

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Goals for NU’EST W Comeback/Debut

✔️  (Most Important) 1st Music show Win 5 years after debut!!!

✔️ 1st no.1 on Melon Music Chart

✔️ All-kill on Music charts (we were close with ‘If You’)

✔️ Make every song on the new album enter top100 on every Music chart

✔️ 1 million views in 1 day on Comeback Music Video

✔️ 1st ever concert in Korea

✔️ First time attending end of year music shows

✔️ Make the boys happy

Bonus goal:

✔️ Make Minhyun Proud

ㄴㅇㅅㅌ Please work your hardest, they’ve waited way too long, now there is more of us its time to make their dreams finally come true!!

“She’s My Cherry-Pie.”

Summary: The music industry wasn’t all roses and rainbows. Y/N had learned from the start that if she was going to excel, she had no time for fuckboys and distractions. She was here to make a name for herself and her band… but sometimes, frontmen with bright blue eyes and cocky smirks were a little too hard to resists. When Y/N bumps into Andy backstage, she learns that the hard way.

Warnings: Just your basic smut warning.

please like/reblog if you read! requests are currently open!

*** SMUT ***

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Taylor Swift's 15 Best Songs: Critic's Picks

8/1/2017 by Jason Lipshutz

From her beginnings as a country artist to her reign as a global pop star, Taylor Swift has become one of the defining artists of this century – and that’s in large part thanks to her masterful song craft. Each era of the singer-songwriter’s career has included intricate, instantly memorable musical moments that it’s difficult to narrow down the best of the best to just 15. Yet these songs represent Taylor at the top of her game, whether it be through an extended heartbreak anthem or hilarious declaration of independence.

Here are Billboard’s picks for the 15 best Taylor Swift songs, from her self-titled debut through 1989.

15. Taylor Swift, “New Romantics”

A bonus track off 1989 that out-popped the bubblegum pizzazz of most of the standard track list, “New Romantics” finds Swift gliding alongside gooey ‘80s synths before pogoing on the chorus with a slew of declarative statements. “Heartbreak is the national anthem – we sing it proudly,” she states, making “New Romantics” a spiritual cousin to the “miserable and magical” time she had on “22.”

14. Taylor Swift, “Fearless”

A song like the Fearless title track demonstrated why, even as a teenager, Swift’s songwriting was miles ahead of her country contemporaries. The lyrics include several Swiftian hallmarks – dancing with a romantic partner in the parking lot becomes dancing with a romantic partner “in a storm in my best dress”! – but that opening line, “There’s something ‘bout the way/ The street looks when it’s just rained/ There’s a glow off the pavement,” effortlessly creates a sense of whimsy and romance that not many artists can pull off.

13. Taylor Swift, “Mine”

The lead single from Speak Now, Swift’s follow-up to the Grammy-winning Fearless, is more muted than its predecessor’s “You Belong With Me”and “Love Story,” and understandably so: It’s a song about not just finding love but maintaining it when the meet-cute has drifted into the past. When that final chorus hits and reaffirms the caring at the heart of this Taylor Swift song, though, it’s one of her most moving moments to date.

12. Taylor Swift, “Tim McGraw”

Taylor Swift sure has come a long way from the first track on her first album, huh? Although “Tim McGraw” sounds nothing like her pop stylings, the charming debut features the same type of vocal resonance and clever wordplay that have become calling cards for Swift. Plus, the fact that she pulled off the line “When you think Tim McGraw/ I hope you think of me,” and then proceeded to become even bigger than Tim McGraw, is something to marvel at.

11. Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars, “Safe and Sound”

The bad news is that one of the very best Taylor Swift songs, the dark, devastated “Safe and Sound,” is not featured on any Taylor Swift album. The good news is that we live in a playlist-friendly culture, and that this collaboration with The Civil Wars for the first Hunger Games soundtrack can be included in any mournful collection of your choosing. A song about protection amidst terror, “Safe and Sound” features Swift’s voice at its most shattered, her best efforts pummeled by the marching drums outside her door.

10. Taylor Swift, “Our Song”

What if Swift had resisted the allure of pop music and committed to a lifetime of fiddle-filled country jams? We’ll never know the answer, but “Our Song” is a gloriously twangy testament to what Taylor once was, before her lyrical ability to find music in everyday life was translated to a different genre. Here, the bubbly words give way to the lush arrangement, which encapsulates the exuberance of first experiencing the world with a romantic partner.

9. Taylor Swift, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

Years after its release, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” remains bitingly funny, an eye-roll of a pop song about a boy who just doesn’t get it through his thick skull that it’s time to move on. Swift deftly balanced sarcasm with the sincerity of the hook and nails one of her first pronounced attempts at mainstream pop (which became her first single to hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart).

8. Taylor Swift, “Teardrops on My Guitar”

Poor Drew: The object of Taylor’s affection in “Teardrops on My Guitar” has a soon-to-be superstar longing for him and he’s totally unaware. The standout from Swift’s debut LP boasts the type of nuanced songwriting that would eventually make Swift a sensation, and while the “I secretly like him but he likes her and he’ll never know how much I like him” dynamic is repeated throughout her catalog, “Teardrops” captures that resignation within a handful of striking images, most notably the title phrase.

7. Taylor Swift, “Blank Space”

There aren’t too many pop songs that turn on a dime in the middle of the second verse, but just as her unhinged character in the “Blank Space” video unravels midway through, so does Swift at the song’s center, diving into self-deprecation and mocking her well-documented romantic history outside of music. “Blank Space” works as far more than satire, though: snappy and uncluttered, it’s a fantastic sing-along dotted with quotable moments (“I can make the bad guys good for a weekend,” “Boys only want love if it’s torture”).

6. Taylor Swift, “Love Story”

It takes guts to name a song something as bold and straightforward as “Love Story,” but Swift’s breakthrough single makes good on the “story” part of the equation by unfolding a modern-day parable that somehow never slips over the edge into full-on cheese. Perhaps it’s the earnestness of Swift’s performance as a heroine searching for an escape route with her Prince Charming and finally realizing that reality can make room for their tale. Out of the millions of love stories in the history of pop music, “Love Story” stands out.

5. Taylor Swift, “Mean”

Simply put, a pitch-perfect rebuke of bullying. The Speak Now single posits that living well is indeed the best revenge, as Swift bashes her early detractor by predicting that her future is bright, while their future only contains minor victories (and a huge helping of meanness). Swift sings “Mean” in first person, but it’s not really for her – this is a song for people who feel belittled and beaten down by others, who look to someone like Swift for uplift and assurance. “Mean” is designed to shout along with cathartically, and it succeeds.

4. Taylor Swift, “State of Grace”

A bulldozer of an opening to Red, “State of Grace” is Swift’s most sonically towering track ever recorded; it’s a good thing that its author headlines arenas, because no small room could contain this song’s might. Instead of relying on lyrical detail, Swift stacks guitar lines upon propulsive drums and lets the whole thing rip; instead of opting for a wordy chorus, the hook here echoes with conciseness: “I never saw you coming/ And I’ll never be the same.” At nearly five minutes in length, “State of Grace” stays exhilarating start-to-finish and will be one of Swift’s most enduring non-singles ever.

3. Taylor Swift, “Dear John”

One of the (many) reasons any man should think twice about screwing over Taylor Swift: She is capable of penning a visceral, eviscerating takedown as potent as any hip-hop diss track. “Dear John,” a mangling of ex-beau John Mayer, is nearly seven minutes of simmering anger – but it never feels exploitative or unyielding, instead exploring the feeling of being taken advantage of and punctuating each chorus with a sorrowful “I should’ve known.” Swift uses “Dear John” to turn the gut-punch of being led astray into a clenched fist and declaration of survival. “I took your matches before fire could catch me,” Swift spits at her beloved-turned-enemy. And we, the listeners, simply get to sit back and watch the fireworks.

2. Taylor Swift, “Style”

“Style” is all about the details: the hints of the guitar lick in the verses, the echoing vocals of “out! of! style!” on the chorus, the tension in Swift’s voice when she debates telling her guy that it’s time to leave, the way “James Dean/daydream” and “red lip/classic” are perfect rhymes positioned on top of each other, the release of the “take me hooooome” on the bridge. On an album filled with very good-to-terrific pop songs, “Style” is the most finely manicured, the most well-produced, the most fully realized – and still, the most affecting. Decades from now, musical anthropologists will study how pop could be this perfect.

1. Taylor Swift, “You Belong With Me”

Throughout the twists and turns of her career, Swift has changed sounds, collaborators, personas and approaches, but has not – and perhaps will never – eclipse the magnificence of “You Belong With Me.” Credit the song’s simplicity, echoing the thematic concept of “Teardrops on My Guitar” but amplifying the high school heartache and polishing the hook so that it never floats back down after leaving the ground. There are so many things to love within “You Belong With Me,” from the high heels/sneakers dichotomy to that double handclap during the bridge, but more than anything, it’s quintessential Taylor, the ultra-relatable protagonist who can sum up complex feelings in a vocal run or quick turn-of-phrase. “You Belong With Me” has been her defining song for years, and that’s because it’s her best.

How To Take Care of Newt Scamander

For @gramanderprompts, who had a bad day and needed some fluff. I present to you this. Hopefully it brightens your day (night? morning? I feel like no one lives in my timezone, lmao) - sorry I couldn’t get it to you sooner!

It’s after a long, arduous night of labor with one of the mooncalves that Newt finally gets to crawl into his little makeshift bed in his shack. He wants for nothing more than the climb the ladder and join his partner in their plush king sized bed – to be wrapped in the strength of Graves’ arms and actually rest for a moment. But he knows that in a few short hours, the artificial sun in his case will rise and the day will begin anew for his creatures. For some of them, that would mean feeding and being attended to.

So he can’t go up to the bed he so desperately pines for. His little cot will have to do; just comfortable enough that he’d be able to nap and just uncomfortable enough that he wouldn’t sleep for too long. He is too tall for the cot to be comfortable enough to sleep in for more than two hours. Exhausted as he is, though, he falls onto the thin mattress and fades away immediately.

He doesn’t wake when the seams of the case above him open. Doesn’t stir when long, elegant legs come climbing gracefully down the latter. Doesn’t see the fond look on his partner’s face when Graves comes to stand over his bedside and gently tuck back a lank, grimy curl from Newt’s brow.

He’s dead to the world as Percival gently loops his arms underneath Newt’s back and knees. Doesn’t so much as blink when his body is lifted easily from the cot and hefted into two strong arms. He does, however, curl into that familiar warmth – his nose tucked into freshly shaven skin and the heady scent of aftershave. His hands find the suspender straps that arch over Graves’ shoulders and latch onto them. Graves chuckles.

Gently, he carries Newt out of the case and to their bed. He tucks him in with a tenderness that only Dougal gets to witness; Graves unaware that the invisible little creature had followed him out of the case – eyes large and unblinking.

He waits on the edge of the bed until he is sure the young man will not wake before leaving him and venturing back down into the depths of the case. Not all of the creatures trust him as they do Newt, but they trust Dougal who follows Graves everywhere. Invisible to the human eye, of course, but the creatures know he’s there. He calms them whenever Graves’ approaches wrong – accidentally, of course, the man doesn’t intend to frighten anything. But he’s too sure footed, too imposing. Too used to having to convey confidence as a leader to know that in the case, he appears more a predator than a caretaker.

But the food goes a long way in removing that obstacle. He feeds the creatures according to the chart on Newt’s wall – only stopping for a moment to blink warily at the scrawled “werewolf” on one section of the chart – and doesn’t rest until every duty Newt would attend to in the morning is complete. And once he’s done, he makes sure that Newt’s new mooncalf is doing well on its first day in the world before returning to his lover in their bed.

He’s halfway through unbuttoning his shirt, his suspenders hanging loose around his hips, when finally Newt stirs in their bed – eyes slightly swollen from exhaustion.

“Wha-what?” Newt blinks, pouting cutely, confused from waking somewhere different from where he had laid down to sleep.

“It is…” Graves pauses for a moment to look at his watch, “Half past ten in the morning. Yes, I moved you up here. No, I did not let your creatures starve. Yes, your mooncalf is doing extraordinarily well. No, the Niffler did not get out. No, I won’t apologize for spiriting you away from your case before you ran yourself into the dirt and passed out in the Nundu’s territory or something equally horrifying. Yes, I know the Nundu are just misunderstood. Yes, I fed them too. And no, you are not allowed to go back into your case yet,” he says, rapid fire, interrupting Newt every time the man tried to open his mouth to question him.

“Well that’s terribly rude,” Newt pouts, arms crossed in the bed.

“Which part? Stealing you and putting you to bed or interrupting you?”

“Do I have to choose?” Newt asks.

Graves laughs, a harsh and barking thing that Newt loves because he knows how rare it is.

“I suppose that’s fair,” Graves says mirthfully as he finally slides his shirt free from his shoulders, drawing Newt’s attention. The man is sweaty from work, his forearms down dirty from the enclosures and his cheeks smudged with dust and grime that makes Newt’s gut clench because it should be illegal for a man to stand dirty in the bedroom in nothing but pants and dangling suspenders. He has a faint sunburn on his nose and the tips of his ears, too pale from desk work and night raids. Newt shivers with want.

But he also never wants to leave the comfort of his bed again and he’s mostly sure that Graves had charmed the mattress somehow to make it extra fluffy – just to entice Newt to stay a little longer.

It’s working.

He shimmies a little deeper into the covers and watches as Graves sits on the bench at the end of their bed and goes about removing first his shoes, then his socks and garters. Newt whines, earning him a wry and knowing smirk over Graves’ shoulder.

“No,” Graves says, his voice an amused but firm purr in his chest.

“Rude,” Newt says, a twinkle in his eye.

Graves smiles.

“How about this,” Graves says as he stands, coming around the bed to stand at Newt’s bedside. He chuckles when the Magizoologist simply winds his fingers into his belt loops and tries to pull him into the bed. It doesn’t work. “I’m going to take a nice, long soak. If you’re still in this bed and actually resting when I come back, I’ll let you do whatever you want.”

“Anything?” Newt asks, eyes wide.

Graves takes his now slack fingers from his belt loops and brings them to his mouth, kissing their tips at first before taking the last finger into his mouth and sucking it, just once.


“You tease.”

Graves’ gaze becomes a hot, hungry thing above him - and not the least bit apologetic.

“How else am I supposed to get you to rest a little longer?” Graves asks. “I’m filthy, any how. I’ll be just a moment. What’s another ten or twenty minutes in bed, hmm?”

Newt watches Graves disappear into the bathroom. He listens to the gentle thrum of water filling the tub. His eyelids droop even as he fantasizes about how he’s going to turn the director into a puddle of overwhelmed goo beneath him when he’s out from his bath. His fingers go slack even as Dougal gently disappears from the room and returns to the case, satisfied that Newt’s new mate can well and truly take care of their kind, bumbling Magizoologist. He lets go of his invisibility in the hall, confident neither man will ever know he got out.

It’s only then that Dougal spots Graves through the doorway to the library and not in the bathroom at all. The little creature freezes, pinned beneath the weight of the man’s stare from overtop the paperwork he has in his lap – clad in a bathrobe and dark rimmed glasses. With a wink and a slender finger at his lips, he goes back to his paperwork and lets Newt sleep.

Yes, Dougal thinks, he’s a good mate indeed.
The Dangers of Using a Sticker Chart to Teach Kids Good Behavior
Priming children to expect rewards for doing what they're told can harm their social skills in the long term.
By Erica Reischer

It’s easy to see how busy parents would be drawn to sticker charts’ ability to produce quick results. With the right incentives and structure, the system can be an effective way to get kids in the habit of brushing their teeth, for example, or unpacking their school bags. Proponents of sticker charts say that these types of reward systems help prevent power struggles and reduce parents’ need to nag, making the routines of everyday family life easier.

In many ways, they do. The problem with sticker charts and similar reward systems is not that they don’t work. Rather, they can work too well, creating significant negative and unintended long-term consequences for both the kids and their families. Sticker charts are powerful psychological tools, and they can go beyond affecting children’s motivation to influence their mindset and even affect their relationship with parents.

But advocates of sticker charts often neglect to mention their potential hazards, leaving parents surprised when the method backfires. Not surprisingly, I frequently hear complaints from parents about sticker charts gone awry. One mother who was initially pleased with the results of her sticker-chart system said that when she asked her 8-year-old son to stop what he was doing and help his younger brother clean up a spill, he responded: “What will you give me?”

Another couple in one of my parenting classes also struggled when their reward system stopped working. “We told our daughter that she could earn extra points toward her goal of getting a new phone if she would help us clean the kitchen after dinner, but she just said, ‘No, thanks.’ Now what?”

Many of these parents who began a reward system with the worthy goal of making family routines easier became so pleased with the outcome that they kept adding more items to the sticker chart. Children reluctant to help with laundry or share their toys? Give them a sticker for it.

I like to call this phenomenon, in which reward systems become pervasive in family life, a “reward economy.” In reward economies, kids learn to trade desirable behavior for a reward. Sometimes the reward comes directly, in the form of toys, ice cream, or books; sometimes its value is stored, like currency, in stickers or other objects that can be exchanged at a later date. Whatever the system, reward economies promote a transactional model for good behavior: Children come to expect a reward for good behavior and are hesitant to “give it away for free,” like the 8-year-old boy who wanted a reward for helping his brother.

Some of the hazards of sticker charts include the much-discussed risk of undermining kids’ intrinsic motivation, or the need to offer more and better rewards as the original ones lose their appeal. But perhaps more distressingly, reward economies also affect how children think about relationships.

In some cases, children are offered rewards not only for mundane tasks like tooth-brushing, but also for what social scientists call pro-social behavior: things like helping, cooperating, and sharing. Studies have shown that offering children tangible rewards in exchange for caring behavior may diminish future helpful behavior and can erode children’s innate tendency to help others.

Waking Up in Vegas

Part 1  Part 2

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Prompt: The reader spends a wild weekend in Vegas with her best friends, but what happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay there.

Word Count: About 2.3k

A/N: Sooo this is my first time writing a rpf or anything outside the Teen Wolf and Supernatural fandom, but let me know what you think because this makes me nervous!

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There’s no need for this gif, I just like it.

The sun was shining through the window punishing me for whatever I did the night before or to remind me why I should’ve refused that sixth shot. Judging by the intensity of my brain pounding against my skull, it must have been seven. As soon as I had any strength to pull my eyes open, I quickly squeezed them shut once more. Maybe I could try again later, when my head doesn’t feel like it could explode at any moment.

The night before, I went out with my best friends, Gina and Ava, we ran into another group of friends who were visiting from out of town as well and became our drinking buddies for the night.

I was still in Vegas.

I reached down, to pull the covers over my shoulders and tugged slightly.

A sharp intake to breath, followed by a groan came from under me, “Highly doubt that’s what you’re looking for”

Finally realizing the “blanket” was a grown man and my hand was still between his legs, I jumped to the other side of the mattress, lost my balance, and fell off the bed entirely. Somehow I managed not to scream.

“Are you alright?”, he panicked making his way to my side to help me

He pulled me up, reassuring me that everything was fine. There was very little space between us. Bits and pieces of the night before resurfaced as I got a good look at his face. Running into him and his two friends, taking shots as a group, bar hopping, then separating ourselves from everyone else. In the corner of the bar, we ignored the world around us and made out like teenagers.

The more I remembered about being on my own with him, the faster the blush spread across my cheeks. We were standing next to the bed, staring at each other like the night before as if nothing else mattered in this moment except the two of us. I finally averted my gaze and looked down. If my blush wasn’t bad before, it most certainly was worse now.

We were both still naked.

I jumped back grabbing the blanket to cover up and squeezed my eyes shut.

“You’re not wearing any clothes”

“And neither are you”, he laughed as he found his boxers to put on, “It’s not like we didn’t see it all last night”

“Do you even remember anything?”, I asked nervously shifting back and forth

“We ran into you and your friends and bar hopped. Around the time we reached the third bar, things got a little fuzzy. You can look now”

“Do you remember the dancing?”, I asked as I began searching for my bra

He pulled it from under his jeans on the ground and tossed it to me, “We didn’t dan…oh. I asked you to dance and surprisingly you said yes”

“We drank..a lot. You shouldn’t be that surprised”, I stated as I motioned for him to turn around so I could put it on

Our clothes were thrown all over the floor and furniture, a bottle of champagne knocked off the table along with a lamp, a bouquet of flowers were scattered across the floor, and a condom wrapper was on the nightstand.

My heart was beating out of my chest as I took him in. He was gorgeous to say the least. A knowing smirk spread across his face and I felt my cheeks burn from embarrassment for a second time.

What if they’re still asleep?”, a voice mumbled from behind the door

Then we wake them. We do have to get back home you know”, another said

They knocked three times before they hesitantly pushed the door open.

“Daveed? (Y/N)?”, a man I recognized as one of his friends stepped in with his hands over his eyes, “Are you up yet?”

“Rafa, put your hand down. We’re decent”, he answered

“Thank God”, Rafa sighed as he moved his hand away and looked at the state of the room, “Seems like someone had an eventful night.”

“One that we can’t seem to remember entirely”, he mumbled

“Maybe we shouldn’t have gone to that third bar”, Ava said as she walked into the room, looking around the same way Rafa did

We all nodded in agreement.

“Adrienne and I are gonna get dressed in our room. After that we’re all going out for breakfast…brunch…we’re going out to get food! So be ready”, Rafa said as he turned to leave the room

“Those flowers weren’t here when we got the room, right?”, Ava finally asked

Rafa turned on his heel and marched right back in, eyeing the floor, “Aww Diggs that’s so romantic”, he cooed

“Get out”, he laughed as he threw a pillow at him

I don’t remember much, but I definitely don’t recall getting flowers either.

Daveed sat next to me, across from us, Rafa sat next to Adrienne, while Gina sat across from Ava. Gina was chatting animatedly about our upcoming proposal for work, but I could barely hear what she was saying. Daveed and I were in our own little world, talking about what ever came to mind.

His gaze never left mine and that shy smile never wavered.

What I would give to remember the rest of the night I spent with him. His eyes lingered on my lips for all of two seconds before Rafa started to call our names.

“Attention lovebirds!”, he laughed along with everyone else, “Our food is here”

We both looked at the plates in front of us, wondering when it got there. We were so caught up in each other, we never noticed. He gave me another shy grin before picking up his fork and directing his attention to his food.

“Are you excited for your proposal (Y/N)?”, Adrienne asked after a moment of silence

“What proposal?”, Daveed nearly choked, “I didn’t know you were here for a wedding"

“Smooth”, Rafa mumbled as Adrienne began to laugh at the expense of her friend

“No. Gina and I are working on something to get Tollville Industries to sign with our marketing company. If we get them to sign, the company gets more recognition and of course money, but we get–”

“Promotions!”, Gina sang, “And on top of that I get to see my girlfriend everyday because we’ll finally be working in the same building!”

“We live together”, Ava said as she tried not to smile

But their grins said it all. All three of us were beyond excited and terrified for this presentation. If we fail, our boss, who didn’t have any faith in us in the first place, will never let us hear the end of it. We needed this more than ever.

The excitement seemed to be rubbing off on the rest of the table as they begin to smile as well.

“That sounds amazing. Isn’t Tollville one of the top industries for–”

“Yup. Which is also why this may be one of the most terrifying moments of my life”, I mumbled

“You’ve got this. There’s plenty of time to prepare. It can be terrifying when you have all eyes on you, but trust me you forget about it soon enough and all is well”, Daveed said softly

“Is this coming from a previous experience?”

“Experiences”, Rafa chimed in, “We’ve been running this workshop that’s a cross between poetry and theater. We do performances all the time”

The rest of conversation went on about their workshop, how they put it all together, and how they met and became friends in the first place. Daveed’s smile started waiver once the check came. Our time together was coming to an end.

A part of me wanted things to work out, but this was a one night stand there’s nothing to it. You have your fun, say your goodbyes, and move on with your life. This may have been my first one, but I’m sure I know how they work. And that’s what I needed to do given that he lives on the west coast and I live in New York.

After leaving the restaurant, Rafa and Adrienne said their goodbyes and waited for Daveed.

“I guess I can’t say ‘I’ll see you around’ then”, he said softly

“I guess not”

He looked at me and smiled. The look in his eye told me he had something to ask, but couldn’t get it out.

“What?”, I asked

“This was just supposed to be a one night stand. I know this, but I want to ask for your number anyway”, he paused, “If that’s alright with you”

I grinned as I pulled a pen from my purse and scribbled my number on his wrist.

“Hopefully I’ll see you around”, I stepped forward and kissed him on the cheek, “Bye Daveed”

“Goodbye (Y/N)”

We went our separate ways with them heading back to their hotel while we headed to the airport. I knew this could be a risk, but there was no harm in being just friends, right?

Three Weeks Later

I hadn’t heard anything from Daveed since we left Vegas, which I chose to keep in the back of my mind. Getting this proposal prepared for next week has slightly taken over my life. The late nights and early mornings with Gina and Ava started getting to me by the time Wednesday rolled around. At least today was Friday and I had two hours left.

I finished the rest of my coffee, which did little to wake me up. Trying to resist the urge to throw my computer through the window proved to be a challenge given my sleep deprivation and apparent immunity to caffeine.

The research I was conducting had hit a dead end just as my office door was pushed open.

“(Y/N)!”, Greg chirped, “You’re still here, great! I need you to get all the info from the meeting we were in not too long ago. Margaret took notes on it and it’s a mess, no one understands it. So I need you to organize all of it, tables, charts, the whole nine”

“That was from three weeks ago. Why doesn’t Margaret just organize it herself? They are her notes”, I said trying to keep myself in check

“(Y/N), you’re not listening. I told you to do it. Besides I gave Margaret the rest of the day off”, he grinned, knowing exactly what he was doing, “Make sure it’s emailed to me by midnight tonight. Have fun”, he sang as he practically pranced out my office

It was now four o’clock. I was supposed to get off at five, yet here I am organizing someone else’s notes because my boss is a dick.

Maybe I should keep my computer and just toss Greg out the window instead.

I grabbed Margaret’s notes off and got to work. By five everyone, including Greg, were leaving the building. I was nowhere near finished.

“Make sure everything is on my desk by Monday morning so we have time for practice runs”, Gina grinned, “What’s wrong? Aren’t you supposed to be getting off at five too?”

“Not anymore”, I groaned, “Greg decided that I needed to organize Margaret’s notes from that meeting from three weeks ago because no one can understand them. It’s damn near twenty pages and she has the tiniest handwriting I’ve ever seen!”

“That bastard can’t do that!”, she said as she started to remove her coat, “Give me some of her papers. We’re gonna get this finished so you can get home and sleep”

“Gina, that won’t be necessary”, Greg said, magically weaseling his way into my office, “This is a solo project for (Y/N). You two have been so busy working on your little project, that you seem to forget that you have actual work to do. Leave (Y/N) be, she can handle it herself. If she can’t, then I don’t understand the purpose of us hiring her in the first place”

She shot a glare at Greg before making her way out the office. As Greg made his way out, he gave me a sickening grin. I should have thrown him out the window when I had the chance.

By nine thirty, I ran out the office after emailing Greg what he needed. If I didn’t get a drink, food, and some sleep soon, there would be hell to pay.I grabbed all my things, practically running out the building to be free for the weekend.

After getting the mail, I made my way into my apartment, kicking my heels off in the process. As the stress of the week started to dissipate, there was finally enough energy to go through the bills. One envelope stood out from the rest. It was the size of a normal sheet of paper, with an address from Las Vegas. It was probably a bill from the way we left the hotel room.

Reading the address was all it took to get my mind on Daveed again. There’s no reason I should be thinking of his warm brown eyes or that shy smile that made me feel things I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t be smiling and thinking about him, when I know he isn’t thinking of me. He asked for my number and never called. Lesson learned I guess.

I opened the envelope and pulled out a piece of paper. It had a gold embellishments with the names being the only thing written in cursive, but everything else could be read clear as day. A part of me thought it was sent to the wrong house until my eyes landed on my name along with the same man I met before leaving.

‘This certifies that (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and Daveed Diggs were joined in marriage before witnesses. This day, November 18, 2017’

‘Witness: Ava Nichols’

‘Witness: Rafael Casal’

Holy shit.

not a romantic man

Percival Graves is not a romantic man; Newt Scamander can vouch for this.

He’s been together with the man for almost a decade after all and Percival has never done anything grandly romantic no matter what Suzie Jones from Accounting said during lunch.

(The rumour about Percival renting the whole upper level of the New York Plaza for their 10th anniversary is not true! And no! Percival doesn’t serenade him with his own rendition of Baur’s Angela Mia!)

Percival is a stoic man, that much is true. He rarely smiles, and even when something amusing happens; all he would do is raise his eyebrows with the end of his mouth quirking up briefly before his cool mask once again sets in.

He doesn’t like public display of affection. Holding hand is only acceptable when they’re crossing the road and kissing is only advisable on the cheeks. But Newt sometime kisses Percival on his mouth; just a fleeting thing, a soft brush that usually makes Percival flustered and Newt giggling away leaving the man yelling after him.

There are times that Newt hears what the junior Aurors are saying; how they actually are doubtful about whether or not Newt and Percival are compatible. How they think that Percival Graves is not capable of loving someone as sweet as Newt Scamander.

But Newt knows Percival is fond of him.

It’s in the way Percival painstakingly learns how to brew the perfect tea. How he actually fire-calls Newt’s Mother to ask for the proper ways to make a good cuppa so he could prepare tea for Newt every time Newt needs one.

It’s in the way Percival listens attentively to him when he talks about his creatures; their healths and odd habits. His increasing worries about watching the wee beasties growing up so fast and how they would leave the nest now. Percival never once asks him to stop his yapping; the man actually pulls him closer and tells him that “you’re a good mommy to them.”

It’s in the way Percival always asks him about the new creatures that Magical Beasts and Creatures Protection Department has brought in. How Percival actually asks if he needs a special permit because “I can do it now if you need it. Won’t take long anyway.” How Percival is ready to bend the rules a bit just to accommodate Newt.

It’s in the way Percival helps him in the suitcase. Even when he’s not around; sometimes he’s too caught up running the new department that he forgets his creatures’ mealtimes. Only, when he is inside, the beasties are all well-fed according to their diet charts and Percival is now grooming the Nundu and petting it fondly; Dougal holding Percival’s hand and sitting calmly next to the man.

Newt knows Percival loves him by the way Percival always makes sure that he eats. They rarely go out to have lunch together because Percival always brings in food to his office and actually staying there to eyebrow him to take a bite or two or three, until the food is gone and the tea is finished. Percival even feeds him when Newt is too busy to even stop writing his new finding on a creature.

Newt knows Percival loves him.

It’s in the way Percival’s eyes are always on him. Looking at him as though he is a piece of art; a masterpiece to be studied. Even in a room full of people, Percival is always looking at him with love in his eyes.

It’s in the way Percival drags him into the dark corner of an empty room all around MACUSA just to kiss him soundly on the lips; murmuring how Newt always looks so tempting, “something sweet that I want to bite.”

It always leaves Newt blushing for the whole day.

It’s in the way Percival breathes “come home soon.” when Newt has to travel again. How there’s no accusation in his eyes when he looks at Newt; how Percival always sends him with a long hug and a fond “I’ll miss you.”

It’s in the way Percival stumbles into his arms when he arrives at their home; how Percival kisses him frantically, greedily. As if he doesn’t get enough of Newt and how he breathes “I miss you” over and over again when Newt is writhing in pleasure underneath him. Slicked flushed skin moving rhythmically until they come to completion as one.

It’s in the way Percival dances with him to the tune of McCormack’s Moonlight and Roses. Percival holding him close and spinning him around the living room; dancing the foxtrot in their pajamas. How Percival murmurs the lyrics against his lips before kissing him sweetly.

It’s in the way Percival wipes his tears and kisses his eyelids when Newt wakes up from a nightmare; bad memory that still haunts him even in his sleep. How Percival always hums sweet nothing to calm Newt down; how he holds Newt in his arms and rocks their bodies until Newt is no longer crying.

It’s in the way Percival saying I love you to Newt without even verbally uttering the words. All those small things that Percival does to him where others can’t see but Newt can. How he always put Newt first above everything else.

Even without grand romantic gestures Newt Scamander knows Percival Graves loves him very much. He tells Newt so. Every day when he wakes up and every night before he goes to sleep. Murmurs the warm words against his skin, against his lips. Carve them deep within his bone.

It’s ordinary, nothing extravagant or overly romantic. But for Newt, it’s enough.

From the other side

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Request: Can I get a namjoon scenario where you’re an American music artist on a show kind of like jimmy fallon, and the host asks you who your celebrity crush is and you say it’s namjoon. The people are like “who dat” and then the reader explains (maybe gets asked to dance to a song and they do so?). Then somehow the boys see it and show it to nams ^~^ sorry if this was too much

Word count: 2.2k

A/N: I had a great help from @sunwasrising when adding the last bit, hope it’s okay! I didn’t know if you wanted a fake text, or a short story. So, I did this lol, and if you had a stage name? I have NOT edited or corrected the story, because I am a little busy and I’m hoping, there aren’t too many errors.

Y/S/N = Your stage name

Rock-records = Music company (I maybe, have watched big time rush)

“Welcome to Y/S/N!!” A female confidential voice, were searching your name. As the big blue boarders revealed your dressed-up frame, giving the audience your latest song. The crowd cheering and clapping at your entrance, as the speakers boomed with your angelic voice. After a few minutes of performing, a short-haired blonde approached you with open arms as her smile were pulling your lip muscles.

“Welcome to the Ellen show! Thank you for coming!” She spoke, guiding you to the white chair. Her contagious smile, made your cheeks hurt.

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(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 3 597
summary : Kai and Reader’s five year old daughter has a couple of questions , making both her parents freak out a little.
note : (to the anon who requested it) not sure if thats what you wanted but i hope you like it ☺❤
* gif by shelleyhening

Kai turned to his side in his sleep reaching his hand for his wife. It had been six years since they had become a couple and a little over five years since their baby daughter had been born. When Y/N and Kai had first met they hadn’t been friends at all , in fact they had barely been able to stand each other. Always teasing and finding a way to annoy the other until one night at the Grill not too long after the merge when some guy had tried to put his hands on Y/N without her consent and Kai had intervened. After that things between them had changed completely and they had finally seen the truth , realising they love each other.
   "D-daddy !“ giggled their daughter. “You are tickling me !”
   "Wh-what ?“ he said sleepily , slowly opening his eyes. “What are you doing here sweetheart ? When did you get here?”
   "I had a nightmare.“ mumbled the little girl almost jumping on top of him. Grace’s small hands wrapped around his neck , dragging along her favourite stuffed toy. “There was a monster under my bed and it came out and tried to hurt us.”
   "Awwh princess.“ he said softly wrapping his arms around her. “It was just a dream. You know daddy would never let anything happen to you or mom. I love you both so much and I will always protect you both , no matter what.”
Grace sighed looking at her dad while holding Mr. Pebbles , her stuffed bear which she took with her literally everywhere. Kai and Y/N had gotten it the day their baby girl had been born. They had been in the toy store when Grace decided it’s time for her to show up and brighten up her parents life. His little girl looked so sad and scared he had to do something to cheer her up and since it was a little too early for cookies or her favourite chocolate chip pancakes , he went with the next best thing he could think of.
   "Bop.“ he said tapping her nose, seeing her smile for a second. “Bop , bop.”
   "Daddy -“ she laughed when he started poking her stomach and tickling her. ”- stop.“
   "You know , laughter scares the monsters away. So if you laugh instead of being scared , the monsters won’t ever get you.”
   "Really ?“
   "Yes and Mr. Pebbles - ” he said , seating her stuffed bear in between them “ - is a superhero. He is here to protect you too.”
Kai hid his face behind the bear and took his paw , blowing a kiss to Grace while changing his voice.
   "That is true. I will protect my Y/N always and forever.“
   "See , told you.”
Grace started laughing , taking Mr. Pebbles from her dad’s arms and hugging him tight while Kai hugged her. He loved listening to her laugh. It was one of his most favourite sounds in the world - along with her mother’s laugh and both their heart beats. Those sounds always gave him hope and he knew as long as he has them - everything will be perfect.
   "I love love love you princess.“ he said kissing her cheek.
Y/N stirred in her sleep hearing laughter around her , unable to separate it from her dream for a moment. Then the sounds became clearer as she started to wake up. Slowly Y/N opened one of her eyes at first , taking a peek. Their daughter was almost sitting on Kai’s chest with her tiny hands on his cheeks pushing them together while he made funny faces to make her laugh.
Grace’s laugh was everything - echoing in the house every minute of every day , never letting sadness or even the hint of it creep inside. Their little girl had become their own personal sun since the moment she had been born and there were no words to describe how much she and her dad loved her.
   "Are you having a hugging party in the middle of the night without me ?” laughed Y/N, snuggling closer to the two most important people in her life. “Because if so - ”
Kai blew his cheeks , bringing his eyes together for a second watching his little girl laugh even louder when he started tickling her and his arms wrapped around her tight. He laughed and Grace rolled onto the bed between her parents. Y/N kissed her cheek and wrapped her arms around her at the same time he wrapped his arms around them from the other side and they all cuddled together. Her dad kept tapping Grace’s nose , tickling her and his wife for a while until Grace somehow fell asleep between them.
   "I love watching you like this. Daddy and daddy’s little girl.“ whispered Y/N , intertwining her fingers with her husbands. "Can’t believe what a big goofball you have turned into.”
   "I can’t help it.“ he whispered back. "Grace brings out my goofball side even more than you. Remember that time we were at the Salvatore’s when you didn’t like me yet , or you liked me and acted like you didn’t -”
   "Kai - “
   ” - and you were supposed to watch me for a few hours and I kept following you around the house until you smashed that piece of pie on my face just to get me to stop following you ?“
   "I remember it the other way around. You were the one who smashed pie in my face.”
   "Well , yeah , but only after you smashed a piece in mine.“
   "That never happened.” she laughed.
   "I have the shirt to prove it.“
Y/N’s expression froze on the spot. "Wait , you still keep the shirt I stained that day — stained ? Oh God –”
   "You are going to yell at me aren’t you?“ he whispered. "Look , its an important shirt. That was the first time you actually laughed at something I did. Now that I think back , maybe that was the exact moment I fell for you. How am I not going to keep the shirt ?! Wait — w-where are you going ?”
Carefully Y/N slipped off the bed with Kai’s eyes following her around the room. He watched her kneel down to open the last drawer of the dresser , searching for something in there. About 6 years ago , not too long before the moment at the Grill that changed both their lives , Damon had almost forced her to keep an eye on Kai while he goes to talk to Bonnie in an attempt to get her to forgive Kai. Her husband kept following her around the house , making jokes and trying to get her to laugh while checking out every single thing in the living room and annoying her off the charts. A couple of hours later Y/N had gotten hungry and had gone to the kitchen thinking that maybe she had ditched Kai somewhere on the way. Her fingers had gotten some frosting on them while cutting the pie and he had grabbed her hand , licking her fingers clean. Instead of slapping him , she had smashed her piece with pie in his face. Until that day she could still see Kai’s startled expression seconds before a piece of pie got smashed in her face and they had both started laughing. When Damon had come back , both Kai and Y/N had had pie stains on their shirts and neither of them appeared to care much or wanted to explain what had happened.
   "Y/N ?“ he whispered.
When Y/N didn’t answer he glanced at Grace curled up with Mr. Pebbles on their bed , pulled the covers over her and got off the bed. His wife appeared to be so lost in her thoughts she didn’t even hear him walk behind her until his arms wrapped around her as he knelt on the ground , nearly scaring her to death.
   "What are you looking for?” he whispered. “Sorry, I thought you heard me coming.”
   "I am a witch not a vampire , remember ?“ she teased , reaching her hand to the back of the drawer pulling out a blue plastic bag. A smile spread across her face and she glanced at Kai who already had a suspicion as to what was inside.
   "You kept yours too ? And you never told me ?”
   "I guess we are more in sync than any of us thought.“ she smiled at him. "Why do I think I love coconut cream pie so much ? I always hated it until -”
   ”- I smashed it on your face.“ he laughed. “You remember what I did after that?”
Y/N turned towards him licking his cheek , just like he had that day except back then there had been frosting there. Kai’s arms wrapped tighter around her and he knocked her onto the ground with him on top.
   "I claimed you as mine back then and now - “ he whispered smiling while trying not to wake up their daughter. ” - I can’t imagine where I’d be without you or Grace in my life.“
   "There would’ve been someone else you would’ve fallen for - ”
   "No.“ he said serious. "No , there never would’ve been anyone else. It’s you and only you and it was only ever going to be you.”
Y/N smiled at him pulling him down for a kiss. Six whole years together and Kai still took her breath away every single minute of every single day. That has never changed and it was never going to change.
   "It was only ever going to be you too.“ she whispered gazing into his eyes.


    "Daddy , can I get a ride ?” said Grace jumping up and down on the bed , making the feathers from one of the ripped pillows on the floor float in the air. “Please please -”
   "Of course baby girl.“ Kai laughed , walking to the bed turning his back towards her. Grace hooked her hands around his neck and her legs around him with his help. Mr. Pebbles was lucky enough to get a piggy back ride downstairs too and Y/N couldn’t resist taking a picture of them laughing. Her dad let her sit on one of the chairs and started on the pancakes.
   "You are spoiling her.” she said wrapping her arms around him from behind. “What about me ?”
   "Awwh is someone jealous ?“ he turned towards her with an amused look on his face. "You do know you can get a ride whenever you want right ?”
Y/N shot him a warning glance and started laughing, glancing at their daughter while pouring herself a cup with coffee. Grace was sitting on the table playing with Mr. Pebbles – and by the looks if it they were having a tea party. It was absolutely incredible how big their baby girl’s imagination was. Sometimes she’d play all by herself for hours , doing puzzles or just having tea parties with all her toys.
   "Emily said that she is going to have a sister to play with soon.“ said Grace , looking up at her parents. "Can I get a sister too ?”
Y/N and Kai glanced at each other for a second while he kept flipping chocolate chip pancakes in the air. How do you explain a five year old that technically her father is not exactly alive and even if they wanted to - there was no way for her to have a brother or a sister. Their daughter was just starting to show her magical powers. That was hard enough to explain to her — and her kinder garden teachers.
A couple of days ago , a kid had tried to take Mr. Pebbles from her hands and Grace had somehow managed to send the kid flying across the playground. Kid had been fine , only a little startled but the teachers who had been watching them had to have their memories modified. Not to mention the floating in the air pencils or how Grace had somehow made her drawings move. Even Kai had hard time understanding how she had done that.
   "Um … We um – “ said Kai glancing at his wife shaking his head in confusion.
   "Some day maybe.” said Y/N smiling as she knelt on the ground next to their daughter. “We are just not ready to have a baby again just yet.”
   "Mommy ? How do you make a baby ?“ asked the little girl.
Y/N nearly dropped her coffee cup on the ground. Kai looked just as startled at her wondering what they are going to tell her. Surely kids her age start being curious but you can’t exactly explain them how mommy and daddy do all those naughty things and that’s how a bundle of joy shows up on this world.
   "We are dead.” whispered Kai quietly in Y/N’s ear. “What do we do ? What do we do ?”
   "Grab the peanut butter and jelly. I’ll think of something.“ she whispered back , failing in her attempt not to panic like Kai obviously had. Y/N tried to think back to the time her parents had that talk with her. Wait - had they had it or had it been more like learn as you go process ?
A sigh left her lips and she kept smiling at Grace.
Damn it. she thought. In that moment she regretted not having that talk with her parents, though considering how awkward she felt in that moment maybe it had been best that she hadn’t.
Kai quickly made Grace’s favourite PB&J sandwich , cutting out the crusts just like their daughter loved it and cutting it in two halves right after. Y/N rubbed her forehead with her thumb and index finger finishing on the pancakes as her mind kept spinning trying to find the answer.
   "C-can I borrow your phone?”  whispered Y/N , not taking her eyes off their daughter.
   "What for ?“ whispered Kai.
   "Just — give it.”
A sigh left his lips and he gave her his phone while playing with Grace to distract her. Their baby girl took a small bite from her PB&J , watching her dad with wide curious eyes , glowing like never before. Grace had the same blue eyes as him , except in every other aspect she was like her mother. Smart , perceptive and really really curious about things.
   "Can you have a baby now?“ she asked , her dad wiping some jelly off her chin with his thumb. Kai could hear his wife’s heart race increasing while trying hard to figure out what they are going to tell their daughter. He glanced at Y/N , almost able to see her mind churning and a smile spread across her face for a second when he reached for the crusts of the sandwich.
Thank you Google. she thought , glancing at Kai who was eating the crusts of the PB&J was one of the most adorable things ever. Somehow he always managed to get jam on his chin — and his fingers. Even after all those years he kept eating it as a finger food and there was no changing his mind about it.
   "Well , it takes months for a baby to grow from a seed from daddy and an egg from mommy joined together in a very special place called ‘womb’.That’s where the baby grows for 9 months before coming to this world.” said Y/N trying to look calm while her heart was trying to fight her way out of her chest. Kai wrapped his arms around her from behind , smiling at Grace who seemed a bit more interested in her PB&J now than in how to make babies. “So we can’t have a baby right now…”
   "Where are you going with this?“ he whispered.
   "I have no idea. You try it if you think its so easy.” she whispered back.
   "Um no.“
   "Sure , now you don’t want to -”
   "Where do you get the seeds and the eggs ?“
   "Your turn.” said Y/N taking a step away to get some pancakes. “What ?”
Kai sighed. “There is this special place in both mommy and daddy’s bodies and when mommy and daddy love each other very very much , they um — play a game and the rest happens as if by magic.”
Y/N closed her eyes unsure if she should laugh or glare at him. Technically the night they had made Grace they had played a game. Kai loved playing hide and seek with her and what they had done afterwards had been so magical , it was quite possible things had happened by magic.
   "Magic ?“ their daughter’s eyes lit up.
   "Yeah , it’s a very special , very magical game that mommy and daddy play -”
   "What kind of a game ?“ asked Grace taking another bite from her PB&J.
Y/N slipped down the kitchen counter almost chocking on her pancakes. Kai turned towards her and almost grinned at her shocked face. He was just about to toss the ball back to her when the phone rang from the other room.
   "I um – I’ll go get that.” she muttered leaving Kai to explain the ‘game’  to their daughter.
Kai tried to protest but it was too late - Y/N was already in the next room. How was he going to explain that to her ? There really wasn’t a way , not at this age anyways. He sighed , got his daughter her favourite pancakes and sat on the chair next to her.
   "It’s a special game you will figure out when you get older. Much older.“ he smiled at her. "C'mon , open your mouth. You will need lots of energy to play with your cousins.”

A couple of minutes later Grace ran out of the kitchen and Kai leaned against the door frame watching his wife talk on the phone with Caroline about the play date with his sister’s twinsies. Y/N turned around finding him there checking her out head to toe and he innocently pointed down at his boxers taking a slow step towards her.
   "Yeah so when are you coming to get her ? Ah-uh – “ she tried to focus but could barely utter a word.
   "Come on Y/N , lets play a game.” he pressed his lips against hers. “Lets go upstairs and make heretic babies - ”
  ‘No.’ she mouthed. “Yeah , I’ll tell her. Oh-kay , bye.”
Kai snatched her phone from her hands , tossing it on the couch near by while slowly backing her against the wall. His eyes were fixed on hers while his hands snaked from her waist to her ass pulling her towards him. He bit his lip leaning in closer to her , noticing how her heart rate had increased dangerously.
   "Fifteen minutes.“ she whispered. "Hold on for fifteen minutes until Caroline comes to pick up Grace for the play date at the Boarding School… and Kai , you know we can’t actually – you know.”
   "What if we can?“ he thought out loud. "You saw Grace’s face - she wants a sibling and there is Klaus… What if we have the same loophole ? I am part witch , you are a witch - ”
   "I am all in for another kid -“ she said watching Kai’s eyes lit up.” - but if we had that loophole , don’t you think we would’ve found out by now?“
Kai sighed. Thought had crossed his mind but right now he was even more determined to find out if maybe things could work out in their favour. There was a chance , however small and as always he wanted to give his little girl what she wanted. He couldn’t help but always wanting her to have everything.
   "You want this , I want this and Grace – I think she wants it more than both of us together. Did you see her eyes when she asked?”
   "Yeah , I did. They were literally glowing.“
   "Yes ! They were brighter than the sun - ” he smiled taking a step back a few seconds before Grace ran downstairs jumping directly into Y/N’s arms.
   "When are Lizzy and Josie coming ?“ asked their little daughter.
   "In 10 minutes. Come on , let’s go get you ready.” replied Y/N kissing her cheek.
Kai watched the two most important people walk upstairs and a smile spread across his face. He still couldn’t believe how lucky he had been to have not one but two people in his life who love him unconditionally and except every part of him.
Not too long after that , Caroline showed up almost at the same time Y/N and Grace got downstairs. Kai hugged his little girl , making Caroline promise to take good care of his daughter during the day or else. Surprisingly after Kai and Y/N had gotten married and their daughter had been brought into the world , her friends had finally started seeing good in him. He wrapped his arms around his wife while both of them watched Caroline drive down the street for a few moments.
As soon as they walked inside and the front door closed , Kai placed his hands on either side of her head pressing his body against hers from behind. They were going to have the entire day all to themselves and he could barely wait. With Grace in the house they couldn’t really do what they wanted to do and now-
   "Come on Y/N.“ he whispered in her ear , his breath tickling her skin. "Let’s play hide and seek. You hide , I’ll seek.”
   "Five minute head start ?“
   "You can have 10 , I will still find you in 15 seconds.” he grinned , placing a wet kiss on her neck. “Go -”
Kai closed her eyes do he doesn’t see where she goes , listening to her footsteps going away and above. No , bellow. What would she be doing hiding in the wine cellar? He waited , listening in to her walking , semi running and a few moments later he heard her whisper.
   "Come and get me.“