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Oh my gosh! If you ever feel like sharing your ship walkthrough, it is my favourite thing on earth when people do that!!! I think mine are too all over the place for pattern recognition, but I still love trying!

lmao i made a chart

Okay, so the hero in the first column doesn’t have to be an idiot, although their moral code or attachment to their beloved may make them naïve or reckless. Likewise, interpret “artist” in the second column broadly: as long they have an area of breathtaking competency, they fit the bill. The nature and degree of their badness ranges from “murder” to “grumpy”; some have badness conferred upon them through no fault of their own. Although the person in the second column is (or becomes) more marginal or socially unacceptable, so that their heroism is less likely to be publicly recognized, they both protect and are protected by their counterpart in the first column. They save each other.

The Raven Cycle provides a counter-example, in which the ship fitting the id-pattern above (Gansey/Ronan) was supplanted in my heart by a ship featuring two characters from the second column (Adam/Ronan), which just goes to show that the pattern can be disrupted if the writers are good enough (see also Steve/Peggy, featuring two characters from the first column).

“She’s My Cherry-Pie.”

Summary: The music industry wasn’t all roses and rainbows. Y/N had learned from the start that if she was going to excel, she had no time for fuckboys and distractions. She was here to make a name for herself and her band… but sometimes, frontmen with bright blue eyes and cocky smirks were a little too hard to resists. When Y/N bumps into Andy backstage, she learns that the hard way.

Warnings: Just your basic smut warning.

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*** SMUT ***

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SpockFact #29

Spock’s quarters are covered in glow-in-the-dark star stickers. They were originally put up as some long-forgotten prank, but by the end of the 5-year mission Spock can’t sleep without looking at the stars. After a few weeks he arranged them into the positions of the stars as seen from Vulcan, completely accurate down to the very last one. He can name all the constellations and spent a great many nights teaching Kirk the Vulcan constellations. He can even point out which star is Earth’s sun. Every night he falls asleep looking up at familiar cosmos that make him feel completely at home, that guide him into his dreams on their soft light and good memories. The only real downside he can see is that as a result of the stickers, looking at the stars for too long can make him sleepy. He has subsequently been found on numerous occasions asleep at his station while in the midst of mapping out new star charts and has even fallen asleep as a direct result of looking out the view screen for an extended period of time. The Captain doesn’t mind, though, and keeps a blanket near his chair at all times for just such an emergency.


Divergent Meme: (1/8) scenes

He looks pained and leans closer to me, so his lips brush mine when he speaks.
“I have something to tell you,” he says.
I run my fingers along the tendons in his hand and look back at him.
“I might be in love with you.” He smiles a little. “I’m waiting until I’m sure to tell you, though.”

“That’s sensible of you,” I say, smiling too. “We should find some paper so you can make a list or a chart or something.”
I feel his laughter against my side, his nose sliding along my jaw, his lips pressing behind my ear.
“Maybe I’m already sure,” he says, “and I just don’t want to frighten you.”
I laugh a little. “Then you should know better.”
“Fine,” he says. “Then I love you.”

I kiss him as the train slides into unlit, uncertain land. I kiss him for as long as I want, for longer than I should, given that my brother sits three feet away from me.

Interested in learning Chinese?

Of course you are. Whether you want to impress a Chinese friend, travelling to China, or just want to learn Chinese for the sake of learning Chinese, here’s an app for you!

It’s called ChineseSkill and it’s basically a duolingo style app for (Mandarin) Chinese. 

It includes speaking practice

and writing practice! (In the correct sequence too)

They teach both characters (traditional or simplified, you can choose in your settings) and pinyin (or you can choose to use one over the other, again, you can choose in your settings) 

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The next time SM lets amber release music, do you think it'll be through smstation or a separate digital release? Or maybe even an album although the wait for that might be longer. Im just curious cuz Henry got his single release not too long after making his insta post about SM mistreatment and even tho sm barely promoted it (no mv either I dont think) it still charted super well.

Honestly, I have no clue. I honestly don’t really want them to give her a station. That feels like a consolation prize. I’d rather they just let her keep working on Crossing. Also, Henry got lucky with his song charting well. Unless amber released a public friendly song, she wouldn’t have the same luck.

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I'm the taurus anon... Yes I have a lot of fixed placements that are earthy too. I have a lot of Taurus in my chart and on my aspects. People told me I was boring, that's true. I don't have many friends because of that. I just wish I could be funnier, wilder... But I've been trying for so long. Do you really believe people can change their personalities? I hope one day I can make myself better.

Maybe you have the wrong friends? You shouldn’t have to change yourself for anyone but yourself because people should take you for who you are, and be by your side as you grow. Maybe you need to focus on your other signs, your Uranus, and where Aquarius is in your chart. And I really do, people are constantly growing and changing. You’re not sterile, you’re human. 

38 Types of Coffee Drinks

Nearly 83 percent of grownups in the U.S. drink coffee. Even if you’ve adopted this very adult habit, you may sometimes revert to your 12-year-old self when it comes to the complicated drinks on the menu. The sight of anything more foreign than “espresso” shoves you back into your self-conscious shell. You become too timid to ask the barista what the drink is made of.

There will be no more of this juvenile behavior. You will, at long last, learn an Americano from a Long Black. The chart below should equip you with all the coffee drinks your caffeine-seeking brain could ever need to know. And you’ll just kick yourself when you discover what you’ve been missing all these years: An affogato comes served with a scoop of ice cream (that’s right, kiddo!). Go on and make up for lost ice cream time.

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i know you define yourself as ace, but if you're comfortable talking about it, what would you say your romantic alignment is? (I'm not sure if thats the right phrasing cause it sounds a lot like the alignment chart but I hope you know what I mean?)


But lol I get what you mean! I think people just say ‘romantic orientation’?

I don’t have a clear cut answer. In general, I’m seldom romantically attracted to people for very long. And I have slight crushes on a couple girls as well as guys. So I don’t really know what to call it….in my case, trying to stick a label on it makes me feel too confined. I just let whatever happen…happen lol. I go with it. My romantic orientation is a solid ‘eh’.

Newfoundlander in New York: Petrina Bromley talks Broadway debut

The Barenaked Ladies song Grade 9 played in Petrina Bromley’s head as she woke up in New York City one morning.

It didn’t make sense, until the Newfoundland actress clued-in to its relevance.

“Grade 9 me is losing their nut right now,” Bromley said Monday, a day after making her debut on Broadway, in a musical centered on her home province.

The musical epiphany came after the cast recording of Come From Away — a show inspired by the actions of Newfoundlanders during 9/11 — was released. It’s been climbing the iTunes charts ever since, with its Newfoundland folk meets rock numbers.

Dream come true

“None of that seemed like obtainable dreams but they were certainly dreams that you had,” Bromley said.

“Grade 9 me thinks it took too long, but I’m here!”

Asked what a day-in-the-life on Broadway looks like, Bromley laughs.

“Sadly, not all that different from normal life.”

Prior to the show’s opening night, the cast was busy each day rehearsing, making sure every step, song and movement was right in preparation for the big night.

But the twists and turns weren’t daunting because of the trust the cast has in the show and its directors, Bromley said.

“It’s all about reminding each other to really enjoy the moment and be present in that moment of being on that stage, on Broadway, and soaking it in and storing it ahead for the old folk’s home for later,” she said.

New York Times critic’s pick

As the cast and real life characters celebrated opening night, the reviews started flooding in — a mixture of critique and praise for the Canadian-born show.

The New York Times chose Come From Away as its critics’ pick.

“I’ve heard people call it a rave, and I read it and said, ‘Well, it's nice!,’” Bromley said.

Among the good were the negative, with some reviewers criticizing the depth of the characters and the celebratory tone against the tragedy of the terrorism attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

If you’re cynical person, Come From Away may not be the show for you, Bromley said.

“It’s probably not going to break your icy heart if you go in saying, my icy heart will not be broken.”

NOTE: This chart is more of a rough layout as opposed to anything too final. A guideline if you will. This is because the extent different people feel / handle pain varies. Some can handle it better, and are more used to it, while others are more sensitive to pain ect. Use this as a guideline to figure out exactly how much it would hurt but keep in mind, that regardless of how your muse handles the PAIN the WOUNDS that appear on the body because of it would be there regardless

Remember too, the damage to the petals mirrors the damage that appears on the body, though the act of losing petals in itself if painful. As in example, Mary took 5 petals, this in itself would be painful, but she then proceeded to CRUSH the petals, resulting in broken bones. 

Because of this this chart accounts for PAIN FELT in a GENERAL SENSE and it’s up to you guys to ADAPT IT to the scenario as it comes along. 


tldr; adding extra damage to the PETALS would add extra pain / wounds to the BODY so even say, a 3 petal loss can suddenly become way worse if extra damage is done to the petals. 

For the sake of the Chapter 2 Motive ONLY: Because the monster is EATING the petals, it would result in BITE MARKS like being bitten by a small rodent… repeatedly… rip all of you guys ( have you ever been bitten by a hamster? Shit hurts


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AHHHH these took way too long!!!! But it was worth it ;u;

These are the full body drawings of all the gang so far in my style :> I’ll put up the height chart later! but What i’m planning to do is make little comics of them and what not so enjoy~


I’m playing around with charting vlogbrothers data. I realized I could easily split the video stats between John and Hank, so I could compare the videos of each brother.

The charts aren’t too useful at the moment. They’re really messy, so I may play around with how they’re displayed. This is a lot of data for Excel to handle, though, so it’s a little annoying to make a lot of tiny changes.

Some notes: Live shows were excluded. Videos with under 50,000 views were excluded. Videos that featured both brothers were excluded, even if it was primarily one brother’s video. Videos significantly over four minutes long were excluded.

I have data on views, likes, dislikes, and comment count, though, if anyone has any suggestions for interesting charts.


ELSEWHERE: PART 2/2 (Not Posted Yet)

Here’s the first half of a project I’ve been working on for a few weeks. I wanted to at least get the first half done before the end of the year, since I always make that year in art chart and haven’t posted anything for December yet. I’m not great at designing action scenes, but I like how this is coming out!

Also! The gem monster is supposed to be a corrupted version of my Clear Quartz gemsona. Just cos I thought it’d be cute :P

Awwww Rose takes after her father! But in like, good ways. Think Dave will remind Dirk of Roxy? Also I looked at our little chart of conversations thing and gosh, it looks like Dirk won’t be arriving till next Wednesday at the earliest. He might show up for one of the conversations and just not have his symbol there, or we might just wait fooooreeeeever. 

Man thinking about if Dirk sees Roxy in Dave just makes me go d’aw. Because we know Dirk loves Roxy and if he can show Dave some of that love too…that would be good for Dave. BUT BACK TO THE GIRLS.

TBH all these kids could occupy a team of therapists for quite a while. I mean, aside from the fact that they can all more or less function, Skaia did not select the most emotionally stable 13-year-olds in the world.

This is the most heartbreaking thing fucking ever. Rose was 13 when Mom died. It’s no kid’s job to understand their parent when their parent is as strange and emotionally absent as Mom. You want a 13-year-old to understand their parents when they ground them or understand that parents were kids once too or understand that their parents still love them even if they work long hours/get divorced/have rules and shit. Not that a 13-year-old should understand their parents’ alcoholism or emotional withholding. Especially one who was raised her entire life by a parent who couldn’t parent. Rose was being a typical kid. Mom was the one who needed to change. 

CALMASIS MAY BECOME RELEVANT AGAIN! I just really want a fully integrated Caliborn/Calliope cherub to be a thing and I am going to cling to any hint that it might happen and this seems as good as any. There is still hope! 

And have you guys noticed the trend of people’s alt-selves often living up to what the original wanted? Here we’ve got alt Rose who basically lived all of Rose’s dreams, and alt Dave did about the same, and Meenah is the most obvious example considering she had an enormous flip out about it, and Mindfang was a huge inspiration for Aranea’s stupidity…

Okay that “Me too” is positively heartbreaking. 

And now the elaborate funeral for Jaspers makes sense. That’s how Mom mourns, and she probably overdid it a bit (mausoleum for a cat???) thinking that would help Rose mourn. But that isn’t how Rose mourns at all, and Rose certainly didn’t get the absurd exaggeration, so she took it as passive aggression instead. I just wanna hug baby Rose and Mom. Those poor things. 

So like I really don’t think that Vriska was being a Mary Sue (which is, of course, a stupid concept for a character with legitimate flaws, who isn’t beloved by all, and who isn’t a self-insert of the author), or a deus ex machina, it really sounds like she was, in general, just what everyone needed. Mostly in that she kept Gamzee away from everybody and was tough with Rose. Kanaya basically took care of and enabled Rose, Dave was totally hands off and Karkat didn’t see anything wrong, and Terezi was off busy with Gamzee. But if you’ve got someone willing to slap the drink out of Rose’s hand, that frees Kanaya up to just be supportive, instead of enabling. AND having Gamzee gone meant that Rose wasn’t under the additional pressure of trying to auspistice Gamzee and Terezi. It’s not that Vriska magically fixed everything, it’s just that she happened to be what was needed. 


I’m so happy that Rose and Roxy got some closure with their Moms. They both really needed it, especially Rose. Just to know that her mom wasn’t actually at all passive aggressive but was just an inept parent, who loved her despite everything. And seeing Roxy, who is an adorably odd little bird who is all love and sincerity, has to kill any lingering doubts Rose had. It won’t change the 13 years that Rose spent with Mom feeling like she was in a sarcasm war zone, but it does mean that she doesn’t have to carry it with her any more.