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Ok everyone listen up, because I have an unconventional headcanon about Jack Zimmermann that I neED TO SHARE.

I think that Jack will have a long, wonderful career in the NHL and go down as one of hockey’s all-time greats.  He wins multiple Stanley Cups, but more importantly, he is happily married to one Eric Bittle – Food Network’s new up and coming star.  

Now, my headcanon for Jack begins after his NHL career. 

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Broken Smiles and Heavy Hearts

Plot: Dan and you have been friends for ages, and yet, he still doesn’t know how you feel about him. When you have a panic attack and he looks after you, you’re forced to tell him you like him because you can’t do it anymore.

Warning: maybe pretty angsty idk?? Panic attack happens so please don’t read if it will trigger you. Remember, if you do suffer from any mental illness, my ask box is always open, and I’m never too busy to help. Also, I hope it’s really fluffy, but it does get a little bit heavy at the end.  

Pairing: Dan Howell x nonbinary!reader (or gender neutral/ any gender because no pronouns are really used)

Notes: is gender neutral and uses gender neutral terms to describe the reader. They/Them pronouns are used. Also, I really enjoyed writing this, and before people come at me saying I shouldn’t glorify a mental illness, please stop. I personally have anxiety attacks, and know multiple people who also do, so it’s not as if I’m talking from a inexperienced point of view. As well, I’d like to point out that when writing this, I consulted one of my friends who does have panic attacks and we agreed that perhaps, by writing this and things like this, us writers could bring awareness to a topic that is shrouded and often wildly distorted by a huge stigma.


“Y/N? Where are you?”

Dan’s worried voice came from outside the room and I took deep breaths, trying so hard to hold myself together when everything inside me was falling apart. It wasn’t like this was the first time I had ever had a panic attack, but usually my anxiety attacks included dissociation and paralysis, not hyperventilating, and anyway, this was the first time Dan had ever been so close to finding out.

Since we'd first became friends, I’d hinted at it multiple times, and after making speeches and being an advocator for dealing with mental health in teens, Dan had had an idea that I suffered from something and yet, until recently, he hadn’t known what exactly what it was.

And yet, despite trusting him with nearly everything for the past 5 years, I couldn’t bring myself to let him see me like this.

As I hear the door to my room open, the hysteria in my mind rises, and my breathing becomes even more erratic at the thought of Dan finding me. My thoughts are like an ocean, pulling me in, momentarily submerging me, always taking my breath, making me choke on the water, and yet, at the horrible end of it all, I’m stuck on the shoreline, wishing I was dead.

It’s a constant heaviness in my mind, tugging at my happiness and distorting everything until I’m scared for my life. It’s a hunger burning away at my mind, and the demons just can’t be satisfied.

I tried calming myself, but I know by now it’s too late.

“Y/N…” I hear someone open the door and drop to their knees just in front of me.

I open my eyes and desperately focus on the two brown ones around a metre away.

“Hey, Y/N. Don’t worry. I’m here and I’m not leaving you. I won’t come any closer, unless you want me to, but I’m not going anywhere.”

His voice is laced with worry, and you can momentarily tell he’s holding back tears.

“I want you to breathe with me ok? I know it’s hard, but can you try for me?”

I nod, my hands shaking as I reach out for his. He takes them immediately, and holds them gently, moving a few inches closer so I don’t have to stretch.

“Inhale,” the sound of his deep breath in sounds like bragging to my panicked lungs, but I know he’s only trying to help so I attempt to replicate his breathing patterns, “Exhale.”

After a while, my breathing has become a little more normal, and Dan begins to stand up, letting go of my hands, causing the hysteria to begin creeping back, “Hey, hey I’m sorry. It’s ok. I’m just getting your meds ok? They’re still under your pillow right?“

As soon as he says this, I calm down a bit and nod, keeping the breathing patterns as I wait for him to sit back down. Within seconds, his butt hits the floor just across from me, and he hands me a glass and two pills.

Suddenly, after what seems like hours of us breathing in time, I become acutely aware of my exhaustion and gesture for Dan to come closer.

“Dan.” His head lifts immediately, and his eyes flicker with worry as he mumbles assurances, gripping my hand just a little tighter.

“Y/N. How are you now?”

“Better. But I’m tired.”

“Oh.” He looks confused and takes a moment to think before coming back with a reply, “Um. I don’t know if you can sleep. I mean what do you usually do after an attack?”

“It’s bad for some people, but if I get tired, I sleep, as long as someone is there with me. Like, in case it happens again.” I know it’s wrong to make him stay with me out of pure selfishness but something tells me he won’t mind.

“Do you want me to stay in here then?” He questions, allowing me to rest my head on his shoulder.

My fingers wrap around his bicep as I mumble my answer, “Yeah. If you don’t mind.”

“Nah, I just wanna make sure you’re ok. Anyway, it’s getting late. You should probably get changed.”

It’s in this moment, you become aware of the mess you probably look. Your clothes are practically drenched in sweat and your hair is sticking up in every direction.

“Can I wear one of your shirts?” I whisper, my lips accidentally brushing against his collarbone. A blush rushes across my cheek and I notice his body clench slightly.

“Um sure. I don’t want to leave you to go get one though….” He replies, making the air a little less awkward as he turns to look at me properly.

“Can I just wear yours?” I question, pulling my face away so I don’t end up kissing his shoulders again.

A moment of silence passes, and I seem to have made it awkward all over again.

“Yeah… um hold on a second.”  I turn my head as he pulls his shirt off.

It’s stupid but I feel so damn in love with him right now. And not just because he’s half naked.

He turns back towards me, and passes me his shirt, covering his stomach and chest as I change.


Before I know it, we’re lying in the bed, only centimetres away from each other.

“Why did you cover your chest? I mean, it’s not like you’ve got boobs.”

He stifles a laugh and after composing himself, replies with something that breaks my heart.

“Uhh. Well, I’m not cute or sexy and I don’t have a six-pack. I guess my low self-esteem got the better of me again.”


“It’s true so…” For the second time today, I can see him holding back the tears and again, it breaks my heart.

“You dumbass. You fucking dumbass. How can you not tell?” I say, the anger getting the best of me.

But I’m not angry at him. I’m angry at the world for making him feel like this.

“What?” His head whips around to face me.

“You’re the cutest thing I’ve seen, and it hurts when you say stuff like that. You  can look after me, and Phil, and your fans, and yet you can’t look after yourself. You’re so fucking handsome, and I don’t understand how you can’t see that. Whenever I see you, my heart skips a fucking beat because I just can’t seem to get over the fact that I’m lucky enough to love you.“


“Yeah Dan. I love you. I know you don’t feel the same, but I love you.” I confess, my heart thumping double time.

“Who says I don’t feel the same?” He whispers, his hands resting either side of me, as he props himself up.  

“Dan. Can you kiss me?” I say, looking up at him through half closed eyes.

“Your wish is my command.” He shortly closed the gap between us and soon he gently falls on top of me, his arms giving way as he reaches for my waist and my hands run through his curly hair. The feel of his skin against mine is better than I’d imagined. His lips map out my skin, going anywhere and everywhere; he’s kissing my lips, then my neck, then my jaw. My hands stroke his bare chest and his hands travel up my borrowed shirt.

“I love you goddamnit. So fucking much. I just want you to know that I love you and I have for a while. I’m sorry for not telling you.” He whispers against my skin, and I stop to play with his curly hair.

“I love you too Dan. And I’m sorry for not telling you about my anxiety.“   

“Don’t worry. Phil accidentally let slip and I prepared myself in case it was gonna happen.”

“I love you.” I say again, pulling his hair as he lies on top of me.

"You’re such a dork.” I laugh, and he entwines our hands together.

“But you love me for it.”

“Damn right."  

Important information concerning the DD Corporation

So this has been a very confusing night, but thanks to a couple of you guys being the best people EVER and helping me out with translations and such, I have now got information about what everyone was talking about today.

At today’s concert it was announced that DD Corporation, directed by Zeararu, is an independent agency which MeseMoa, Chocobo, K’suke, Kamakiri, Aozora Rikuto, Kisaragi Riku and Fixsodia are now under. Basically Zecchan didn’t think it was fair that these groups were missing out on some things just because they didn’t have an agency behind them…so he just went and made one himself. As you do. Their goal is to get their groups into big venues, like NHK and Budokan (sidenote, if MeseMoa make it to Budokan I am going. No questions, I will sell my bloody house to get to Japan to see them at the Nippon Budokan).

DD stands for Daredemo Dream, (daredemo meaning “whoever” or “anyone”) and cause Zecchan is the cutest human EVER during the announcement today he made a pun saying that he is DD as in Daredemo Daisuki (this is funny for idol fans cause DD or Daredemo Daisuki is a term used to refer to fans who don’t have one favourite member in a group but who love multiple members of the group). Or as @norithepufna said to me, he’s making us all Daredemo Dead.

Hopefully this clears stuff up for everyone! If any information here is incorrect please please PLEASE inform me as quickly as possible as I am about five seconds away from passing out so there is a very big chance I’ve mucked something up here.

~Admin Sakura 🌸

I’ve been posting as a studyblr for about two weeks now but never made an introduction post as a studyblr(though I made one as a random blog )
Hi I’m Van and I’m 15 and sophomore in highschool. I live somewhere in the east but I’m not mentioning where as this is an anonymous blog and van is not even my real name.
▪I am bilingual.
▪I am trying to learn japanese and I insanely love japan
▪I love cute stationary
▪the studyblr community brings out my productive side
▪I’m a vampette and also a fan of 5sos
▪My celebrity Crush Is James McVey guitarist of the the Vamps (google him he is the cutest)
▪I’m single
▪i’m in the bts army(this unusual but rapmon is my fave )
▪I love biology and want to be a doctor.
▪I am filled with randomness so don’t mind if I post some not-so-studyblr stuff. Enjoy it take a break
▪I am going through a depressing phase rn
▪I love coffee( I can see everyone nodding there heads on this or rushing to make some)
▪I love making friends
▪I am tryna learn guitar and also in the process of writing a novel.
That’s enough I think I should stop or I’ll bore you all(maybe I can make a 101 things about me post😂)
Some of my fave studyblrs-
@emmastudies @athenastudying @studywithinspo @cjm-otstudies @studying-chan @juliasacads @athxnasdaughtxr @charstudiess @haileymostudies @journalsanctuary @legallychic @pennyfynotes @rhubarbstudies @studynapz @solsticestudies @thewritersblock707 Sorry if I missed someone I love you all Also lots of love to all the 25 awesome bloggers who are following me I appreciate you support💙💙 (Van say your byes now you have babbled enough) BYE!!

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hit me up with some good mcpricely fics?

hecc golly my dude im like the wrong person to ask bc im 70% bias and 30% salt but here we go

just not telling the whole truth by gayvincreel

this ones my absolute favourite from my Youth as a bom fan and shaped some of my hcs and how i see things in show now

connor-centric fic that starts where it oughtta and addresses Stuff and gives him all the reasons why he behaves the way he does when we see him in the show

Twice Blessed by phantomreviewer, slightlytookish

the cutest and funniest in-character non-drabble fic ive ever seen in this fandom

comes with a kevin hc that makes more sense than it should and a different take on the price family thats just pulled off so dang well

miserably, honestly, imperceptively by cherryfizzies

a fic that i was kinda wary abt since it was new at the time and it was hard to find anything good outta the new stuff but this one turned out to be one of my favourites

 bc of the Satisfaction and the references and seein these characters grow it makes my spook kokoro go ding

Healing Food for the Soul  by Lilas (pegasus_01)

its a series that just stuck with me since i was a small spook in the fandom so it probably means a lot

summary: con cant cook for shit but boy do we love him

As It Is by Mirimea

a neat au that sparked my fire for drawing aus

A Little Misunderstanding by curledribbon

connors a stripper anything else u need to know is that its soft and gay

A Dream came true (Jungkook scenario)

Paring : Jungkook / You (female)

Genre : Fluff.

Words : 2066.

Requested by anon : “scenario where you’re a huge fan of bts and you frequently go to their concerts, fansigns, fanmeets, etc. and jungkook starts taking an interest in you, being shy at first but then turning into the huge flirt he is, eventually inviting you out to a date??”

A/N : I wrote a lot again, to the person who sent this, I’m glad that you sent more than once, it means that you like my stuff, I hope you like it. I apologize for any mistakes. Enjoy!

Originally posted by sonyondan

If someone told you that you’ll become a huge BTS fan the year before, you would have laughed at them. But you fell for them with no warnings, it happened so quickly, and one day you found yourself buying their albums and collecting their pictures.

Jungkook was your favorite, even though you loved all the members of BTS, he was different, he always managed to make your heart pace whenever he smiles, he was the cutest boy you have ever seen.

You were a Korean drama fan for years, and because of that you learned Korean for the past year, you weren’t fluent yet but you could communicate with a couple of Korean friends.

All that helped you when you had to go to Korea and live there for 2 years with your mother, when you first heard the news, you almost fainted from excitement.

Finally in Korea, where your favorite actors and performers lived. As a coincidence the date of BTS’ comeback was 2 days before you landed in Korea, so you took advantage of that and tried to save up all the money you could so you can go to one of their fansigns.

You tried for the first time but you failed, and you had to sell all those albums, but through selling them, you got more people asking for albums even after the ones you had were sold out, so it was a good opportunity to try again, you bought more albums, and it worked.

You tried your best to act normal, and spoke to each member a few sentences, but when it was Jungkook’s turn, and he smiled at you, your heart was melting, and you were shaking, but you could tell him a few words and he was very nice and cute with you, the special moment when when he touched your hands, you could barely go to the next member. You kept moving from a member to the other while trying not to have a heart attack whenever they smiles at you.

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One of the fanart that won in the wonho fanart project, this is legit the cutest fanart i’ve seen

Cr: The owner

Fan Types of SR16B Members.
  • Taeil Fans: So chill. Low-Key savage. Thinks his voice is from the heavens, and it is.
  • Hansol Fans: Think he's so sweet but know the hidden dragon released with every hip thrust. Thinks his black hair was the best decision SM made. Nicest people.
  • Johnny Fans: #NoChillSquad. Thinks he's a walking meme. Wants to friend zone and be his girlfriend at the same time. Makes fun of him a lot.
  • Taeyong Fans: SAVAGE. Protection bubble around him. Needs an oxygen tank. 1000% done with him. Wishes he would chill tf out. Says "STOP" a lot.
  • Yuta Fans: Smiles when he smiles. Happy and bubbly people. Likes Takoyaki. (never had Takoyaki). Cries when he raps in Japanese.
  • Doyoung Fans: Descendants from unicorns. Sweetest people. Thinks his MC skills are crazy awesome. In love with his big eyes. Probably ships DoJae.
  • Ten Fans: #ThirstSquad. Extra af. Thinks his pre-debut is the funniest/cutest thing ever. Rolls their eyes a lot. Always shoves Ten related stuff in your face.
  • Jaehyun Fans: Just as funny as he is. High off laughing. "Lived in America for 4 years" is the funniest thing they ever heard. Makes whale noises when he appears on screen. Probably cried when he graduated.

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can you do a compilation of chanbaek doing the \m/ love sign pleaaase? i think they did one pretty recently but it was also really subtle!!

When they were singing a song randomly during one of their concerts 

During happy camp when Baekhyun had to pick between Chanyeol and D.O (Baekhyun claimed that he only chose Chanyeol purely because of the fact that Chanyeol had this look in his eye like ‘choose meh you must’ but I’m pretty sure it was because of the love sign lawl, he was too weak to resist an indirect ‘I love you’ from Chanyeol ><)

And during SM town 2014 (*sigh they do this stuff before during the SM concerts but now they seem so distant during the SM concerts) I think this is the cutest one. I mean all the members were passing in a line, Baekhyun was grabbing all the passing people’s hands (I believe) but the only one who did a love sign was Chanyeol. The only one, and it doesn’t give the vibe of fan service at all, like there were so many other people, it wasn’t like projected. ALSO LOOK AT THEIR FACES!!! Those smiles are so precious, the small smiles on their face that makes their entire face wrinkle with happiness, it’s a Chanbaek thing.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE CB LOVE SIGNS!! Because they just seem like a Chanbaek thing you know? I don’t know if other ships do this too, I don’t pay attention to other ships really, but I know between these two and the other members I’ve only seen it happen between these two and it feels special, like it’s something that seems between them and it doesn’t feel like fan service like, why would you pick something that is quite low-key to be your signature fan service? And they are always at the times that a personal interaction between them is happening, it’s never out of the blue for fan service sake. It’s only when these two seem in their own world and they are sharing eye connect and all that intimate and adorable stuff~ 


(I’m sorry but I can’t find the recent one you are talking about ;^^)

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luke or calum blurb on like you two are photographed late at night in sweats or something doing like a snack run for a movie night and I hope this isn't confusing???

no its not confusing at all i think its the cutest bless your heart okay imma give you luke and calum bc i feel like u deserve both okay so lucas dear lord aw so you guys would be having a real real reAL cute movie night and like you two ran out of snacks??? and luke being a sweetheart would honestly probably offer just to run out to get some more by himself but no nope you wanted to go too so you guys would just go out as is and like go to that one tiny store thats really close by and you’d just pile up on shit like ice cream and chips and cookies and u know all that good stuff and you guys would run into some fans and just aw everyone would think it was the cutest thing and it’d be all over twitter aw aw aw aw aw aw okay

so calum dear lord okay this one might be a lil’ pg-13 bc I’m not feeling snack run for this one i mean you guys would probably have planned a movie night but god damn y’all would just forget about all that and would be making out like wow okay and things would get pretty heated and dear lord what movie were you watching again??? anyway so u know safety first *nudge nudge* so cal would try to find a condom but shit he just couldn’t so you guys would have to run out to get some and he would drag you along with him and you’d like get home and carry on thinking nothing of it but then the next day you guys would open twitter anD THERE WOULD JUST BE PICTURES OF YOU GUYS BUYING AND LOOKING AT CONDOMS AND HA EVERYONE WOULD START A REALLY STUPID BUT FUNNY HASHTAG AND YOU GUYS WOULD BE TOO LAUGHING TOO HARD TO CARE ANYWAY OKAY OKAY   O K

TRB in Chicago: My Experience

Hello! I had mentioned the other day that I would be documenting my experience at the BTS concert if anyone wanted to know about it! So here is my experience seeing the concert and also meeting our boys!

Ok….I wanna start off by saying that that has to be the best night of my life. BTS are such showmen and I can’t imagine a better performance from them. Not only was I in the pit, but I also participated in the hi-touch which I’ll get into later.

I just need to saw that the ARMYs at this concert were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. My best friend and I met a really nice girl who sat next to us in the pit and everyone around us was so nice. Every time we managed to bump into each other, everyone was so kind and apologized right away. There was no pushing or anything and I’m so proud to be apart of this fandom.

Now I’m gonna get into the individual members and my experience with them during the show:

Jungkook: Oh my. I have to start with him first because as soon as the lights turned on and I could see him, I lost it. He is soooooo much more handsome in person. Pictures do not do him justice. He loves to make faces and make lots of eye contact with the fans. He would wave and laugh and ugh he was such a breath of fresh air. His English was some of the cutest stuff I have ever heard. He kept telling us he loved us. He also was one of the members that lost in rock, paper, scissors so he had to do aegyo which was basically a lot of cute butt shaking. There were also many VKook moments so that is always appreciated.

Jin:….I don’t think there are enough things I could say about Jin. Being my bias, I was awestruck when I saw him. He may not be the best dancer in BTS but wow he can really perform. He did lots of aegyo and really shined during Just One Day. During that song, he brought out a rose and continued to play with it during the next song. He was shaking the rose to the beat of our light sticks and the rose stem broke in half! He was so cute and confused just staring at it xD He just ripped off the stem and continued his motions….that is until it slipped out of his hands and fell behind him. He is so precious OML. Also, during one of their talks, he mentioned how much he loves Chicago’s pizza. He said it was really delicious and thick…that boy has a way with words xD I could just talk about him forever no lie. I also swear he looked and pointed at me (probably because I was taller than everyone around me) but I could have been mistaken.

J-Hope: He was probably the most impressive live in terms of stage presence. He always hovered on our side of the stage so I always a pretty good view of him and he always looked smiling and happy to be there which really warmed my heart. J-Hope is my best friend’s bias and like I said I THINK Jin looked at me but I KNOW J-Hope looked at her. We both noticed and about died. Also, during Cypher Pt 3 and one other song I can’t really remember which, he sprayed his water all over everyone in the pit. We got hit both times and I really needed it considering how hot it was xD The second time he threw his bottle, I didn’t realize it landed on my seat until the girl in front of me turned around and reached behind me to get it. I was pretty sad but I still got sprayed so I am content. J-Hope and Jimin are like the Kings of fanservice too. Many many butt smacks and cuteness. They were super adorable together. The cypher had to be the most pumped up thing I’ve ever experienced because J-Hope really knew how to get the crowd going. I also about died because they started into cypher pt 2 which is my favorite BTS song of all time but they led it into another song. Such teases. Anyway, he was just an all around amazing person. He even managed to change my mom’s bias from V to him xD

Suga: Going into this concert, I’ll admit that Suga was one of my least favorite members, but after seeing him in person my whole outlook has changed. He is so much prettier in person! I was shocked by how different he looked in person rather than online. His bone structure is seriously no joke. Plus, him being blonde just added to his beauty. He completely slayed the cypher and I was surprised by how great his rapping sounded live. He was the other member besides Jungkook who lost in rock, paper, scissors and had to do aegyo. He was incredibly adorable oml. His English was also suuuper cute. At the end of the concert, when they all were talking, he said he loved us and not to forget him. It made me wanna cry ;-; I was really impressed with his whole performance, but I have more to say about Suga during the hi-touch which I’ll get to in a bit.

Jimin: I just wanna say, I don’t know what people are talking about when they say his abs are gone. They were very much there I assure you. They may not have been as defined as before, but I died all the same. I’m also super happy I got to see what was left of his red hair. He was just so pretty ugh. He is the biggest tease ever as well. He came over to our corner and started to lift his shirt but then stopped and smirked. What a butthead I can’t deal. Regardless, that boy was phenomenal. He can freaking dance. Him and J-Hope both were insanely good dancers. I was blown away. Also, those people that say Sehun has the best booty has clearly never seen Jimin in person. I mean…good lord that boy needs to stop wearing tight pants. It’s not good for my health. He was another member that made a lot of eye contact and smiled a lot. There was girl in front of me with a Jimin sign that had his face on it and he saw it and smiled real big. It was precious. Him trying to pronounce Chicago just made me really happy too. Even though they aren’t perfect with English, all of their English was on point. You could tell they really practiced to impress us.

V: This goofball was cracking me up. He kept awkwardly crab walking (I guess that is what I would call it) around the stage. He was just really fun. He tied his bandana around his head and under his chin to look all cute and omfg he was such a cutie. I’m sorry but he really was. He also was over on our side a lot so I got a good view of him and he is also really handsome in person. They were all incredibly handsome but he was one who really showed off his good looks. During Tomorrow, he was the only one I would watch. He absolutely slayed that choreography and anyone who has seen a fancam of it would agree with me. I was not ready for that at all. He also may smirk a lot in mvs but that’s nothing compared to him in person. That boy is a smirking fool. He just loves to tease everyone and he definitely accomplished that.

Rap Mon: He was so nice! Oh gosh he was so sweet to all of us. Considering he knows the most English, he spoke the most to us and talked about how much he loves Chicago. He talked about how he loved Chicago ever since he was little because of Michael Jordan and all of the other basketball players he looked up to. Suga agreed with him and did a little basketball pose which was adorable. Rap Mon was also another member that wasn’t my favorite before but I love and appreciate him so much more now ;-; He really does a great job performing. You can really tell he puts his all into dancing. Just watching his face will show you how passionate he is. It made me really happy. I also wanna mention that his dimples absolutely destroyed me. At the end of the concert, he laughed a lot because we were so loud and oh my gosh those dimples. Ugh. He is just so fabulous and he’s such an amazing leader. He proved that to us tonight.


After the show, we exited the pit and waited for everyone else in the theater to leave. We then sat in a group in the empty seats and waited as they sent in the group snapshot winners. After they were done, they sent us in in groups and we walked through in a single file line.

I just wanna say that all of the boys were super friendly and happy even after performing a whole concert. I have to applaud them for making it such an enjoyable experience for everyone. Now for the individual members. While the whole hi-touch was very short, I do have some things to note about the members.

Suga: Ok, I wanna mention Suga first because he was first in line and an absolute SWEETHEART. Normally, you think of Suga and you think of the laid back cool one that doesn’t care about much, but on the contrary, he was probably the one who cared the most. In my eyes atleast. He was very delicate with his handshake and he was so thankful for everyone there. I said thankyou to him and he grabbed my hand not like a normal handshake but like….how do I describe it….like you see in Disney movies when the prince grabs the princess’s hand? Ok that sounds really dumb but it was like that. A very delicate handshake but he had a heartwarming smile that just made me so happy. His hands are also super soft like wth do you use boy I need some of that. He also struck me as someone who really respects his elders because my mom went with us through the line and thanked them and she was in front of me so I saw her interaction with him. He held her hand for a long time and was really sweet thanking her a lot for coming. He just seemed really polite with her and it warmed my heart. He was the member that made the biggest impression on me in that hi-touch.

Jimin: Rather than giving a delicate handshake, he gave everyone a very friendly high five. Almost like one you would do with a buddy that you haven’t seen in awhile. It wasn’t just a boring highfive, it had some grab to it. He was very cute and smiled big. Unfortunately, our interaction didn’t last a long time so I couldn’t say more than a thankyou to him ;-;

Rap Mon: I knew he was tall but I didn’t expect that tall. I know they stood on an elevated platform but he was still very tall. He had a very nice handshake as well. We also smiled and the dimples happened and it was intense. He was very nice and sincere.

Jin: Aaaaah this boy will be the death of me. He also pulled a Jimin and did a high five. His was rather clumsy though because I almost missed his hand completely xD But he was still extremely cute saying little yeahs and thankyous to everyone. And, I know he may not be fond of his hands, but I thought they were so cute ;-; His flaws make him perfect.

Jungkook: He was another member that made a big impression on me. He was so bright and happy thanking everyone. He was probably the most vocal with his thankyou. He was very high pitched and peppy. He made me smile a lot. I also could barely look him in the eye because he was so attractive like….ugh.

J-Hope: Awwww this kid ;-; When they say he is sunshine, I mean he is literally sunshine. He smiles so bright and it brings light into your life. Not to mention he is a total sweetheart. My best friend was behind me in line and since her bias is J-Hope, needless to say she was nervous. But when we got to him, he shook her hand and called her an angel. IT WAS SERIOUSLY THE CUTEST THING. He just never fails to brighten up my day.

V: And once again with this kid and smirking. I can’t handle him at all. Not even a little bit. He slapped my hand and smiled while kind of scrunching his face in a playful way. Thank goodness he was last because I don’t think I could have handled much more after that. He was such a nice cutie.

All in all, the concert was such an amazing experience. Like I said, it was the best night of my life. I will never forget it. I’m sorry this is so long! I really wanted to share everything I experienced with all of you. I’m also sorry if there are any typos! I am typing this and it’s currently 2 am so I’m quite tired. I just wanted to type it while it was fresh in my mind. Please forgive me. But regardless, I hope you all enjoyed this and I’m so happy the boys had a good time in Chicago! I’m so proud of them!

listen michael is the most amazing, caring, thoughtful person in the whole world and he is the cutest bean with his beautiful eyes and plump lips and his little teeth and his smile and the way he laughs and gets excited about the most random stuff and the way he just starts yelling without any reason but he’s always there to help everyone and he just cares so much about every single person he meets and he makes sure they’re okay and he never ignores fans even if he’s in a hurry he will still turn around and at least wave at them he’s so positive and amazing and his writing skills make everyone cry because no one understands how such an amazing person can go through so much pain and heartbreak and it just freaking sucks because he’s the best human bean on earth goodbye

padaleckisam  asked:

So, you're obviously a Dean and Jensen girl, but I was wondering... what are some of your favorite things about Sam or Jared? :) I'm very curious about this.

Ohh, first thing that comes to my mind is how lovely Jared is in person. Especially when I got my autograph, he was the biggest sunshine ever, even though they’ve been signing stuff for hours. And when I asked him about it (something like “you’ve been doing this for hours and you’re still such a sunshine”), he actually took the time to lay down the pen and properly look at me and think about what I said. And then he answered “I’m feeding of your energy.” with the cutest smile and wink ever.

Jared is very, very fond of this family and he, as well as Jensen, do their best to make each fan comfortable and to pay attention to each of them. And in my opinion, that’s the biggest gift they could give to us. It’s not the signature or the photo that have a value, it’s the small stories behind these things and the moments we shared with the actors.

Okay, enough babbling. 

  • Jared always knows how to lighten the mood
  • He is such a positive person, always talking with a smile in his eyes
  • But he’s very emphatic, too. If someone needs to talk, then he’s the last person who would interrupt them, even if there are hundreds of other people in line (same goes for Jensen, these guys are truly amazing. They’d rather sit there for five more hours than being impolite).
  • I really love how he always refers to Sam as “I”
  • his friendship with Stephen Amell
  • he’s a family person
  • he’s very talented and portrayed so many different versions of Sam that it’s amazing to see how he never lost the “real” Sam
  • his cute dimples, his hair and the puppy eyes
  • his passion for food
  • he can be such a child, an enthusiastic, laughing, cuddly mess and he’s not afraid to show affection
  • he’s not afraid to state his opinion either, regardless of what others might think
  • he is a fan of this fandom

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fill so your followers can get to know you

1. state your name:  Jessica
2. state the name that your parents almost named you: Eric, if I was a dude
3. which of your relatives do you get along with the most? Mom
4. what was your first job? Party attendant? One of those people that refills food at get togethers and shit
5. did anything embarrassing happen this week? I embarrass myself at least twice a week
6. do you miss your ex? Naw, I live 10 minutes from him so we get to chill all the time
7. white chocolate or dark chocolate? MILK
8. do people praise you for your looks? I smile and flex in the mirror, does that count?
9. what is your favorite color of clothing to wear? Blue or purple
10. how do you wear your makeup? Don’t wear any
11. what are some of your nicknames? Jessi, Jess, Nowack, Wacks
12. how many bedrooms are in your house? I just moved into a studio apartment, so one
13. how many bathrooms? One
15. do you have a car? Yep, my baby gets sick almost as much as I do. We’re made for each other haha
16. do you work out every week? I consistently work out every day for, like, a couple weeks and then I lose it and don’t do it again for months haha
17. did you brush your teeth this morning? I gotta every morning or I’ll be gross
18. have you ever kissed someone you never saw again? Both chicks who’ve kissed me, I haven’t seen since, so technically yes??
19. have you ever sung in front of a crowd? All the time
20. what kind of bathing suit do you wear? Bikini, but I don’t like swimming
21. do you like your eyes? I have awesome eyes, I’ve been told. I think they’re pretty bitchin’, too
22. do you think you are pretty? I think I’m awesome, but I wouldn’t use the word pretty haha I always find it odd when a girl finds me attractive, I’m like “Are you sure?” I got a shit ton of confidence, I just don’t think about whether I’m attractive to other people. I’m just sorta… me. I like who I am B)
23. who was the last person you talked to in person? OneKids
24. how much money in your bank account? Money I can actually spend? Like, $20 maybe
26. do you want kids? Nope
27. tell me what your backpack looks like: It’s blue
28. what celebrity do you think is hot? I’m less for celebrities and more for people I see in every day life, odd enough
29. last movie you saw in theaters: X-Men: Days of Future Past
30. are you dating the same person you dated last year? Naw, not seeing anyone
31. has someone you were dating ever cheated on you? yeah
32. have you ever cheated? naw
33: have you kissed someone whose name starts with a ‘J’? Yup
34: what do you like to do in your spare time? Work on dumb parodies and yell at microphones
35: what’s the cutest thing someone’s ever done for you? Fans have told me the sweetest stuff, like how I’m one of their favorite writers or voice actresses and they just love stuff I make. Love that shit. Fan art is always so cute, too, it’s so amazing people care enough to make shit like that
36: who was the last person you texted? Mom
37: how many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had? I’ve never had a girlfriend, (but I had 6 boyfriends when I was going through my 20 year straight phase haha)
38: how do you look right now? I’m in my jim jams and a hoody, so hot as heeeeeeell tsssss hear that? That’s the sizzling of the hotness
39: who’s the person who first comes to your mind when someone mentions “love”? Tacos

anonymous asked:

im making my girlfriend a cute little book full of lyrics and pretty pictures and pressed flowers for our 2nd anniversary, she's a big fan of your work and constantly sends me stuff you've written, what are the cutest love related you've written that i could maybe include in the book?(if you don't mind)

awwwwwww what a cute idea! you’re a sweet pea


a/n: hello ive had my account for two days and I already have a bunch of followers thank you so much and also requests are opened!! this is a little messy I am sorry ((also I mention vidcon on here and it’s a youtube convention that’s for three days in anaheim california where you can meet youtubers))

•you’re a youtuber with a huge fandom and have 2 million subscribers

•you’re doing a livestream w your best friend aka youtuber!seungkwan

•"hey (y/n) do you have a crush on another youtuber" ;o

•and you actually were gonna say no but seungkwan goes

•"yes (y/n) has a thing for kim mingyu!!!“

•then you hit seungkwan bc now all your fans know about your tiny crush on youtuber!mingyu

•you and mingyu haven’t officially met yet but know of each other ((and secretly watch each other’s videos oops))

•little did you know all of your fans were tweeting mingyu about it rip you

•then a couple days before vidcon, your twitter notifications BLOW up from your fans and you go to check what they’re all tweeting you about and then you go to look and “kim mingyu followed you and tweeted you.

•his tweet to you says “let’s meet up at vidcon”

•you are dyING inside and your phone is blowing up from seungkwan texting you and all your fans tweeting at you

•then it’s finally vidcon and you tweet your fans that you’ve arrived!!

•as you’re checking into your vidcon hotel, you bump into someone and guess who it is

•kim mingyu that’s who

•you look up at him and start blushing FURIOUSLY

•"hey (y/n) I’ve been wanting to meet you and also I saw your livestream and your fans have been tweeting me”

•and be smirKs at you tnx

•you get so embarrassed and have no idea what to say but then he goes “it’s okay I have a thing for you too”

•you go to say something else but security let’s you know they’re ready to escort you to your meet and greets to meet fans!!

•you get escorted to the meet and greet area and get to see thousands of fans, some that include yours and mingyus

•but then there’s only one booth left so they have to let both your fans meet you at the same time omg

•so you and mingyu are in the same booth meeting both of your fans at the same time and taking pictures with them
but then one fan goes up to both of you and asks

•"are you guys finally dating?“

•you were about to say no but mingyu goes “I wish”

•rip you again x2

•after the meet and greet you ask mingyu why he said that to the fan

•"I’ve been watching your videos for a while and I really like you and I know you like me too. go on a date with me?“

•again rip you and of course you say yes

•your first date will probably be at disneyland bc vidcon is across from disney

•he vlogs the whole experience of the two of you there and it’s the cutest thing

•constantly snapchatting pictures of you being excited at disney for his story :^)

•both of you guys constantly checking twitter because his fans and your fans keep talking about how their otp is together and wondering if you guys are a thing

•anyways you have the cutest first date at disney w him

•then it’s back to vidcon and all the youtubers are arrived at the main stage with so many fans in the crowd

•mingyu decides to grab a mic and tells everyone he has to say something

•he walks over to you and grabs one of your hands and asks you to be his girlfriend

•the fans in the crowd are going WILD and seungkwan is snapchatting the whole thing

•well duh you say yes and your new relationship with him will be what everyone is talking about

•both of your fandoms are completely supportive of the two of you dating and so are the other youtubers

•the two of you would make so many videos together like the boyfriend does my makeup challenge

•you thought mingyu would be completely lost and not even know what mascara is but no you’re completely wrong

•"hey babe I think this bronzer would make your cheekbones look good and this eyeshadow will make your eyes pop out”

•does a good job and probably ends up doing your makeup better than you do it

•you always record each other doing stupid stuff so your fans can see

•mingyu and you would be THE couple everyone was envious with. you would be the cutest two who’s take so much pictures together and everyone would think you looked good together

•out in public so many fans would approach the two of you and get a picture and let the both of you know how cute you look together :’)

•you guys always travel places together and would vlog everything for youtube videos

•dating youtube!mingyu would be so fun and cute. everyone would be supportive of the two of you and think about how cute you looked together and so many adorable collabs with each other aw

i recently hit 2K followers and i thought it is time for another follow forever. to be honest, i never expected to reach this many followers. thanks for always dealing with my shitposts and my excessive cries about mark. you guys are the real mvp for dealing with those stuff. :>

special shoutouts:

@jacksonwangism : rebecca! one of my favorite sweetest jackson stans ( she’s as pure-hearted as her bias tbh!!) . thanks for sending me cute puppy videos and tagging me in mark stuff. it honestly brightens up my day! ilysm!!
@protectmarkjin : abbie!! the jinyoung to my mark. one of the cutest markjin stans i ever seen tbh. always there for me to scream with whenever markjin do what they do. certified sweetheart, my favorite jinyoung stan. ilysm, bub!
@jacksonsorganictea : carol, we don’t really talk but your posts always make me die of laughter. another favorite jackson stan of mine (she’s like her bias, always spreading laughter and caring about people). her love and care for jackson is A+.
@j-peaceful : jenn! my “ we’re not moms but we’re got7′s mom fans ” always there to talk about got7 with me.  i’m amazed how you’re not bored of me talking about them already. tysm for always being there to chat with me.
@yugyeuhm : one of my special lovely buds who beautifies my dashboard with aesthetics, pretty clothes and artsy food. :>
@taehson : maria!! your blog isn’t a mess, please. i also would like to take this moment to thank you because you find my shitposts funny. nobody ever finds me funny. :’> also, let us pray that got7/jyp would start thinking about our broke students wallets from now on. 
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